Iran, Islam and Why the Tehran Regime Will Get The Bomb and Use It

I see far too many bloggers who make the mistake of conflating the regime in Tehran with the will of the Iranian people. That is a fallacy that needs to stop. The people of Iran are Persians whose culture was usurped and subsumed by Arab conquerors in the 7th century. The vast majority (70%) hate the regime. We witnessed that in the 2009 Green Revolution which was both a protest against the fraudulent election of StinkyAchmedinajihad and Islam itself. The Iranian people would prefer a western tolerant, society where people of all religions can do, say or worship as they see fit without having one particular world-view forced down their throats with constant threats of arrests, torture, public whippings and hangings for violations of the Satanic Sharia.

My preference for describing events in Iran is to separate out the Mahdi-ist regime from the will of the average Persian on the street. Here is an interesting report from George Thomas of CBN News of the real Iran at street-level.

This next video backs up my point that you cannot treat the existential threat posed by Islam (really the Third Great Jihad) by treating it the way we treated the Cold War. Containment is a fool’s errand. The vid goes to the two related problems of the Jihad and the chief sponsor of world-wide terror – the Iranian regime who will get the bomb and use it. Iran is not the old USSR.

As to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world today – the Mahdi-ist regime in Tehran – current sanctions are not enough. If one wishes to spur the Persian people to revolt against that regime, you need to cut off completely Tehran’s oil and gas sales. That’ll never happen without the cooperation of Russia, China, North Korea and India. You might as well fugetaboutit.

The Jihadist, Jew-hating regime in Tehran is adamant about bringing about the return of the Mahdi, through war and chaos. Negotiating with them to buy time or to gain some minor meaningless concession shows a total lack of understanding about the Mahdi-ist religio-political national strategy which was illustrated succinctly in the Mahdi-ist movie “The Coming Is Upon Us”.

Reza Khalili – According to the Hadith in the age of The Coming, a revolution takes place in Iran. This is a key sign indicating that the reappearance is near and serves as the initial preparation in the worldwide movement for The Coming of the last messiah. Based on this belief, the leaders of Iran see it as their duty to prepare the ground for The Coming. One of the most important events to securing the reappearance of the last Messiah, as called for in the Hadith, is the annihilation of Israel and conquering Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem). They state with conviction that Islam will soon conquer the world and all infidels will be destroyed.

The pursuit of nuclear bombs by the radicals ruling Iran is directly connected to this belief, as war, chaos, and lawlessness must engulf the world to pave the way for Imam Mahdi’s reappearance.

Here is yet another outstanding Former Iranian Muslim – Amil Imani – who understands the problem. He and Reza Khalili are just some of the outstanding voices in the struggle against Mahdi-ist hegemony in the world, and most especially in Iran itself, today.

He also discusses the issue of moderate vs radical Islam and the threat that Sharia poses to the West.

You can read all of Amil’s post here:

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