LAWSUIT? Zimmerman lawyers say there might be ‘compensation’ from the way Florida prosecutors handled case

Mark O’Mara and Don West sat down with GMA to talk about what has happened since the Zimmerman case, including potential federal and civil lawsuits being brought against George Zimmerman. While they don’t see anything becoming much from a federal or civil lawsuit, they do think that Zimmerman has a case of his own against the Florida prosecution for the way they handled the case that might yield ‘compensation’.


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  • mike3e4r7

    STFU Stephanopolous!

    • marketcomp

      mike3e4r7 Well said!

  • badbadlibs

    Mr. Zimmerman deserves compensation worth a life time and beyond. His life was forever changed and lives on the edge of death every single day. Why? Because of racist ideology from the WH that filtered down to a case that would never have made it to the light of day otherwise.
    Too bad Mr. Zimmerman can’t sue the POTUS.

  • TxGold

    I certainly hope so!  This has been a racial travesty from the start.


      TxGold  Anytime we see the name, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and Holder we can be sure standing out is travesty.

  • Matt2Matt

    Angela Corey needs to be brought to justice, her conduct was outrageous.

  • nodummie

    i hope he does.  i hope the exsheriff sues them to. this whole damn thing is nothing but a plot to get a white man.  starting with the president.

    • sDee

      The plot was aimed at the 2nd Amendment. Race baiting is the strategy.
      Holder and Hussein to fuel racism among
      Americans to destroy the strength of “stand your ground” laws.
      Without stand your ground laws, creeps like Holder
      and Hussein effectively remove our 2nd Amendment rights by prosecuting
      intended victims  who defended themselves. Such cases make an example fo people like Zimmeran – 
      that if you exercise your right to defend yourself with a firearm, you
      will be sent to jail or forced into bankruptcy defending yourself.

  • mike3e4r7

    “Now you see all that anger and sadness out in the country”, no Stephanie, aside from Travon Martin’s immediate family and friends, what I’m seeing is alot of people using this as another excuse to rail against ‘the man’, rather than look at the case objectively.  And then I see leftist punks like yourself doing their best to stoke the flames.  Thankfully most Americans haven’t taken the bait, but if any riots erupt, I hope you’re the first one to have his white ass dragged out of a car and beaten to a pulp.


      mike3e4r7 , you are truly a very wise and thoughtful person, and I hope your right on.Stephnie is long over dew for that spanking.


    I hope if there is a law suit filed that Mr Apostate himself Sharpton, Obama and E.Holder are included in the lawsuit, for obstruction of justice and incitement.

  • kong1967

    Blacks are so angry and want blood over a rare occurrence of (what they originally believed to be) white on black violence.  Yet, you never hear a word from them when black men very often commit violence an murder against whites. A black man shot a white baby in the face with a shotgun….silence.  Nothing to see here.  You don’t hear anything from whites or the media, either.  
    The effort by the left has been to make the black community feel like victims of the white man.  Not just in the past, but as if the KKK were running the country as we speak.  When I look at what I see in this country, I see most of the racism coming from the blacks themselves and from the liberals.  Liberals are intentionally creating racism and racist people for political gain.  No shame at the damage it does to the country or to an entire race of people.  Liberals disgust me.

  • Conniption Fitz

    If the court and Zimmerman’s lawyers had told the truth about Trayvon – all the protests would not be happening.Miami Police and Schools did not prosecute Trayvon for his criminal misbehaviors –

    • Conniption Fitz

      PLUS – George Zimmerman’s rights and reputation were harmed by the way this case was brought to the court and the court of public opinion.
      Culprits/Perpetrators are:
      1. Crump and Parks, Jackson and Julison – concocted the poor innocent child Trayvon hunted down and murdered by racist white vigilante.
      2. False affidavit by Corey – contained Crump Narrative and false claims. 
      3. Obama, Sharpton, Black Panthers, and others repeated Crump lies and used their influence to inflame public opinion for political gain and risked the lives of Zimmerman and his family.
      These people are guilty of numerous legal and moral misdeeds.

      • bbhnkr

        Conniption Fitz Don’t let Rick Scott off the hook, he should have stopped this mess before it got rolling.

        • Conniption Fitz

          No doubt the RNC told him to clear things up before the election.  He and Bondi are both culpable for this.
          But so are Holder and Obama.

    • nosilasunny

      They weren’t permitted to enter any of that into the court record or evidence. The judge wouldn’t allow it.

  • The Sentinel

    He also has a case against CNN for televising his private information on air. He should also have a case against the DOJ for their role in paying for and inciting riots and protests against him.
    He should be a very rich man.

    • BearNJ

      The Sentinel

      Don’t forget NBC who doctored the 911 tape to make it seem
      like GZ was profiling Martin only because he was black.

      • The Sentinel

        BearNJ The Sentinel  
        Great point.
        He might become George Soros rich at this rate. 🙂

  • njmom

    I read George Zimmerman is thinking about going to law school so this money will go far to helping him pay for his education.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    First things first. 
    Angela Corey and Benjamin Crump should both be disbarred and serve hard time… at least ten years each.

  • bbhnkr

    George Zimmerman was offered up as a sacrifice to the mob, there is no other way to describe the situation.

    • Conniption Fitz

      To the Communist Party agenda.

  • LoJoFo

    I really like Mark O’Mara; he is well-spoken.  Keep it up, Mark!

  • marketcomp

    I hopehey sue ABC for doctrining the photos!

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    I normally don’t believe in our litigious society, but — with what I’ve seen from news outlets, political groups, and the like — I think GZ should take every one of them to court.

    • marketcomp

      E Lee Zimmerman Amen!

  • porcelain10

    Bernie sounds bitter, small man, looking smaller every day. He should support the verdict. The case was never brought in front of grand jury, weak case,, GZ is not guilty.Mark OMara Don West R great men.

  • porcelain10

    Mark will need to sue all, every network to get this to stop

  • Anotheronebitsthedust

    A black american laying out and tell the truth of his communities odd ways..Vids like this that make feel for some hope

  • EdWeibe

    Dont’ beat someones head into the pavement and try to kill him especially if he’s armed. Assume he is.

  • Pokerwife1

    They are STILL flashing pictures of Trayvon Martin as a young boy.  How about we flash the pictures of him looking and acting like the “gangsta” that in his own text message words he identified himself as?  The media is STILL lying!

    • BobbyChippyTostitos

      Pokerwife1 Or his extensive crime record of drugs, fighting, stealing and destroying property.

  • Dropit4

    The Florida case is very simple. A man licensed to carry a gun, is attacked by another man, ( an attack that by itself is Felony aggravated assault ), punched in the nose, taken to the ground, is having his head beaten on the concrete sidewalk, so he reaches for his legal gun, pulls it out, and shoots his attacker and kills him. So far, the only person who has violated ANY Florida law, is the man that threw the first punch and was beating his opponents head on the concrete sidewalk. Yes, the man with the gun, “profiled” the young man, based on what had happened in his neighborhood over the previous year, and decided to follow him until the police could arrive to take over. There is no law against “following” in Florida. The young man being followed, instead of heading home, which was 30 seconds away, decides to hide in the dark for 4 minutes from the man following him, and when the man shows up, approaches him, challenges him, and throws a punch to his face breaking his nose and driving the man to the ground.If the attacker, the young Black Male, had been shot in the hip instead of the chest, under Florida Law, which man would have been arrested and faced charges of Felony Assault? The one who broke the law is dead, and the one who followed the law arrested, tried, and found innocent. 
    If people don’t like what happened in this instance, change the law, but don’t pretend that a person who committed Felony Assault, resulting in his death, is innocent because of his age or race.

    • publius69

      Dropit4 I agree with you. however, i believe this administration only cares about trayvon martin to the extent they can use this incident to push one of their agenda items: gun control.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Dropit4 Well said!

  • Atlanta-Esquire

    As an attorney, and former assistant district attorney in Atlanta, I think the conduct of the prosecution violates their oath of office and their oath of ethical and professional conduct as an attorney in general. People hate lawyers- and this is why. But 90% of lawyers are honest, ethical people. I don’t know the percent if State Attorney Corey and her ADAs are included (up or down, but we all know what way it would go).

  • snowshooze

     Bring Corey down!!!

  • Dejonn

    Put Corey and Bernie in jail for life. they are the criminals

  • BlackWolfStanding

    Dropit4 There is no proof except for Zimmerman’s testimony that Martin thrown the first punch. And even if Martin thrown the first punch, Zimmerman can still be held liable because he was told to stay away and yet he confronted Zimmerman and said things that nobody else heard. If he baited or provoked Martin’s actions, then he is guilty of premeditated murder.
    And proof of the ADA’s malpractice and mishandling the case, there are a number of post case lawsuits forming that accuse the ADA of mishandling the case and against the state of Florida. 
    The federal government is also going to retry the case after the all the legal issues are resolved with the state’s case.