Keeping his promise? Sen. Jim DeMint resigning from Senate in January

Senator Jim DeMint is stepping down from his position in the Senate to become the new president of the Heritage Foundation:

WSJ – South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint will replace Ed Feulner as president of the Heritage Foundation. Mr. DeMint will leave his post as South Carolina’s junior senator in early January to take control of the Washington think tank, which has an annual budget of about $80 million.

Sen. DeMint’s departure means that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a Republican, will name a successor, who will have to run in a special election in 2014. In that year, both Mr. DeMint’s replacement and Sen. Lindsey Graham will be running for reelection in South Carolina.

In an interview preceding the succession announcement, Sen. DeMint said he is taking the Heritage job because he sees it as a vehicle to popularize conservative ideas in a way that connects with a broader public. “This is an urgent time,” the senator said, “because we saw in the last election we were not able to communicate conservative ideas that win elections.” Mr. DeMint, who was a market researcher before he entered politics, said he plans to take the Heritage Foundation’s traditional research plus that of think tanks at the state level and “translate those policy papers into real-life demonstrations of things that work.” He said, “We want to figure out what works at the local and state level” and give those models national attention.

Mr. DeMint, an active conservative partisan often at odds with his party’s leadership, says he will “protect the integrity of Heritage’s research and not politicize the policy component. Heritage is not just another grassroots political group.”

Still, the senator acknowledges that the political fires still burn: “This really gets my blood going again thinking about the possibilities. This is the time to elevate the conservative cause.”

Let me remind you that in 2010 Jim DeMint told Sean Hannity this:

I don’t want to be in Washington another six years and watch the Republican party betray the trust of the American people again. I mean, we had the White House. We had a majority in the House and the Senate. We voted for more spending and more earmarks. Most of our senior members seem to be focused on taking home the bacon. I’m not going to be in a Republican party like that and that’s not what the Republican Party is across America.

This is interesting in light of how Republicans are running the House right now, especially with regard to the fiscal cliff negotiations. In fact DeMint has recently spoken out against any more to raise taxes on the top 2% by Republicans.

Now I’m not suggesting he is just following through on a sentiment he expressed 2 years ago. I mean, a lot has happened since then. But I’d still bet his discontentment with the current Republican Party is playing a role in his departure.

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  • marketcomp

    Thank you, RS!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Hate to see him go. At the very least, he appears to be a man of his word … and that’s very rare in politics.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Its a double-edged sword, I mean Fitzgerald kept his promise to serve one term and we got senator Obama out of it.

  • Stehekin912

    His discontentment is leaving us with one less Republican in the Senate.

    • tvlgds

      With a Republican gov, Nikki Haley, she will appoint another Republican. I hate to see him go, because he’s one of the good guys.

    • CO2isGood

      Only if Haley appoints a Dem…doesn’t seem likely.

    • RKflorida

      That’s not true, Nickie Haley will appoint a conservative to fill in Jim DeMint’s place and then a special election will be held in 2014. The person has already been recommended by Jim DeMint to the Governor, these decisions are not made without planning.

      • Stehekin912

        Thanks you guys. I feel better.

      • FutureOnePercent

        Tim Scott.

        • HarrietHT2

          He’s needed in the House. In fact, he and 15 others is all we need to unseat Boehner as Speaker. It’s time for a revolution in the House or we’re sunk.

          S. King, M. Bachmann, Rooney (FL), Gohmert, T. Franks, J. Fleming (LA), T. Price (?), and that’s just the ones that first pop into my mind. We need to compile a solid list and start making waves: Call them and tell them Boehner MUST GO. This is no time to be making nice, politically, with their mortal enemies.

          Add to that list three of the four who were this week bumped from their committees, Huelskamp, Amash, and Schweikert by the Obama boot licker.

          • goldenprez

            harrietht2 … You are not recognizing reality.

            Schweikert was on with Hannity last night. No matter how many different ways Sean tried to get him to say he would not support Boehner he absolutely refused to do it.
            Sean finally asked him, point blank, if he would support Boehner for Speaker. The answer was, “Yes.”

            These guys are all Republicans first. They have absolutely no guts whatsoever. They pee their pants at the thought of going against the establishment. Until we get Representatives who do not wear an R after their name, we can expect no changes in the status quo.

            It is time for We The People to understand that the establishment is not going to become conservative in any way. They are happy with things exactly the way they are. There are not two Parties in Congress. There is only one Government Party.

            Even the vaunted Allen West voted with the establishment 70% of the time.

            Unless, and until, there is a new conservative party nothing will change. It seems that most people cannot wrap their heads around this elementary concept.

            Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

            Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

            Illegitimi non carborundum.

            Barracudas Maximus.

            • HarrietHT2

              You don’t think that if 5,000 or 10,000 or 25,000 people called Schweikert’s office he could be persuaded to do the right thing and gather his like-minded colleagues to join him in voting against Boehner?

              • goldenprez

                harrietht2 … No.

                You should have heard him, as I did, sniveling, weaseling, wriggling … it was pathetic.

                He kept repeating, “It’s not about me,” “It’s a distraction,” over and over and over.

                Sean, as I said, asked him point-blank, “Will you still support Boehner for Speaker?”

                He said, “Yes.” He didn’t even pause to think about it.

                This is a man who is scared to death to go against the establishment. The very thought obviously had him pissing his pants. No balls at all. Not a single testicle. Unequivocally willing to bend over and take it.

                It was enough to make one vomit.

                And there is no reason to believe that any of the others, except for maybe Jim Jordan, would do any differently. They are part and parcel of the establishment, until they prove that they are not.

                Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

                Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                Illegitimi non carborundum.

                Barracudas Maximus.

                • HarrietHT2

                  “Throw them all out! The status quo must go!” is easier said than done. All the newbies get picked off one by one, and we’re expected to believe that a majority conservative caucus will appear, when? In two election cycles, three? four?

                  Meanwhile, the left has its eyes on 2016 (see, yesterday’s column re: Petraeus and Ailes) in order to cement its gains from the last four years and the much anticipated clinchers this coming four terms. And the media will continue to CRUCIFY anyone who attempts to interfere while it treats Obama as god.

                  It seems we are consigned to managing the decline, or withdrawing all opposition and enabling the destruction to take place sooner, to secession, or worse. The problem is that by the time the country wakes up to the soft, or hard, tyranny we’ve segued into the clamps will be so tight around everyone that dissenters will be silenced, probably of a permanent kind.

                • goldenprez

                  harrietht2 … I have never said it would be “easy.”

                  I do not believe in a “majority caucus.” At least not in the establishment Republican Party. That is a lost cause.

                  We need a new conservative Party. Obviously, you have not read many, or most of my posts. I have outlined, and have been doing so for over 2 years, the road to a conservative Party winning elections. It would be hard, virtually impossible, to condense all my posts over the last 2 years into a few paragraphs.

                  We The People can take this country back. It will not be easy, by any stretch of the imagination. However, we must first be willing to dismantle the establishment, and neutralize their Ministry of Propaganda.

                  And we had better begin now, or the consequences, as you so rightly point out, will be worse than dire.

                  Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

                  Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                  Illegitimi non carborundum.

                  Barracudas Maximus.

                • GetWhatYouPayFor

                  Wow! That Diana West article was a great read. Shows how FOX operation execs are no better than MSNBC. Crony Capitalism and thirst for power through capitulation and manipulation of what we call the NEWS. Fair and balanced my ass! The Romney Bush Petraeus Network really took it on the chin in recent months. No wonder Palin will not be back……or do they need her now, to cover their bases, just in case?

                • mark1955

                  Agree! I like Jim Jordan. he was carrying on a single handed fight ,against Boehner and the leadership during the 2011 Debt Ceiling fight.

              • Constance

                No. Not a chance. Not anymore.

      • I haven’t heard that Mr DeMint had made a recomendation, who was his choice?.
        I hope it wasn’t Tim Scott he was a 2010 elected Tea Party Candidate, now he is a RINO. backing RINO Republican here in S.C. Bobby Harrell, House speaker.

  • badbadlibs

    Sad day when he is no longer in the Senate. But, I’m sure a decent person like him can only take the cesspool that has become Congress for just so long.

  • Sorry to see him leave the Senate. Now, more than ever, do we need real conservative voices in Congress, especially the Senate, home of the RINOs. He will be missed.

  • magi52

    But, [email protected] at the possibilities of his departure. Now, the NEW Conservative voices that are in the party can now step up to the plate. Many keep quiet out of respect for Senator Jim DeMint.

    This is OPENING a LOT OF DoORS for the conservative movement. At first i was upset but DeMint was slated to step down after 2014 because of his promise to his constituents to only seek two terms. He is just doing it a year earlier.

    It is going to be very interesting to see WHO Gov Haley selects to replace him. I hope it is a good poke in the Dems’ eye! LOL!

    • MiketheMarine

      I hope you’re right but fear that the sane conservatives are throwing in the towel. Boehner just made my other list of, once they start the war and attempt to disarm us, he is now a target of opportunity.

      What is happening to my country? I could cry……Damn it. What the fkuc was I fighting for? What was the point. Clearly, all military members and veterans are fools and believed in a nonexistant fantasy.

      • magi52

        Mike, Keep the FAiTH.

        Jim DeMint always does what is right for America. His time in Congress is done, he is allowing newer, younger voices via Rubio, Cruz, many others who were elected into Congress with the help of his Senator Conservative Group/Fund and now it is time to allow them to step up to the plate.

        Just watch and support them and him in his new position.

        Things are aligning.

        Keep the FAiTH.

        • MiketheMarine

          I don’t see it that way. I hope you’re right but I don’t think our entire federal government thinks the the soviet union had it right. I have no faith any longer. NOne, whatsoever.

          • Put your faith in our Lord God and know that He has a plan for us all!

            • LIBERTYUSA


            • MiketheMarine

              The Lord and I already have a deal. He throws at me what I’m intended to confront and I do the very best I can regardless of the outcome.


              • Amen!

                Sounds a lot like the deal He made with me! 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Life, pain and heart ache are simply the price we must pay for eternal love and happiness. That deal is worth it every single time.


                • Amen! I hope to see you in full color uniform in Heaven my brother… Salute!!!!

                • MiketheMarine

                  Count on it, Brother.

                • Amen myMarine. xoxo

          • Sober_Thinking

            This too shall pass.

            Lean not on your own understanding…

            I hope you find some encouragement my friend. 🙂

            • MiketheMarine

              Found it. And here at Scoop too. I would stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone here and take my chances on storming the gates of hell. I haven’t felt that way since my contract ended and I’ve missed it.

              You guys have given me the memory and strength again. What an unbelievably supportive and intelligent home we’ve made.

              Simply amazing.

              • Sober_Thinking

                Thanks m8!

                Stay encouraged my friend. 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Aye, aye, and back at ya, Brother.

          • marketcomp

            Hey MiketheMarine! You cannot give us now, my friend! We MUST fight this even if we go down fighting! We will not willingly surrender our freedom under any circumstance. If the Egyptains we can fight we can certainly fight in the place where freedom reigns!

            • Well said! Think of Churchill…
              “Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail.

              We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,

              and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”
              We must fight too! Fight ’till death!

              • marketcomp

                WOW, Wolfie! You speaking the language of freedom!

                • I used this speech to motivate myself to come back to the fight after the election results… I, like probably everyone here, was so downhearted… I almost quit.. But it’s not in my nature to quiet a fight like this… So… here I am! Just like all you you good patriotic guys… Ready to fight the good fight… Because to stand down is to surrender and surrender is death.

                • MiketheMarine

                  And to quote Former Marine General Peter Pace, with a simple taking of artistic license from his original quote.

                  If you think a few true conservatives banded together are out numbered, well then, you are mistaken !

                • Never mess with the Marines… You’ll lose… Every time! 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Correct. You may win the fight this time, but F**k with one of us and you F**k with all of us.

                • How about F with the BEST… DIE like the REST! 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Or, speaking of hajji’s. “Kill ’em all, let God sort them out”


                • marketcomp

                  You guys are awesome!

                • MiketheMarine

                  You too, Marketcomp. Read what I posted to Wolfie just above this. It pertains to you to, my Friend.

              • MiketheMarine

                Are you sure you never served in some branch of the military? I think you’ve just earned Honorary Marine status, my Brother. And I am proud to call you my Brother. It’s comes from the heart and is based in respect and affection.

                • What an honor! I’m flattered beyond textual description!

                  My marine brother, the only place I ever served was in my dreams… Sadly! I truly wanted to be in the military… I still feel the calling at 49! LOL! But medical reasons kept me out.

                  But this very day I have the UTMOST respect for the Military! I thank you and them for the sacrifice you and they have given so that I and others can be truly free!

                  You are a great guy and a true Patriot Mike… I salute you from the bottom of my heart to the very tip of my saluting hand! It’s you and guys (and readers, when I say guys, I mean gals too – or is gals politically incorrect LOL! ) that give me hope for the future!

                  We are under a storm… A terrible storm! We have hunkered down… We will survive and fix all the problems this storm caused… This Red Commie Menace will be defeated! America will Survive… Just like Reagan said “A Shining City Upon A Hill”

                  God and good people can ultimately NEVER be defeated! History tells us so…

                  WE WILL WIN!!!

                  (here endeth the rant, you may go in peace! )

                • MiketheMarine

                  I am thanked, frequently for my service, but, normally it means nothing to me as it is apparent that is the “in” thing to do and they rarely mean it. This, on the other hand made me misty. Thank you, Brother. And I mean Brother like, Blood Brother, for real.

                • I will ALWAYS consider you to be my brother! (and I get a warm fuzzy feeling just writing it! 🙂 ) And I am honored to do so! God bless you!!!!!! I am here for you as you are for me!

                • MiketheMarine

                  We are simply put, a Band of Brothers and Sisters.

                • 😀

                • An honorary Marine, really!!! We need to give you an upgrade Wolfie to the Navy.

                  On a more serious note reading through this whole thread, I am there with you MtM. I have wondered aloud as to why I gave a few of my years to serving my country, defending the ideas brought forth in our Constitution when my gov. just wants to trample it underfoot.

                  As John Paul Jones states, “I have yet to begun to fight”

                • Navy? The Marines are on ships? I get sea-sick watching boats on TV! 🙂

                • LOLOLOL

                • I love it Wolfie. And I love you for meaning it. Hoorah!

            • MiketheMarine

              Fear not, Brother. I am currently in mourning for this unfortunate turn of events but rest assured, I WILL lead the charge, whether it be on a soap box, at a ballot box or with an ammo box. I will lead from the front. I’m just using this time to process the info, read the next possible moves and reevaluating. Much like playing chess.

              I’ll stand, unafraid, with you all. Just pissed right now.


              • marketcomp

                Yea, I know Mike! Sometimes we just need to let it out, rest up, clear our minds, and then get back in the fight!

                • MiketheMarine

                  Exactly. Kneejerk reactions tend to be wrong and make issues worse rather than better. Thanks for understanding and helping to explain for my other friends as my brain is currently being over utilized for other, less important things like my anger and my job. Hahaha.

                • MiketheMarine

                  How’s about, President Elect Demint?

                  See? Taking a moment to reflect and consult with trusted sources is a successful strategy.

                  Demint / West in 2016? I’d vote for that ticket. Would you?

                • IN a heartbeat!

                • marketcomp

                  I concur, Wolfie!

                • I would expect no less.. You are a good Patriot! 🙂

                • No need to ponder on that one, that’s for sure. 🙂

            • mark1955

              Yes! And besides,i don’t think any of the repub establishment right now,is Conservative. This public display by Boehner,McConnell and company,is demonstrating to the public,that the usefullness of the repub party has come to an end. The repubs in helping to advance the left’s agenda deliberately,while trying to pretend they are fighting it,has proven beyond a Doubt that the repubs have reached ‘Whig Party’ status,when they became a mirror image of the dems with their agreeing with Slavery. They have made it much easier for the public to get onboard a New Third Party that answers to Conservatives. I still believe Conservatives are the overwhelming majority of the American public and that Obama won only because of Massive Voter Fraud ( SCYTYL,SOE,Sequoia ).

              Remember,One door closes,another one opens. This can be a Great opportunity for us if handled correctly.

              • marketcomp

                Thank you, mark1955!

      • tinker_thinker

        Yeah, …we feel the same. Republicans always throw in the towel, look at where we are now. IF ever there is a good time for a third party, it would be now.

        • MiketheMarine

          I believe that is the only one chance we have left.

          • Rshill7

            Michigan could be a “Freedom To Work” aka, “Right To Work” (freedom to work polls better) state by the end of the day. Governor Snyder just held a press conference which I watched live, and said he would sign it.

            We have pockets of success spreading throughout the states Mike. I feel as you do quite often though. An overwhelming helplessness. Perfectly understandable.

            One of my all time favorite Christian Songs is called “Pass It On”

            It begins like this:

            “It only takes a spark to get a fire going
            And soon all those around, can warm up in it’s glowing…”

            You, I, and millions of others, are sparks 🙂

            The worse it gets, the more “fired-up” and determined our side will get. All that’s good and decent is on our side. Freedom itself is on our side. I take solace in that.

            • sDee

              If Michigan is loosening the death grip of the unions, that is a good sign.

              Like all of us I go up and down too. NC has reversed the tide with first in 2010 with first all-Republican legislature in 100 years and now a Republican governor. Although we are a right to work state they will now have to mute the state and federal employee unions which are wholly corrupt.

              This is fragile but can be sustained and strengthened. Local and state efforts will start to fill a pipeline to DC.

              • Rshill7

                That’s right Sparky 🙂

          • goldenprez

            Mike … Right on the money.

            The people who are expecting the Republican Party to become more conservative are just shoveling manure against the tide in Louisiana.

            How soon everyone forgets. Nikki Haley supported Willard Romney. She is no “maverick.” Whomever she appoints will wear an R after their name.

            When (yes, when) a new conservative party forms, we will know who is a real conservative by how many Republicans, already sitting in Congress, leave and join the new Party. I fully expect virtually none will do so.

            Which means that virtually all who are currently sitting are phony-baloney, plastic banana, good time rock ‘n’ roll conservatives. If you are a Republican first, then you are not a conservative, and you have only your own interests at heart. Which puts you squarely against We The People.

            Anyone expecting any of the members of the establishment Government Party, both sides, to show any guts and do what is best for We The People is in need of a brain transplant. There are no “leaders” among those ranks. They are all “followers.” They are all just vying for the top of the food chain.

            Only after the new conservative Party begins electing our own people to represent us will the fraidy-cats come running. They will do nothing until we flex our muscle. And when they come running, we must send them back to where they came from, and continue to replace them with those who are real conservatives.

            Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

            Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

            Illegitimi non carborundum.

            Barracudas Maximus.

            • MiketheMarine

              And for that much needed pep talk, and agreement with MY idea of conservative values,

              Semper Fidelis.

              • goldenprez

                Mike … Semper Fi and Semper Paratus.

                For those who don’t know … “Always Ready.”

                You and I, and millions like us, will back the new conservative Party, and send the Government Party traitors, both sides, to the dung heap of history, where they belong.

                We will find the “right” people. Do not forget, we have the numbers. 40% of Americans describe themselves as conservatives, only 20% describe themselves as liberals. The other 40% do not know what the hell they are, but a large majority of them usually don’t vote anyway.

                Our 40% is more than enough to win by pluralities in any/every election.

                Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

                Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                Illegitimi non carborundum.

                Barracudas Maximus.

                • MiketheMarine

                  And they claim latin is a dead language. Public schools SUCK. Excellent, my friend.

                • goldenprez

                  mike … I never learned any of this in public school.

                  And for you and I, and the millions like us …

                  Semper Liber

                  Semper Vigilans

                  Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

                  Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                  Illegitimi non carborundum.

                  Barracudas Maximus.

        • Come join the Constitutional Freedom Party on Facebook:

          It’s where Constitution loving Conservatives meet to talk and take action for the sake of, and future of, this GREAT NATION!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Don’t lose the faith brother. GOD is in control!

        I share your sadness and I often fall into despair these days (hills and valley’s)… but I am reminded that our savior has a plan and has already won the victory.

        Furthermore, Jim DeMint AND the Heritage Foundation? That’s HUGE!!!

        And one more piece of solace… we may soon have a 3rd party to do what the Republicans seem unwilling or incapable of doing.

        Here’s one suggestion:

        Hang in there my friend.

      • poljunkie

        Mike, my husband said a similar sentiment as you just yesterday.

        Its scary and tragic.

        • MiketheMarine

          Obviously, your husband is a genius. Great minds…….


      • One thing that I have given up on is reforming the republican party. Both parties are so corrupt, and joined at the hip, that there is no reforming them. They have a strangle hold on the whole election process, and they keep themselves in office through fraud. I believe that a political revolution will need to take place in order to unseat the traitors in congress, and the white house. The supreme court has proven itself corrupt as well. If we keep buying into their election program, we will never see real Americans in power. I am bracing for a full on tyranny, or to be part of a political revolution. We don’t have much time left.

        • MiketheMarine

          I agree, sadly.

        • tinker_thinker

          I agree, too. Sad state of things..

    • aposematic

      And the Haley pick will have a year to prepare for the 2014 election from a seat at the table… In all a good move, I think, by DeMint. The Heritage Foundation is in desperate need of a change in leadership. Maybe DeMint is the one they need…we shall see.

    • Actually, he was set to leave in 2016 not 14 so we’re losing him for three years not one. DeMint would buck leadership also, something not even hardcore conservatives (e.g., Toomey) usually do, especially younger ones/rookies (i.e., “NEW”).

      SC is also a lot more liberal than people think, so we’re probably looking at someone more like Saxby Chamblis as a replacement than someone like a Mark Lee etc. Other than that, everything about him leaving is just great. /sarcasm

      On a positive note, someone suggested Tim Scott and that could be interesting. We don’t need to get more diverse w/ people like Michael Steele, but if the person is well qualified, like Scott, we should probably try to make a conscious effort at diversity.

      • magi52

        I support Tim Scott but disagree with your liberal ‘diversity’ comment. We should ALWAYS put in place the best person for the job.

        That is the damn problem with our government is trying to place people in charge who have no business being there.

        Congress is a fine example as well as the Judicial and the Executive branches.

        We have many very incompetent people running this country into the ground.

        Thankfully many responsible, knowledgable Americans are stepping up to the plate and DeMint is one of the key people behind this movement with WE THE PEOPLE.

        • sDee

          “Diversity” is a tool of the left to divide and conquer. It is based on the premise that America’s essence is bigotry, to be overcome by “diversity”.

          I do not accept the premise. It has no place in a nation whose foundation is built on the principle of equal rights.

          • magi52

            VERY WELL STATED.

  • tinker_thinker

    Appoint Newt.

    • RKflorida

      Might be a good choice but the problem is that Newt is a Georgia resident and the senate seat is South Carolina.

      • tinker_thinker

        Well, break the rules like the dems do all the time.

      • magi52

        Actually Newt lives in McLean, Virginia now.

  • Nukeman60

    A man that seems to stick to his word (a rare commodity indeed). I look forward to what this man does in the future. No matter where he is, he will make a difference.

  • RKflorida

    “His discontent with the Republican party” – that’s an understatement. If he had a Democrats mentality he would have shot McConnell. This is a wise decision by Jim DeMint but a sad blow for America. He was wasting his time fighting both parties in the senate, he can probably do more for America and conservatives from within the Heritage Foundation.

  • MiketheMarine

    Folks, when the few congress critters that see things our way start quiting because of the inability to bring any sanity and responsibility to our out of control government, we are screwed.

    Bad news, this. And, I fear, it will begin a landslide of resignations. I guess we are now fast tracked to become Amerika, home of the lifetime appointed hajji in chief.

    Cleaning my weapons tonight and reloading EVERY magazine I’ve got.

    • sDee

      and I to the range today Mike, to zero my new scope. (my eyes may be old – but good optics help 😉 )

      A protest raged on a courthouse lawn,
      Round a makeshift stage they charged on,
      Fifteen hundred or more they say,
      Had come to burn a Flag that day.
      A boy held up the folded Flag,
      Cursed it, and called it a dirty rag.
      An OLD MAN pushed through the angry crowd,
      With a rusty shotgun shouldered proud.

      His uniform jacket was old and tight,
      He had polished each button, shiny and bright.
      He crossed that stage with a soldier’s grace,
      Until he and the boy stood face to face.

      “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, the OLD MAN said,
      “Is worth dying for, good men are dead,
      So you can stand on this courthouse lawn,
      And talk us down from dusk to dawn,
      But before any Flag gets burned today,

      My father died on a foreign shore,
      In a war they said would end all war.
      But Tommy and I wasn’t even full grown,
      Before we fought in a war of our own.
      And Tommy died on Iwo Jima’s beach,
      In the shadow of a hill he couldn’t quite reach
      Where five good men raised this Flag so high,

      I got this bum leg that I still drag,
      Fighting for this same old Flag.
      Now there’s but one shot in this old gun,
      So now it’s time to decide which one,
      Which one of you will follow our lead,
      To stand and die for what you believe?
      For as sure as there is a rising sun,
      You’ll burn before this Flag burns, son.

      Now this riot never came to pass.
      The crowd got quiet and that can of gas,
      Got set aside as they walked away
      To talk about what they had heard this day.
      And the boy who had called it a “dirty rag”,
      Handed the OLD SOLDIER the folded Flag.

      So the battle of the Flag this day was won
      By a tired OLD SOLDIER with a rusty gun,
      Who for one last time, had to show to some,

      “It’s the Soldier”
      By: Charles M. Province

      • MiketheMarine

        Another of my Angels finds, exactly, the words I needed to hear.

        Thank you, Dear, from the bottom of this bruised, old heart.

        I Salute you, Angel.

        • sDee

          I’ll follow your lead.
          We need ya in the fight Mike!

          • MiketheMarine

            I have never, ever quit before. I’m not about to start now. You, my Dear, can bet your live on that.

            • I’d bet mine too! You are the best!

              • MiketheMarine

                It’s not ME, Brother. It is WE. And WE are force they will have to deal with.

                Damn, I’ve gone from a little down to jacked up and ready to go give ’em hell.

                • Hey! See, come here to your family when you’re down and we’ll set you right back up on that horse! Erm…. The Marines don’t have horses do there? 😉

                • MiketheMarine

                  We used to use mules. In fact, a great story, google the story of, geez I can’t remember the mules name. It was either Relentless or whatever. Tell you what, google, Korean War , Marine Corps mule. The story is an amazing read. Almost unbelievable.

                • Sgt Reckless – A Korean War Horse Hero


                  I’m out of time now… So I’ll watch it later… Take care Brother! Keep the faith, don’t let the bastards get you down! I’ll be back – he says in a very feeble attempt at an Arnie impersonation! 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Will catch you on the flip side, Brother. Hang tough.

      • That is beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye! Thanks for posting that!

  • marketcomp

    Allen West move to South Carolina!

    • magi52

      One interesting thing to note about Allen West, serving only one term in Congress, go [email protected] at Abe Lincoln’s record. He was a one term Congressman as well!

      • marketcomp

        magi52, can you elaborate more? I don’t get the point.

        • I know you didn’t ask me, and I hope magj52 doesn’t get offended by my answering his question, but this link should help marketcomp.

          • marketcomp

            Thanks Wolfie you know I appreciate your input. I have seen that article and does the Lincoln reference imply a Presidential Run?

            • I think it might have been a coy hint by Col. West at the possibility. He didn’t state out right that he would or would not… AT least not yet! That’s the way I’ve seen his quote been interpreted anyway for what it’s worth.

              • marketcomp

                Thanks, Wolfie!

  • stage9

    WELL, he’s one of the very FEW principled Conservatives in Washington. I’ve always liked him.

  • I think DeMint sees how effective Palin has been at impacting races, and knows he could do more to add to what she’s doing. Being stuck in the Senate at a time like this is probably a waste of his talent. The Senate isn’t going to be effective for the right unless we take it over and get rid of Harry Reid.

    So all in all, it’s probably a good move.

    • sarahsupporter

      And he can use his previous experience in marketing to market conservative ideas across the nation. Perhaps it will teach many Americans exactly what this country needs.

  • ryanomaniac

    Im sorry but the Republican motto shouldn’t be Grand Ole Party.

  • I’m torn about his loss in the Senate but he had telegraphed his not running for reelection in 2014, so maybe not surprising him stepping down now. I pray he will get out there and do exactly what the DC GOP doesn’t seem able or willing to do.

    America is still America, and people need to be shown how disastrous the Left and the current Communist in the White House is to America.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Just heard the possibility of replacing him with Tim Scott, which would be a great choice, because Scott is just as conservative as DeMint… and let’s be honest, we could really use some more diversity in our ranks.

    • marketcomp

      That is a good choice and Tim Scott is a loyal republican. I just hope that he doesn’t get corrupted by Lindsey Graham becasue now Graham will be the senior Senator!

      • proudmomofseven

        Lindsey is already the senior senator – DeMint is the junior senator. You are probably confused since Lindsey is the shorter senator.

        we will miss Jim but if he can turn the Heritage into a do something tank versus a simple think tank it is worth the loss in the senate.

        • marketcomp

          Oh yea, that’s right! Thanks for the clarification. Jim DeMint made it clear that Gramesty was sniffing John McCain’s, well you know! Gramesty is another one that needs to go along with John McCain! I have no tolerance for politicians who act like conservatives but are really RINOs.

  • deTocqueville1

    God Bless him! He is keeping his promise. Now he will be strategically placed to carry the conservative message into 2014 and 2016 along with Palin and Levin among others. Hopefully Palin will commence her run for the presidency early on and these warriors can carry the Senate in 14 in preparation for the ‘restoration’.
    In the interim they can also work closely with the conservative governors to abate if not outright stop Obama’s war on liberty, through the reassertion of states rights and individual freedoms. Hopefully the current conservative members of the SCOTUS neither die nor retire.

  • I look at the RNC and I despair for the future of this country. They’re letting the DNC and NObama dictate terms as if winning the election was a military victory and the RNC are only too happy to run up the white flag!

  • johnos2112

    I love the courage of common sense that DeMint represents. That is all we are talking about here: RIGHT and WRONG! It is wrong to criticize a previous who did spend to much money and then spend 3-4 times that amount yearly since in office. It is wrong to GIVE 2 billion and probably more to Brasil for an offshore oil INVESTMENT. It is wrong to sue Arizona for trying to protect itself because the Feds won’t. It is wrong to NOT release documents about fast and furious. I want people like DeMint to stand up and take these people on. BTW I want DeMint to say enough of people like Boehner. I think that is the real reason why he is leaving. It is to difficult to criticize your own party while serving in DC.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thanks Scoop.

    I have mixed feelings here… Jim DeMint is stellar and possibly THE MOST conservative, sane member of the GOP. When he leaves, there will be a HUGE vaccuum left behind. Futhermore, it’s conceivable that he may be replaced by a moderate, establishment puke or worse… a damned Democrat.

    However, I have nothing but respect for the Heritage Foundation and moving there is a great upgrade. He can do a lot of good while there. This is a win for America.

    And I hate to say it (sort of), but the Republican party is indeed fragmented and will only get worse while Boehner, Cantor, etc. keep sacrificing their honor and the good of the country for political bennies and power. This must be allowed to go on…

    I still support a 3rd party.

  • A politician who is a man of his word! What a rare thing! Looks out to see if there are any unicorns in my garden… Yup 3 of ’em.. Seems DeMint is even rarer then unicorns! Good man.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Isn’t Heritage a Bush foundation? Nothing like going into the belly of the beast I suppose…

  • poljunkie

    I really hate to see a good solid conservative leave. I have always admired Sen DeMint.

    I read that he is hopeful for Tim Scott to be appointed for his seat.

    • StandingGround

      Me too, PJ. If Tim Scott or one of the good guys gets in now, they will have time to establish themselves in the minds of the people before the election in 2014. If DeMint had waited, the Repub would be running “cold turkey”.

      I think this could be an advantage as played and sounds well planned. Now lets see if Haley steps up to the plate!

  • Yea, that’s what I felt too. This guy is very frustrated. I can’t blame him.

  • sDee

    Freedom and liberty long ago lost to a highly sophisticated well coordinated propaganda war. The press is the Progressives’ state-aligned propaganda machine, and intricately tied into the entertainment industry. Its efficiency in shaping minds depends heavily on the public/federal education system and teacher unions.

    DeMint is headed to the front line as far as I am concerned.

    I hope he wages a counter-propaganda war.

    • StandingGround

      Agree, 100% sDee. DeMint was on Rush last hour and kept emphasizing his marketing expertise. This sounds like a step in the right direction. Let the education on conservatism begin.


    …a TEA PARTY PATRIOT third party wave is coming to sweep out all the RINOS in Congress and the Senate to take over the GOP that will shake the U.S.A. to it’s FOUNDATIONS .”

    • marketcomp

      I think your right! I am feel’in that something is happening with this move! Now lets get Boehner out as speaker!

      • Boehner OUT Bachmann IN! I say!

        • marketcomp

          Wolfie, I am concerned about who will be the next in line. I hope Cantor and McCarthy knows that they need not apply!

          • If they didn’t get the message in 2010, 2012 then they will SURELY get the message in 2014? The TEA PARTY will have to take over the RNC and make the RINO’s extinct if they are to ever move forward in my opinion. Either that, or we need a new REAL Conservative party! One that will FIGHT for US not … ah…

    • proudhispanicconservative

      My number one target is lindsey graham, but their is a bigger list.

  • My daughter is happy. She starts a job at Heritage in January.

    • marketcomp

      That’s fantastic news, Laurel! I love to hear that young people are getting the Conservative message early because it such a proud inpact in my life at an early age.

      I beleive that things are starting to align our way.

      • She is pretty happy and a staunch warrior. You don’t grow up a conservative in the progressive Bay Area without learning how to think on your feet and have your facts straight and ready.

        I believe a conservative wave is building.

        I’m hoping she introduces me to DeMint. 🙂

        • marketcomp


  • stage9

    Just heard Demint on Rush. Finally, the Conservative movement is talking about “marketing the message”. That’s what it’s going to take.

    marxist radicals have understood for years that “the message” is key to controlling the minds of the citizenry. That is the entire THRUST of propaganda.

    It’s good to see the Conservative movement is beginning to realize the importance of articulating their message.

    Way to go guys!

  • Dukehoopsfan

    The majority of the Rs in the senate and house should ait up and take notice. This is a man with the courage of his convictions … a rare breed in politics these days.

  • Larchmonter

    The first lesson he needs to teach American voters is the hard cold arithmetic that total confiscation of all wealth won’t pay for them until the Super Bowl is over.

    Wealth needs to be created,not printed.
    Prosperity takes persistent work, risk and capital investment.
    Culture matters.
    Values are far deeper than “sensitivities” and “fairness”.
    There is an ineffable Spirit in Nature from which all good comes. God is greater than man.

  • Freedomswatch

    I have said before I would vote for Jim DeMint for President, in a heartbeat. I hope that as head of the Heritage Foundation he can help frame the conservative message, so that the masses will understand that small government, self-reliance and economic freedom is the only way for America to prosper. We need someone to combat the MSM and their left-wing lies and Heritage could give him the bullypulpit he needs, without the constraints of Boehner and McConnell and the RSC. I am sorry to see him leave the Senate though, he was one of the very few that was willing to fight for Conservative principles and his Senate Conservatives Fund brought new conservatives into the Senate. God Bless you Senator, and good luck.

  • He is very good friends with Reid. I’m understanding more of what the problem in DC is.

  • Amy

    I’m just not sure how him leaving the Senate is a useful thing. 🙁 We already have a whole lot of people out here willing to repackage the message & get it out. What we DON”T have is good, conservative representation in the Senate. One more adult just left the room.

  • SurfinCowboy

    We just got a voice for conservatives, TEA party, and the Liberty movement in charge of one of the most influential think-tanks in the nation.


  • scrubjay

    She should appoint Allen West.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I have mixed feelings about this, while I totally respect Mr. Dmint as a senator I would’ve loved for him to run for president one day. Now I don’t know if Mr. Dmint will decide to change the messaging from the right, to a more aggressive one, one that goes into the dirt with the Democrats then it will be all worth it, but if not then we would have lost a great senator for nothing.

  • Indiana

    We need to put up a challenge to John Boehner in 2014

  • I can proudly say he was my Senator. So much to tell about Jim DeMint and not enough time. He’s a man of his word and never forgot who he served. We just wished he would run against Nikki Haley and send our State Senator Tom Davis to replace him.

  • ApplePie101

    DeMint choosing to bail at this point in time suggests that the senate has gone over the edge, and that he doesn’t want to be associated with what’s coming down the line.

  • It will be great if Congressman Tim Scott is appointed to Senator.
    Can he win re-erection in 2 years?

    There might be enough of hose racist, hypocritical, statist &/or ignorant Dems (not all, but many – along w/many other Dems being lazy freeloaders for generous handouts) to vote for their socialist candidate – like what happened to Allen West.

  • FreeManWalking

    Best to you Senator DeMint!!!

    Imagine if we had 45 staunch conservatives like Jim DeMint.

  • Constance

    So… This man is leaving the Senate with one fewer conservative? At a time like this? He just leaves? Sorry, I don’t find this admirable in the least. In fact, it ticks me off.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Makes one wonder now doesn’t it? Parting shots don’t sting near as much as one right between the eyes in the center of the ring.

  • Jim Botts

    DeMint who had already made a 2 term limit pledge in 2004 sees the writing on the wall.

    An unueducated and ignorant electorate is making poor choices at the ballot box. He intends to educate them.

  • I love Jim DeMint. This shocked and saddens me how he’s leaving the Senate, but so many people who don’t deserve that power like Graham stay on. He was our voice. He is our voice.

  • bobemakk

    This is very sad, but I hope at the Heritage Foundation, he can keep the real conservatives together and stop them from caving in to Obamas doubling down on his new tax proposals.

  • Sarahistheone

    Democrats are commie’s and Repubs are progressive on the road to commie’s……that’s the end of it!