UPDATE: SUSPECT ARMED? Little Rock Police kill possible unarmed suspect, crowd starts yelling “Trayvon Martin”…

There’s much we don’t know about this story, but if the suspect is black and indeed unarmed, then the race-baiters will be all over this in the name of Trayvon Martin:

THV 11 – Little Rock police say a suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting at 12th Street and Jefferson Street.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis with Little Rock police say they were trying to stop a stolen black SUV when the suspect got out and ran.

Davis says there was some kind of altercation between the suspect and officers, and police say they thought the suspect had a weapon and at least one officer fired, killing the suspect.

Davis says she doesn’t know if the suspect was in fact armed, who he is, or how many officer fired.

THV 11 News’ photojournalist is on the scene says people are starting to gather, yelling things like “Trayvon Martin” and spitting on people.

Stay with THV 11 News for more on this developing story.

UPDATE: THV 11 updated their story with this line:

A person who said he was an eye-witness to the shooting said the person killed is a black teenager, but police have not confirmed the age or race of the suspect.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest from THV 11:

A crowd of 100-200 people have gathered at the scene of a suspect being shot and killed by a Little Rock police officer Monday morning. The shooting happened before noon at 12th Street and Jefferson Street, according to Little Rock police.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis said officers were trying to stop a stolen black SUV when the suspect got out of the vehicle and ran.

Davis said there was some sort of altercation between the suspect and officers, and police say they thought the suspect had a weapon. Chief Stuart Thomas said one officer fired two or three rounds, killing the suspect. There were rumors from the scene that the person killed was a black teenager, however police said the man killed was in his 30s.

Shortly after the shooting happened, the crowd was said to be yelling phrases such as “Trayvon Martin” and spitting on people. As of 1 p.m., THV’s Dustin Wilson, who is at the scene, said the group continues to grow and is yelling at the officers. Some are calling the officers ‘cowards’ while others are asking why they didn’t use a taser on the man.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest. Looks like suspect was armed assuming the weapon recovered wasn’t arbitrarily laying near the suspect. I say that given the cryptic way they report it:

Sgt. Cassandra Davis said officers were trying to stop a stolen SUV when the suspect got out of the vehicle and ran. A short foot pursuit took place until officers and the suspect made contact in the backyard of 1110 Adams St., according to Davis. She said there was some sort of altercation, leading police to think the suspect had a weapon. Chief Stuart Thomas said one officer fired two or three rounds, killing the suspect. There were rumors from the scene that the person killed was a black teenager, however Thomas said the man killed was in his 20s or 30s.

Davis said a weapon, which did not belong to officers, was recovered at the scene. The officer was not injured and is placed on administrative leave during the investigation.

Shortly after the shooting happened, a crowd gathered and was said to be yelling phrases such as “Trayvon Martin,” “He was running away,” and spitting on people. Some people at the scene were calling for justice for Bobby Moore, who was shot and killed in 2012 by a Little Rock police officer.

THV’s Dustin Wilson, who spent the afternoon at the scene, said the group grew to at least 100 people, some of which were yelling at the officers. Some called the officers ‘cowards’ while others are asked why they didn’t use a taser on the man.

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  • Laurel A

    Just peachy.

  • lawngreen

    “spitting on people” – like, on anyone in their vicinity?
    These idiots didn’t learn anything from trayvon’s end.
    Spitting on people. That figures. Not American, not even civilized. These persons could teach muslims a thing or two about primitive (mis)conduct.

  • donnad9999


  • enoughofthenonsense

    Now we need to get the guns of the Police…..LOL……Idiots…..If he didn’t steal the car….

  • KatyButler

    The fact that he was stealing a car will be a non factor . Cause that’s just the norm. It’s expected. Hey, ya gotta make a living somehow???? Right?

  • PicklePlants

    Was the officer a white hispanic?

    • Sooths4yer

      PicklePlants  Blacks claim their half breeds why don’t whites claim theirs?.. He states that he’s White on his medical records and furthermore.Hispanic is not a “race” So far as the officer.. i’m sure she’s pure blood Anglo.. if that’s what you’re indicating

      • KatyButler

        Sooths4yer PicklePlants Just an FYI. Hispanic or… Latino is indeed a race.

        • tvlgds

          KatyButler Sooths4yer PicklePlants  umm no-there are 3 actual races-Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Latino is not a race!

        • KatyButler

          tvlgds KatyButler Sooths4yer PicklePlants It is on every government form. It is when you’re applying for an EBT card, welfare or  getting a college grant/funding, It is when you’re, filling out the census. It is when you getting a drivers license….catch my drift? it is when it’s politically expedient for the “victims” of the evil white American. It’s part of our multicultural nightmare and it’s here to stay. Race technicalities like 3 “actual” races do not apply to  progressive American culture… sad but true.

        • KatyButler tvlgds Sooths4yer PicklePlants yeah, when it can be used ethnicity is substituted for race.

        • No_BlahBlah

          KatyButler tvlgds Sooths4yer PicklePlants Hispanic was made up by the Nixon administration. It has no basis in reality, well, except for ‘political’ reality. It loosely groups together ALL races based upon language.

    • Orangeone

      PicklePlants Was the car owner a white hispanic?

  • megandrewsmom

    The fact that he was stealing a car means nothing…

    • frisky

      megandrewsmom  no, to the racists, he had a right to steal that car……….at least he did, with no consequences…………………

  • JungleCogs

    There will be more; people are tired of crime.  And in all 50 states we are now allowed to fight back with legal carry permits issued by the states.  The hoods thought they could get away with most anything (and often have been able to); not any more.  Now, the law abiding public will also be involved and allowed to protect themselves; and if necessary, with deadly force when required.  A bad time for criminals.

    • tvlgds

      JungleCogsOh, not all. Just TRY to get a CHL in the Bay Area of CA.There are MAY issue states, which means don’t even think about it, or SHALL issue states that have to issue to law abiding citizens who meet the requirements..

      • Dr. Strangelove

        tvlgds JungleCogs IL just got shall issue but I ain’t goin’ back.

        • tvlgds

          Dr. Strangelove tvlgds JungleCogs  I’m stunned–I’d have expected “may issue, but don’t hold your breath.” Do they still have to have a FOID to even buy ammo?

        • Dr. Strangelove

          tvlgds Dr. Strangelove JungleCogs So far they still have FOID. Don’t know how CCW will affect that aspect of the Ill-annoy law.

    • StandSomeMore

      JungleCogs yep, defend yourself, if you’re willing to give up a year of your life in court, and the rest of your life fighting off Sharpton and Jackson.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    It’s alright, folks.  Like I said, we have to get used to our racism.  Even if we aren’t, there’s nothing we can do about it as insanity rules.

  • njmom

    I said before its gonna be a long hot summer and its only the middle of July. We’ll have to wait for the facts on this one.

    • famouswolf

      It’s like one of those old movies, the fuse is lit and fast approaching the kegs of black powder…

      • StandSomeMore

        famouswolf why it’s godda be black powder?

        • famouswolf

          ‘Cause I was watching a movie, ‘The Island’, the other night and Michael Caines character uses a trail of black powder to ignite the bad guys’ powder magazine. Just the first image that popped into my head.
          Ole Sharpton is working on that fuse, dontcha think?

  • The Sentinel

    Oh yeah! More racism to stoke the fires. Al and Jesse are gonna get fat off all their microphone moments and public appearance fees.

  • pajamakat

    Uh oh. Get ready.  Sharpie Sharpton is going to have a field day with this one.

    • Orangeone

      pajamakat Wonder what they’ll do if the cop is black.

  • The Bean

    Tsk, tsk….Gunned down in the prime of his life.
    Now, Grand Theft Auto should have no bearing on this incident…. He was probably just trying to get home to his little brother. (In a stolen SUV).

  • K-Bob

    This is what barack wants.  Now when the austerity has to happen, as it must, they can use race as an excuse to riot, because they have their mobs primed and ready to go.
    But the only place they can “safely” riot is in the Democrat Voter Plantations.  Those of us who are smart enough to live elsewhere will make a very long day of it for any rioters who decide to bring the riot out of the h*llholes in which the Democrats have them stuck.
    I suggest good men and women who are stuck in those places do anything they can to leave, immediately.  Come live where skin color doesn’t matter, and where the only minority that does matter is the individual.  Just be prepared to work, like the rest of us.

    • pushtheredbutton

      K-Bob I’d advice the good men and women stuck in those plaes to stay. Be a shame to waste all that time sprent on the range.

    • Orangeone

      K-Bob The mob riots will be in Minnepolis tonight, home of the Somalian and black gangs.

  • frisky

    and people ignore, that it looks like the guy killed stole a car……………..this is so frustrating, why did he run, why didn’t he put his hands up…….if  he was innocent why run?    face it, if your black you can’t be responsible for anything…………….

  • kong1967

    I hate it when they make the criminals out to be the victims.  There was a black guy that shot a bailiff point blank in the head and escaped out the window.  The cops caught up to him and beat him up a little bit.  You know how much I care?  ZERO.  They should have put a bullet in him on the spot.  I have no sympathy for criminals and liberals make me sick when they view them as victims….as if they didn’t do anything to deserve the response they get.

  • Conniption Fitz

    We need to support our law enforcement officers when this sort of thing happen and when Rev. Al and the NBPP come to town.
    Thank you letters, marches, signs, collections for wounded officers, etc. whatever we can do to support them.

    • Conniption Fitz I understand where you’re coming from but as for me, I don’t trust any of them mostly because of their blatant disregard for the Constitution pertaining to my rights. When they stand up and tell Gov. Martin O’malley from MD to shove it up his sphincter then I will give some respect.

  • jhomes55

    I fully support our law enforcement officers.  Here’s an IDEA!!!! Obey the law and you will NEVER have to worry about being possibly shot, attacked, arrested, assaulted, etc by ANY police man EVER!! I PROMISE!

    • SwTkthe1

      jhomes55 Last officer I had to speak to from the COP business end of the spectrum – and that;s been a while – I was, “Yes Sir.”  “Here’s my registration and my license and no I dont have firearm.”  “Sit here?  Yes Sir, you got it.  I will be right here”  
      I’m of the opinion, had Trey just asked, WTF man?  Why are you following me?  It would have turned into, “No I’m visiting my Dad, he lives in 104.  We can go talk to him.”  

      That’s what would have happened in my day and all would have ended without incident. Unless, I bowed up and showed my ass.  Then I would have either deserved my ass whopping from an older man – or worse, shot dead.  That happens in the country.

      • SwTkthe1 jhomes55 WHen you’re taught from a very early age not to respect the older generation nor that of authority then you’re going down the wrong path.
        Some grow out of it, others like Trayvon just escalate it to new heights and die in a smoldering cloud of ash.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Moral to the story, don’t steal cars. 😉 🙂

    • No_BlahBlah

      tinlizzieowner What about the ‘right to happiness?’
      Is THAT to be denied as well?
      WHAT Happened to the Constitution?

      • tinlizzieowner

        No_BlahBlah tinlizzieowner 
        The Constitution guarantees the ‘right’ to persue happiness. If it makes you ‘happy’ to steal cars, don’t be surprised if you end up being ‘persued’ for it. 😉 😉

  • clubgitmo

    Wait let me hear what the media says about the story. I’m sure they will tell the truth.

  • VB501

    The suspect killed was a 26 year old black man just out of prison since May.  There was a handgun and narcotics in the car.  It was reported on the news that the officer who shot him was African American also.  The crowd was unruly and hostile to police in the area.