Hey look! Alec Baldwin goes nuts and assaults another paparazzi!

I’m sure these paparazzi are pests that won’t go away, but Alec also has a temper problem that won’t go away. And now look at what he did:

I think Alec needs to attend anger management courses with his buddy Mel. Well, maybe separate anger management courses…

To see more photos of Alec assaulting this paparazzi click here.

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  • Stehekin912

    ooooooh …. be sure to give him another lucrative contract … or something

  • Orangeone

    Social services needs to rip that infant out of Baldwin’s home.  He has a HUGE anger problem and given that that child’s safety is at risk.

  • The Sentinel

    While I don’t particularly like Alec Baldwin, especially his sick politics, I despise the paparazzi and believe that being an Ahole is a mandatory prerequisite for the job. Get the celebrity mad and it becomes news. I think of them as vermin. Regrettably, so does Alec.
    Alec needs help.

  • Laurel A

    Alec should teach a course on how to ruin your career quickly.
    He hates paparazzi but on the other hand these guys use them when it suits them to keep their name in the news and their celebrity status front and center. Paparazzi is the monster Hollywood created and feeds continually. Both are parasitic of each other.

  • onehipdad

    Don’t blame him a bit. These parasites deserve all the grief they get.

  • DCGere

    Capitol One must be so proud…

  • PBizzel

    White socks and black shoes…Alec’s got the ‘old man’ look down pat!

  • I’d love to see him get beaten into a wheelchair, after starting a fight with a photographer that works as a part time Wing Chun instructor. Seeing him struggling to wheel himself around, with his colostomy bag leaking all over his pants, would be a great story.

  • tinlizzieowner

    There’s a quick way for him to stop it. Go to ego reduction classes 😉 😉

  • tinlizzieowner

    Laurel A  
    Exactly. Neither one could survive without the other. 😉 😉

  • tinlizzieowner

    The Sentinel  
    “I despise the paparazzi and believe that being an Ahole is a mandatory prerequisite for the job.
    It is. You have to be boorish to get all the good shots ‘the peasants’ live out their lives drooling over. 😉

  • tinlizzieowner

    I’d be happy just seeing a ‘paparazzi’ picture of him in the emergency room getting a camera removed from his A$$, for once. 🙂 🙂

  • CalCoolidge

    VIRUSX2K1 That’s about the most horrible thing I can imagine happening to a wheelchair or a colostomy bag.

  • K-Bob

    That can’t be Alec Baldwin.  That’s some old man.  Look at all the grey hair!

  • K-Bob

    New slogans:
    What’s in your medicine cabinet?
    What’s in your Grecian Formula?
    What’s in your Geritol?

  • annie65

    I am so sick and tired of him just beating someone and not being accountable for it. He is an ass If I did that I would be in jail. The guy is doing his job.I would never watch this guy in anything…..

  • brycemo1

    VIRUSX2K1 yeah, because the paparazzi TOTALLY deserve to interrupt someone’s every waking second

  • brycemo1

    annie65 his job being making it impossible for another man to live peacefully. He doesnt need you to watch, he has enough people to do that

  • RickeyGlover

    One of these days a photographer or some other paparazzo is gonna kick the crap out of this clown and I’m thinking most of America will cheer!I know I will!

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavodlael

    brycemo1VIRUSX2K1   Not sure if have noticed this man Alec is in a public place and has no right to commit Assault and Battery and has no right to privacy….

  • fireme

    That must be his father!

  • bongobear

    RickeyGlover My thoughts exactly.  He needs a good butt whipping.

  • The Sentinel

    tinlizzieowner The Sentinel  

  • Swordfish

    I don’t know why that photographer, when in a headlock,  didn’t donkey kick Baldwin in the nuggs.

  • Well, if you don’t like it, keep your ass out of movies, and back in your house. In case you don’t realize this, Baldwin is a has been. He’s all washed up. If not for these people, the only thing he’d be remembered for is being an abusive husband, and a verbally abusive bully of a piss poor father. He should be thanking them for creating the illusion that he’s still somehow relevant in Hollywood.
    If you think being interrupted gives you the right to commit violent crimes, the only one that will end up in a chair with a colostromy bag is you. Go hang out at a VFW or similar Veterans place, and see what happens when you take that attitude with them. Hey, maybe some of them are combat photographers. Try pulling a Baldwin, and monkey humping one of them, and see what happens.

  • comoesta3

    Alec Baldwin is just a “normal” leftist and great material for the paparazzi.  If he were normal, they wouldn’t bother him because he’s not doing much in Hollywood anymore.

  • comoesta3

    annie65 And Capital One should go under too. They should have gotten rid of him ages ago.


    Alex must be ignoring doctors orders by not taking his meds.  He carries on like a paxil patient who skips taking his meds.   Alex is a very unhappy camper.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Only normal people have to worry about the wrath ‘Child Protective Services’. Rich, dysfunctional, actors, (and their lawyers), can ‘buy’ them. 🙁

  • lawngreen

    I don’t have any sympathy for papparazzi. They need to get a job and get a life. Following people around and shoving mics and cameras in their faces all the time is called harassment or stalking when anyone but the media does it. I didn’t watch the video, but I hope Alex broke something for this jerk.

    If this were a political inquiry, that would be different. That’s the people’s business. We have the right to straight answers, and sometimes ambush interviews are useful. Not for “celebrities”. They’re citizens, and what we allow to be done to them can be done to us. We on the Right need to think about that. Those of us who are high profile can be subjected to the same kind of harassment, and worse. If we stopped it with the celebs, we’d be better off.

  • jdbaird

    Alex Baldwin, the president of F.A.G. (Film Actor’s Guild).

  • stage9

    You know, this is like Syria…I’m not really sure who to root for in this fight….

  • Not Myprezdent

    Well, if I looked like him I would hate photographers too. . Stinkin’ democrat – – Self-centered fools – – – Next we’ll see obama and mama obama  punchin’ photographers and “paparazzi – – maybe – – they’ve probably done that but none of it goes out on the main-lame-line-media-azzi!

  • DougDrake

    Do we actual know what the Photographer said? I mean if he said something ugly to Alex wife, if it was my wife there, I would understand.  But Alex does have a history, was the Photographer planing to get Alex unset? or was Alex just being a hot head… I bet we never know…

  • DebbyX

    What’s his wife wearing……………..a black slip?
    Put some clothes on lady………….and THAT’S the new mommy!

  • DebbyX

    TIMERUNNERSC I don’t see it as unhappy……………….more like arrogant, no?

  • fireme

    This could be a staged event for publicity. These people live in the sewer.


    DebbyX TIMERUNNERSC  Alex wears both suits unhappy and arrogance. Typical liberal traits.

  • nanian102


  • baoyi