Intense: Perry accuses Romney of hiring illegal labor

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Perry and Romney go rounds over an accusation that Romney has hired illegal labor and then a year later still had them employed.

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  • Anonymous

    I support Perry, but this was a bit much, but Romney did lose his cool, got red faced and disheveled.

  • rafjo82

    wow, this was a pretty heated debate!

  • Anonymous

    Romney got caught in a lie on national tv. That has to hurt.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about stepping on your own d*ck . . .

  • Anonymous

    i would like to see more of this…it is time to get romney flustered this guy has been sailing a little too smoothly…cain got hammered too but he handled not too bad..perry is good in this debate i think he needs to attack romney on health care rather that immigration

    • Anonymous

      Also Perry needs to go after Mittens on his CO2 emissions and how that would work in his economic plan, also his pandering to the OWS people, and drill him on just how exactly he would downsize government.

  • Anonymous

    2012 Presidential Hopefuls’ Immigration Stances

    Obama F-
    Bachmann B-
    Romney C-
    Cain C-
    Perry D-
    Huntsman D-
    Gingrich D-
    Santorum F
    Johnson F
    Paul F

  • The Mittens and Perry show. Again.

  • Perry is the ultimate lier. He is an E-Verify killer.Romney got that right but I’m not a Romney fan.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the whole debate, TRS?

  • Anonymous

    Sissy slap fight…

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t have called it ‘debating’ either.

    • Anonymous

      As a former officer, Perry would whop Mittens

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney: “I’m running for office, for pete’s sake, we can’t have illegals.”

    Game. Set. Match. Bye Romney.

    That sentence ought to destroy Romney and end his bid. He’s Charlie Crist. The man has no spine and he has no principles. He’s NOT a conservative.

  • Anonymous

    Since when is it Mitt’s job to check for status? It’s Obama’s job! Mitt is not law enforcement.

  • Perry jumped the shark with the lawn care illegals nonsense. This is about the same time that Rudy tried that with Mitt just before the bottom fell out of his campaign. Perry’s done.

    • Anonymous

      Umm, no. Perry’s back in the race.

      Everyone will work to stop Romney, he’s a disaster.

      • Anonymous

        Perry is a bumbling fool just like GWB. Every time they asked him a question I got nervous and embarrassed for him just like I used to with GWB.

        For crying out loud, is it too much to ask for our president to be able to speak without tripping all over himself?!

  • I would pay good money to see Romney treat Obama the way he treated Perry. This was not a christlike confrontation. Pastor Jeffries take note. Maybe he will have to back Bachmann now.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that Perry finally came out fighting. Listen to Mitt tell Rick that he’s had tough debates and is testy, Mitt came off as a jerk in this one. I am glad that Rick is finally fighting back.
    I did not know that Mitt has an anti-Perry website up, where is it? I saw that on another site. Mitt lied when he said that the people of MA are happy with Romneycare.

  • Anonymous

    Rino vs. Rino. Sweet!

  • Anonymous

    I did a Bing Search of anti-Perry webistes, they have been bought by both Romney and Obama. Apparently they are both afraid to run an honest race against the dumb one from Texas. I do not think Rick Perry is stupid, I read that others think he’s dumb because he can’t say nuclear. It may be the Texas accent because President Bush said it wrong too.
    We drop our R’s here, does that make all people from Boston stupid? It’s a regional accent. Almost everyone in this great counry has an accent of some kind based on where they live.

  • First, Perry was wrong and he had to have known he was wrong because this was all resolved 4 years ago. Mitt did not lie and he never hired illegal immigrants. The COMPANY he hired employed them. It CANNOT be the responsibility of private citizens to ask for proof of citizenship of the employees of another company. That would open up a LOT of very bad racial profiling.

    Second, yes Romney came on strong and harsh when dealing with Perry’s very rude interrupting. I’m certain Perry’s handlers told him not to back down when Mitt says, “I’m talking. I’m talking. I’m talking.” They must have told him, just keep talking until Mitt gives up and you’ll come across as the hero and everyone will say Mitt backed down, that he’s weak, that you cowered him.

    Mitt HAD to respond the way he did because that’s all people would be talking about — how he got shut down by Perry.

    Perry’s interruptions an continued overtalking during Romney’s turn was very rude and unprofessional. Uncool.

    I, for one, loved that it backfired on Perry. Did you see his fuming face when he finally backed down?

  • Anonymous

    Just what the libfag lamestream media wants. Divert the Republican candidates into destroying each other, when they should be directing their collective energy towards defeating the obamessiah.

    What could emerge is a weakened Republican candidate to go up against the obamessiah and his huge campaign warchest full of $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is that we’re screwed . Can’t we get a true Conservative to run !

  • Romney and Perry of the Mitt & Rick Comedy Show series are nothing more than empty suits. Mitt loves to talk and talk, (flip flop here) and talk, (flip flop here) especially about himself and say nothing worth listening to.

    Listen to Ron Paul when he speaks. No, not his voice, but the message he deliverers then you’ll start understanding why should support and vote for him in 2012!