Krauthammer: Obama isn’t trying to fix our fiscal issues, he’s trying to destroy the Republicans

Why are Republicans allowing the entire debate to be about taxes and about the war among Republicans over holding the line on the Norquist pledge or not, when what Obama is proposing on raising the rates on the 2% is a triviality. It will reduce the deficit from 1.10 trillion to 1.02 trillion – 8 cents on the dollar. It is nothing, it’s lunch money, it’s a rounding error. And yet that’s all the debate that we are hearing.

Obama understands this. He’s not trying to fix our fiscal issues and problems. He’s trying to destroy the Republicans by insisting that there is a split among the Republicans on this issue which has held them together, the same way it destroyed President Bush Sr. when he went back on the pledge he made. This is a political attack on Republicans. There is no evidence right now that he has any interest in the real fiscal issue because he would have to talk about spending and entitlements and he isn’t.

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  • Sheya

    Yep that’s the plan. Divide the republicans from within, get them to wash their dirty laundry in public make sure they are destroyed then ride into the sunset. And stupid republicans are falling for the bate.

    Maybe it’s a good thing. let’s get rid of the existing GOP and start it up again from the ground up. heck… maybe Obama is actually doing us a favor by doing the dirty work for us.


    …with DEAR LEADER MAO OBAMA PART II in the Oval Office , this country is LOST .”


    Republican’s better not back down to this dictator. I agree with Charles, it is a set up.

    • stage9

      Republicans are Charlie Brown and liberals are Lucy holding the football….and the idiots fall for it every time.

      • bobemakk

        We need new blood in the republican party who are more conservative. I’ve already heard that some of the RINO’s are looking to reach across the board and compromise on the new doubling down tax proposals Obama is looking for. AND, it’s all over the news (fair and balanced anyway), that the election was rigged. A good friend of mine was in church and he heard an African American woman say she voted several times at the same polling place. Do we wonder who she voted for?

  • serfer62

    With Boehner reelcted as Speaker The Punk is doing the country a favor.
    Now its time to work on a 3rd Constitutional party cause the GOP sucks

    • We’ve got one serfer62. The Constitutional Freedom Party…
      check it out, and all the links on the bottom of the page. If you agree with what you see, join us. We’re growing!!

      • Just joined the facebook group. Thanks!

        • Excellent! I see you there Jasper! 😀

          • rightactions

            Facebook is child’s play. It takes real work to get a new political party ballot-qualified. Then there’s the whole building an organization part, recruiting activist members, and raising money. The work. Get busy, Jasper.

            • Everything starts at a beginning. It’s going to take a ton of work, but at least people are willing to do it if this Nation is worth it.

            • Any moron can sit back and gripe. If you don’t have something constructive to add, stop replying to these folks. It’s not a request.

            • Amen!

      • Sober_Thinking

        THANKS for the link!!! I’m in!!!

      • DavidHis10000s

        Quixotic nonsense. Our current constitution (written and unwritten) is set up for two-party rule, and anyone outside of the donkey/elephant box ends up looking like fools.

        What we need in this country is a revolution. A real revolution that changes everything–our parties, our politicians, our broken constitution, and the tyrannical looter mindset of the parasite class.

        We don’t need to convince the majority to vote for us. We don’t need them to pass our laws or even necessarily agree with our values. We only need to convince them of one thing and one thing only: to back the f*&$ off. That for every dollar you steal from us we’ll destroy two of yours. That if you come after us, then we’ll come after you twice as hard. We need to be ready to go to war for our freedoms, with everything that implies. These people have forfeited every right they had to be treated like friends and buddies and fellow citizens. They are the enemy and they must be treated as such. And they are also cowards. The first sign of a real fight and they’ll crawl back into their holes.

        Show me a “party” or movement that’s prepared to do so, and then I’ll think about joining.

        • We’re not for a violent revolution, but we won’t sit back if the government gives one. We’re trying to educate- not beg. If it’s not for you, I hope you find something. This Party won’t be for everyone, but it’s something that folks are finding hope in, just by being able to do something and learn, and to teach others.

          • NCHokie02

            I believe it was only what 10% of the American population that took an active role in the revolution and of the 10% only 3% did any of the fighting. Could be wrong about the 10 percent but I know the 3% is correct.

            • It was 1/3 supporting the King, 1/3 supporting the revolution and 1/3 who didn’t give a wit…

              • NCHokie02

                That makes sense. My numbers that I believed were about 30% of the population supported the revolution. Of that 30% only 3% actually fought the British. Thanks though.

        • NCHokie02

          where in the current constitution does it talk about a 2 party system?

          • BikerHoop

            I was gonna ask the same thing. As a matter of fact George Washington warned us about the inherent dangers of political parties:

            “(Party politics) serves always to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration. It agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”

            -George Washington, September 17, 1776

            • NCHokie02

              Yup, how right he was. Amazing. Could you imagine if just a couple of guys ran for President and just said here are my ideas take ’em or leave ’em. Not sure of all the logistics of it being a country of 300 million but still it would be nice to have people running for office who don’t feel they have to be beholden to some party line and if they stray from it they are out. It’s how we are in the mess we are. W is looking down shaking his head….(thats washington not bush)

              • The logistics of running a government that adheres to its legitimate mission — securing our unalienable rights — are not that difficult, even in a nation of 300 million, because its legitimate tasks are of limited number and one-size-fits-all.

                The logistics mushroom, though, when we demand that government go beyond its legitimate mission and attempt to solve individual-specific problems FOR us … to the point that its policies discourage the personal responsibility and personal initiative that are the foundation for the real solutions to those problems, turning that 300 million from active problem-solvers to passive dependents always waiting on orders from Headquarters.

                • NCHokie02

                  Agree with everything you said. The logistics I was talking about however were the logistics of having X number of candidates running for political office w/o the help of political parties. How do you present everyone’s case? If the vote gets so split between a few different candidates how do you decide who is the winner? Does the guy who got 30% of the vote win if the others are 25% and 25% and 20% Thats mainly what I’m talking about in the logistics, is the actual “race for the office”.

              • BikerHoop

                You’re absolutely correct. I think that because of our “conditioning” into the party system I think that a candidate without a party would be at a stark disadvantage. I do believe, however, that at this juncture a third party, with the right candidates, is a real viability.

          • The Constitution is not the problem here. The problem is the two-plus centuries where party politics have twisted ballot-access laws (which are the responsibility of the states) to the point that the two major parties travel on flat ground to get on the ballots, while independents and alternative parties have up to fifty, virtually-insurmountable hills to climb.

            The only viable way to change this, is what the Tea Party movement is executing now … infiltrate the GOP from the bottom up, so the major-party advantages can be leveraged for a return to good governance. The question is, once they have those advantages, will even principled conservatives act to tear down the system, and inevitably diminish their own power by doing so?

            • NCHokie02

              Yes but I was responding to the comment above where David said that our constitution was set up for a two party system. I was asking where he derived that from because I don’t know of anywhere in the constitution that talks of a two-party system.

        • white531

          Forgive me, but I thought you just stated, “that our current constitution (written and unwritten) is set up for two party rule, and anyone outside of the donkey/elephant box ends up looking like fools.”

          You follow that, with the statement, “Show me a “party” or movement that’s prepared to do so, and then I’ll think about joining.”

          I’m not a master of the English language, but aren’t those two comments, contradictory?

      • davidclu

        Why not add your list to the Tea Party. We’re already established and very constitutional.

      • BikerHoop

        Can’t join… don’t do facebook.

        • You can still be a part of it BikerHoop if you want. There are other folks who aren’t on facebook either. I’m trying to find a way to get a website- but that’s out of my league there. Let me know though- if you are interested, because I can leave you links for stuff as we get them up. 🙂

          • BikerHoop

            Well, ABC, the way I see it is we need to start doing something NOW in order to be able to front a viable candidate in 2016. We can no longer rely on the Republican party to stand for us and represent our views. True conservative candidates CAN win elections. The people of this country are crying for conservative principles to be reinstated and the time is ripe to take advantage of and exploit the moral decline of both current parties. We can do this!

            • Amen and well said myBikerHoop friend. Have you seen the blog? All the links to our videos and articles are there. Go have a look, and I will update you when I get new stuff up, if you’re interested. And if you are willing, something you can do, is spread the word and pass the blog link around, whoever is on facebook will be able to join there until we get a website up. 🙂 Thank you!

              • BikerHoop

                Already doing it. Another offer I can make… I have some website building skills and if there’s anything I can do to help, just ask. I can’t do anything real fancy-like, but can get the job done.

                • That would be AWESOME!! Oh wow, I appreciate any help BikerHoop!! Do you have a way I can get a hold of you? I don’t have alerts anymore for comment replies (only flagged comments lol) but I can leave my e mail on here for a little while tomorrow if you get alerts, because then it’d be on your alert and I could get it off quick. 🙂

                • toongoon


                • BikerHoop

                  I set up a temporary email account – [email protected] – for the purpose of you contacting me. Once we’ve made contact I’ll cancel the temporary account. Wow… makes me feel like 007!

                • LOL I’ll be there shortly Bond. 😀

    • toongoon

      Serf on over 62. Take a look, say hi, and then come on back to Scoop.

    • rightactions

      “Now it’s time to work on a 3rd Constitutional party…”

      Go for it, honey. Nothing but the challenge of “work” is holding you back.

    • The Constitution party (Virgil Goode) is your party. I am dangerously close myself to switching from the GOP. I have had with our milquetoast approach and direction.

  • aPLWBinAK

    Obama is trying to destroy the Republicans? Why? They’re doing a fine job of killing the party themselves with their scramble leftward….

  • I think the republicans destroyed themselves. Obama didn’t have to lift a finger.

  • sjmom

    So when are the Republicans going to realize this and stand up to Obama?????

    • Constance

      Not under Boehner. It just won’t happen. He’s a menace.

  • DCGere

    I wish someone had the cajones to quit playing with our fiscal future and just tell it like it is and fix it. Math is not that complicated.

    • sjmom

      So do I.

  • Conniption Fitz

    No, Republicans are not innocent. They have been helping Democrats destroy the US economy since GHWB.

    • Constance

      You are correct. The GOP has let us down, big time.

  • Constance

    I can’t stand that sourpuss face woman from NPR that’s frequently on there. She reminds me of some old school marm. She’s about as bright as Bill Kristol.

  • sDee

    What might explain it Charles, is that the Elephants are happy to play along.

    Kabuki theater. Some in Elephant Suits. Others as Donkeys.

    • stage9

      …more like jackasses.

    • And the Donkeys are desired as mates, by the jackals of the Fourth Estate.

  • Senator Susan Collins has a tax idea that makes good POLITICAL sense (not necessarily good economic sense), and that would be to impose taxes on “the rich”, but exempt small business owners:

    The result would be that very little revenue would flow to the IRS, but I think that by pushing this idea, she could end up beating Obama in the POLITICAL game.

    • The problem is, they are funding it by ending the alleged “giveaways” to “Big Oil” … the vast majority of which are, in fact, versions of the same deductions every other business gets, only tailored to the unique conditions of the industry.

      The Progressives win on that point, through the back door, at the expense of real fairness and our wallets.

  • Arrrggghhh

    He’s not trying to destroy the Republicans, they’ve already destroyed themselves. He’s trying to destroy this country… and he’s succeeding.

    • badbadlibs

      HEAR HEAR! If I knew how to “bold” type on here, the HEAR HEAR would be in jet black!
      Winner, winner….we have a winner folks!!!
      You are 100% correct!

      • When you want to bold something badbad, do this in front of the word and then at the end of the word (if you just want to do some in bold) do this or if you want to leave the whole comment, leave out the / and just do the again. 😀 Joe taught me how! 😀

        • badbadlibs

          Thanks, American. 🙂

  • not many are going to have sympathy for the republican party.

    • Once reality sets in, there will be even less sympathy for the Democrats.

      Hope they enjoy their Pyrrhic victory these next four years …

  • v.l.

    Here is what Rush said back in September: “If Obama wins, let me tell you what it’s the end of: The Republican Party. There’s gonna be a third party that’s gonna be oriented toward conservatism. I know Rand Paul thinks libertarianism. And I know if Obama wins, the Republican Party is gonna try to maneuver things so conservatives get blamed.”

    Laura Ingraham: “If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down, start new, with new people.”

    Sarah Palin hinted the same thing in August.

    And I wonder what is the about?

  • StrangernFiction

    Obama isn’t trying to fix our fiscal issues? The hell you say.

  • He may hurt the GOP, but he will infuriate the Tea Party. They will show their strength in 2014. Obama will find out he can only lie so long before it catches up to him.

    • badbadlibs

      If the Tea Party couldn’t muster enough strength this election cycle, I will not be holding my breath waiting for them to do so in 2014. No offense.

      • R

        And – even if a true conservative, and/or Tea Party person makes it through the Repub primaries – he/she will become handled by the “beltway” idiots for the Presidential campaign (Steve Schmidt/Mike Murphy/Ed Rollings/ etc.. ilk ) Who will no doubt destroy the candidate – with their proven loser RINO strategies.

        • Skepticism must be the order of the day, when it comes to the GOP wing of the professional/political complex, where the only thing that matters is giving the appearance that their “expert” help is the most likely path to victory … actual results, and the quality of governance between elections, have not affected their income …

          … yet.

      • The Progressives didn’t get the power to produce the bare majority who elected them earlier this month, overnight. The Tea Party movement will not win this conflict overnight, either.

        Think Gramsci and his “long march through the institutions”. That is what has to happen … and is happening in state governments.

  • FSM_47

    and they are stupid enough to fall for it

  • section9

    The problem, of course, is that without a bogeyman, the Ruling Party (that would be the Dems to you folks in Rio Linda) would be rent by the internal contradictions of its own patchwork coalition.

    Should a Conservative Party rise up to attack the GOP from the Right because of its betrayal of Reagan, Goldwater, Chambers and other heroic conservatives, a similar fissure will arise because of the chronic weakness of the Democrats’ opposition. Already, the Democratic Party is growing ossified and corrupt, the MSM merely does a good job of covering up the scams and kickbacks.

    However, all attempts at One Party Rule eventually come a cropper, sooner or later. Obama’s reach for Permanent One Party Rule will come to the same grief. However, we may have to destroy the Republican Party to do it, and replace it with a vehicle that is ready to offer real, revolutionary, populist change and a challenge to the Bankster Party that rules Washington today.

  • M.

    The Stupid Party doesn’t know it’s time to give in. A majority of people in this country believe Obama’s ideas will actually work. We tried to reason with these people, but they’re stuck on stupid.

    The only thing that will wake these people up is to teach by example, in an environment that is indisputably created by the Democrats. It’s time to say: “We know it’s a bad idea, but the people have spoken, and we’re ready to just raise taxes on the top 2%”.

    All the GOP should do is prevent any more bailouts, especially of blue states, and protect the first and second Amendments.

    By next year nobody with more than 10 brain cells to rub together will believe the Democrats on anything for the next 20 years. (i.e., until the next generation of brainwashed idiots comes of age.)

    Otherwise GOP “obstructionism” will be the excuse for the next four years instead of Bush, and these people are just dumb enough to believe it.

    The GOP might lose the House in 2014, but they’ll get annihilated if we go off the cliff and suddenly all these morons figure out that “tax cuts for the rich” wasn’t exactly accurate. Either way, it’s time for a party without the baggage. This new party should stress defusing the poisonous culture war by pushing Federalism. We could call it the Federalist Party, an ironic twist considering the first one was concerned with making the Federal government more centralized and powerful.

    • Anthony Orwell

      Research which states are last in education and unemployment rate. I bet you find the most are controlled by GOP leadership.

      • badbadlibs

        Why don’t you just post your “bet”. Or are you of the lazy left and just think we’ll take your word for it?

        • Anthony Orwell

          Didn’t say take my word for it, look it up. You’re on a browser, Google it.

          • badbadlibs


            Governors of the first three states? Republicans, governor/legislature of the dead last? LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

            You people insist on staying stuck on stupid. BTW, I didn’t google anything, it just happened to be in the news section….

            • Anthony Orwell

              Not the issue I made the statement about. Plus, it is hard to compare the best run and the worst run states when population density is taken into account. Running states that have less of a population than an American city, to me, is not comparable. Maybe you should Google specifically what I originally stated, instead of trying to reach for anything that could be taken as closely related to bend the narrative in your favor. Do you call this technique “Foxing” the argument, you should, that would be cute.

        • Anthony Orwell

          What do you want to bet? I bet that I am not of the lazy left that conservatives salivate in anger over. I bet that I am not who you think I am. I bet that if you took the time to look up the rankings you will see for yourself that GOP lead states tend to rank last in education, unemployment, and wealth. With the only blue California grouped with them, but let’s be honest, both parties have helped to destroy the state.

          • badbadlibs

            You’re the dunce that said “bet”…I don’t want to or need to bet anything.
            The news section of Yahoo must have heard you spew nonsense and even it couldn’t take you being that stuck on stupid.


            • Anthony Orwell

              Again, diverting from the original statement. All you have shown is that both parties have contributed to the dysfunction of government.

              • badbadlibs

                You’re too much of an idiot to argue with.
                All I showed was you were wrong, but honest to God Almighty, you people have lost your minds and it’s just useless to argue with zombies.
                Go back and read…slowly, ask someone to explain the facts…slowly if you must then go away. You are wrong, your premise is wrong, you were proven wrong and you haven’t done anything but give a stupid, uninformed opinion disguised as a “bet”.
                Pathetic. Now go away, I think your mommy is calling…you do have a mommy….right???

                • Anthony Orwell

                  No, I have not been proven wrong. You cannot handle or have an intelligent or a well thought out argument. I’m not the one reaching for anything to make it seem like I’m right. I’m not the one calling the other grade school names or bringing up someone’s mom, which to me is pathetic. In my experience, those that use school yard tactics have no substance to rely on and simply use emotive responses when challenged. So, who really is pathetic?

              • And the GOP has contributed to it when they have adopted parts of the Progressive paradigm … not when they acted from a basis of sound, conservative principle.

                One side is persuaded to adopt those parts through public/media pressure … the other side sees even the bugs in those parts as features.

                They are not equivalent … one is far more of a threat to your liberty and ability to pursue happiness, than the other.

      • Don

        Hey Anthony, if you believe that garbage, then you are a Obama sychophant hitting the crackpipe a little early.

        • Anthony Orwell

          There are no beliefs in the statement. Take the time to do a little research and read for yourself.

          • Don

            California, Illinois, New York, and Michigan are all bankrupt and its only a matter of time before they become parasites feeding off the Red states to survive. Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey were able to turn their bankrupt economies around by electing republicans. There is more job creation in the Red states than any of those run by democrats.

            • badbadlibs

              Oh dear Don…you’re confusing the knucklehead with facts. He’s been brainwashed as all liberals are…and for goodness sake, I do believe they actually threw the “brains” out with the bathwater with those folks.

              • Oh, he’s just seen this thing that’s been going around by some “genius” on the left.

                What he fails to recognize is the obvious problems inherent to the blue states, as Don pointed out. But there’s even more mysterious voodoo at work here.

                Two of the states at the very bottom of the red side have had Democrat controlled statehouses for many long decades. Wait, I just checked, it’s a trifecta. Mississippi also has been under Democrat control since reconstruction. In fact, in 2012 both Mississippi and Arkansas finally became Republican majority led for the first time since reconstruction. West Virginia has been under Democrat rule for something like 70 years.

                The good news is that the democrats in Red States are still sort of redneck-ish, and don’t like Washington telling them what to do, either, even though they clearly love some big entitlements. What has kept them from shrinking as rapidly as the blue states is that many red states are right-to-work, or simply have lower taxes on business (so far).

                I’m sure similar facts will hold true for the rest of that list.

                Meanwhile, Detroit and New Orleans and Chicago and LA and all kinds of formerly great American cities are swirling the drain because they have been under tight control of the Democrats for generations.

                Black on Black violence, by the way, is highest in the Blue states, as well.

                • Anthony Orwell

                  These are well supplied facts. Even though Mississippi has voted red in presidential elections, their governorship has been blue until 2002. He’s right about Arkansas. Wrong about right to work and black on black violence has nothing to do with who is elected. In the right to work, it’s another measure to move power from unions, which have been inconsistent and have become bloated with power. Take a look at the meat industry, it has moved many times in the last 100 years. The companies blame unions, but all they want is the cheapest labor possible. Which is why right to work states have grown and the original industrial states have not. This has little to do with good policy, but more with the need for maximized profit. If you want to know, the meat industry has gone from Chicago, to Omaha, to South Carolina in search for the cheapest labor. (Hence why there is an influx of immigration in that state.)

                • Anthony Orwell

                  On second thought, the political parties in the old Confederate changed over that time. The idea that Democrats in the South are the same as the Democrats today renders K-Bob’s point irrelevant. The GOP today is not the GOP of yesterday, not even the GOP of the 80’s.

                • Anthony Orwell

                  Oh and excuse me Bob, I don’t know what left “genius” you are talking about.

                • Follow the linky

                • Anthony Orwell

                  No clue what that means and if you mean a link, there was none. If you are talking about the Yahoo article, not relevant to my original comment.

                • The link in my comment that had the word “genius” in it. I just checked. It’s still there, and it works.

                • Anthony Orwell

                  Never saw that through any social feed. So I still don’t know who the genius is. In short, like the article, that meme can be misleading and cherry picking statistics to support a narrative of the other side. Though the author brings a interesting point, but somehow wrongly concludes that blue states are broke because they are over-educated in liberal colleges. A far reach if I ever saw, but fits nicely in the narrative of liberals/Democrats/Everyone that disagrees with him.

                  Though I was not talking about secondary education, but overall quality of public education. This is still not as simple as those who are college educated and those who are not. A look at the meme, anyone one can see that the states that have college degrees are states with major metropolitan areas, which mostly have white collar jobs, which now takes a lot of education to get and advance in a career. For example, Maryland, which most of the D.C. suburbs are. Most that live there need advanced degrees to get government work, believe it or not. While the red states that are listed will have some of that work, just not as much.

            • Anthony Orwell

              What about Mississippi, Georgia, Nevada, or Florida? Mississippi and Alabama have continued to be in the lower five in rankings in education and unemployment Even though bankruptcy wasn’t what I was talking about and can be contributed to both parties in the haphazardness manner in which they have funded local municipalities, state, and federal governments. And how are the three states you mentioned going to be parasites? Look at where the wealth is concentrated, it is not the majority of red states.

              • A lot of that blue-state wealth is the result of investment in red-state enterprises. Keep that in mind, especially when we are talking about “giver” and “taker’ states … the location of the cash register is not necessarily where the money is being made.

                • Anthony Orwell

                  Giver, taker? Which states received the most federal aid? I’ll tell you who ranked first, Alaska. Which I do believe is a red state. And the wealth statement, do you understand the economic history of the United Stares?

                • Anthony Orwell

                  But than you also have Maryland, which is just politicians feeding themselves.

    • Edward Holston

      Yes, give Obama exactly what he asked for on taxes BEFORE the election.

      Leave deductions alone.

      Let Obama propose changes to spending.

      Run on reform in 2014 and 2016.

    • I don’t think they even bother to believe Obama’s ideas will work (or not).

      The lack of fighting back by our side has let them just comfortably believe the right is racist, etc. That’s what they “believe.” They don’t understand thing one about the economy, and don’t care, as long as it’s not Republicans.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Obama did not have a majority. There was rampant overt Election and Voter fraud.

      A large number of Obama voters vote multiple times using aka names and addresses.

      Obama knows a dozen or more ways to tilt the election in his favor from rigged voting machines, to corrupt election officials, to foreign nationals and illegals voting.

      They even raided the special needs homes, put them on busses and took them to vote for Obama.

      Obama is a ruthless malevolent communist crook.

  • Republic.

    Not Republicans. You almost had it, Mr. Krauthammer. Missed it by just that much…

    • Dittos Andy Jones…

      “Republic, not Republicans”

      Even Pravda agrees.

      Pravda – Nov. 19, 2012

      “President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined
      anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama
      much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama.”


      • stage9

        I saw that article yesterday. That Lerma fella EXCORIATES Obama. You’d NEVER read anything like that over here in MSM. The Russians have what we lack….perspective.

        • Perspective…

          And, stage9, Putin presents himself as a Christian, definitely NOT a Muslim.

          At the bottom of Lema’s blog is a link “Putin Kneels and Prays in Jerusalem”

          In the first video at the top, notice that Putin makes the sign of the cross a ‘whole lotta’ times.

          This is from the firs paragraph below the first video –

          Vladimir Putin was baptized
          at the Transfiguration Cathedral in St Petersburg
          a month and a half after he was born.

          Although his Father was a Communist,
          his Mother whose name was Maria,
          managed to take him there
          to make sure he would be brought up in the Christian faith.

          Putin remembers,
          “She told me that when she and a neighbor
          brought me here to be baptized
          – they did it in secret from my father”

          – – – – – – – – – –


          What’s goin’ on?

          The fascistic / communist USSA under BHObama and struggling to be a free Christian Russia under Vladimar Putin?

          Maybe, maybe not… but, what’s goin’ on?


  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama’s ONLY goal is to destroy America… and he’s winning.

    Meanwhile Republicans are made to look like Keystone Cops in a clown car driven by Boehner.

    When will we get enough serious people in office to fix this ridiculous catastrophe? Don’t answer that…

  • markbuehner

    Fabian. Let them own this economy. Step away and let em have it.

  • teapartydoc

    Funny. I feel like destroying the Republican Party, too. But for different reasons. I like the idea of a new Federalist Party.

    • white531

      What would this, Federalist party look like?

      • For one thing, all the womens is hot.

        I’ll think of more stuff to add later.

        (probly be smarter to just go with ABiC’s idea.)

        • white531


  • white531

    I like the Kraut. You’ll never see him backing away from an issue. His comments are usually based in truth. If you want to go after him for something he said, you better bring your lunch.

    On Obama, he is spot on. First time in our History, that a sitting president’s main objective, is to destroy America. If you don’t understand that comment, then you missed the last four years. Hard to believe, I know. But it is what it is.

    I don’t comment here much anymore, because I’m not sure what it accomplishes. This is an incredible group of intelligent people. I don’t even measure up to the average intelligence of the people who assemble here each evening. Wish I could. But even if I could, I don’t think it would change anything. We did this for a solid year, and he still got re-elected.

    The problem is not that we didn’t work hard enough to throw the bum out. The problem is that there are enough people who, because of their own reasons, didn’t want him thrown out. For sure, voter fraud was part of it, but I believe even without the voter fraud, there were enough brain dead Americans to carry the election. We have gone past the magical, “fifty per cent.” We have reached that point, that the Democrats have been working for, for the last fifty years.

    What happens from here, going forward, is a crap shoot. Some of you think the Republican Party is dead. No argument from me. Boehner is an idiot. Change it, or replace it with something else? Not a bright prospect on either front.

    Changing the minds of entrenched RINOS at the feeding trough, would be a wasted exercise. Starting a new party sounds like fun, but you and I both know, it would be like herding cats. A new leader, who would give the Republican party new energy, and maybe a new direction, is a thought. But you saw what they did to Colonel Allen West. A fifty year old Combat Veteran, was defeated by a 27 year old newcomer, with no life experience, whatsoever. Go figure.

    Unless the political landscape in America changes, and changes drastically, we are headed toward Socialism. It isn’t something we can deny anymore, like we used to. This last election proved it. It is amazing. The average American doesn’t think of it as Socialism. Because it has been introduced to them gradually, they now accept it as people taking care of others. Welfare is good. We have to help those less fortunate. Food stamps are good. No one should go hungry. HUD housing is good. Everyone should have a place to live.

    Problem is, someone has to pay for it. Guess who that is. The ones who are working, have to pay for the ones who are not working. How many times has this scam been run on people, and the result is always the same. It doesn’t work. Oh, I understand it works for a little while, until everyone wakes up to the scam. In the end, there are no scams that live a long life. Because they are scams. Socialism is a scam. It cannot work, because it is based on a false foundation. That some people will work, to provide for others, who refuse to work.

    I just gave you a pretty accurate description of Socialism. It is Obama’s dream. It is our nightmare.

    We used to be a nation of people who worked hard and provided for our own welfare.
    More recently, we have become a nation of people who don’t want to work at all, and look to the government, for our welfare. And the government is happy to provide it, at our expense.

    One thing this site does, is spread information. Scoopers are good at that. Maybe that’s the best thing we can do. Put the information out there, and say a prayer that someone reads it. What they do with it, is anyone’s guess. God Bless America.

    • whitefriend, some of us are trying- and trying to spread the truth and educate- go to the link I posted above for the Constitutional Freedom Party. I’m not saying we will grow enough to kick the establishment out of Washington, or even change much- but at least we’re trying, and it’s the only thing some of us can think of to do. We are growing daily. Come check it out. You’re an intelligent one too- don’t ever think you don’t contribute an awful lot here yourself!! 🙂

      • white531

        AmericanborninCanada, I don’t want to get maudlin about it, but I hold you in my heart as someone special. I believe you have that effect on others, besides myself. So, its not just me. I will take a look at your Constitutional Freedom Party. We have to do something. I have never felt so depressed about our future.

        I have a pretty good library. Actually, just a lot of books that I can’t bear to part with. A portion of it is dedicated to the Founders and The Constitution. Lately, I have found myself taking down those volumes about Jefferson, and Adams, and Hamilton, and Franklin, and the others, and reading again the lines that are important to me.

        It may seem silly to do that, while Obama is busy planning the destruction of these United States. I guess amid all the insanity, one looks for peace and reason. Their writings give me that. They haven’t been dead so long, that we can’t go back and revive them, so to speak. At least their ideas about Freedom. Because they damned well knew what they were doing.

        If your Constitutional Freedom Party can bring that back, I’m in with both feet.

        • Whitefriend, it’s not silly at all, reading their words. Not at all my friend. I’ve been finding a lot of comfort in them lately myself. I don’t have any of their works in my library (most of mine is all religion/apologetics stuff) but I have saved many quotes and notes over the years of their writings. I have even read, although it’s not easy for me to read, the federalist papers and William Blackstone’s Commentaries. To see what these men spoke and thought about- is prophetic, because they had seen what they spoke of. Patrick Henry is my favorite. I don’t know why, but his words give me encouragement and tend to re kindle a want to do something.
          I agree, this has been a very tiring and now depressing year for many of us and it’s hard not to be despirited about it. Truly we can echo Thomas Paine when we say these are time which try mens (and duckies) souls. I can’t promise anything with this Party. I don’t know if it’s too late, that too many people just don’t care anymore about our beautiful nation, but I am not going to give up without doing something, without fighting in the ways that I know how. I’m not much as one person, but more are joining and soon, we can some how get together, see who’s gifts and talents can be used and others can shine. I pray it’s not too late, but we’ve got to try.
          All I ask is that you do check it, and I know you will. I won’t pressure you one way or another. If you’ll come, you will be very welcome. There are quite a few Scoopers in there already. You’d have a lot to offer I’m sure, if even just standing with us, cheering us on as the naysayers try and stop us. God Bless you my friend. Thank you for your sweet words. You’re a blessing too. 🙂

          • white531

            Loving you is easy. Easier than anything else, that has confronted me today. I am tired of the Democrats. I am tired of the Republicans. I’m not sure of the Libertarians, but I’m keeping an eye on them, nonetheless.

            I am looking for something, and even though I am looking for that something, I don’t know if I can put a name on it. We all feel it. We know what it is. It is the way we all used to feel, when we thought about our country. We felt proud to be Americans. We felt secure, in the knowledge we were the strongest country in the world, militarily, and our country stood for Freedom.

            This imposter of a President, somehow changed all that. This man who supports foreign dictators, and insults Prime Minister Netanyahou, our closest ally, in the Middle East. The entire scenario, is just unbelievable to me, and yet, it is reality. I guess it is that reality, that disturbs me. Because this man, who wasn’t even born here, can institute policies, that have the effect, of destroying this nation, and I, as a citizen of this country, born here as a real American, can only sit and watch the destruction.

            You always tolerate my rants. I have never heard even one criticism, of them. I thank you for that. I wish rants were not necessary. I wish we were not in this mess. I wish we did not have a Communist for a President. These days, I wish a lot of things.

            I can’t imagine four more years of this madman. I can’t imagine the landscape of America, four years from now. I hope the will of the American people remains strong. I hope all of you, remain strong. I hope we all live through this, and come out on the other side, as a better country.

            • I appreciate your rants because they echo my own and so many others. Whitefriend, I have thought more and more about the unique closeness of some of the folks here. I am certain the Lord brought us all here. Some of us have been here longer than others, and sometimes we argue and spat just like we do inour own families, but I know I’m not the only one who feels and incredible family connection here. I have found friends- brothers and sisters here whom I feel like I have known and loved my whole life, and in so many cases of them, I am closer to than I am my own family. When they’re down, or hurting, I hurt. When they’re happy and rejoicing- so do I. I told a friend the other night that I have a piece of my heart which is my own, but I have it full of folks here, and I have to share it.
              I have felt much the same as others here, and I keep expecting… hoping for either something to give, as the pressure seems immense, and I just want it over with, whichever way it goes because the waiting is killing me. I also Hope in Christ more and more, and maybe that’s what this is all about. I look at my son, and I honestly can’t see his future and that scares the you know what out of me. I look at the kids in my homeschool group class, knowing what they want to be when they get older, and my heart breaks- especially because most of them want to go into the military, and under what we have, with dear leader destroying our best, knowing some who are still in, and over there, knowing others who have been, it’s killing me for them. This is why, I had to do something. I don’t know if you read the last link on the main page or not, but if not whitefriend, please read it when you can. It explains why I had to do something.
              I feel everything you do. I am afraid too, but also strangely calm, and also more exhilarated- because of those who have been cheering me on here, and encouraging me. Again, more encouragement from here than my own family. I understand where you are Whitefriend. I surely do.
              xoxoxoxo Thank you my dear friend.

      • virginiagentleman1

        What a grand discussion happening here! A thread where patriots are plentiful and have a direction in mind!

        Such wonderful spirit exibited here. Finally, a group of folks who have tired of simply ‘talking’ about Americas problems, and are instead taking action!
        I would ask that those who can, and have the drive needed, seek an elective office in your area.
        Over many years, as the left targeted certain high profile seats nationally, statewide and down to local levels, many rules were changed in order to insure that the average Joe and Jill, (you and me) would find the cost of running far to high and the politics of personal destruction far to vicious to bear. As a result, only the very wealthy or party backed candidates are elected. The rule of Constitutional Law has been cast aside and in its place we are ruled by Party dogma. The left, and the moderate repubs have followed this course for decades. We are all witnesses to the destruction of freedom and liberty that has ensued.

        Building a party by the people, of the people, and for the people, using the Constitution as its only ‘plank’, and the love of our God and Creator as its sole foundation, how can success not follow?
        A majority of people say that is the sort of party they want, so lets give it to them!

        Then the onus shifts to them, either they get on board, or they just continue to spout empty words. For some folks, complaining is WHAT they do, period! They have no intentions of actually working at a solution! Consider it a separation of the wheat from the chaff moment!

        We must run for offices under the CFP banner at every level of government,(remember, a house is built from the foundation up, not from the roof down) and in the process of unseating dems and repubs, reverse the rules, and allow for a more fair and level playing field for those seeking office.

        My friends, are you ready to FIGHT for the soul of America? We are at a crossroads in our history, and you know it.
        At the end of your mortal days, will you be able to stand before the one true GOD on the day of your judgement, and tell HIM that yes, you stood for something worthy, restoring HIM as the center of American life, and in the process, the restoration of our Constitutional America? Or, will you tell HIM that you were too busy with “other stuff” and just didn’t have enough time to do HIS bidding?

        The time for discussion and debate has passed. The time for action is upon us.

        • Wow MyVirginiaGentleman!! You so eloquently spoke my thoughts here! I’ve been thinking the same- we need regular folks all over the country to run for any offices they feel led to run for- even the “smaller” seats. We need to find them now and start helping because you’re right. Even the local elections require wealth, but starting early, doing this the old fashioned way of getting the name out early, making them known, standing on the CFP ideas, it can be done!!
          I wish I could run for something 😉 I don’t know- I’m giving my husband enough fits just with starting this…

          • virginiagentleman1

            You are the founding member of the CFP. That is a mighty good start! Are you working on citizenship? If not, give it some thought milady. You are a natural! VG

            • 🙂 Yes I am actually. Next spring. My “greencard” comes up for renewal- and I want to swear my oath to my Constitution instead. Please pray for me myVirginiaGentleman. It’s going to take a lot of $ and traveling back and forth, but I am certain the Lord will provide the way if it’s His will. xoxoxo When it happens, I will be a very excited Duckie- and I imagine all my scoop family will hear me whoopin’ !!

              • virginiagentleman1

                If you are taking your oath of citizenship somewhere that I can travel to at that time, I would be honored to witness that very special moment!
                But you know I have to add two caveats to that statement.
                One is that I will be having surgery again sometime between late Febuary and early April for the implantation of a defibulater into my chest, but it is not anywhere as invasive as was the open heart thingy, and the recovery time is considerably shorter.
                You are one of the very few who know just how bad my heart is, even after the repairs. The only way I won’t be able to attend would be if I am in the hospital, or if the Lord has called me home.
                Otherwise, I plan to be there milady! VG

                • Aw, I know myVirginiaGentleman! I’ve had others tell me they’d like to be there too. LOL It makes me smile to dream about such a day. But yes, I know- and while I don’t dwell on it, I just want that operation be a complete success and for you to be well. When that day comes, I know all of my family here will be with me in Spirit, and I will get someone handy with a camera,even though I hate my picture taken 😉 I intend to ask Scoop for an open thread that day too lol. xoxoxox

                • virginiagentleman1

                  Take LOTS of pictures! Ya heah! LOL

                • lol. I hope to. Just so you realize how much I hate my picture taken- which means I love you guys enough to do it

        • toongoon

          Amen VG. I’m so glad you are here and with us. Your gift of wisdom is a blessing to us. I hope we can get a site that we can speak on regularly.

          • virginiagentleman1

            Thank you sir and dittos to you!
            I don’t know about me having all that much wisdom my dear friend, but I do possess a fighting spirit that I am happy to employ in a worthy cause. Saving our Republic is the most worthy of causes in my book!

            You speak about blessings. I feel that God has blessed me with a way with words, now that my health has gone. Even as one door is closed to us, HE opens another.
            Just between you and me, I kinda like being a wordsmith, as long as God guides my words! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

            Toon, I don’t know how much life I have left, (my doctors have given me a range that I might reasonably expect) but I can think of no better use for whatever time that is remaining then fighting to restore my beloved America to her Constitutional roots!
            Seems to me a fantastic use of my time!
            And anyone elses time for that matter.

            I want an America like the one I was born into and not the shadow of her we see today. I want it for my children and grandchildren, and yours, and all others who comment here.
            My time has passed, but not that of my/our decendents. We must fight for them Toon, for their Constitutionally guareenteed heritage. We owe it to them in my opinion. VG

            • toongoon

              You certainly continue to be a hero! If you are punching keys on a keyboard you cannot convince me that your time is passed. God has brought you to this place and he apparently thinks you are needed here. I appreciate you telling me this me though and Olive and I will continue to pray for you, your lovely wife and your family.
              Our descendants are who we do this for, because once the government has convinced people that they are god, the true God will be forgotten by most. We can’t let that happen. I am prepared to be outspoken and convince others to be too. Too many of are feeling that even with all of the like minded support they are still alone. With God’s blessing and guidance I want us to build a wall of strength, just as a bunch bunch of wiggly fingers come together and form a fist. I am taking on that challenge.
              I hope we will have you around for a long, long time and we will both see ourselves out of this mess.

        • IrishElk

          VG, it was a welcomed sight to see your posts. Toon and I are with you on this. We are “ready to FIGHT for the soul of America”. “The time for discussion and debate has passed. The time for action is upon us.” I couldn’t agree more. One of my best girlfriends and I go walking a couple of times a week. She said this to me today, “My weapon of choice is the Word of God.” Well, that says it all for me. We will stand on the TRUTH. He will prevail. Toon and I are off to pray now and you are at the top of the list. 🙂 Hope to catch you another time. God Bless.

          • virginiagentleman1

            Thank you! And my very best to you Lady Irish!
            Ask your girlfriend if we can borrow her phrase,” my weapon of choice is the Word of God”. That’s some awesome firepower there! When THAT is incoming, well… there is no place for evil to hide! VG

            • IrishElk

              You have a way with words VG. I love it and I wholeheartedly agree! I already asked my girlfriend if we could use it and she gave a thumbs up. 🙂

              • virginiagentleman1

                Fantastic! It is much to good a phrase not to use it, milady!

                • IrishElk

                  As soon as I heard her say it, I knew we had to use it.

                • You know where to post it now Irish! 😀

    • Wisewoman2

      I agree with all your comments. I just want to add one thing. Its bad enough when these freebies are handed out to American citizens at our expense but when many are handed out to people who are here illegally its adds an additional burden on the taxpaying, working, public which should not happen.

      • white531

        Good comment, and I completely agree. From an engineering standpoint, think of the American economy, as a 12 volt car battery. The energy that charges the battery, and keeps it at 12 volts optimum, is working Americans. The energy contained in that battery, called America, used to be enough to make this country work and sustain its citizens.

        Now, introduce new people, tapping into that source of energy, but not contributing anything, to charging the battery. Taking from it, but not giving anything in return. For those from Rio Linda, the money goes back to Mexico.

        Silly example, I know. But I think you see the problem.

        Welfare is great, for welfare recipients. For the rest of us, it sucks. Since Obama was elected, it sucks big time.

        • StandingGround

          I don’t know where this post will land but I wanted you to know, White531, that ABiC and Toongoon have expressed the feelings of many of us. Some have gathered on CFP to be an encouragement to each other and to try to make a difference in the situation we have been handed. We would love to have you stop by. It may be just what you need right now.

    • toongoon

      White my friend, you have expressed the emotions of many of our fellow countrymen who have worked hard and hoped that truth will win out in the end. Our hard work was not for naught. We work for Lord, and it is He who decides the final outcome, we have come to work in the fields early, there is a whole day of work to be done, many more will join us and in the end we will get our work done, the field will be harvested and we will all receive the compensation we were promised.
      I have read enough of your posts to posts to know that you are not about to give up. You are wounded and exhausted, but you are merely recuperating before getting back into the fight. Surrender is the surest form of defeat, but you are not there, nor are we. This battle has been lost, but the war rages on.
      Come join us over at the Constitutional Freedom Party, keep posting here on The Right Scoop, encourage those who lose heart. Lets share, improve, and initiate ideas. We’re all in this together.
      White does not stand for surrender, it stands for the dawn of a new day in America.

      • StandingGround

        Beautifully said Toon!!!

        • toongoon


      • Ah man, toon, you made me bawl. So well said!! Thank you!!!

      • IrishElk

        Hear Hear, toon! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • white531

        toongoon, you are a part of the foundation that supports this site, and gives it life. While it might exist without you, I cannot imagine such a thing, nor could anyone else who visits here and reads your words. God Bless You.

        • toongoon

          Thank you. That was very kind of you to say. I don’t comment as much as I used to, as you know several of us are working on the party ideas and though I read through the comments I have been silent for the most part. There is a lot going on and we need thinkers. We would love to have your input.
          Whats with this IrishElk anyway?

          • white531

            You deserve the words I spoke in your direction. About the IrishElk comment, I don’t know what you are referring to. Please enlighten me.

            • toongoon

              Thanks again.
              Elk is my wife. She likes it when I mention her.

    • toongoon

      One more thing:

      Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.

    • Nukeman60

      White531, I am somewhat late to this discussion and I’m sure not many will read what I say now, but I felt I must respond to your post, as you are a solid addition to this site and many here listen to what you have to say. I know I do.

      I have fought Barack Obama from his early days in Illinois. I have seen his methods and his destruction from way back then. This last four years, I have fought harder than I have ever fought to defeat a candidate in an election and I was more dejected afterwards than I have ever been.

      However, upon reflection and taking some time off to air out my disappointment, I came back with a renewed vigor. Coming to this site (TRS) is probably the best thing for all of us. This is a central hub from which our thoughts, our ideas, and our power will expand outward to all this great nation. The ideas formed here do not die here.

      There are three things we must focus on in the coming two years, four years, and beyond. These three things are the reasons we lost this election.

      One, we must bust wide open the LameStream deceit. They are no longer media, but rather Obama’s propaganda wing. Until they are exposed for what they truly are, the masses will follow blindly and topple off that cliff without ever knowing what happened to them. It is our calling, nay – our responsibility, to force that exposure, whether the people know it, want it, or even care about it. Once exposed, the people will rise up.

      Two, this election cycle had massive election fraud. Every election has voter fraud, but this year was massive, indeed, no matter what the pundits will tell us after the fact. One thing I’m dedicating myself to is exposing this election fraud (mainly the electronic fraud that is so difficult to prove). What we, as a group, need to do is to find election reform that will secure our future elections so that what happened in the past will never happen again. If we can have secure ATMs that millions of people use on a daily basis, we can have secure election results and an election counting process that will be the envy of the world.

      And three, we need to create a new party that is truly OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people (do check out the CFP). The Republican party has proven time and time again that they are run by progressives that are just as bad as the ones in the Democratic party. When a party actually stands for truth, justice, and the American dream, we will not only garner people from the Republican party, but also from the Independents and the Democrats. People want truth. If you give them handouts, they will gladly take them, but if you give them the truth about those handouts and how they cannot be sustainable, they will see the light.

      White, you sometimes worry about the length of your rants (I’m a good one to talk). However, we need those rants. They get us fired up and engage us into action. We need your comments more now than ever before, so I hope you decide to stay, to help us, and to give us your ideas that will move us forward.

      After my long dissertation (for which I wish I got paid by the word), I will leave you with this video, given to me by ABiC. It epitomizes to me the resolve we must have in the coming times, no matter how hard they may seem. For it is always darkest before the dawn – and there will indeed be a new dawn rising.

      • IrishElk

        Nicely put, Nukeman. These are just the kind of rants we need from you, White531 and others to get us encouraged and back in the battle. I absolutely agree that God has allowed things to go in this direction. He is stirring our hearts into action, knowing full well that it’s His battle. If we’re in His army, we already know who wins. 🙂

        • Nukeman60

          Irish, let me say welcome to the Scoop group. When you first came on, I didn’t realize who you were, so I was reserved. But knowing who you are now, I welcome you and your comments with open arms and say, “My apologies, milady. Give ’em ‘ell”. 🙂

          I agree with your words. It may seem strange to many that God would let this scenario play out, but it is His game and we are all His warriors. He wants us to shine in the long run – and we will.

          • IrishElk

            Thanks, Nukeman! Glad to be a part. We shouldn’t be discouraged at all. We are fighting for TRUTH and the American Way. I say “Bring It On”!!

            • Nukeman60

              I love the sounds of that. You will fit right in here.

        • white531

          Nobody like the Nukeman!

        • white531

          Welcome, IrishElk. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Looks like you have staked yourself a share of this dubious enterprise. It will only be made better, by your presence here.

      • toongoon

        Hear, hear. Well said!

      • white531

        Always a pleasure to hear from the Nukeman. I knew you took a Sabbatical after what some called an election. Can’t say I blame you. I got rid of it by sleeping ten hours, for three days straight.

        Though I may not deserve your words, I am honored by them, nonetheless. We all contribute here on this site, as our particular abilities and talents allow. We each have the same objective. To save what is left, of what our Founders gave us as a gift. A vision of how free people should live, unencumbered by the tyrannical rule of despots and kings.

        I have no idea, why so many great people, came together at that one time, so long ago. But they did. Perhaps, as some of us believe, it was the Hand of God.

        Regardless, they did come together, and risked their very lives on a great experiment. It had never been tried before. A free government of free people, gathering together, and deciding, for themselves, how free people should live.

        Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, and other men just as great as the ones we usually mention, in our conversations. Was it an accident? I don’t think so.

        On that note, I don’t believe Barack Obama was an accident, either. Personally, I believe Barack Obama was nurtured, by evil forces, to become what he is today.

        He is not Christian, though he claims to be. He is a Muslim, which he has admitted to, more than once. He is also a Communist. His goal, from the beginning, has been the destruction of the United States of America. I give him an A+. He’s done a great job in four years. After four more years, we won’t even recognize the landscape of America.

        The Media. The Democrats’ Army. Started in the Seventies. Now a full fledged part of the Democratic Party. They have control of every television in America. We have talk radio. I don’t own a television myself. Please don’t attack me for that. I don’t wear it as a badge. There just isn’t anything on television that I feel is worth watching. Just a personal decision. One of many, that I have made in recent months.

        I am trying my best to follow the comment previous, of the Nukeman. Someone I respect.

        The voter fraud. God, it was so obvious! They got away with it clean. I don’t know what it would take, to clean that mess up. Maybe it’s not even possible.

        I’m more interested in the conversation of a third party. I really am interested in that concept. I am sick to death, of Democrats. I am sick to death, of Republicans.

        What have we become, as a nation? If you can answer that question, then you get the gold ring, at least for this evening.

        Just for a moment, look at your own convictions. What do think this country should be, going forward? How do we counter all these bad elements, that are trying to take us down? How do we begin to save what is left, of this once great country?

        I think a new party is the inevitable choice. This country has been ruled by the two ridiculous parties for too long.

        If you have any energy left, I believe that is where it should be directed. I no longer have any faith, in the two main parties, that have led our country into this morass of hopelessness, where we currently reside. Both of them are worthless, and neither have any dignity left, that they can point to.

        God Bless all of you, and God Bless this country. Help her through this difficult period, in her history.

        There is just one other thing. An afterthought. We have this madman for a President, because he never had a real Father, that he knew. All of you Fathers out there, and Grandfathers too, make damned sure you are there for your children and grandchildren.

        Make absolutely sure, that you guide them on a decent path, to becoming a constructive and responsible citizen, who loves this country and supports the ideals that it stands for.

        It is your duty. Don’t weasel out on it.

        • Nukeman60

          Now that’s the White531 that I know and respect. Glad to have you back, son. We need to take everything one day at a time, one step at a time, one victory at a time. It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick. But it will be fulfilling. Let’s get that new party rolling. If you have facebook, check out:

          If not, then this:

          It’s only a start, but a start is all we need.

          • white531

            You’re the leader, Nuke. Make a path, and I will do my best to follow. The saving of this country from Communism, is a worthy cause, in my book.

            • Nukeman60

              The path I’m looking at is being paved by many on this site – toon, ABiC, wolfie, sjmom, linky1, words, Is_Sense_Common, StandingGround, you name it. There are more than can be named. We are all working together for solutions. It will take all of us here on Scoop to forge a path and from there get everyone to follow.

              Keep searching for ways to address those three things I mentioned earlier. We are all doing that and each of us go in different directions to bring back info. That’s what’s so great about TRScoop. So many different means to achieve the same end.

              Happy hunting, White, and keep returning here (home) to see what’s new that’s taking place.

              • white531

                That’s cool, Nuke. Let us make this particular thread, the place we return to each evening. I am tired of jumping all over the place and trying to keep up. Let’s make this thread, “home.” What do you say?

                • Nukeman60

                  Sounds good to me, my friend. The only problem is the boxes keep moving to the right until we can’t read them anymore (I’ve always wished they would automatically center as they move down).

                  Do you have facebook? Because many bounce back and forth between this site and there (that’s where the Constitutional Freedom Party is). It gets fast and furious for me, with my e-mail, facebook, Scoop, and research window all open at the same time, bouncing back and forth between them.

                • white531

                  No Nuke, Facebook is a way for the Federal Government to collect information on all of us. Believe it or don’t. Your choice. Even though I have an Iphone, I don’t text message either, for the same reason. I became paranoid a long time ago. Paranoia, is now normal to me. I am comfortable with it. I keep no more that five hundred dollars in a checking account to pay bills. The rest, is nobody’s business.

                  I will follow as best I can. If you’re going to do this thing on Facebook only, you’re finished before you started.

                • Nukeman60

                  Well, we’re working on a website, but no matter what you do electronically, you get tracked. There’s not much privacy when it comes to the government. I think everybody should have a bugout tunnel, just in case. 🙂

                • I’ll make a comment on the end of the thread and we can all jump down there for now. This thread should still be open for a couple of weeks (I hope!) Going down there now- I’ll see my family there maybe tomorrow? Night all! Good night Whitefriend! 🙂

        • You ask a good question, “How do we counter all these bad elements, that are trying to take us down?”
          I don’t rightly know all what we can do yet, other than to educate those who have paid attention to no one BUT those bad elements.
          I think this is where everyone needs to share what kinds of gifts and talents (in the immortal words of El Rushbo) we have on loan from God, and put them to use in where ever they will shine in this Party. I’m not good for much except maybe creative stuff, and although I like to think I can write and teach, others might be better at it than I am, and I will gladly get out of their way! For now though, seems my role is getting some educational stuff out there for a begining. Others are not on facebook, but are visiting other sites other than here and on twitter, and spreading the word about the videos and the blog- which is a great help, and it does take effort. We need these folks to keep doing what they’re doing.
          We need to do kind of what Bill Whittle suggested (don’t know if you saw his stratosphere program a day or so after the election- Scoop’s got it up somewhere) but we need to kind of do a “parallel” society for now. We’re not near big enough, nor do we have funds to fight the mainstream machine. But if we grow, and folks offer their talents, and hopefully folks whom we respect who are already in place (think Allen West/Bachmann/Whittle/Zo/Levin= all whom I and others have been working on getting the message to) we might really get something accomplished. We need to keep our platform firmly planted on our Lord- for to do otherwise would be to build in vain. Our sub floor is the intent and writings of our Founders. Our Floor is the Constitution.
          OK- sorry, I’ve been way too long winded, chalk it up to being so tired I’m hyper. But this is what I’ve been envisioning from day 1. Educate and share this group. It’s a start, and we’ll go on from there for the rest. I can dream big- it’s been a long time since I dared to dream, but now I’m on a roll and I want others to build it with me. xoxooxo

        • IrishElk

          Thank you White for calling out the men. When men rise up and take their rightful place, the position that God has given them, then you will see real change. Keep speaking it brother! 🙂

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Precisely. What of the Showbama plan isn’t designed to divide this country, let alone the Republicans?

  • Everybody keeps talking about Just wait to 2014. I hope to God we still have a country to vote in 2 years. He is not going to stop this tax thing with the 2%. He is going to nail everybody. I hope we all come out of this with a country that formally known as the United States of America.

  • Just vote “present.” Let a tax increase pass, and then let Obama explain why the tax increases he insisted on to the exclusion of all awareness of cause and effect, failed to make things better and may have made things worse.

    I’m pretty sure that a tax increase even with a reduction in entitlement spending won’t pull us out of the mess the politicians have handed us. the solution is to cut government; reduce all the administrative agencies employees and congressional committee support staff by 40%.

  • SheerPolitics

    One correction: Obama isn’t trying to fix our fiscal issues, he’s trying to destroy the UNITED STATES!

    • Marridge

      Thank you. Finally someone is saying it. Obama is a muslim and the only thing he is after is a caliphate. The left, as usual, is delusional and can not believe their messiah is really destroying their country too. The American people need to wake the hell up. this is what Benghazi was all about.

  • s_c_f

    To me it was obvious from his first term that he would do nothing to solve America’s problems if he won a second term. Maybe in 4 years progress can be made. Until then, Republicans need to stand firm and try not to allow the problems to worsen.

  • pabarge

    Why do people go along with the nonsense that Obama is trying to divide Republicans. Republicans are already divided. It’s RINOs vs Conservatives and it always has been, since Ronald Reagan. Obama is leveraging an already divided enemy (his). Welcome to the handiwork of the Adversary.

    • stage9

      I agree, Conservatives have an opportunity to set themselves apart from the GOP. If they want to operate their good ole boy network, let them, we’ve got a nation to save and we haven’t got time to wait for them to catch up.

  • Joengima

    This is why the story since the election has been about “How can the GOP win again?”

    The left is playing us all like a fiddle. Their goal was to split the GOP apart. They are doing this for 2014.

    Pelosi is planning on being speaker again in 2015. We cannot allow this to happen.

  • johnos2112

    It easy to destroy a party when all people are not united. Dems rip wealth and repubs do not embrace it. The left calls conservatives biggots, homophobes, etc., and they do not fight back. The left are disgusting pieces of s*&t and nobody will take them head on. NOBODY!

  • McGehee

    “Mr. President, as you told us before, YOU WON. So show us what you’ve got. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

    …said no Republican officeholder, ever. There’s a reason it’s called the Stupid Party.

  • There is a simple solution to Obama’s game. Just pass two separate bills. One extending the highest tax rate and the other extending all the other rates.

    That way they keep their pledge but also don’t allow Obama to say they raised taxes on anyone.

  • R. Paul Williamson

    Krauthammer is a senile old man who has lost touch with the USA of the the 2012’s. He no lonnger understands either economics or politics – he should retire before he embarrasses and humiliates himself amnd the Republicans anymore.

    • You sir are dunder head!

    • yanksrule

      Paul W…Go finish your 40oz-ers and sleep it of back in your gutter palace..

    • Looks like another drive-by looter, folks. He wins the usual one-way ticket back to the Daily Kos.

  • David Govett

    He knows that a Republican will eventually be elected to clean up the mess he made. He also knows that it will be impossible, and it will be the perfect opportunity to claim that Republicans are no better.

  • snowshooze

    All prices will go up by a minimum of 30% due to Obamacare.
    That is the short end.
    All of my suppliers will need more, and I have to pass that on.
    This ain’t gonna be cheap.

  • Destroying the Republicans. Only people destroying the Republicans are the Republicans. No one better shoots themselves in their own feet than the GOP. When taxes are raised, we will once again have a completely Dem controlled government.

    They say they learned their lesson. Yep, don’t give in to the conservatives, making them look out of touch and keep stomping on the base. I am glad to hear and see the idea of 3rd party taking off

  • Discontentwliars

    The fiscal cliff is about how much to raise the debt, not how to reduce it. It is about raising the spending limit, so they can add more debt. Are we going to allow our leaders to play this game? A debt of $49,000 per US citizen is a little high, and they are talking about how to “reduce additional spending”, not reducing the debt. Krauthammer is correct, and everyone is playing a game on US.

  • If the Republicans give Obama and the Democrats the economic policy they ask for by voting “present,” they win the Senate in the next election cycle. Democrats can’t govern and the media can’t blame the Republicans for passivity in the face of this Democrat “mandate.” Let ’em own it!

    Republicans can occupy themselves by designing remedial legislation for later use, investigating Administration corruption and protecting our basic rights from incursion by liberal facists.

    Of course the country may be toast by the time the next cycle rolls around, but it may be anyway if the Republicans don’t wise up and change strategies.

  • IsraeliCojones

    Last time I’ve checked, the Republicans didn’t need Obama to be destroyed: they’ve got their own Establishment who is very gifted at the job.

  • While we didn’t look for this fight, and it’s going to be Christmas and all, the moment has arrived. As we say on an assault: “It’s showtime,” and “Everybody comes home.” And it’s exactly what it means.

    We have the perfect showdown coming, and if the GOP realizes it, we go down guns blazing, or we win against terrific odds.

    We have two years to recover from an angry electorate, but only a few days to save the nation. It’s time for statesmanship, time to stare down our domestic enemies, time to stand on real principle.

    Decide to win or die, GOP. We probably can’t have both.

  • Yazz55

    Divide & Conquer

  • Jay

    I prefer “chump change,” Dr. Krauthammer. That’s what the Republican Party has become. 0 is going to do his best to make them ineffectual to ease his way to total power. I heard Glen Beck say yesterday what I’ve been saying- that 0 is going to use some crisis, real or manufactured, to take over.

  • spin43

    Obama wants one party which he calls Democrats, but they are really Communists. Welcome to the Welfare States of Obama. When does the flag get changed?

  • ApplePie101

    No, it’s the republicans that are destroying the republicans, and good riddance. What the country needs right now is a head-to-head congressional battle between the leftists in power and ‘tea party extremists’.

  • Well, he is the Great Divider…

  • 12grace

    obama is not happy unless he is destroying something or someone.

  • Krauthammer is absolutely right. Why give Obama and the Democrats ANYTHING? They are going to blame us for whatever happens, and they certainly would never, ever, praise us if there is a deal. So what’s the point? If Obama is so into “fairness,” let ALL the taxes go up for EVERYBODY. That certainly is fair, isn’t it? Let the Democrats feel what it’s like to have some skin in the game for once. Instead of it being “other people’s money,” let it be their money as well. Then let’s see how willing they are to cut a real deal after all of their voters get hit by this.

  • colliemum

    It’s the tax issue in the USA fabricated by Obama, it was the ‘multi-culti’, ‘racism’ issue in the UK fabricated by TOny Blair when he and his Labour lot were in power for 13 years.
    Both have the aim to destroy conservatism and conservatives – not just the conservative parties, like the GOP in the USA, the Tories over here.

    It looks as if the GOP is incapable of looking across the Big Pond and learn from the fate of the Tories, who spent 13 years in the wilderness and changed their message to become socialism lite, just to get elected, with the consequence that the single-issue party UKIP has been growing and growing because true blue conservatives are fed up being taken for granted by the Tory grandees, and are fed up with having green and socialist issues forced down their throats.

    With the outstanding tradition of grass root movements, and the TEA Party, I think you have a chance to set up a third party which will force the GOP into a coalition, and to give in and do what the American conservatives want.

  • Republicans are incompetent at national politics…David Axelrod has made them look like fools…he was able to get his candidate that destroyed the economy, is friends with the muslim brotherhood that are the supporters of the people that attacked us on 9/11, and who is by the way, ripping apart the the 4th Amendment every day more and more. Pretty much all national Repub leadership needs to be changed..Boehner, McConnell, Priebus..Cantor, Kyle, et al…they need to go and be replaced with people who understand that modern electorate and how to get the message of freedom, economic opportunity and natural rights advanced and embraced. Right now the media basically puts forth the position that all the Repubs want is to protect the rich, when in fact it is the Dems and this current administration that are protecting the fat cats with government connections.

    We should have nominated Sarah Palin

    • white531

      “and how to get the message of freedom, economic opportunity and natural rights advanced and embraced.”

      Rick, that has been discussed several times on talk radio, most recently today, on Hannity. The Republicans are simply not good at getting the message out, and the Dems are.

      • The Republicans are simply not good at getting the message out presenting the truth, and the Dems are good at selling free ice cream and ponies.

        But for the Dems, that only works until the time the People are compelled to pick up their shovels, because of the odor of the reality on the barn floor.

        I don’t know which is the better course … going off the cliff will hurt like Hell, but I don’t know if continued decline as a result of simply voting Present and “soaking the rich” a little more will be perceived as enough of a problem to get the People to pick up the shovels before a LOT more damage is done … that is close to a “new normal” these days in the eyes of many.

  • A partisan hack is using a national dilemma to undermine his opponents? You don’t say.

  • Charles is right. It is a set up!

  • mikeinidaho

    Obama isn’t trying to fix our fiscal issues OR destroy the Republican Party.
    What he IS doing (and very successfully, so far) is to destroy the US economy so as to bring us all to our knees as he installs socialism at best, and communism if possible.
    A pox on him and everyone who supports him. when the revolution starts We the People need to seek out and deal with each and every one of them as befits their complicity.

  • jimmie smith

    Since Mr. Obama can’t run for office again (fingers crossed). I don’t think he cares if all the Bush tax cuts twilight. Destroying the Republicans, and the financing of the behemoth federal government is the end game…As far as running again, watch for congress, (if the Dem’s take control of the house in 2014) That a bill for the suspension of the 22 amendment, comes into play. Keep a close eye on those dastardly Dem’s…

  • clovepsu

    I don’t know if you can take someone who calls 8% a rounding error seriously.

  • He’s right.

  • Jazzee

    we know we know charles and what the hell can we do?? we are stuck with this idiot for4 yrs and the GOP can’t seem to get a backbone or guts to do anything…they don’t know how to fight to WIN ever….and if they think 2014 will bring out support for them…NOT

  • richard40

    I have a proposal. Agree to the tax hike on the rich (most of them dont vote repub anyway, the repubs should be the party of the middle class and small business), but with one condition, it does not take effect until we have gone through an actual FY where fed spending is below 20% of GDP, and the tax hike is automatically repealed if spending ever rises above 23%, until it once again falls below 20%. To me this is a worthwhile trade, higher taxes for the rich, in exchange for real and permanent spending restraint. It also avoids the dem Lucy and the Football trap you cite, where we give tax hikes now, in exchange for spending cuts that never come. It also avoids the game of trading taxes for mostly phony spending cuts, since it measures actual total spending and not cuts against some floating and increasing baseline, and the demsw dont get the tax hike until they have already delivered on some spending restraint. And if Obama wont agree, it becomes clearer that the real issue is not taxes on the rich, which repubs are prepared to accept, but the dems total unwillingness to control spending. If dems insist we return to Clinton era taxes, then we should insist we also return to Clintin era spending levels.

  • white531

    Getting late. A soft pillow beckons. Catch you on the backside.

  • CheetoBuster

    Obama is trying to become dictator…he will destroy anything in his path to do it..Republicans are just making it easy for him! We need more Jan Brewers and more Sarah Palins in the Republican party…Obama would have a tough fight then…but the pansy boys like Boehner and McConnell cower to him and fall down like dominoes…pathetic!

  • white531

    Nukeman says he likes my rants. I like his, too.

    Here’s a rant that I will never let up on. It’s a problem I have with The Right Scoop.

    It’s simple, really. Every ten minutes on this site, there is a new post, that demands your attention. All of the really great conversations, that were just getting started on previous posts, are forgotten, as everyone moves on to the next post by TRS.

    It absolutely destroys the continuity of thought of the members, on the problems that face us. I will state this one more time, and I will keep stating it, until I am thrown off this site.

    In addition to the obviously necessary posts on current events, we need a running thread, that remains uninterrupted, so that all the members can have a continuous dialogue, on the issues we feel important. A place to come home to. Comment all you want, on the new posts, but come home to a running dialogue, where all the members can express themselves, and hang out, on a continuing, uninterrupted, conversation.

    Why is that concept so hard to understand?

  • white531

    Let’s try something. Let’s keep this particular thread alive, as a general discussion. We did this on another site I used to belong to, and it lasted for months. For my part, I will comment here each evening. If enough of you do the same, we can create our own general discussion group. It’s worth a shot.

    • Nukeman60

      I’ve noticed many past threads end up closed to comments. I don’t know if it’s after a certain time or a certain time after the last comment has been made.

      • white531

        Probably just lack of activity. Keep the thread alive by comments. The thread will stay alive. Either that, or petition The Right Scoop, to create a running thread to be home to all of us. Easiest thing in the world for them to do. Doesn’t make sense why they would be against the idea.

        • Nukeman60

          One thing I’ve noticed when the threads get bigger than 5-600 comments, Disqus gets snarky. I think it has something to do with the TRS servers and the fact that we haven’t changed over to the new, idiotic way disqus is designed.

          • lol that’s because it’s the new idiotic way it’s designed. Didn’t see you boys down here lol. I just started a new spot right below for wider space lol!

            • Nukeman60

              Yeah, I figure we can keep going till the boxes hit the right side, declare jumping to the bottom (or top, in my case, as I follow newest posts at the top), and start over from there. It should work.

              Good night, duckie. Thanks for the painting. It was so sweet of you.

              • Night Nukefriend. I’m glad you like it 🙂 I’m sorry I don’t paint nuclear reactors lol. 😉

                Sweet dreams my dear friend. See you tomorrow.

                I know I spelled that wrong didn’t I- but I’m too tired to fix it. o_O

    • IrishElk

      I like your thinking white. It’s been frustrating for me that just when I get in a good discussion, a new post pops up. You’re right, it does destroy the continuity of the thought process going on. I’m going to have to change my hours at work so I can be a part of all this. I’m at work by 5:30am. Just when all of you get on a roll, I’m off to bed. I rely on “toon” to fill me in. I’m real excited to see where everyone’s thinking is going. I don’t want to miss any of it!

      • white531

        Sorry you have to miss the evening conversations, IrishElk. I also work early, so most of my comments occur in the evening, about this time. We don’t stay up very late though, and I usually put the computer to sleep about nine. That’s Tucson time, of course.

        A lot has happened today, and I see Scoop has started a number of new threads. I doubt many will find their way back here. If not, then we’ll have to follow along. Can’t change the world, I guess. Just wish we had a general discussion thread.

        • IrishElk

          Hi white531, glad to see you on. It’s Friday, so I’ll be able to hang around a little longer. Toon said to tell you that people from CFP are watching this thread and we’ll be checking in every so often. So maybe we’ll get that continuity yet!

        • I’m late as usual, but Whitefriend, us hard core CFPers are coming in here to check every now and then 🙂 Night friend!! God Bless!

  • Meet me home my family. 🙂

  • white531

    Something I said yesterday, needs correcting. I mentioned that what was wrong with the Republican Party, is that they are bad on getting out their message to the people. Actually, that was only half the problem.

    The other half, is that they are not aggressive, in going after the Liberals for the statements they make. The Republicans are always on defense. No team ever won a game, by strictly playing defense. They allow the Liberals to define who they are, and when that definition is wrong, they offer no objection. They have to stop doing that. They have to go on offense.

    • They’ve been doing that since the day I moved down here, March 19, 1991. Oy, that’s a long time!

    • Nukeman60

      I’m a Chicago Bears fan. I know exactly what you mean.

      This fiscal cliff argument shows that precisely. Obama is out campaigning (again) to convince the idiot masses that he is right, while Boehner gets on the news and simple says, “well, we are trying to get along, wah, wah, wah.”

      If anyone just looked at what Obama is proposing, instead of just fawning over his speeches, they might understand that it is totally insane. But, then, maybe we are too far gone to save it.

      I’m not sure we can convince them of the truth anymore, but I’m going to try.