IRS whistleblower blows the roof off IRS tax fraud

Wow. This IRS whistleblower, Howard Antelis, says he got tired of reporting fraud to his managers and getting told to look the other way. The fraud deals mostly with illegals and other criminals signing up for ITINs (like social security numbers) to get tax credits that they aren’t supposed to get, costing the tax payer over 4 billion every year. Antelis took his case to the Inspector General in Washington DC and they took immediate action and audited the IRS. This guy is a true American hero.

Watch below:

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  • nibblesyble

    Once again are on the ball. Love to hear and watch when a man/woman stand up against any machine and do it with courage and dignity. Hope to see some heads rolling on this one!

  • HARP2

    Most transparent administration my a$$

    • c4pfan

      It’s been going on longer than even Obama.

      • nibblesyble

        I agree, but one can’t disagree with the general statement on a whole…

    • 12grace

      Yes, but obama is the prez now and is responsible for his administrations criminal actions.

    • dong_ha68

      yeah Harp2. as transparent as a cement wall

  • detectivedick

    Just the tip of the iceberg. Marxist redistribution to collapes the USA since we don’t have a annual budget. This man is a true patriot, but watch your back with Holder as AG.

  • c4pfan

    There was a case like this in CO and the illegals got away with it! The court sided with them! Can you believe it?

    Oh, and scoop, will you have an open thread when the Olympics starts?

  • This man is a hero.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Yep, so the IRS cut his pay!

      • They screw up, he calls them on it, he pays? Yeah right…. like I’ll respect that! Do they want to keep on perpetuating the “stereotype” that they’re evil? No. Then why do they do such stupid stuff??

  • PVG

    This is the agency to enforce hellthcare?

  • Alborn

    This is the way with all government programs. The food stamp program is the same way. When I worked in it back in the 90s we were not allowed to deny benefits when we could prove the applicant was lying. We had to approve the benefits and make a referral to a fraud unit that never did anything about the fraud. Any wonder that all working people hate the government. No more taxes until the the government is cleaned up.

  • He is a hero! I’d be imagining having the IRS as an enemy, will they audit him next and make his life he!!?
    Over 4 billion in fraud caught here alone. Not to mention the over 1 billion in unpaid taxes by government employees, and dear leader’s aids which owed nearly 9 hundred million. Imagine if there was no tax fraud or cheats, the government would probably be ahead. I hope a new administration would address and do something about the tax code in this country- it sucks.

  • Doc Clear

    There will be no answers. This guy will be slowly worked out of the system and it will continue at breakneck speed to turn a blind eye to fraud. Look at all the Democrats just in the administration that had tax problems. Think of all the black people claiming slavery restitution or whatever it was. It’s like us Conservatives are the only suckers who actually pay taxes. The rest use it for a piggy bank to MAKE money. That’s the stupid part. If we just zeroed these people out and told them the good news was they didn’t have to pay anything this year, they’d be furious. Furious because they make anywhere from 2-10K a year off the income tax. I’m talking EITC and other ‘credits’. It’s incomprehensible that we literally pay people to just exist. I say we eliminate everything and if you owe nothing then you don’t pay. If you owe nothing but paid in 1000, then you get the 1000 back.

    They are no longer interested in fraud, unless it’s a Conservative. They’ll audit every known Conservative, and hound them for $250 they forgot to put down in interest which ends up making their payment $20 short but turn a blind eye to the guy who literally robs the system. It’s the way of EVERY govt now. Even at a local level our police don’t really try and catch burglars or thieves. It seems that the public knows nothing about this until it’s too late and they were counting on the cops. Then they realize. But the criminals know. The Liberals know that none of these rules are being enforced. It’s us idiots that still believe in working within the system.

    • c4pfan

      The people that did it in Colorado (before Obama) got away with it.

      • 12grace

        But obama is the Prez now and fully culpable for what happens in HIS administration.


      Thank you and Amen!


      I know Howard and he will stand his ground !!!

  • Grumblton

    I saw a report on this a bit ago where the whistle blower’s identity was hidden. Very brave of him to report this in the first place and then come out in public with it. Sadly, I wasn’t too shocked that this was going on. I was disturbed how blatantly and arrogantly they are retaliating against him.

  • They have ID to file for tax money but can’t be expected to to vote?! Oh yeah fraud is not a problem in Govt at all!! And nice to hear there is 1 out of the millions of govt workers who took same ethical vote actually work to uphold their word and their honor! And must say proud this news story came from my home state of Indiana! And luck enough to have Republican governor who won’t initiate Obama Care-tax!! Good to be a Hoosier!!

  • Just in time for Obamacare.

  • c4pfan

    It’s not just the IRS. The courts in Colorado sided with the people that helped the illegals obtain illegal Soc Sec numbers and tax credits. Never heard about it ever since then.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      those states that pander to the illegals, they are hurting also. more so then the conservative one’s. jmo

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      is there a open thread here?

  • WordsFailMe

    We’ve been waiting for a single American hero, like Chief Justice John Roberts or Congressman Ben Nelson Or Senator Mary Landrieu, the slimy swamp bat from Louisiana. But there ain’t one.

    No Spiderman perched on a gargoyle and it’ll probably turn out that even Superman is on the “down-low.”

    But his regular guy and those in the ATF like him, spots the lying cheats who manage the critical affairs of this country and speaks up about it.

    He will be crucified as is standard for the Obamnites. And the liberals will pause, sniff each other butts for a week and justify it as a “Christian act.”

    Happy Fourth, my friends.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    This whole administration is so corrupt, worse in history imo. nov 6th can not get here soon enough, still have hope something good comes out of the convention,.

    • kong1967

      I think your humble opinion is shared by everyone here.

    • layne22

      Let’s remember this has been going on for more than President Obama’s administration. We have MANY bureaucrats that have the same leftist ideology that our present administration has. We need to scale back big government in a BIG way!

  • opinionatedhermit

    Thank you Scoop!!!

    That was excellent.

    A particularly good part: A whistle blower saving the tax payer potential billions … is said that his “job performance” is lacking. A whistle blower …and, they base his pay on this … the same people who he just busted, do a job performance report on him … and, that means his pay goes down. I don’t know what to say. Honest, you can’t make this shit up.

    “We are from the Government. And, we’re here to help” Oh, boy. I can hardly wait ….

    Please, dear God. I beg mercy! Save us from these clowns!

  • librtifirst

    My brain is melting. I don’t even have the strenght to post anything substantive.

    • kong1967

      Do you ever? ROFLMAO !!! I’m just playing with ya, man. You’re a good guy to chat with.

      • librtifirst

        You have a point. For all I know, I might be the only one who thinks what I say has any substance, ever. 🙂

        • kong1967

          Nope, you’re not the only one.

          • librtifirst

            Thanks friend.

            Now I can quit taking my psych meds. 🙂

            • kong1967

              Well, now wait. Then you might get psychotic and flip out on us, lol. 🙂

              • librtifirst

                It is a good thing that we have Obama Care, because otherwise, I would have to make these decisions for myself.

                This is my sister. She found out that the new laws are already dictating what her doctor does concerning her.


                • kong1967

                  Well, we were warned that Obamacare punishes doctors for having too many visits for a certain ailment. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they will be punished for not making sure you get preventative care.

  • rjcylon

    This man has a lot of guts. I know that he realizes his main job as an IRS employee is to get as many illegal immigrants as possible to vote for Obama in November. He has to know this, his lackluster performance review and cut in pay are a testament to this.

    It’s amazing, so much fraud and wasted taxpayer money, yet Obama tells us these programs are the key to our economic future.

    I will admit the obvious though, I did not go to Harvard, and Obama did. So take my words with a grain of salt. I am ignorant and not part of the nobility.

    • We’re all a part of the unwashed masses rjcylon. Even if any Scoopers are Haaaahvaaahd grads, they’re not a part of the elite, so they too are unwashed just as we ignorant prols.

      • kong1967

        Lol, “Haaaahvaahd”. You crack me up.

    • kong1967

      Ignorant my ass. Good post.

  • kong1967

    They’ll start cracking down on it? Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. The IRS will destroy an American citizen over small amounts of money, yet they look the other way for illegals? I find that a little suspicious and knowing how overbearing they are I don’t believe they didn’t have an agenda behind this. They were probably told to do it by left wing politicians.

  • OldmanRick

    Howard Antelis is a true patriot who will be harassed, threatened, isolated, marginalized, and destroyed by the system.

    It can be shown that if corruption, waste, theft, and mismanagement were reduced throughout the fed govt and its programs, we would not have an annual deficit of 1.3 to 1.6 trillion dollars. Start with Medicare, Medicaid, the fed pill program, and go from there. It’s absolutely scary how the govt wastes taxpayer dollars.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Instructing auditors to look the other way when fraud is being perpetrated within the IRS; another reason not to trust our own government. I don’t understand the mindset of the leadership (?) within that agency…they want to deliberately hamstring our economy!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      They are simply trying to avoid ACLU lawsuits. They’ve confused “discriminating” with “discrimination.” This is just one of the million freedom-losses we suffer when we disallow the use of common sense in exchange for fear of lawsuits.

    • AllantheK

      It would seem to me that they have evidence of fraud, by the managers. Buh bye.

  • wodiej

    This is why we have trillions in deficit across the board in all agencies. Waste and fraud.

  • Pyrran

    I guess this guy’s next stop is his Congressman. Time to invoke the whistle blower law for his protection. They always start with your review first. Can’t fire you if you’re a good employee, sooooo…..

  • Howard is a true American. Thank you.

  • Don

    Reign in the corruption and fraud and then lets talk about the national debt. The attack on the middle class must stop if we are to survive as a nation.

  • d1carter

    I fear we have lost our way…

  • jeepwonder

    These sound like Obama’s kind of people.
    Are they going to move to Chicago, the machine there would take to these kinds of government employees.

  • WestGAFlash

    It is long overdue. Where is the call to de-fang the IRS? How does this branch of the Treasury perpetually get away with this? 73,000 pages of tax code that no one can understand, and 4,500 more IRS agents being hired to enforce ObozoCare? At the minimum, isn’t’ this a States issue? Does this stink like rotting fish, or is it just me?

  • virginiagentleman1

    Little by little and step by step, the correction of what is wrong in America comes into glaring focus before the eyes of the American citizen.
    Patriots like Mr. Antelis are exposing the evils of an out of control government.

    If you remember nothing else on this DAY of INDEPENDENCE, remember that a vast government requires vast revenue. That revenue comes from our pockets only to be given to those who have no legal stake in America. WE are paying for our own subjugation.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Well thankfully, the gov’t who allows this kind of malfeasance won’t run our health care. Whew!

    Oh wait…

    • stevenbiot

      Oh believe me, medical care will definitely be worse. My job will be focused more on paperwork and government nonsense than patient care. Welcome to Obamaville.

  • keninil

    So did anyone go to JAIL ??? It sounds like willful fraud from the clip. A bad job review or resignation is certainly not punishment enough.

    Someone was making serious money on this and it wasn’t the undocumented applicants.

  • Yazz55

    Its good and refreshing to see an honest ethical person working for the IRS, or for any government agency or burueacracy for that matter. They are truly few and hard to find.

    The Austin Texas IRS center processes all international items, tax returns as well as issuing these ITIN’s. Years ago the IRS started issuing ITIN’s to those who need to file a tax return but aren’t qualified for a Soc Sec No. That way they would be able to file a tax return and the IRS would have some way of identifying the person. Recently, I heard or read something about the IRS doing something to scrutinize the program that issues these ITIN’s. Now, seeing this video, I know and understand the need to do so.

    Over the years, I had been involved in various CPA Society tax committees that deals with the IRS. Accordingly, I’ve attended many meetings with CPA’s and IRS managers, frequently upper level managers. Much cooperation has been fostered through this type of venue and has made the IRS easier to work with. Yeah, I know that can be a bit difficult to believe, but it really could be much worse. No internal IRS corruption matters were ever on the agenda at these meetings. But bad CPA’s and their transgressions were always brought up by IRS management.

    Some of the allegations I heard were from reliable sources. Some were from former IRS personnel, who still had contacts on the inside. Through these contacts, over the years I had heard about various corruption scandals within the IRS through third parties and occasionally from a manager I worked with on various cases and knew personally, who might say something privately and off the record, when no one else was around. These more honest managers did seriously detest the corruption they saw, but also knew that they really couldn’t do much about it as it went well up above their level. They just did their best to steer clear of it. It was always kept internal within the IRS. You never ever publicly heard about these scandals. Rarely, if ever did a scandal go public. Frequently, after hearing one of those rumors about a IRS scandal, several managers got “re-assigned” never to be heard from again. Presumably, the re-assigning was to put them in some sort of a job, in a distant office, where they could be watched carefully until their retirement.

    • Nice post

      From the whistle blower himself–this is Howard Antelis

  • nehemiahreturns

    What happens when a legal citizen commits tax fraud? Will the penalties be the same for the illegals who stole from us and the officials who allowed it? That’s what is most disturbing about this story – nothing will be done about any of these people. The officials may be disciplined but allowed to keep their jobs, and the illegals won’t be rounded in up and tossed in jail like any of us would if we did the same crime. And retaliation by the IRS against this guy by slashing his performance rating scores? This type of action would be deemed actionable against any American employer who does the same to a whistleblower, but apparently not if the government is the employer.

  • Bunjy

    I’m so sick of having to pay my taxes every year (self-employed) and every quarter, only to see garbage like this going on. Anyone here think I could get away with this and see the light of day again? Thought not. Who says we should stop using “the I word” (illegal) in as a descriptor for undocumented “immigrants”? Okay. How about we use cross-discipline scofflaws, instead? Happy 4th of July, indeed.

    • Holdmynose

      How about we use the word foreigner. As in…The president wants to allow foreigners to live here without papers,foreigners to get free healthcare ,foreigners to be allowed to vote, foreigners to get welfare, foreigners to take American jobs and foreigners to commit tax fraud. Puts the real situation in perspective doesn’t it?

  • badbadlibs

    bo is NOT going to like this!

  • stevenbiot

    That’s enough evidence for me to see that it is time to shut the IRS down, and implement a flat tax. Wankers!!

  • nickshaw

    How much do you want to bet this will not make it into the LSM and that we will hear nothing more of it?

  • CG patriot

    Massive IRS fraud= Massive illegal invaders. Yeah, I’m alway’s amazed when I see a “brand new pick-up truck” passing me by, with the entire cab full of these Paco’s, grinning ear to ear and thinking– oh’ how nice…………, and on our TAX dollar’s no less.

    and two year’s back, the IRS came after me for 78,000 on my 401k, I call them BASTARDS, sorry for the language!

    The La RAZA movement is infiltrated in many levels of our Government. I hope this whistle blower hires a bodyguard.


    Very upsetting and kudos to this man for exposing the insanity. Thank you Scoop. Everybody call your representtives, and email this to your friends if they have still not awoken, please.

  • hongryhawg

    The pretender’s army.

  • cheyennecowboy

    More of our fine government action of which we can certainly be proud as Americans. CORRUPTION. Fire the ba$tards.

  • thatsitivehadenough

    Remember that airplane that crashed in Florida a number of years ago, and all on board were killed because of an oxygen tank on board, or something else that was illegal?

    I have a friend who was an inspector for the FAA, when they discovered that companies were shipping forbidden and dangerous cargo on passenger planes they reported it and filed a complaint. The results?

    They were fired! After years of legal battles, they were re-instated with pay. But by then didn’t want the job back.

  • shagstar

    his managers are pissed because, all of their pre-planned kick back’s have been halted for the time being! he messed with their money and now,,their screwing around with his along with his job performance! friggin crook’s!

  • bobemakk

    Wow, excellent. I am a retired federal worker, and I was tired of being told by the “empty suit” managers to look the other way on wasted money. My ass’t manager retalieated and created problems for me. I started to write a book about it but got sick ill and had to retire. I saw only the tip of the iceberg and I give this man credit for speaking out.

  • libertyandtyranny

    I’d love to see a liberal try to argue for a bigger government when we have an IRS that supports criminal behavior. We need a FLAT TAX NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • budakyle

    We also have to remember that people, like this whistle blower, is putting IRS employees at risk!!!! Will there be another plane flown into another building? And innocent people killed? There are better ways to do this!!!!!

  • Great! Now more honest IRS workers should step and join him and reveal all the fraud that takes place with this agency. He just got a paycut for saving billions of dollars of our money! Why is that allowed? Where is the justice? He should earn a huge reward, they have a program where you can call and report people who cheat on their taxes and receive a percentage of the amount the IRS recovers! This man should get no less. This is the agency that is going to be in charge of the healthcare money. Don’t you just see the massive fraud that will be involved in that??? I do.

  • indy56

    Do we really need any more reasons to go to a flat tax and get rid of these fools.


    I worked with Howard, until I just could not take the frustration anymore. He will fight till the end. Way to go Howard !!!

  • Whistleblowers/Guardians of honesty must be rewarded adequately so that more of them come forward without fears for their family’s livelihood and economic security. Of course those making false accusations must receive their just due as well. Ultimately this trend will discourage corruption in all classifications throughout government and all private concerns.

  • you want to know abot real tax laws and how they are supposed to be levied… here you go.

  • midnightgolfer

    The IRS is too easily weaponized against the People. This is merely another example of its corruption.

  • Tax Loopholes Investigation

  • mainbei649

  • andrew vandenberg


  • Bellyup

    It should have a internal complicity. Nobody can receive a Tax credit using a ITIN number, absolutely NOBODY. The IRS system rejects this kind of benefit when the applicant request the benefit using ITIN numbers.

  • Bellyup

    @BunjyThe scams exist only if there is someone who will accept

  • Bellyup

    @keninil Agree. Someone is doing a big deal. I hope  an investigation goes deeply to see who are the responsibles!

  • RalphC

    @kong1967 They were probably told to do it by right wing open-borders politicians.

  • RalphC

    A year has passed. What’s happening?