INDOCTRINATION: 8th-grade Michigan science teacher shows students ‘Gasland’, now they hate fracking

So apparently Cari Scholtens, an 8th-grade science teacher at Lakeview High School in Michigan, didn’t know much about fracking but decided to show her students the fraud movie ‘Gasland’ without doing her research. As a result, her students now are opponents of fracking and starting writing letters to officials and politicians – even Obama, to tell them to stop fracking:

So the next time you hear Obama say “I got letters from children…,” now you know why.

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  • Nukeman60

    Obama: “Oh, you did something really, really great there, kid. Let me give you the greatest gift that anyone can give to mankind – a picture of me. Now aren’t you the most blessed person in America? Don’t forget to have your folks vote early and often.”


  • glassnwood

    Teachers should teach facts from the books and stay out of politics. If I had kids in school now I would sent them to private schools. Untill the teachers union is busted so teachers can be hired and fired on merit and job performance the school system will continue to decline. A high school diploma today is about the same as a grade school diploma fifty years ago. It amazes me how dumb high school kids are now. I went through a drive thru the other day and the bill was $12.95 and I gave him $13.00 and he had to look at the register to see how much change to give me.

    • warpmine

      Ever give one of these mathematicians a penny to round the change to the next denomination after they input the amount? Try that trick out if you want to delay the lines at checkout.

    • Even many private schools use the books the public schools use. Indoctrination can happen there as well.

      • glassnwood

        This is true but you have the choice to pick which school with private schools. Public schools you are forced to go to the one zoned for your area unless they allow an out of area fee to go to another school. In our area they are doing away with that so you have no choice now.

  • Kordane

    Completely privatize education.

    That is the only solution to this crap, but sadly I see few people advocating that stance because they’ve been cowed into accepting the existence of public education as a result of all of the “think of the children” propaganda out there.

  • this is so “fracking” stupid! Though not surprising anymore. And I bet the writing of the letter was part of their grade? I guess on the plus side, they can use that horrendous picture of Obie and start drawing in what he really looks like at art class: THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!

    Don’t forget the horns and goatee!

  • bbitter

    Public school… ’nuff said.

    Public school is now the pool that everyone is in, then someone has explosive diarrhea…

    Two options:
    Everyone out of the pool!
    Swim in the sewer.

    Take your pick.

  • aposematic

    Immagine that? A Michigan so called science teacher that has no concept of science.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Evidently she studied political science.

  • Rocco11

    Back in the day, the Soviets instructed the Communist Party USA to gain control of education, and the media. Check, and check.

  • Ray

    We need to get rid of the government ran schools.

  • c4pfan

    That’s where parents need to start parenting then.

  • notsofastthere

    So, a science teacher watched a movie to get her education.
    I bet she regrets paying all that college tuition. All she needed to do was to watch a movie.
    She likely believes that SUV’s and factories caused the Sahara Desert to form.

    • Did she go to college? Seems to me like she earned her degree in watching “The story of Stuff!” 😛

    • Check and see what an ‘education’ degree is.

      It isn’t much.

  • las1

    There’s Gasland… then there’s Truthland

    “…guess it’s time to fire up the Chevy for a road trip” to Truthland

    • Frack Nation is excellent and debunks this movie that flopped every where else.

      • las1

        Yeah and Frack Nation is an independently produced film which had to beg and scrape to get money from private donors.

        Although Truthland has a “mom and pop” “aw shucks” kind of feel, it is true it was sponsored by the Independent Petroleum Assoc. of America… a mortal sin according to enviro-extremists. How dare those evil gas and oil and industry companies advocate for themselves and America’s energy needs! The nerve!

        And did you notice that the more ethical environmentalists can only justify their “environmentalism” on this issue with the lame statements that the gas industry just has to ensure that what they are doing is safe and according to the law. They know their “environmental” golden goose is cooked… and cooked with gas no less.

        Of course these leftists never tell you which progressive/left foundations, like Tides, fund them. Oh the one-way-street of the enviro-extremists.

        • Don’t expect logic or sanity out of progressives. It will make your head hurt.

  • And who’s saying the teacher doesn’t AGREE with the movie? I hate to say it, but a lot of teachers don’t bother to research ANYTHING! They just take the material handed to them and teach it! She certainly sounds like she drank the kool-aid too; she seems pleasantly surprised that she got her students motivated and down the road to be little liberal robots from this propagandist tripe. This is why fascists and communists go after the kids first. Because they are gullible and tend to believe anything an adult in authority tells them. They don’t want to believe adults will lie to them.

  • Parents are fools when they don’t monitor these teachers or their elected school officials.

    Bet money this movie is not in the state curriculum. Teachers waste time on this garbage all of the time but give no time to what they are supposed to be teaching. Then colleges wonder why no one is college ready so standards have to be lowered and parents wonder why their children have to go on the five year or six year plan.

    People need to learn “Trust but Verify” and apply it to all things including schools.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Exactly Laurel but use a phrase that the libs were quite fond of back in the 70’s, “Question Authority”. Now that the inmates are running the asylum, we are told that ‘questioning the authority’ of Barack Obama is ‘unpatriotic’. 😉

      • Exactly!!!!

        That is usually how it goes with authoritarians.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Since I was around back in those days, I take great pleasure in using the words and the music of the ‘Hippie Liberals’ against them now. 🙂
          It’s going to take a while yet but they are on their way out. ‘For the times, they are a changin’. (Choke on that one Bob Dylan).
          😉 😉

  • Sober_Thinking

    I like how the patients are running the asylum now.

    Typical left-wing nut crap… get a flaming idiot liberal, put her in charge of a classroom full of young impressionable minds (who need to get a good grade), and voila! Brainwashed children! Future Democratic voters… no one will ever know…

    It sucks that some parents have to leave their children in the hands of these devils. Government-run schools are indoctrination centers… and havens for union thug teachers. What a tragedy. And America ranks where is math, science, reading, etc.? I guess the government needs to tax us more and throw more money at these miserable schools. What a wicked cycle.

    Like guns… schools aren’t the problem… it’s the insane people behind them that are killing our future.

  • Justwantthefacts

    Here is a link to this teachers website, please have her show Frack Nation to her students as well. Let them see both sides of the FACTS.

  • poljunkie

    I’ve mentioned this before-

    When I was in 6th grade my teacher had us write letters, make protest signs, and then even held a protest rally in front of the school to SUPPORT the idea of President Nixon being impeached.

    I asked my parents a few years ago, how they could of allowed that to happen, and not said anything- I mean if that happened while my son was attending school- WOW! My husband and I would have marched down to the school……
    My parents both looked at me, and deers in the headlights.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Public schools are now political indoctrination centers.

  • sjmom

    And I guess the parents know no better than the teacher? What a disgrace! Indoctrinating our children rather than teaching them both sides and allowing them to think and decide for themselves.

  • Sandra123456

    Do we have a Department of Education OR a Ministry of Education?

    • tinlizzieowner

      Make that Ministry of Indoctrination.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    She’s a typical liberal, union teacher….she doesn’t know what the frack she’s talking about and teaching her students!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s shame but parents have to watch this pathetic movie with their kids this and teach them it’s wrong.

  • Yazz55

    Betcha if this child indoctrinator showed a factually correct piece about fracking, she’d be suspended without pay for using unapproved material in the child indoctrination room (used to be called classroom).

  • PNWShan

    We homeschooled our kids, but guess what, the indoctrination in college is stronger and comes with heavier penalties for those who try to swim upstream. My oldest is in a science major but still has to take a bunch of humanities classes, including his current one in which the professor uses the class to argue with and mock any student who dares to go against the liberal line. Even in a science-related course on energy production, the professor told everyone that he would permit no one to argue that anthropomorphic global warming is not occurring.

    • sDee

      First hand indoctrination.

      Are they allowed to video tape in class?

    • martha chandler

      Oh Lord, we can never win.

  • sDee

    Israel is frackin’ it way to the top. We are a hollow shell with our future scientists in the hands of junk science teachers.

    Why Israel will rule the new Middle East

  • What is it Rush calls them? Young minds full of mush?

    • 57thunderbird

      Close.Young skulls full of mush.

  • 57thunderbird

    This type of brainwashing has been taking place in the public schools for decades.Americans are finally waking up to the reality that the public school system is and has been nothing more than a liberal(commie) indoctrination center.

  • Diogenes_wy

    I wonder if any of these kids wrote to Senator Mendez and told him to stop ‘fracking’?

  • What’s the old saying? Those who can’t, teach.

    • PNWShan

      Thomas Sowell wrote a great book about public education (“Inside American Education”). One of the things he notes is that education majors do not attract the smartest people and that education majors have low requirements.

      • martha chandler

        Unfortunately to some extent this is true, but I will say there are a lot of good teachers out there who are very intelligent people, but we never hear about them.

  • with teachers as inept and ignorant as this it is no wonder the U.S. has fallen in education

  • warpmine


    Typical for a leftist. Know little or nothing about a subject and then without ever looking for a balanced approach to knowledge, indoctrinate anyone that is a captive audience with a total BS documentary. If I peak my head out the door on this cold February night, you may hear me screaming.

    Just one more item: Did the local new even consider what this actually means in terms of misinformation? Chit no, course not, they were all giddy about Obama wrote a letter to the newly indoctrinated child er…. prop.

  • joyfulgiver

    Maybe now she should show them the movie “Agenda:Grinding America Down”, then they might dislike the education system and all those politicians that have destroyed the very framework of our morality. Check out the trailer here:

  • Pancake3

    Why should anyone be surprised at all? For that matter, why is this even newsworthy? It is about the only thing one could expect with the liberals and unions in charge of public education for 50 freaking years.

  • waytngtym

    Go ahead and load up.

    Would like the Keystone Pipeline, the coal ondustry brought back, and other more traditional energy sources.

    But think that fracking ‘s ability to stir earthquakes is underestimated, and that when pursued will stimulate great earthquakes, Biblical proportions.

  • Dawn Wood

    all teachers should be educating their students on fracking, our eminent water shortage, petroleum consumption, global warming, carbon footprints…..whats the matter with you?

    • NCHokie02

      global warming is a farce. If they were going to show GasLand then she should have shown Fracknation afterwards to give the other sides view. Then the kids could have made up their own mind. For example the water catching fire is nothing new to that area and has nothing to do with fracking.

  • You aren’t much of a teacher if you don’t review your material before you apply it’s use in the classroom.

  • truevoice4real

    Fracking is not safe and anybody that tells you it is safe is lying..Tell you what..GO to these areas where all this fracking being done and DRINK the water that the local residents refuse to drink….And drink it for a few years..Otherwise stop whining when somebody tells the truth about fracking….

    • russva

      I’ve provided services to the gas industry for more than 30 years and with all due respect you are wrong. Are you speaking from experience or are you parroting what you’ve heard from the environmental extremist that produced this film?

      There are literally thousands of gas wells in the area in which I live, and I have been involved with a significant number of them. I can’t remember no more than one or two people complaining about a gas well affecting their water well, and those turned out to be caused from other sources.

      As for the fire from a spigot, water wells can tap a pocket of methane gas. I have actually heard of people having an explosion in their well house. These occurred long before any significant drilling activity.

      • truevoice4real

        What area is that…??/

        • russva

          Eastern KY, SW Virginia, and Southern WV

  • truevoice4real
  • fedup222


  • Oh good grief. My elementary students (who are homeschooled) know very well that George Washington set water on fire.

    “The results, as described by Paine, were clear:

    When the mud at the bottom was disturbed by the poles, the air bubbles rose fast, and I saw the fire take from General Washington’s light and descend from thence to the surface of the water, in a similar manner as when a lighted candle is held so as to touch the smoke of a candle just blown out, the smoke will take fire, and the fire will descend and light up the candle.”