LarryO goes off deep end over ‘racist’ cartoon

Honestly this is so bad I can’t even believe he went there. LarryO called this cartoon racist and did a whole segment about it:

Seriously I see nothing racist about it. LarryO seems to think the artist, Batton Lash, made Obama look half animal/half human but that is completely ridiculous. Obama’s got big ears so Batton just made them bigger…you know, like dumbo. It’s a perfect fit actually.

LarryO doesn’t just criticize the cartoon though, he suggests that the artist needs an intervention by his loved ones. Really? How stupid.

This is the problem with the Left. They want to take every thing they can and make the Right look as racist as possible, even when there is absolutely no evidence of racism. It happened with the Tea Parties and it’s happening again. I suspect that even LarryO knows it isn’t racist, but he’s got to fit it in his ‘attack-the-Right’ agenda so he forces the square peg in the round racist hole.

But this is what we’ve come to expect from MSNBC, and that’s why they suffer so bad in the ratings department. Here’s the video if you want to suffer through it.

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