“It’s worse than you know” – Dan Bongino interview with Glenn Beck

Dan Bongino gave a short but great interview yesterday with Glenn Beck, talking about how bad it is for liberty under the Obama administration. Bongino says some of these scandals Obama is mired in are back-breaking scandals and yet nothing is happening now because of the ‘scandal fog’ we’re in. He tells Beck that there has always been a line that administrations don’t cross and yet this administration seems to cross those lines every day.


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  • Swamp Fox

    Dan is a patriot.

  • ArchAng3l

    He’s not the only one who is aware of these scandals in the government…and until these other people stand up for liberty and moral reasons…NOTHING WILL HAPPEN…

    It’s all in God’s hands….give it to Him

  • colliemum

    There’s one candidate whom you can support without giving to the RNC,and that Dan Bongino.
    Just saying’ …

    • OneThinDime

      Dan Bongino is asking people to support his friend Col. Rob Maness for US Senate in Louisiana. Here’s the website. http://robmaness.com/

      • Molly Lou

        I’m from Louisiana and I’ll be voting for Maness.

        • OneThinDime

          Excellent. Please keep us up-to-date on how we can help.

  • badbadlibs

    Wonder what the left and the rino’s have up their sleeve to destroy this good man’s candidacy?

  • stage9

    MARXISM 101. marxism is one thing Americans have a difficult time wrapping their heads around. It’s a foreign concept to us. But that is what we’re seeing rise in this nation. A nation of marxists. I feel it in my bones.

    • badbadlibs

      Many, many years of Marxist professors is paying off.

    • Laurel

      The sad part is it is the laziest of types of thinking. It appeals to our worse natures not our better ones.

  • jgilman1

    I’ve watched this guy for years. There is only one person that I know of that gave up a cushy gov’t paycheck because of his principles and it is this guy.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Dan is running in the district next to me. I am helping him in his efforts. My hope is that he wins and inspires someone in my area to follow his example.

  • PNWShan


  • kong1967

    He’s exactly right. Government will be able to destroy whoever it wants, which will mean conservatives being targeted.

  • Carmtom13

    Bongino is the real deal, he is a constitutional conservative and stands on principle. After what the GOP establishment, Wills, Loser Rove and the rest of the brain dead cocktail CBC in DC back stabed Cuccinelli, do NOT donate one penny to the RNC. If they send you a letter asking for a donation, write on the sheet NO MONEY and send it back in their postage paid envelope. Wills is not by a long shot a conservative he supported the lib in Virginia along with other GOP elites. That race could have been won but they aren’t fooling anyone the fix was in for the lib fraud. They pulled the same behinds the scenes BS to Cruz, Lee and Gov. Palin. The back stabbing Gov. Palin has sustained by the DC establishment and the lies by the libs is what they do if you don’t play ball with them. News flash Gov. Palin has told the truth and has been right on many things and you morons can’t handle that this woman from Alaska is one of the smartest politicians to come along in many years, is a constitutional conservative is principled and has had more BS said about her by both sides and is still standing stronger than ever. Palin has called both sides out and the truth hurts GOP and you all on both sides do not want the truth out. As far as the blow hard Christi goes he should change the r behind his name to d. The comment he made to NBC about the TP sounded just like the DC establishment and the CBC on both sides have said.

    • DepthTested

      Sigh. I guess you’re still intent on losing elections.

      • When you win with the ruling class, you still have the ruling class. That is NOT a win.

  • InfoDump

    Dan Bongino tells it like it is and will stand up to leftist progressive communist fools who lie and smear to try to prove their points. I liked how he stood up to that fool Roginsky. I look forward to further debates from him.

  • spin43

    Females won’t vote for him because he doest’t look or act like a kind, cuddly Teddy Bear.


    Please visit Orly Taitz website and see for yourselves the evidence she has amassed regarding Obama’s forged and fraudulent documents. She has given a letter and copies of evidence to a Congressman who is going to distribute the information to his colleagues. Dr. Taitz asked that the evidence be entered into the records of the hearing on Immigration Reform and E-Verify, showing that Obama failed the E-verify, among other of his failings.

    Let us join in support of her in this battle to get the truth out.

  • $2927880

    I hope he has protection.