Joe Biden: See, this crying baby knows it will have to pay for Romney’s tax cuts

The audacity of this, from a man whose administration has already racked up 5 trillion dollars in 3 years and working on another trillion. It is absolutely amazing that the news media lets him get away with stupid comments like this, refusing to hold him or Obama accountable for the most massive deficits we’ve ever seen.

Just to put it in perspective once again, here’s the chart that tells the truth about Obama’s spending problems:

If you want more details on who is responsible for the spending, check out our post on this from last year.

(Video via Washington Examiner)

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  • toongoon

    One smart baby for sure, she already recognizes Biden’s lies.

    • Linky1

      and crying when she realizes how much debt she will inherit.

      • Thats is thanks to Bush

        • Linky1

          Yawn, snore, rolling of eyes here, that story is older than dirt.

    • my baby knows biden is telling the truth she knows stupid babies are for romney smart babies for obama biden

  • Goldni007

    Wow! Look at 2008 when TARP and then in 2009 Stimulus round one.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Biden – baby = same thing. Baby cries when it wants something, so does Biden. Baby wears a diaper, so does Biden. Baby vomits – so does Biden (vomits lies). The baby excretes waste rectally, Biden does it orally. The baby throws temper tantrums, so does Biden. I could go on… this is like taking candy from a baby. Biden = baby. Wah.

    • Rshill7

      I love this. I spat my drink out a little bit 🙂

  • Constance

    I love that silly podium sign – Economic Fairness for the Middle Class. And there at the podium stands an old, white guy who has served all of his adult life in politics. Always living off the public trough. And, he is representing an arrogant product of everything wrong with Affirmative Action – a man who has no business being where he is, and is only there because the melanin in his skin was darker than that of his opponent. And, sitting behind the old, white guy on the podium are absolute dunderheads – oblivious to these obvious facts and how their own futures are being systematically destroyed by people who claim Economic Fairness for the Middle Class. So stupid.

    • p m

      You read my mind, Constance!

    • Rshill7

      “Dunderheads”…Yay! Haven’t heard that in a while.

      He was more charismatic than McCain though. So is my shoe. People either didn’t know, or ignored the fact, dat he’s duh debil.

      • Linky1

        I echo RsHill: “dunderheads”… it.

  • freenca

    The baby’s crying is on you and Barry, Joe. Romney hasn’t spent a federal dime as yet.

  • p m

    Unfortunately, 0zero’s spending problems don’t exist for him and his cohorts. His only problem is how to spend more through his unelected czars and cronies.

  • poljunkie

    One things for sure, the sign maker’s been employeed, and busy…there is a new one nearly every stop.

  • toongoon

    I just heard that the homes in the wealthiest suburbs on Chicago’s north shore are not only staying at value but in some cases have increased by about 30%. These are heavily Democrat burbs. Meanwhile, in other nearby suburbs the housing prices are dropping like rock. Soon Freddie and Fannie will start bundling and selling the bad mortgages and then the housing market will drop again.

    Biden owns a compound in Delaware, how much do you think the value on his mansion has dropped? He is part of the administration that is destroying the middle class and he hasn’t got a clue of what we are experiencing. These sorry POS SOB’s must be out of DC next year. Preferably in prison.

    Thank you Constance for pointing out the podium sign.

    • sDee

      I was in DC and the suburbs last month. It is infuriating. Growth everywhere. Everything is new and high end. Bars and restaurants packed. Lots of renovation and construction. Mostly new and late model cars. Everyone is well dressed, up beat, spending, partying.

      Then I drove back home.

  • jackl92

    That was no baby, it was adult who use to drive for KO. The problem was that stinks and talks and then he got fired. Get your facts right Slow Joe.

  • Linky1

    TO go along with this outright lie, is another classic from “Dunderhead” Biden:

    He thinks Al Franken is a legal scholar.

  • This crying baby is already $50k in debt. All Obamas baby generation are living in debt. Thats the ones who aren’t aborted.

    So that crying babies taxes and debt will go to help mothers kill its fellow babies.

  • marketcomp

    He’s so stupid!

  • Rshill7

    Chutzpah. Dumb Chutzpah for dunderheads (right Constance?) but Chutzpah nonetheless. He has the unique ability to block out all phases of reality. Past, present, and future.

    Ahem, “Once I was swimmin’ cross turtle creek, man them snappers all around my feet, sho was hard swimmin’ cross that creek…dingaling!”


    …one heart beat away from the Oval Office AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !”

    • sDee

      And the twisted reality is that we’d be far better off

      • FreeManWalking

        You hit is Dee, What a SAD STATE of Affairs.

        And until January 2011 Nancy Pollution was 3rd in line.

  • johnos2112

    Those tax cuts, jackass, go to EVERYONE who pays taxes. EVERYONE! I know a business owner in Omaha Nebraska that owns 3 restaurants. The merchant statement I saw back in August 2011 was about 36K. You average that out over one year for three locations and you have over 1 million in gross sales for cards swiped. If you raise taxes on this guy he will pass it on to the consumer. If you raise his taxes then you are also raising taxes on those who sell to him. Those prices will go up and EVERYONE will fill the price increase. The notion of only tax cuts for the 1% is a joke. Everyone gets a tax cut. However lets play that game shall we!

    Most small businesses file two ways: S corp and individually. With higher taxes means they have more to pay and less to play. When the costs go up the demand will go down. Once revenue goes down payroll will have to do down as well. That means lost jobs and lost TAX revenue! Then business will have to either stick it out locally, move out of the state, move out of the US or close up. But this is when it gets good. For those public sector employees you will have an issue because what revenue source will be drawn from to pay your salaries? Has anyone seen the amount of teacher pink slips lately? The point is you cannot bite the hand that feeds you. That is what liberals do!

  • drphibes

    The buffoonery of Biden has diminished our conception of what a President should be, and he’s only the veep.

  • drphibes

    Maybe his plugs looked too much like doll hair. That’s what frightened the child.

  • FreeManWalking

    The Lame Stream Media shills for 0’Dufus but still questions Sarah’s competence.

  • 911Infidel

    When Biden learns how to count the letters in the word ‘j-o-b-s’ then I’ll believe that he finally got that brain maggot problem of his fixed. Lunch Bucket Joe has obviously had most of his brain matter nibbled away by some sort of cranial parasite.

  • aZjimbo

    joe plugs, dumbo, biden. A man like no other.

  • Kordane

    Taxpayers don’t pay for tax cuts.

    Taxpayers pay for the government spending that isn’t reduced to compensate for any reduced revenue from those tax cuts.

    Biden is pretty ignorant if he doesn’t understand this simple principle. What qualifications does this man have again?

    • WestGAFlash

      Biden is a classic dumbarse anyway, especially after his two lobotomies. He’s impeachment insurance.

    • Nukeman60

      It’s interesting, because when they say, ‘who’s going to pay for a tax cut’, they are really admitting that they won’t reduce spending and they must really impose a tax hike (oops, I mean revenue hike) to cover for it and the added spending they will incur after hearing about the new tax hike.

      Her’s how it works:

      Government reduces Billy’s taxes by $10. How to pay for it, you ask? Increase taxes by $20/taxpayer. Did you say increased revenue? Wow. Find some spending programs worth $40/taxpayer. There, we have saved or created more national debt. That’s okay, we’ll take it from Medicare. What? Medicare can’t handle it? Well, we’ll just increase the ‘fair giving’ from the rich. What? The rich are leaving the country, you say? That’s okay. We’ll just increase ‘revenue’ across the board. Billy can handle it because he just got a tax cut. Whoa, nellie!

      • Kordane

        It’s pretty common for people on the Left, upon hearing that “the rich” may leave the country if higher taxes are imposed upon them, to say “good riddance”, almost as if “the rich” are considered as unwanted people, devoid of any value. I guess that’s what it is though: The Left see no value in “rich people”. It may even be argued that, to the Left, “rich people” are a net loss, perhaps because of their bonkers economics that says that wealth is a zero sum game, and that if someone’s rich it’s because “they took more than their fair share” or something to that effect.

        I’d need to go one on one (in debate) with someone from the Left to really get to grips with the mental contortions they have to put themselves through to reach the conclusion that “rich people” leaving the country is a good thing.

  • TPDanbo

    Who is this escaped Mental Patient called Joe Biden,and hopefully we can get him back in his cell quickly!