IMPORTANT: Obama lied about Afghanistan in DNC speech

This is one of those things that when you read will make you angry from the inside out. And it’s because out of all the things we trust our president to do, taking care of our men and women who are spilling blood for our security is utmost. And it appears that even in Obama’s biggest speech of the year, he dishonors our troops by lying about the situation in Afghanistan that has grown worse under his watch – all for his own selfish political gain.

Read below:

RED ALERT POLITICS – Last night President Obama lied to Americans during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention about the situation in Afghanistan, which sources tell Red Alert Politics has gotten worse under his leadership, not better.

“We’ve blunted the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan, and in 2014, our longest war will be over,” Obama said.

But as a former top-ranking intelligence figure who served in both Democratic and Republican administrations told me recently, the Obama administration always puts it PR agenda first and policy second. Politics is always paramount in this administration’s foreign policy calculations, and Afghanistan has not been any exception.

The President’s blatant lie about Afghanistan serves as case in point because the administration has primarily been concerned with ending American involvement in the war in Afghanistan rather than reducing violence as happened in Iraq or being concerned about the long-term consequences of its policies.

A closer look reveals that the situation in Afghanistan has grown even more violent since Obama took office and some 2,122 young men and women, mostly under the age of 30, have been killed there since January 2009 – more than two-thirds of the total who have died in the 11-year war.

In 2008 before Obama came into office there were 295 coalition deaths compared with 324 fatalities in the first eight months of 2012 alone. Not only that, civilian casualties have also increased.

“It’s false to say that we have blunted the Taliban’s momentum when you look at the numbers that the administration is using to make the case,” said Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal. “They tell the exact opposite if we look at the level of violence.

“The Taliban leadership is still intact. Its propaganda abilities are still intact. You can’t argue that the Taliban’s momentum has been broken.”

Not only that, the Taliban’s leadership remains immune from attack hiding out in Pakistan’s major cities under Pakistani protection.

There’s more of this article that I wanted to quote, but you’ll need to go to Red Alert Politics to read it.

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