Herman Cain still believes leak came from Perry campaign

Herman Cain told Sean Hannity today that he still believes that the leak came from Curt Anderson and lays out why he believes that. When Hannity asked him about the fact that Anderson denied knowing about it, Cain says that he believes he told Anderson about it, that it’s his recollection vs. Anderson’s recollection and at this point it’s turning into a merry go round and they just want to get off and focus on the issues:

Earlier today, Mark Block, Cain campaign manager told Fox News that they accept what Anderson says and want to move on:

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  • Steven

    Please read:



    A rival campaign definitely dropped the dime on Cain to Politico. I say release confidentially across the board. The NRA release confidentiality on the women and Politico release confidentiality on their sources for this smear campaign. Then let the chips fall where they may.

    • Anonymous

      The WSJ piece irritated me at the end; criticizing Cain’s policies. The bottom line is he’s better than Romney, Perry, and Newt.

      • Jeff Song

        Maybe, but he can’t come near to Ron Paul on any of the issues. In fact when you compare on the Fed and on monetary policy, Cain doesn’t exist.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah and Cain doesn’t hate Israel nearly as much as RuPaul does!

          • Jeff Song

            Why? Is it because Ron Paul wants to treat them like a sovereign nation? Is it because he want to get out of their way and let them handle their business the way they see fit? Or is it because he thinks it is harmful to give Israel welfare and stop giving Israel’s enemies 7 times what Israel is getting?

            All you Israel first people have a control issue. You want to have power and control over everyone and everything. Israel has stated that they don’t want US foreign aid. They don’t want the US to fight their battles for them. The only thing they want from the US is support on the international stage when they handle their business the way they think they should. Ron Paul has already done that and will continue to do so.

    • Mr. EMT

      At this point
      So what if they did?
      I wouldnt care if it was obamao that did it now.
      Whoever did this is owed a huge THANK YOU from everyone on the right for the opportunity to see how cain handles a petty non important crises.
      And the sooner everyone on the right wakes up to the fact that Cain is not qualified to lead because:
      1) he is absolutely ignorantly incompetent about the constitution
      2) he cant handle a crises
      3) he cant be trusted to be interviewed with out gaffing

      He has turned himself into the black “conservative” version of joe biden.
      Who also gets praised for being an articulate speaker.

      • Anonymous

        Hey gas bag, we don’t care about your hatefest for Herman Cain. He is still the most Conservative candidate regardless of your B.S. comments.

        • Mr. EMT

          Hey turdbag.
          First of all he is one of the more moderate people on the ticket he absolutely is no conservative, on the issues.
          Second he is the most constitutionally ignorant candidate on the ticket.

          His statements on Tarp, the Fed, gun control, abortion, assassination of citizens, unlawful searches and seizures place him on the LEFT of those issues alone.

      • john smith

        Sounds like you are admitting your it was Romney or Perry and sounds like you are trying to excuse them because you are a supporter and that is fine. your anger seems to show that you saw the new rasmussen poll and rush limbaugh’s thoughts on the matter and realised that this whole thing backfired on the perpitrators

        • Mr. EMT

          Yes because I am sitting on the proof of who did it, in fact I was the ring leader of the conspiracy to show the world what a clown cain is.
          Quick! go tell the press! Mr. EMT is the conspirator!!!!!111eleventy!!!!!!!!!!!

          If you are serious… you are one of the biggest idiots I have seen since I woke up this morning. And I have already encountered a few to take the cake.

          Anger is an emotion that has long been burned out of me.
          What you confuse with anger is me being condescending for how stupid cain is behaving and how much more retarded his supporters are for making excuses for his behavior.

      • Jeff Song

        Sounds like a case of “I don’t have all the facts, but I think the police acted stupidly”. Except that Cain thinks he has all the facts.

        • Mr. EMT

          That was even handled better than this mess.
          You think Cain is going to other trying to apologize to Perry for either time he has slandered Perry?
          Obamao at least apologized to the police over his statements, even if we all know he was full of crap over it.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Cain, you do know the rule about when you are in a hole , right ?

  • Joe

    What a waste of time

    All of this could have been avoided if the Cain crew headed this off at the pass

    strike two for Mark Block

  • wheeeeee the fucking cain roller coaster is awesome for socialist libs like me. bwahahahaaha

  • Anonymous

    Please stop giving the persecution of Cain more press…think about what other things are being done to America courtesy of obama and leftist friends.


    Love Among the Ruins: Obama Hugs Islamic Supremacist PM Erdogan
    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan”The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan

    Obama is fiddling in Cannes (south of France) while America burns. He is in Europe insulting allies and hugging Islamic imperialists. Turkey, under Erdogan, has abandoned the separation of mosque and state, abandoned Ataturk, abandoned its ties with Israel and increasingly pursues the delusion of a return of the Ottoman empire.
    Those of us paying attention to the actual news have been writing and exposing the re-islamization of Turkey under the devout Prime Minister Erdogan. Go, scroll this.
    While participating in a Middle East panel of the Academy of Achievement in Chicago in September of 2007, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned against religious definitions of terrorism and specifically objected to the phrase “moderate Islam.” Erdogan said, “Turkey is not a country where moderate Islam is sovereign. First of all, the ‘moderate Islam’ concept is wrong. The word ‘Islam’ is a simple word — it is only Islam. If you say ‘moderate Islam,’ then an alternative is created.”
    Religious study is now mandated in state schools in Turkey. The Judiciary becomes subservient to the government (The PM). Further, in 2007, Turkey and Iran formed a military alliance. More here.
    Check out the story behind Obama’s embrace of Islamic imperialist Erdogan.
    From the Weekly Standard (yes, even the mealy mouthed find this egregious):
    An interesting bit from White House reporter Tangi Quéméner’s latest pool report from the G-20 in Cannes, France:
    [President Obama] entered the room at 1:15 and took to his left, heading to Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. They chatted for a few seconds before British Prime minister David Cameron joined them. Hard to understand what they were saying amid the cameras noise. POTUS then took a stroll to Australian Premier Julia Gillard who got a hug as European president Herman van Rompuy, European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan were watching. Eventually the Europeans got a handshake but Erdogan got the hug treatment. POTUS then walked all the way around after noticing that “people are really far away around there”. He stopped for quick handshakes and reached out to President Hu of China, telling him ‘ni hao’ (hello). They cordially shook hands and posed for photographers…POTUS then greeted his Argentinian counterpart Cristina Kirchner who just got reelected without runoff. Angela Merkel was just congratulating her (in English). “So Nicolas, we all have to take lessons” of Kirchner’s victory, joked POTUS, who’s up for reelection in ’12, as Sarkozy is (next May).
    Isn’t this whole scene pretty standard for President Obama? The Europeans get a handshake and the Islamist Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gets a hug. And all the president seems to have in mind is campaign politics and his reelection effort.
    The soft-Islamist Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development party (known by its Turkish initials as the AKP) has expansive foreign-policy ambitions. In addition to itsembrace of the Hamas regime in Gaza and accompanying criticism of Israel, Ankara has sent naval and air units into the eastern Mediterranean in a bid to intimidate Cyprus from exploiting, with U.S. economic partners, the divided island’s offshore energy assets. Turkish military maneuvers near Cyprus parallel threats of a similar seaborne campaign to shield another Gaza flotilla operation against Israel’s maritime security patrols. Turkey has acted ambiguously toward the NATO missile-defense system intended for protection from Russian or Iranian attack, after indicating cooperation with the plan developed by the Western alliance.
    And as Lee Smith has noted, Turkey has made its hostility to Israel abundantly clear.

    • I am getting old. I cannot understand why the American people cannot see this is just another attack upon the GOP. No GOP leaks these things, to the press. the press makes them up, or just digs in the sewer. The DEM press, praises Ob just for breathing. Same old DEM dirty tricks. Wait until the conventions are over, and watch The DEM open their dirty bag of tricks. I learned from LBJ, why cannot you learn from POTUS actions? I have seen many labels, but no DEM ever gets the axe in office. Worshiped JFK, had SS screening his lovers, as Jackie smiled. Clinton the same. What is wrong with you people?

  • Sheesh i have even heard from the WaPo this might have came from Rahm Emanuel

  • Either Or…

    Listening to Cain on Hannity today, one observation about Herman Cain’s perception that Curt Anderson is the source.

    Either Cain told Curt or he did not
    Either Cain told Curt and Curt forgot
    Either Cain told someone else or he did not
    Either Cain told someone else and Cain forgot

    Now, the question is, who is the “liar” in this scenario?

    The one who forgot or the one who did not?

    Think about it… it will sink in soon.

    If any comments here on TRS or other forums do not have proof, stop the “lie” comments.

    If people do not know who forgot or who did not, say so, don’t call someone a “liar” when “who” is not known.

    – – – – – – –

    On Hannity at this very moment, Carl Rove is defending Curt Anderson because he sounded real and truthful.

    But, for some reason Carl “I just call balls and strikes for FOX” Rove is doubting Cain because Cain does demand that the sealed agreements be unsealed.

    Oh, well. At leas Rove does not call Cain a “liar” like some people do.


    • Anonymous

      I call Cain a liar and I stand by it.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    nra should release those docs.

    • Steven

      And Politico should release their source.

  • Anonymous

    This is getting very juvenile folks. He said she said. Unless you have evidence Mr. Cain then SHUT UP! You are doing a major disservice to yourself and those who support you. Having said that, I want those 3 women to come forward NOW! You have a charge against Mr. Cain then charge him! Oh that’s right, you rather just have chaos then have the facts. Practice what you preach Mr. Cain. This is why I admire you, until recently. Stop pointing the damn finger and let the facts come out!

  • Anonymous

    Time to drag out the bietter half.

    No, Mr. Cain, please do not do that now!


  • Steven

    Actually I hope NRA releases this whole thing. Then, I want Politico to reveal who leaked the story. It would greatly inform the GOP electorate as to who to trust and who should be the GOP nominee.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you.
      There are folks who could stop this now.
      Why don’t they?

  • Anonymous

    Herman Cain has already fought the toughtest battle in his life: stage 4 cancer. Armed with Ephesians 6:10-17 there is nothing he has to fear! Pray for him and that the truth will prevail against these hidden powers of darkness that are trying to destroy our chances to oust the Marxist who sits in the White House!

  • The headline is good:

    “Herman Cain still believes leak came from Perry campaign”

    However, the sub text on the second video should more accurately read:

    And Mark Block still thinks so as well, but both men are happy to just move on.

  • john smith

    Who ever had the bright idea to smear cain must be drowning themselves in a bottle of jack by now . think of the next debate anyone attacks Cain everyone viewing will say “A-HA it was YOU” as for politico for the rest of the primaries they are pee wee herman i.e. to be ignored by adults

  • Anonymous

    If we can overlook Obama’s NAMED gay, lover – LARRY SINCLAIR – and the coke and crack they enjoyed, in 1999, while Obama was serving in the senate..and if we can overlook Beau Biden, who falsely arrested poor Larry and threw him in jail at his press conference outing Obama for his down-low philandering and drug use just one month before Obama chose Beau’s dad to be his running mate….

    …and if the media can ignore the invitation Larry made for Obama to authorize the release of cell phone records that might exonerate Obama, which he declined…

    …well, surely we can overlook some ANONYMOUS women, who settled out of court and didn’t have to go to jail for reporting what they experienced, and got paid instead.

    I mean, they threw the man in jail on charges in a pay-for-play for the bid for the Vice President on the DNC ticket!! It’s a matter of public record. Larry Sinclair was a political prisoner.

    THEN Obama supporters elected him…the nerve of these crass-pigs to lecture ethics with their laughably low standards.

    • Anonymous

      Great indictment of Obama using facts the media ignores completely.

      But when you wrote: “…well, surely we can overlook some ANONYMOUS women, who settled out of court and didn’t have to go to jail for reporting what they experienced, and got paid instead.” That’s like saying, “because the witnesses are prostitutes, paid hard coin for their acts, wen can disregard what happened to them. Obviously there former NRA and campaign employees were not prostitutes.

      I would like to see this whole thing stop but I’m missing something here. With all due respect I must ask if you suggesting that if there was sexual harassment of some women, we should ignore it because the possible harasser is a good conservative and his opponent if a filthy tyrant?

      Ignoring the facts sounds more like the OWS solution to public Relations and has been used by the Democratic Party public many times in the past. JFK was a champion womanizer though he never got any public complaints. Demos and the media covered that up. Clinton was never as subtle and while he had fewer public complaints than Kennedy, Demo’s worked their magic to make that go away also.

      I have little respect for the Republican party except for their apparent history of letting the facts speaks for themselves in cases involving sexual stuff. In this case it sounds like you’d prefer to super-glue the lips of these facts.

      If the man Cain has as much character and courage as many people seem to believe, I think he can handle the truth. He’s making the denial into a massive, public snafu.

      I apologize if I am missing your point on that bullet item.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, can we please get some adults in the GOP primary field.

    From what I understand their were so many people in the National Restaurant Association that knew about the sexual harassment allegations and the settlements that this was bound to come out.

    The Cain camp was naive to think otherwise. Take this article for example.

    Oklahoma Consultant Claims He Witnessed Cain Harassment

    “Oklahoma political consultant Chris Wilson says if the woman behind the reported sexual harassment complaint against GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is allowed to speak publicly, it’ll be the end of Cain’s run for the White House.

    Wilson described the woman as a low level staffer who was maybe two years out of college. “This occurred at a restaurant in Crystal City (Virginia) and everybody was aware of it,” he continued. “It was only a matter of time because so many people were aware of what took place, so many people were aware of her situation, the fact she left—everybody knew with the campaign that this would eventually come up.”

    Wilson said for legal reasons, he can not discuss details of the incident. “But if she comes out and talks about it, like I said, it’ll probably be the end of his campaign.” The consultant said Cain is digging himself a deeper hole by challenging the woman. He also believes it has put the Restaurant Association in a position where it will have to release the woman from her confidentialilty agreement. “If she talks about it, I think it’ll be the end of his campaign.”

    I’m not sure who this Chris Wilson is and I’m sure if we tighten our tinfoil hats we can connect him to a rival GOP camp, but the point is that many people knew of these allegations and that they would eventually come to light.

    I think the Cain campaign’s handling of this ‘crisis’ has been pathetic. It doesn’t instill any confidence in me that Cain would handle a future ‘crisis’ any better.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Hmmm.. the “leak”? Not “the lie”? Not even “the grossly exaggerated, distorted misrepresentation”? The “leak”? There was something to leak?

    First Cain said he never sexually harassed anyone. Then there “may have been” an incident which wasn’t sexual harassment (I think the words he used were “there wasn’t anything there”) which the NRA paid off (even though there was nothing there), but Cain never heard of that, even though it was about him…?

    If a woman, especially a young subordinate, woke up in Cain’s apartment “the morning after”, I don’t care after what and I don’t care if she was in his bed (like people can’t have sex anywhere but in bed?), I don’t consider that acceptable. If – repeat, IF – that happened, there is grounds to suspect that Slick Willie has competition. And grounds, IMO, to vote for another candidate.

    This whole thing is so murky that we will probably never know the truth, but we have to decide about things that are important to us. So, if sexual misconduct is important to you, you just have to take your best guess and go on from there.