Jeb Bush campaign’s latest billboard is just plain EMBARRASSING…

El Jebby has already been roundly mocked for a billboard campaign a SuperPAC made on his behalf, but this newest one is just as stupid, if not worse.

“It’s time for a president”?! Really?

Why not, “hey there’s an election this year.”

Or, “This is a billboard.”

Or, “Wow I suck at marketing.”

What kind of message is “it’s time for a president”?!? Of course it is – it’s an election year!!! Do they have a five year old writing their slogans?!

Man that’s sad.

This was the last campaign everyone made fun of:

Terrible. Just terrible.

Here was Jeb’s reaction when he saw that billboard:

Even Mr. Bush, on a swing through Iowa this week, seemed to question the billboards’ value. “What the hell is that?” Mr. Bush asked, driving past one of the large red billboards, according to a Des Moines Register reporter who was with him at the time. “Is that Right to Rise?”

Super PACs, which can accept unlimited donations, are not permitted to coordinate with candidates’ own campaign staff. (Mr. Volpert does not work for the Bush campaign.) Asked by reporters in Iowa if he thought the group was spending its money wisely, Mr. Bush said, “I don’t know.”

“I’m so busy I can’t follow all of that,” he said. “I hope they are. It’s a weird system where you’re, you know, you can’t have any coordination.”

What a debacle.

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