Lord of the Upper Atmosphere Changes His Religion: Grey Lady Hardest Hit

It would seem that the sale of Current TV and the recent closure of the NY Times Environmental Desk are coincidental. Or are they? Over at PJMedia, Ed Driscoll has some interesting thoughts.

Ed Driscoll- Al Gore has declared Mission Accomplished for environmentalism.

Which brings us to this news:

The environmental desk at the NY Slimes is shutting down. Could it be that the environmental desk reporters were taking their queues from the high priest of Gore himself? Is that the reason for the closure?

Since the high priest of Gore has abandoned his “religion” there seems to be no need for others to stay in that religion.

The timing of the closure is interesting considering the recent sale of Current TV by the Goracle and his ambulance-chasing partner Joel Hyatt to a Islamofacist Jew-Hating org that is being financed in large part by ME oil. Sacrilege !!!

In any case, Inside Climate News reports the following:

Inside Climate News – The New York Times will close its environment desk in the next few weeks and assign its seven reporters and two editors to other departments. The positions of environment editor and deputy environment editor are being eliminated. No decision has been made about the fate of the Green Blog, which is edited from the environment desk.

Ed Driscoll – Eliminated. Done. Over. Kaput. And if the Green Blog is not being edited by a non-existent environment desk, the blog may just go away, too — or end up lightly managed by a Times editor who is paid and pressured by a dying paper to do the important work of the newspaper. Any way you want to spin it, America’s “paper of record” no longer considers alarmist, sky-is-falling coverage of the climate and energy beats worthy of the full-court press of a dedicated staff. Go figure.

Ed Driscoll continues with a few quotes from James Delingpole:

At Ricochet, Britain’s James Delingpole piles on: “New York Times Closes Its Environment Desk. Please, Nobody Laugh.” That desk has been the launching pad for “some of the most compelling and moving news stories of the last four years:”

Among them:

Every time you take an unnecessary shower a baby polar bear dies.

No, it’s getting hotter. Really, it’s getting hotter. Dr James Hansen says so and he works at NASA.

Just because global warming stopped in 1997 doesn’t mean it’s not going to start again, no sirree – and when it does it will be worse, much, much worse.

Al Gore: why selling my environmental channel Current TV to oil-funded Jew-haters for $100 million was the morally right thing to do.

Good riddance to the greenie propaganda desk at the Slimes.

But what about Gaia’s high priest the Rev Al?

Read the rest here.

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