Lamont Hill: NAACP isn’t responsible for calling out black racism because they advocate for black people

Disagreement is fine if the arguments are honest but Lamont Hill’s argument is asinine! O’Reilly is making the point that if the NAACP wants credibility, they need to be fair and call out racism in the New Black Panther Party. But Hill counters that because the NAACP advocates for black people, it’s not their job to call out racism in the people they advocate for. hmmmmm. He then tries to argue that racism just isn’t about color, but about color associated with institutional power. Since ‘white people’ are associated with institutional power, black people calling them cracker isn’t racist!

With this kind of nonsense coming out of his mouth, I don’t know why O’Reilly keeps him on staff. He is a detriment to O’Reilly and Fox News.

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