Levin calls out CBC members spewing violent hate speech

Levin was nearly stunned to hear the hateful words coming out of the mouths of Cedric Richmond and Andre Carson, both members of Congress, both members the CBC, both saying horrible things that are completely untrue about the Tea Party. In fact after hearing what Richmond said, Levin posed the question as to whether Richmond is inciting violence. The same could definitely be said of Carson as well. After all, what is the purpose of saying such violent and hateful things about the Tea Party? Levin says it’s to the point that one just doesn’t know how to respond to such dangerous absurdity.

Here’s The Great One’s entire segment:


After reflecting on the audio of these Congress members saying such horrible and vile things about the Tea Party, it really makes me wonder what 2012 will be like. Will it be calm and peaceful like normal everyday American political life? Or will there be violent attacks on the Tea Party from indoctrinated citizens who want to take matters into their own hands? Think about it. This violent rhetoric is at the height of insanity and I can’t help but think that these self-appointed leaders of black America are laying the groundwork of indoctrination as they go on these ‘job tours’ around the country, just hoping that it will result in citizens deciding that ‘if they don’t do something, who will’.

You tell me what the point is in a black Congressman telling black citizens that white Tea Party Congressmen would just as soon as see him and his black colleagues hanging from a tree. What is the point? This isn’t your typical ‘get out the vote’ rhetoric. This is the rhetoric of men who are trying to inspire action, dangerous action. And they are the only ones saying these type of things.

I don’t need to tell you what the Tea Party is about. You know exactly what its about, and there’s nothing violent about it. Never has been, never will be. After all, that’s not something we advocate here.

And just as a reminder, as I’ve seen some comments that have gone too far today, we don’t encourage violence in any way. Nor do we tolerate it.

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