Judge Jeanine Savages Shinseki: VA Deaths Are Criminally Negligent HOMICIDE

“War heroes don’t leave men to die.”

On Saturday night, Judge Jeanine held nothing back in tearing the Obama administration and Shinseki to shreds over the unspeakable failure on the part of our government to care for American veterans seeking, and waiting for, VA medical care.

“You call veterans facing certain death, refused medical care by VA personnel who then create false records so that they can pocket a bonus an ‘adverse incident’? It’s not an adverse incident, General. It’s a homicide. A criminally negligent homicide.”

Jeanine calls the administration’s cover-up an “organized criminal enterprise”. She also destroys Democrats for not caring and providing excuses for the administration’s failures.

The judge does not spare the First Lady or the Vice President either, for their supposed mission to be ambassador’s to the troops. She says that after five years of Obama’s lawlessness, nothing surprises her anymore, but that she is heartbroken.

“You leave men in Benghazi to die. You force the veterans memorial to close. You reduce veterans benefits. And you actually refuse burial expenses during the sequester. You don’t even want to bury the soldiers who died for us.”

You can bet the media and the Democrats will try and turn this into a non-scandal. It will be called disappointing, sad, and yes “unacceptable.” They will claim they want to investigate and to fix. They will make speeches and feign piety and concern. But will Obama answer for it? Will any Democrat?

Much like the veterans seeking care, for that, expect a long wait.

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