JD Hayworth Disavows the Birther Movement

In an interview with host Bill O’Reilly, JD Hayworth repeated firmly his belief that Obama was born in Hawaii. The McCain ad that featured questionable talk from Hayworth needling in birther territory, was what he claims to be broadcast fodder to create conversation.

This was actually a great interview and Hayworth came off as likable and stern in his conservatism.

The problem comes 3:00 in the video:

O’Reilly stupidly insinuated that McCain would get a majority of the Hispanic conservative vote because of his stances in amnesty and illegal immigration.

Hayworth shot that notion down beautifully by stating that just because a conservative has a Latino last name, it does not mean he or she doesn’t support enforcing immigration laws and border security.

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  • This Jd is just another person who will kowtow to who ever he happens to be talkin to win a vote, another used car salesman..talkin head….throw the bum out…

  • truthmeter


    Do you have the video for the Luntz focus group on Palin?

  • cubachi

    I'll check on that.

  • timgamble

    There are a number of politicians, candidates & commentators that don't really believe, but are still willing to play footsie with the birthers, 9-11 truthers & other conspiracy nuts. I guess they want to use the nuts for ratings, contributions & votes. But it will always come back to bite them in the ***. They need to stop playing footsie and stand for TRUTH. If, in the process, they lose a wee bit of ratings or a contribution or two, so be it.

  • Tyler

    Honestly…I'm somewhat with Robert on this one EXCEPT…I DOUBT he could be ANY WORSE than McCain at this point.

    Going back to that moment where he caved into the president at the Health Care summit about “We're not campaining anymore,” and McCain had that look of BEING PUNKED.

    Even if he IS a used car salesman, I think he'd STILL be a BETTER choice than McCain and the old fart NEEDS to be REPLACED.

  • dualer

    It wouldn't matter if Obama was born in the White House. Natural Born Citizens must have 2 US Citizen parents, AND be born in the US. Obama has already admitted that at birth his citizenship was “governed” by Britain, due to his father's Kenyan citizenship. As a Dual Citizen at birth he cannot possibly be a Natural Born Citizen. John McCain was born in Colon, Panama, and as such he is not a Natural Born Citizen either.

  • Tyler

    It's all a part of the Progressive eating of the Constitution. Change it just a little here and a little there. “See what that REALLY means is…” or “Well, that was OVER 200 YEARS AGO. Things are DIFFERENT now.”

  • tyknee

    As a former Arizona Republican, anyone who votes for John McCain should have their head examined. We need to recycle these politicians. I don't care who it is at this point, anyone but McCain…