High school students asked to compare Lenin/Stalin transformation of Russia to Obama’s transformation of America

Now this is what I call one heck of an assignment. Even the student interviewed below thought it was appropriate, but realized why it caused some angst. As soon as word got out and people started complaining, the school principle reprimanded the teacher and withdrew the assignment. Kudos to the teacher for actually trying to teach students something important.

Here’s the actual assignment and the story below:


FOX 19 – Several students and parents at Kell High School in Marietta are upset about an assignment handed out by a social studies teacher on Monday.

The assignment asked students to find evidence for a comparison of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin’s methods of changing Russia from a capitalist country to a command country to President Barack Obama’s methods of changing the United States from a capitalist country to a socialist country.

Jay Dillon, spokesman for the Cobb County School District, told CBS Atlanta News that the teacher who handed out the homework assignment was a fill-in teacher.

After the assignment was brought to the attention of Kell’s principal, the principal discussed the assignment with the teacher, and the assignment was withdrawn.

The teacher who assigned the homework is still employed at Kell High School.

“I think this is very common, this isn’t out of the ordinary, it happens both ways,” said Jake Carnes, who is in the class where the assignment was given.

“The mistake made (by the teacher),” said Carnes, “was the line crossed between comparing our president to someone like Stalin, even though we are most definitely progressing toward a socialist union.”

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  • ThomasMoore1

    You can make the point that Obama is a progressive and obviously favors government over the free market. But you can’t say he’s like Stalin. It’s crap like this that makes people on the right look like idiots.
    It’s almost the same as when the left were comparing Bush to Hitler.  Except Stalin murdered more people than Hitler.

    • 57thunderbird

      ThomasMoore1 And where was the outrage and ridicule when the left did that to Bush?

      • ThomasMoore1

        57thunderbird ThomasMoore1 I was outraged. I thought it was ridiculous. It was behavior like that by the left when Reagan and Thatcher were in power that caused me to rethink my beliefs.
        I heard the left making those charges and I thought to myself “you know, all those people on the right, they can’t ALL be nazis and fascist.” That was the start of my journey of becoming a conservative.
        SO, the question we have to ask is when we make these comparisons, is some young person looking at our words and thinking “Obama equals Stalin? Come on!”

    • ThomasMoore1 did you actually read the assignment? It was a comparison of METHODS, not a comparison if MEN.

      • ThomasMoore1

        therightscoop ThomasMoore1 Yes I did. Still no comparison.
        And for the record, I do NOT approve of Obama (or Stalin for that matter). What I’m saying is go around comparing him to Stalin and people will write you off as dumb. And they will be correct.

        • ThomasMoore1 so there are no similarities in methods used to transform the countries? Class warfare? Balkanization of society? Cult-like following?

        • therightscoop ThomasMoore1 Clearly RS, he missed your point.

        • ThomasMoore1

          warpmine therightscoop ThomasMoore1 Nope. You’re all missing mine.  But whatever.

      • Suzyqpie

        therightscoop ThomasMoore1 I read the article and failed to process Methods vs Men. Tks.

    • GJPinkansas

      ThomasMoore1 “But you can’t say he’s like Stalin……” You forgot the word “YET”

      • ThomasMoore1

        GJPinkansas ThomasMoore1 It doesn’t matter if SOME things Obama does are similar to Stalin in some ways. The comparison helps no one except our enemies. But go ahead, lets keep talking like this to ourselves and losing elections.

      • Watchman74

        GJPinkansas Yup, Hitler started out as a charismatic politician shaking hands and kissing babies.

      • deTocqueville1

        GJPinkansas ThomasMoore1 Exactly. He still has some limitations. He is an Alinsky Marxist, look at his associations and his teachers and mentors. This is exactly what Palin and Levin have discussed time and again.

    • M_J_S

      ThomasMoore1 Lets cut through the bullcrap in your statement:  Obama and his ilk are regressive and obviously favor tyranny over liberty.  That being said We The People have authority to throw his ass and any and EVERY government official’s asses on the street as they are far exceeding their authority and far offending and denying our RIGHTS as defined in the Constitution -period.  It can be done through the ballot box, and if required, by force under the Second Amendment.

      There is no room for smoking jacket conversations and the use of the words “you sir” (my words for sarcasm).  “Obama’s not BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, Bush is, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…technially Obama’s not a marxist or socialist because he has a mole or is half white, or has a pechant for golf games….BLAH, BLAH….” WHO CARES?!
       Either you support the Constitution or you do not.

    • Stehekin912

      ThomasMoore1  The kids should have been able to make those points, including the Methods vs. Man points, in their assignment.  It’s learning, yes?

      • ThomasMoore1

        Stehekin912 ThomasMoore1 No.It’s a cheap stunt. And he could have still made the point more subtly and taught them something as well.

    • ThomasMoore1 When you consider the time frame, Stalin did but Hitler killed at a faster rate. Nazi Germany was much more efficient then the Soviets were. Of course Mao had them both beat.

      • deTocqueville1

        warpmine ThomasMoore1 Well its now the ‘rate’ of killing. In fact Stalin caused directly the death of far more millions than did Hitler. Glad its Thomas Moore not More!

    • libertifirst

      ThomasMoore1What Obama is doing now parallels a certain stage in the run up to mass murder in those other counties. Stalin, Hitler, and many other brutal dictators started with the kind of policies that the president and congress are pushing. Obama happens to be the executive officer who has been given power to bypass congress for many things, which is how a dictator starts out. They cannot take total power to start with. They must do it incrementally, and this is what we are experiencing with the tyrants in charge in Washington D.C.. One party pushes for something big, then the other party screams and yells while providing just enough votes to pass it. Both parties are complicit in this incremental theft of our lives, property, and liberty. 
      There is an obvious and provable case for our government to rightly be compared to these other past dictator led tyrannies. 
      Do you advocate for political correctness here, because the other side might use it against you? That is called being on the defensive, and that is a losing position. If republicans want to win, then they need to start speaking the truth plainly, then be ready to fight tooth and nail to make your opponents look like liars. The entire party must do it together, just as they do now when they screw us over. 
      This is what can be defined as being on the offensive:

      This is what you call using the proper language:
      Rand and Cruz are refreshing, but they are also politically correct in many ways. We don’t have time enough for our representatives to soften everything up with politically correct speeches. 
      It’s time to go hard core, or go home and watch your country die.

      • ThomasMoore1

        libertifirst ThomasMoore1 This is NOT political correctness. It’s simply ridiculous to compare him to Stalin. You could make the point he wants us to be like modern Europe, social democracies with outrageous tax rates, continual high unemployment,  cradle to grave welfare state and regulations that stifle innovation. 
        I am not saying we shouldn’t call him out on his policies. I’m saying these histrionics are all us talking to US.  We’re not making the case to the undecided or apolitical. We’re trying to score debate points while talking amongst ourselves about things we all agree on. 
        We need to find specific examples (and it shouldn’t be too hard) of how what he is doing will hurt people. School choice, unemployment, regulations shutting down businesses, gun control limiting people’s ability to protect themselves. In ALL those cases there are real people affected by these policies. 
        Let’s have a poster with the faces of real elderly people, women and children who’s lives were saved by owning handguns.
        Let’s have a commercial with a list of names of people (read aloud like they do at memorials) of people who lost their job because of his labor decrees. 
        I am NOT talking about political correctness. I’m saying stupid comparisons are stupid. I really believe the passing of Obama care and his re-election were turning points for this country in the wrong direction. I fear it’s the end.
        But we are NOT going to be herded into work camps in two years, five years or twenty years. But the idea of personal liberty is surely disappearing and that has real effects on real people.
        They are NOT going to confiscate your guns this year or next year. There will not be anyone going door to door taking them. But they will make it harder and harder to own one if they have their way. And REAL people will die because of it.
        When you tell the undecided that Obama is like Stalin, when you say he’s the progressive antiChrist, and we’re all headed to the gulag a certain amount of people are going to write you off. 
        Anyway,  if this teacher’s point was to introduce some opposition to Obama’s ideas in school or just to the general left wing junk that gets sold to our kids in school he could have done it a lot less ham fisted.
        The assignment could have said, “Do Obama’s policies concerning labor relations hurt or help workers? What do companies and workers need to prosper? Do free market thinkers have a point or not?”
        That way he could have opened a debate, got the kids talking, appeared reasonable and maybe one of those kids could have started heading down the right path.
        But guess what. It’s NOT gonna happen now, is it?

        • notsofastthere

          ThomasMoore1 libertifirst Schools are lacking in the study of history these days, as well as critical thinking. I would have added FDR and LBJ to the mix to study how social engineering has changed entire societies, not necessarily for the better.

        • libertifirst

          notsofastthereThomasMoore1libertifirstSocial engineering is never a positive thing when a small group of people with power force it on the people of a nation. Centralizing eduction is a classic tactic of all emerging tyrannies, and is the most effective tool that a social engineer has at his or her disposal. Mis-educating just one generation will have lasting effects for many more. 
          Have you heard of Charlotte Iserbyt? She has been trying to expose the planned indoctrination of our society since the eighties when she served under Reagan in the DOE. She spells out, and gives specifics, just how the DOE was always intended for the dumbing down of our population, and for the purpose of usurping our rights without us even knowing, and while creating a communist/socialist society that favors big government through a sense of entitlement. The end game is simple to determine when you consider that impending global financial collapse and the growing police state. It is all designed to deal with an unruly population under a failed system that was designed by the same social engineers that caused us to love our tyranny prior to taking everything from us.

        • libertifirst

          ThomasMoore1libertifirstI see where we split off mentally on this issue. You believe that the system that we have is viable, or at very least repairable. You also don’t recognize the severity of the consequences that come with allowing so much power to be transferred from the states to the federal government, and ultimately into the hands of one person. A person who has the ability to declare a national emergency and usurp the rights of the states and individuals. 
          Once branch of government does not give up it’s authority to another unless it wants that authority (power) to reside in the hands of fewer people, or even one person. The only reason to want more centralized power is to have the kind of control over people that dictators and tyrants want. 
          You are dismissing the nature of man as it is described in the bible. The nature of man is sinful, therefor giving fewer men, or one man, more and more power is to either prefer tyranny over liberty, or to be ignorant to the truths of the bible, which are backed up by history. In this case, the relevant history is exemplified by the actions of those who ruled socialist and communist countries and conglomerated all power into the hands of very few people, or just one man.
          This is precisely why this assignment was a righteous one, and should have been covered under free speech. But wait, you might say, this is a “public” school. That is precisely the point. The federal government created the DOE for the purpose of restricting our ability to express our political and religious values and to indoctrinate generations of the population into believing that their actions are legal. They steal our income through taxation for the purpose of doling it back out to those who will comply with their draconian edicts. They steal our money for the purpose of buying off our local and state government, which has made us dependent on the money that they have stolen from us, and could have been used locally to educate our children as we wish. 
          These are criminals  who usurp our supreme laws in order to enslave us into their socially created serfdom. 
          When you try to realize what a financial collapse would look like, what do you see government doing in response to the effects of a collapse? You should listen to this lady. Seriously. She explains many of the parallels between modern Anmerican, and Austria asking for Hitler’s rule. 

          Having  the mindset that America is exempt from such events happening here is dangerous, because that will lead to your compliance and even your complicity in bringing on that which will result in many atrocities being perpetrated by the centralized government in the US.

        • ff_emt

          libertifirst notsofastthere ThomasMoore1 “[…]just how the DOE was always intended for the dumbing down of our population[…]” SO true, and so effective. I cannot fathom high school seniors today reading what I read at age 12-13, summer betwixt 8th & 9th grades – War & Peace. Then another 4 classics when we moved (USAF) to Honolulu & I had to read what had already been assigned at the end of the previous year.  If it isn’t HarryPotter-ish, they’re not interested. Sad & scary.

    • toongoon

      The left called Bush Hitler not to compare him but to demonize him. There were no real examples of Bush being like Hitler. However, there are plenty of similarities between Obama and Stalin.
      I think we need to have the discussion while we still have our right to free speech. Obama’s has proven, not so much by his words, but by his actions, he is no friend of the Bill of Rights.
      If we look like idiots to the left, so be it, it won’t change the way they feel about conservatives even a little bit. In fact, some of them might even wake up.

      • libertifirst

        toongoon ThomasMoore1 The Patriot Act surely was such a thing as Hitler used to infringe on the privacy rights of the German citizens. DHS is absolutely directly comparable to the home land security that Hitler set up. Hitler also ruled via secret police and military within the German borders. Bush signed all of this into law, and also created the ability of the executive office to detain people without habius through the military, and was the first American presidential administration who argued in favor of torture in the name of “national security”. Congress has ceded power to the executive branch, and they did it while Bush was in office. Bush signed the legislation. Hitler’s German government did the same for him, and before he was considered a dictator. Hitler sold fear to the citizens of Germany in order to grab more and more power. The Bush administration did that as well. Hitler went to war with countries that were not an imminent threat to them. Bush did that as well. Hitler argued that preemptive war was the proper solution. Bush did that as well. The Bush administration continuously fed us information that caused us to fear, took our liberties by enacting laws that infringe upon our bill of rights, and argued that it was all necessary for our own safety. Hitler did that as well. Much of the information that we were fed to create fear turned out to be false information. Hitler was quoted as saying “the bigger the lie, the more believable it is”. He got that from Joseph Goerbles, who later came to the US to work for US corporations and our government.
        Sorry Toon man. That is how I see it.
        Obama now has the power that he does in part due to the foundation that Bush laid out. Obama has mostly just used and expanded the Bush policies, including the bailout, the wars, torture, indefinite detention without habeus, and much more.

    • GaltLine

      ThomasMoore1 What difference is there between Stalin and Obama, except time and place? Obama’s father is not Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, or Adams. His father is…. (an assignment for critical thinkers.)

      • ThomasMoore1

        GaltLine ThomasMoore1 Do you really have any remote idea what Stalin did?
        You need to go read Solzenitzen.

        • GaltLine

          ThomasMoore1 GaltLine Yes. And already read it. Stalin was surrounded by events and opportunities that brought out his real “Obama.”

        • ff_emt

          ThomasMoore1 GaltLine  Sigh. You’ve had three days to fix this and still haven’t.  If you want to look as intelligent as you want us to think you are, please spell “Solzhenitsyn” correctly when name-dropping.

    • applepie101

      ThomasMoore1 Granted, Obama has not murdered 40 million people, but he’s used classic Stalinist methods: Trying to instigate witch hunts against certain groups (Tea party on the terrorist list), encouraging informing against Americans who criticize the ‘leader’ (AttackWatch), creating favorable conditions for criminals to keep the rest of the population in submissive fear (Fast & Furious, attacks on the 2nd Amendment, refusing to deport illegal aliens), using the MS media as a propaganda machine. Another similarity will yet emerge: When the economy crashes, Obama will need scapegoats, and he will point out the saboteurs responsible, to be the target of public outrage. Lenin and Stalin called these ‘wreckers’. It was/will be a handy way of getting rid of Republicans, conservatives, Catholics, Tea party members, capitalists, business owners, anyone else Obama considers an obstacle to his socialist paradise. The Soviet  gulag was full of such wreckers. The only real difference between a Stalinist society and our Obamunist society will be the reaction of the people.

    • CalCoolidge

      ThomasMoore1 I don’t think it’s anything like comparing Bush to Hitler.  At lease Obama and Stain are on the same wing.
      One thing, IMO, that confuses some people about dictators and dictatorial personalities.  Most of them aren’t as successful as Stalin or Hitler.  It’s not for lack of trying.
      You watch Obama’s detached apathy toward the deaths in Benghazi or the marines in the training accident.  There is no lack of cold-blooded sociopathy there.

      • ThomasMoore1

        CalCoolidge ThomasMoore1 You guys are completely clueless. The lot of you.

        • strngernfiction

          ThomasMoore1 CalCoolidge http://newsbusters.org/blogs/warner-todd-huston/2008/11/10/obama-spokesman-says-obama-ready-rule-day-1
          It’s right in front of your face, but you can’t see it.

    • deTocqueville1

      ThomasMoore1 Actually the only reason he is not like Stalin is because he does not yet have the total power.

    • cabensg

      ThomasMoore1 Comparing him to Stalin is wrong he hasn’t met his 3 million countrymen dead yet. Comparing his policies to Stalin was correct.

    • ff_emt

      ThomasMoore1 No, read more of stalin’s history.  øvømit is just a tad more polished & sneaky in his policies and implementation of such.  Done gradually, it doesn’t rile people as much.

  • Stehekin912

    So I guess books like Atlas Shrugged, 1984, Animal Farm and The Gulag Archipelago are out of the question, huh?

    • OneThinDime

      Stehekin912 I think those are on Feinstein’s banned books list Cruz was needling her about 🙂

    • izzy0205

      Stehekin912 Of course!  I’ve read all of them, and long before I reached high school.  
      Appalling that today’s kids can’t see socialism for what it is.  Then again, they’ve been turned into lemmings–and the parents obviously don’t care.  If they did, their kids would learn to think for themselves (no matter what ridiculous environment they encounter on a day-to-day basis).

    • Suzyqpie

      @Stehekin912 May I add to your list, Robert Conquest, “Harvest of Sorrow.” It is the history of the Kulaks.

  • magi52

    This is what schools should be teaching…
    Getting students to critically think!

  • wales

    There really is no comparison. Obama has those two communist clowns beat by a long shot.

    • jazzee

      wales LOL  great post

    • deTocqueville1

      wales Hah, good one.

    • Suzyqpie

      wales Because of the private wealth of our country, 0bama has substantially more to squander. And, yes, I believe the 0bama Camarillo is plotting to create a legal path to plunder the wealth held by individuals.

  • GeorgiaPeachConservative

    My grand nephew goes to that high school.  It would definitely be good discussion.

    • nosilasunny

      GeorgiaPeachConservative Welcome fellow Georgian!

    • nosilasunny

      GeorgiaPeachConservative Welcome fellow Georgian!

  • Martin2717

    You’re an idiot, Carnes.

  • applepie101

    ‘Command country’? What’s this? We aren’t using ‘C-C-Communist’ anymore?

  • izzy0205

    It would have been a good discussion.  
    As for Obama vs. Stalin/Lenin–there ain’t that much difference.

  • ajtelles

    Hmm… If…
    It seems to me that if the purpose by the teacher was to illustrate that history is being repeated by an acolyte of holy marxist history and holy nazi history, aka rule by diktat of the head oligarch to compel the development of the ‘new man’ and ‘new woman’ of the future, well, that is a very good object lesson for 21st century students… and their parents.
    And, on 2nd thought, in addition to the methods of Stalin and Hitler… AND BHObama, the current iteration of the supreme leader mind set is New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.
    Bloomberg definitely fits the bill…
    – don’t drink too much soda,
    – don’t eat too much salt,
    – hide the cigarette display,

  • CalCoolidge

    You know, it’s funny how the left and the truth don’t mix.  I don’t think you can offend a conservative by telling him that he is like Jefferson and Madison.  But just tell an American Socialist that he’s a Socialist and watch the histrionics.


    right on teacher……my goal is to TEACH the TEACHERS everyday in the carline with very in your face bumper stickers….MULTICULTURALISM…ARE YOU BUYING IT?
    DEPORT 30 MIL….etc…

  • deTocqueville1

    Well Gramsci must be chortling in hell at the success of his programmed takeover of the schools and media. John Dewey, that other great progressive educational reformer must be very happy as well.

  • njmom

    IMO the assignment was appropriate because it is true.

  • ff_emt

    The comparison is EXACT.  SInce the assignment was withdrawn, hopefully just the fact that it was presented  was enough to get the students thinking, and perhaps they’ll be intrigued enough to do some serious research.

    • BonnieBoyles

      ff_emt Wouldn’t it be nice if it did cause the students to want to research it?

      • ff_emt

        BonnieBoyles ff_emt “Wouldn’t it be nice if it did cause the students to want to research it?”
        Yes!  I feel my day in the classroom has been very well spent if ONE of my kiddos stays to ask a question & further discuss something relevant to the lesson, or ask for book recommendations – and if a group of 5 or 6 gathers, well, that’s just too awesome for words  🙂  Sadly, these students are the exceptions rather than the rule, these days :-/

  • K-Bob

    Lenin was way ahead on body count, but Barack is has the expenditure-per-kill thing cold (I wonder how much a drone costs, anyway?)
    Oh, and Barack has the teleprompter and more lavish vacations. But Uncle Joe has it all over Barack on stylin’ a mustache.

    • BonnieBoyles

      K-Bob   And all those rounds of ammo that DHS has purchased.  Wonder what that’s for.

  • AndyKarakter

    ..and it’s not bias

  • a_jetboat_man

    Lets put this in all the news programs on the TV, without all the liberal bent so the people can see what obama is actually up to.  At the same time, have obama truly become transparent and put all the hidden information for all to see.  If that happen, congress will be forced to get rid of obama from all the public outcry.  Either that or its time to exercise our second amendment rights to overthrow this government as it has been exposed for what they are trying to pull on us.

    • BonnieBoyles

      a_jetboat_man   It’s time to do something.  Congress knows all about what he’s doing and they are not going to act or they would have done so by now.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Obviously, the principal didn’t want the glaring similarities to get out. 😉
    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.
    Karl Marx
    “Share the wealth’.
    Barack Obama

  • RobHorine

    So reading “Heather has two mommies” is okay, but describing the fall of our country at the hands of the Marxist-in-chief is bad?
    Okay, then.

    • BonnieBoyles

      RobHorine   Crazy, isn’t it?  Really scary.

  • SigEliteDark

    When did it become wrong to discuss the truth in our schools?

    • Suzyqpie

      SigEliteDark That is my question as well. Was the teacher attempting to illustrate the horror of the similarity. Or was the teacher advocating the merit? There is some ambiguity here for me.

  • notebene

    Wouldn’t want the kiddies to know the truth about the country they are inheriting, would we?  All in a dither about comparing Odumbo to Stalin?  Truth is, Odumbo has blood on his hands, just like Stalin did!  The assignment is eye opening and truthful.  The parents complaining should have to do the assignment as well!  Maybe then they would see how their blind following of a dangerous man helped to destroy our nation and it’s future!

  • Isaiah 54

    According to an email going around (I haven’t investigated) Obama has written over 900 Executive Orders giving himself unprecedented and illegal powers without any permission from the Legislative branch.
    Before his election in 2008, psychologists profiled Obama as a narcissist-dictator personality.
    Obama has shown no respect for the Constitution or the Law or the people of this country.

  • freeperjim

    Those who can, work.
    Those who CAN’T teach, become bureaucrats or journolists.

    • ff_emt

      freeperjim What about those of us who work AND teach (and teach appropriately)  🙂

  • Lenin and Stalin changing Russia from a capitalist country to a “command country?” A “command country?” What the heck is that? Do they have a problem with communist regime, which is what it was? Or perhaps a communist dictatorship? Words matter, and when you water down what Stalin and Lenin did, you make it more acceptable to kids, especially high school kids. THAT is the real story here, making something really horrible acceptable in the minds of young kids.

    • 57thunderbird

      Libertyship46 I think it was a typo.

    • Suzyqpie

      Libertyship46 Words matter. Words are how you think and how you think is who you are. I think it would be a fascinating study in human behavior/social engineering to interview the teacher, or whomever chose the word “”command,” and ask them to explain their word choice.

    • Las1

      It’s correctly termed “command economy”.  A command economy is a classical socialist economy progressing towards perfect communism. Its charactersitics include central economic planning setting quotas for state production, five year economic plans, forced industrialization, forced agrarian collectivization and government control of all means of production not to mention the establishment of re education camps which warehouse and kill “saboteurs” engaged in wrecking the advancements of the state. These camps are commonly called Gulags (government camps in the Soviet Union) The terminology is correct even if the word “country” was mistakenly used for “economy”.
      In short, the assignment was a good one, and more appropriate than the small low-information minds expressing outrage.  These people are so dumbed down, they have not clue about Obama and the direction he’s heading.
      The real irony here is the young student at the end making some very contradictory observations.  He acknowledges some value in the assignment; he acknowledges that Obama is heading towards a socialist state; he acknowledges that biases are taught instead of pure knowledge, yet he speaks out against the very rare and appropriate conservative assignment handed to students.  Yet he fails to tally the plethora of leftist assignments in the schools which are de rigueur all across America’s educational system.
      Even when they acknowledge truth, they still want to sanction conservative based inquiry within a school assignment.


    • Libertyship46 its meaning a command economy, one way of phrasing it.

    • BonnieBoyles

      Libertyship46   I wondered the same thing – what is a “command country?”.

  • PrinceofPeace

    Why, if what Obamao and the rest of the Marxists are doing to our country from the infiltrated inside of our government, do they get so upset when called to the carpet? What are they afraid of? If the socialist/communist agenda is so über fantastic wouldn’t they want to proclaim their intentions from the tallest mountain? My prayer today: Heavenly Father, please set the American people free. Wake them from their Godless idolatry. And continue to empower those who expose the evil for the rest of us. And compell us to sound the alarm to others. Amen!

    • BonnieBoyles

      PrinceofPeace   AMEN!!!

    • Clawficer

      PrinceofPeace Because Obama’s agenda has nothing to do with Communist or Socialist agendas… He’s more of a fascist/totalitarian than anything else.

  • Godisright

    I thought it fair. Even though in the midst idiotic school leadership. 
    The question was: Find evidence…. if there is none, then conclude thus… if there is, show it. Pretty straight forward. The left can’t take the heat or the truth.

  • The Sentinel

    And yet teachers who suspend 5-year olds for gun-shaped poptarts… and teachers who command their students to stomp on the name of Jesus… and teachers who get irate when American students wear an American flag T-shirt on Cinco-de-milo (sp?)  – all of these cretins are allowed to get away with much more egregious sins?

  • retiredconservative

    I like the assignment. Perhaps she should have included a few other leaders and asked the students to compare/contrast the effectiveness of their means–leaders like Mao, Mussolini, Hirohito.

    • ff_emt

      retiredconservative :  That would’ve required a twenty-page term paper! Most students today are hard put to write twenty SENTENCES of their own :-/

  • DeborahClemence

    At least this is based on historic truth and is teaching kids to think!

  • DawgfanInFL

    Wish we had more teachers like this one.

  • Laurel A

    The sheer fact that people are so touchy about comparing Obama to communists is because Obama is very communist like and they know it.

    • Clawficer

      Laurel A Clearly you have no idea what communism is… How can the leader of a state be similar to a stateless society?

      • Laurel A

        Clawficer Laurel A Ideology.
        Clearly you have no idea what communism is because while communist may call themselves stateless they are all about the state and have never been leaderless in the name of the state.
        Any other nonsense you want to post?