Idiot leftist professor says he hopes for murder of NRA members’ children

Another idiot leftist professor that doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about, wishing horrible things on the family members of the NRA:

CAMPUS REFORM – A journalism professor at the University of Kansas (KU) turned to Twitter on Monday to suggest he would like to see the murder of children of National Rifle Association (NRA) members at the hands of a deranged gunman.

Speaking with Campus Reform on Wednesday, Guth confirmed it was he who sent the controversial tweet.

“Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

Guth also doubled down on the statement when other Twitter users pressed him, suggesting it was was shameful to call for the death of children.

“God’s justice takes many forms,” he tweeted in response.

And on Monday the associate journalism professor echoed those sentiments on his personal blog, called Snapping Turtle.

“I don’t wish what happened today on anyone,” he wrote. “But if it does happen again — and it likely will — may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today’s death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat.”

Also in his interview with Campus Reform, he said that he wished “a pox on our Congress and a pox on the NRA” for not instituting gun control policies to prevent mass shootings.

“It absolutely appalls me that after Newtown, we could not have come to some kind of sane agreement on something as simple as the number of bullets in a magazine or the availability of assault weapons,” he said.


Despite the horrible things this professor said, we at TRS wish that God may save his soul so that he may know the one true God and Jesus, His only son that he may live out his days knowing truth.

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  • May God damn AAA for allowing all those cars to randomly kill people! I hope one of their children are murdered by a drunk car.

    *Can’t fix stupid.*

  • unclesamnephew

    what?! a college professor who believes in god. well he did call on god to damn the nra

  • badbadlibs

    “god’s justice takes many forms,” he tweeted in response.
    I changed the upper case G to the lower case g of his god. I will not capitalize references to satan.

    • Yeaas. Yeas it does take “many forms.” One form in particular is the fact that this idiot just tattooed a giant “kick me” sign on his back.

      Another is: everyone will be able to see that he made that sort of comment, every single time he applies for a job. Welcome to the ranks of the permanently unemployed, professor Guth.

  • buzzkill59

    This guy is a moron,nothing less and nothing more!I hope he doesn’t have children,ignorance like this needs to be limited to one generation!

  • mickeyco

    Update: He’s been put on indefinite leave while KU is investigating. Of course he’s being paid.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “indefinite leave” = paid vacation. 😉 😉

  • OldmanRick

    Gee, I wonder if the FBI will investigate this idiot or wait until someone acts on this Marxist’s behalf.

  • Watchman74

    The death toll would indeed have been lower if everyone was packing heat. If there was just one place were people should be allowed to pack heat it’s on military bases and installations. That should be a no brainier. He cares so much about life yet is pro-abortion. On his blog he writes “OK, I get it. These people view abortion as murder. I don’t agree, but I get it.”

  • Jim Alexander

    Why is it so many of these academic types are so completely clueless? There really should be a study done on the correlation between intelligence and stupidity.

    • wakeup1130

      And these idiots are teaching our children….

      • tinlizzieowner

        ‘You wonder where the Hippies went, they’re all a college President’.
        😉 😉

        • >`ding′<

          That takes me back. Ahh, they don't make jingles like they used to.

          • tinlizzieowner

            I figured some ‘old fart’ would recognize the old toothpaste commercial. 😉 😉
            Here’s another version,
            ‘We all know where the yellow went, we have Obama for a President’.
            😉 😉

  • Smith Smith

    He must of forgot about all the nRA members in the armed forces or that have kids in the armed forces that sadly have gun related injuries and much more type injuries….just so that he can speak freely with such disrespect!!!

    • tinlizzieowner

      He couldn’t care less.

  • Guest

    I was testing out some shotguns on my lunch break yesterday after someone tried breaking into my house the evening before, you can bet as a mom I wished I was already packing as I sat thinking WTH are these scissors gonna do to protect me and my children…nothing!

    NRA to blame…. Really, come on! Who is to blame when we buy a knife and go stab someone? Is it the stores fault where we bought it or the manufacturers???? Hmmm… I think not!

  • Yazz55

    I must have got it all wrong. According to the libfag lamestream media, its supposed to be the bad tea party folks who instigate violence and killing. Its the liberals who stand for peace and tolerance.

    Yeah Right!

  • marketcomp

    Isn’t it interesting how it’s OK to call for the death of NRA’s children and even Sen. Ted Cruz’s children but these are the same idiots that will go to the ends of the earth for abortion and even their dear leader voting in support of aborting little babies that live, by the grace of God, to still kill them. These people are really mentally disturbed!

  • mikeinidaho

    Watch what you ask for there, you communist piece of Dogdoo, it just might come back to bite you in your red azz!

  • iaintlyin

    And it appalls me that after Newtown,Tucson and the latest incident you and your liberal frinends are not more intent on ferreting out and REPORTING mentally ill people to the proper authorities and, for those authorities to properly do whats expected of them without fear of breaking bogus civil right codes. If you Mr Guth didn’t have so many laws prohibiting a demented person from being acknowledged as such, you wouldn’t be hell bent of creating yet an additional law preventing us from protecting ourselves from that ilk (and more). I find it offensive that this half wit can’t figure out how to connect the numbered dots and instead is intent on destroying another part of our Constitution. I find it utterly disgusting that a man can be so reprehensibly anti liberty that he tries to claim a moral high ground based on an ideology.
    Here’s what I wish for his offspring and beyond……have a nice day, God Bless Ya and good luck with that life coach ya got there kid..

  • waffle_anna

    For this mentally deficient vermin, one phrase says it all: Stupid is as stupid does.

  • jdbaird

    It just boggles the mind how they don’t believe people have a right to protect their own lives. They literally believe that people’s bodies aren’t their own when it comes to self defense, but when a woman wants an abortion they say she has the right to do what she wants with “her body.” Yet another double standard of the left.

    • poorhardworker

      You noticed too?? :):)

  • toongoon

    No wonder the media is so screwed up.

  • toongoon
  • Subie201

    Hey David Guth…back atchya!

    • john

      some NRA GUYS are getting a little bit anxious…just a little bit..for now…..

  • He’s not the only blood dancing ghoul out there.

    At risk of someone else already having put this up: A Dem party “Communications” official tweeted the same death wish to Amanda Carpenter. Heh. Check out IowaHawk’s response.

    It gets better: This piece of human garbage, David Guth, who teaches your kids in college, has been put on Administrative Leave. For being deranged.

    • tinlizzieowner

      ‘Administrative Leave’ = paid vacation. 😉 😉

      • It’s the exit ramp of the tenure track, though.

        The leftists are becoming more unhinged daily. Soon we’ll see them wearing ski masks and throwing rocks like Palestinians.

        (Note to self: check ammo supply)

        • tinlizzieowner

          The problem with that ‘exit ramp’ is, that’s longer than I-75. 🙁
          Thanks for reminding me, I need to pick up some more .32 cal ‘wad cutters’ at the next gun show. 🙂

    • toongoon

      I saw some of that earlier. I didn’t think it was going to fly, I’m glad Guth has been disciplined, at least to whatever extent really happens to him.

      The left has gotten comfortable and is exposing their hatred in some really bizarre ways. We can sit back and watch them implode now.

  • stage9

    Liberals Pwn mass murder. This is why. They’re all insane.

    Liberalism, the ideology of the mentally insane.


    In a manner of speaking the nutty professor behind door #3 says disarming citizens protects those same citizens from the deranged individual out for murder and mayhem, and further says, if so, lets hope your children die.
    Heck that’s easy algebra if your a member of the part of malpractice, a democrat.
    Its like the SUV crashes we use to hear about all the time, “oh the impaired driver” didn’t cause the accident, it was that darn SUV, so off to the crusher for that guzzler.
    So what schools do we send our kids to? What Kinds?

    • I have two words for you: Home College

      • 12grace

        Yes, or just get a job. You get paid to learn not the other way around, smile.


          that is so right on! Last week I heard a financial planner on the radio give that exact advise to a father who wasn’t sure an was trying to decide what to do with $40.000, whether or not he should pay for his daughter to go to college. The mother and the daughter wanted college. But the adviser gave the father facts about this economy and cost of college.
          The father reassured felt relieved and was in full agreed with the adviser.
          The adviser used the same phrase “you get paid to learn”. That’s what caught my attention.


        yes sir.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “A journalism professor at the University of Kansas”.
    Those who ‘can’, do. Those who ‘can’t’, teach. 😉 😉
    (My apologies to sincere, honest, teachers out there).

    • jdbaird

      “Those who can’t teach, teach gym class.”

      • tinlizzieowner

        And those so out of shape they can’t teach gym, teach liberal arts or journalism. 😉 😉

        • Dr. Strangelove

          I worked right next to a liberal arts major back in the ’70s. You know, his welding wasn’t half bad.

          • john

            some NRA guys will ask him to say it a bit louder……he may spit his lungs and more while trying to convince them he can…

  • fishmonster

    It’s really tough believing the leftist dogma required of liberals. From time to time they go over the edge and start this kind of crap and the reason why is that they have no facts which support their illogical beliefs. Their entire creed is based on emotion and supported by lies. If there is any doubt, has anyone ever heard Obama tell the truth about anything?
    He has read Marx and Marx said for his perverted system to work the existing system must be destroyed. That is what Obama is doing, he has almost destroyed health care and he just missed on the Second Amendment, but he is not finished. When will Americans wake up?

  • kong1967

    Disgusting. My niece was a cheerleader at KU.

    Lol, not to say it’s disgusting that my niece was a cheerleader there.

  • poorhardworker

    The liberal/progressive/democrats///they just keep on revealing their TRUE COLORS don’t they???

  • ColonelNeville

    Naturally the mob minded and logical fallacy spouting leftist prof will be calling the American Automobile Association about the next drunk that causes a multiple fatalities auto smash. No, really.

  • JWbandit27

    He is close to Custer Hill at Ft. Riley. He can get some one on one for terrorist threat training. They will show him.

  • unionville

    “…may it happen to those misguided miscreants who suggest that today’s death toll at the Navy Yard would have been lower if the employees there were allowed to pack heat.”
    How can you argue with that kind of stupidity. How could the death toll not have been lower if they had been packing. It’s possible the death toll would have been zero if they’d had guns.

  • snyper77

    The “tolerant” left strikes again. The hate-speech-spewing-baby-killing-tolerant-libs. May God burn their souls.

  • Stephen Hopkins

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    John Galt Take Me With You .com

  • Sentinel

    Knowing God and being saved by the blessed holy blood Jesus shed for us is indeed his only hope.
    On the flip side, if loons like this guy are successful in shredding the U.S. Constitution and other governing documents, then it will be all of our children who will suffer because we will all be equally unarmed and essentially defenseless. If they can’t stomach what’s happening in our country right now, and they’re unwilling to acknowledge the horror and bloodshed in Chicago, imagine what fresh hell this will be for them.

  • ApplePie101

    The trash they hire as teachers these days…this character should not be allowed around guns or children.

  • Why did Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis create a website called “Mohammed Salem”?

    “Yesterday, NBC News posted a story bylined by Kyle Eppler, Pete
    Williams, and Erin McClam, titled “Navy Yard gunman’s mother says she is
    heartbroken and sorry for families.” The following appears in the 21st

    Law enforcement
    officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name
    “Mohammed Salem,” but they said he never did anything with it. They said
    they had found nothing else that might indicate any interest in violent
    jihad or even in Islam.
    Are we allowed to ask why this
    mass-murderer would’ve created a site called “Mohammed Salem”? Was he a
    fan of Emirati soccer player Mohammed Salem Saleh Al Saadi? Did he
    appreciate the work of Palestinian photojournalist Mohammed Salem, or
    the Dubai news anchor with the same name? Or perhaps one of the other
    Mohammed Salems out there in the world?

    That must be it. It
    couldn’t have anything to do with Alexis’ own religious beliefs, because
    by now everybody knows he was a Buddhist. So it’s safe to assume that
    this whole “shooting” was a false flag operation by teabaggers who hate
    Obama because he’s black. They framed yet another innocent
    African-American and killed him for no reason.”

    • DHardy

      I think it’s safe to say He is a Muslim. His name is widely used Muslim name if you look it up You can find a lot of people named Alexis Mohammed. I am sure they are hiding his Religion to keep Christians in the dark about the on going murder of Christians and attacks on America from the Jihadist

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Every time something like this happens, some right minded people ask the same question: When a drunk kills somebody with an auto, they don’t blame the car. When someone is stabbed to death, they don’t blame the knife. When Rosie O’Donnell gets fat, they don’t blame the spoon. Why do they blame guns when some madman commits a mass murder? I’ll tell you. Because we won’t take back our country from a dictator with cars, knives and spoons, that’s why!

  • DHardy

    They need to post his Address and the Names of his Kids…I bet that would be the last time he spouts off like that

  • 12grace

    Idiots like this remind us all to make sure our NRA memberships are updated.

  • Swamp Fox

    There’s a special place for jerks like this.

  • USMC 64-68

    Our tax dollars at work, funding socialist subversive who rot our youth’s brains. K.U. has no business giving this guy a job.

    • john

      and that piece of sh*t wipes his snout with the name of GOD.
      MAY a mad NRA member meet you……your dentist will be very, very,
      VERY rich………

  • 12grace

    Let’s talk about the real people and groups that have blood on their hands.


    Its Twitter Account, Devout Muslim Group Al-Shabab Praises 9/11 Hijackers, Vows
    To Continue Fighting Against West

    “…continue with Jihad against the West until the world is
    ruled by one sovereign state, an Islamic state.”

    But no worries, the left will continue to carry water for these savages and
    tell us that the jihadis really don’t mean it. They are just big ole’ fuzzy
    wuzzy misunderstood teddy bears, despite the tens of thousands slaughtered in
    the cause of Islam.

    Its Twitter Account, Al-Shabab Praises 9/11 Hijackers, Vows To Continue
    Fighting Against West MEMRI

    On September 11, 2013, the Somalia-based jihadi group Al-Shabab posted a
    series of Tweets on its new account in which it commemorated the 12th
    anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and vowed “to continue with Jihad
    against the West until the world is ruled by one sovereign state, an Islamic

    Al-Shabab’s tweets were posted on the group’s new account, which was created
    on September 10, 2013, after Twitter suspended the old one last week. In a new
    statement, which was released today, Al-Shabab said that this is the second
    time Twitter suspends it account.

    • 12grace

      Another example of people/groups that have blood on their hands:

      Brutal torture of hundreds of converts out of Islam under the sharia

      “After her family in Khartoum, Sudan nearly buried her alive for
      leaving Islam and authorities imprisoned her for six months….”

      In just 2011-2012 alone, 170 people in
      Sudan were accused of “apostasy.” The vicious implementation of
      sharia against Christians has worsened since southern Sudan freed itself and
      voted for secession from the brutal and bloody Islamic north.

      The president Omar Al-Bashir has already stated more than once that he
      wishes to make Sudan “a Muslim state” with no equality of rights for
      members of other religious communities, reports the Pro Oriente foundation.

      According to Sharia law, the death penalty is given
      denouncing Islam in Sudan, although the country has signed the Universal
      declaration of human rights. For the last 20 years, no respective sentences
      have been passed; however, in only 2011 and 2012, about 170 people were accused
      of “apostasy” and arrested. According to non-governmental
      organizations that are active in Sudan, the authorities have arranged an
      intensive search for converts. The search is concentrated mainly in the Nuba
      mountains, where the separatist movement is strong. Since 2011, the number of
      closed and confiscated church buildings and other Christian institutions has
      been increasing. Arrests of Christians take place regularly. In April last
      year, the government openly declared that there would be no permits for
      building of Christian churches any more.

      Here is the story of one woman who escaped Islam.

      Sudanese Woman Faces Ordeal as Convert from Islam

      Long before current crackdown in Sudan, society punished ‘apostates.’ By Our Sudan Correspondent

      JUBA, South Sudan,
      September 20, 2013 (Morning Star News) – After her family in Khartoum, Sudan
      nearly buried her alive for leaving Islam and authorities imprisoned her for
      six months, a Sudanese Christian thought she might find refuge in Ethiopia.

      She had fled to Ethiopia in 2010, five years after putting her faith in Christ.
      By the following year, she found herself face-to-face with hostile Sudanese

      “Some security personnel from the Sudan Embassy in Addis Ababa informed me that
      I must leave Ethiopia because I was an infidel,” the 35-year-old woman, whose
      name is withheld for security reasons, told Morning Star News.

      Now in South Sudan, which split from Sudan on July 9, 2011, she still lives in
      hiding. Sudanese Muslims in South Sudan, she says, are monitoring her

      reading “Sudan: Brutal torture of hundreds of converts out of Islam under
      the sharia” »

  • john

    may one of those who look like FuBar Ack meet you in a dark alley….and change your upper two-cheek ass (where we have faces) into an unrecognizable red blob…
    Do you like that ?
    That’s what “friendly” imbeciles like you use.

    In normal society you would be sued, in less normal society somebody would rip out
    your tongue, but in USA we spit at you, figuratively, naturally.
    Unless we meet and you hit our knees with your snout….

  • john

    NRA!!! Go to his house to discuss the details….PLEASE!!!

  • lawngren

    Liars bring out the contempt in me. People who willingly blind themselves to truth to pursue their personal or political agendas will, as the professor suggests, meet God’s justice, sooner or later. They will find, however, that He is as His Word says He is, not as they have falsely portrayed Him.

    I suspect that this professor’s rant is because he is desperately trying to drown the voice of his own conscience, which is shrieking warnings at him about whatever sins he is neck-deep in. He may also be trying to divert the condemnation of other people from his sins.

    Professor but not possessor of God’s righteousness, you’d better wake up fast. The day of grace is almost over. Judgment Day is about to dawn, and God will not conform to your wishes.