House votes to strengthen sanctions on Russia, and RESTRICT Trump from easing them…

Oh boy el Trumpo ain’t gonna like this one. The House just overwhelmingly voted to restrict his ability to ease sanctions on Russia, while strengthening those sanctions.

From the BBC:

The US House of Representatives has voted to impose fresh sanctions on Russia, despite President Donald Trump objecting to the legislation.

Senior officials will be targeted in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the US 2016 election.

The bill is likely to complicate President Trump’s hopes of improving relations with Russia.

It needs to be passed through the Senate before it can be sent on to the president to be signed.

The White House says Mr Trump has not yet decided whether he will veto the bill or not.

Russia’s relationship with the president has dogged his first six months in office, amid allegations Moscow interfered to help Mr Trump get elected.

For those saying that he can’t possible veto it because it would look bad, that’s EXACTLY the kind of brazen insanity I could see him doing in order to prove that he didn’t collude. He and his sycophants will say that if he refused to veto it, then it would prove that the pressure from the media got to him…

On the other hand, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said he was satisfied with how the bill was being crafted – that means absolutely nothing for a guy that changes his mind quicker than a goldfish.

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