“It was a joke!” Kirsten Powers hammers Obama/Hillary interview as state-run propaganda interview


I’ll be honest and tell you I couldn’t stomach watching 60 Minutes interview Obama and Hillary together last night. But apparently I didn’t miss much more than a 60 Minutes butt-kiss to both Obama and Hillary.

Kirsten Powers criticized the interview saying there were no real questions of substance asked of either Obama or Hillary and that CBS 60 Minutes was clearly used as a campaign advertisement, which apparently they didn’t mind. She also called the interview a joke, saying it reminded her of a state-run propaganda interview.

Watch the interview:

(via Mediaite)

UPDATE: Allen West says interview disturbing, that both Obama and Hillary are DELUSIONAL regarding Egypt & Al Qaeda in the Maghreb. He adds at the end that CBS is now the propaganda wing of the White House.

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  • PhillyCon

    “Why isn’t the President asked these questions?” (on Mali, Algeria. etc).

    Duh? Ace’s piece on the media is a must read and just validates what we already knew.

  • sDee

    reminded her of a state-run propaganda interview.

    That might be because it is the State propaganda machine interviewing the State Chairman and his Lieutenant

  • PhillyCon

    Also, Rush coined “state run media” for years now. Glad to see it finally being used.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Why is Kirsten Powers the only Democrat that gets this?

    • c4pfan

      I think that Pat guy (I don’t know why I’m forgetting his last name) gets it.

      • usa4eva

        that would be Pat Caddell.

      • 3seven77

        Do you mean Pat Cadell? Yes, he gets it too.

        • nibblesyble

          exactly 3!

    • aposematic

      I believe most of the D talking heads get it, they just refuse to ever say it; that’s why they are nothing but deceivers and liars.

  • aposematic

    Kirstin Powers nails CBS’s 60 Minutes: State run Media, pure propaganda, campaign ad, etc. Tucker Carlson being his normal diplomatic self.

    • c4pfan

      You mean that Tucker Carlson is being his usual wimpy self!

  • Did anyone really expect otherwise?

    • Tiffini

      I don’t think the “people” (us) expected different, but somehow the “other media” always seems so surprised when the “state run media” fails to nail Obama, or anyone from the left on anything.

      • And that is precisely the problem. they need to adjust to the new normal and act accordingly. I am more surprised when they actually do unbiased reporting.

        • Tiffini

          me too Laurel, Rush calls that “a random act of journalism,” wish we could have more of those.

  • Joe

    Tougher questions would be

    Boxers or Briefs !

    Panties or Thongs!

    (This makes up for that elevator kissing video!)

    • Joe

      The sad part of this – They will get another “PASS” from the other MSM jerks

    • oregonproud

      They did!

    • Orangeone

      “They should have just interviewed Beavis and BUTThead”

      I thought that’s who was interviewed…

  • c4pfan

    CBS has been for a long time! Why do you think they did the kiss up/get Bill Clinton re-elected with the Monica thing, went after the GOP with fake info (Dan Rather), etc.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Hillary and Bill been ‘interviewed’ by this same guy Croft before back when Teflon Bill’s womanizing was big news. Read the history and hear about the mobster threats of which Hillary (and Bill) are quite capable.

    Obama threats – well they might be more than threats…even against the Clinton crime family. During the 2008 campaign, one of the Clintons’ staff was mysteriously killed after threats were made (a victim of gun violence…gasp.) http://www.politijim.com/2012/03/did-obama-assassinate-clinton-delegates.html

  • stage9

    Wow! I’m proud of Kirsten!

    • tinlizzieowner

      Even some Democrat ‘talking heads’ have a lucid moment, once in a while but remember, she’s an (evil) Fox News contributor, so she can’t be a ‘real’ Democrat in the media’s eyes. 😉 😉

  • Sandra123456

    This interview was another bright shiny object to distract from Benghazi.

    What difference does it make?

    “Does it matter that a usurping president and grossly incompetent secretary of state lied to the nation throughout the presidential election regarding the cause of the attacks? And what difference does it make that U.S. foreign policy is conducted by Mrs. Clinton’s personal attaché and a practicing Muslim, Huma Abedin?

    What difference does it make that the U.S. Department of Justice prosecuted a YouTube filmmaker over a video that none of the attacking mob even saw? What difference does it make that the U.S. Senate holds public hearings, when the results have been negotiated and agreed upon in private for weeks or months ahead of the hearings?” (Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/what-difference-does-it-make-hillary/#dxReLOR3UuboYthu.99 )

    Doesn’t make any difference to CBS. Obviously…

  • GuessWhoFan

    Politcians are not the problem with our country. They are what they’ve always been: Egotistical, self-absorbed gas bags looking out for their own best interests – and that goes for both sides of the aisle. As individuals, we choose to support those whose own best interests are most closely aligned with our own best interests.

    The real problem with this country is the complete corruptness of the media. The expression “ethical journalism” is a farce. What was once a watch dog has become a lap dog. No one feels any accountability, because those best positioned to demand it have actively and unabashedly chosen sides in the dialogue.

    I fear for this country that I love.

    • jodypear

      You’re right. The media is a great problem. So is the irresponsibility of the citizenry in the management and oversight of its employees in the government.

    • GretaN

      WRONG – BOTH are the problem.

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    You’re officially apparatchiks…no fourth estate..founders didn’t foresee Socialists and Socialist indoctrination in schools
    I’m very sad..I thought I left this behind

    • stage9

      I think we all did my friend, but apparently while you were being brutalized by this demonic worldview, communists were exporting their poison to the US in the 1960’s. We had knuckleheads over here bowing at communism’s feet, acting like they had somehow missed out on something “cool” by not growing up as a slave to it.

      We’re working on them though, but sometimes you have to take people out behind the wood shed and knock some sense into them before they wake up. That day may be quickly approaching.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Phony interview with a phony president and a phony Secretary of Defense, neither of which is doing a decent job with their respective responsibilities!!!! As for Clinton being one of the best SOS, that is ridiculous…what about Benghazi, Hillary? Those two personalities are very tiresome!!!!

    • stage9

      Well, “best SOS” doesn’t mean the same thing to you as it does to them.

      Put yourself in a marxist’s shoes for a moment. From a marxist’s point of view she is one of the best at helping to weaken America in the eyes of the world.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        You’re correct, Stage9. My perspective on the subject certainly isn’t the same as the Great Pretender and his cronies!!!!!!

      • notsofastthere

        Everything Obama does makes perfect sense when viewed from a Marxist point of view.
        How come we know that, but Boehner and McConnell are clueless?

  • boats48

    We need to boycott the main stream media! We also need another voice of conservative TV other than Fox. They are changing toward the mainstream because of gov’t criticism. I’m hoping Blaze TV will fill that void. The networks and other cable news outlets are thoroughly in the tank for Obama & Co. and pretty much have crowned Hillary as heir apparent. Please notice that there is a sparsity of reportage on the unconstitutionality of O’s NLRB picks. Hardly anyone outside of the blogs are talking about that, even Fox (Friday night, Special Report).

  • My FIL was going on about how “level-headed” Kirsten is sounding, for a Dem.

    I told him, “You think she voted for Obama?”, and he said, “Oh, probably, sure!” and I said: “Well, she said as much, I believe, so I don’t care what kind of $h!t comes out of her mouth at this point. She’s a traitorous b!tch, and nothing she says NOW makes a damn bit of difference, to me.”

    Man, I tell ya, this whole Admin and their propogandists, and what they’re doing to my country, is making me one cranky gal. LOL

  • c4pfan

    Has any sitting GOP person said anything about the interview yet?

  • Sober_Thinking

    What? No truth or honor or journalistic integrity in the MSM?

    All of these MSM rags are cows. Tools. Worthless.

    What a shameful and dysfunctional situation America is in… Obama and Hillary are treated like royalty (even though they are first class crap weasels and liars) and the MSM no longer has the nads to call out these posers, these phonies, these criminals.

    And the common lemmings and dumbmasses buy right into this sham. So enfuriating.

    Props to Powers… every broken clock is right twice a day. Sometimes even she gets fixed and works properly.

  • “Go down as finest … ” eh? Steve Croft was the only one “going down.”

  • 3seven77

    NO ONE should be surprised by this “interview”. Happens all the time. Also on the “news shows” this weekend, George Snuffleuphisbutt “interviewed” NJ dem Bob Menendez and didn’t ask a single question about his use of underage prostitutes in Latin America either.

    • bongobear

      ‘Snuffleuphisbutt’…may I steal that?

    • Orangeone

      Wasn’t Menendez the one with the illegal alien sex offender that was hidden until after the election?

  • Redford1974

    Why is anyone surprised. Hillary will get the wh in 2016…then we’re back to trailer trash occupying our WH

    • stage9

      I’ll take “trailer trash” over a New England or Chicago sodomite any day.

      • Redford1974

        Written like true trailer trash…thanks for making my point

  • NYGino

    One word. Pravda.

  • Pathetic. I decent reporter would have asked a bunch of questions about Libya, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and al Qaeda, all of which are spinning out of control as we speak. And you would think a good journalist would ASK those questions because they would actually MAKE news and boost ratings. Seems like CBS just doesn’t care about that anymore, becoming nothing but propaganda hacks for the White House. Like I said, pathetic.

  • Conservator1

    Yeah right; Hillary will go down as one of the finest SOS America has had. She’s another Henry Kissinger in Obama’s dismal foreign policy team. Heck, President Carter was able through his SOS Cyrus Vance and National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinsk to get a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

    What has Hillary accomplished? Her and Barack have done everything they can to end Carter’s peace treaty legacy

  • James1754

    What is this a kiss fest between these two. It is bad when the columnist from the Daily Beast calls it propaganda. 60 minutes is suppose to be a “news” show? As theses folks said, this is a campaign endorsement.

  • ryanomaniac

    Hey, what does it matter! Per Hillary.

  • kong1967

    Ugh, my video won’t even show up on the screen to play. Sum-tings wrong, lol.

    This is why I like Kirsten Powers. She’s a Democrat, but she’s an honest one. Unlike the others, she will not look at a blue sky and call it red if the Democrat politicians say it is.

  • Wouldn’t it be a kick if Hillary won in 2016, then divorced Bill just before taking office?
    Well, for a few minuets anyway.

    • notsofastthere

      Bill would make a great First Lady. He could tour the world with his initiative for young woment to practice safe sex. He would even avail himself to personally counsel these ladies, in America, Africa, China, or Muslim countries.
      He was credited as our first black president, and now he could be our first male, first lady.


    I especially liked the part when he said: “I have to ask about Benghazi, but first (cue violins and sobbing minions), how is your health (poor thing)?

    I thought I was gonna puke. Thankfully I hadn’t had dinner yet…

  • tinlizzieowner

    News Flash: American Embassy in Cairo closes (again) because of violence.
    Hey Hillary, you did a great job (promoting yourself) as Sec. of State but I’m sure ‘Hanoi John’ can do better (promoting himself, that is) 😉 😉
    Obama praises Hillary ‘for logging millions of (tax payer) miles’. If there was anybody who would know about ‘logging (tax payer) miles’, Obama and family would, right?

    • bongobear

      Zing! I love it.

      • tinlizzieowner

        ‘Situational hypocrisy’ pizzes me off and I can’t think of 3 bigger situational hypocrites than Barry, Hitlery, and ‘Hanoi’ John.

  • bongobear

    CBS doesn’t care what me, you or Kirsten Powers thinks about them. They only care what Obama and the lib army think.

    • TMZ2

      And I could give a crap what CBS does. Communist Broadcasting Service.

  • Rocco11

    And yet what will Powers do in the next election? Why vote straight democrat, of course. What’s the point of this piece again?

  • ryanomaniac

    I’m glad they mentioned the fact that Obama said on 60 minutes that he didn’t know if what happened in Libya was terrorism. 60 minutes sat on that. I kinda remember a story the other day about the political director of CBS telling Obama to go for the GOP’s throat. Among other things. Only thing I can see that’ll change these bastards minds is a good ole fashioned ass whippin’. It goes a long way.

  • 57thunderbird

    Why is anybody surprised by this?The three big networks and CNN have been complicit and functioning as the Obamao propaganda ministry since he first showed up on the campaign trail in 08.

  • MadAsHellJack

    Yes Mr. Presidnet all of your adoring fans want to know if you put out or put in???

    Until everyone turns off the alphabet networks this crap will continue. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    • 57thunderbird

      It is geared toward the low information voters(sheeple).

  • LadyLiberty2000

    There is no doubt in my mind that the CBS “interview” (aka lovefest) was a quid pro quo. Hillary is lying and covering something (more than likely multiple things) and BO’s public declaration of appreciation (and undying love) was negotiated for her silence. It’s a sad state of affairs that there are people out there that don’t see thru this b.s.

    • 57thunderbird

      One correction.(aka pukefest)

    • Orangeone

      As well as his fraud machine for 2016 and millions from his new “nonprofit”

  • syvyn11

    I’ll give the devil her due, Kristen is one of the few lefties that will hold the left accountable. Sometimes.

  • Diogenes_wy

    I have been watching Kirsten for some time and believe that the conservatism of Fox is beginning to alter her viewpoint, unlike Alan Combs and Bob Beckel, who are irreversibly die hard far left progressives or Pat Cadell, who is an old school Democrat, not a leftist socialist/progressive.

    • RonPaulSupporter2

      Interesting comment. Not sure I completely agree with you about Kirsten but you might be right. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

      I think, like Pat Cadell, Doug Schoen can probably be categorized as an “old school democrat” also.

      All the best to you.


    …Obama and Hillary comedy team Headlines on CBS , what a DISGRACE .”

  • Biggbear52

    To by blatantly honest, which I usually am. I have not nor will I watch 60 Minuets since they ripped Pete rose for betting and touted the baseball players for using DOPE to muscle up. Either way you slice it, it is CHEATING. Anyway the script came down from the FOURTH REICH OFFICE about an hour or so before said interview. Of course there weren’t any leading or questions of substance. That would denote a modicum of potential truth. Which we all know this REICH, causes severe pain!

  • drphibes

    Poor Plugs.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I hate to agree with her, but Kirsten Powers was right. Zero would think that Hillary is one of the best Secretaries of State in history. LMAO!!! That’s not surprising. Why, he thinks he is the best President in the history of the world! Just ask him. He’ll tell you.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    MacCallum and Hemmer are just now agreeing that “state-run media” is a good term used to describe the propagandist media arm of Zero? Where have they been?

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    What do you know? Zero interviewing Zero! Oh and I guess Hillary was there too.