Iran, Islam and Why the Tehran Regime Will Get The Bomb and Use It

I see far too many bloggers who make the mistake of conflating the regime in Tehran with the will of the Iranian people. That is a fallacy that needs to stop. The people of Iran are Persians whose culture was usurped and subsumed by Arab conquerors in the 7th century. The vast majority (70%) hate the regime. We witnessed that in the 2009 Green Revolution which was both a protest against the fraudulent election of StinkyAchmedinajihad and Islam itself. The Iranian people would prefer a western tolerant, society where people of all religions can do, say or worship as they see fit without having one particular world-view forced down their throats with constant threats of arrests, torture, public whippings and hangings for violations of the Satanic Sharia.

My preference for describing events in Iran is to separate out the Mahdi-ist regime from the will of the average Persian on the street. Here is an interesting report from George Thomas of CBN News of the real Iran at street-level.

This next video backs up my point that you cannot treat the existential threat posed by Islam (really the Third Great Jihad) by treating it the way we treated the Cold War. Containment is a fool’s errand. The vid goes to the two related problems of the Jihad and the chief sponsor of world-wide terror – the Iranian regime who will get the bomb and use it. Iran is not the old USSR.

As to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world today – the Mahdi-ist regime in Tehran – current sanctions are not enough. If one wishes to spur the Persian people to revolt against that regime, you need to cut off completely Tehran’s oil and gas sales. That’ll never happen without the cooperation of Russia, China, North Korea and India. You might as well fugetaboutit.

The Jihadist, Jew-hating regime in Tehran is adamant about bringing about the return of the Mahdi, through war and chaos. Negotiating with them to buy time or to gain some minor meaningless concession shows a total lack of understanding about the Mahdi-ist religio-political national strategy which was illustrated succinctly in the Mahdi-ist movie “The Coming Is Upon Us”.

Reza Khalili – According to the Hadith in the age of The Coming, a revolution takes place in Iran. This is a key sign indicating that the reappearance is near and serves as the initial preparation in the worldwide movement for The Coming of the last messiah. Based on this belief, the leaders of Iran see it as their duty to prepare the ground for The Coming. One of the most important events to securing the reappearance of the last Messiah, as called for in the Hadith, is the annihilation of Israel and conquering Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem). They state with conviction that Islam will soon conquer the world and all infidels will be destroyed.

The pursuit of nuclear bombs by the radicals ruling Iran is directly connected to this belief, as war, chaos, and lawlessness must engulf the world to pave the way for Imam Mahdi’s reappearance.

Here is yet another outstanding Former Iranian Muslim – Amil Imani – who understands the problem. He and Reza Khalili are just some of the outstanding voices in the struggle against Mahdi-ist hegemony in the world, and most especially in Iran itself, today.

He also discusses the issue of moderate vs radical Islam and the threat that Sharia poses to the West.

You can read all of Amil’s post here:

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  • StrangernFiction

    “Containment is a fool’s errand.”

    We should only be so lucky to be trying to contain Islam. The U.S. Government, with support from both parties, is aiding the Mohammedans.

  • Sandra123456

    Iran sounds like the U.S. They have a government ruling against the will of the people and so do we.

  • notsofastthere

    A case of the insane ruling the sane. Sounds a bit like Bloomberg in NY, or Pelosi, or BO
    Great job of educating us George Thomas about the real people in Iran.

  • MadAsHellJack

    The religion of peace will use any means to become the only religion. They have no regard for any human life.

    • notsofastthere

      I think the video showed that a lot of the young people don’t subscribe or practice that alleged religion of peace. They need our prayers and support.
      Our president only supports the fanatics – and he’s still in office.

  • colliemum

    I well remember the 2009 ‘Green Revolution’ – it was heartbreaking, and it was the first big indicator that the POS is more concerned with the jihadists than with freedom and democracy: remove Gaddafi, Mubarak under the guise of ‘democracy’, making way for his MB friends – but supporting the people against these islamists like Ahmadinejad et al: no way.

    I am so sorry for the young Iranians. They are the ones who will bear the brunt of any conflict, and they are not prepared mentally or physically, unlike their Israeli counterparts.

    I agree with 911infidel: containment is not an option, although the powers from Russia to the USA seem to prefer talking to action.
    They, like all politicians everywhere, not just in the West, do not understand islam nor what it is about, Putin’s actions against the Chechen rebels notwithstanding.

    These are truly perilous times, times where our prayers are more needed than ever before.

  • demographicallychallenged

    If 70% are against the current people in power how did they get reelected? OHH they must have their own branch of ACORN!

    • 911Infidel

      Yeah. Only their version of ACORN has snipers and torture chambers.

      • colliemum

        And cemeteries: for those who don’t follow the tyrants, and not so as to plump up the voter registries.

      • UnCL3

        They are publicly hanged from construction cranes…

  • wraith67

    Scoop, I wouldn’t be so quick as to let the population off for responsibility for the Iranian mullahs. Obviously quite a lot of them were happy to put the Ayatolas in power – the fact that after the fact they say “oh crap” is a little irrelevant. We put Obama in office twice. Jihadi agitprop groups use the same tactics as Marxist groups – none of it flies except that a stupid population buys into the nonsense and then pays the price for their stupidity.

    • notsofastthere

      We need to cut these young Iranian’s some slack. Intelligent people in America accept ridiculous rules our government foists upon us. That doesn’t make us all stupid. Leaders never divulge their full intentions – we all get fooled some of the time. At least the young Iranian’s are aware.

      • wraith67

        Only 52% then.

    • 911Infidel

      15% of the population has the power to subvert and subsume the rest. The Green Revolution failed because Skeeter failed to help them out. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda comming out of Tehran, the Iranian populace is restive and ready for a change.

      • wraith67

        Sure they’re restive, it probably sucks to live there. On the other hand, I’ve watched the elections process in Iraq, ‘palestine’, Afghanistan, Libya…and the people put the Jihadis in power. Like I said, the Jihadis like to use the Marxist agitprop which clearly a lot of people like – they certainly like it in the US. I agree we should have flipped Iran, probably would’ve got us 20-40 years without another mullacracy.

        • 911Infidel

          The difference between the people I’m talking about and the people that you referenced is that these people are Persian not Arab. Persians still resent the Arab conquest of their culture. The population of Iran is the only place in the ME that has any chance of developing a western-style government. They are not jihadis, they are not Arabists, they are not insane Mahdi-ist shitites. They resent Islam and have had enough of it. Make no mistake, the first target for a Mahdi-ist nuclear strike will not be Israel or the US; it will be the source of the conquest of their country 1400 years ago…their chief Islam rival; Saudi Arabia. Tactically it makes perfect sense. Such an attack would devestate world oil markets and the global economy while dispatching their hated conqueror.

          • wraith67

            Correct, not arabists. I think the rest is a little optimistic – would be nice if you were right.

  • 1endtimes2020

    Our media finds ways to attack Christianity that was dominant in developing this country for hundreds of years, and giving us freedom to choose without risk of violence, and we allow the enemies of Christ to immigrate here in complete freedom to indoctrinate our youth.
    Then comes a man no one ever heard of, right out of the woodwork, to be a Democrat candidate for President, who voted he was ‘present’, but never voted on anything, and because he was an orator that could tell Americans what they wanted to here, during a terrible economic crisis, he has been leading this country to destruction while supporting Islam terrorists everywhere. The SOTU gave evidence he has continued in that path.
    We see terrorists preaching hate in London in the middle of the square, and police just look on as though they were protecting them. Is that what we can expect here? We are relying on the Republicans, and even patriotic Democrats to be our voices, and we wait in vain. Have most of the Republicans we elected suddenly Godless?

    • TexasPGRRider

      From the videos I saw last year, Detroit has Already become islam infected. Wonder why this situation is not more widely reported ????

  • “The vast majority (70%) hate the regime” I am an Iranian and I don’t hate our regime, those hippies that you see in those interviews are rich people from north Tehran .
    also the 2009 election wasn’t rigged every poll taken before election clearly showed that Ahmadinejad was leading by a large can see it for yourself:

    • 911Infidel

      You are just one person and sounds like you are in the 15%.

      You can take your arguement up with Reza Khalili, Amil Imani and Neda’s family.

      So, you approve of the torture chambers in Evin Prison do you? Or how about the treatment of this guy:

      Save your propaganda for the rubes bud. Our intel is damn good.

      • Reza Kahlili is a fraud, Kahlili isn’t even an Iranian name it should be Khalili.also sometime ago he claimed that Fordo was destroyed by an explosion which proved to be a fabrication.

        • 911Infidel

          Reza Khalili is his nom de guerre. Its not his real name. He’s in hiding because of your regime who wants him dead. And his intel on the Fordow explosion was spot on and has been confirmed by several sources. Dude face it, you’re the fraud.

          I’m certain that the vast majority of your countrymen and women would join me in saying in the words of Samuel Adams:

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

          Now why don’t you go back to your regime minders and tell them that your Dawa failed.

          • IAEA and even US government announced that there has been no explosion.Even if Reza kahlili is true he is a traitor who have sold his country and what the hell is dawa?

            • 911Infidel

              LOL. You’re wrong slick. It has been confirmed. Denials by the feckless, clueless IAEA and US regime are meaningless. And Reza is a patriot, you’re the traitor and I and many, many others still remember Neda.

        • colliemum

          You write “In 2009 election I voted for Mousavi and even participated in one of the protests which now I regret” – forgive me, but I think you’ve been made to regret this, by the Basenji.

          • 911Infidel

            There are many Mahdi-ist regime types that have been sent to the west to wage a counter-propaganda campaign against the truth-tellers of the Iranian resistence. This Farzam is just one example. He/she may be in Iran or not. Makes no nevermind. He’s a clueless tard.

            • I am in Tehran and don’t plan to go to any foreign country.
              “A clueless tard” thats nice, and I have understood what you mean by dawa ,in persian we call it davat, in arabic it is pronounced dawah(invitation),but dawa in arabic means fight or struggle.
              If by resistance you mean MKO, they are only some shameful traitors who are hated by majority of Iranians(even by most members of opposition)

          • It is Basij(full name:Revolutionary Guards Basij Resistance Force)and I haven’t been made to regret by Basij, becuase now I am a member of Basij

            • 911Infidel

              Thanks for confirming what I already knew. Your scumbag friends murdered Neda in cold blood and for that you should be banned from here.

              Bye, bye murdering scum.

              • colliemum

                I’m not going to answer that member of the Basij – but for general information and a quiet chuckle, I typed ‘Basenji’, because, ICYMI, I’ve got dogs on my mind …

                The Basenji is a type of hunting dog, out of Africa.

                I’m sorry that I mixed up the name of that noble hound with the scum called Basij.

                • 911Infidel

                  Now that’s funny. Like I told scumboy, my intel is damn good.

            • Thanks for playing. Adios.

  • The only real solution is to go for regime change inside of Iran. Obama and Hillary Clinton blew a monumental opportunity in 2009 when the people were rioting in the streets. Had Obama put all of our resources into overthrowing that government, the mullahs would not be in power today. And, certainly, whatever replaced the mullahs would have been better than what we have now, which is a bunch of religious fanatics steeped in radical Islam trying to destroy Israel and de-stabilize the entire Middle East. Is is still too late for regime change? Absolutely not. We should be using the Kurds to our fullest advantage and using Kurdish territory as a base for covert operations against the Iranian regime. We should also be supporting any independence group within Iran with whatever they need, from weapons to money to political support. It’s about time we get on the right side of history and support the people inside of Iran who hate the mullahs as much as we do. And, even if they fail, at least it will be a major thorn in the side of the mullahs.

  • TexasPGRRider

    MANNNNN !!! Looks like I`ve Missed Another Exorcism !!! That`s the Third one it two weeks… I think I`m missin` em closer tho….

    • 57thunderbird

      Hahaha!Good one Texas.

  • TexasPGRRider

    THANKS 911 !!! Keep spreadin` the Truth, Keep spreadin` the TRUTH. Peace be with you….

    • 911Infidel

      Always. Same to you.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “The people of Iran are Persians whose culture was usurped and subsumed by Arab conquerors in the 7th century. The vast majority (70%) hate the regime.”

    Long ago, I had a couple friends who managed to flee Iran with their families when the Shah was deposed. If you called the ‘Iranians’, you would be quick to get a lecture on the difference between an Iranian and a Persian. They were Persians and that was all their was to it.

  • Er, I’m sorry. But there is no mention of the oxymoron of “moderate Islam” in the Koran, the Hadith, the Sura or by Mohammad. “moderate” is a redundant prefix and neologism used largely by by naive and foolishly hopeful Western dhimmies or Muslim liars.

    The majority of Muslims simply call Islam, wait for it, ISLAM. NOT “radical” Islam or “moderate” Islam but again: ISLAM.

    Logans Warning, faithfreedom org, jihadwatch org, memritv org, and many others from President John Quincy Adams, President Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill and General Patton etc, etc, have explained and proven this ingreat detail. THESE are the facts for the last 1400 years.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

    • Pyrran

      “Do you guys really work for the Internal Revenue Service?”
      great movie and let’s hope it stays just a movie.

  • waytngtym

    We do have great intel–right here.

    We also have good intel everywhere. See Wikipedia:

    The Iranian citizens are strong freedom fighters. Imagine we were living under that here–we would be following the examples of the Iranian citizens as told in the Wiki story about Neda.

  • johnfromjersey

    We could end the problems in the ME in one fell swoop.
    We confirm when the Mullas and shmoolas and big shots are all together, like we see in photos? Then, send in a smart bomb, big enough to take all of them out at once.
    Problems solved. All the rest of the, “hiding behind women and children”, cowards of Islam, will go hide behind the rocks they crawled from. As an added bonus, the Chi-Coms and others will know to take us seriously from now on.