Joe Biden: The middle class has been buried the last four years

Joe Biden was making the false argument again today that Romney wants to raise taxes on the middle class. But in doing so, he admitted that the middle has had it really rough over the last four years, something Romney completely agrees with:

After the speech Romney tweeted this out:

To admit that the middle class has been buried for the last four years is to admit that your policies have failed, no matter how you spin it. Thanks Joe!

November is almost here.

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  • Any poor, working, saving and/or retired American has been buried by the policies of this administration and the Federal Reserve.

    • MiketheMarine

      Not to mention an Ambassador and lots of military….

      • bobemakk

        That is another issue that upsets me. In such tumultuous times Obama plans to cut the defense budget. That proves he is not a true American.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    I rember the Reagan/Cahta election landslide and cannot wait to enjoy seeing obie and crazy uncle jow experience the same thing.

    • kong1967

      I don’t think that’s possible any more, not with the fraudulent “get out the vote” drives by ACORN and other liberal organizations in the swing states. Hundreds of thousands of votes being traded for smokes or even crack cocaine (yes, it happened and the libs did it). 17 states filed criminal charges against ACORN. Not to mention the tens of thousands of illegal votes through voter fraud. Liberals are the biggest threat to our voting system than anything else could possibly be.

      • Orangeone

        And crickets on those charges against ACORN.

        • kong1967

          Huh? What are you talking about? I never heard anything about it.

          Lol, that’s the point. Yes, the media was silent and ignored it.

          • Orangeone

            And haven’t the liberal courts been as well?

            • kong1967

              Silent? Yeah, they won’t do anything about voter fraud. I did see one case where an ACORN member was told by the judge that he wanted to put him/her in prison for ten years but could only fine him/her. A fine does nothing to a multi-million dollar organization.

  • MiketheMarine

    He is absolutely Gaffe-tastic. Go, JOE !

  • PicklePlants

    I just heard a slightly longer version of this clip on Hannity and I believe he gets even more falsely agitated in the next few statements.

    I started yelling at the radio “YOU are the idiot raising taxes in January!” The expiration of the current tax code (NOT the Bush tax cuts btw) will be a huge tax increase on the middle class and this useful idiot might just know that, but he isn’t telling!

    • sjmom

      My point also.

    • Orangeone

      O’BambiCare slams small business owners’ taxes 1/1/13 as well.

    • demographicallychallenged

      They know January comes after November! They can could care less, both the Democrats & Republicans kicked the can far enough down the road. The next election wont be for two more years, and they hope we wont remember.

  • sjmom

    Who’s Joe talking about??????????? It’s his own party who has raised and will continue to raise taxes on the middle class. This sounds more like a plug for Romney than a criticism of the GOP.

    • kong1967

      They gave a tiny tax cut for the average American that amounted to about $14 a week. They touted that to no end, not mentioning how small it was, and also not mentioning that the taxes come due at the end of the year. You just paid the taxes later which made your tax bill higher in April. It was a hoax and a joke.

      • Orangeone

        But if you are a small business owner there was no tax cut. The owner has no health insurance deduction but will be taxed if he/she doesn’t have insurance. It’s a no win.

        • kong1967

          Obamacare will crush small businesses and they won’t expand.

          • Orangeone

            Absolutely correct.  Or we will expand in other countries that don’t destroy us with unnecessary regulation and want to tax us for working harder.

            • kong1967

              Exactly, and that’s a big reason why jobs move overseas now. When you do, you will become “evil” as referred to by the left. Oh, wait….you’re a business. You are already evil according to the left.

              • Orangeone

                Maybe I should change my Disqus name to EvilOrangeone 🙂

                • kong1967

                  Lol, don’t do that.

  • SineWaveII

    Whaat about yourr gaaaaaaaffffeees?

  • white531

    Grab foot firmly. Open mouth. Stick foot in.

  • Nukeman60

    November is almost here.‘ – Scoop

    Tomorrow the debates start. We know the moderators are biased against Romney. We know the questions will favor Obama. Nothing is new here. Romney must show the viewing audience that he is worthy of of our trust, our faith, and our vote. He must show that he is better than Obama to be the leader of the free world.

    One would think that is an easy task. Each and every blogger on this site is better than Obama to be the leader of the free world, yet most of us would never think of running for this office. In every aspect of his reign as pompous a$$-in-chief, Obama has failed. His foreign policy has weakened us as a nation in the eyes of the world. His economic policies have put our nation on the precipace of total ruination. His social policies have divided and alienated our people to the point of civil unrest.

    One week ago, I stopped reading, watching, and absorbing all things political out of frustration from the Lame Stream Media’s blatant biasing and the widely skewed polling data all across the country. I decided to go out amongst the uninformed voters-to-be and see what they thought about this year’s election. The answer was dramatic. I found that no one thinks we are better off now than we were 4 years ago. No one likes the way our economy, our unemployment status, our personal financial situations have become in these last 4 long years. With any other President, this would be a cakewalk for the challenger – any challenger.

    Why does it seem like Obama is winning when he’s not? The media has taken their bias to an all time high. They have used totally false polling data to try to influence our vote in what will be the most important election of our time. I say they, like Obama and Biden, must be held accountable for their actions. People will be turning out in droves to vote this year. From 2008, to 2010, to the Wisconsin recall election, to now, we have seen a steady swing in voter enthusiasm and perspective. We must not be discouraged.

    Tomorrow is the first debate. No matter how the media skews the result of this and the followup debates, we must trust our own instincts, our own beliefs and our own reasoning and vote what our hearts tell us is right. Those who choose not to vote for Romney do so for their own reasons, and those reasons are theirs to have. That is the beauty of our system. But no one should be voting unprepared, uninformed, and unaware of the consequences of a second term by the ursurper-in-chief. Even those who voted for him in 2008 have their doubts about what they did, whether they admit it to others or not.

    I’m back now, more determined than ever and more encouraged than ever to see these last 5 weeks through, because these last 5 weeks determine the future of our great nation and the future for our children and grandchildren. We all owe it to ourselves, to our future generations, and to all of those around us to be fully engaged and fully informed of all the facts in order to set this ship right again. Let’s make sure we pull the right lever when the time comes and finally begin to heal a broken, but worthy nation.

    34 days and counting.

    • white531

      A truly masterful comment as usual, Nuke.

    • MiketheMarine

      Superb summary. Well said…..

    • WordsFailMe

      Man I am SO glad you are on OUR team, Nuke!

      “….we must trust our own instincts, our own beliefs and our own reasoning and vote what our hearts tell us is right.”

    • WordsFailMe

      Thank you, my friend! I just love this!

    • Well done, sir!

    • conservative58

      Very well said Nuke!


    • NYGino

      Nukeman, thanks. You have done what those in the beltway won’t do. Get outside and take the pulse of the people. Find out what is really going on, not what is expected, hoped for or assumed. We’re going to be celebrating on election day with one long happy open thread.

    • marketcomp

      Very well said Nukeman! Sometimes you just gotta walk away to renew!

    • p m

      Thank goodness you’re back – we were getting worried!
      And as usual, a fabulous commentary – big thanks, Nukeman.

      • Nukeman60

        It’s nice to be home. Thanks for the thoughts. My travels bolstered me in the idea that this country is not doomed to socialism. Even those people who aren’t involved in politics as deeply as we here at TRS understand to various degrees that Obama must go. I think we will see that reflected in the numbers at the polls next month.

        Only 8% of the people trust the Lame Stream Media anymore, and only 9% respond to polls when contacted. Both of these numbers are bad news for Obama and good news for us.

        BTW, travelling without TRScoop is like travelling blind, anymore. Just shows how valuable this site is. 🙂

        • p m

          Yes, welcome back home to TRS. As Joe might say, where everybody knows your name…and thank you for replying.

          I’m so glad your in-person research paid off. I think there’ll be a 15+ landslide for R&R – Americans just aren’t used to being dissed on the home front by the asses who are allowing others to diss them abroad too. Just doesn’t feel right, does it? Goes against one’s instincts.

          Anyway, looking forward to more of your posts now you’re home 🙂

    • Well my dear friend, I finally made it to see your thoughts, and wow, I am SO proud of you!!!! Dang Nuke, you blew me away with this. Excellent job!!!! (((())))s!!!!

  • kong1967

    Facepalm. Keep talking Joe, you really help a lot.

    • Orangeone

      And Romney did the same approving of O’Bambi’s EO for DREAM illegals.

      • kong1967

        This is going to be one area that is going to interesting to see how Romney handles it. Amnesty will not fly over well with his voters.

        There are a group of illegals that I want to help. The ones that were brought here, illegally, by their parents when they were very young and now they are adults with no other home than here. They only have memories of America. On one hand I say “too bad, blame your parents”, but on the other it would be very cruel to send them back to Mexico when they have no ties to it.

        Send their parents back, and if they want to stay with the family then they must go, too. No more of this anchor baby crap and allowing the law breakers to stay because the child is American. If the child is still a minor, send him back with his parents.

        • Orangeone

          I’m harder than you are.  There can be no benefit from an illegal act.  Yes their parents purportedly brought them here but that’s tough. If it was a family from England or Canada, they are fully deported. The same needs to be true for Mexicans.  Families receive tax credits (money) from taxpayers for their family members in Mexico even if they pay no taxes so they all still have ties to that country and have been financially benefiting off you and me because of those ties.  Pack up and leave.  Apply for citizenship 10 years from now as long as they are younger than age 40.  Other countries have this policy and they are solvent.  Reagan created this mess and we need to reverse it.

          • white531

            I agree. The world the Progressives have created, is a world in which there are no consequences for bad behavior or poor life choices. In fact, the reverse is often true. They are rewarded.

            • kong1967

              Lol, he got me to change my mind. Never fear, I’m back to believing they all should be deported…period. It’s not our fault their parents broke the law, and we have sovereignty we have to protect.

          • kong1967

            You know, that was a very good answer. Not long ago I was gung-ho on deporting all of them no matter what because they come here and pop out baby after baby and we would have to give amnesty to a bunch of people that did not commit the crime themselves (their parents did). But, my mom talked to me for a while about it and softened me up some and I gave in.

            Listening to you explain it, I think you are right. I was wrong to change my mind to begin with, because (as you say) we do it to illegals from England and Canada.

            Thanks for getting me back on track. I knew I was veering off a solid conservative belief anyway.

            • Orangeone

              No thank you.  We all benefit from the reasonable conversations we have.  I used to have your thoughts until I saw the welfare rolls.

              • kong1967

                Yeah, welfare plus the burden on hospitals and schools.

        • white531

          In spite of which side of this argument you come down on, my prediction is that it will never be solved. The ones that are here will remain here and they will be joined by millions more.

          If that in itself, is not depressing, the worst part is, that the open border with Mexico is where the Muslim Hordes will enter this country to begin infiltrating our major cities. Actually, it is happening already. It is not unusual here in Tucson, to see Muslim women walking down the streets in full Muslim regalia. The odd thing is, they are never accompanied by Muslim men. I have no idea why.

          • kong1967

            I say we build the Great Wall of China all along the border. Of course, it wouldn’t be named that, lol.

            That is odd that the muslim women aren’t accompanied by muslim men.

  • Lazarus_Returns

    Biden “How can they justify raising there taxes with these TAX CUTS.”

    How do you raise taxes when it is a TAX CUT???

    • freenca

      The pols have an upside down way of looking at numbers, that is why the majority of them think a tax cut for tax-payers is a tax cut for their idiot spending habits, so they do not get that we out here are not as irresponsible as they are. They really should take basic accounting!! I know that Paul Ryan has. 😉

  • Can you believe this moron is the vice president of the United States, it’s embarrassing!!

    • MiketheMarine

      And libs have problems with morMons. I agree, Paul that I will vote for a mormon to fire a couple morons.

    • white531

      Joe Biden was Obama’s insurance against being removed from office or assassinated, because having him as President would be unthinkable.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Hey, Joey, who buried the middle class, you clown!!!!!!!! Who has been the “leader” of our country the last four years?????? I suppose it was that darn George Bush’s fault, he’s responsible for everything else that obama’s tried and failed at, right? You and obama are losers!!!!!!

  • To understand the scope of how “buried” the middle class has been (and by extension, obviously, anyone in the “por” class that wants to get out of it), take a look at the latest chart over at Doug Ross’ site, showing how many people are out of work and want a job “right now”.

    (The chart comes courtesy of the EconomicPopulist website, and was put together by Robert Oak – click the chart when you are don reading Doug’s article, and it will take you to the source code for it at EP–recommended reading)

    The data comes from the FRED dataset (Federal Reserve Economic Data). Doug ‘splains it gooder than I should bother with, so go read it there!

    • white531

      403,000 people who would like to have a job, but they are not part of the “unemployed” statistics for August. How convenient.

      Who are the Idiots, the ones we elect, or the ones who elect them?

  • toxic49

    So tired of his use of the term “man”.. It’s just embarrassing.

  • WordsFailMe

    This is the result of the closing State Sanitariums in Delaware 25 years ago although the act did reduce taxes on the middle class in that state, all 17 of them.

    • MiketheMarine

      And now the ward is being run by the patients? That’s great, Brother

  • p m

    Wow – what an unenthusiastic audience! So much for another record dem turnout this year.

    Someone should introduce JB to the meaning of Taxamageddan.

    “How can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”
    Say what? I listened twice – that’s what he said.

    • Orangeone

      Wonder how much they paid these unemployed individuals to show up and fill a 100 seat location.

  • whoops2005

    Biden is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Susitna

    Brother Bin Biden was articulate for the very first time in four years! I mean, to lie all the time must be really exhausting and he was just having a break………

  • white531

    Story on Fox News, a Pennsylvania judge just blocked their voter ID law from going into effect before the election.

    • Orangeone

      You aren’t surprised are you?

      • white531


  • I can’t wait to see crazy joe in the debates. I think I’ll sit down with a large glass of wine and have some fun.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Poor Joe, he suddenly became lucid and realized that the middle class has been buried for the last 4 years.

  • Kind of reminds me this kid …

  • Ryan is going to DESTROY Biden in their debate. I can’t wait to see that.

  • NYGino

    Jester Joe, the master of fake indignation. Hey Joe, seems you guys were in charge.

  • 12grace

    Why would anyone in their right mind vote for obama again?

    1.Professor: Drones Will Soon Be Able To Kill During War Without Human Assistance
    October 1, 2012 2:47 PM
    Anyone think obama wouldn’t use drones on us?

    2.New software uses smartphone camera for spying

    Since obama has been in office, the American people have never been so spied on and restricted.

    3.Obama Increased Foreign Aid 80%; Spent 76% More on Foreign Aid Than Border Security

    While the American people suffer because of obama’s strangulation regulations, obama sends billions of our tax dollars to Islamic countries that threaten to kill us- infidels.

    • white531

      Let me guess. You were trying to cheer me up. 🙂

      • 12grace

        Sorry friend, I know this stuff is stressful, however, I am more interested in helping you protect yourself and those you love and arm you with the truth.

        • white531

          No worries, Grace. I’m an information junkie. Keep it coming.

  • LibLoather

    Joe Biden: the liberal gift that keeps on giving!

  • Jerseygalnny

    Every now and then the libs let the truth about how they really feel slip out! This was one of those times! LOL I just have to post the link to here for my patriots’ group!

  • How in the Lord’s Name can the people sitting behind him keep straight faces when he says, “when the middle class has been buried the past 4 years” is beyond me.

    Not so well done comrade.

    • PVG

      Can’t wait for the Biden/Ryan debate…..

      • Biden will be sucking on his thumb on one hand, while pulling the rest of his plugs out of his head with the other. That’s going to be interesting to see the differences in questioning from the inqui…er, moderators. I can hear it right now:

        Joe Biden, what color is the blue sky?


        Excellent answer, you sure put a lot of thought into that. You are brilliant.

        Paul Ryan, why did Romney put his family dog on the roof of his car? That doesn’t show much compassion, in fact it is incredibly oppressive to the dog, and frankly, PETA ought to call for an investigation. What do you have to say?

        At least he didn’t eat his family dog.

        Time’s up. Would you like a rebuttle mr. Biden?

    • white531

      Watch the black gentleman behind him to the right, when he makes the statement that “the middle class has been buried for four years.”

  • Sober_Thinking

    Joe is an imbecile. Even his delivery here is idiotic.

    He’s our secret weapon!

    • PVG

      Agreed! Sanctimonious charlatan.

  • Well, how can Democrats justify it? And they’re the ones who buried us.

  • One of the GOP’s leading campaigners.


    • PVG

      Yep….as Joe would say “this is a big F-ing deal”.

  • warpmine

    Ah, the landslide of government regulation on utilities and business related components buries the middle class. Thanks Joe for pointing out the obvious not that you would ever understand what it’s like to have the 800 pound gorilla and his family jumping on your back.
    Seriously, what an ass-clown Biden is. Face it, politics is one career Joe should have avoided, too late for that.

    • white531

      On that note, here’s an entertaining vision for you. Joe Biden, as the CEO of a large company.

  • FreeManWalking

    Romney’s Tweet should be Vote for Romney/Ryan, help us take the shovel out of 0bama’s&0biden’s hands, they have buried the middle class with DEBT for far too long.

  • PapaLouie

    Yes Joe, during the last four years, you and Obama have buried the middle class under a mountain of debt, regulations, cronyism, and pure incompetence. The air is getting thin down here. We won’t survive another four years of the same.

  • PapaLouie

    After Joe buried the middle class, he also said this in the very next sentence:

    “How in lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”

    Is raising taxes with “tax cuts” like spending your way out of debt?
    I swear, this Biden character has an intellect only a Democrat could love.

  • Jay

    I love Joe. He’s really in touch with the little people.

  • brianmouland

    Slow Joe strikes again

  • bobemakk

    The gaffe king sticks his foot in his mouth once again. He is a big drain on Obamas campaign.