Libtalker Mike Malloy calls for mass killings of birthers

The dreadful and hate-filled libtalker, Mike Malloy, says birthers should all get in a big circle with their AR-15s and open fire on each other at his command:

How is this guy still on the radio?

(via Radio Equalizer)

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  • williamm

    Good idea Mike. Stand in the middle of the circle so all can hear your command.

    • if those in the circle only spit, the red imbecile would be drown… 😉

      • sickandtired

        Tape up his mouth, and he will take his own life! What a low-life crackpot!

        I won’t bring an AR, I’ll bring a rope and look for a tree….

        • MiketheMarine

          I’ll bring just myself, pull off his left arm and beat him to death with it. How embarrassing would that be?

          • ripping his tong (and lashing him with it) out would ensure silence.. 😉

            • MiketheMarine

              I like that idea. Maybe pull out his tongue and push through one ear and out the other to prove brainlessness.

    • OK that’s pretty funny williamm. Nicely done.

  • Rshill7

    At his command huh?


    A bare knuckle brawl between he and Allen West’s shorts would be much more entertaining.

    • johnos2112

      I would pay a pay per view of 50.00 to see that! I am with ya!

  • sjmom

    This guy is a danger and should be put in a padded cell for a very long time.

    • MiketheMarine

      With a starving grizzly bear.

      • sjmom


    • Sober_Thinking

      It’s interesting to muse about… in some places, rapists have been castrated. In this guy’s case, would it be just as humane to sever his vocal chords?

      People like this guy do nothing good for humanity or America.

      • sjmom


    • keninil

      He is probably PO’d that he is not mentally qualified to buy a gun.

  • ryanomaniac

    I wonder when the next time the MSM talks about extremists on radio, Rush Limbaugh of course, if they’ll bring up Mike Malloy also? Id like to wrap my hand around his throat and squeeze. Haha…just joking…no I’m really serious…uh, Ill have to get back too you guys on that one.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Good point(s)… well especially the first part. 😉

      I’d love for Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush, Hannity, Malkin, etc. do an expose on where the REAL hate in this country comes from. I’d like for them to make clowns like this jack wagon the poster boy(s) for evil and division and violence fostering.

      You know the enemy already does that to the folks I mentioned above.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Mike Malloy is only trying to get half the attention that Rush does. Won’t work because the MSM won’t “out” one of their own. He makes no news, because as stupid and dangerous as he is, the Left won’t point him out. He is safe for now. No one knows what he said. In fact, I don’t know that much about him either. Frankly, I don’t care to.

  • He’ll have an embolism when he finds out SCOTUS will have a hearing on Obama’s eligibility on Feb 15th.

    Clarified and added a link.

    • Sober_Thinking

      One can only hope… (I know that’s wrong. I apologize. It’s very hard to tolerate this sort of blatant evil)

    • Orangeone

      If you think in any way it will be a fair hearing I suggest you review the ObamaCare hearing and ruling. There is nothing that requires Sodamaker and CantGetItUp to recuse themselves.

  • colliemum

    I wonder if he’ll say it was just comedy, it was a joke, nothing serious …

    The left loves to rile against the ‘bloodthirsty’ right who need all their weapons taken away, but see nothing wrong at all to preach violence against that right at the same time.

    it would be nice if someone would teach them a lesson …

    • MiketheMarine

      Just you keep an ear out. If they get to aggressive, that is precisely what’s going to happen.

      • colliemum

        I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

        Some lefties need to be taught that their words, not only their deeds, do have consequences. The hard way.

        • MiketheMarine

          If things go as badly as possible, if you take my meaning, there will be a citizen “cleansing” that takes place.

          • colliemum

            Yep – I get it, and I stand with Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – because otherwise, the blood of the innocents will be spilled.

            Like kids and women not being able to defend themselves against criminals in their own homes …

  • Sober_Thinking

    Scoop, just the pictures, the titles of these posting of this human feces, and your commentary are enough for me. I can’t listen to douchebags like this guy.

    I agree… the Tea Party was labeled: hate-filled and violent… and the corrupt media and this evil regime let this clown stay on the U.S. airwaves? Who sponsors this guys show? What radio stations carry it? What state supports this animal?

    I’m generally against censure because it violates our freedoms… but this crosses the line. However, since the goal of this regime is division… I’m sure they’re cool with this prepuce.

  • MiketheMarine

    Funny, I like the idea, myself, except exchange birthers with illogical, greedy liberals.

  • Susitna

    There is no need to kill anyone……just show Obama’s Birth Certificate. As simple as that!

    • MiketheMarine

      Eric Holder has gotten dozens of Mexicans and Americans killed. He deserves to die. The ROE’s in A-stan are getting troops killed by “friendlies” so all of congress deserve the death penalty too.

  • Watchman74

    Why give this guy any attention at all?

  • tsturbo

    So this is not hate speech? Just like Obama, this jerk is filled with Satanic hatred, but Obama is a much better salesperson.

  • I’m so glad that the left is the party of tolerance. Most of my liberal friends are the most hypocritical and miserable people that I know.

    • WhiteGuy2

      I have had the same experience. The left thinks tolerance and equal treatment is reserved for them alone.

    • Orangeone

      I have to ask, why are they your friends?

      • Sorry it took so long to get back to you. They are my friends because they are my friends. I don’t have to agree with everything they think in order to be their friend. I don’t care about their political views if they are decent people. The best thing about it is most of them are too lazy to register to vote, so their political views mean nothing because their voices are not heard. If I use the logic that because their views are different than mine I shouldn’t associate with them then I am no better than the liberals.

  • aposematic

    A reference to today’s open thread: Could someone please release this vermin into the wild…

  • mikeinidaho

    Sounds like a terroristic threat to me. Or maybe a hate-crime?
    in any event, that pice of crap communist had better stay FAR away from me and my neighbors or he’ll be taking a serious dirt nap.
    Go ahead, punk, make my day!

  • Conniption Fitz

    All birther talk aside, Obama is not a Constitutionally-qualified President because…

    1. Obama’s alleged biological father was really BH Obama Sr. a Kenyan national, and his adoptive father who was also a foreign national.

    2. Obama went to school as a foreign national, sponsored by foreign nationals.

    • shhh.
      you’ll get hated on by republicans for atuff like that.

  • Joe

    His show is only available in ASYLUMS!

    Why are these people ALWAYS so nasty?

  • Conniption Fitz

    Malloy is a cross between Westboro Baptist and Islam Imam.

    • Constance

      Yikes. Can you imagine having this moron living next door? I’d be afraid of a drive by from religious nuts on all sides!

  • Mark him down as a nut job that should not be able to buy a firearm.

  • The best part is that he does not even know what he is talking about. Barry’s dad was a foreign citizen hence Barry is not “natural born”. How freaking hard is that to understand?

  • clockwindingdown

    Hate speech, someone call the police! This guy is openly practicing hate speech, were is the left media… anyone, Bueller?

    What? Oh they’re having a party at Bill Maher’s? What, no, what, seriously, really? Bill Maher’s party is a planning party? Well that explains it then!

    Nothing to see here, its just the self righteous left calling for the killing of those they disagree with again. Seems they’re always doing something like this while claiming to be caring and peace loving!

  • Constance

    One day, this man simply will not show up for work. He will not show up again anywhere. This kind of loudmouth stupidity only gets you killed. I don’t condone this kind of “free speech” from any side, because it foments hatred. Disagreements are fine. Hatred? That’s an Obama practice… making people hate each other, and then standing back all wide-eyed, pretending he doesn’t understand why America is so divided. This Mike Malloy character is exactly the same. Only, he doesn’t have the Secret Service to protect him. His time is coming.

  • louisiana_mom

    I have no doubt the only thing stopping Progressives from following through with this type of rhetoric is our guns… Once they take our guns, there will be nothing to protect anyone who does not mindlessly follow the Progressives.

  • drphibes

    I wish to see less posts about this irrelevant crank. Why empower him by re-publishing his babblings?

  • What a waste of human protoplasm.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      He’s human?

  • mark1955

    Yep but hey, we should give up our Firearms and leave ourselves defenseless against these people. sarc.

  • That’s interesting. Some Democrats might be killed in the carnage. Clinton was the first birther. Not McCain. Silly libs keep forgetting that.

  • Mike Malloy is the very definition of human waste. The man is mentally unstable and vile. Watch him dumb all over Christianity, but he sure as heck will defend Islam tooth and nail. It’s kinda funny to listen too. Malloy is the worst kind of Atheist. The guilt ridden PC liberal kind.

  • FOLKS GET REAL……..Find out who ALL of his Advertisers are and WRITE THEM! Tell them you will not use their products. This is how free markets work. Please remember you need to fight a liberal with the tactics the left uses. Like how they went after Glenn Beck amongst others.

  • BayouCoyote

    Feb 15th is right around the corner & they’re beginning to lose it. Don’t let them get a rise out of any of you.

  • 12grace

    Guess mikey never heard of the first Amendment.

  • TugboatPhil

    If all of Malloy’s listeners stood in a circle….I forgot. Not enough of them to make a circle.