Levin slams Christie’s endorsement of Romney

This is Levin’s opening segment from tonight, and it’s blistering. Levin is tired of being told that conservatives can’t win. And he’s tired of the establishment trying to fix the face for Romney. Levin asks why we are being told that Romney is the only one who can win, and why Cain, who is a self-made man, can’t win? In short, he says it’s a load of crap.

But he really rails against Christie, who not only came out and endorsed Romney, but defended RomneyCare at the same time and then suggested that any comparison of RomneyCare and ObamaCare is intellectually dishonest. And why does Christie say this? Because it didn’t raise taxes like ObamaCare. Wow. Talk about intellectual dishonesty. Levin exposes this fraud.

Here is Levin’s entire opening segment:

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  • Philo Beddoe

    Another phenomenal commentary

  • Anonymous

    I love me some Mark Levin. ♥

    Oh Sarah, please change your mind…please..

    • Anonymous

      I wish it were so. I watched “The Undefeated” tonight and am reliving the extreme dissapointment that she isn’t running, and the pent up anger at the disgracefull treatment of her. With every passing day it becomes more evident she was not only the best choice by far, but that she was destined to be our candidate. I’m unable to reconcile my sadness with the reality.

      • wodiej

        well said, I share your sentiment.

      • Anonymous


    • Sarah will not change her mind. She never intended to run. She played us for 3 long years for money and fame. After her branching her last name and and grabbing 12 millions from her supporters she did not even honor her promise to Bob and Mark. This woman is a liar. The Left and the GOP establishment were right. She was never going to run. Get over it!

      Let’s help Michelle Bachman break that glass ceiling once and for all!

  • Anonymous

    Rule of the elite, no matter what side it is from, has been the downfall of this nation. Levin nailed it.

  • Anonymous

    I do enjoy Mark’s candor.

    And we already have info that the GOP has already planned on putting Romney on the ticket. It’s a done deal. Shoot, let’s not bother with the primaries! GOP just saved us all a bunch of time!

    Personally, I’m only 70% of the way to voting “anyone but Obama”. If Romney’s the best we’re going to get, I’m half inclined to stay home and let Obama have it. If the Republicans haven’t learned that we don’t want McCain, maybe they’ll learn we don’t want Romney. Maybe in another 4 years a REAL conservative will be on the GOP ticket…or a new one altogether. TEA Party?

    I don’t really buy this “America can’t survive Obama.” Yes we can. He stinks, but he’s not a dictator; the GOP at least opposes him all day, proving he can’t do anything without fully open roads and the wind fully at his back. America’s better than him, stronger than him.

    • Anonymous

      I am coming around strongly to voting Obama if the GOP forces this this lying Progressive on us. I figure my thinking is not all that different from the GOP which was not really so opposed to the Marxist in the last election, and they seem to have decided this time that Mitt and Hussein are 6 of one, half dozen of another.

      Romney will just prolong the agony. Hussein will bring it to a head. Lets have it out.

      • Anonymous

        I sometimes think that too. But it sounds like a voter’s “nuclear option” so I don’t know if I’d actually do it.

        Playing along with the GOP’s stupid games and getting one lousy politician after another. Or…what? Obama?

        Gimme a sec, I’m still thinking.

        • Anonymous

          The worst or next to the worst republican is better than Obama! The worst was nominee last time.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly! Just stop and think about what you just said. We put up what you’d call “the worst or next to worst” again and we get exactly what we got last time: our fannies handed to us on a platter.

            People want (scratch that) demand real change. I, for one, am sick to death of these plastic politicians and their false promises. We’ve got to have a real conservative, a real voice for change, a real leader, and I don’t see one in the whole bunch.

            You say we should take even a lousy Republican over Obama, but we won’t get him into the White House! It’ll be a McCain loss all over again. And who’s to blame? Not the voters like me and sDee who’ve had it up to here. No, it’s the GOP who think that being lukewarm, middle of the road is the way to go.

            Liberty or death! The jokers running now are just a slow death. Paul and Cain are the only ones with an agenda for dramatic change, and Paul’s a lunatic.

            • Anonymous

              A bunch stayed home last time and we got Obama. i am not willing to let my vote go to waste altho it may seem that way with some candidates. I will vote for the republican and sure hope it is a really good one. Cain does look good and will stand up to anyone. Have not chosen yet.

      • Anonymous

        NUTS!! To even consider voting for this idiot puts you into a crazy category.

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree with you…Obama has accelerated Agenda 21 from about the 50% mark to the 95% mark…with the timeline to close the lid on America as we know it by Nov. 2012. If you are not familiar with Agenda 21, I woudl suggest you get REAL familiar…real fast!!! (and its educational companion THe Earth Charter…and who wrote and implemented it all thru the United Nations–The Club of Rome. enclosed are links to all 3:




    • wodiej

      A Republican senate will fix him. I am not voting for any more RINO’s. The GOP wants to pick the nominee, then they can get them in office without my help.

      • Anonymous

        And it seems to me that Obama is incapable of doing anything without the heavens opening up for him. He just blames everyone for not getting on board with his agenda instead of learning how to negotiate and compromise with the other party.

      • Anonymous

        I’m tempted to this way of thinking, but I’ll go ahead and vote for Mark’s orange juice can.

      • Anonymous

        obama has ignored the Constitution and made end runs around Congress. Not in every matter, but he’s getting bolder, and so are the union thugs and the communists supporting him. I doubt that the Senate will even slow him down next term. Night of the Long Knives.

        • Anonymous

          So, what happens in another 4? Play it out. Does it end up with total economic collapse, rioting in the streets, a military coup? Or more of the same, stumbling along like a dying animal only to collapse years after he’s done?

          There are any number of malcontents and Marxists who have a wildly differing worldview from you and I who would love to see us join the EU, and go off with our heads hanging, just another face in the crowd. Obama is one of them, I’m sure.

          • Anonymous

            The EU is currently in at least as bad a condition as we are. No way would I want to join the EU. It will take a miracle to avoid the scenarios you suggest. Who knows, we may get it. We’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m putting my tiny paycheck into hard assets for right now, not a future that looks from here like Dresden after the firebombing.

    • Anonymous

      They’re all setting Romney up to run against Obama. Check the seating arrangement at the debate and the amount of air time Romney got last night. It is ridiculous the amount of effort both sides are putting in to manipulate the people’s vote.

      The libs are trying to help divide and conquer the GOP. Notice that the moderators spoke to each candidate mostly only about that candidate’s main focus for how to create more jobs. Each one is different. The variety of distinct viewpoints separates and widens the gaps in their lacking something to be the GOP nominee. No one I know is happy with the field of candidates. The left is loving every moment that we groan over the prospect of having to vote for one of these substandard candidates.
      Sarah Palin has always been an advocate for the good ideas that the GOP candidates present. Some of them would make good cabinet members in her presidency. Each one working with their particular expertise in their preferred solution to help open up jobs for Americans, balance the budget, lower the deficit and spending, root out and end crony capitalism and corruption, …..

      There is a Draft Sarah Palin effort on FB. Sarah Palin’s Earthquake.

    • Anonymous

      We can survive his first four years, if we then win the presidency. But another four years, no way. Not a chance.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Obama can do much damage in the dark and behind the scenes without our knowing it. He has those czars that are constantly working behind our backs and putting in more and more deadly regulations. Look at the EPA. It can bring the country down all by itself and congress can do nothing. Look at Bernake. He is killing us with his printing presses and stupidity.

    • I think Sarah thoughtfully realized that “Crony Capitalism” is for all intense and purposes both parties and to defeat it will take many steps to expose the corruption; and replace it with people like herself in the Senate and Congress, thereby providing the pathway for a true Constitutional Conservative to be elected in the White House by a more broad based and educated Tea Party for 2016. We have a enduring battle in front of us but we must stay focused and stand behind the ideas’ that Sarah exemplifies. Prayerfully and with trembling for the sake of our country and our children and grandchildren. God Bless America and the Republic.

  • Sarah, we need a STRONG conservative in that office. It is time for you to endorse Cain!

    • Anonymous

      If Palin endorses Cain he would get an enormous boost. I hope she does.

    • Anonymous

      No Endorsments yet!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny, the UK press is running the line ”Mr Romney also stands to benefit from Mr Christie’s ties to the Tea Party”.

    Really? Does Chris Christie have any TEA party support these days? I’m asking honestly, because it’s not the impression I’m getting.

    • since when was Christie aligned with the tea party, I think not. He is my gov, but he is a liberal rino

      • Anonymous

        Yep, that’s pretty much what I thought. Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        heard he is an anti-gun guy too

    • Anonymous

      Christie had brief cult status with Tea Pary folks when we was beating up the government Unions with a hot poker. It wore off though as we all realized he was not busting them up, just getting them under his thumb.

  • Mark Smith

    I’m voting Perry. But could vote Cain. Won’t vote Romney. Not holding my nose this time. No, I’m not. Will be holding my checkbook. Shut.

  • Anonymous

    I am from New Jersey…sigh.. and tried to call Mark’s show after listening to this segment but my service can not be completed…

    Chistie Creme is not favored by this conservative…he is a RINO at best.

    I support Cain in the primary but would vote for the “orange juice can” (ABO – anyone but obama) in the general. You can not say just sit home and let obummer have another 4 years…the country can’t take another 4 of him.

    Cain/ Gingrich or Bolton 2012!

    • Anonymous

      And the country can’t take 8 years of Romney either.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord, who the hell are these people that are Romney Supporters. I have yet to meet any of them. I was listening to that hack Who Hewiit and Medved and the rest of the Salem back benchers–they have their noses so far up that mormon’s tuchus–it’s predictable.

    Where is the groundswell of support for the Romneybot V 20.12?

    • Anonymous

      good question – I’m scratching my head too

  • Anonymous

    I just love this guy.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why he is “The Great One”!!!

  • Sorry Mark, the true conservative reformer was treated like garbage by republican establishment and by the republican voters according to the polls. Now we are stuck with a wasteland of statism and liberalism. Our conservative movement really messed up, and now we are going to pay for it.

    2010 elections, everyone thumped their chests in victory, but now we are going to be stuck with a big government republican. What a shame.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree at all that the conservative establishment messed up. I think Sarah Palin messed us up by not running. Hearing that she had decided not to run hurt me worse than anything obama has done. It was pretty much the end of a hope for a conservative in the White House, unless Michelle Bachmann does far better in the actual voting than she does in the straw polls. And how many Bachmann poll watchers will there be? Because I don’t trust the repub poll watchers to do right by her, and the dems certainly won’t.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin is my favorite host. I like that he lets us listen free online. The radio staion here has three hour delay.

    • Anonymous

      If there was just a way to listen via iPad/iPhone. 😉

      • Anonymous

        I have an iPad & am getting iPhone. I too wish there was a way to listen on them too. I hope Mark has an app soon. I can listen to Rush on iPad?

        • Anonymous

          get an android phone, and you can listen to them both

        • Mark Levin podcasts are available using iTunes. I download and listen to it most every day.

          • Anonymous

            I know Mark does them but I like to listen live. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Two are out for me, that’s Romney and Huntsman. I thought Gingrich and Bachmann we’re really good tonight. She looked beautiful too.

    • Anonymous

      As usually they gave Bachmann the short straw but she was strong. Won the debate in my mind – simply for her one answer that TRS has posted tonite.

      America’s trauma is critical. Only Bachman has the consistent courage to level with us on the ugly truth. We have to CUT government to the bone and repeal Obamacare, and that just stops the arterial bleeding.

      Everyone else on stage is talking about what color bandaids they want to use.

      • Anonymous

        Although Cain didn’t speak of it last night, he has said that he would go through each dept and make cuts. Although I would like to see some dept’s go away completely at least its a start.

        I wish he would come out stronger about cutting the size of government though.

        Gingrich was awesome last night. I thought he won although thats a relative term and don’t really think anyone “won” per se.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin is correct again; I love this brilliant, patriotic, true conservative man. God Bless Mr. Levin and all true Conservatives!

    Romney is a RINO and RomneyCare is ObamaCare just on a smaller scale. I agree with Mark on the early primary states too. Why do they think they are better than the rest of us? The Repube-lican establishment is indeed trying to force their establishment candidate down our throats before we even have a say.

    Our political system is corrupt and we need a leader that is willing to confront the corruption and change said system into a government ‘of and by the people’ once again.

    Romney is a centrist and he will do nothing to roll back Obama’s horrific policies, FACT! To the silly Paul fans I say wake the he(( up! He hates Israel and wants to be an isolationist nation! Much like the liberals the Paul supporters can’t see the truth.

    Cain is a true conservative and wants to reform the disastrous system we currently have in place now. He (Herman Cain) is the only one I would vote for in the primary election at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Where would we be without talk radio?? Honestly, I owe almost all of my conservative conviction and love of liberty to those men (and women) who invest 3 hours a day separating the grain from the chaff in politics for us. God protect and preserve talk radio!

  • Anonymous

    “Our political system is corrupt and we need a leader that is willing to confront the corruption and change said system into a government ‘of and by the people’ once again. ”

    Bachmann and Gingrich were the only ones heard say this tonight.

    I like Cain but I just do not get any impression that Cain’s first priority is slashing the size and reach of the federal government. Cain wants to “fix” the revenue side as his first priority (999) not cut an oppressive central government down to a size that it is no longer a threat.

    • Anonymous

      Palin was saying those things way before it “was cool”. *sigh*

    • Anonymous

      Right. Bachmann would go through the federal budget like a chainsaw. I feel like Samson at the last Philistine feast: “Please, God, just one more time…”

  • Anonymous

    Levin is about the only one I can listen to anymore. I hope GBTV does for video what talk radio has done for audio,

    • Anonymous

      you should listen to Andrew Wilkow

  • Mark Levin is an ignorant, bigoted fool. Pretty much anything he says is dead wrong. I feel sorry for the people who are brainwashed by his idiocy.

    • Anonymous

      So you like liberal Romney and the fat man endorsed him. Hows that hopey changey going for you?

    • Anonymous

      You are the one to be pitied. Educate yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Mark Levin is brilliant.
      He does not speak to please the socialist college crowd, he speaks to true blue conservatives. He knows that he cannot change the minds of dimwitted liberals as they can’t see the truth due their bigoted nature.

    • I may not agree with Levin about everything, but, take a step back and watch the establishment line up behind Romney. This morning here in Illinois, Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House, is supposed to announce his endorsement for Romney. Roy Blunt and Mel Martinez have already endorsed Romney. I know that George Will says there is no Republican establishment anymore, but, look at the names and you will see a bunch of life long politicians who have made their lives and fortunes “working for the people.” Do yourself and your country a service and find out who these people are what their aspirations are for the country. We are paying the cost of not doing that in 2008, lets make sure it does not happen again.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is in the middle of inheriting the nomination, it’s ‘his turn’. The fact is, there is no big league conservative challenger, Romney is getting a cake-walk.
    Perry already lost and deserves to, Bachman, Santorum and now Cain, they just don’t have that top-tier feel. I like Cain a lot but I can see him getting chewed up by the media badly.
    There was only one person custom made for 2012, Sarah palin. She has the top tier feel, she has the debate experience, she has the battle scars from the media and nobody in the conservative ranks scared the left more than Palin. “They’ll tell us who they fear” as rush says. That’s why I feel nothing but depression and worry now. How she could not run is absolutely beyond me. I just know without Palin, obama seems much more formidable. It will be Romney facing him if nothing changes. And we conservatives will have to sell Romney to the rest of the country? grin and bear it as usual. The libs get their dream candidate in obama and we get a wet noodle spined mohhhhhderate to lead us by consensus. Jazz fingers everybody!
    The establishment didn’t even need to beat Palin, she just quit.

    • I agree with your comments except for the last sentence. She did not just quit. Yes she said it was family, but heck, her family has been in this game all their lives. The GOP never supported her. They moved up the primaries. She would be a force against Obama, but not against her own party and Obama. Her PAC only has 1 million. If the GOP is against her, that would put most of the financial burden on the people. I think she was either told that much or she knew that is what would happen. Think about it, how many in the GOP asked Christie to reconsider his decision? Now compare that how many calls from the GOP have been made for Palin to reconsider.

      • Anonymous

        Palin’s problem is herself. She is not perceived as team player. (yes, she was helpful in the 2010 elections.)

        But she has had snarky and nasty things to say about nearly every presidential candidate.

        How many times did Sarah Palin reach out to other leaders in the Republican party? Did she consult with any leaders before she quit? Before her reality show? Before her comments after Tuscon? Before her bus tour/movie promotion? Did she consult with other Republican leaders before crashing Romney’s New Hampshire presidential announcement? … before crashing the Iowa Fair straw poll and debates? … before calling Rick Perry a “crony capitalist”? Did she consult Republican leaders about her September 3 “big announcement”? Did she consult Republican leaders about her decision, after all her drama over the last 5 months, to quit the race she never started?

        Why would any Republican leader think that he could talk Palin into doing anything? And why would a Republican leader want her back in?

        • Garym

          “Only dead fish go with the flow.”

        • wodiej

          Why would Gov. Sarah Palin need to talk to any Republican leaders about her plans? LOL…like they care. And how do you know she didn’t? And how could she quit something when she never announced she was running? You have Palin Derangement Syndrome. She’s not running you got your wish now find someone else to bash.

          • Anonymous

            After a five month strip tease where she did not let anyone know that she was not running, not even her closest advisers, don’t expect her to have a lot of support or trust with any Republican leader.

            Can you imagine how silly the Republican leadership would look now like if they spent the last 3-4 months pumping Palin for President?

            • strip tease???? can’t hide that inner boy can’t you? The Republican leadership, genius, has only been pumping one candidate and that is Romney. When Perry came on the scene and began to peel off support from Romney, the Republican leadership went for Christie. Then Perry began to open his mouth and he started to decline. Christie announced he is not running. Romney is the de facto next in line. GW was not a true conservative and he grew the gov’t. The next in line will continue to grow the gov’t. Both parties have their useful idiots.

              • Anonymous

                I am NOT happy about Romney solidifying his lead, while all of the conservative candidates flounder and snipe at each other.

                (and to repeat, I cannot understand why conservatives like Levin or DeMint supported Romney in 2008. He was a liberal flip flopper then and still is today)

                • That is simple. McCain had a record of crossing the aisle to side with the Democrats. He has often been dismissive of conservatives. Romney, was to the Right of McCain. That is why many on the right supported Romney, including me.

                  But the GOP has this thing called “next in-line”. As you remember, McCain was beaten by GW. It was a nasty campaign in 2000. But that made him the next in-line. Now that McCain has been nominated in 2008, the 1st runner up, who is Romney, is the next in-line. So no matter how great Cain or anyone else does, he will never ever get the nomination. Romney will be it.

                • Anonymous

                  I know.


                  We better have a strong Republican Congress that can hold Romney’s feet to the fire….. or even a blow torch.

                  Republicans cannot afford to blow it like they did with GW Bush.

                • Agreed.

        • Dude calm down and take something. Your PDS is flaring up something terrible. Since when is a private citizen supposed to check in with the party heads on their every move? Did Mike Huckabee check in? About Rick Santorum? Any info on whether he checked with the party on his radio and tv gigs?
          As to that Tucson shooting, you are blaming the victim. Did any in the Republican field defend her? Was she just supposed to shut up or as you suggest, tell the Republicans she is about to defend her self?

          • Anonymous

            First of all, most candidates DO consult others…. “I am thinking about running for office ad would like your support when I do. Could I count on you?” Things like that.

            But Palin has portrayed herself as the unconventional Lone Ranger. So how can she now complain that people didn’t support her?

            • Not sure what book of how politicos must behave you are reading. What about Mike H or Rick Santorum? Since you seem to know so much about what is going on behind the scenes, who did they consult before going on tv and radio?

              • Anonymous

                Did Santorum or Huckabee buy a bus, paint it in the American flag, drive all over the primary states, upstage Romney, crash the Iowa debates, and expect the clueless Republican leadership to support them four months later when they popped the surprise announcement on them?

                It seems to me that she didn’t care what the Republican leadership thought of her. So why should they bend over backwards to support her?

                • Why would they do that? I agree with you that Palin doesn’t care what the Republican leadership thought of her. And I am sure by the history, after she was discarded after 2008 and when they did not credit her for the gains in 2010 she knew there was no support coming from them. It was not a matter of whether they should bend over, it was a matter of what they have already done. She was the only political figure who stared down Union protesters in WI. Where was that mighty Republican leadership? She knew she was pretty much on her own. BUT BUT, you still have those silly Republicans like Newt dropping her name every chance he gets. Apparently, he is looking for her support.

                • Anonymous

                  There is a mutual mistrust between Palin and the GOP leadership. She enjoyed broad support during the 2008 campaign. Since then, she has done things her own way- some things have worked, others have not.

                  It will take years for the two to trust each other. If Palin is never going to run for any office again, it may be in the interest of her brand to keep the rift going.

                  If Palin is ever going to run with a prayer of succeeding, she (imo) will have to make amends with the GOP. The Republicans continually have new talent coming up through the ranks. I doubt they will make the first move.

                • In my opinion, we have thanked Obama for doing damage to the Democrat brand. What is not reported by those on the right, however, is that he has also done damage to the GOP brand. The proof of this is that no matter how terrible a job Obama does, the Republicans are not running away with approval. Only the TEA PARTY prevented a total collapse of the brand in 2010. I don’t think the GOP has much of an influential future. I think they are about to go the way of the Whigs.

                • Anonymous

                  If conservatives are not strong enough to change the Republican Party, we are not strong enough to have a viable party of our own.

                  At best we would be like the Libertarian Party, big enough to be a spoiler in certain elections. At worst, we would be like Ross Perot’s Reform Party, around for one or two elections then gone.

                • The TEA PARTY, though not an official party is already affecting changes. When is the last time we had a debt ceiling debate that reached the noise levels as the one we just had? The Republicans raised the same debt ceiling tons of times. The difference this time is the TEA PARTY. Even CNN co-sponsored a debate with the TEA PARTY.So it may not be a rise of a 3rd party, but it may be a transformation of the current GOP. One thing is for sure; the GOP knows that without the TEA PARTY they will lose and continue to lose.

                • Anonymous


    • wodiej

      She never announced she was running so she didn’t quit anything.

  • Cedric Palacios

    Mitt Romney is going to be a GREAT PRESIDENT!!! I support you Mitt as a tea party member. Mitt Romney supporters need to have more guts like Chris Christie to stand boldly by the best candidate to bring this country out of crisis. Go Romney 2012 🙂 Levin is not always right in his analysis. And when he complains that it’s the media that’s deciding who the candidate is, he’s wrong, it’s the American people who are participating in the polls. I will not let ANYONE choose for ME!! NOT THE MEDIA, NOT THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT, NOT LEVIN, NOBODY!! I do my own homework and think for myself. Sorry Levin, you can’t choose for me either. Go Romney 2012! Woot woot!

    • Liberty Tree

      I couldn’t agree more! Well said…Mitt Romney has my vote!

    • Anonymous

      Romney could be a good president if the Republican Congress has the guts to stand up against him and keep him from his liberal ways. (as opposed to what they did with Bush)

      It would be great to have an inspiring president who leads the conservative movement.

      But I would accept one who even grudgingly signs conservative legislation passed by a conservative Republican Congress.

      • Ha ha, did you read what you write? “Romney could be a good president if the Republican Congress has the guts to stand up against him and keep him from his liberal ways. (as opposed to what they did with Bush)” – So a good presidency with Romney would require Congress saving him from his liberal self. This is the type of pretzel logic that is running through the GOP today. I am going to start a petition for the two parties to switch party icons. A Jackass clearly fits the GOP more than it does the Dems.

        • Anonymous

          So a good presidency with Romney would require Congress saving him from his liberal self.


    • wodiej

      if you support Romney you are either a liberal troll or very ignorant of Romney.

      • Anonymous

        Mormons like him.

        • Liberty Tree

          Actually, there are more Non mormons that like Romney than Mormons…Hence the Frontrunner status. If i’m not mistaken, there’s not that many mormons in the U.S. to give him that frontrunner status.


  • Romney will lose in Nov. 2012. The Ron Paulites and many conservatives will refuse to vote for another liberal Republican. That could mean possibly 2 more supreme court appointments. Our Constitution will die and so will America.

  • Anonymous

    “Nixon with a smile” Tricky Mitt, Richard “Mitthous” Romney – Levin is right, Nixon was no conservative and neither is Mitt.

  • Go Mark Go. We need a candidate with conservative values. Yes, Christie is an establishment politician. He hasn’t done anything conservative or for conservative reasons. If Cain cannot win then he won’t win – should he NOW take his toys and go home crying because some pundits think he isn’t electable – I don’t think so.
    I think I heard that statement in 2010, about alot of candidates that are now congressman. Let’s keep our heads – and push these candidates to listen to our demands.
    Oh Yeah – don’t forget that Christie endorsed Castle in Delaware. Why would we want a Liberal Republican to drive our country into a wall? We want a Conservative Republican to put the BRAKES ON!

    • Anonymous

      Christie endorsed Castle over Christine O’Donnell……. Christine O’Donnell. When she won the nomination, Delaware changed in 48 hours from being leaning Red to safely Blue.

      Democrats came within one vote yesterday of passing Obama’s new $500 billion stimulus bill. Castle, while being no conservative, would have given us at least one more vote against it.

      • Along with Reid, two Democrats broke ranks and voted against the jobs bill, Sen. Jon Tester of Montana and Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. – I don’t think Castle, who lost to O’Donnell who lost to the bearded Marxist, would have made a difference.

        • Anonymous

          You are comfortable with a one vote margin?

          • That is like asking, are you comfortable with winning the football game with just a field goal?

            • Anonymous

              No, one vote is nothing in the Senate.

              All they have to do is to flip one person and bring it up for a re vote, just like they did with Obamacare.

              • I remembered when we gained that one vote in Scott Brown that would prevent filibuster proof majority. How well has that served us? How many times has he sided with the Democrats. He did for the Jobs bill. Did he stop Obamacare? You see, it does matter what breed of Republican is elected.

                • Anonymous

                  Come back when we have a chance of getting a TRUE conservative elected in Mass or Delaware.

                  Until then, we need to take what we can get there.

                  We will never gain a majority, let alone a super majority, without a few RINOs.

                • Yeah. Shut up u conservatives and eat your DIRT and BE HAPPY.

        • Anonymous

          Tester is up for reelection next year – and he only votes as he’s told. They didn’t want it passed, or they would have told our John. And he would have jumped.

      • Ya KNOW why? CAUSE even the DEMS voted against IT! Both are retiring. hmmm wonder why? Do your home-frigging-work and tell me why. time’s up! because it allowed them to not pass a POS bill while allowing those running for re-election to PANDER to their base and say they TWwww-IED TO PASS IT(WHINE)!

        Castle’s voting record proves he voted with democrats more than republicans, if it wasn’t for our 2 LIBERAL REPUBLICAN Senators from Maine along with Arlen Spector OBAMACARE would NOT have PASSED! Don’t give me that driveling crap. Do YOUR homework!

  • The GOP believes that 2010 and even the election of a Republican governor in NJ, Scott Brown in MA, etc. happened because of the great policies of the Republicans. These people dismiss the Tea Party as a bunch of nuts. But without the Tea Party, Obama would have made conservatism an idea of the past.

  • Doesn’t compute:
    People who couldn’t support Romney last week and were “dying” to have (their sole hero) Christie enter the race, have SUDDENLY decided Romney is a done deal?

    Whatever was wrong with Romney last week is STILL wrong with him.
    BTW, Romney will sure look cute in his Hallowe’en costume….dressed up like a conservative.

    • Anonymous

      It also doesn’t compute that people like Mark Levin supported Romney in 2008…. he was the “conservative choice” in 2008, but too liberal in 2011????

      I personally didn’t trust Romney in 2008 and would have to hold my nose to vote for him next year.

      • Exactly! All of these clowns now deriding Mitt Romney as ‘not conservative’ were the same loudmouths that touted Romney as the ‘conservative alternative’ to McCain in 2008. These blowhards are so unbelievably full of crap. Last time around they’re calling the guy Ronald Reagan, and now he’s suddenly Obama Lite? I just don’t even listen to these idiots any more. They’re all part of the machine.

      • It’s called “vetting”.

  • Anonymous

    Romney stuttered around at a number of questions. He seemed like an amateur trying to convince folks that he was a professional. He will be a puppet for whomever is pulling the strings. Mark, you’re right! Romney is a deceiver and someone we could not trust to fight for conservative government. Chris Christie does have a big ego and I’ve discerned it on a number of occasions as I’ve watched and heard him speak. It’s all about money and it’s becoming a game. But thank goodness we have folks like you and Sarah Palin who KNOW that these guys are not trustworthy and are far from being patriots! We just have to keep putting the TRUTH out there and pray that the conservative Americans will do the same! We’re fighting this battle on many different fields……the media is one of the hardest fields to penetrate. But I believe we can be a powerful force as long as we KNOW what we’re fighting for and stay focused and united!

  • Anonymous

    The GOP has made a massive mistake by annointing Romney so early in the process. It’s left too much time for a third-party candidate to emerge. Gee, who could that be? Romney can’t beat Obama, so what do we have to lose?

    RomneyCare didn’t raise taxes? Tell that to the small businesses who all of a sudden had to pay fines for not providing insurance for their employees. For individuals, RomneyCare banned catastrophe policies and significantly increased the cost of the cheapest policies. Yeah, right, no tax increase.

  • Anonymous

    Christie was pushed to run for the sole purpose of crushing Palin. Now his assignment is to be the big GOP elite version of the Palin movement. He will tag along with Romney to provide the passion which Romney can’t. He will also try to counter the Tea Party and Palin’s backing of more conservative candidates. It is clear that this is a battle the GOP feels is paramount to maintaining their Party as it exists. I urge you all to read and save Juan Williams attack on Palin written on FOX website. The beauty of Juan is that he let’s the truth slip out when he get’s emotional. He cleaned up the the rhetoric a bit from the original blast which used the term “Princess” among other references, but it lays out the fear of the old GOP big money cronies. The fear of losing their control over the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get real folks. Levin is correct, but it’s just about a sure thing that Romney will be annointed. Whether he can win or not remains to be seen.
    In either case, I believe the best alternative for true conservatives is to continue what was started in 2010, change congress. And the best way to do that is to support and contribute to candidates vetted and recommended by the Senater Conservatives Fund (Sen. Jim DeMint) to take over the Senate; The Club for Growth to support real conservative candidates in both the Senate and the House, and The Tea Party Patriots to keep all the vetted candidates- and those elected – honest after they are elected.
    It’s the most sensible and intelligent approach to take – regardless of who wins the presidency in 2012. Now is the time to support and contribute to these three conservative organizations. It’s the best way to really make a difference and win.

  • The GOP is the new WHIG party.

  • Anonymous

    I am sick of New Hampshire. They don’t seem to choose well. I’m sick of Chris Christie, mighty sick of slick Mitt, Republican establishment, and just generally sick of politics all the way around. This just gives me a nasty taste in my mouth. The only people who make sense are radio commentators, and a very few tea party politicians. Oh, and I”m sick of libertarians, too. Better take a couple asprin and get myself to bed.

  • The GOP Path to nomination according to History: NEXT-IN-LINE:
    No need to go that far back. In 2000 the race came down to GW and McCain. McCain would be the 1st runner-up. Fast forward 8 years and we see the race coming down to McCain and Romney. Well McCain being the 1st runner-up from the previous contest is next-in-line. Romney bowed out. Fast forward 4 years, Romney, the 1st runner-up of the previous contest is next-in-line. That is why some in the GOP are calling to wrap this thing up. So move the primaries up. Let’s get on with the general.

    Advice to Cain. Add another final chapter to your book where you become the 1st runner-up.

  • I enjoyed hearing this, but I think Romney is the best candidate by far. Cain is my next choice, although I don’t think 9-9-9 completely stood up under the limelight Bachmann shone on it. Do we really want to give Pelosi and company a new tax pipeline? Just because a President Cain would not sign any legislation that would raise that rate, he would not be President forever. Obama would raise a national sales tax in a second.

    I am not against a national sales tax if we eliminate the income tax, permanently, but I agree with tax attorney Bachmann that we should be cautious here.

    Mitt is honest. He honestly wants to help all 300 million Americans by fixing the economy. He’ll probably do it for free, as he served as Governor for free and CEO of the Olympics for free. He’s a true public servant. Not everyone wants to hear that.

    Some people quietly wonder about the prospect of having a Mormon in the White House. In my view, Mormons are known for three things: Integrity, family, and industry. You could throw polygamy in there, but no Mormon has practiced polygamy since 1898.

    You could be mad about RomneyCare, but RomneyCare is not ObamaCare. Chris Christie is right about that. RomneyCare is about personal responsibility. ObamaCare is about federal “responsibility.” The entire philosophical framework is different.

    Levin here claims RomneyCare had “massive” cost overruns that led to future tax increases of tens of millions of dollars. Seriously? Romney’s plan would have had no cost overruns at all, but Dems added about $17 million a year, so yes, it does go over budget by 1.7 of those $10’s of millions. Of course, Mitt Romney elimiated a $4 billion budget deficit in Massachusetts and left a $700 million surplus and $2 billion rainy day fund. By my math, even if you leave out the deficit reductions, Mitt has paid for cost overruns for RomneyCare for the next 150+ years, and he did it in a single term as Governor. If as President he is able to cut costs nationally by making health care more market based and competitive (not government run), RomneyCare may actually post a surplus each year in Massachusetts.

    I think there are people hungry for leverage against Romney, so they make up intellectually dishonest attacks like RomneyCare = ObamaCare. I admire Chris Christie for pointing this out, and using his good name to defend the truth.

    Mitt 2012, Mark.

  • Anonymous

    Relax folks. Not a single vote’s been cast. And the People don’t want Romney. I think the results from the actual primary voting will be shocking.

    check out the newest polls, Cain, Perry, and Gerald Fordney all beat Obama.

  • Mark Levin is a true patriot. I have more respect for him than any of the other conservative radio celebs combined.

    Some may wonder how Romney got the political traction he did to begin with, when no one seemed to take him seriously at all? There is something regarding Romney and his generational membership as a Mormon that I HAVE NOT SEEN ADDRESSED ANYWHERE and that I find troubling. This is not conspiracy. Judge for yourself.

    Before I continue, I want to be clear that I bear no ill-feelings towards LDS members (I have family and dear friends who are still active). I made a conscious decision to sever my ties with the church which has nothing to do with my comments here. BTW, I was a convert and member of the LDS Church for 15 years, served a number of leadership positions, and have lived in Salt Lake for the past 10 years, so I have an idea of what I am talking about.

    Remember when Romney started his campaign and raised over $10M in ONE-DAY out of Las Vegas? Las Vegas is an LDS stronghold. Though I don’t know for a fact, I expect that the majority of volunteers that day, in his giant phone room soliciting donations, were Mormon. In general, Mormons are EASILY INFLUENCED because they are indoctrinated from youth not to question authority, especially church authorities. Due to the closed nature of the Mormon community they are also VERY HIGHLY NETWORKED, which is why Utah is not only the U.S. capital for multilevel companies, but also scams of all kinds. Of course, other groups have been involved in these kinds of activity too, but this in itself is not my point.

    Let’s forget about the facts that the LDS Church runs Utah government, that the LDS Church has publicly stated that it does not take political sides, yet was instrumental in passing Proposition 8 in California, that the late Ezra Taft Benson, a former prophet, served as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture under Eisenhower for 11 years, WHILE he was an apostle, and that Utah’s Sen Orrin Hatch (another generational Mormon), working on his 7th term is the next GOP in line for Chairman of the Finance Committee (responsible for government spending). Hatch is not the fiscal conservative folks are led to believe. He voted THE SAME AS Olympia Snowe 91.4% of the time (the other times, Snowe took the high road). His record clearly shows that he is anti-liberty and pro-big government.

    How many outside of the LDS Church are aware of a prophecy, attributed to the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, that the “Constitution will hang by a thread”?

    While Ezra Taft Benson was 13th Church President, a book was published that contains 487 statements about the U.S. Constitution made by him and the 12 Prophets who preceded him. Donald Q. Cannon, the book’s editor, wrote in its introduction:

    “The idea that the Constitution would one day hang by a thread, first put forth by Joseph Smith, is one of the most interesting and controversial subjects related to LDS teachings about the U.S. Constitution….

    “Our study shows that eight modern prophets have made statements about the Constitution’s hanging by a thread, and that all eight of them quoted Joseph Smith as well as adding ideas of their own. However, Joseph Smith and the other twelve prophets of this dispensation have all said that AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE THE CONSTITUTION WOULD BE IN JEOPARDY, AND IT WOULD BE RESCUED BY THE ELDERS OF ISRAEL.” (Latter-day Prophets and the United States Constitution, Donald Q. Cannon, ed., Provo, BYU Religious Studies Center, 1991, xii-xiii.)

    One of many links at http://ndbf.blogspot.com/2011/05/ldsliving.html

    My main point is that Mitt Romney (along with Orrin Hatch and other phony conservatives are ELDERS OF ISRAEL — meaning LDS priesthood holders). As a bizarre side note: our buddy Dingy Harry is also an Elder of Israel! Whether this controversial quote is entirely accurate or not is immaterial. The fact is that since it has been entwined in the LDS culture for so long, it is basically accepted among the membership as true who, in turn, feel that they are part of fulfilling this prophecy — a very powerful tool!

    Sadly, like many in the general public, most LDS members are clueless as to who MITT ROMNEY really is, and what he stands for.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not disputing what you write here, but Mitt’s mormonism is the least of his problems. Yeah, mormonism is a cult and yes joseph smith was a fraud–the religion (theologically) is wrong. Not that there is a right religion, but LDS is obviously a sham. However, with all that being said, I love the mormons. They’re fantastic people and they’re personally very conservative. But romney doesn’t appear to be a trustworthy conservative–in his gut. That’s the problem. Swap that Mike Lee for Romney—he’ll lock up the vote. Raul Labrador too, both mormons. Seem like solid guys to me.

      • My point is not about the quality and integrity of most LDS members; it’s the distorted aspects of the culture related to saving the Constitution and blind allegiance to something that is really not faith based! Many of the financial scams in Utah have been pulled off by those who have misused their church leadership positions or associations.

        • Anonymous

          I kinda understand what you’re saying. The mormons do give off a very weird pyramid scheme, sales seminar, phone card deals–aura. I know what you mean. Now, I don’t know if the mormons want to shred the constitution. I really don’t know if they want to exact revenge on america for the massacre of the Joseph smith brigade. Or for outlawing polygamy and forcing them to go to Mexico. I really don’t know about that. Bottom line though, romney and even that loser huntsman are squish gerald ford types.

          • I appreciate the interaction but I never implied that Mormons want to trash the Constitution since almost everyone that I have been exposed to are very patriotic. My big issue reflects a blind following because someone happens to be Mormon, or any other label for that matter, i.e., black, christian, etc. I know of many people in my life without any religious affiliation who have been stellar examples but share the same values. We all know of these kind of special people, who we would trust with our lives.

    • Anonymous

      So sad that you feel this way. You are entirely inacurate. Sounds like you are quite bitter to say the least. Honesty and integrity will prevail. Negativity will not. Not sure what your rambling on accomplished other than to say that you are a very unhappy person. Hope you can one day be happy. This is not about you or your issues with the LDS church. Its about Mitt Romney and the others running for Pres. Quit your crying – if his church or Mitt were all a hoax it would have come out a long time ago.

      • Sorry Mittens, you are partially right, agj4truth. My personal issues with the LDS Church are irrelevant. I love the LDS people which has been my family for a long time. Just because you can’t understand the truth, doesn’t mean that it is not true. Bitter? No. Had it with hypocrisy? Absolutely. Crying about a hoax? Nothing I wrote indicated that the LDS Church was a hoax – I used accepted LDS Church quotes.

        Do I believe that Romney is “Obama-Lite”? You bet. Actions speak volumes over any words, no matter how smoothly delivered. I personally don’t care what someone believes (unless it’s Sharia-based religion that is trying to destroy the rest of the world). I do care about the integrity of the Constitution, and exposing the “phonies” that are more interested in furthering their political careers at the expense of the 53%! Now is the time to COMPLETELY vet those who want to represent us. Not after they have driven the train off the tracks.

        • Anonymous

          I personally don’t care what someone believes (unless it’s Sharia-based religion that is trying to destroy the rest of the world).

          Ditto. I’d have a really hard time voting for a muslim based on those shaky views. I’ve studied islam for a long-time, and I don’t like that religion—for obvious reasons.

  • Mark Levin is a liberal saboteur. Of course he wants a wingnut like Bachman or Santorum to win, because that would seal an Obama victory. Someone give this clown the hook.

  • Mitt Romney will not be the nominee. He will never win Iowa or South Carolina. And even if he wins the nomination he will be crushed by Obama because NOONE will vote for a MORMON.
    The nominee will be one of these two: Michelle Bachman or Rick Perry.

    Cain will not win Iowa, NH or South Carolina. Cain is a fraud and a clown.

    After Diva Palin showed her true colors of just a celebrity money hungry fraud, the GOP has little chances to beat the Messiah.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Mark is absolutely correct in his analysis. Now what?

    Sarah Palin bowed out. The filing date for candidacy has passed. If Bachmann and Cain don’t win the primary, can they change their party status to independent and run? Because the repubs have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that their only concern is keeping power “in the family”, that is, in “establishment republican” hands. Even if a conservative runs as an independent, that one will be fighting the GOP as well as the dems.

    Sarah Palin did us more harm by not running than we can easily calculate. She had the popularity, the experience, the toughness (for awhile there I thought she did), the momentum… she probably is the only one who could have pulled off a third party win, the only one formidable enough to frighten the GOP into supporting her.

    Suppose Romney wins the primary. If we vote for Romney, then what’s going to happen in 2016? Is the GOP suddenly going to find a conscience? And a brain? And a backbone? Not a chance. They will have realized that they can defeat the Tea Party. The GOP really is willing to throw away America rather than have a genuine conservative in the White House. The GOP is no different than the dems. They’re a bunch of PLUMs (Power-LUsting Money-suckers).

    If Romney loses, the GOP will blame the Tea Party and conservatives, and be even more bitter against us.

    If Romney wins, they’ll say they don’t need the Tea Party or conservatives. They’ll claim they’re “the only game in town”. As they always have.

    And what will have happened to the Tea Party between now and 2016? Discouragement and demographics. A lot of the Tea Partyers are old, and the Left, along with the illegals and felons they’re likely to legalize, is even now on the edge of outnumbering us. There’s quite likely to be massive vote fraud and intimidation, maybe even violence, against the Right in 2012. I can see facing the thugs and goons to vote for Michelle Bachmann, but if I have to run a gauntlet of the New Black Panthers, or union thugs, to vote for Romney…. I should, I know. But. I remember the many times we the people and our conservative candidates have been heartbreakingly betrayed by the GOP. I should risk serious injury or death to put them back in power?

    “They tell us, Sir, that we are weak. But when shall we be stronger?”

    It’s now or never, folks. Either a conservative wins the primary or we lose it all. And if we’re going to lose it all, I’d rather go down having stood for the right, and the Right.

  • Anonymous

    In response to comments about endorsements from republican politicians: they can all … how can I say this without obscenity? Aha! I’ve got it!

    ” ‘Go to Father,’ she said.
    But she knew that I knew
    Her father was dead.
    And she knew that I knew
    the life he had led.
    So she knew that I knew
    what she meant when she said,
    ‘Go to father.’ ”

    All you RINO scum can “go to Father”. Your endorsements are equivalent to endorsements from obama and pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz.

  • If Romney or Perry are the nominee DO NOT VOTE. Stay home on election day. We can’t send a Mormon anti Christian or a racist secessionist to the White House.

  • Actually, none of the candidates are my choice. As I’ve stated before, Perry, Bachman, Romney, Huntsman, Johnson, Paul, and Newt are professional politicians and they haven’t earned my trust. If the write-in vote for Murkowski worked for her election last year, why wouldn’t the same hold true for Sarah Palin? Just wonderin’

  • Levin is absolutely right!! I’m sick and tired of being told who the Republican candidate will be!! I support Herman Cain!

  • tea412

    Sometimes it is hard to listen to this stuff. I am more energized about 2012 than any other election in the last 20 years, and all I hear is “not Romney.” Why? Because he compromised with Democrats in Massachusetts?! How do you think you have to rule this country? I am a fiscal and social conservative, and I don’t see how you listen to Romney and decide he is a RINO or liberal without having some preconceived notions. The guy is no more liberal than anyone on the stage except Bachman maybe. Perry? Really? I live in Texas, he is not the conservative he is claiming to be either. Sarah Palin? Anyone ever listen to her speak? I understand she may be super conservative, but we have to WIN in a NATIONAL election when we bring in the independent vote – and hate to tell you all, but it is not the Tea Party or conservatives that swung over to elect Obama. You may not like it, but it is people more moderate than you who we need. Conservative idealists are not the majority.

    Romney seems like the best at being able to make this election work. We don’t get to run the country without compromises – this is America. That is how it is supposed to be. I wish more were conservative, but they are not. So we have to elect someone who understands and espouses our principles but also has the ability to speak to the entire country not just one party. We can sit on these boards and complain that noone is conservative enough for our liking all we want, but in the end they would lose anyway. Someone is predictably going to attack this comment and say “conservatives ARE the majority” – but it just isn’t true anywhere but among ourselves. We can let this nomination be a little pep rally for our team and then get creamed, or we can take a very qualified candidate in Romney and win. I really can’t understand the Romney hate.