John Bolton explains what led to today’s government crackdown in Egypt

Bolton explains what led to today’s government crackdown in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood and what our priorities for Egypt should be going forward:

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  • PNWShan

    Wait, so while the MB is ATTACKING CHURCHES, the White House merely demands that the Egyptian military respect human rights? What about the human rights of the Christians in Egypt?!

  • Laurel A

    The Suez Canal is precisely why Obama should of never supported the MB.
    I think this administration has done enough damage to Egypt, Israel, and the ME in general.

  • stage9

    PNWShan Liberals are anti-christ. islam is a demonic sociopolitical religion much like liberalism is. So, Christianity is the natural enemy of these two groups. Therefore, defending it benefits neither.

  • The Sentinel

    Here’s a great policy: STOP SENDING MILITARY WEAPONS OVER THERE until they at east stabilize (I’d prefer they stop altogether). Quit sending money until things stabilize too.

  • Orangeone

    PNWShan And invites the MB to our WH again!

  • 57thunderbird

    stage9 PNWShan Yup.Liberalism and Islam go together like a hand and a glove.


    … Arab Spring = Arab Bloodbath .”

  • Swordfish

    Bolton is to smart and the moron’s in Washington from both parties know it.

  • Pancake3

    Who cares how this mess developed?  The objective is to kill the Muslim hords.  By the thousands.

  • Pancake3

    57thunderbird stage9 PNWShan Yup.  Just thank his Obamaness for that natural meeting of like minds.  Unfortunately, Obama and the Liberals now control the ballot box and will never lose another election.

  • notsofastthere

    Democrats never backed down when it came to prohibiting a Bush appointment from serving. Republican’s never back down when it comes to caving in immediately to approve BO’s choices.

  • nhLevinitized

    57thunderbird The enemy of your enemy is your friend = Liberalism and Islamism vs. the United States.

  • I’m beginning to get real worried here. The entire Middle East is now a shambles, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan are literally falling to pieces, Lebanon is not far off from falling apart, and Iran is about to get a nuclear bomb. One small mistake could draw us into a major war we have no business being in. And we owe all of this to Clinton and Obama who have made us look weak and indecisive throughout the Middle East, not to mention that we’re willing to throw allies like Mubarak under the bus when it suits us. It’s a wonder ANYBODY is still talking to us in the Middle East. These civil wars represent religious fights that have been going on literally for centuries. We are not going to solve them at all. Best thing to do is let them eat each other up. The more they kill each other, the fewer we’ll have to fight at a later date. What we CAN do is maintain a position of strength by fully supporting Israel against the Palestinians AND the Muslim Brotherhood. If that means bombing Iran if they get a nuclear bomb, so be it. We can bomb them, but we do NOT have to invade them. There are plenty of ways to discourage Iran through bombing and mining or a naval blockade. But the weaker we look in their eyes, the harder it will be to contain Iran. And Obama and Clinton (let alone Kerry) just don’t see or understand that.

  • PVG

    If we get rid of BO without a nuclear attack it will be by the grace of God!

  • heiming

  • An expert on the ME (sorry do not have his name or book on the tip of my tongue) said there are not enough moderate Muslims to ever make a difference at least in this point of time. There is NOT going to be a moderate Democracy majority emerging anywhere in the ME.  Obama showed his inadequate and dangerous meddling immaturity upsetting the balance of power in the ME.  Another situation of please deliver us from Obama!!

  • Suzyqpie

    They do know it, I am awaiting to see how they launch an attack on him. I hope he doesn’t have any speeding tickets and that he never ripped the tags off a pillow or mattress.


    The road to peace , I think would be to do away with Pinocchio friend Morise , and let the army try to take care of the brotherhood . It’s the people who have the guns are the people with the power . This fight has been going on for thousand of years . Maybe thousand of years from now it will end . What a wast of time and money for a religion of death .

  • subie201

    Thank Obama! If he hadn’t orchestrated Arab Spring to oust Hasni Mubarek and bring in MB, none of this would exist!

  • RichardDrakos

    Not gonna lie. The sheer amount of crap going on in the middle east are indeed alarming to say the least. I can easily see Egypt heading down the Syria road, well, more than it already has anyways. Certainly gonna be following this story for sure.

  • USMC 64-68

    Obama sees it clearly – what’s happening is what community agitators want to happen.  You can’t have a revolution/subversion without chaos.

  • NJK

    John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ann Patterson, and Hussein Obama did this.  McCain and Graham went to visit a Jihadist in prison while they were there.  They wanted MB terrorist prisoners released.  This is their doing.  I read yesterday that one of the MB in prison said he has info that would put Obama in prison.  Is he a member?  Is that what it is?

  • lonestar1

    PNWShan They don’t consider Christians human.

  • subie201

    Wow NJK very interesting!

  • jiaqian

  • PNWShan

    nhLevinitized 57thunderbird This reminds me of an analogy Winston Churchill once used of the crocodile. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
    Although, I think in this case, both Liberals and Islamofascists think that their group will ultimately win and they see in each other a useful idiot, if not ally. Once the Christians are out of the way, they’ll begin to turn on one another. Islamofascists of course think that Allah will ultimately win and Liberals think that they’re enlightened attitudes will ultimately win over everyone, as long as they’re educated correctly.