Hey Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume, why are you smearing Ted Cruz?

Last night on BillO’s show he took aim at Ted Cruz for complaining about Fox News’ election coverage. He played a clip from Ted Cruz and then suggested that Cruz is a hypocrite for complaining about it while rebuffing invitations to come on his show:

Brit Hume saw it and then tweeted this:

Whining? No, Cruz is not whining. This is really not that complicated and I’m surprised that neither BillO nor Brit Hume get this. But let me explain.

Ted Cruz is not whining about getting enough airtime. Rather, he’s MOCKING Fox News for the overwhelming emphasis they put on Rubio’s 3rd place finish in Iowa as opposed to his 1st place finish.

As I said, this is not complicated. Even Cavuto did a segment on the fact that Rubio got all the media attention after Iowa and not Cruz. You can watch that right here:

So Cruz’s beef here is legitimate.

After all, he went into Iowa and pissed off the Republican ethanol establishment, so much so that they came out vocally against him saying he should be defeated. Instead of appeasing the ethanol subsidy lobby, he took them on, declaring that the subsidy SHOULD end. And he was attacked relentlessly for this and yet he still won the state!

On top of that he defeated Trump, who the polls said had a double digit lead in Iowa. And it was commonly stated everywhere that if turnout for the Iowa caucuses broke records, Trump would win the state.

But Cruz won despite all these odds and yet Marco Rubio, who does a little better than polling suggests, gets all the media attention? C’mon.

BillO and Brit Hume should look past their media biases and see this objectively for what it is, instead of unfairly blaming Cruz for whining about coverage.

As to why Cruz is rebuffing invites from Fox News to be on this week? Well I can only guess that it has everything to do with this. He’s probably still miffed about it and I think he should be.

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