Kirsten Powers: The media may be complicit in another terrorist attack on America

Kirsten Powers believes that media bias has gotten out of control on the issue of the Benghazi attack and the subsequent lies from the Obama administration on what happened. There are so many questions that need answering and she says that the media could possibly be complicit in another terrorist attack on America if they don’t get to the bottom of what is happening here. She cites the attacks on our embassies pre-9/11 as warnings back then, and says Al-Qaeda is not dead and the media should be asking what this really means.


(h/t: Sheya)

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  • PicklePlants

    She’s too smart to stay a liberal much longer.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      If she values liberty, she’d better stop being liberal!

      • white531

        There is no, “if.” The girl is real. You are watching someone from the other side, wake up.

        • When I used to see her on fox news (since I tape the show), I would fast forward so I wouldn’t have to listen to her. I have to tell you I welcome her coming around and realizing what is going on and finally talking about it No more fast forwarding for me.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          It’s a beautiful thing to behold. Almost like a spiritual awakening.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I don’t have Cable/Dish or Fox News on my television, so I have not seen enough of her to evaluate first hand. But people on here say she’s liberal.

          Liberalism today means not only a weak national defense, but not supporting the right to liberty of all unborn children, infringement on religious liberty, more government control and less and less money to call one’s own. That is not what I call valuing liberty.

          And again I say, if she values liberty, she’d better stop being liberal. It seems like she is having some glimmerings of reality from clips on Right Scoop when it comes to deception, something Democrats thrive on. I hope she does change completely.

          • Adobe_Walls

            She is a liberal though from time to time she exhibits glimmers of common sense, for instance last year she wrote a good piece on the planned parenthood racket (sorry no link). Her husband is Egyptian and I believe Coptic and I suspect this give her a more realistic perspective on the dynamics of that region. From the beginning of the Arab Spring uprisings she’s been much more skeptical of the idealism and it’s ultimate triumph than most liberals but she is still very much a liberal.

          • sadler

            She once was far left and even a race baiterwhen young but now grown up she has come a huge way towards the light. She may have purchased a home which changes people.

        • Mike H.

          She’s a Democrat not a progressive.

    • Don

      Any liberal with a functioning brain will not be a liberal much longer as the time is coming when American life as we know it will cease to exist. The saddest part is there is a sizable percentage of Americans who do not enjoy American life as we know it.

      • It is scary to think we’ll suffer because of their ignorance. Let’s get out and vote. We out number them.

    • Dont bet on it PicklePlants. Yes she is smart and she is honest and unlike most liberal progressives she is a patriot and an American first and foremost, but she is also a true believer in the progressive philosophy and I do not think that the bad behavior of those calling themselves liberals or progressives is going to be enough to ween her off of her belief in the liberal/progressive philosophy. I actually hope I am incorrect and she sees the light and becomes a Conservative because it would be nice to have her brain power and honesty on our side. Either way I will settle for her to continue being honest and patriotic as that is the best I think we can expect from any true believing progressive.

  • keyesforpres

    She seems to be coming to the “Right” side.

    • marketcomp

      Don’t fool yourself. I think she is coming to the truth. I think a few liberals are actually interested in the truth, some of the time.

      • sDee

        Leopards do not change their spots so easily. With pundits, what drives them is who pays them.

        • white531

          Are you sure about that, Dee?

          • Derek

            She is on FoxNews’ payroll, so she doesn’t need to worry about her job — that’s probably why she’s not afraid to face and then disseminate the truth.

          • sDee

            Well they may get paid by the network they are on but the real money comes in from interests who need something said while they are on their network gig.

            But islamic oil money buys up major PR in the US now and many of these pundits are nothing more than paid mouthpieces.

            Muslim Nations Hire 10 New PR Agencies Since Last Year – PR Firms Assist In Selling Terror And Brutality
            The regime of Bahrain which tortures its own citizens has an awful human rights record and doesn’t recognize the existence of Israel, also hired Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential bid, Sanitas International, whose partner Christopher Harvin is a former Bush White House aide. And Joe Trippi is a very senior FOX News contributor.

            • SineWaveII

              (Rolls eyes)

      • keyesforpres

        When a person comes to the truth they turn Conservative.
        Not saying she is turning Conservative…just that truth = “right”.

        • SineWaveII

          Actually the truth is in the center, it’s just that so many of the members of the news media and the democrats are on the far left that it makes it look like truth is to the right.

          • Conservative_Hippie

            center-right, lol 🙂

      • warpmine

        We shall see folks!

    • warpmine

      A broken clock is right twice a day. As long as she believes that unborn human beings are to be denied the protections of the constitution than she will continue to be part of those that adhere to th epermise that government is there to dole out rights given to us by nature’s God.

  • Though it may seem that she might turn the corner, she may just be that odd liberal with a conscience. There are a few out there.

    • SineWaveII

      She might be a true liberal, not a fascist socialist.

  • WhiteGuy2

    I think she wants her own show on Fox.

    • She’s got the looks and the brains to fit right in!

  • UnCL3

    Well, she’s better than the ho’bag that’s on Hannity all the time, Tamara Holder.

    • B-Funk

      Yah, does that Holder chick just come off as a little… loose? In the sorority girl way? That’s been my impression of her.

    • white531

      And, that’s important to you?

      • UnCL3

        would be to most hetero males…you, not so much.

        • white531

          Thank you, UnCL3, for telling all of us what you are really like.

          I see you are a veteran here. Six comments on the Right Scoop. As this site grows and gains more members, it is inevitable that people like you will show up and bring all your baggage and bad behavior with you from other sites.

          Those behavior patterns that are tolerated on other sites, are not tolerated here. You will learn that soon enough, if you stay around that long. My guess is, you won’t.

          The street comments and garbage that permeate other sites, don’t seem to survive here very long. We tend to be a tad more intellectual and stick to the different views of current issues, to see what makes sense.

          We try, as best we can, to keep name calling and personal attacks to a minimum. We find they detract from the overall discussion, and accomplish very little.

          My reference to a comment you made, about the attractiveness of certain news commentators I believe, was the genesis of your comment.

          We are losing our country. What does it matter, if a certain news anchor is “Hot,” or not? I believe you have a problem with priorities.

          On the, “hetero males,” part of your comment, I feel sorry for you. I have a good life in that respect. I have a good marriage and four wonderful sons. If I am away from my wife for more than fifteen minutes, I go looking for her. Nice try, but you missed that one, big time.

          Personally, I hope you go back to where you came from. If that’s not the case, and you decide to stay here, then you need to learn some manners.

    • Whenever I see her smug, fake smile on Hannity, my remote goes CLICK….

  • sjmom

    ABC is out with it now so let’s see how long it takes for CBS and NBC to start reporting it.

    I’m also waiting to see how long it is before Obama admits Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack though I’m not sure he will. He’s just a big enough coward to not say anything if he thinks it will hurt him in the polls.

    • WordsFailMe

      I’m waiting for the muz to announce that the USA did the murders and arson at Benghazi to provoke another war with the peaceful nation of baboons.

      • sjmom

        At this point there is little that would surprise me.

    • conservative58

      It will be interesting to see if the terrorist attack on Benghazi is even mentioned in the three presidential debates.

      • sjmom

        Romney better mention what’s going on if he wants to win.

    • GEDouglas

      I think you can forget NBC… it is totally dedicated to the progressive agenda.

      • sjmom

        Precisely why I included them along with CBS. I know it will take dragging, kicking and screaming for them to tell the truth, but you cannot lie forever and get away with it. If they absolutely refuse they will be show themselves for who they are; an arm of the DNC. They don’t have much viewership now so continuing in their present pattern could put them off the air. Even Dem advertisers will go elsewhere because it’s always about money.

  • JudyPaulette

    She is married to an Egyptian Coptic who has family living
    in Egypt. Currently the subject is Libya, but during the Tahrir
    Square and Mubarack news she was very outspoken also.

    • sDee

      Interesting. Looks like she married him in 2010. Powers is a hard core life long liberal who renounced Christianity. She has done as much to elect and empower this monster as anyone in the political class.

      Since her messiah has been elected, he has emboldened the very muslims who now persecute, kill, rape, kidnap and imprison Copts in Egypt. Will she ever admit the blood on her party’s ‘s hands for their “Arab Spring”? Will she expose her media’s coverup of he slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christians in muslim lands?

      She might start by getting Fox to make Americans aware of the suffering of the Copts under Obama and Clinton’s Arab Spring.

      The Passion of the Copts

    • WhiteGuy2

      Yea but before that she banged Anthony Weiner. Lost all credibility with me after that. Anyone who would admit to bangin that Weiner has got major issues.

  • Could we be observing the birth of a new conservative?

  • NJK

    Since these people are in New York they may be the next ground zero. Has that ever occured to them? Or do they think they have some kind a magical shield surrounding them? They would love to get NY again. Maybe New Yorkers should have thought about their safety before voting for the Muslim in the White House.

    • But, but they’re so multicultural, and smart, and tolerant!!! Muslims would never ever come after the media…

      They are blind and ignorant fools.

  • WordsFailMe

    This has the feeling of manipulation. It’s too much like a liberal TV soap opera. Kristen can joined the conservatives after she’s made her bones.

    Say that Obama is a liar, K.

  • OK. I’ve been going through Scoop’s archives lately. Just to see the news from the past few years and I’ve been finding some interesting things. FIrst off, dear leader and his administration AND the media have a track record of delaying investigation, or denying or waiting “for the full investigation before we comment”, about a lot of things. Now, I may be just getting conspiratorial, so whoever wants to can check things out themselves. I’m just pointing out a couple of my own observations from the few things I’ve been looking at the past couple of days. Folks can draw their own conclusions.

    First of all as for flubs/ miscalculations or whatever you want to call it, conserning this administration about terrorism. Does anyone remember this:

    I’m sure there are more stories just like it, but I just don’t have time to go through everything. But hey, feel free to find other stuff if you want.

    Now, there’s that whole Black Panther thing- remember, the polling station incident, in which Holder dismissed charges against them? And there’s been no word in the propaganda press about that, or their anti White speech during the whole Treyvon Martin Case either.

    But look- Black Panther leader what’s his name Shabazz meets with Iran’s imadinnerjacket, and I don’t remember hearing anything in the propaganda news about it. I did however find it on Scoop :

    So what’s the point? Well, nothing was said about that by the press, and no charges laid against the panthers who went to meet with him.
    Why? Well, here’s an interesting tidbit, Black panthers including Shabazz allegedly marched with Dear leader in Alabama:

    So how well does dear leader know Shabazz? How well does dear leader know Louis Farakahn of the nation of islam, which also has support of and supports Iran?

    If you want to know more about Shabazz/farahkan or however you spell his name, you can check this out:

    What does all this have to do with this story here about the media being complicict? Well seems to me, they’ve been complicit all along, and now the fruits of their labors are coming up ripe. The more I have learned in the past 5 or so years about dear leader, and his associations, and his administration picks and his handlers, the more I am positive that all of his inactions are on purpose, and all of these stories about “We were not aware” which the media has purposely carried water for, are all in a commie’s day’s work.
    Sorry this is so pathetically put together, but I’ve only been working on it for the past hour.
    Sorry- didn’t mean to make this a whole blog post. Sorry Scoop.

    • You are spot on ABC, the interchangeable parts of the MSM and administration is disgusting. One wonders how can any person in their right mind even think that the MSM is actually doing its job in this regard.

      A liberal moves from administration to news anchor and what, automatically we are to assume that he is going to actually report news (happens vice-versa as well)?

    • white531

      You are so close to the truth of all this, your fingers should be burning right now, just from the typing.

      Take a break from the regular comments here, and keep doing your research. I want to know more. If anyone can do it, you can.

      • Thank you White. I’m still looking. Scoop’s got a lot of stuff, but I will save tonight whatever I find and if I find more, I’ll post it as I can. THank you for the encouragement.

        and yes, actually my fingers are kind’a numb right now.

        • searchingforsanity

          Hey ABC don’t forget about the statement Obama made in 2008 about wanting to create a national civilian security force. One can only imagine what kind of characters he would muster up to form that. That comment really stuck with me, and I often wonder if he’s been creating it under the radar. Who knows…I just know that I have the most awful gut feeling lately that we are in for some really scary times ahead.

          • That’s a good point sfs. Something else to think about. yikes.

            • OHJan

              And even more frightening when you consider all of the hollow point ammo (illegal to use internationally) our government has been stockpiling recently…

              • Believe me, I have had that on my mind since I first heard about it. I mean really. Social Security offices need hollowpoints?!

    • WordsFailMe

      Very well composed! Excellent! But referring to a major world baboon as “Imadinnerjacket?” Is that cooth?


    • sDee

      Sorry? – that is great reading ABC. Conspiracies are not always theories.

      What just keeps hitting me over and over every time this stuff hits the “news”, is how rapidly the story disseminates across the country and the world, how consistent it is, how all the politicians have the same talking points, how the answers are known before the questions have been asked. And, how easy it is to find the actual story, not being told.

      I was talking this morning with some folks about how tightly and consistently the Media and CAIR went after Pamela Geller this week, and how quickly the Media, CAIR and politicians encircled Michele Bachmann on her islmaist infiltration inquiry.

      Immediately I was being pummeled as a conspiracy nut. I asked them to think for a minute how many people the thought really control Congress and the White House. I asked them to think about how hard it is to get any “story” fed into “news” shows and newspapers. I asked them to think about how many global media corporations there are really.

      We are talking about probably 1000 people or less. Like a small to medium sized business. It just takes a good data management systems, a social network, and a few “gate keepers”. The press is key to it allworking.

      Not so far fetched at all.

      • It’s mind boggling in some ways, but so right there. All one has to do is dig. And I am digging. My brain is on overload again now, and it’s almost 2 am again! I’m going to bed shortly, but I doubt I’ll sleep much again. Thank you sDee. I love getting your perspective on things and your opinions. There’s so much to think about.
        On a related topic, I just had this sent to me by Linky1- and it’s raising my neck hairs some more- just what some of us have been talking about- the mother of Octobers.
        It’s gonna be a wild time either way it goes. When my husband starts talking about no matter who wins, the world is going to he!!, I tend to perk my ears, because I’ve been saying stuff for years to him, and he’s never shown one iota of fear or interest… but he’s awake now, and doing double time to catch up.
        Good night dear friend. I’ll find some more stuff tomorrow, I’m sure.

      • Linky1

        I used to make jokes about the “tinfoil hat” wearing conspiracy theorists of the world.

        No more jokes, because there’s no conspiracy, as point after point after point is all coming to fruition. Islam, terrorists, communists, birth certificates, missing college records, you get the drift.

        Look at the movies coming out, all about the President’s “fathers”, his beliefs, his associations. It’s all coming to linge and yet, the media is it’s slathering, compliant, a$$ kissing, blinder-wearing way, has made us to look like the nutcases while protecting a rogue president.

        As for Islam-here’s a documentary from the biggest conspiracy nut of all, Glenn Beck.

        I watched Part 1 tonight and even I was shocked (hard to do, considering all I have read, listened to and watched on the subject) at what was here. That was part 1, can’t wait for Part 2).

        If you want to see a really good, unbiased interview with Pamela Gellar, her eis is, courtesy of SUN News.

        OK, it’s late, the signal on my tinfoil hat is fading. Time to call it a night.

        Over and Out.

      • Sandra123456

        Agreed. There is the conventional wisdom that large conspiracies don’t work, but I think that is wrong. Large conspiracies can work and work for a long time and then fall apart after a goal has been achieved or people die or interest wanes.

        I think the MSM now is in a conspiracy currently to re-elect Obama NO MATTER WHAT! Think of how many times Rush has played clips of 10 to 20 journalists all using the same phrases and words to report on certain topics.

    • Patriot077

      I’m shocked that Kirsten would think the media “might” be complicit. Honestly I had to laugh!

      I agree that all of these actions and “bumblings” have been intentional. The one thing that stands out in the examples you listed is how angry Farrakhan was at 0bozo after Zero went after Gaddafi. I tried to get a link to the video of it but it’s been terminated by y-tube. The title is pretty descriptive, though.

      • I remember that!! I surely do! It goes to show though that dear leader will use anyone and anything to do what he needs to do to hang onto power.

    • OK Darn it I’m tired!! But I just reminded myself of something else. How many of you have heard about the OWS chiefs (or whatever the heck they call themselves) meeting with imadinnerjacket?

      Remember how stretch pelosi and dear leader and so many on the left had been praising this “wonderful, spontaneous movement of concerned Americans”? Let’s think about that for a while. I’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully.. Night all.

      • kong1967

        Geez….no, I didn’t hear about that. Kinda hard to set up a meeting with Ahmadinejad without the adminstration’s help. Thing about it is, Ahmadinejad may be a crazy fanatic, but he’s not stupid. I’m sure he thought they were the dumbest people he’s ever seen.

        “No wonder Obama got elected”, he says.

        • He most likely does think they’re stupid and would like nothing more than to stone them all where they stand. But think Kong, the comparisons to the riots in Libya and the OWS demonstrations- some, not the propaganda press, but others were showing the OWS signs over there.

          • kong1967

            Signs? You lost me. I’m not sure what you mean. Protest signs?

            I understand that you’re drawing a connection, but what are on the signs that would tie them to OWS? I’m probably going to kick myself for not seeing the obvious, lol.

            • I’m sorry Kong, I should have provided the link. Here, read this:

              • kong1967

                Lol, slap me silly. Now I see what you mean by signs.

                Obama has much deeper ties to what’s going on than what it appears. He not only cheered the Arab Spring he was behind creating it.

                This would mean Obama is fighting on both sides of the battlefield. He’s building up our enemy and pretending he’s one of us.

                Are we sure he’s not the anti-Christ?

                • I don’t know if he’s the antichrist Kong, because I don’t know who his daddy really is. All kidding aside, he is certainly a precursor. But I just wrote another one, this time posted it to the last Scoop thread of FOX’s coverage of the timeline. I really don’t want Scoop to get mad at me, but I could understand if he does- I really don’t mean to take over these threads, but there is SO much more going on here.

                  Thanks Kong so much for your kindness. 🙂

                • kong1967

                  Well, it’s a necessary discussion that needs to be had. I will look for your new addition. I usually scroll down a little ways and reply to what I get to, which is why I don’t get to most of your posts. There are so many comments….which is good. Participation.

    • kong1967

      Pathetically put together? Looked just fine to me. I think you’re right.

  • Robert4Liberty

    So a liberal analyst would like a safe country to redistribute the wealth in. I’d say a liberal that is half baked is just an exception to the rule of them being fully baked….

  • white531

    When is the last time any of you trusted your Federal Government. Give me a date.

    • kong1967

      50,000 B.C.

      • wodiej


    • I can’t give you an exact date but Reagan was in the White House.

  • MaxineCA

    Hum….. I may have to e-mail Catherine Herridge and ask her to do some digging into this “movie trailer” guy. He has used so many alias names, he said when he was originally arrested and prosecuted it was under one of his false names. Who the heck is this guy? Frankly I want to know his rap sheet and his background.

    Today they said he broke 8 probation restrictions. OK…. what were they? I also heard he left the country during probation without permission. When did he do that & where did he go?

    When they arrested him on “whatever” the original charges were, supposed bank fraud via the internet, he cooperated with the feds in exchange for a 21 month sentence plus the terms of probation. I’d love to know the specifics of the charges.

    I just have a gut feeling that there is MUCH more to this story. The whole thing seems so odd to me.

    • kong1967

      I’d like to know why they had no interest in arresting him before they used his video as an excuse for the terrorist attack. If he violated his probation in so many ways, why did they allow him to go untouched until they conveniently used his video as the fall guy for Obama?

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Follow the Fast and Furious model. Marxists believe that the end justifies the means. They want to take guns and ammunition away, they try to create a crisis to sway public opinion. They want to control freedom of speech, they try to create a National security crisis and blame a movie trailer. Obama and our corrupt Congress have already given themselves the law needed to control or shut down the Internet for “National security” or emergency reasons. Our Republic and Constitution is their enemy. Marxism works best when the power resides in the Government and not with the people. Any wonder why Government control of Banking, Energy, Health care, food supply, Communications media are all on their agenda? It is a royal pain in their ass having to sway or control public opinion and silly elections. They would much prefer to just give orders. One saving grace is that Liberals are such lousy leaders and screw up so often. Republicans are much better at being cautious and patient. Dems want it all, now. They are getting caught too much and the GOPe wants to be back in charge because of it. If you see the Media start to turn, it could just be that Romney has been blessed with the reins because Obama is such a screw up. George Soros has said Romney wouldn’t be so bad and not much would change except for maybe a few undesirable Supreme Court appointments. The big boys want a controlled, professional job, when leading the sheep. Obama may not be working smart enough for them.

  • GiantM

    Come to the light Kristen…don’t look back! Your so close.

  • PFFV

    Every once in a while Kirsten makes good common sense but only when the time is right for her to make a spotlight point. Much like Geraldo steps in the truth once in a great while too.

    Once you believe the government should be the answer to all man-kinds problems you have lost your soul and no longer believe in the human spirit or that we are driven to be the best we can be.

    A Government solution always means – over spending, fraud, waste, corruption, and less freedoms for all of us. Duh!

    The Bigger Government Gets The Less Freedoms all of us have. Another no-brainer the left can’t seem to get into their cast iron skillet heads.

    • kong1967

      “Another no-brainer the left can’t seem to get into their cast iron skillet heads.” — PFFV

      Which is odd because they have plenty of empty space up there.

  • kong1967

    Don’t hate me, fellow conservatives, but I am really starting to like her. Yeah, yeah, she’s a lib….but she has grown to think for herself for the most part. She no longer sticks to Obama talking points at all cost. We still disagree on the issues, but I can respect someone who thinks for themselves and doesn’t try to carry the water for a party by using lies and excuses that no one believes.

    • wodiej

      I would never hate or dislike anyone simply because they are Democrat. Although many are clueless or misguided, many have good intentions. I think they simply do not understand by helping people too much you are simply enabling them thus hurting them. They are like the parents who never want to discipline their children because they don’t want to hurt their feelings or upset them. But they need to learn that wrongdoing brings pain. They never learn to stand on their own two feet.

      Liberals want everyone to like them which to me is a lack of confidence in oneself. (there are conservatives who go to the other extreme and have too much confidence which equates to arrogance and self righteousness.)

      • kong1967

        I don’t hate anyone just for being Democrat, either. I have friends that are Democrat and we just don’t talk politics.

        However, there are exceptions. Most Democrat voters are being duped. The movie stars have good intentions. Angelina Jolie loves kids and adopts kids from poverty stricken nations. But, she’s being lied to. I do hate the politicians like Obama that use innocent people’s intentions to destroy them with. Like Obama claiming he wants to help the poor. It’s a freaking lie!! He represented slum lords a s a lawyer. He uses the poor to advance an agenda, and that makes me sick. Innocent libs like Angelina Jolie fall for the hoax. Obama’s policies intentionally destroy this country and he is using the good will of Democrat voters to do it with. I HATE HIM.

    • Sandra123456

      Me too. But somehow her point has to be made over and over again in the following days. The MSM can think they are playing some inside the Beltway parlor game of “Let’s Re-Elect Obama,” but they are putting the country in danger, by not asking the tough questions they would demand of a Republican President.

      • kong1967

        Yes, you are so right. I’m glad you brought that up because that is an extremely important point…actually the most important point.

        • Sandra123456

          It just “hit” me this morning that in a nutshell, the MSM want to play or be Kingmakers.

          So the MSM is no longer the “free press” the internet is.

          • kong1967

            Nope, it isn’t. I think Al Jazeera is more reliable.

    • Wigglesworth111

      I definitely have more respect for her unlike Juan Williams who always sticks to White House talking points.

      • kong1967

        Exactly. He’s not a political analyst. He’s a bucket carrier.

  • Rocco11

    Ideology trumps everything for Leftists, it’s really a sick cult.

  • warpmine

    What does she mean by “could be complicit”? They are a full fledged fifth columnists in every sense of the word. We all know their agenda which is as anti-American as their leaders, Soros and Obama.

  • Philo Beddoe

    We are witnessing a political ideology evolvment

  • wodiej

    Thank you Kirsten for your honest analysis.

  • Wow, for a woman who dated super-liberal Anthony Weiner, Kirsten has come a long way. But she brings up an excellent point. Is this the start of a new wave of attacks against the United States? Just like our embassy bombings in Africa prior to 9/11, is this a signal of bigger things to come? Also, if I were one of our few European allies left, I would be very interested, too, because what’s to stop al Qaeda from attacking an American target in Europe rather than the United States? Europe is a lot closer to the Middle East than America, and A LOT easier to get into. I’m sure intelligence agencies all over Europe are looking into this. Too bad our mainstream media isn’t that interested.

  • shane2813

    But wait!!! Obama killed Osama??? All the terrorist are dead now right??? You suckers!!!! MARXIST=DEMOCRATS=TERRORIST All the same. Just ask President Pantywaist Obama.

  • Jaels_Song

    Obama and the media is equivalent to a sick dysfunctional marriage between two evil people. Obama is the abuser/molester and the media is his demented obsessed voyeur wife who complicatedly covers up his recurrent crimes. Within this union between Obama and his lovers in the Joseph Goebbels media we have been observing the sickest propaganda perversions America has ever seen.

    It is happening, right before our eyes… November won’t come soon enough.

  • Sober_Thinking

    She’s much more evenly moderate than their other guests. I appreciate that her eyes are finally opening.

  • Rshill7

    Was Watergate really more serious than the rampant corruption rippling through this administration at every level?

    The MSM seems to be one monolithic bobble-head. It’s journalistic malpractice. If I didn’t see and hear it each day, I wouldn’t believe it. Does “free press” now refer to the press as free to be as slanted as possible? When you listen to them, do you get the impression that you’re hearing from an O’ defender, closer to him than Michelle?

    The percentage of people who trust the MSM implicitly today is about 8%. This seemingly coordinated press is reminiscent of government approved news behind an iron curtain. There’s a lot of truth out there. Would that the press report some of it.

    Romney has been running against Obama and the media at large. People aren’t mushrooms and probably don’t appreciate being treated like they are.

    • Rshill7

      Benghazi-gate could become Obama-melanoma.

  • Thank You, Kirsten. Nothing has ever been more important to the safety of the United Sates; as well as the planet. Syria is saber-rattling with the chemical weapons in Syria. Al-Assad stated, only three days ago; that he has no interest in reform.

    Couple this with a nuclear Iran. Even the capacity to put dirty bombs in an insurgents hands; would be catastrophic.

  • ryanomaniac

    Sorry to say it folks but after this ordeal I’ve come to the same conclusion Michael Schauer has. Americans wont get it until thousands of Americans are dead. Its gonna take something much worse than 9/11 to wake up this lazy out of touch country. When it does I hope the media run for the hills cause they have a huge responsibility for this cataclysmic failure of foreign policy.

    I don’t have any faith in this election. After ALL the bad economic numbers and the bat $hit crazy Muslims and Obama is ahead decidedly. I DO believe the polls. The electorate is gone. There is no tipping point because its already tilted towards hell. The Left has succeeded in their indoctrination of children for decades and this is what we have here. We’ve let ourselves down and can blame only ourselves for letting evil teach our kids liberal views and sitting on our a$$’$. Sorry but this country is supposed to be a majority Christian? Surely not. It can’t be that because how would we be sitting at the back of the bus. A lot of Christians are voting Obama and that is an example of how far down the rabbit hole we have gone. I’m sorry Lord for our irresponsibility. Please forgive us and give us YOUR strength cause that’s how much strength we’ll need to survive. God Bless Gods America.

  • Slowly, but slowly, Kirsten is starting to get it. I expect she will soon shunned by fellow liberals and democrats for daring to show independent thought and show some concern for the country and it’s people. I’m just thinking here what it would be like on The Five if they got rid of the two buffoon “liberals” and brought on Kirsten to replace them. The comic relief would go down, but so would the blood pressure as we might actually get an intelligent debate with her on the panel.

    • StandProudNow

      Sorry, I never watch the Five. I know Beckel is one of the five and is a liberal, but who else is a lib?

    • PVG

      I may even start watching if that happened.

  • Bingo! Let’s pray the October surprise will not be another AQ attack on American soil. I can see these insane Dhimmis trying to delay the election.


    She’s right to question the MSM’s lack of concern over this serious national security matter. The area is too hostile for the FBI but our ambassador was there on 9/11 without any security? Clinton and Rice should resign!

  • susiepuma

    Kirsten Powers is married to an Egyptian – that is the only reason she is raising such a fuss about what is happening in the ME – otherwise, she would be sticking to the script for Dem journolists and rejoicing over the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Caliphate over the entire region –

    • stage9

      Actually I think he’s a Coptic Christian whose roots are in Egypt.

  • tvlgds

    I have always thought Kirsten Powers was extremely fair. She takes issues on their own merit and doesn’t lump them all into the liberal agenda. I’m not so sure she’s as much a liberal as she is a democrat. I don’t always agree with her, but she’s not afraid to speak the truth even when it makes the liberals look bad.

  • ktoo

    She’s moving towards the light! And she’s super hot.

  • She’s married to a Copt from Egypt & needless to say, not too happy about the Muslim Brotherhood takeover there. I think that’s what began her ‘awakening’. She talks to family on the frontlines there weekly. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least in she secretly votes Romney / Ryan.

  • The more conservative she gets, the better she looks because liberals are ugly, period…

  • azpatriotmom

    But will the media continue to cover for Nobama until the election is wrapped and he possibly wins re-election? If this story was given the time that it truly deserves, I think it would have a devastating effect on Nobamas re-election chances. I like to believe that, despite the whiners and graspers in the Dem party, there are still plenty of decent folks that care about their country and their countrymen/women who work for us in foreign countries and the military that keeps our freedoms. I like to believe that most Americans who aren’t left wing wack jobs would hang Nobama out to dry if there was a BIG media dust up about this- which there should be- and that it would all get laid at Nobamas feet.
    But, without the story becoming huge and getting the play that it deserves, Nobama gets another pass and may continue on as the most incompetent president in U.S. history. Honestly, he makes Carter look like a statesman.

  • WessOA

    She’s too much of a FOX to be a true liberal.

  • I just can’t handle Kristen playing her new role. So is she a liberal or conservative? Does she just go with the way the wind is blowing? She will never have any credibility with me.

  • WessOA

    She may be true patriot at heart. Either way she’s too much of a FOX to a true liberal.

  • dlg1956

    Starting to wise up perhaps?

  • bdrushal

    I usually don’t agree with Kirsten’s positions but I have always valued her perspective because I believed she was guided by integrity and logic rather than ideology. There are some liberal issues (admittedly few) that have plausible arguments and she has much more credibility when she makes them than those who fall on the sword of liberalism, undeterred by truth or logic to the contrary. I don’t expect Kirsten to change her stripes. In fact, I would be rather disappointed if she did. There is a certain comfort in knowing there is someone on that side who can be trusted to tell it like it is, regardless of the party line.

  • right

    Go Kirsten! She’s way too smart and waaay too hot to be a liberal!

  • GEDouglas

    KP is not going rouge, she is simply showing liberals what honest, factual, reporting and commentary looks like. I don’t think she is, all of suuden, more conservative…she is just being honest. It smacks of strip changing because we are so acustom to liberal spin and outright lies. When one of them starts speaking truth to power we naturally assume they are changing thier political worldview. Although, she may have no choice…it seems lies and deception are a critical tenant of the democrat platform…if they were honest about thier agenda they would cease to exist as a political party. That has been the epiphany leading to many conversions. So…maybe she is turning. Whew..that was a circular way of refuting my initial premise uh.

    • PVG

      But you did it so well. Perhaps you should consider a career at msnbc……;)

  • alexlamb

    KP’s Liberal fever is breaking!

  • Eric Schreiber

    Thank God for you, Kirsten. Finally, someone in the media with the cojones to do what’s right. Keep it up. Go strong, girl! Do not back down, do not give in. You now have another loyal reader of yours.

  • PatriotInk

    It is refreshing to hear an honest voice from a liberal persuasion. Very impressive. -PI