Kirsten Powers: There’s a GLARING double standard at how the media ignores Biden vs Republicans

Kirsten Powers says emphatically that there is a glaring double standard at how the media ignores Biden when he missteps as opposed to how the media treated Sarah Palin in 2008. But she believes it’s in part due to the fact that Biden has been schmoozing the media for over 30 years in DC. Jim Pinkerton however disagrees, noting that George W. Bush schmoozed the media and the media never gave him a break:

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  • What color is the sun on her planet?

    • warpmine

      You mean on Liberalanus? Hell, I don’t know. In a liberalite’s mind, isn’t it all subjective depending upon their mood at the time of perception?

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Liberalsnus – best line of the day!!

  • PicklePlants

    Good for Kirsten Powers. I usually disagree with her but she nailed this issue

    • poljunkie

      I agree. I think when Anthony Weiner duped her, she decided to think a little more from the heart before making comments.

      • warpmine

        Sorry but I still believe she’s a twit in every sense of the definition. Liberalism, a mental disorder, can only draw attention by absurd illogical thought. The very concept of responsibility, to liberals just doesn’t appear anywhere in their being.

        • poljunkie

          You’re probably right.

        • PicklePlants

          “There is a glaring double standard – there is no doubt about it” – KP

          “But the point with Biden is that he’s been in Washington since he was 30 years old. ~~ and because he’s there people just assume he knows what’s going on, and it’s not questioned, and I think that thats a big problem” – KP

          We need to turn liberals into conservatives one issue – one person at a time, or we are all lost.

      • She thinks a little more from the “head.” She’s still more a mindless liberal lemming who once in awhile has a coherent and logical thought/comment.

    • I think that Kirsten, as well as several other leftist pundits, are trying to step back a bit from some of the more outrageous democrat shennanigans. They can see which way the wind is blowing and if they remain 100% in the tank for barry, they will have absolutely no credibility left after his landslide loss in November. I believe you will see more of this in the coming weeks. The stench of barry’s desperation and defeat are weighing heavily in the air and impossible to ignore any longer.

  • rgolich

    Ya think Kristen baby? The American public is done a disservice by our news media. It is populated and therefore heavily influenced by far-left liberals. Even Fox News is majority liberal in the broad sense – they do not want to enforce the borders and immigration laws, do not want to deport illegals. That’s just one example. If you can’t even say that illegal aliens should be deported, then you are a “liberal” in the broad sense and do not longer believe in national sovereignty and self-determination of hte American people. Open, endless immigration with family reunification means = the American people have no say as to what our nation morphs into.

    • BS61

      And apparently Fox can’t mention Islam or that our Prez has committed Treason. Fools – all of them! Thank God for talk radio!

      • keyesforpres

        Because of the Saudis.

  • badbadlibs

    What about this: Biden may have been there for 30 years, is she telling us that the press corp has? Are there no new faces, every single reporter is as old as Biden and have been going to his parties since time began? Honestly, the excuses the left makes are really getting old.
    On the one hand she says there’s no doubt about the double standard then proceeds to make an excuse, a stupid one at that.

    • StrangernFiction

      Silly me, I thought it was because they are fellow ‘rats.

  • poljunkie

    Remember how the media was gleeful when President Bush choked on a pretzel?

    How about when the guy threw the shoe at him, they showed that clip of him ducking over and over and over.

    I remember the media reported that one of the Bush daughters was spotted with a ring on her toe. OH, the humanity!

    The media drools over anything little mishap or mis-step a person to the right of center makes. It just puts a spring in their step.

    • cathmom

      And don’t even get me started on their treatment of Sarah Palin……

      • poljunkie


      • white531

        cath, I can talk about Sarah anytime. Don’t hold back.

    • BS61

      As a former Dem, I laughed like heck at the shoe one – also the Dick Cheney/George Bush video games online. Too bad that I woke up to the truth too late – but I’ve got a good 20-30 years of good fight in me left!

      • poljunkie

        You have to admit he ducked really well!

        Glad you joined the fight!

        • terrence kelly

          Yep… his reflexes were positively catlike, and his eyes never left where the shoe came from. His old Interceptor Pilot skills in action, methinks. lol

      • white531

        Gotta hear that story sometime.

    • white531

      Can you imagine if he had caught the shoe and threw it back at the idiot? I know, only in my dreams.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Well those folks have talked about something that is SO obvious to most of us, but will anything be done to “level the playing field” as far as impartial reporting? Nope, don’t think so. For the most part the media is a lost cause and won’t change its ways anytime soon in my opinion.

  • Haywoodjbl

    When it comes to the “main stream media” there are no “reporters” anymore. There are but people dressed in suits and dresses saying what that are told to say by those that sign their checks.
    On another matter, WTH is Romney agreeing to the debate “monitors” that have been selected? Not one that could even be remotely considered middle of the road….all far left leaning morons. They will stack the questions as usual.

    • poljunkie

      I totally agree. When will the Republicans learn? They did it (mostly) in the primaries, too. I mean even when FOX hosted they teamed up with someone on the left didnt they? Like they took questions thru Yahoo?

      Why cant at least one be a truly neutral company or even right leaning announcer?

      Maybe the Wall Street Journal?

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Just remember, all news is biased. No getting around it. While the LSM is beyond biased and simply seeks to shape the entire narrative around their ideology, part of being human is processing information and restating it in a manner that you understand. We will never be able to fully trust a network of people to give us unbiased news. We must put forth the effort to learn from all sides and form our opinions on our own.

        • white531

          One of the brightest comments I have seen here tonight.

          • Is_Sense_Common

            Awww shucks. thanks 🙂

        • BS61

          Totally agree. Geek that I am, I was watching CSPAN book TV this morning and totally agreed with the author who said that all genicidal govts take over the media giving one voice to control the people. Then she had to ruin it by saying that the science was settled on global warming and that peer reviews were the way to go for research. I thought, you haven’t read the CATO peer review blackballing and the Climate Gate VB code that added 1 to our temps!

  • Go to MRC and look at the video over the decades that shows VP’s getting picked especially republican VP’s. Biden isn’t getting it any worse than anyone else and he wouldn’t get it at all if he didn’t give so much material for it. GHWB got picked on very little as VP.

    As per usual Kirsten is not the brightest crayon in the box with her analysis. She is over rated like most pundits who don’t know anything more than the next person.

  • Ken_H

    KP was great all the way today. She has to have either a kooky twin sister who fills in sometimes or some sort of Jekyll/Hyde disorder.

    • JarrodThomas

      Actually, seems like Kristen has more and more of these sane moments. Perhaps she will join the ranks of David Mamet and have to explain to people “Why I Am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal”.

    • Patriot077

      I think she is just terrified that Biden will damage the ticket even more than the won in the top slot.

      Today is the first time ever that I have whole heartedly agreed with her position.

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Her party’s been hijacked. When will they realize??

        • Patriot077

          It may have been hijacked, but I think she is still pretty far to the left of the old style “Blue Dog Democrat” even though she has had some moments of lucidity of late.

          • kong1967

            Compared to most other liberal pundits, I’ll take her any day.

            • Patriot077

              That’s okay, Kong. I’m happy for you – she usually sets my teeth right on edge. I might be getting cranky in my old age 🙂

              • kong1967

                Lol, I didn’t say she was my best friend, but people like Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, Al Sharpton and others make me so angry that I want to pick up my tv and smash it. She keeps my blood pressure down.

                • Patriot077

                  We sure agree on those three fools. Hearing any one of them guarantees I turn into a pressure cooker ready to blow!

                • kong1967


          • warpmine

            Broken clock right twice daily!

        • BS61

          Actually, Kirsten said that Obama is a centrist, so we know where she stands… and I remember her looking pretty pale on Fox during the 2010 election cycle. Will she show up for work in 2012?!

      • white531

        Patriot, I think you just might have something there. The man is a liability at this point to almost everyone who has any contact with him. While the Obama campaign has been in full-time damage control and denial, some of the media are actually starting to use their brains and say to themselves, “This guy is a total Idiot! He’s not only making Obama look bad, he’s making us look bad! I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep my job!”

        • Patriot077

          Yup. There’s only so much cover and spin these people can pull out of their magic hats without utterly exposing themselves to be as corrupt as the politicians they protect.

        • BS61

          Funny how many anti-capitalists suddenly want to keep their jobs!

    • warpmine

      More than likely, it’s schizophrenia. She is a liberal after all said and done.

  • toongoon


    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Joe bI-DIOT…good one, ‘goon!

  • Freempg

    Biden’s reputation as a so-called foreign policy expert is a media myth. Among other notable inanities, he voted against the first Gulf war and then for the second one soon only to join the rest of the liberal back-stabbers who turned against our soldiers in the field for political expediency.

    • kong1967

      Liberals will take any position to strengthen their power and to stay in office. I don’t believe most of them even believe what they say. They latch on to different sects in our society and try to cater to them and sell out the country to get their votes. I don’t think they give a crap about the poor, the blacks, the hispanics, the environmentalists, or the homosexuals. They are just people they can use.

      • warpmine

        Sure, as long as there’s a pay day in it for them, you can safely bet they’ll eventually be in opposition to it soon enough.

      • white531

        Correct again, Mr. Kong. I believe you’re on a roll, tonight.

        • kong1967

          Well, it’s like a broken clock. It’s still going to be right twice a day. 🙂

    • white531

      Correct you are, Freempg. That is why we need a military person close to President Romney. Sooner, rather than later. And I don’t mean a cardboard uniform with medals. I mean a fighting man. In order to remain a strong country, I believe we have to have a strong military.

  • aquaviva

    Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

    KP is a dyed-in-the-wool Shrillary advocate.

    • Freempg

      It’s amazing how deep our bench is. Each of us can rattle off a half dozen with presidential or VP potential. Who do the liberals have but the worn out, closet lesbian, faux feminist Hillary.

      • BS61

        And don’t forget her most admired Sanger, and didn’t she do a paper on Alinsky?

    • kong1967

      I don’t agree with her in most cases, but I like her. She will not bend over backwards to support a liberal talking point. Sometimes she has a hard time supporting her position, but I think she’s being honest about how she feels. Unlike a-holes like Alan Colbs and Bob Beckel. They support every last liberal talking point to the death. If Obama said the moon was made of cheese they would be yelling over everyone telling them he is right.

      At least Kirsten has self respect and some decency about her.

      • StrangernFiction

        She’s throwing you a bone.

        • kong1967

          Maybe, but she’s never going to get me to agree with her on the issues.

      • BS61

        Hey Scoop – Can I a thousand times like Kong?

        • kong1967

          Lol, thanks. Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks Kirsten is alright.

  • This week’s No CHIT moment.

  • kong1967

    Judy Miller, it’s not just Biden. It’s also Obama (and others). Obama said we have 57 states and the media ignored it. What’s worse is that Obama had to think for a few seconds trying to remember how many states we have. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

    Kirsten was spot on, and I like to see an honest lib. She’s more honest than about any of them….although not perfect.

  • Why shouldn’t people start questioning Biden mental acuity? The man is getting up there in age and he could have the beginnings of dementia or even alzheimer’s. And to think that this guy is still only one heartbeat away from the presidency should scare the daylights out of anybody. Ryan is going to wipe the floor with Biden during the dabate. I can’t wait to see that.

    • keninil

      He has really had examples throughout his career. It’s just that they don’t pay attention to Senators on the national level — and only in state if there is a reasonable opponent (like Mourlock pointing out Lugar (IN) hadn’t lived in the state for 30 years.) There are lots of Senate examples of Biden’s lack of mental acuity especially at foreign policy.

    • Biden is a serial plagiarist. He failed a college course for plagiarism. He was forced to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race for allegations of plagiarism, to which he admitted.

    • white531

      Lest we forget, they did it to Reagan.

  • We all know if Ryan or Romney would have made ANY remark considered controversial they would have been hammered night and day! This idea just because Biden is gaffe prone is BS!! They minimize it to protect the Marxist!! It is pathetic but telling! Biden is an incompetent BOOB! and the MSM covers him because if it was played correctly the President would been hounded by it! The Double Standard is sickening. The Dems have been and will always be the Racists and Bigots!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Really, K-dog? Really?

    I’ll bet that desert island misses you.

  • She is a dummie. I think she is saying this to please her conservative dates. LOL!

  • d1carter

    A heart beat away…

  • tvlgds

    I actually don’t mind Kirsten Powers much of the time. She does tend to take each issue on its merit instead of always spewing the typical liberal rants. I think she’s more reasonable than most of the far left. She’s one that I do respect even when I wholeheartedly disagree with her. And there are times I want to smack her upside the head. (not literally, of course)

  • white531

    I agree with the idea mentioned here, that some in the Liberal media may be edging back from the brink on some of the more outrageous Liberal statements thrown out there. Do you think it might be that as more and more people get their news from alternate sources, the future of Journalism as a career, just might be in jeopardy and they’re starting to realize it? Continuing to donate time and energy to help promote the Leftist agenda might not be good for their financial future at some point.

    There have been a couple of other recent examples of Liberal media types being a little more aggressive with our friends from the Left. I’m sure there will be more. At least I hope so.

  • Jim

    I guess we have to take what little we can get. Meanwhile, I’ll keep waiting for Obama to get some hardball questions and flack over his gaffs.

  • By November, they may have completely destroyed the race card as a strategy to secure votes and silence opponents… I just saw Instapundit post this related item on this topic:

    More please!

  • Jim

    I guess we have to take what little we can. Meanwhile, I’ll keep waiting for Obama to get some harball questions and some flack for his gaffs.

    • white531

      Actually Jim, any question for Obama is a hardball question, because he’s not an intellectual person. He is, however, a product of the Chicago Cesspool of Political Strategy. Any question you ask him, triggers an immediate response and he launches into another speech about why he is so great and you just don’t understand.

      During the 2008 campaign, all it took was one guy, called, “Joe the Plumber,” to turn Obama’s world upside down for a week or more. I’m sorry, but I enjoyed that more than anything I have seen for a long time.

      He recovered, of course and he told his handlers, “don’t you every put me in that position again, if you want to keep your job.”

      If the Republicans were really smart, which they aren’t, they would look for ways to put Obama in the spotlight more than they do, without the benefit of the teleprompter or a canned speech, following a planted question, which is the way it usually goes down. He’s not good extemporaneously. Romney’s not either, actually. But Ryan is, thank God.

  • poptoy1949

    Dan Quayle never misspelled potato. Potato is correct with an e or without the e. Whereas Biden is just as stupid as my 2nd son. And That is PLUMB STUPID. Senators by the way should have there terms limited to 4 years. That is where Biden comes from.

    • white531


    • Maybe you can spell potato either way you want to, but there is definitely a proper spelling for the possessive “their”…and it is not “there”. Senators should have THEIR terms limited to 4 years. (I only bother to point out the error because it appears in a post that calls not one, but two people “stupid”.)

  • white531

    I have asked this before, but never got a good, definitive answer. Maybe this current topic would be a good time to ask again. Here it is. Why are all the media outlets, including television, newspaper and even Hollywood movies, controlled by the Progressives? I know we have Fox News, but most of us agree even Fox News is questionable because of the ownership. Murdock and the Saudis, I believe.

    If we are such a nasty bunch of money-grubbing rich people, why don’t some of the more wealthy among us, own at least a few of the media machines in this country? At least that way, we wouldn’t have to march into battle with the Liberals every day, while limping on crutches. Maybe a bad analogy, but you get the idea.

    • Freempg

      There was an opportunity to break the strangehold when NBC Universal went up for sale. Of course, one liberal fascist organization GE passed it safely into the hands of another, Comcast, whose CEO, Brian Roberts, is a flaming leftist. Here’s a photo of Obama going to visit Roberts with Valerie Jarrett in tow. Setting: Martha’s Vineyard:

    • BS61

      I was very mad at Glenn Beck after he had his meltdown on Judge Napolitano’s show over Newt. But, many months later – he is still offering real news that are not Saudi approved!

      • white531

        Newt is the only Republican with teeth. Anyone who would choose to debate Newt Gingrich, is a hopeless idiot.

        • AlabamaPatriot2

          One of the reasons I supported Newt was that I wanted to see him on-stage debating King Barry. Newt would have made the debate a public evisceration of His Highness.

          And Newt dies have teeth. Real ones.

    • toongoon

      It’s called Cloward and Piven, designed to overwhelm the system, but you can’t do it unless you demoralize the population. To demoralize, you need to infiltrate every organization to control the message. Women’s and homosexual rights went a long way to ensure infiltration. The fear of religious bigotry pounded into people was very effective at demoralization.

      In 1972, when I was a freshman in high school, there were two teachers in particular, one was a Miss and the other was a Mrs. After the summer, when I returned as a sophomore in high school those same two teachers became Ms. It was obvious to me that they had attended some kind of seminar or other training over the summer that had changed their views. They were no longer teacher but indoctrinators. The girls got special treatment while the boys were disregarded as much as they could without being obvious.

      If I saw it 1972 the infiltration had been going on for some time. It has only snowballed since then with the unions taking over public education and parents shut out of being a part of childrens education decisions and the left replacing History and Geography with Social Studies. I home educated my five children, I wan’t about to have them filled with Ritalin and be indoctrinated with leftist theology.

      Although in many ways some of my kids are still taken in by news, movies, and the influence of friends they still have a base of truth to work on and they have me continuing their education of conservative principles.

      The first thing we need to do to fight the left is getting the truth out by word of mouth. Second, at the polls. Third, and 2nd most important is changing the thinking of parents who have been raised in the public schools, so they know how to raise their children. And the most important is keeping the Lord first and foremost.

      • white531

        Thanks, toon.
        You and I agree on the indoctrination of millions of Americans through our media and our educational system. How to reverse the process is the hard part.

      • p m

        Fabulous post toon, thank you. How I admire your home-schooling of your children – they are well armed against indoctrination.

        I wonder if the 70s saw the maturation of the commie infiltration that was uncovered before and during the Joe McCarthy years – timing would be about right, given the skillful spinning of those identified as ‘victims’, a canard that still persists. We can thank Hollywood both for the spinning and the perpetuation of the victim status. The Great RR formally left the democrat party in 1962, asserting that it had left him, not the other way round, so it didn’t take much time for the indoctrinators to gain their footholds. He saw it up close, to our great but too brief benefit.

        I strongly believe in the influence of the ‘soft communism’ of the Frankfurt School of thought. It’s founders fled Germany when Hitler came to power, and set up shop at Columbia University in 1935. They set out very clearly that the only way to corrupt the then moral and God-respecting USA was to denigrate both morality and religion publicly and relentlessly. The upheavals of the 60s saw the fruition of their aims while providing perfect cover for their followers (who were a decade later installed in the universities and positions of political power, and who groomed successors to continue the indoctrination) and the 70s saw the attack on morality via the so-called feminist movement. You could say it’s been all downhill since then, with sexual license for youthful, inexperienced minds the easiest route to corruption. Existentialism on a mass scale for the West. Throw in the UN, NATO, IMF and now the World Bank and other pretenders to world power, and here we are.

        It will take close scrutiny of locally elected officials, and the will of the people to correct the results we are now seeing, and that is a daunting task for folks who already struggle just to survive. But it must be done. America is the only country that has a chance of countering the present culture by virtue of its incomparable Constitution.

        I tend to rattle on about this Frankfurt movement – hope you will forgive this long reply – but one does feel a sense of urgency at the moment, doesn’t one?!

  • Suzyqpie

    “It’s hard to decide which is worse, their tortured defense of democrat duplicity or their steadfast refusal to acknowledge it,” quote Lisa Fabrizio.

  • white531

    What a pleasure to be here. You guys are great. I would ordinarily say that anyway, but tonight, I feel like saying it twice. I just came back from a stint over on Conservatives4Palin. I’m not exaggerating, when I tell you that was a real experience. Scoop, I now know what you meant with your, “Palinistas,” comment. Except for a few, those people over there are beyond help. I won’t go into details, because I know some people share membership on both sites. Those of you who do, can make up your own minds. One thing is for sure, I will never go back there again.

    We sometimes disagree here and that is understandable. Each of us is different. But, as different as we are, we share a common goal. To protect the Freedom of the Republic. Frankly, I have never seen a site quite like this site. Everyone here is polite, fluent in the English language and compose their thoughts and present them in an atmosphere of respect for others. Do you know how rare that is, in the blogosphere? I surely hope so.

    • Freempg

      Scoop has a policy against discussions about C4P, I will herefore hold my tongue with this exception. I have friends at C4P that I value and appreciate. Some of the most spirited debate used to be found in their open forum. Some of the writing was excellent, as good as any found here or at American Thinker. Doug Brady comes to mind, along with posters John Frank, Virginia Gentleman, Technopeasant, Brianus, and several others who also post here. I am less fond of the moderators there. I am, however, even less fond of those that hurl pejoratives against fellow conservatives, names like “Palinistas” used in a demeaning way.

      • white531

        Free, I don’t like the name either, but having been subjected to it for a brief time, I do understand how it came to be. I agree with you though and i won’t use the name again.

      • white531

        Free, I’m new here. I didn’t know that. I appreciate the information. We all move around, don’t we?

        • Freempg

          W5, not sure many know that about the C4P rule. About a month ago a post here at Scoop regarding Governor Palin ignited a firestorm when it got off topic and onto the subject of what was happening at C4P. Many long time posters got banned there, including myself. I got banned for a good reason, using profanity, calling one poster what Dan Akroyd called Jane Curtain. Others were really ripping the C4P mods. I did my share of ripping them too but to their faces, one epsecially, for which I was not banned. I can’t complain in that regard. Scoop had to close down the threat and imposed the new rule.

      • TheresaAK

        Good on ya freempg….

  • white531

    It’s late, I know. I’m headed for the pillow, myself. Just wanted to thank you all for being here. I visit a lot of sites. Not a single one of them is like this one. Trust me, not one.

    • PVG

      I agree! I so appreciate this site. Bless you Scoop for creating a safe haven for for us pol junkies. Welcome White531.

  • Jay

    If the MSM took a corner too fast Biden would get a broken nose. A host on Fox radio had a good point: According to the libtoids every conservative candidate/office holder is either stupid, too old or evil.

    Palin: Stupid

    Bush: Stupid

    McCain: Old

    Cheney: Evil

    Reagan was such a threat he was stupid, old and a little evil.

    Romney and Ryan can’t be accused of being old or stupid, therefore they are eeeeevil.

  • Is she kidding me! Has she got blinders on!, or is she just catering to the left stream media in case her stint on fox news ends. The latter I feel is the answer. and while I feel Fox news channel is slowly slipping into the abyss of appeasement, and pseudo bipartisan coverage.
    This is one of the reasons why we need to have conservative billionaires and millionaires invest and create their own Broadcasting companies in order to get our message out to the masses. ” Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

  • white531

    Scoop, off topic here, but I think you need to pick up the story over on the Blaze about Obama’s half brother. We should start a charity here in the states and send him some money. Obama would sure have trouble dealing with the media frenzy over that one.

    • badbadlibs

      What media frenzy? Though you have a great idea, the msm will go to great lengths to keep that story out of the public eye.
      They have bo’s back…..

      • white531

        Badbadlibs, I agree they would try, but it might not be that easy. If you watched the video interview of him on The Blaze, you can see he is a very relaxed, likeable individual. I don’t think there is any love lost between him and Barack Obama. It might not take much to get him to do some more interviews. Fly him over here first class, put him in a nice hotel and sign him up with Hannity or Greta. He speaks fluent English and appears smarter than his half-brother.

  • leftwinglooney

    They don’t call Biden the “Delaware Dummy” for no reason. Do you really want this guy to have his finger on the red button? It is bad enough we have an idiot currently with his finger on the button. Remember Biden or OBama have never had a real job.

  • So? Remember she screwd weiner.

  • bobemakk

    Of course the lamestream media ignores the “gaffe kings remarks” (Biden). If it was a republican they’d have it on every hour on TV and every day in the liberal newspapers.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting this.

    FYI – Jim Pinkerton has absolutely no regard for Sarah Palin, believing that she is an idiot, etc., etc.

  • rich wojcik

    6 to 7 THOUSAND Polish Catholics walked on Aug. 10-12, 2012 from Chicago via Munster, IN, to Merrillville, IN (two days)…
    ………………NO NEWS!!!!!
    A few leftists protest something somewhere – ALL MSM stations show it

  • CalCoolidge

    Hmm. Miller says people don’t react to Bidenisms they way they used to. Really? Does she have any examples of which ones the media reacted to?

    I remember Biden being a buffoon at the Thomas hearings and all the “reaction” was to Thomas.

  • white531

    Here’s a hypothetical for you. Your son is graduating from high school. You’ve saved for his college education. He doesn’t want to go to college. He’s been offered a job driving a garbage truck right now, that pays twenty-five dollars an hour. So you say, “but son, I want you to get a college degree, maybe in Law. You might end up being a United States Senator someday. Maybe even Vice President. Then you offer Joe Biden, as an example. By this time, of course, your son is rolling on the floor in laughter.

  • brianmouland

    Same thing here in Canada most media arts types come from liberal arts programs in leftie universities taught by college professors who make Biden look like Einstein

    • white531

      We used to think colleges and universities represented the very finest thought and the best research possible on the planet. We depended on it, in fact. As it turned out, it was only an assumption. A ruse, if you will. To our detriment, an incorrect assumption. How many of you have watched endless hours of public television? Don’t worry, I am as guilty as any of you. I loved most of the major productions they presented. They were well done and entertaining. I enjoyed them immensely. Because I was supposed to. How could you not, really? But, inserted in between the wonderful presentations, was a message.
      “Those nasty Republicans don’t think like we do. It is only through Public television and National Public Radio, that we can continue to save human dignity and save the human race.”

      What Toon said. It’s real, folks. Take off your blinders and wake up. We have this one last chance this coming November. We mess this up, this country is history.

      • brianmouland

        In Canada we have a little poem about the bias
        In high school I loved diversity then I went to university

  • white531

    I’m heading for bed, but before I do so, I would just like to offer a prayer for what’s left of America. Not a prayer of the usual kind. My prayer this evening is that God is still watching over this great nation. That He hasn’t given up on us, quite yet. What we are facing and what we are yet to face, needs His guidance and His gentle Hand. Even if you no longer believe in Him, what have you got to lose? Say a prayer this evening for America. You just never know. One thing is for sure. The Hand of God was upon this nation when it was founded. It has been upon us all these years until just recently. Whether you are religious or not, you would have to admit that things have changed recently. Maybe the changes we have permitted in our lives, caused those things to happen. Maybe I am just foolish. Maybe you know better. Could be. I just know that when I pray, I”m not taking any big risk. By praying for a solution to this madness, I can’t lose. If my prayer is not answered, I am no worse off and neither are you. On the other hand, you just never know.

  • xueli676