Hillary says she KNOWS people are enthusiastic because they’re NODDING at her events! LOL!!

Democrats are facing a crisis as they watch their commie cankled candidate get tripped up on the way to her coronation, but Hillary shuffled out to the morning Sunday news shows to assure them that her followers really are enthusiastic.

And how does she know that? Because she sees them nodding at her events.

Watch below:

Previous to this Chuck Todd read to her an opinion piece saying that she was the candidate of the old Democrat party, not the one that will win in the future. Here’s the kicker – it was written in 2008.

She’s so busy fake laughing/cackling she almost misses the point of the question.

Watch below:

And he just kept pummeling her, saying, “what’s gone wrong, and save me the ‘we always knew this was going to be a close race’ answer.”

She just kinda rambles on and on and ignores the question:

Yup. Great spin, awesome pivoting, but you aren’t answering the question, Hillary, and people know it.

Here’s CNN’s Jeff Zeleny saying there’s no doubt that all the energy is with Bernie, and not with the perpetual nodders at Hillary’s campaign stops:

Yup. She’s in trouble and she knows it. And it won’t help if the FBI investigation finds anything at all to further erode the confidence and trust that Americans have in the Hillinator.

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