HERE THEY COME: Video of 2 Million Bikers group on their way to DC

I’m not sure exactly where this is at but clearly DC is in for some fun. And I love how the trooper salutes them with his horns and siren as they ride by.


UPDATE: I’ve heard from a few sources that this is in Virginia based on the state troopers vehicle. Makes sense.

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  • clockwindingdown

    This is a wonderful thing to see, makes one proud!

  • Repubtallygirl


  • jrash

    That is so cool! I

  • LOVE IT!!! Love them!!! This is gonna be so awesome!!!

  • stage9

    Sounds like thunder rolling into DC. Liberals must be pooing their pants thinking the wrath of God is descending on them.

  • ConservativeFromHell

    Freeekin’ awesome!!!!

  • StandProudNow

    Beautiful!!   Had to get my box of tissues…

  • ConservativeFromHell

    It’s gonna be a quiet week at the Dam Site Inn in Hell with all those patriotic bikers some 700 miles away.

  • deTocqueville1

    Awesome. Some of the real Americans!

  • deTocqueville1

    StandProudNow Too true!

  • famouswolf

    About damn time some American muscle starting getting flexed.

  • StandProudNow

    clockwindingdown  Proud with a swelling heart and a teary eye.   As an immigrant acts of patriotism moves me deeply.  LOVE this great nation and the GREAT people calling this land their home!!

  • Rshill7

    Hey guess what day tomorrow is? Guess what day…tomorrow…is! 
    Allahu Ackbar! 
    Allahu Ackbar! 
    I heard that the Justice for Banghazi Rally (or whatever it’s officially called) has offered to invite these bikers to share the permit they have already been issued. They have also reserved some speaking roles for these folks 🙂

  • tinlizzieowner

    Kind of makes me wish I hadn’t sold my Harleys and got into Model T’s I would have had to leave last month to get there tomorrow in ‘Lizzie’. The ol Model T doesn’t like to do much more than 35 mph (between break-downs). 😉 😉

  • badbadlibs

    Good post!
    P/S…love that commercial! 🙂

  • DicksTrash

    I seriously thought about taking this ride and then realized the following:
    One, I get off bike, go do something and come back to where I think I parked my scoot. 
    Let’s see… It’s the black Harley Heritage, with saddlebags. Seen one around here?

  • mediazorba

    This is a sight to see!!!

  • Amjean

    I pray that someone videotapes the whole group riding through the Capitol and posts same on You Tube.
    It does bring tears to the eyes that these Americans care so much for our country and the military who defend us.
    Take this you socialist/Marxist/communist Obama thugs and muslim extremist apologizers/sympathizers!!!  Take this “What difference does it make now” Hillary Clinton.  Etc. Etc.
    This makes my heart proud!

  • No_BlahBlah

    Still a LOT of Americans that Love this Country and believe in the Constitution and NOT the ruling class!

  • MeanGreenBeret

    Hog Heaven!

  • tinlizzieowner

    You mean the new Harley’s don’t go ‘beep beep’ when you press the thing on your key chain? They’ve got just about everything else? 😉 😉

  • unseen

    looks like a VA  state police car.

  • MeanGreenBeret

    Tonight. Finally!

  • badbadlibs

    Imagine if ALL patriotic Americans would do this…on bikes, motor or otherwise, in cars, trucks, wheel chairs, on foot…in mass, march on the capital of this country that is destroying her bit by bit, person by person. The constitution says we have a right to bring our grievance to this administration that is hell bent on our destruction.
    God bless these folks! It cost each and everyone of them something to be there on our behalf!

  • marketcomp

    So awesome!

  • BetseyRoss

    Amjean Tears are running down my cheeks as I write this.  There are people out there who still love their country.  Cudos to the the State Police.  Even the cars going the opposite way know what this is all about.  We aren’t dead yet!!!!!

  • LynnetteHuston

    Love this!!! GO BIKERS~~!!

  • tinlizzieowner

    BetseyRoss Amjean  
    Lots of those Bikers are Vets and we don’t take tyranny lightly. 😉 😉

  • badbadlibs

    That’s the truth! It is about damn time!!!

  • tinlizzieowner

    “About damn time some American muscle starting getting flexed.”
    Right and we’re talking about people who have muscles too. Riding a Harley isn’t like sitting back in an ‘auto-drive’ Prius gulping yogurt. 😉 😉

  • Dukehoopsfan

    I guess she figures thare is no point hurrying from onebreakdown to the next.  😉

  • 57thunderbird

    Yahoo!!!!!Wish I was there!Go get em bikers!

  • Proud Army Wife

    Oh made me cry.  I am so proud.

  • 57thunderbird

    No_BlahBlah No doubt about it.To many of us the Constitution is timeless!

  • 57thunderbird

    tinlizzieowner BetseyRoss Amjean Thank God for veterans!

  • 57thunderbird

    tinlizzieowner famouswolf LOL!!

  • ernst1776

    Made me happy!

  • GlockLady

    My GOD I love it! 
    I’m crying tears of pride and gratitude myself. 
    Roll on Patriots! I’m with ya in spirit.

  • sDee

    America the Beautiful
    It’s been a long 6 years and this is a sight for sore eyes.
    Never give up – no matter what it is you have chosen to do. Those before us sacrificed far more. But now the enemy is within.
    Thank you all.

  • FreedomSeeker1

    This was I-95 in South Carolina. SCHP escorted the riders on motorcycles.

  • my opinion counts

    This is outside Dulles airport, according to an earlier post who was watching it.  I AM LOVING IT !!!  SO EXCITING !

  • tinlizzieowner

    The ol girl will be 86 in Feb. She sets the pace, I don’t. Pushing the ol girl too hard, will get you membership in the ‘2 Piece Crankshaft Club’ and finding a good used crankshaft for a Model T is getting hard these days. They were made out of cast iron, not forged steel, like they are now.

  • FreedomSeeker1

    This is South Carolina.

  • K-Bob

    I’ve had too many beers a couple of times in that bar.  I know what you mean.

  • BetseyRoss

    my opinion counts That looks about right.  Not much traffic going the other way and that’s a VA state police car in the middle.  Don’t think a VA state police car would be in SC as an escort.   This is so inspiring that these guys would honor the 9-11 victims this way along with showing the Muslims that they are the ones that need to fear.

  • famouswolf

    I have the sad feeling that even some of us here are about to have the option of making the ultimate sacrifice. I’m in, and it’s OK with me.

  • 57thunderbird

    ernst1776 Yeah,and today under the current regime,happiness has become a rare commodity.

  • No_BlahBlah

    famouswolf Probably so,
    But this makes me feel good today and there haven’t been that many days in the last 4 1/2 years to feel Proud.

  • wtd

    THe NPS has a readily recognized pattern of deceit, especially as it relates to Islam/Shariah v. Patriots.   See Alec Rawls research on the Flight 93 Memorial (Shanksville, Penn), originally called “THE CRESCENT of EMBRACE”,  in which he exposed the fraud perpetrated by the National Park Service to enable a giant “Mihrab” (mosque) design for that memorial design

  • Tucker69

    GlockLady I did the same exact thing! You go guys….what a wonderful display. I had almost give up on Americans lately, with all the political B*llsh*t going on. I wish more people would take pride in this country and stop trying to change the patriotism and beliefs of Good Ole Americans.

  • DeannaCollins

    Deanna Collins

  • DeannaCollins

    This is the greatest thing ever just AWESOME!! Makes me proud to be American !!!!!!

  • jrash

    MeanGreenBeret I was not sure if anyone would catch it or not!

  • Judges718

    My heart is swelling.  Swelling with pride.  Swelling with hope.
    May G-d bless these men and women and may G-d bless America.

  • iaintlyin

    yeah,  we’ll find out for sure where this took place when the Trooper that showed support is either  reassigned to mop duty or  fired.

  • PressWatchusa

    <b>My HEART is with them! – BIG TIME!

  • famouswolf

    Too true. I am Vietnam era, and it’s rough when you think it’s for nothing.
    Not today!

  • DebbyX

    PressWatchusa LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    That must be why you never see a Muslim on a Harley!

  • famouswolf

    LOL My best friend lives in North Carolina, is 260 and 6′ 3″ (no fat) and could very well be on his way on his big ole Harley.

  • PressWatchusa

    Their page>

  • DebbyX

    FREEDOM RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SigEliteDark

    Have a safe trip, riders!  Thanks for representing America and God bless.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Seems like there’s always one guy in the gang called ‘Tiny’ and he’s usually about 6′ 10″ and weighs at least 300 lbs.;-) 😉

  • PressWatchusa
  • lawngreen

    moochele to barely: arrest them, yo fowl.
    barely to moochelle: c-c-c-can’t I’m s-s-s-c-c-scared.
    moochelle. Don’t be stupid. Come out from under that bed and call Homeland Security.
    barely: c-c-c-can’t they’re scared t-t-t-t-tooooooo and I’d rather be a live fowl than a deposed emperor.

  • 57thunderbird

    PressWatchusa Cool!I hope they accept!

  • JJacobs

    This video was shot by some working across from the toll booth @ Dulles International Airport…
    so far 100,000 have arrived…more arriving by the minute…I can hear the Thunder of those pipes now…..DC police have contacted them, they are supplying the bikers passage through DC…awesome!!!!!! Please keep our men in your prayers…we are so PROUD of them!!!!

  • Mrtoohappy

    If they did this for Obama and his clowns nothing but Mopeds would show up. Bless you guys. Wish I could of made the trip.

  • 57thunderbird

    Mrtoohappy Bicycles and Volts.

  • famouswolf

    Speaking of which, I had a ‘Tiny’ in my company in boot camp. They had to special order size 17 boondocks for him.

  • lawngreen

    PressWatchusa  Bravo!
    This could be a lot more than meets the eye. There could be a massive change in the wind. As JJacobs said, pray for these men. I will certainly be doing so. I’ll be listening to the news for the next 48 hrs.

  • lawngreen

    Judges718  Amen and ditto on the hope especially.

  • JJacobs

    I have received info we are up to 800,000 right now…they have reopened the donation website, funds are running low……anyone that can help…please do..this ride has been mostly financed out of pocket of the riders ..    .        Thanks!!!!!!

  • lawngreen

    famouswolf  This concatenation of events – ride-thru- denied and SpecOps invitation – may be a harbinger of more hope than we dare hope for at this moment. I am sure I am not the only one who has been praying for God to do what we can’t. This may be the beginning of His answer. you never know ….

  • 57thunderbird

    PressWatchusa Great page!

  • lawngreen

    famouswolf  Fellow American, it’s never for nothing, even if we once thought it was. There are the Halls of Justice on the other side, where the Righteous Judge rewards and punishes. He sees the intent and the honor, and NO ONE sets aside His judgments.

  • RebaRussellDavis

    WOO HOO!!!  You bikers make me proud to be an American again – THANK YOU for showing our leaders tomorrow that patriotism is still alive and well, and showing what we care about.  I’m not a biker, but I feel you all are representing all true Americans!

  • Not Myprezdent

    I hope the p.o.s. potus  boys will be riding in on camels to meet the Bikers from the USA … the camel jockeys are cowering in their tents ….

  • lawngreen

    America the Beautiful on two wheels. And thank you, SpecOps, for inviting them to your rally.
    I don’t know when there has been such a concentration of potent patriotism in America. Probably December 7th, 1941, or April 19th, 1776.
    I just discovered my spellchecker dictionary didn’t have the word “patriotism”. I wonder how that happened.
    I added it.

  • Not Myprezdent

    Mrtoohappy Nothing but camel jockeys would show up. . . maybe some chevy “volts” …

  • 1217Chic

    Gives me goose bumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not Myprezdent

    IF you vote democrat you are not “part of the problem” YOU ARE THE PROBLEM !

  • lawngreen

    JJacobs  Scoop, once more THIS LINK REDIRECTS TO THIS ARTICLE! GRRR! And this time it’s important!
    I typed just this much into my google search bar and it took me right there:

  • DJ Fisher

    For decades the global elite have used our young men and women to police the planet. It is now time to show them that we went because we wanted to go and now we don’t. Their games and lies are now so obvious that it is time for them and their “secret” societies to go back into the shadows from whence they came

  • JohnQueue

    To quote our esteemed Scoop…”BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaha”  or something like that… LOL

  • poljunkie1

    Right on!

  • lawngreen

    Not Myprezdent “Camel stampede in D.C.”

  • famouswolf

    I believe that too.

  • famouswolf

    It sort of looks like a big-a** flash militia, now doesn’t it.

  • SamInLasVegas

    Not Myprezdent  And if you’re voting Republican you’re as much the problem as the Dems are.  Neither party is doing good for this country.

  • comoesta3

    SamInLasVegas Not Myprezdent I wish you were wrong but you’re not.

  • Mack10

    That is awesome!!

  • comoesta3

    I’m really psyched about the bikers.  I think it’s a brilliant idea.  Godspeed!  Hey, wouldn’t it be great if Palin and her husband are among them?

  • famouswolf

    That user name, is that how you spell ‘ignorant’? Because you certainly are. Ignorant, that is.
    Bad spelling too, back to your second grade class, bad boy for playing hooky on a school day. Oh, are you six, or seven years old?
    Just asking.

  • famouswolf

    It’s time for their ‘secret societies’ to be razed and the foundations salted, and all the members to be hunted down and exterminated.

  • lawngreen

    JJacobs  Thank you for the direct link, Jacobs. I sent it to all my contacts, along with full explanation.

  • famouswolf

    About the best you can say about the republicans is that theirs are sins of omission whilst the democrats are guilty of sins of commission.
    Same result, as we can now see.

  • famouswolf

    France and Germany, 1945.

  • lawngreen

    comoesta3  You just made me stand up and yell !

  • Stehekin912

    I am so proud of these bikers and the police there that I have goosebumps watching this.

  • lawngreen

    famouswolf   “flash militia” – you may have stared a new trend, my friend.

  • JJacobs

    ignatzz we are up to 800,000 and counting so far…they are still drifting in from all across America. I would post some pictures but the comment box does not seem to allow it.
    Scoop where can I send & i will send more??…

  • lawngreen comoesta3 you startled my cat while she was in my lap and coffee went all over the place.
    stop that
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • ignatzz id 10 t

  • 7n6

    This is awesome!  
    There is a time when you can track back to a significant event that you know at that point, things changed.  I wonder if this is that moment.
    I sense a sea change coming.

  • DJ Fisher

    famouswolf That too………lol.

  • rolliby

    ignatzz That’s only one leg of many that are traveling toward DC – will all congregate outside DC tomorrow.  People have been coming from West Coast and Texas since Saturday. It will take hours for all of the bikes to ride by the White House. Awesome. I’m leaving in the morning. (I’m on the VA border, myself) Only a couple hours ride for me. 😉

  • lawngreen

    tinlizzieowner I’m glad someone is hanging onto the past. It was a good past in so many ways.

  • famouswolf

    Yes, I think this may be an iconic historical turning point.
    I pray that it is.

  • lawngreen

    StandProudNow Welcome home.

  • comoesta3

    famouswolf Either way we get the shaft.

  • JJacobs

    lawngreen JJacobs thank you soooo much!!!!

  • kong1967

    That’s awesome!

  • shilo

    Now..THIS is how roll Barry.

  • comoesta3

    rolliby ignatzz Godspeed.  And thanks for participating.

  • HASmith

    That is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. That line of riders just seems to go on forever. It’s about time we started to take our country back from those socialist pigs. I only wish I could take part.

  • bhliberty

    I salute them!

  • txnamvet

    lawngreen nice,,,,maybe he can call putin to tell him what to do…lol

  • lawngreen

    famouswolf  Yes. Shame on me. Should have listed those also. Thanks for catching my omission.

  • OldmanRick

    You guys rock. Keep up the excellent work.

  • lawngreen

    dmacleo lawngreen comoesta3    LOL !
    My apologies to your cat.

  • lawngreen

    JJacobs lawngreen Couldn’t be there, but I had to do SOMETHING! I’ve already gotten one reply saying he’d donated. He’s a biker too.

  • famouswolf

    Naw, besides the greatest patriotism was probably sometime in the weeks just after Pearl Harbor now that I think about it. The Giant was waking up. Maybe that Giant is finally rousing again.

  • PAWatcher

    Feel like the cavalry is on the way, wow! I’m totally awed by these Representatives for US. Let it roll, God’s speed.

  • famouswolf

    Either way? We’re getting it both ways!
    Payback can be a b*tch, though.

  • misterlogic0013

    America is rising, had enough .. let Allah figure it out, lets get control of our own Gov .. been to long. Warm to elections 2014.. Stopping big Gov..  Sarah Palin = correct.

  • Me2k

    ” Let it roll baby, roll… Let it roll baby, roll…
    Let it roll… ALL NIGHT LONG…”

  • lawngreen

    txnamvet lawngreen  I wonder … I just have this feeling .. I’ll bet putin is into all sorts of bizarre, exotic, twisted entertainment. I wouldn’t want to be even in his general neighborhood….. I’ll bet he has fantasies about barry.

  • lawngreen

    famouswolf  That’s what I’m hoping.

  • SCarolina

    These bikers are great but what will Wednesday [ another 9-11 ] bring with barry as our President?

  • lawngreen

    SCarolina  You never know. The possibilities are unlimited.
    Of course, there are some pretty scary possibilities too. But those will become reality anyway, if something or Someone doesn’t turn things around. So what do we have to lose?

  • famouswolf

    According to infowars, there is some monkey business going on in South Carolina concerning a bunch of nukes and bombers that may be getting moved…

  • Dukehoopsfan

    I am far from an expert but I remember that my dad had a ’29 model A as his daily driver when he was an instructor at The Basic School in the late 50’s.  Good luck!

  • EdAlexander

    famouswolf Wow you must be old..

  • Terrenceor

    If they really want to disturb the left and embarrass the Repubicans they should fly the American flag and wear a cross.

  • tinlizzieowner Crap Bikes scare me, but I SO Wish I could go to this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurel A

    God that is so cool!

  • famouswolf

    Red cross with a white background, like the crusaders?
    That could possibly have an interesting effect on the moslems that might be there. They might even show their true selves.

  • lawngreen

    famouswolf I can think of three reasons why this is probably true and another three why it probably isn’t. There are almost certainly some witnesses who could tell us, but who are the witnesses and who are the drama queens and who are the disinformation people?
    Truth is the first casualty of war.

    We are in a moment when literally anything could happen.

    Cue Twilight Zone theme here.

  • DicksTrash

    Mine? No. Just iron, rubber, and leather. No alarm.  tinlizzieowner DicksTrash

  • DHardy

    God Bless and keep them safe…I am proud of these people for standing takes a lot to give up your time away from your jobs and you families to make a needed statement for Freedom and America

  • DHardy

    Of course the media is Blank..I have heard nothing about this on the news so far

  • famouswolf

    It’s scary, though.
    I really do think obama is quite insane. Caligula insane. I also think he has surrounded himself with the insane and sycophants that will do anything for him.
    I’m just a touch worried about Charleston, and why so many nukes are being moved.

  • Monkan

    Yes, those are Virginia State Troopers.

  • famouswolf

    Why is that?
    Just a history buff. Wise, though.

  • ladyblueii

    Monkan I was wondering what state they were traveling through. It was Virginia! HEY HEY to the Virginia State Trooper. That was really cool!

  • ladyblueii

    lawngreen SCarolina We have to lose is our freedom! We have God. We have his plan to follow. It gets really hard when the bible teaches us to respect and up hold our government leader. I had a lot of faith in him when he first was elected. Now that he is in his second term, he is trying to have the Al-Qaeda living comfortably in the United States & turning the US into a MUSLIM COUNTRY. All because he is Muslim? I don’t think so. I think he is trying to give Al-Qaeda free rain over all of us Christians. We have God, & we have his written word on how to do exactly what we will need to.

  • WashDCUSMC

    According to Washington DC police, there are only about 3,000 total riders expected. As far as the million muslim march, under 400 are expected.  I think this is a great idea, too bad it wasn’t advertised more months ago. I’m a rider and all my friends are riders. I’m also a veteran and nothing was said about this in any of the meetings I go to for the VFW or DAV. None of us heard of this before it went viral recently. I hope this is done again next year, I believe the turnout will be larger.

  • NancyRollins

    Absolutely love it.

  • KayCee424

    7n6 I think these past weeks’ series of events will throw a spotlight on those “representatives” in our government who would help our enemies.  Enemies who were celebrating in the streets on 9/11 as the Towers fell  – showing their true colors. Hopefully the current Syria situation and these riders will start everyday people thinking “what the flex is wrong with this picture” and start turning the tide to common sense.   How many times do we have to send aid and weapons to tyrants and dictators only to be shot at or blown up by those same weapons several years later?   With enough media coverage from ALL sides, maybe we can get everyone asking more questions about who are we REALLY  helping and why these bikers were denied permits but the Million Muslims were allowed to gather. 
    Godspeed to those bikers riding  proud for all of us.

  • lawngreen

    At the moment, this is unverified to say the least: friend’s wife reports claim of 2 million bikers in D.C. area now.

  • WashDCUSMC

    lawngreen  I hope it’s true and someone is taking a lot of photos and videos.

  • MeanGreenBeret

    jrash MeanGreenBeret 
    Yep.I caught it. 
    The suspense is killin me. Long hot summer waiting for this night.

  • 12grace

    G-d bless these brave patriot bikers. I am so proud of them.

  • clockwindingdown

    “ignatzz” posting history is that of a TROLL!

  • Stehekin912

    The media is blank.  True.

  • DavidZimmerman2

    I actually got choked up watching this.

  • PressWatchusa

    Here is their facebook page >>
    If anyone has current videos – PLEASE POST THEM here!

  • DHardy Don’t hold your breath.

  • UnbalancedLibra
  • BetseyRoss

    WashDCUSMC It’s a fantastic way to honor the dead of 9-11.  A ride around the Pentagon and then through DC.  They do not have to rally or take up Mall space.  Just riding through is enough.  We all get the message.  I would love to see this become the way we honor our 9-11 dead. Their presence says that they have our backs.  The whole thing is very comforting.

  • mozartizdopeart

    No that book don’t say to love your oppressor. Yahshua was flipping tables and beating the black robes(what today would be bankers) for charging people to pray in his fathers house.apparently you have forgotten about selling.what you have and.buying a / another sword.quit interpreting ROMANS. Stay away from Paul KEEP TOWRAH.
    May Yahowah bless.those.bikers for.standing!

  • famouswolf

    I always check posting history before I lay into anyone now.

  • MeanGreenBeret

    AmericanborninCanada tinlizzieowner 
    You’re not a “Chicken” You’re a Duckie!
    Now get on that bike!!!!! Nothing to be scared of if you’re holding onto the right person.

  • PressWatchusa

    Another story >>

  • MeanGreenBeret AmericanborninCanada tinlizzieowner The only one I know I’d trust doesn’t live here…

  • sDee

    ladyblueii lawngreen SCarolina 
    He is not a leader. He is a usurper in the strictest sense. An evil man propped up by the lies and deceit of pure evil.

  • rolliby ignatzz Godspeed.

  • Scolded for the Truth

    Th scene makes my heart jump with joy. For a brief moment, the patriotic feeling I had most of my military career returned.

  • PressWatchusa

    Can someone ask Mr. Scoop to put this story up on top of the column?
    He can put it up like he does the polls – but leave the other very sad featured story where it is
    I am sending this to Drudge  – 
    The LSM will ignore this story unless we push it

  • UnbalancedLibra

    PressWatchusabut this video is old – it’s not recent at all…there are so many old photos from past bike rallies and old videos circulating now.

  • Turps

    You know the best thing about this is that there will be actual numbers of bikers. Camera technology will allow them to count with accuracy, not just “guess”

  • badbadlibs

    UnbalancedLibra PressWatchusa
    This is updated at any rate.
    The good news is the media, at least on the net is covering this. It’s trending on Yahoo.

  • badbadlibs

    Scolded for the Truth 
    Thank you for your service! It’s much appreciated.

  • PressWatchusa

    If you want top post a video – You must click on the “pencil” – lower left hand corner of this box 
    Then paste the link in the pop up box 
    BUT you must remove their >>>>>>>>>  http://   so only one http:// shows up in the pop up
    Then hit OK 
    OR your link will not link

  • PressWatchusa

     If you want to post a video – You must click on the “pencil” – lower left hand corner of this box 
    Then paste the link in the pop up box 
    BUT you must remove their >>>>>>>>>  http://   so only one http:// shows up in the pop up
    Then hit OK 
    OR your link will not link 
    You must use the pop up

  • Just love it. America waking up, the calvary riding in, and the ‘bloviaters’ leaving  their secure encampments.
    Godspeed to you all. And thanks for making a statement for all of us.l. You are the true Patriots. No doubt many Veterans amongst you.  We salute you.

  • PressWatchusa

    badbadlibs  THANKS 
    This is great – I want to see the LSM ignore this event

  • PressWatchusa

    I am so excited – I may be up all night viewing these
    I wish I could be there – This is better than WOODSTOCK! (almost)
    You kids are too young to remember anyway

  • DINOright

    Looks like I-66, although the 35 mph sign makes me think it is closer to Arlington. 🙂

  • UnbalancedLibra

    badbadlibsUnbalancedLibraPressWatchusathat picture is Rolling Thunder bikers cross Arlington Memorial Bridge into Washington, D.C., May 26, 2013. All these photos and videos are old events. The bikers aren’t set to ride the route until 11am tomorrow…..

  • PressWatchusa

    I am still excited !

  • PressWatchusa


  • lindii1

    there isn’t enough room for the camels

  • RuthAnneChu

    defiantly VA Troopers lived there 8 years

  • tinlizzieowner

    DicksTrash tinlizzieowner 
    In other words, like God meant them to be. 😉 😉

  • Mr_Pinko

    Send a message to the radical Muslims 😉

  • PressWatchusa


  • jazzee

    when things like this happen
    all the great bike riders and normal troopers……..makes me smile and believe our country hasn’t been destroyed by obamaer
    thanks to all

  • jazzee

    Mr_Pinko amen amen amen

  • jazzee

    NPC1 right behind you!!!!
    great patriots thank YOU

  • JocasseeJo

    This gave me CHILLS to watch!! God Bless America. God Bless these patriotic bikers. Put the fear of the REAL God Almighty in those mooslems.

  • charliebrown1968

    Awww, Thank you so much for sharing. I pray they get results, and ride safely.

  • LesLegato

    ignatzz You must be an Obamahole, since you can’t COUNT.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Common sense prevails. 🙂

  • ThomasBagger

    It is NOT from the current ride, Only 5 K are driving now..

  • tinlizzieowner

    You counting?

  • PressWatchusa

    Support from BRITISH BIKERS >>>>>>>>>>>

  • tinlizzieowner

    AmericanborninCanada tinlizzieowner 
    Motorcycles don’t scare me, crashing them does and I’ve done my share of that. Once, almost fatally. 🙁

  • sybilll

    @ThomasBagger Hide and watch.  We’ll enjoy watching the Hog Ride, and will laugh harder than you can ever imagine.

  • tinlizzieowner AmericanborninCanada Had a friend back home that raced in the summer. He was an excellent “driver’ won a lot too. He drove me home once. And I emphasize the word ONCE. He used to drive a snowmobile in the winter and I liked riding those better lol. Gotta do opposite on a bike than a snowmobile and it freaked me some leaning into the turns. 
    One day he was driving and a woman pulled out in front of him. He was lucky to survive it. He’s more steal than bone now.

  • My heart and prayers are with all those bikers today! Nothing says True Patriotic American more than our every day American Bikers! I mean how American is that? RIP 9-11-01 Lost Souls and RIP to the Benghazi 4 that Obama/Hillary left to die one year ago today!

  • lanahi


    Authorities confirm that over 800,000 Bikers are now on the road!
    From LA they pour out, from New York they fill the roads, the Mid West, like a moving sea of humanity witnesses the Patriot Tsunami as they roll on towards Washington DC!
    And still they come, on Harleys on
    every brand known, the Biker Patriot Army rolls on towards DC in an
    unstoppable tidal wave of metal, fumes and leather to pay homage and
    defend the honour of all the people of EVERY nationality who were
    butchered by Islamists on 9/11.
    Not since the Revolutionary War have so many fighting men took to the road in America!
    Never have we seen the likes of such a
    vast citizen army mobilize and deploy in defence of all the free world
    holds dear and our Governments despise…FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!
    Britain First salutes our fellow
    Patriots in the USA and we ask all our followers to SHARE this post and
    let the free world see that WE the people can rise…so


  • lanahi

    PressWatchusa   Yeah, watch that tomorrow on live camera!

  • DawgfanInFL

    Ahhh, Scoop! Thank you. I’ve missed that wonderful feeling I got when our Blues flew in Pensacola. It’s the same yet different and 100% American. May god keep our brothers and sisters safe. Remembering all who perished on 9/11 and everyone who has fought to keep our country great.

  • jamesw62

    This is a video of a bike run that does honor those lost on 9-11 however this particular one took place in august and the video was initially posted august 16, 2013
    From another video of the same ride ::::: This is from the August
    16-17, 2013, “America’s 9-11 Ride” honoring first responders.The largest
    police escorted motorcyle ride going from Shanksville, PA to the
    Pentagon, then to the World Trade Center.
    see here

  • lanahi

    UnbalancedLibra badbadlibs PressWatchusa  They are around NYC now, and there are updated photos from there.

  • chris3

    I was hoping – hope there’s more.

  • DawgfanInFL

    Like x infinity, Press!! Thank you.

  • lanahi

    PressWatchusa And they’ve accepted!
    The 2MB2DC organizers did accept the invitation to join Special Operation Speaks and Patriots4America tomorrow.Shortly
    afterward, DC police contacted the organizers to inform them that the
    police would be providing assistance with their route tomorrow!Kinda’ interesting point, isn’t it?

  • lanahi

    my opinion counts There appear to be several groups riding and meeting outside DC.   There’s a picture of them outside NYC and other pictures taken from other places:

  • lanahi

    unseen  More from the Redstate link

    Police will close a portion of Interstate 95 tomorrow morning in North
    Stafford, to allow a group of motorcycles access to the highway from Va.
    More in a press release:
    9 a.m. on [Wednesday], September 11 all lanes on I-95 north at Exit 143
    (Rt. 610/Garrisonville) in Stafford County will be closed to traffic
    for approximately 15 minutes to allow more than 500 motorcyclists to
    enter the interstate from Route 610 in Stafford County.
    The motorcyclist will be traveling north on I-95 to the HOV lanes enroute to the Washington D.C. area.
    To avoid delays motorists should use Route 1 north as an alternate route.
    For real time travel information anywhere in Virginia call 511 or visit website

  • lanahi

    Rshill7  They accepted the offer!

  • phazerave

    & RIP the 132,000 Iraqi / afgan *civilians* whom we the patriotic heros have killed in the senseless oil fueled war that followed.

  • lanahi

    Listen to all those cars honking in the video!

  • lindii1

    Mr_Pinko and drop a bunch of pigs on them..that’ll clear em’ out real fast!

  • benty910

    All the loggers and tug-boaters feel the same as these Bikers, alot of us would be there but we have to work. God Bless these men and women who ride for Freedom! GO America! To hell with Obama’s Islam loving treasonous alliances! Islam can’t have America, period. Amen.

  • colliemum

    Thanks for this video, scoop!
    Dunno about you, but it gave me goosebumps!
    I hope there’ll be more videos about this event.
    God bless America, and God bless all of you.

  • K-Bob

    JJacobs ignatzz You can use the link for tips/contact at the top right of the page.

  • CarolynCoulterMaxwell

    Awesome beyond belief. Gave me goosebumps, too!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Mr_Pinko At 2300 fps.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    They could have gotten a permit from DC if they had called it “The Million Muslim Motorcycle March”. 😉  I’ve been going mostly north-south this week, haven’t seen anything. I’ll be going that way on I-70 today, if I see any late comers, I’ll report.

  • JJacobs

    K-Bob thanks, I have sent a few to “tips” Thanks, again!!.

  • LuvU

    Love it!!!!!

  • DarlKCollings

    that is great

  • cafengocmy

    Motorcyclists for protest we have seems a bit melodramatic but they are the most effectively organized resistance we have. Watching that video made me feel an unaccustomed twinge of optimism.

  • cafengocmy

    benty910 Driving 10,000 tugboats up the Potomac to DC would surely have an effect.

  • The Sentinel

    May God bless every one of them!

  • CeliaVeston

    The person responsible for organising this should be President.  These guys have made history today and the world bloody loves you!

  • TeachESL

    Send them into Syria. They’ll get rid of the CWs.

  • ScottReed1

    This is awesome! Keep the rubber to the ground!!

  • rick8809

    I think the idiots need to give them a permit & a place otherwise the streets will be completely filled…..not a bad scenario either.

  • shelynn

    God Bless the bikers/riders riding for the cause. I wish I could be there. I feel that a Muslim March, specifically on THIS VERY day is a slap in the face to every American – especially our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, 9-1-1 Survivors and the family to those that we lost that day. Shame on whoever signed their “event” permit.
    Hey Biikers – – ya’ll have taken the FIRST step in the taking back of OUR Country! Thank you.

  • Mloraine

    I am so proud of these patriotic Americans…God bless them and th U.S.A. !!!

  • LisaLisakay

    Wow how wonderful!!!! Let Freedom ring…Ride like the wind I Thank each and everyone of you …Why has this hit the News this is a feel good story shame on ABC NBc CNN FOX CBS all of the Media they show us what they want us to see well I want to see this Live….PLease keep us updated

  • PressWatchusa


  • tinlizzieowner

    Let me explain something to you about Bikers, this comes naturally. it takes very little organization. This isn’t like a liberal protest, where the Unions have to provide the money,  the transportation, the tee shirts, the signs and all they need are fools to carry them.

  • lawngreen

    WashDCUSMC lawngreen  So far not one single word from Fox News. Not one single word.

  • jazzee Yeah, me too, there are a lot more people than we give credit to, that are the real Americans, it’s only that their ‘voices’ are being drowned out by the low self esteem liberals that are living off the productivity of the ‘silent Majority’.  Our country will only be destroyed ,if we let it.
    This can only be done by stopping, of us getting distracted by the bloviaters.  Just like the bikers, riding to D C, they are united, just like we all need to be. By getting and staying on the same page.

  • sologirl15

    Friken Awesome

  • sologirl15

    Friken Awesom, that brought tears to my eyes

  • baconknightt

    PHUCK THEM STUPID MOSLEMS. PHUCK THEIR “we’re discriminated against'” crap. They don’t like it here (USA) they can go back to the 3rd world hell hole where they came from. THEY offer this country nothing but hate, evil, jihad.

  • BrianMcKinny

    That looks like the end of the Dulles Toll Road, heading into I-66 towards DC. What a beautiful sight to see!!

  • meadowlands

    Beautiful sight.  Real patriots- God bless the bikers

  • baconknightt

    tinlizzieowner CeliaVeston : BIKERS are providing their own gas, food, lodging (if they use it at all). They pay their own way.
    UNLIKE the “million muslim” who probably go their money from: CAIR, HEZBOLLA, AL-QAEDA, etc. 
    Bikers used to be thought of as criminals bent on doing bad stuff. (if one ever watched a movie from the 70s/80s or watched A&E documentaries about bikers.)
    But it turns out, they are patriotic. They line the road when a soldier has been killed with a color guard. (at times to block that crap church with the garbage signs protest signs)
    NOW, the BIKERS have taken on what our POLITICIANS in D.C.  have failed to do, due to political correctness. THESE MUSLIMS don’t represent PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, DIVERSITY, or LOVE OF COUNTRY. To them, its all about Islam and everyone else SUBJUGATING themselves to Islam.  Maybe those muslims ought to move back to the 3rd world hell holes where they came from if its so bad here in America??

  • yhtac

    tinlizzieowner CeliaVeston Don’t forget the free  boxed lunch they get too!

  • DorothyLewis

    Gave me goosebumps watching them….God Bless you bikers!!!

  • MinervaMarieVelasco

    I’m proud of them!  I hope they plan on doing it every year on 9/11 and it really does get to be 2+ million!  It gives me hope to see this.

  • BeatrizPerez

    Don’t expect to see this on the ten o clock news. Go bikers!

  • J Whistle

    I wish I could be there!   Impressive – and still not MSM coverage!!!!!!!  Are they in the dicator’s pocket or what?  What jhappened to  the “Free press”?

  • thehardrok

    God Bless each one of you for standing up for our citizens and for honoring those lost on 9/11. Please be safe and “Thank You”

  • tinlizzieowner

    baconknightt tinlizzieowner CeliaVeston 
    Exactly what I was getting at.. 🙂

  • IrishWinds

    ahh..the bikers..known as “true grit” I am so proud of them for doing this. 🙂

  • Jennifer Gray Wolford

    For sure in VA< I live here. They were prepping last weeked. I drove up to Leesburg for a wedding and saw a ton of bikers. It was AWESOME!

  • reneeintheusa

    I get emotional watching this. God bless them for standing up for America.

  • Drosack

    Go with God, thank you for your participation. and making a difference.

  • DanStPeter

    May God bless them all.

  • DanielWKauffmanJr

    On September 11, 1683 the King of Poland and his personal levy arrived at the Gates of Vienna and turned the tide of battle giving the Ottoman Empire their first major defeat in their until that time unimpeded conquest of Europe
    Did you think the date 9/11 was just random?

  • GrassRootRevolt

    You Guys/Gals are  Hero’s !   We need our country back, power to the people, vote out all Democrats in 2014!   Send a message to Obama… worst President in American History

  • ellenbutler

    Heard the thunder this a.m. on Garrisonville Rd (that’s exit 143 on I-95). Awesome sound! People were standing on the overpass with flags to cheer the bikers on.

  • cornfield

    It should take all day. Hopefully. Lets see what happens when one of them gets his or her’s head bashed into the cement.

  • kay2861

    I could watch that all day!!!

  • scottacnohea

    I’d put American bikers up against people who defend islam on a day where islam killed thousands, including fellow muslims, ANYDAY.

  • PatriciaRiegler

    HELL YES!!!!!

  • J Whistle

    Why the Muslims march today?  Typical – the same reason they wanted a Mosque at Ground Zero – they rub their vicitims faces in their victories.  Its is historical – they build Mosques whrere ever Allah has blessed them with victory over the infidels.  It is ABSOLUTELY intended to be a slap in our faces.  We put the Jpaansees in interment camps during WWII, and aat the time, for good reason – DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS

  • kay2861

    ellenbutler I’m envious!  I wish I were there!!

  • Duties

    The MSM and their puppet master in the WH, don’t want to cover the 2 million biker ride because they are afraid. They cannot run the risk that average Americans will see just how powerful law abiding, God fearing people are when when band together. (Can you say tea party?) They divide and conquer us, if we allow them to do so.

  • KevinStowell

    These hooligans wouldn’t be able to engage in such antisocial behavior if we had stricter Fuel Control laws.  Oh, wait…

  • kay2861

    J Whistle They say they are tired of being discriminated against.  Whatever….

  • scottacnohea

    J Whistle Those “Japanese” were and ARE American citizens.  That was a result of a racist executive order by President Roosevelt.  Ever hear the 100th and 442nd??

  • preventandcure

    Left Wing Radical Democrats allow Muslims to march on 9/11, vote out all Democrats in 2014.   Real Hero’s are the bikers, people waving flags and crying here as the bikers pass by us, go hog go!!  Get rid of Democrats!

  • Jennifer Gray Wolford

    I went the back way into Leesburg, that’s where they were practicing their formations, signaling to let others konw if they were turning. IT WAS SO FREKING COOL!!!!! There were about 100 of them then, looks like a lot more now.

  • MattMorrow

    I wished the truckers, farmers and the few cowboys we have left could have joined them, gone to the mall and to the former WTC site to take the “air” out of the “million muslim” match.   I am pround of you bikers that made the trip.  God bless the heros who lost their lives 9/11/2001.  God bless their loved ones.  God bless the U.S.A.  And God Bless Texas!

  • Sharkey MIke Bytel

    PressWatchusa the cameras stop transmitting as soon as one motorcycle is in the frame.

  • Sharkey MIke Bytel

    So on the post for the DDOT if you watch it as soon as one biker is in the frame the cameras stop transmitting.

  • MrProYo

    J Whistle It’s almost 10:30 and no mention yet on Fox. They’re going to find this hard to ignore.

  • DianaSmithKaderly

    I’m so emotional watching this. It’s one of my proudest American History moments. Our nation is hurting and we have lost our patriotism because of so many weak leaders. I appreciate you and your kahunas. Damn! I wish I could be there, I salute you all!!! I pray Peace and no violence and a HUGE VOICE! God Bless!

  • deniseerogers

    J Whistle And do you want to know what the real thing that pisses me off.  OUR OWN politicians support the radical Muslims here and around the world, WHY? because of lobby’s(MONEY) for their campaign funds, so that they can be re-elected.  That’s why this country is in the shape it’s in, these greedy bas*ards are selling us us bit by bit to our own enemies.

  • tb2

    F’n awesome.. San Francisco Salutes our American Bikers!!

  • kay2861

    Sharkey MIke Bytel Where do we go to look at this?

  • truthneverchanges

    They’re not anti social, they’re anti-psychotic, unlike you.

  • J Whistle

    As are these Muslims – where is the difference?  The Japanese attacked us – how could you differentiate between “good” Japanese and “bad”?  Keeping in mind that our young men, my father included,were being savagely an nrutally attacked by the relatives of these people, the sneak attack on Pear Harbor, the mindset of the time, it is understandable that people were afraid of the Japanese then, and Roosevelts’s order.  You’re looking at it in hindsight is without their perspecitve at that time.  I understand it completely.

  • deniseerogers

    kay2861 ellenbutler ME TOO!!!!!

  • pdhickey84

    Yeeeeehaaaawwww!!!  You guys and gals make me proud.  Ride baby ride!!!!

  • 1stBoogeyman

    Bikers with balls. What happened to the rest of America meow meow meow.

  • So long as this day isn’t about hating Muslims, because they are not our enemies. Our own tyrannical government is our enemy. And even if Arabs had been the cause of the 9/11 attack, which any thinking man knows they were not, even if Arabs were, it wasn’t Muslims who did it, it was radical Islamists, and yes, there IS a difference. My Muslim friends are the most God-centered, family-centered, humble, charitable, grateful people I know. It is the extremist Islamist “rebels” (whom the president is funding & arming) who call themselves Muslims and who are currently beheading and dismembering children in Syria and who bear us ill will. So please go into this day knowing who the enemy is. It is our tyrannical government that is taking away our rights and our liberties.
    Yes, the radical Islamists are psychopaths, but regular Muslims are just people like you and me who are doing their best to get along in this world and take care of their families…

  • 1stBoogeyman

    You ever read the koran moran. All korans have the same exact words behead those that don’t convert. Shove your muslim sob story up your idiot ars.

  • J Whistle

    Totally agree – sign up for the TEA party, contribute, read The Liberty Amendments.  What we need are “extremeists” as the Defense Department is now calling them – Washingtons, Jeffersons, Franklins, Adamses, Hancocks to put this country back in the order they intended for it.  I never realized how devastating to our liberties the 17th Amendment was allowing direct election of US Senators rather than appointment by state legislatures.  If not for that we would have a Republican Senate today.

  • KenGearhart

    truthneverchanges KevinStowell Sarcasm…look it up

  • kay2861

    PressWatchusa Which camera?  I-95?

  • deniseerogers

    DanielWKauffmanJr YOU NEED TO elaborate what this a bit more……What is the implication of the conquest?  maybe many do not understand the links of the Ottoman Empire to the Islamist s of today.

  • BenjamineDover

    OMG!  Are they riding in the HOV Lane?

  • corkit

    Our country needed this..send these moooslims packing….way to the east…they have guts to try this gig…no one cares about their grievences…Thanks you true RED BLOODED AMERICANS FOR HONORING OUR HEROES ON 9/11….kick all these wimpy lefties out….including our HEAD WIMP….

  • kay2861

    DanielWKauffmanJr I agree with deniseerogers.  This is interesting, and I would like more info, please, since I don’t know much about the history of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Batson D Belfrey

    BenjamineDover And what if they are?   Who’s gonna stop them?  You?

  • kay2861

    Batson D Belfrey BenjamineDover  I think Benjamine is being facetious.  It would be great if they were in the HOV lane!!!  Haha!

  • KarenETirado

    HOV is for multiple occupant vehicles and motorcycles.

  • corkit

    Oh yes, like when they celebrated that day, do not give me this crap…I had neighbors honking horns and cheering….you are dreaming…islam the cult of death….We can’t spend time here figuring out who are the good and bad..they are murdering people here in America.

  • Bac Si68

    lawngreen txnamvet I bet he is one of people in the ride.

  • MKSmith

    Medusafern That’s crap. They don’t speak up and they don’t criticize other muslims. You are full of sh*t. Happy 9/11.

  • lover of freedom

    I sincerely hope these bikers aren’t being set up by B.O. and his minions.  Being an agitator by nature, it seems like B.O. has been poking us for awhile trying to get a fight (i.e. govt minions at Tea Party meetings).
    God bless these Americans for having courage.

  • corkit

    Then move east>>>>>>>>>>>way east.

  • Nick11766
  • truthneverchanges

    KenGearhart truthneverchanges KevinStowell 
    My appologies

  • meeester11

    Medusafern lol, “any thinking man they were not”
    There’s no fixing stooopid.

  • CindyBP

    Medusafern Yes, they are.There is no such thing as a reasonable or moderate ilsamic. 
    islamics are not God centered they are allah centered and allah is NOT God. 
    You say muslims are just like everyone else, name one that has condemned these actions, without qualifiers or hesitation.

  • MarleneHessler

    BenjamineDover I believe the bikers are allowed in the HOV lanes normally.

  • Proud Conservative

    The bikers, truckers and the blue collar workers are the heart and soul of the USA.  God bless all of them.

  • J Whistle

    It is a NOVEL – meaniong it is fiction – a made up story.

  • meeester11

    MattMorrow good news Matt re:take the “air” out of the “million muslim” match.  
    I hear their permit is for 1000 people.We’ll see soon enough. My apologizes for not getting my Bring Pork to Washington Event organized in advance.

  • kay2861

    corkit Agreed..They should.

  • JeffCariello

    Ride free Rise safe Ride in memory May you all have angel riding beside you to keep you safe. May the wind never throw you May the rain always be behind you. My fellow bikers I will pray for your safety. Be strong be safe ride free and forever.

  • CindyBP

    kay2861 J Whistle Who cares? No me. They want to live shiria, go back to your home land.

  • Pauletich

    God bless America

  • MarleneHessler

    corkit Let God sort ’em out.

  • J Whistle

    The Middle Class that Obama has screwed over big time – watch those health benefits union members – watch your hours be cut to 29 1/2 thanks to the DEmocraps and Obamacare.

  • Bob_Oscar

    May the restoration of America start here…
    If not now, when?
    If not here, where?

  • meeester11

    ellenbutler interesting thought, time to look for traffic cameras of key roads.

  • Yaking43

    It brings tears to my eyes just watch them drive by and for the reason.

  • SteveKnauer

    I don’t care if you have to drag or push your friends and relatives that would normally sit home on election day. 2014 will be the start of the rebuilding of the USA. People are finally seeing the lies and mistrust of the left and progressives. Australia kicked out there loony left along with Norway….Colorado set some loony’s packing yesterday….the rock is rolling, lets gather the moss!!!!!

  • Susanb958

    I linked here from Drudge. Way to go RS!

  • RichTheEngineer

    This is great!  About time Americans took our case to our representatives in person.

  • BenCats1

    Something tells me the Muslims don’t want any part of these guys LMAO!

  • J Whistle

    You betcha – The Liberty Amendments – #1 best seller on the NY Times book lists and not a word about it in the MSM!  2014 will be an extension of 2010 – and this time the likes of Boehner and McConnell will be sent packing as well.

  • corkit

    You are is a cult…allah akbar….hmm sort of like Barry Sorento….When a pole was taken a large majority stated that strapping a bomb on one’s body was justified…that is a fact…do not be fooled…these people are not the humble quiet people…they just evolved to cover their hatred…

  • Chantz52

    Way to go Americans!!   It’s great to see patriotic Americans sharing their beliefs in this great nation.

  • mixplix

    I’m very glad to see this, wish I was there. I am in spirit.

  • AdinaF

    GO bikers!! Don’t tread on these guys and gals – 

  • TheBattman


  • mmmilesll

    Makes me proud to be an American

  • Fakowitribe

    I wish I was there.

  • SallySmith

    Please show everyone these 271 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc:

  • corkit

    Who are causing ALL the conflict in the world today????? Who are slaughtering each other and bombing, beheading, blowing up, murdering each other and other nations each day? Who is protesting The Miss Universe Contest? Who hit the towers? Boston Bombers? Who murdered dozens of our soldiers here in America? You are dreaming…..move east>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>way east.

  • CrisHayes

    Never forget 9-11-2001. God Bless America!

  • SodBuster

    It must be emotionally exhausting worshipping a goddess who requires mere mortals to defend her.

  • IVote

    SteveKnauer   We get the government we corporately vote for; and elections of the past several decades show the ignorance of too many voters. Laws passed over the years by career politicians have brought us practically to our knees.  When the likes of cong. Dingel of MI has been in office since 1955 (I was a junior in HS then and am now 75) it shows people vote by rote, not intelligence.

  • LincolnStern

    With due respect, we don’t drive, we ride.

  • TheBattman

    Medusafern Islam is not a peaceful religion. As suggested, read the Koran if you want to know the truth.  Enslave and tax unbelievers/infidels until they convert… or kill them.  Tat is the very core of Islam.  Oh- and the Koran actually endorses lying and deception towards unbelievers to get your way…

  • ScottReed1

    You can get out too!!!medusafern

  • IVote

    Bob_Oscar   If we the people don’t fix this, who will?

  • ter987

    I’m crying at the sight…God Bless America!!!

  • ScottReed1

    Well they can pick any other day to do their thing!! BUT NOT TODAY!

  • PaulHorning

    I’ve got something in my eye.

  • DiAnnSingletonErvin

    Medusafern Most of the bikers I’ve ever known are kind, giving, merciful and generally good people but they also have a very low tolerance for bull crap!  With all due lack of respect not one Muslim, including our president should hold any type of celebration, walks, resistance on this day. 9/11 is sacred to American’s and to march Washington on 9/11 is nothing more than a spit in the face. Do you not agree?

  • MichaelLancaster

    Oora!! Brought tears to my eyes… 🙂

  • KennethMeek

    I am with you in sprit.


    This is the Beginning of the Revolt? I hope so. God Bless these Riders.

  • J Whistle

    Read The Liberty Amendments – it is a real eye opener about how badly we have deviated from the country’s orignial design. I am an attorney and thought an educated man , but I have been totally ignorant of how we have gotten to where we are – the 17th Amendment being a major contributor to the states relinquishin g power to the feds.  And some Supreme Court decisions, notably during the Roosevelt years, that defined failure to participate in interstate commerce a(intrastate commerce) is interstate commerce thus giving the federal government power over it – to regulate it and otherwise control it.  We MUST regain control of our destiny and our lives.

  • The Brave

    The revolt is starting and we have them outnumbered!

  • DaveHarrison1

    Dave Harrison   
    [email protected] 
    Love what all you TRUE AMERICAN’S are  doing for OUR COUNTRY  🙂

  • The Brave

    Thanks and props to all the 81s and other MC out there.

  • BenCats1

    What a beautiful sight! Remember these guys are 99% all Veterans, you know those folks the Obama admin says are extremist and don’t want us to have guns, etc. Obama hates the military and all Veterans and before he’s done we’ll just be a shell of our former self! Go Bikers and I pray there’s at least a million of you! God Bless each of you and I hope you have a safe ride!

  • HomeoftheBrave

    My heart is bursting with pride!!!  Thank you each and every one of you bikers!!!  Our patriots !!!  Our true Americans!!!  We will NOT go softly into the night!  God Bless You!

  • obxers

    I support and am all over the 2M  Bikers riding in memory of 9/11, but I do think this video might not be from today? Here is what looks to be the very same video that apparently was uploaded to YouTube back in August?

  • Reverend Ken

    ” CindyBPMedusafernallah is NOT God.”
    That’s right, allah is the devil. Time to send him and his followers back to whence they came.

  • KallieEllisMuse

    God Bless Them…we shall never forget

  • Reverend Ken
  • LauraHermisAdams

    Amazing site to see Gods speed to your destination and much respect!

  • pedro bundol

    It is really time for people who love this country, are not satisfied at the way it had been treated and the way it is going to stand up to shout they have enough. Nobody will do it for them. Under Obama they have been bamboozled intimidated and coerced. While not trying to needle the situation, Muslims and their institutions have been giving priority over others. Who ever allows Muslims to demonstrate against the very victims that their co adherents have murdered unarmed and cold blooded ? Only in America. Doubtful if ever Putin will allow the neo Nazis to demonstrate on Stalingrad day.

  • scottacnohea

    J Whistle  In hindsight, Iraqis are not terrorists.  I got nothing but wonderful treatment from them when I served in Iraq three times.  But just because one Iraqi would commit a terrorist act doesn’t mean I should hold his or her whole family to blame.  I got out of there neve rhaving to shoot my firearm in anger.  I did patrols, performed many conveys “outside the wire”, inside their cities and villages.  This path of thinking would be the same as my ancestors screwing black American ancestors with slavery(which mine directly did not) so somehow i am to blame.  I am sorry, that is a toxic path of thinking.  I could even say because i have Polish Jew heritage, with tenuous connections to Nazis, should I therefore hate myself?  This is how toxic it is to say a certain group’s family is “good” and “bad”?  Who gets to define who is bad, OR good?  How far do you want to take this?

  • Harley Charlie 1972

    May God be with them, I only wish I could be in the Pack, Ride on My Brothers, makes me proud to be a Biker and an American, we will NEVER forget.

  • obxers

    Here’s what I saw on the earlier YouTube video: This is from the August 16-17, 2013, “America’s 9-11 Ride” honoring first responders.The largest police escorted motorcyle ride going from Shanksville, PA to the Pentagon, then to the World Trade Center.

  • MaryLambPientka

    as tears stream down my face… I say, “Only in America”.  God bless my country and the amazing people that live and support her.

  • pedro bundol

    HomeoftheBrave I wish so too. But here in America interest is only fleeting, Americans are not only naive but their interest is feeting. In 2010, when the tea part was at its height, I thought Americans were outraged enough to effect a change in the electoral system and the type of politicians they have been electing. Apparently not enough. Obama who had a failed and miserable first term got reelected and Democrats too. Only in America.

  • pedro bundol

    The Brave God willing, people should start to wake up from their Obama stupor.

  • IVote

    J Whistle Substitute Socialism for the word Communism and read this list of 45 goals in the book “The Naked Communist,” written in 1958.  Two other goals added at the end.  It seems many have been reached, or are in full progress. 

  • Stealthdan

    More power to them.  The tip of the spear.

  • MaryLambPientka

    Here is a recent link from Tennessee…  ride proud my brothers and sisters  

  • JeffNorton

    Wish I could be there to see it but getting the studio ready for the new show. Nothing like the sound of a HOG drowning out the of the politicians.

  • piddleandpurr

    GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU —- you are the very fabric of the America of which I am so proud of.  I am so moved, I can’t find the words to adequately say all that I want them to, so instead, I just say thank you for standing and riding for ALL of us.

  • bladerunner4924764

    Boy, it does choke you up a little bit don’t it? All is not lost my fellow citizens, there are still many of us who have not given up hope. With that recall vote in Colorado, there are areas of light shining through, we just have to get the right people into Washington to get us back on our feet and be even greater then we ever have been.

  • DanielLee4

    That is the Dulles Greenway. A toll road from Leesburg to the Dulles Tollroad at route 28 headed into Washington!! I got to see this live a year or two ago!! I pulled over and watched and waved!! It is very emotional!!! Thanks bikers!!!

  • Genghis Kahn

    going to buy an mcycle to be ready for the next time… OOO RAAH!!!!

  • The Brave

    Don’t confuse quiet with having fallen asleep. We have been quiet far too long but once it’s out in the open, they will never stop it.

  • johnquepublique

    Thank you, bikers.  Don’t forget to share your pulled-pork sandwiches and pork rinds with others gathered in Washington!

  • ChuckFrench

    BenjamineDover Yes, a 1 seat bike with one person aboard is the max the vehicle is to carry, so HOV.

  • Nader Paul Kucinich Gravel McKinney Baldwin

    obxers (the trolls don’t care if they are fooled)

  • corkit

    What difference does it make it is 2013!!!!!!!! You nuts..

  • ChuckFrench

    Duties They should be afraid, be very afraid.  I’m beginning to see the resurgence of this once great country.  Born in ’39, and I’ve seen it all.  It is time.

  • Genghis Kahn

    The Brave  I appreciate your comment… don’t confuse ‘quiet’ with proaction… I’m alive because I was quiet… ’nuff said.

  • 1bwatto

    As a American born and raised in pa., and veteran. I’m proud of you bikers and to see you standing up for our rights. Thank You. From Bob Watto.

  • J Whistle

    No question it is Obama’s playbook – all the more important that we take 2014 by storm

  • J Whistle

    Thank youf for your service

  • ChuckFrench

    cafengocmy benty910 And they too can make a bit of noise when they unleash those horns.  Sounds like a great win-win.  Loud Harleys, Loud boats.

  • Spare

    Well, I’ve standing at the end of the driveway… one’s picked me up yet!  Just ’cause I’m old doesn’t mean I’m useless…..I’ll even bring chicken and cole slaw.
    Miss Ginger

  • abegeorge79

    So on YouTube this shows as in Aug. 16, 2013.
    As Posted Previously:

  • babejennifer1618

    This brings tears to my eyes. How wonderful!

  • LeahHill

    Thank you

  • LouiseYork

    we had a tear in our eyes this morning during the moments of silence and saw this post and say way to go bikers. Wish I did not have to sell my bike last year because i wanted to join this ride so bad. Thank you to all the riders keep our spirits alive. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. AS WELL AS GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DebbieRatliff

    Love this! Thank you Bikers! Thank you, VSP!

  • obxers

    Nader Paul Kucinich Gravel McKinney Baldwin obxers well, that’s your take, but that wasn’t really my point.

  • lawngreen

    Bac Si68 lawngreen txnamvet Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  • wanda robb

    Cannot thank all you bikers enough,,,,you are true amerians, and true patriots,,,,bless you for taking the time and expense to show your love of country and respect for our fallen.

  • shima uma

    God Bless you Bikers and keep you safe

  • NJK

    Maybe some of them can replace John Boehner and Eric Cantor?

  • DonnaHurst

    thank you to all of you who stand for the United States of America

  • FrankFranconi

    I love this. . . I don’t have the right words to describe how proud I feel right now. For not only the bikers taking a stand for our fallen and freedom, but for the troopers, horns, and sirens getting the message. Thank you as well to whoever took this video.

  • Bruce Royer

    GOD Bless all of the bukers will they ride into a bunch of crap ! and GOD Bess us all !!

  • harleyrocker59

    GOD BLESS THEM ALL…….as a fellow biker i am very proud of my iron horse brothers and sisters riding into d.c  to honor the fallen….MAY AMERICA BE BLESSED!…the land of the free and home of the brave!!

  • JimKeine

    As long as the so called peaceful muslims fail to speak up when their muslim brother enact and support terrorist activities they are just as guilty.

  • GreatgumbalaSpelltemple

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  • Roy Jones

    NJK Or Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.



  • kay2861

    corkit I respectfully disagree, sir.  We ignore history at our peril.  It might not seem significant to us, but it certainly is to them.

  • In the biker group are a lot of police, state troopers and such – good people.

  • PerihanSimpsonWarren

    LADYCHROME57 there are the bad in every group, my dad is nearly 70 and he still rides his bike, I think that there will always be those who will judge no matter what. I say power to all those headed to DC, may God be with them and may they all be blessed and safe.

  • kay2861

    LADYCHROME57  I don’t know–bikers always seemed like free spirits to me!  I’m very envious of that!  Maybe in the past they were judged because they were associated with the Hell’s Angels or the Bandidos, but I think most people just look at bikers as patriots now, especially after they stood up to the Westboro Wackos.  God bless you!!!!  We stand with you!!!

  • BenCats1

    And 98-99% of them are Veterans, the backbone of this Nation!

  • BenCats1

    kay2861 LADYCHROME57 
    Bikers are great and dedicated Americans, wish more could be like them!

  • BenCats1

    I agee with you, my point  is Veterans are a big  part of that ride. And I trust Veterans more than most foks beause I am one! Wondering what the media is gonna say about this!

  • DanaTeresaVandehey

    NJK  Any ONE of them could replace BOTH of those guys with plenty left over.

  • JuneGagnon

    God bless and protect all our patriots and riders; at 3am (mtn time, or 5am eastern) I stepped out on the front porch (facing east), with my lighted candle and offered my prayers, asking God to bless and protect them!

  • AutumnHuhman

    This was bringing a tear to my eye, I wish I could have rode with them!

  • Penny46

    I have had the honor of seeing the different groups come together at the Veteran’s Cemetary in Houston to honor a fallen hero and nothing makes me prouder than to see their flags flying behind their bikes and the respect they show.  They stand there and ride for those who can’t.  Thank you Patriot Riders!  Penny 46

  • JudyImp

    Shh… Don’t tell O about this, you will bring trouble to them.

  • MarciaGaither

    This gave me goosebumps! So proud



  • tb2

    LADYCHROME57 We dig you ladychrome! Love from San Franfreakso!










    bladerunner4924764  AMEN TO THAT …….

  • JudiSvendsen

    God Bless every biker out there men & women alike.  Go to any National Cemetery on Dec 14th, 2013 and see the many Patriot Riders helping lay the Wreaths on the Veterans Graves it’s quite a site to see.  My husband loved riding with his club of many members all great people.  Keep up the good work, you guys help many needy people.

  • Georgiagal

    Last year we lost a very dear friend.  He was a member of Seal Team 1, before it was Seal Team 1.  An awesome man, a good friend, and ,a biker.  When we ride we ride in his memory, but always looking out for crazy drivers.  LIke the one that sideswiped him and kept on going.  Bikers always stick together, they love deeper than any other friend you can have.  This video is proof of that.  Maybe they should have stayed in DC and straightened some things out…?

  • SueTerry

    What a cool thing and I can’t believe the comments I got from people when I commented on the huffington post…..lots of haters out there

  • SueTerry

    most comments I got were very negative about the bikers….msm at its best …..  the several rides I have been on have been amazing and so loving, hopeful and the best time ever!  and omg no drugs, nude women, drinking…..just good old American pride and Love  God Bless

  • Genghis Kahn

    LADYCHROME57 Genghis Kahn 
    Yes ma’am

  • kenfro

    It brings tears to your eyes when you see it wherever you see it. To see people out of the love for country, God and their belief in our USA that many of us fought for and will fight for again and again. Thank you all for lifting us up from our couches and chairs. Just to know you are there is a comfort. God Bless The Republic. God Bless America.

  • How many bikers participated ?