Kris Kobach responds to leftist immigration riot attacks on his home on Hannity

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s home was attacked the other day by leftist immigration thugs trying to intimidate him into not enforcing immigration laws. This obviously bothered him quite a bit but fortunately, he nor his family was home. He told Hannity that only a very few people knew he wouldn’t be home, but the idiot immigration attorney, which shared this segment with him on Hannity, couldn’t get that through his thick skull and kept bringing up that everybody knew Kobach wasn’t going to be home even though, as Kobach pointed out over and over, that wasn’t true. The attorney obviously sympathized with the protesters and basically took the stance ‘no harm no foul’. Just disgusting.


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  • badbadlibs

    The thug lawyer on the right lies thru his teeth, it’s natural for leftists. They don’t have a relationship with truth.
    Only in America can someone think it’s okay to protest against the law being enforced. And exactly what other country is going thru the contortions this one is to make illegal aliens comfy womfy???????????

    • Orangeone

      badbadlibs Why can’t citizens make citizens arrests of these illegal aliens?

  • zeeshopper

    Si se puede = Yes we can… Community organizing at its best.

  • Orangeone

    This attorney needs to be disbarred if he was in any way involved.  He is looking to become a millionaire on the backs of taxpayers forced to pay for paperwork processing of those that violated our borders, our laws, our schools, hospitals, etc.

  • DCGere

    The smug snot on the right is a jerk. He gives attorneys a bad name.

    • tinlizzieowner

      DCGere  When did attorneys have a good name? 😉

      • Orangeone

        tinlizzieowner DCGere Heh!

      • DCGere

        True 🙂 Yet my sis is a paralegal who works for a great attorney. They aren’t all bad 🙂

  • ldydesign

    So according to the slimey immigration atorrney it’s okay for a mob of people to trespass on private property as long as no one is home. But then this guy thinks these illegals are’nt breaking the law by being here.  That guy is the dark, sleazy side of the Democrat party.

  • ningrim

    Hannity is an amnesty shill, what a hypocrite

  • PJRodman

    Is the attorney faking an accent…kinda like Hilary and Obama in  ethnic neighborhoods?  But, then…I ain’t no ways t’ard.  I guess we need Obama in a Taco Bell ordering something to find out if he has any REAL Hispanic dialect creds.?  Shithooks….all of ’em.  AND, they label conservatives the racists.  SHEESH.

  • PapaLouie

    Community organizer, like union organizer, is just a fancy name for neighborhood bully. Turnabout is fair play, so maybe conservatives should try playing by their rules. We could go to the homes of rich people who advocate for open borders and ask them why they have locks on their doors. Then we could ask to come in because we live in a poor neighborhood and want to have a better life. I bet it won’t take long before they call police to have us deported from their property. We’ll have to take off for the shadows before the police get there because there won’t be any amnesty offered to us by these hypocrites.

  • davienne

    lock and load… kick ass and take names later…

  • WBCSaint

    Talk about someone with their head so far up their a$$.  The only church group that looked like to me was the morons from Westboro. If this has been a group of Tea Party protestors who had gone into Obeyme’s Illinois neighborhood and gone up his driveway do you think Mr Hernandez would be so flippant about it?  If you believe that well then I got Canadian borderfront property to sell you in South Dakota.

  • MikeHenry1

    What a darn jack ass this Hernandez dude is ? This is acceptable behaviour in another country, we need to ship him and the rest of the illegal immigrants out of this country. FINAL, END OF SUBJECT !!

  • kong1967

    “Kobach separates families”?   Are you for real, dude?  That’s like saying a prosecutor is bad for separating bank robbers from their families.  They broke the law and brought it on themselves.  They broke up their own family.
    If you protest on the street you should be arrested either for vagrancy or for jaywalking.  It’s funny how conservatives don’t behave this way, yet liberals make it their motto.

    • The Sentinel

      Excellent point.

  • CalCoolidge

    The left plays for keeps.  If you don’t shut and keep your (racist) thoughtcrime to yourself, then they send the IRS, and then they show up with torches and pitchforks.

  • kssturgis62

    People still do not get it about that Immigration Attorney, He is LA RAZA !! i know most you in here know that, but it is disgusting when they have him on. I am so sick of Fox, Except for Megyn Kelly. 
    I can’t wait till that new conservative News program starts. Fox is going to have some competition and that is why Fox Hired Back Sarah Palin. 
    But if amnesty passes, Erik Rush, and others are already saying the GOP is DEAD !! I agree, there is so much off ticket voting I am doing in 2014 if we have an election.

    • kssturgis62

      By the Way isn’t great Hannity is going to shill for Rubio tomorrow. Watch that Interview, because he is going to make sure Rubio explains why he voted against border Security not once but twice. He is going to make sure Rubio gets to talk fast, and slick. hannity talks about the Constitution and being a Conservative, but boy his friends are the most awful people. Karl Rove, Marco Rubio, and the worst of the republican party lately.

    • The Sentinel

      You read my mind.

  • Lady_Penquin

    Won’t watch the video as it would just be nauseating, but the Hernandez guy looks hyped up on something. All the news outlets get tiresome with their having guests on who lie and spin, the lefties never tell the public the truth or they’d get run out of town on a rail.

    • The Sentinel

      Spot on.

  • rbcnljsrule

    One could only wish that the slimeball attorney gets “his just deserved”, in other words, VP Biden’s suggested “double barrel shotgun blast through the door” at the next mass trespassing event that he stages!

  • physicsnut

    I keep hearing people complaining that the Left accuses us of Raaaaacism.  Hey – how about accusing the Left of being a bunch of commie idiots. How come hardly anyone points out Nancy Pelosi being a Democratic Socialist of America type ? ( of america – yeah right – more like the brit Labour party ).  Every day we ought to be playing sound bites of Frances Piven blabbering away about how to wreck the country.  That provides plenty of stuff to complain about, since these Lefties basically hate America and hate the Constitution. But I don’t suppose hating white people is Raaaacism.

    • Lady_Penquin

      physicsnut You make a good point. And we should, the GOP itself is too afraid to take on these anti-American Dems, socialists and commies who are running and ruining the country.

  • The Sentinel

    This is one of Hannity’s biggest flaws on his show and a large part of why I’ve stopped watching him. He pairs up a conservative with some chucklehead leftist loon and lets them go at each other. So, Hannity is now Jerry Springer?
    I can’t wait for this new conservative news organization to launch so I can bypass some of the faux reporting and circus crap. FNC has some good segments and people on and they’ve keep the fires burning by reporting on many things that other networks are too biased to report on (at least truthfully)… but this “fair and balanced” nonsense is becoming insulting.

    • DarkKnight2016

      The Sentinel  So you are saying you want to bypass a debate on the issues?

      • Political Pugilist

        DarkKnight2016 The Sentinel I believe he is wishing for productive intelligent honest debate. Perhaps on the new left this is as honest as it gets these days. Oh, if only there were more Pat Caddel’s on the left.

        • The Sentinel

          Political Pugilist DarkKnight2016 The Sentinel  

      • The Sentinel

        DarkKnight2016 The Sentinel  
        You can’t debate a leftist loon like this leering jack wagon. They are entrenched in their ignorance and arrogance. They fail to embrace the truth or accept any blame… and they all seem to hate America.
        I appreciate a difference of opinion and productive debate… but when these criminals simply vomit out lie after lie and spin spin spin… well, I’m sick of all their noise and smokescreens. Conversations with many of these morons is unproductive.  
        In my opinion, most of them are Godless and controlled by evil. How else can you explain their blindness and criminal behavior?

        • DarkKnight2016

          The Sentinel  DarkKnight2016 I debate loons all the time, it makes me better at defending my positions and I am sure it help him/her but it also helps the overall discussion of the issue. You can say they lie, I’ve been accused of lying but that shouldn’t mean you don’t debate the loons either because there are perhaps many that believe the same thing and debates are good way to find out why. I just don’t go as far as claiming that they are evil or Godless. That doesn’t ever really work well when debating someone.

        • lawngreen

          The Sentinel   I agree. Random noise would be more productive, and less harmful.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      The Sentinel  “So, Hannity is now Jerry Springer?”
      Well said.  I cannot watch or listen to him any more.

    • Matt2Matt

      The Sentinel  Hannity is a bubblegum conservative if he’s a conservative at all, which is debatable.

      • DarkKnight2016

        Matt2Matt The Sentinel  Levin loves him.

        • Matt2Matt

          DarkKnight2016 Matt2Matt The Sentinel  Levin loves that he made him rich.

        • DarkKnight2016

          Matt2Matt DarkKnight2016 The Sentinel  Levin loves Hannity because Hannity is a conservative.

  • lma1

    I saw nothing in that video that looked like a ‘riot’ or an ‘attack.’

  • lawngreen

    “…the idiot immigration attorney … couldn’t get that through his thick skull…”
    Sure he could. He just tried to smother the truth by repeating a lie, hoping Kobach would get tired of repeating the truth and concede the point by silence. This administration, one and all, and the Left in America generally, are the most preposterous bunch of liars and hypocrites in the entire history of the entire world. I wonder if even Satan gets sick of it and turns to the Sports Channel sometimes.

    One wonders how the immigration attorney would feel if someone “attacked” his home while he wasn’t there. One is not advocating such rash and unkind action, you understand. But if an actual attorney actually believes that property damage is no damage, sooner or later someone is likely to shove a dose of his own definition down his own home. One sincerely (choke) hopes not, for the Right would be blamed.
    Come to think of it, I’m surprised we haven’t been blamed for Hurricane Sandy.