IMPORTANT: Obama lied about Afghanistan in DNC speech

This is one of those things that when you read will make you angry from the inside out. And it’s because out of all the things we trust our president to do, taking care of our men and women who are spilling blood for our security is utmost. And it appears that even in Obama’s biggest speech of the year, he dishonors our troops by lying about the situation in Afghanistan that has grown worse under his watch – all for his own selfish political gain.

Read below:

RED ALERT POLITICS – Last night President Obama lied to Americans during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention about the situation in Afghanistan, which sources tell Red Alert Politics has gotten worse under his leadership, not better.

“We’ve blunted the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan, and in 2014, our longest war will be over,” Obama said.

But as a former top-ranking intelligence figure who served in both Democratic and Republican administrations told me recently, the Obama administration always puts it PR agenda first and policy second. Politics is always paramount in this administration’s foreign policy calculations, and Afghanistan has not been any exception.

The President’s blatant lie about Afghanistan serves as case in point because the administration has primarily been concerned with ending American involvement in the war in Afghanistan rather than reducing violence as happened in Iraq or being concerned about the long-term consequences of its policies.

A closer look reveals that the situation in Afghanistan has grown even more violent since Obama took office and some 2,122 young men and women, mostly under the age of 30, have been killed there since January 2009 – more than two-thirds of the total who have died in the 11-year war.

In 2008 before Obama came into office there were 295 coalition deaths compared with 324 fatalities in the first eight months of 2012 alone. Not only that, civilian casualties have also increased.

“It’s false to say that we have blunted the Taliban’s momentum when you look at the numbers that the administration is using to make the case,” said Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal. “They tell the exact opposite if we look at the level of violence.

“The Taliban leadership is still intact. Its propaganda abilities are still intact. You can’t argue that the Taliban’s momentum has been broken.”

Not only that, the Taliban’s leadership remains immune from attack hiding out in Pakistan’s major cities under Pakistani protection.

There’s more of this article that I wanted to quote, but you’ll need to go to Red Alert Politics to read it.

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  • I know I should be surprised but nothing this president or any democrat does surprises me anymore. Bottom of the food chain is running the country and it shows. The left is so desperate to hang on to power they will stoop to the lowest of low tactics, replete with lying, to create their idea of Utopia. The ends justify the means in their view of the world.

    • pgroup

      Thank you for not exaggerating in the least.

      • Your welcome.

        • StrangernFiction

          Thank you for speaking the truth. 99% of Congress are not honest and decent people. FAR. FROM. IT.

    • StrangernFiction

      It shouldn’t be a story that any ‘rat would lie, much less a ‘rat politician, much much less Barack Obama.

  • marketcomp

    Obama has been lying ever since he was immaculated (inaugurated) starting with the stimulus, unemployment numbers, the Bin Laden raid, and so many other blatant, in your face lies. But, we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama is a deceitful liar because he has been living a lie all his life and seeing the movie 2016, his delusional lying really stared when his mother trumped up a benign image of his father who was a maniacal Marxist socialist, who Obama met once. So we shouldn’t be shocked that Obama is lying and has no problem lying to the American people. Unbelievable!

    • JoelDick

      Obama’s been lying since he came out I his dad’s black, shriveled penis.

      His whole life is a lie, from his birthplace, to his poor, struggle of an upbringing, to his academic performance in Columbia and Harvard, to his career as a community disorganizer…

      The guy belongs in subsidized housing, collecting welfare, and smoking cheap cigarettes paid for with food stamps.

      • marketcomp

        Well JD, I want to think that no child born comes out lying but was developed and culture to lie whether from the lies he was told or from the fact that he has been rewarded for lying.

  • What do you expect from Chicago the crook capitol of the country.

  • 3seven77

    From the Chicago Tribune – May 6, 2012:
    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Taliban is stronger now than before President Barack Obama ordered a surge of troops to Afghanistan, two senior U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday, contradicting the administration’s assessment of the insurgency.

    “I think we both say that what we found is the Taliban is stronger,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein told “Fox News Sunday” in an interview that included House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, who agreed with her statement. The two lawmakers returned last week from a trip to Afghanistan.

    This isn’t exactly news. What’s amazing is that he gets away with this crap.

    • BHliberty

      And to think that California voters will push the lever to reelect this woman! Shameful! You can count this California out. I’ll be supporting her opponent, Elizabeth Emken!

  • “NObama lied about…” whatever.. And this makes news. The question really is when HASN’T he lied? What would be a really shocking headline for me would be: “NObama tells the trurth for once.”

  • poljunkie

    You know, Obama should have just gotten up there, and someone should have played the noise that Charlie Browns teacher used to make when she talked.

  • tvlgds

    Imagine that – Nobama lied. The sad thing is that the sheeple will lap it up like it’s gospel.

  • Duh! Obama lies….

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      I believe Scoop posted this story [and most others] not just to inform us but to provide ammo to fight our ignorant liberal neighbors. Bit by bit, truth by truth, we can chisel away the granite wall they use to block out reality. It’s not hopeless – just takes time and consistency.

      Keep feeding them the true facts until, one day, they overflow into awakening.

      • Joe

        The wall is transparent

        We see through it now – and everbody else does too

        The problem is that the dolts – don’t care because they LIKE the lies

        BUT – I believe that enough people do BELIEVE that he is a PhOnY!

        and they have “seen the light” >>>>>

        CLINT SPEAKS: Obama ‘greatest hoax ever perpetrated on American people’…

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          Whether you call the wall ‘transparent’ or as I said used “to block out reality,” it still exists for varied reasons in the left [enabled to no small degree by media].

          I am by no means a pollyanna, and I do realize that many of us are too worn and weary to engage in a war of truth; but we who choose to draw strength from knowing that the truth is a powerful weapon and benefit from the cumulative effect of repetition, repetition, repetition.

          • Joe

            The problem with your premise is that you assume they want to know the truth

            After 4 years – These people are in denial – except for those who have “converted” already

            By now most people have decided —

            That’s what I hear anyway

            • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

              Not sure how you intuited my premise; but if the alternative is to drag them kicking and screaming into a Republican administration [as we did with Reagan] only to have them regroup and put another deranged dictator in office later on, then I choose to try to enlighten as many as possible by delivering the truth to them over and over and over again, just as the lies were etched into their little minds in school.

  • Watchman74

    Obama lied people died.

    • YES!

    • BHliberty

      Wow, good one! However, I don’t want to come across like I’m applauding the death of soldiers. But definitely a good tag line!

  • JoelDick

    It’ great that we right wing loonies are discussing this on this extremist blog, but this story, even if it were to gain traction in the media, will not influence a single vote.

    The fact of the matter is, if someone is not yet convinced that Obama’s foreign policy is disastrous for America’s security, then his mind will not be changed by learning that Obama falsely claimed that the Tabilan have been weakened.

    We need to beat Obama, and the only way to do that is to convince Americans on the other side of the political spectrum that Obama has been a disaster or the economy. We need ads like the one we saw the other week of a businesswoman and former Democrat saying that Obama no longer has her vote.

    • PicklePlants

      Sadly, you are correct. Everyone that reads this post should make it their personal goal to convince an Obamabot in their lives to vote for Romney, or at least to stay home. I try to have conversations with every O’bot I know or meet. It is really quite easy to shoot down the talking points they spew. I try to do it gently and without letting them erect a wall of anger or giving them an excuse to become defensive. After all, no one likes to find out they are wrong, or worse, ill-informed.

      We are all soldiers in this battle.

      • JoelDick

        Dale Carnegie, baby.

        • NYGino

          “How to win the country back by influencing educated voters.”

          • JoelDick

            Educated voters are OK. It’s the uneducated ones that you want to watch out for.

            As an example, refer to the video of Peter Schiff at the DNC.

            • NYGino

              JoelDick. You’re right. I edited my post to reflect your better thinking. Thanks.

    • JoelDick, posting on this blog may not ‘influence a single vote’, but that’s not why ‘we right wing loonies’ do it. We do it because we get so damn mad that we could blow up! So being able to share our comments with like minded people helps us to not only vent but build a firm and resolute belief that we are not alone. This seems like a small thing, but over time it lends to courage and perhaps action. I know that I would be mad if these ‘right wing’ blogs disappeared.

      But, you are right that we ALSO need to do more practical things. I don’t think that the two things are mutually exclusive though.

      • JoelDick

        I know my dear, that’s the same reason why I enjoy reading and posting on this blog, but I just want to remind people not to be complacent or smug for calling out the Pimp-In-Chief on his lie. Our number one focus should be on defeating this tyrant, and we must remember that the most constructive thing at this moment is trying to convince as many Democrats as you can that 0 is anti-American, anti-God, anti-freedom…

  • Arrrggghhh

    I feel so sorry for our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. They’re putting their lives on the line every day and their commander-in-chief has zero commitment towards them or their mission. I would have been amazed if the military suicide rate HADN’T skyrocketed.

  • dear leader lies, our troops die. This dictator is an evil sob who in my opinion should have no right to lead our young men and women in a time of war. Under him, more have died than under Bush, yet code pinkos, nancy sheehan and the rest are silent. These people are dispicable.

    • Nukeman60

      Dear leader lies, our troops die.‘ – ABiC

      How true and very sad.

      dear leader lies, so many more unborn babies die.
      dear leader lies, our children fail in their education.
      dear leader lies, college kids graduate with no jobs.
      dear leader lies, more adults cease to look for work.
      dear leader lies, senior citizens lose their retirement.

      dear leader lies – and we all lose. High time to dethrone the ‘liar-&-thief’.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Get our troops out of there…

    Then fire the bungler-and-chief… he’s incompetent and ONLY cares about himself.

  • Joe

    LOOK! – the thing that makes me ANGRY right now is that all day on Thursday
    since I live near Charlotte

    I had to wear a GAS MASK so I didn’t breathe the same AIR HE did


    As far as another lie – Big Deal –


    • Nukeman60

      Hey, Joe, did you survive the massive rain storms that supposedly drove Obama from his 74,000 (empty) seat stadium to the meager 16,000 seat arena?

      Tell us how the weather really was. Did they tell the truth or was it as we suspected, due to lack of participation.

      • NYGino

        Good point Nukeman. How about we at TRS set up a contribution site for our brave brother Joe, who probably lost three or four umbrellas and lots of rain gear, not to mention the doctor bills he’s sure to have piling up once the pneumonia he’s sure to get from the rain, wind and bone chilling temperatures he personally endured being our on the site reporter at this unprecedented and historic event.

        • Nukeman60

          Agreed. I think we should have a telethon just to raise funds for his temporary loss of sanity, being that close the ‘messiah’.

          • NYGino

            He’ll be soon suffering not only from pneumonia but, as you say, PTOD.
            (Post Traumatic Obama Disorder). I have confidence in Joe though, he’s smart and has been posting on TRS long enough to have built up a strong resistance. Besides, he’s from Brooklyn and they’re tough.

            • Nukeman60

              That’s good news for Joe, as the Obamacare lines would be long for the pneumonia, but the PTOD lines will stretch around the block and down the road (that we didn’t build).

            • Joe

              BUT there was a FOUL odor coming from the Queen City

              Hence the gas mask!

        • It’s Bush’s fault! Just ask NObama or one of his Libtardzombies! They’ll tell you so.

        • Joe

          You guys are killing me !

          Save the cash for the victory party!

      • Joe

        Dry as a bone – – Not a cloud in the sky

        I waxed my car – with the gas mask ON –

        So I didn’t have to breathe the foul air blowing in my direction

        • Nukeman60

          So what you’re saying is the torrential rains only hit the podium in the Bank of America stadium and nothing else. Interesting. I’d call that selective Anthropogenic Global Warming, as they created their own weather pattern to suit their needs. Hmmm…

          Thanks for the update, Joe. Protect your health until the winds take those noxious fumes out to sea.

          • NYGino

            Nukeman, you forgot. When you are the Messiah you can do those things.

            • Nukeman60

              Ahhh, yes. But…but…he got it backwards (no surprise, there).

              Rather than parting the rains so he could give his messianic speech to 10’s of thousands, he concentrated them over his own podium, which forced him to bloviate his messing-on-it speech in a meager arena filled with 10’s of tens.

          • Joe

            What I heard is that JC sent down some practice lightning bolts and hit the podium

            So they decided to move it indoors

        • kong1967

          Of course. The reports on the news went from what would have been….

          “No one shows to Obama speech”


          “Hundreds of people were told there was no room and they had to watch it elsewhere”.

          That’s exactly what I heard on the radio news flash. The Dems are nothing but lies and deception.

  • As I have said before, LIAR-IN-CHIEF! Those who want a thrill to go up their leg when a President gives a speech — aka Political Sex thrills — are helping wreck this country.

  • WordsFailMe


    Sometimes you cannot fight lies by simply relying on the truth. The truth never fought any battles for me. I am the one who must fight the battles for TRUTH. My nose is the one that must be bloodied if truth is going to prevail. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply point out Obama’s lies and everyone would just bobble their heads up and down and say, “Wow those Republicans are on to something.”

    It AIN’T the kind of world!

    Look. Remember the New Mexico Governor’s speech and how she said to her husband after the meeting, “I’ll be damned We’re Republicans?”

    It’s so easy to forget the MOST CRITICAL PART OF THAT STORY. She only agreed to the meeting, where her life was changed in order to get e free meal. If there had been NO FREE MEAL, she would never have had this break through.

    You can dispel the lie with truth BUT ONLY AFTER YOU GET THEIR ATTENTION> The Average, semi moderate, Hispanic, Asian immigrants who’ve already been perverted by welfare payments, and blue collar guy or girls who cower as union members have already decided the REPUBLICANS Eat children, Republicans are evil, Republican is a dirty word! Don’t you watch TV?

    Romney MUST find a way to force the LSM to put him in the headlines and the only way to do that is by creating a scene,a controversy and Incident.

    Stop being so stuffy, Mitt and call Obama an Asshole at a UC Berkeley speech or a speech at Harvard!!!!! These people do not know you!

    We are about to lose this nation. And calling the President an asshole in front of 6,000 communist and sexual deviants is the LEAST of what I am willing to do to defeat these criminals!

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      I regret that I have but one “like” to give in these grave times. Mitt has a target rich environment and needs to engage, dammit! Put a call in to Wasilla and beg for crying out loud, if need be. Wire: #havebazookawilltravel#. Meanwhile you can start with this…..”Half the blasphemous DNC boos God in public and all of them worship Obama. Just watch the tapes!”

      • WordsFailMe

        Thanks GWYPF-

        You know Gingrich had a web page that encouraged supporters to send in there ideas for first day exec orders. Wish Mitt had a page for suggestions. I work with a Democratic consultant on campaign mail. His insight is that people simply do not know Romney. You and I do, The Right Scoopers who have been debating the candidates for months if not years know him but regular people who are not blog addicts do not now him. I’m not sure Romney’s campaign is aware of this.

        Being right and having a lot of people know that you are right are two very different things.

        Mrs. WFM recommends that Romney frequently answer liberal calls for entitlement spending and green energy projects and other nonsense ideas meant to cripple our economy and enslave us to Mama Gov, with the following question:

        “Is this issue/project so important to the US that it is worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?”

        God bless the United States of America!

        • Mrs. WFM sounds like a very intelligent lady indeed.

          • WordsFailMe

            Thank you WW! She’s saved my bacon frequently! Lots of times without good reason even.

            She wants me to point out the Romney actually used the line about, “Is it important enough to before the money from China” was Romney line. She just wants him and the Republicans to use it more often.

        • GetWhatYouPayFor

          Executive order number one: I would freeze all Federal Govt. hiring and job transfers. I want all those bastards hired and appointed in the last four years locked down. Then I would consider combining Dept of Energy, Dept of Interior, EPA and Homeland Security under one Oversight team with the most courageous woman I know in charge. The mission will be accomplished when she earns a new nickname on the front page of every national magazine. “Neutron Sarah”, because the buildings will be unharmed but many of the people will have disappeared. Jack Welch didn’t appreciate the moniker two decades ago, but he did get the job done! Next stop HHS and Education.

          • WordsFailMe

            Things I’d add to this excellent list!

            –Order every agency to roll back the regulations to the 2008 manual so that any changes of additions made under Obama could be blocked.

            –Any person promoted to a management position or promoted would be immediately subject to an FBI background check.

            A typical commie trick the use in the bureaucracies is to promote felons and perverts to high positions so that they can control the managers through threats and blackmail.

            We are not dealing with decent people under Obama. The only thing you’ll find under Obama is exactly what you’d expect to find under a horse’s ass.

    • Joe


    • kong1967

      Lol, that would definitely get him headlines.

  • I don’t like the way this report compares coalition deaths to fatalities. It’s dishonest. The truth speak volumes as it is. No need to distort.

  • And there is still no mention from Obama on how he would end this war in Afghanistan. Is the plan simply to run away in 2014? If so, then just pull the troops out today and save yourself a lot of pain, death, blood, and treasure. No need staying in a place if you only plan on running away, especially after you’ve invested over a decade of blood and treasure into that dirt hole. Obama never even talks about Afghanistan in the few news conferences he has, he never gives updates or progress reports, and he never says what we are willing to settle for in ending this war. It certainly is NOT unconditional surrender from the Taliban. Well then, what is it? What is our concept of victory in Afghanistan? When any of you find this out from our dear leader, please tell me. I’d love to know before we start seeing American helicopters taking diplomats off the roof of the embassy in Kabul just before the city falls to the Taliban.

  • p m

    In his speech last night he pronounced the taliban as ‘tallyban’. Wierd.

    Just dawned on me that he must have been thinking of that old French revolutionary, Talleyrand. They guy who was an ordained Catholic priest then turned anti-clerical and helped to appropriate church property for the Revolution. Hmmm.

    • DebbyX

      That’s because he’s a tally whacker!

      • kong1967

        Admit it….you got that from “Porky’s” (the movie), lol.

        • KayFromAZ

          I found it disturbing that he stated “The United States” never “The United States of America”. Anyone else notice?

          • kong1967

            I won’t watch an Obama speech (just clips)….but I always refer to us as the United States, too. I just figure “of America” is implied. Do you think he had a reason to leave it off?

            • KayFromAZ

              Just for thought. “God Bless America” not “United States”. It bothered me.

              • kong1967

                Oh, I got ya. I do say America in both of those references. Don’t know why he would leave out America.

        • DebbyX

          Yeah, I knew I heard it some where 🙂

  • wolfveryne

    44 is NO ,, Commander in Chief ,, bring our troops HOME ,, “NOW” .
    Next time their country will be Leveled .

  • tinker_thinker

    The damage keeps on. Obama is poison.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that obama lied about a lack of progress in Afghanistan. The man lies about everything and will continue to do so during the campaign to try and make it look as if he has accomplished something during his term. But his has been an abysmal failure and no amount of spinning can or will change that FACT.

  • kong1967

    This angers me, but it’s expected. If you want to shock me, show a clip of Obama telling the truth about anything.

    • I’m with you. I can’t listen to these lies anymore. They make my head explode.

  • pgroup

    Allow me to offer an alternative view.

    It is not that the jugeared jac kass lies per se, it’s that his lies do not benefit the country in any manner. As a comparison, we pay CIA and NSA agents to lie and it benefits society by damaging our enemies’ ability to keep up with us.

    Nobody in any level of government in the United States is authorized to lie for his/her political benefit. The reality that they do, AND are allowed to retain their ill gotten gains from lying, is properly laid at our feet as citizens/voters. We have no business putting up with it.

    I am committed to making recovery of assets wrongfully taken from the US taxpayers a tea party policy objective. Instead of rallies, tea partiers can form sleuth gangs and track down the wealth of thieves such as Jamie Gorelick and Franklin Raines with an eye toward restitution via civil judgments.

    • p m

      Like! Restitution, and no Reconciliation.

  • 911Infidel

    “We’ve blunted the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan, and in 2014, our longest war will be over” What a liar he is. The Taliban is resurgent and we are unable to stem the flow of arms from Iran and Pakistan. The ROEs are designed to favor haji not us. You lying sack of dog doo-doo. You pathetic little man. You care more for political power than the lives of our troops and our gallant allies. There’s a special place in hades for pond scum suckers like you. Don’t expect any rah-rahs from the troops on your next photo-op Mr Golfer. They’re all way smarter than you are. They know what you are about and who the hell you are. You’re feces to most of them.

  • This article is a lie. Obama told the truth, we blunted their momentum, by taking out several of their top leaders. Finding some guy from “Long War Journal” that disagrees with this does not make it a lie.

    Don’t fall for right wing media deception.

    • Marky_D

      The statistics suggest that you have been taken in by the hopeychange media:

      Look at the US column. Note the sudden rise from 2008-9.

    • Jay

      There’s help for hopium addiction at Liberals Anonymous, John.

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      Did Keith Olbermann tell you to post that remark here?

      Won’t fly with this crowd, homey.

  • bartman44

    He has presided over 2/3 of Afghan-related mitary deaths in 4 years and he has presided over a 2/3 increase in our national debt in 4 years. He has presided over a 2/3 drop in our GDP in 4 years. He has presided over a 1/3 drop in our personal wealth in 4 years. He has presided over a 1/2 increase in unemployment in 4 years. He has presided over a 1/2 increase in the annual deficit in 4 years. C’mon people, what more evidence does it take to vote him out?

  • If a Republican was in office, the major media would be showing a daily total of those killed in Arab conflicts. They would also be constantly whining about the cost. With Obama in office there isn’t a peep from any of the news organizations about either. That tells you something right there.

  • NCHokie02

    We are going to leav wether the results on the ground warrant it or not. But the way they keep restricting the rules of engagement for our troops we might as well leave. You tie the troops hands behind their backs and then ask them to continue to leave the wire and engage the enemy in a limited fashion. No surprise that the TB adapts and kills more of our people while we continue to burden our troops with more armor to wear, some new piece of equipment, with batteries, to carry and a stricter ROE. The enemy reads the news and sees what policies we emplace (no bombing structures due to civillian casualties, so where do they go to?). It’s time to leave that place. If they aren’t going to let our troops truly conduct warfare then it’s time to go. Everyone I know is tired of going over there, not because we are tired of war per se, but because the rules of engagement that keep getting harsher for us make our job increasingly difficult. In the early phases of war we have little ROE and we crush our enemies (see beginning of Iraq and beginning of Afghanistan). Then we start tightening them up and the enemy takes advantage (see Iraq and Afghanistan). It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world to be apart of.