Iran’s secret ballistic missile base a secret no more

Gotta wonder how it is that a patriot like Reza Khalili has access to so much good intel on Iran and the US has what? Oh, that’s right – Obama and Johnny Jihadi Brennan. Never mind.

WND has learned of the existence of a secret ballistic missile base in Iran’s Semnan Province to which the Islamic regime has moved missiles armed with microbial warheads.

The Badr base, a center for air defense which has about 50 underground missile silos housing Iran’s Shahab 3 ballistic missiles, serves as Iran’s second-largest missile-launching site, and is under the control of the Revolutionary Guards.”

Hajizadeh last September warned Israel that the Islamic regime would launch a pre-emptive attack if it felt its enemies were preparing to attack Iran.

We cannot imagine the Zionist regime starting a war without America’s support,” he said. “Therefore, in case of a war, we will get into a war with both of them and we will certainly get into a conflict with American bases. … In that case, unpredictable and unimaginable things would happen and it could turn into a World War III.

The regime holds one of the largest ballistic missile arsenals in the Middle East and, as reported exclusively on WND, with the help of Russian and North Korean scientists, it has developed eight microbial agents, including anthrax, plague, smallpox and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), with some of the microbes genetically altered to leave the world defenseless against such an attack.

Iran has 170 missiles targeted at Tel Aviv from underground silos, some of which are armed with biological warheads, according to another source who served in Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and who recently defected.

The first source said the Semnan ballistic missile base is surrounded by many smaller bases that provide training to the support forces from the Badr and Khatamol Anbia brigades. The base and the surrounding bases also serve as the center for the regime’s aerospace activities, including the launches of Safir missiles that successfully placed satellites into orbit. Those launches are part of the intercontinental ballistic missile program.

The Semnan base, the source said, serves as a key role for that purpose with its capability to target Israel, U.S. military bases in the region and targets in the Persian Gulf.

The source warned that the regime will not give up its pursuit of the nuclear bomb and therefore is preparing for war and that the time wasted by meaningless negotiations has only empowered them with their preparations, which will engulf the region and collapse the global economy.

Containment? Yeah sure. Negotiations? Another laugher.

More here

Reza’s Iran Update news site.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    Iran has been boasting, posturing, threatening all week along with NKorea.

    Iran: 16 new nuke sites planned…huge new source of uranium.

    NKorea: Threatening destruction, warning US and SKorea against joint military exercises, firing mid-range missiles.

    They are hastening the terrible Day of the Lord.

    • BlueGood

      BREAKING NEWS ~~ BiBi turns a lot of Sand in Iran into Glass, Canadians offer Humanitarian Gesture to Iran to teach them how to Skate, play hockey on smooth shiny surfaces….

      • 57thunderbird


        • NPC

          It’s great to have that kind of sense of humor. Keep it coming.

          • 911Infidel

            Its so great having a sarcastic troll hanging about. So keep it up.

          • ok.
            whats the easiest way to get oil?
            look for the dark spot.

  • Brennan is a neanderthal…plain and simple. Add Hagel to that list. Containment only works if your enemy cares about dying. Remember it was Gold Meir that said “War with Muslims would end when they love their children more than they hate us”.

    Turn Iran to glass like should of been done to Afghanistan and if we had, Iran wouldn’t be blustering and bullying like they are today…let alone worse despots taken over in a so called ‘Arab Spring’ that is really the ME equivalent of the Iron Curtain.

  • clockwindingdown

    What they are doing is actively committing terrorism by threatening actions against those who would take action to stop them from proceeding to prepare for war.

    In other words, “wait while we better arm ourselves before beginning the war”…

  • deTocqueville1

    Well, I guess this is one of those good news, bad news things. One wonders how much longer Israel can go on without some preemptive action. But perhaps it is already too late for that and they know it. One hopes and prays not!

  • notsofastthere

    As Commander-In-Chief I refuse to put our military in harms way. I order you to ignore little threats from that little country. Muslims are peaceful and Ahmadinejad has a right to develop electricity and Social Justice for his great country, the Islamic Republic Of Iran.

    • NPC

      Yup, and Elvis is at Burger King, and Ben Gazhi was last seen at Walmart.

      • 911Infidel

        And you’re a comedian. I can see you aren’t going to last long.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “We cannot imagine the Zionist regime starting a war without America’s support,”

    Not much to worry about there as, long Barry is around, huh.

    • ladyjk

      No, I don’t think Barry the foreign college student would ever throw in with Israel as he is so “in” with Israel’s enemies. After seeing his actions in Egypt and Libya where we at least had some influence and some friendship he helped overthrow the governments with regimes that oppose Israel.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Oh, he will keep saying he’s ‘a friend’ to Israel and Jewish libs like Debbie Wassreman Schultz will nod like ‘Bobble Head Dolls’.

  • Cindy09

    If I follow what the Bible says; Iran will not use its nuclear weapons against Israel but will use them on Saudi Arabia.

    • maynardb50

      Give me the passage, please.

      • 911Infidel

        Zachariah 14:12 and some of the rest I posted above. or you can click on this link:

        Skip to the 54 minute mark.

    • NPC

      Ok Cindy, please enlighten me.

      • 911Infidel

        Ok skeptic. I will.

        Shoebat: “They could launch them (nukes) against Israel. But remember, the Israelis have the Arrow missile. It could meet any missile coming from Iran mid-way over the top of Saudi Arabia. And if you look at the Bible, remember, the Harlot is destroyed by two entities. By … the hand of My people, Israel, and then you have in Isaiah 21, Arise O Elam to destroy what? Arabia. Elam is Iran. Persia will destroy Arabia. I believe Arabia is the Harlot of Babylon. If you look at the Bible — when you read Babylon in the Bible — all the names of the cities, entities, regions within those [areas of] Babylon in the Bible, you will never find any ancient name of any Babylonian city … Every single vicinity [mentioned in Isaiah 21] is in Arabia. The burden against Dumah. Dumah is in Arabia… Dedan, Kedar, those are all in Arabia. It’s born from Babylon. That’s why it’s called the daughter of Babylon. We need to focus on Saudi Arabia because it is mentioned heavily in the Bible.”

        Jeremiah 50:9, “For behold, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon An assembly of great nations from the north country, And they shall array themselves against her; From there she shall be captured. Their arrows shall be like those of an expert warrior; None shall return in vain.”

        • Cindy09

          Thank you! 🙂

          • 911Infidel

            No problem nice lady. :p)

  • syvyn11

    If Ronnie was still President, he would send Iran a nuclear tipped NO THANK YOU to that base.

  • Mud

    I guess we are giving them plenty of time to prepare! Good idea ?

  • You cannot reason with a cancer cell. SOF needs to be tasked with infiltrating Iran, and destroying those weapons on site in a manner that can’t easily be called sabotage. Better Iranians die, than Israelis or Americans.

  • jimmie smith

    First there was an underground explosion at a nuclear site, now the exposure of underground missiles silos. This Reza Khalili fellow has taken some heat for his reporting over at WND, and a lot of posters over there were a bit skeptical…The explosion turned out to be true! So I tend too believe in what this guy writes about in regards to the middle east. Better to error on the side of caution, and listen too Mr. Khalili.

    • 911Infidel

      What makes him so credible is that he and others like him have contacts still within the Republican Guard who don’t like the regime in Tehran either. There is an underlying current of resistence in all levels of Iranian society. the West has no idea just how close that government is to collapse and revolution. All the west would have to do is support that resistence like we supported the resistence in the old USSR and Solidarity in Poland during the Cold War.A united front and a little shove and the occupants of Evin Prison will become the jailers. And the regime traitors running the show will hang from their own cranes.

  • These are the same people and unnamed sources who said Iraq has WMD’s. It’s a load of crap. Iran’s leader has a fatwa against nuclear weapons and Iran has never, ever attacked anyone. They’re a peaceful country. Don’t fall for the drumbeat of war again

    • 911Infidel

      Read the Congressional testimony. Those WMD’s were moved to Syria. Though we did find 550 metric tons of precurser binary agents and another 500 metric tons of Yellow cake from Saddam’s nuclear program. And just to top off things, two PFC’s from the 101st were exposed to mustard and Sarin gas in a mortar attack in the march to Baghdad.

      Furthmore Iram had made it national policy to develop a nuke and to use it.Their politics and their religion are one in the same. Their stated Raison d’être is the bringing about the return of their Mahdi through war and chaos. All in the interest in destroying the Jews as their Hadith states which is: “The end of the world cannot come until all the Jews are killed”.

      Go look at the movie “The Comming Is Upon Us. these people are already at war with the entire world. They are the chief state sponsors of terrorism around the globe.

      Iran attacks people every day through their proxies Hizbollah, Hamas, Al Qods, Bajji militia and Republican Guards. You might want to try that meme with the Sunnis in Syria. Or the people of Lebanon. Or the 300 spartans at Thermopylae. I’m pretty certain that they would disagree with you about Iran “never attacking anyone”.

      • They’re not developing nuclear weapons – the CIA has confirmed this – they’re developing nuclear reactors for electric power generation which is legal under international law. The revered Iranian leader has a fatwa against nuclear weapons and has said this many times including speaking out against aggression and saying they will never attack Israel but you dont want to listen, you want to invade and take over another country based on nothing more than anonymous sources?

        And as for arming and supporting proxies the US government has been doing it for as long as i can remember most recently in Libya when they helped overthrow Gadaffi.

        • 911Infidel

          Doesn’t make a hill of beans what the useless CIA says. Its what the Mahdi-ists say that I pay attention to.

          Wow love your dismissive attitude about facts. Enjoy your dellusion.

          • Infidel, the CIA are paid billions to advise on these matters… They monitor everything that goes on in IRAN… as for us mere mortals the only facts we have are statements and I can tell you their revered leader has a fatwa against nuke weapons so why would anyone in iran build them and risk being hung on one of those cranes for going against the leaders fatwa? I don’t understand the hysteria and never have. It’s the same rubbish that got us into Iraq and look at the mess there. 5,000 dead troops and a 10 year 1 trillion dollar occupation and it’s still not over. Car bombs almost daily and an unstable state. One tyrant replaced by another set of tyrants and a whole country destabalized and radicalized when it wasn’t before. How’s that ‘spreading democracy’ around working out for the neocons? it’s a failed policy.

            • 911Infidel

              The CIA has been infiltrated by Muslim and leftist miscreants. I got many other sources far more trustworthy. Oh and the Islamic world has always been rued by tyrants. Nothing has changed. You got a hate on for your country don’t you sparky?
              You’ll get no sympathy from me.

              • Are they the same sources who tell you Iraq’s WMD’s went to Syria when Syria was one of Saddam’s biggest enemies? The same Syria who supported Iran in the Iran-Iraq war and the US in the 1st gulf war? Just admit you were wrong then and are wrong now, dear god the last thing we need is a war with Iran who has never attacked anyone.

                BTW, the US government is the biggest supporter of tyrants in Saudi Araba, Jordan and all over Africa.

                • 911Infidel

                  Hey John. Go see your isolationist Paulbot drivel elsewhere. Maybe get some help for those dellusions. Your wasting my time.

        • jimmie smith

          Isn’t this the same CIA that gave their Intelligence report Pryor to the Iraq invasion? That said there were WMDs, and they were wrong according to the left… and all of a sudden.. now their right?…Don’t be naive

    • ask a kurd what a wmd is.
      and iran has financed many attacks worldwide.

    • rsfan1

      You really believe Iran’s a peaceful country when their president denies the Holocaust and threatens to wipe Israel off the map?

      Let me guess, you probably think Israel is a warmonger… right?

      • Yes, they are a peaceful country who has NEVER attacked anyone unlike the U.S government who has attacked Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and lots of other countries in the last 40 years.

        • rsfan1

          Let me act like a Libertarian for a second….

          “So go live in Iran if you think it’s so peaceful!!”

          Iran funds Hezbollah, do you think they’re peaceful? And you didn’t answer my question about Israel but did show your hatred toward America. Interesting….

  • Liberals_are_idiots

    This WILL be the obama legacy! Failed president, worthless leadership, responsible for global collapse. Millions dead.
    God help us.

  • Biggbear52

    Was not a secret 34 years when my troop was there defending there punk rumps. My unit blew the crap out of it 3 times between 1978 and 1980!

    • thought that name sounded familiar.
      in late 80’s we were aware of it. my memory is fuzzy though, don’t remember if the FA batteries considered using the lance missiles against them or not.

      • Biggbear52

        Used them and many, Many snipers during the Afghan/ Pakistan Chinese border war with Russia in 1978/79 just before the Entebbe fiasco with carter. Yes I was there. He owes fourteen families everything!

  • T4Ut

    “We cannot imagine the Zionist regime starting a war without America’s support,” he said. “Therefore, in case of a war, we will get into a war with both of them and we will certainly get into a conflict with American bases. … In that case, unpredictable and unimaginable things would happen and it could turn into a World War III.

    The regime holds one of the largest ballistic missile arsenals in the Middle East and, as reported exclusively on WND, with the help of Russian and North Korean scientists, it has developed eight microbial agents, including anthrax, plague, smallpox and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), with some of the microbes genetically altered to leave the world defenseless against such an attack.”

    They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah. – Psalm 57:6

    And every nation which shall war against thee, O house of Israel, shall be turned one against another, and they shall fall into the pit which they digged to ensnare the people of the Lord. And all that fight against Zion shall be destroyed, and that great whore, who hath perverted the right ways of the Lord, yea, that great and abominable church, shall tumble to the dust and great shall be the fall of it. – 1Ne 22:14