Houston DNC worker fired after being exposed for voter fraud by Project Veritas

Chalk another one up for Project Veritas exposing Democrat voter fraud:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    we need uniform voter ID laws, if your a citizen you should not need to have a ballot that is printed in more then one language for starters. we need to take control back, the liberals have all but destroyed the very fiber of our country. vote 2012 for romney, vote the correct way for senate seats.

    • Orangeone

      And Day 1 Romney needs to dismiss all lawsuits against states over voter ID.

      I would be happy to work with Romney and Ryan to design proper voter ID procedures, starting with validating the registered voter pays taxes!

      • canscrap

        ABSOLUTELY!!!! I think this is racist…LOL
        LOS ANGELES — Immigrants would get access to banking services in Los Angeles under a proposal by the mayor that would create an official city photo identification card that could also be used as a prepaid ATM card for their private bank account.

        Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/10/13/4909220/los-angeles-mayor-wants-id-card.html#storylink=cpy

      • wodiej

        I’m all for that but remember many people including conservatives have taxes deducted from their paycheck but when they file taxes in the Spring they get all of it back and often times more because of deductions. In essence, they have not paid federal income tax.

        • tshtsh

          I always claim one deduction so Uncle Sam doesn’t use too many of my pennies.

        • Orangeone

          The fact that they had taxes withheld is good enough for me!  I do, however, believe everyone needs to pay a flat tax.  It is ridiculous that some of us pay a much greater percentage of our income in taxes because we don’t have kids.

          • BikerHoop

            There’s no doubt our tax system is way over the top. A flat tax would be a place to start, but I think it should be a prelude to the Fair Tax.

            • Boris_Badenoff

              I can go either way, but the obvious is, the current Tax Code must go.

              The current Tax Code is nothing more than an instrument written by politicians and lobbyist, who are basically one in the same, used to encourage paybacks and kickbacks amongst each other, then used for the general screwing of the general public and also used by politicians to foster class envy and class warfare which the politicians then use as a tool for remaining in power and screwing us even farther..

              The Tax Code is an abomination and must be put out of it’s misery.

          • NCHokie02

            I agree with a flat tax, however I do also agree with the deduction for children because it was meant to encourage having children and families. The very fabric of America is the next generation. Now, I know that it gets all screwed up and probably isn’t ran as it is intended to but that was the thinking behind it. I’m also a bit biased since I have 4 boys. But I do agree that our tax system needs to change and I would gladly welcome a flat tax.

            • Orangeone

              An exemption for a child has turned into a whole host of tax credits where some families pay zero on federal taxes even though they have a great income.  This is what has to stop.  Plus, families that receive welfare and food stamps should not have exemptions because we the taxpayers are already paying for those kids.

              • NCHokie02

                The child tax credit alone doesn’t give people with big incomes the ability to pay zero taxes. There are other loopholes that go along with it and those are much bigger and account for bigger deductions, but it is one of them. Completely agree with the welfare families though.

        • williamm

          It’s worse. Family married filing jointly with income of 20,000 with 3 children have zero tax liability except for FICA are eligible for earned income tax credit of over 5500 dollars.


          I’ve lived in the U.S. for a min. of 6 mos. in 2011.
          I am over 25 and under 65 years old.
          I have no foreign sources of income.
          I’m a U.S. Citizen or Alien Resident with a S.S. card.
          No one claims me on theIr tax forms as a dependant.
          No one else claims me as a child on theIr tax return

        • Boris_Badenoff

          There is no doubt, the current Tax Code Must go. I mean totally repealed.

          As a Minimum we need a flat tax. Get EVERYONE in the game.

          Allowing the politicians to define benefits for different “classes” of people is causing more problems than you realize..

          It is wrong and must be dealt with.. as some of these politicians must be dealt with as well.

  • BlueGood

    INFREAKINGCREDIBLE what the O’bam bin Lyin Team will try to get away with…

    did you see this??

    Food Tent Displaying Obama Signs Erected Outside Ohio Poll


    I suggested someone should take and O’Buma Sign, Food Cart and Fake Polling Station to a Cemetary and film it and post on U-Tube…

    Art imitating Political Life in O’Bumaland…..

  • Rshill7

    “In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. It was believed that she hid in the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. Her image is shown as a young virgin dressed in white.

    Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should possess. In Greek mythology, Veritas was known as Aletheia.”

    And the “truth” would set Obama free…from power. It’ll be very interesting to see how Obama tries to recoup from his last debate. One five syllable word: Overcompensate, aka, another nail in his political coffin.

    Good work Project Veritas. Keep it up. Fraudulent voters should be in fear of felony charges.

    • canscrap

      haha,., you DO KNOW who is the head of the DOJ… no felony charges for HIS people

      • Rshill7

        Felony charges at the state level.

    • wodiej

      Interesting information on Roman mythology.

      I don’t see obama recovering for the next 2 debates. Romney pulled back the curtain to show the real obama on National TV in front of millions of viewers.

  • poljunkie

    Good fire them all.

    …And every voter needs to show I.D. (We’ve been showing I.D. here in AZ for at least 10 years)

    • wodiej

      We have to show it in Indiana too. Got passed 8 years ago I think. Dems tried to have it overturned and a wise Judge upheld the law.

    • And in Michigan, you registered to vote at the Secretary of State’s office…the same place you get your driver’s license so if you don’t have a license, you don’t vote. That’s the way it should be. If you don’t drive, then you apply for a state ID card and the same rules apply. Without these checks and balances, any moron could register to vote. Come to think of it, a LOT of morons register to vote…look who’s in office.

  • Don

    We are dealing with possibly the most corrupt president and administration in our country’s history. When you appoint an obvious racist like Holder to be Attorny General, you know that voter fraud will not be challenged to any degree by the Justice Department. Holder, by his mere presence, makes a mockery of the term, “Justice for All”.

    • NYGino

      That phrase has been amended to read “Justice for all MY people”

    • Rshill7

      The current tax code makes a mockery of the equal protection clause too. Some folks pay 50% total taxes on their income, while others pay zero. It seems to me that equal protection would dictate an equal flat tax rate for all. The more you make, the more you still pay. This rising percentage rate is confiscatory and stifling.

      • freenca

        Now, that would be a dose of motivation!, wouldn’t it?

        • NYGino

          Not to accountants and tax attorneys.

  • Nukeman60

    I find it humorous that OFA would be renting out a building that has the words “COZY’ on the door. We all know how cozy these crooks are with the administration.

    And, of course, the DNC’s response would be first to lambast the video before questioning the criminal activity.

  • SKL53

    Whyshould anyone be surprised? The leftist dems have to lie and cheat to get their failing candidate elected! They already know he won’t win on policies and merit so let’s do it the underhanded way!Remember the Black Panthers in Philadelphia in 08! They had to resort to bullying!!! LOSERS ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wodiej

    this is the result of people who have not been held accountable for their actions. It’s a sad situation because I think most of them understand what they are doing is wrong but they think it’s ok to do it anyway. It’s called living a life minus God.

  • canscrap

    If obama get’s re-elected, she’ll collect unemployment until she retires and starts to collect Social Security….. oh no she won’t, WE ARE BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Orangeone

      Only Conservatives will fail to receive their SS and Medicare, the funds will be taken from our personal retirement accounts to fund the Dems. It’s all part of O’Bambi’s redistribution of wealth plan.

    • A_Truism

      You’re right on the money – if there was any.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    I’m glad Democrats felt there was enough there to dismiss the worker exposed at this location. It’s interesting the lady who came to work did not seem in the least perturbed that Caballero was willing to participate in helping someone commit voter fraud but only seemed angry she couldn’t work there… interesting, but not surprising.

    • Orangeone

      Betting she was just moved to another location in a swing state!

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        You may be right with that guess!

  • marketcomp

    Project Veritas is doing the work that the republican party would never do nor have the guts or courage to do! Thank God for James O’Keefe and his team!

  • tshtsh

    She’s probably working for the money bundlers having demonstated she cannot count over two hundred and is not acquainted with the word truth. After the election, she would have been appointed to a senior position with timmy.

  • 911Infidel

    Yes its “controversial” because truth is the new hate speech. Exposing the fraud that is Acorn and its new iterations, is always “controversial”. Uh…no it ain’t.

    This just speaks volumes of the need for tough voter ID laws in every state.

    • Martin2717

      Yeah…. leave it to the idiot news media to label this “controversial” and never waste the opportunity to label a group, who is trying to do the right thing, conservative. The only thing controversial about this is the voter fraud being committed.

      • 911Infidel

        And no one is going to jail either. Not with the Injystice Department being led by the egregious lying low-life Holder.

  • sjmom

    The question is how much damage did the worker do before being fired? Glad they’re gone but votes are going to have to be checked very carefully.


    Sorry, a little off topic.

    I AM SO SICK of “progressive” liberals.

    I always call them lib-turds when I post almost anywhere.

    Posters, please stop using Lib-tards, that is an INSULT to Amerians with learning disabilities and is BILL MAHER kind of move he pulls on his HBO “comedy” show which is not funny at all anymore. It is just an attack Christians/Republicans/Conservative show and part of the rise of people like OBUMMER/BITE-ME and this progressive waveve we are trying to figh off today.

    They are stuck in the past, and are after reparations to make Blacks llike them

    and vote the idiots in like Sheila Jackson Less of TEXAS.

    She is from my hometown of HOUSTON, and all she does is go to Washington for money kick-back/PORK for her voters. She is truly disgusting and along the lines of PIGLOSI for not-wit behavior.

    It is just like ISLAM radicals, they will take your money and nod, then stab you in the back as you are walking out the door.

    THEN Michael Dyson and AL sharton on MSNBC will come on and say the we deservered to be stabbed in the back.

    D-E-F-U-N-D T-H-E-M M-I-T-T and P-A-U-L. !!!!

    No more printing or borrowing money taxpayers have to pay back, mostly OUR CHILDREN, but not those the liberal declare should not have to pay taxes because of PAST racisim.


    ONLY watch FOX, CNN needs a LESSON in Capitalism.

    Put on a good product to compete with FOX, or lose to MSLSD.

    People stop watching MSLSD and CURRENT TV, that are pure PROPAGANGA from the WH/DNC and do not deserve any decent AMERICAN support, even for curiosity.

    PBS is a lost cause, they fired JUAN WILLIAMS for heavens sake,

    and lately he is making me so mad I want FOX to can him now too.

    JUAN, you just don’t get it do you?

    He is an O-BLAME-O b#tt sniffer just because they are both black. THAT is not a reason so support anyone !!!!

    I don’t care if it is jus an act by JUAN for ROGER, too many older folks like me getting too stressed out with worry.

    IDIOTIC PROGRESSIVE DUFUSES. They think thay have us now, well we have at least one more chance to turn this TITANIC problem to the right to miss “progressive” ICEBERG, and we better start the RIGHT turn RIGHT NOW !!!!

    Clint, we put now PBS on the list, bring in another EMPTY chair to keep
    O-BLAME-O company..

  • Rshill7

    Speaking of big fat liars and cheaters. This relates to that topic.

    “The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week. The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.

    This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996. Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years.” (Mailonline…UK)

    Al Gore hardest hit…stupid-ass scum. Shove it.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Gore’s balloon of fallacy is hissing out hot air.

      Gore claimed the earth was warming up. His view of this earth is twisted and warped. God doesn’t plan to keep it around. There will be a new heavens and a new earth. Nothing will stop God’s plan of destroying this earth.

      II Peter 3:9-13 KJV

      9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

      10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

      11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

      12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

      13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

    • PVG

      Another faux Nobel……..3 and counting.

  • codenametimna

    Democrats are notorious for committing voter fraud. Remember, it was the Democrat Party that wanted to eliminate God from the party platform. The Democrat Party is NOT the same Party as it was when John F. Kennedy was President. Radicals have infiltrated the Democrat Party and have turned it into a godless, radical entity, that is unhinged and inhabited in large part by secular humanists, atheists, and other anti-American sentiment(s) and who seem hell-bent on destroying capitalism and replacing it with Socialism (which has NEVER worked anywhere it has been tried), plus an ever increasing size in Government and greater control over the American people.

    A vote for the Democrat Party ticket is basically a vote for the continuing decline of America in my opinion. Democrats have lost their way and many of them have been deluded into following their ‘Dear Leader’ at any and all cost. Stephanie Cutter is one such example. Bill Clinton is yet another. Multiply that by several million and you have a socialist Party that appears hell-bent on the destruction of America.

    Barack Obama’s policies have strangled the US economy and have bankrupted the country. We already know if Obama gets reelected he will continue down the same WRONG path he’s taking America down right now. He has shown NO inclination of reversing course or in governing the country more responsibly. It is simply astounding that millions of Americans continue to support his failed polices and radical socialist agenda. A vote for Barack Obama has the same connotation as “applauding your own destruction.” Why anyone would vote to self-destruct is beyond me. But you have to remember they’re Democrats. Many of them will do whatever necessary to implement Obama’s destructive socialist agenda. That includes voter fraud.

    If Obama gets reelected there will be future generations of Americans who will be obligated to pay down the DEBT that Obama’s ruthless spending binge(s) have accumulated! That’s why it is of utmost importance that Mitt Romney become the next President of the United States. The very survival of America may depend on it. Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • Sober_Thinking

    God bless Project Veritas!

    This is ridiculous that this crap still goes on at this point… James O’Keefe is an American hero! Keep up the great work!!!

    “I want to be working for the campaign.” This women wants to pick up the slack for her fallen comrade. These people are delusional and crooked.

    • PVG

      That is what struck me. That woman interviewed had no outrage, surprise, or remorse at the allegation of voter fraud. It was as if it was a littering charge. It is win at any cost with these libs. Folks we have got to volunteer and poll watch!!

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        It was like it didn’t even make a blip on her radar screen having watched it and knowing her comrade was fired from the office.

        • NYGino

          Who is she going to go in halfzies with her on the weekly lotto drawing. Stupid Republicans!

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            She definitely was angry the office was closed!

          • Sober_Thinking

            ROFL! 🙂

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on.

  • Rocco11

    Leftists are like cockroaches, for every one you see, there are 1,000 you don’t…

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Voter fraud should be aggressively prosecuted when it is obviously a case with intent to maliciously influence an election.

    Revocation of voting rights for 10 years to start, a monetary fine for each count, say $10,000 per, and 1 year Federal or State prison time upon conviction. Felony conviction.

    You start handing out penalties like that and I can assure you it would put an end to most of this trash..

  • 2besusie

    Big deal. Fire one dishonest DNC worker and ten more take its place. Kinda like with cockroaches, 😉

  • MaxineCA

    With all of the huge problems this country is facing, this issue really scares the crap out of me. We’re all ready to take our country back, even if it’s uphill all of the way. The ONLY voice we have is our sacred vote. They have even destroyed that.

    I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with this group, “True the Vote” but they were one of the first to expose the extent of voter fraud. They now have chapters all over the country and their findings are astonishing. I saw this one earlier I thought you might find interesting. “How Widespread is Voter Fraud?


    You will find other articles on their website that might make your head explode. Get out the duckie tape and remove all heavy objects away from your computer!!!!!!

  • This report is sympathetic to Obama and the perpetrators of voter fraud. The story talked about a closed office and a lost job instead of talking about a corrupt campaign.

    • A_Truism

      Excellent critique! The gray-haired lady stole the show for me, hehehe.

  • Excluding absentee ballots I don’t understand why it hasn’t been proposed that we either use purple ink at voting precincts (as they did in Venezuela a few weeks ago or in Iraq for their 1st vote a few years ago) or indelible ink/black light (which is used in night clubs throughout the country) in lieu of dealing with Eric Holder and voter ID laws. This seems like such a simple solution which shouldn’t “offend” any one while minimizing voter fraud on election day.

    • Linky1

      I agree. It’s about the only way to keep things honest.

  • Linky1

    Voter fraud is going to be the make or break issue for the Romney campaign.

    Obama and his henchmen already have lawyers lined up to contest close elections. You have George Soros and the Secretary of State Project, http://spectator.org/archives/2009/12/04/soros-eyes-secretaries, voting machines from Spain, it’s all ripe for election fraud.

    Heck, when you have a corrupt DOJ who won’t prosecute or even listen to cases involving voter fraud, when you have intimidation at the polls, when you restrict military voting-it’s no wonder the Dems and their hacks are ramping it up, saying that there is nothing to see here.

  • This is just sad because it means that Romney is going to have to win by at least four points just to overcome all the voter fraud on the Democratic side. It seems amazing that we live in probably the most technologically advanced country in the world and yet we cannot seem to control all this voter fraud. Photo I.D. would be a good start, but it’s shocking that 12 years after the close election between Bush and Gore and not much has changed when it comes to voter fraud.

    • freenca

      That is why the DOJ Holder nitwit and BO Admin. is working soo hard to prevent the various states from implementing their laws until AFTER the Nov. 6th Election… SMELLS FISHY to me! Ettu?

      • NYGino

        Et ego.

    • hbnolikeee

      In order to beat these thieves Mitt must win with a landslide!

      You don’t think ACORN and SEIU are filling mailbags with absentee ballots for late drop off on Nov.6. ? These people don’t know what the word honor means.

  • tvlgds

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the ones who AREN’T caught that worry me.

  • This locked out deomcrat employee seems to be more concerned about going forward with the campaign. She should be more concerned a coworker committed fraud.
    Staff at this location should be investigated for conspiracy. Sounds like a democrat team effort.
    Excellent Job; Project Veritas, American citizens doing the job and reporting what the main stream media won’t do!

  • aZjimbo

    Breaks my heart.

  • A_Truism

    You can tell Gray-haired woman was really cut up about losing her work mate. *SARC!*


    This p****s me off royally and we know it’s the tip of the iceberg. I am very concerned about the thugs controlling the outcome. We really do need this election to be a blowout.
    Even then, the libs will squeal like stuck pigs. That grey haired 0lover could care less about fraud. It’s the libs way of doing things.


    They fire one??!! person, while the system goes unchecked. That person will have a nice new slot somewhere already.

    We need to wise up. Voter fraud may steal our election away from us unless strong measures are taken. But what?!

  • DNC learned that from the best:
    “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”
    (Josef Stalin)

  • bobemakk

    This is the only way Obama will win, by CHEATING, and I would be willing to bet that the DNC has told the register reps to do this. OUT WITH OBAMA AND IN WITH ROMNEY

  • Thank God! Keep up the good work. Afterwards we need to clean up this pack of *%$#,,, for once and for all.
    WE deserve fare elections and fare taxes. As the liberals are so fond of saying “taxes are patriotic” pay your share and that means everyone.
    Fare tax for everyone. Make it a constitutional amendment! If everyone had to pay the same taxes we wouldn’t have the greedy voting for others to pay more endlessly.