Not only does he blast Romney and Paul, but he goes after Ann Coulter and others for trying to destroy these other candidates in favor of their candidate. And he defends Santorum, Newt, and Perry against these attacks, but even more so he talks about the kind of candidate we want as president which is more important that the cherry picking of someone’s record that’s going on right now.

This is an excellent monologue as Levin holds nothing back, replete with passion and much yelling of the truth. Just how I like it:

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  • I gotta hear how he goes after Ann Coulter!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna go ahead and say Yay(!) right now and then listen to it.

    The Scoopscription sounds sweet 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Rshill… did you get this following quote from Levin. It is pure conservative word porn, the money quote of money quotes, the red meat upon which to build muscle. Go Mark Go!

      “If we were warmongers and imperialists and conquerors, do you think those inbreds who run those countries in the Middle East would be running those countries in the Middle East?”

      • Anonymous

        Heck yes! Truth!


  • poljunkie

    test……when I try to post on the Perry thread I get an error message!!!!

    Have a good friday everyone!

    • might wanna try hitting the sort by tab for comments and see if that will work and let you post. I had to do that before.

      • poljunkie

        Thanks, I will try. I’ve logged out, and restarted, but I am still having trouble over there.

        • Do not be surprised, nor dismayed. Just work with the local PC tech’s. I know many bad things are out there on the net, for just you and me. Perservere. I have had to replace 3 hard drives. Just your taxes, DNC at work.

  • Anonymous

    I always respect what Mark Levin has to say….he thinks like I do and has word skills that I do not even dream of having.

  • It’s funny hearing this from Levin. A guy who spends 3 hours a day attacking Romeny, One-bama, and the Democrats.

    I guess it depends on what the meaning of word “attack” is. Right, Mark?

    • Anonymous

      You mean calling out Romney on his BS and hypocrisy?

      The other side isn’t human, so it doesn’t count.

      • Since when is factually pointing out a candiate’s record an “attack?” Levin is starting to sound like the MSM now. Gingrich coudn’t rebut Ron Paul’s attack ad because of one simple thing: it was all true!!!

        We have to stop chacing after personalities and start looking at the candidates record and ablities.

        Speaking of hypocrisy, here’s Santorum’s voting record:What A Big Government Conservative Looks Like

        • Do you really believe Santorum is corrupt? Really?

          • Who’s calling him corrupt?

            • Ron Paul is. What do you think Levin is talking about?

              • Does anybody take Ron Paul seriously?

                How can he get upset with Coulture and the LEGITIMATE attacks from the other candidates. It seems a bit hypocritical from the guy who makes a living at attacking politicians.

            • K-Bob

              Hmmm. Looks like disqus threw this one away, so I’ll hit it again. Maybe I’ll get two.

              Anyhoo, Drudge links to an article in Politico (yeah, I know) about Ron Paul’s latest anti-Santorum ad, where it refers to Santorum’s “record of betrayal.”

              Pretty stiff language.

              • Anonymous

                I knew these things about Santorum before I knew who Ron Paul was. I was paying attention to him, Newt, and the rest that promised republicans a new path in their contract with America. I bought into it, and then watched them go back on it.

                I saw an interview with two people talking about what Santorum has done and where he made his money. It seems that he has “insider establishment” written all over him. Until he entered this race, the last time I saw him was at a meeting promoting republicans in 2010. His speech was all about how they let America down when they had the chance. I could only agree with him. I don’t think that we have the time to screw around with proven failure.

        • Anonymous

          You’re sounding a lot like a Mitt-bot.

          You know damn well Romney is being pushed. You tell me how much you want to bet and when to think RINO Romney will win the White House. Its not happening even with Rubio.

          Levin is pointing out the BS where the establishment sellouts are pushing THEIR guy and calling other candidates phonies. This is pathetic. This country doesn’t seem to get and and frankly deserves another 4 years of this A-HOLE we have in the White House.

          • You’re sounding a lot like a Mitt-bot.

            Ahhhhhhh…name callin is the first sign of a losing argument.

            • Anonymous

              blah!! blah! blah!!

              Facts are the first sign of you losing the argument. You like the softer side of radio, listen to that sleeping aide Medved

              • blah!! blah! blah!!

                The second sign of a losing argument.

                • Anonymous

                  Dude, you f-ing pathetic

          • Anonymous

            Mittiots not unlike Obamatrons are a diem-a-dozen and its hard to tell them apart sometimes. Romney is Obama-lite in more ways than one.

          • Heil Obama. Are you a black shirt or brown shirt?

        • Sad U R.

        • Anonymous

          Your devil’s advocate arguments are getting old. And stop the anybody but Perry stuff. He’s my preference too but Newt is not satan incarnate like you keep referring to him as. Doing this crap is no better than anything the paulbots are doing. That’s a fact.

    • Anonymous

      Levin spends 3 hours a day (far more actually) defending us against those dedicated and aligned to destroy liberty, the Constitution and capitalism – defending us against the political class. He is on the offense in that defense.

      Romney is an inseparable part of the political class, the global cabal that must control America rather than let us govern ourselves.

      • Defending us? Who has he gotten thrown out of office? What laws has he blocked? Why didn’t he defend us against the implementaion of ObamaCare? Why didn’t he stop the passage of the NDAA? Why didn’t he get Romeny defeated in Iowa? Why can’t he stop Romeny in NH?

        This the great myth. Mark Levin is a talk show host. He has no power under the constituion to defend anybody. People think that listen to Levin is all you need to do to save the country. I got news for you: that’s the mentality that got us into this mess and got a communist elected as POTUS.

        • K-Bob

          “People think that listen to Levin is all you need to do to save the country. ”

          Two words: Man Of Straw

          • We have socialized medicine.
            We have a Marxist in the White House.
            Our debt is on the cusp of 16 trillion.
            One-bama has rendered Congress irrelevant.
            Hamas is teaching the drug cartels in Mexico how to build better tunnels.

            If Levin is “defending” us he’s doing a bad job.

            We the people must put down the bag of Doritos. Get dressed and go out and get involved in governing of our country. If we don’t, the community organizers will.

            • dude you’re statements are moronic.

              Heck just a few months ago you impugned Levin’s attack against smear attacks of Newt because you said he and Newt were good friends and thus you dismissed it. As it turns out, Levin said on the radio he didn’t even know Newt Gingrich and had only met him one time and you didn’t know what the hell you were talking about.

              And now you impugn people who listen to Levin as simpletons who think that listening to Levin is fixing the country.

              This is the side of you I detest because you sound like an elitist hack. And if you think Levin doesn’t have an impact at motivating people to get out there and fix this country, you again don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

              • The political entertainment industry has turned us into spectators and not participants. Instead of getting in the game we are content to sit on the sidelines and let somebody else take the hits. Imagine if all the people who sit and listen to the screamers on talk radio actually went down to their Congressman’s office and demanded that they pass a budget what would happen? Imagine if they went out and raised money for a pro-life crisis pregnancy clinic to help women who want to carry their babies to term and keep them or give them up for adoption?


                • I don’t necessarily disagree with that, it’s your attitude/arrogance and your assumptions that are so offensive.

                • Feel free to suspend my account. I promise won’t take it personally.

                • Thanks for your permission, but that wasn’t my intent.

                  Not yet anyway.

                • You really should suspend my account, Scoop. I have an overwhelming urge to wake people up and take this election seriously. You would be doing me favor if you suspended it.

                • DickNeringer You have awoken no one but your happy dream of 4 more years. May you get what you deserve.

                • Anonymous

                  “I have an overwhelming urge to wake people up and take this election seriously.” (Nickie D)

                  And how is this any different from what Levin is doing? Hmm? I’m no mathematician, but I think he might be able to “wake up” more people with his audience than you can with yours.

                  So, your objection against Levin is also the goal you’ve set for yourself. Nothing hypocritical about that. Levin can’t do anything to help anything by talking to and educating his audience, yet you are peddling your Big Wheel as fast you can to do precisely that.

                  Now that’s not only entertainment, but great exercise too 🙂

              • Constance

                Thank you, RS. You wrote it far better than I could have. It needed to be “said”.

                • Anonymous

                  …..and with more restraint than I could muster .

            • K-Bob

              I get your drift, but you are not using clear logic. The fact that Levin isn’t doing it all doesn’t mean he isn’t doing hard work.

              You’ve heard of his work with Landmark Legal, I assume. His book sales give him resources to apply. He has a following, and it would be a bad assumption that a lot of them aren’t activists.

              You also are assuming the Levin hasn’t told people to go out and get involved.

              All of those assumptions are simply incorrect.

              Yes, folks need to become engaged. Fine. That’s obviously a separate issue from people listening to him.

        • Maxsteele

          Come on Nick. So you are saying the only people that can defend the country are politicians? How about our military?
          Levin does his part and I do not think you can argue that he is consistently a true constitutional conservative and has never strayed from that.
          He is a citizen and does his part. Are you criticizing him for doing his job?
          What have you done to save the country? Those who are without sin throw the first stone…Sorry, one jew making a christian reference to another jew 🙂

          • In spite of Levin we got a Marxist in the Whie House. Why? Because Levin can’t stop anyting.

            We the people must put down the bag of Doritos. Get dressed and go out and get involved in governing of our country. If we don’t, the community organizers will.

        • K-Bob

          “People think that listen to Levin is all you need to do to save the country. ”

          Two words: Man Of Straw

        • Sorry DickReinger. RS is doing his fighting evil, while all you do is attack RS. FREE Speech is the word you object to.

    • Constance

      At least he is honest about the reasons why, and he tells you what those reasons are. You may disagree with him, but I’ve never caught Levin in a lie yet.

    • OR, maybe a conflicking opinion? You can throw the first stone?

  • Anonymous

    Facing the Arithmetic. Whittle nails it again.

    It is up to us. The political class is a train wreck.

    • Anonymous

      Whittle always hit the mark. I would gladly stand with the fine Right Scoopers as the times get tough.

    • Anonymous

      They are a train wreck, if you think that they want the country to do well.

  • Wow Gingrich blasts Romney on Chris Matthews show.

    Matthews: “Could it work if he were the nominee? Would [the tea party] ever be able to cheer him on there?”

    Gingrich: “They would never cheer him. Why would they cheer someone – if you were a Tea Party person, why would you cheer someone who raised taxes, created the prototype of Obama care – appointed liberal judges to appease the Democrats – that’s his line, not mine – and put in taxes paid abortions, took care of Planned Parenthood… here’s any easy question for you to answer — – name one conservative accomplishment or public policy of Romney’s.”

    BOOM! For all the cherry picking (or in Santorum’s case nit picking [ the sweater vest]) going on between the conservatives candidates who is who’s not conservative enough take the most Moderate very Liberal Candidate frontrunner Mitt Romney! This man should not be leading in the GOP! He is the true divider of the Republican party.

  • Anonymous

    You should google Tim Hudak and what happened to his election bid as a shoo in to win conservative in name only candidate for primiership of Ontario, Canada. If Romney will be nominated, I am afraid he will fail just like Hudak.

  • Maxsteele

    Did you hear about Pauls supporters ad in NH attacking Huntsman for adopting children from China, calling him the manchurian candidate and photoshoping a picture of hiim making him look like he is dressed like chairman mao…they also used pictures of his two children in the ad.
    This is the lowest of the low The ad asks if Huntsman has American values or Chines values.
    Yes, Paul is a nut bar and scum bag.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul and his campaign had nothing to do with that nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    music to my ears.

  • Constance

    Mr. Levin is absolutely correct about people ruining their reputations over their endorsements. Ann Coulter has lost my respect and trust over it. I never even listen to her anymore, and I never shall again. I used to be a huge Coulter fan. As for Karl Rove, he’s a putz. I used to be a fan of his too. I am assuming that by election day, I will be cleaning out the remainder of my books from so many of these people I have bought over the years and tossing them in the trash. It’s okay to support a candidate. It is not okay to lie to me about the reasons why. And, people like Coulter and Rove have lied to me.

    • Anonymous

      When Coulter was pushing for Chrispie Cream from NJ I knew something was wrong with her. I live in NJ and while he is conservative for a blue state he is nothing like a conservative for an area I wish to move to (fly over). Geeze, I gotta get out this place. TY to Eric Burdon of The Animals.

    • Anonymous

      Rove is a hack, the architect of Democrat majorities as it turns out “Bush’s brain” gave us Nancy and Harry in 2006 and Obama in 2008, Coulter lost her brain in NJ somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Levin plays an important role…he goes to the “extreme” to make sure that people realize that what is going on is extreme. The only time most of the “computer”generation gets off their computer and thinks is when someone interrupts the norm. That is what Mark likes to do, and it is effective. He is not perfect, but he fills a need.

  • Anonymous

    Another classic Mark Levin!

  • Anonymous

    Rush went on a similar rant today but the difference was Rush talked about the MSM where Mark talked about other candidates. Both are correct and I hope a lot of people heard them. By the time this is over many who were respected will not be, Ann Coulter for one. This is sad but maybe it will weed out the real conservatives from the pretenders. At least we know now who they are.

  • Anonymous

    Levin sounds like he is making excuses for Santorum. He voted to support George Bush!? Bush was not conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Anonymous

      This is how Levin makes his living. You have to appeal to people’s desires at the moment to capitalize on the tide.

    • Yet still more of a conservative than Paul…..By the way I dont remember Santorum asking to bring home troops and fire them so we can pay for healthcare…Paul did. I dont remember Rick saying terrorist attacks on are just what we have coming to us but Paul did. I dont think Rick sat for 35 years in office and did squat…Paul did. Funny thing is all of the candidates are more conservative than Paul including Romney.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry David…but the kind of conservatism you are speaking of is the very thing that is driving us into the ditch. Bush and Santorum more conservative than Paul???…certainly not on fiscal issues…in fact, one could say they are both more liberal than most of the GOP.

        I think you just don’t like Paul.

        • Why would any American like Paul? The man thinks we are a evil people who deserve getting killed by terrorists.

          • Anonymous

            When has Dr. Paul said we were evil…he has said we need to mind our on business. And that we deserve to be killed by terrorist…drinking too much kool aid I see.

            • I keep forgetting Paulbots cant read between the lines or have to have the words said exactly of they dont understand it…..He thinks we are evil and that we deserved getting attacked cause he says we are to blame……

              • Anonymous

                Are you a GOP party tool/lackey?

                • No I am a person that can think.

                • Anonymous

                  Well then, why do you say the silly stuff about Paul like “we deserve to be to be killed by terrorist”?

                • Because that is what he means by we got attacked cause we were bombing them for ten years ( which was a lie)

  • He is right on. the two running the most dirty campaign are the two most liberal…..Go figure.

  • Anonymous

    “Just how I like it” lol !!

    I used to like Ann , but she’s been ticking me off this past year , I wish she’s just shut up and write another book or something.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul and Romney have been buying votes and trashing candidates for years. They would be the perfect odd couple.

  • Anonymous

    Great clip. That’s exactly how I see this, the 2 most underhanded, negative and nasty are the 2 most liberal, Romney and Paul. Romney the GOP establishment pick and Paul the Troijan OWS Obama hack. Didn’t Romney and Paul work well together to tear down Gingrich in Iowa? (with Glenn Beck’s help btw)
    Then if if Gingrich dares to even *say* he will criticize Romney, the establishment squeels. I am so looking forward to the next debates.
    Now Ron Paul is running nasty ads against Santorum, Romney will too, only Romney will use his sleazy surrogates. Interesting to see who has so much money in this campaign. Romney with his Wall Street and K-street fans and the Chamber of Commerce and Ron Paul with his leftist community organizing money.
    Before ‘anybody but obama’, I hope we succeed in ‘anbody but romney’.(paul is a joke). I hope Newt’s makes a come-back, but I would vote for Santorum or Perry with pleasure against Romney.

  • Thank you, and God bless you, Mark. I have been saying the same thing, now, for 6 months. That is exactly why I am worried about the USA. Keep up the good work.

  • s.hayward2

    Michael Savage who was talking up romney big time has now totally reversed it.Spent the last segment calling him names and questioning the size of romneys genitals behaving like a scorned woman with the painters in.The reason he cites,is that Romney is not prepared to go for Obamas throat, and he is further disgusted that Mcain has endorsed him. Kiss of death that is.

    So there is a limit to savages cheerleading it seems.I always felt moderate Romney and Michael savage made strange bedfellows. Savage is now supporting santorum, who is really the only candiate savage hasn’t yet loved and then done a 360 on.Save gingrich, savage was never in favour of him which I cannot understand because I still think Gingrich is the strongest candidate in a weak field.

  • jvnvch

    Why would anyone place any stock in what Levin has to say about this when he is apparently completely unaware of the fact Romney has the nomination sewn up already? That kind of lack of objectivity is very unimpressive. Levin should be relieved that Romney will undoubtedly defeat Obama in November, and will represent a huge improvement over the present occupant of the White House.

  • Anonymous

    See what I mean, a clip of Newt making a stop in NH, and looks who’s there to greet him. Occupy Wall Street socialists,,, er I mean Ron Paul supporters! “Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Occupy Occupy”
    Hmm. I thought Ron Paul support was from Libertarian types, but how can a bunch of communist loving Occupy W.S. filth support a Libertarian? Bcoz Ron Paul is a useful idiot and hypocritcal egomaniac. No other candidate does this Olinsky style stalking bullsh*t, just Ron Paul’s little marxists fans, who in reality are pure Obama/DNC minions.
    And every time, Ron Paul says, ‘oh gosh golly gee whiz I didn’t ask them to do that but I think it’s just great ehahahehe’. Like the vile ad about Huntsman and his adopted daughters. Ron Paul and his supporters, you are either the Left’s useful idiots, or you ARE the Left. Libertarian my ass.
    Ron Paul is Obama’s Trojan Horse / Operation Chaos.

    • Anonymous

      The “left” doesn’t want Ron Paul elected any more than the establishment “right” does. This is obvious if you watch any left-leaning corporate “news” coverage (or lack thereof) for him.

      Ron Paul is the PEOPLE’S Trojan Horse.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know that pointing out your opponents flaws was negative campaigning. Geez I could have sworn that this is done EVERY election. I could’ve have also sworn that Newt, Santorum and Perry were running negative adds against Romney. Levin, shut up. Ann Coulter has a right to her opinion and has proven her conservative chops for many years. Liberals are terrified of her. Who are they terrified of out of this bunch of losers? The people that should have run this election did not. Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin? Nope, we get this interchangeable group we have here today. We can’t take it all back at once Mark!! Damn, no wonder the liberal


  • bobemakk

    Mark Levin has to run for office, between him and Rush Limbaugh they are the TRUE conservatives in this country. Too bad they aren’t representing US in political offices.

  • Anonymous

    I have an idea … let’s all vote to get Ron Paul into office so on the next go’round we can get a real conservative in office and call him a moderate …

    (toungue in cheek, but it would be out of the dem playbook)

    • Anonymous

      You should. Get the one guy in there who will at least propose to eliminate $1 trillion and (5) bureaucratic agencies, balancing the budget by year three. If he isn’t to your liking in terms of defending this country, primary him in 2016. This is your chance to get Obama out in less than a year.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Levin doing the same thing? He bashes Romney to prop up his candidate Gringrich. When Gringrich imploded, now he’s backing Santorum. I used to like Levin… not anymore.

  • Nice and subtle, Mark.

  • Nice and subtle Mark.

  • Anonymous

    I love this man. I wish more conservatives were more like him.

  • Anonymous

    Stop crying Levin, I dont care much for Romney or Paul but their ads about Newt was “mostly” true. Newt isnt an angel and he has been in politics long enough to know that these ads will come out and its about how you respond to them, not whine about them. Did Newt really think that when he rose to the top of the polls that he can just say “play nice everyone, no negative ads” that everyone wouldnt bring his baggage out?? Newt was insisting on a positive campaign because he didnt want the ads to come out and didnt have the money to run ads himself. Now it seems he is digging himself into a deeper hole by being negatively obsessed with tearing Romney up, Give Romney his credit, his plan is working in bringing “old Newt” back to kill the “new Newt.”

  • Mark Levin is into Santorum. Gross.

  • Hoorah Mark Levin! He’s nailed it…and so did Rush yesterday, same topic..the whole “but Romney is more electable…” called him a Ken Doll that makes Coulter happy…hilarious.

  • I will be Listening to Your Show ! Thank You for a Breath of Truth ! In a war of Ideas ,I am Happy that there is someone with a Mic. who will say True !

  • Thank God ,There is One Person Left with a Mic. ,Who will say True ! Thank You ! You Have Just made a Listener out of Me !

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Levin ,”YOU ARE THE MAN”. thanks a lot for telling it like it is! Thanks for getting the word out on CRAZY former Conservatives who are now brainwashed like Ms. Coulter, Glen Beck, Mark Steyn who now attack the Republican Candidates and ONLY SUPPORT RINO ROMNEY, with all kinds of B.S. ! Formerly she was against Romney and now SUDDENLY SHE’S FOR HIM! So many Romney supporters are arguing for him using just the same illogical ways as Dems. defend Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Dit you get this his following quote from Levin. It is pure conservative word porn, the money quote of money quotes, the red meat upon which to build muscle. Go Mark Go!

    “If we were warmongers and imperialists and conquerors, do you think those inbreds who run those countries in the Middle East would be running those countries in the Middle East?”

  • Anonymous

    Gosh’ I love me some Mark Levin. Speak-it brother!!! I too, I’m sick to death of all this rhetoric and smears from these idiot’s running for the GOP. Ron Paul, Romney and their “saddle bag brigades” Gees’ God help us America. This is the best we can do?

    And sorry but what happened to We the People, The Tea Party? Why are we taking this lying down. We must get out the E-mail’s and start making the calls, via: twitter or FB and start getting our “march-on and moving forward” {{{stop the cricket’s }}} it’s time to fight, and make some noise!!!

    What I’m ticked off about, is with the “Establishment” they’re steam rolling over all our efforts from the Midterm’s because we a letting them. These career RINOs could “care-less” we gave them back “the HOUSE” they have scoffed at us, and have shown complete disdain. Why………..? because we’re letting them.

    The TP may not have a leader however “SHE’S” not running but’ do we sit this out and let the establishment pick our candidate with-out a fight?

    So far………. it looks that way. We still have much work to do. It’s up to us, the Tea Party needs to keep fighting and we have many Senate seat’s to fill. We are not done, but we have to get back in the game to win.

    Sincerely, CG.

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