Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: My sources tell me Obama was in the room watching Benghazi attack

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said tonight that his sources tell him that Obama was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down and both he and Col. David Hunt agree it would have taken an order by the president to intervene. Further, Col. Hunt said that we were only 20 min away by jet and a couple of hours away by AC-130 gunships and special forces, and the decision not to intervene had to be political.


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  • tofubamboo


    • Orangeone

      Barky Boy’s ratings are tanking every day! He best resign and toss in the towel and save this country the cost of an election and eviction.

      • PovrlaChasse

        From Drudge:
        GALLUP: Obama’s Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days…

        • Orangeone

          After Judge Jeanine Pirro tonight, I think his ratings tomorrow will be in the negatives.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            I’d like to think so, but knowing there are a lot of U.S. citizens out there who seem to care less about our country, I don’t know.

            • PicklePlants

              Many care, but have no idea that this happened. This story is so bad however, that even the MSM will eventually have to cover it. This is just too important and will totally tank the O.

              • Galatiansch2vs20

                Many do care, but there are many self-centered, indoctrinated citizens who I think would sadly be pretty apathetic or not believe it. I kind of doubt Obama’s approval ratings would go into negative territory because of this, though it would be the right thing to happen.

                Much of the lame stream media seem to pretty much have the policy of mum’s the word on this. Maybe after the election? Reminds me of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on how the press worked hand in glove with the corrupt political machine in Washington and wasn’t letting the word get out about Mr. Smith’s filibustering to try to get the truth out.

              • Sweet63

                Our local paper ran a long AP “yes-but” apologia on page 2 today…probably enough convince the spouse. *sigh*

              • dspoyld1

                I can guarantee you this will not be covered…it never is

        • badbadlibs

          I saw a talking head this morning who said he doubted it possible that bo’s ratings had dropped that far that fast. The interviewer reminded him about the latest findings concerning this horrible situation and even the bo supporter had to admit that could be the reason.
          What bo’s supporters will do to keep that man in power is criminal.

      • SKL53

        And Conviction!!!!!

      • creeper

        Dog forbid. “President Biden”? I’d rather pony up the cost of the election.

        Nothing will give me more pleasure than watching the electorate who shoved this jerk down our throats throw his ass out in November. Barack Obama and the four disastrous years of his presidency need to be roundly repudiated by Americans.

      • SBCHeritage

        it will never happen orange. he’s too proud and arrogant. he even said it in his acceptance speech. “I am the president!”

      • Do you really believe O’Blow-Hard, who’s 100% full of himself, would do that? the ONLY way he’s going to leave, is to be dragged SCREAMING & KICKING after Nov. 6th. when the voters THROW him out!

        • Orangeone

          No but it was fun tossing the idea out there because that is what a REAL MAN would do

      • Eviction and maybe conviction!

      • ssquared

        What about conviction?

        Isn’t dereliction of duty high crimes and misdemeanors?

    • Cindy09

      This is huge! For the military to come on the media and give account of what happened when the attack was going down, they must have thoroughly thought it through. The American people should really make a wise decision before putting O back into office. This is a very worthy video. I hope people understand the underlying issues behind all this. Kuddos to the military for coming forward!

      • LastMomStanding

        Exactly. The sources these guys are quoting have to be solid.

    • Only on the net, never in the obama media. It is up to talk radio, Fox News, and the Internet to get this out, as of now we are doing it, let us not slow down now, email it to everyone.

    • I don’t see the president has lied. I do see the president isn’t talking other than saying we’ll find out who did it and bring them to justice. The only people talking about it just now is FOX….around the clock. And its all partisan speculation.

      The REAL question is this….will it be the policy of the United States to attack foreign nationals demonstrating in front of, rioting, or a few among them even attacking our diplomatic outposts? What’s happened in the past when this has happened? What would be the reaction if we swooped down and killed 200 rioting people in the arab world? We want to set fire to the mideast because alquada killed four of our people? IS that playing into their hands?

      Lets not talk about who lied quite yet, if anyone… let’s talk about what should we DO when these things happen? We don’t need those answers before the election. THis is an issue of national policy. Like, should we have started a nuclear war with RUssia when they shot down that Korean Airlines 747 jetliner a few decades ago? Is that in America’s best interest?

      • jrt1031

        you didnt watch the video did you……it was stated that the same occurance happened with Regan and he called for going in the save. Plus, these terrorists are thugs, not trained US military. We could have secured this group and taken them out in a matter of hours.

      • badbadlibs

        The REAL question is when you liberals will wake up and understand that bo’s foreign policies and those you people adhere to KILL Americans.
        NOBODY but YOU and your ilk are talking about “rioting or attacking foreign nationals demonstrating”.
        There were NO demonstrations in front of this embassy, or did you miss all of the facts.
        And nobody is talking about starting a war. What is being discussed is that these four Americans were left to die without any intervention on our part. LEFT. TO. DIE. Do you understand English?
        obama and his administration blamed a video and arrested the man who made it, when it had nothing, NOTHING to do with the incident. He lied, clinton lied, biden lied, panetta lied and God knows who else.

      • badbadlibs

        Read this, and just know the man you support is a traitor. Not even obama can get away with what he did forever.

      • Pyrran

        Sure he didn’t lie. This was all about that video and he is “gathering the facts”.
        He don’t know nothing about nothing. (until after the election)

        Thank God he has that video guy under lock and key til after the election, eh?

        radiomankc admin, there are only two ways this can go.

        One-He watched it, he knew, he let our people die, and he lied about it.
        Two-He is a complete moron with no control over State or the Pentagon.

      • rfncy2

        Hey nutcase get a clue. All Obama does is lie. He was in the situation room whatching this all when it when down. He refused to send in help because it would go against the crap he has been telling the American people that Libyia si no problem since he got Bin Laden. He let those soldiers and ambassador die. The he and his administration have lied lied and lied to the American people and are trying to cover their buts until after the election. The military has no respect for this idiot in office.

      • Denise Thrasher


        “The only people talking about it just now is FOX….around the clock. And its all partisan speculation.”

        Apparently you haven’t talked or listened to a Marine lately….

    • jrt1031

      There is evil as the Devil in this and Ty Woods was an Angel on earth.

  • All it takes is one Dem to have a moment of honor and roll this incompetent back to Chicago. Hell, I’d be surprised if his SS detail tries quite so hard to protect him after this Benghazi stunt.

    • Orangeone

      Could this be it? Could it be General Ham that does him in? I am so tweeting Issa with this article to see when General Ham will be under oath.

      • No, The Navy Didn’t Relieve An Admiral Because Of Benghazi.

        So says Ace:

        • Orangeone

          There is General Ham who was relieved and a separate investigation of the Navy Admiral.  We won’t know what that truly is until the investigation is completed.  Cover stories from this Administration.

          • via Ace of Spades:
            The Stennis Carrier group is in the Persian Gulf area, which is the 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility. It’s nowhere near Libya, which is in the 6th Fleet AoR

            Most importantly is this little tidbit in the story.

            The Stennis group deployed from Bremerton in late August and had entered the Navy 5th Fleet’s area of operations in the Middle East on Oct. 17 after sailing across the Pacific.

            I don’t know exactly where Stennis was on SEPTEMBER 11th but it was nowhere near Libya.

      • p m

        Yep – General Ham was fired 30 seconds after scrambling forces to relieve Benghazi…by order of the corrupt CiC.

        BTW can any of our military posters tell us if Generals are relieved of their command by an armed subordinate? That paints a helluva mind picture, doesn’t it? Such travesties.

        • Orangeone

          What the heck is it going to take for Boehner to do something?

          • Landscaper

            The (R) behind his name stands for “repulsive”

            • Orangeone

              I want to drive to Ohio and find out where he is hiding, crying with a cig in his hand and shake him into reality.  And I’m not a veteran, just the daughter of one who cares about those who have risked their lives so I can enjoy our Constitutional freedoms.

              • Is_Sense_Common

                Check the tanning salons. :-/

          • p m

            I heard he wrote a letter ‘asking’ zero about what happened in Libya…

            • Orangeone

              WTH?  Just like a politician focusing on re-election instead of his elected duties.  I say get them all back to Washington now.

              • I am there with you. This is utter madness and if the GOP leadership continues to do nothing, they are just as guilty as the CinC in my book. I will wait until after the Sunday morning shows to see if the GOP will start calling out anyone regarding this travesty.

                Then again, why aren’t those GOP who are desiring to be in DC stepping up as well.

                • I think Mitt is honoring the feelings of Ty Woods family that they do not want this to be political, but is allowing the media, though it is only FOX, and leaks from State, DOD and CIA, to bring this to light!

                • The GOP leadership IS bringing this to light. Why do we know so much about Obama’s incompetence on Libya? Because the Republicans investigated–they had an investigative committee thing two or three weeks ago–and Issa just recently released a lot of emails.

                • Amjean

                  My thought is that they are waiting until after the election. One has to remember
                  the mainstream media is covering for Obama by not covering this story. If repubs
                  were to go on the offensive right now prior to the election the media would do their
                  best to spin the story for the democrats. One must remember that there are many
                  voters who are not political junkies and still get their info from them.

                  I think the Romney camp has requested that repubs for the most part keep quiet.
                  Its only 9 days until the election. After that, one can be assured that all hell will
                  break loose.

                  One thing I don’t want to see is a statement “America needs to heal, needs to
                  move forward past this” – meaning, we won’t do anything because the American
                  public can’t take it. Well, we, the American public are not children and should and
                  will be able to take the purging of these socialist/marxist/communist crooks from
                  government. The world needs to see what freedom really means.

                • Betsey_Ross

                  Exactly! The cavalry is coming on Nov 6 and the momentum is towards Romney. As frustrated as we all are about the MSM, the word is getting out. Ty Woods’ father is not letting this go. I am so glad that he is speaking up. This is such a shameful incident and I am sure that the Woods family didn’t raise this awesome son to die in this fashion. This isn’t who they are and it isn’t who we are as a country. Barack Obama has shown himself to be a cold and uncaring human being and those are just his good points. We all know the littany. Traitor. He should have never been allowed in the WH.

                  This “healing” meme will be perpetuated by the MSM, but don’t let them do it. When this is all over on Nov. 7 call them out on it. It is offensive and counter productive.

                • jrt1031

                  The President didnt do his job and call for the back up. He should be impeached asap and then prosecuted. Politics or that he is the enemy is the only excuse for this

                • Amjean

                  Contrast how Obama reacted to our consulate under threat and on fire to how
                  he is reacting to the storm on the east coast.

                • MishMashFL

                  During the 2nd debate Romney tried to bring this up.. That was the moment when many of us gasped because Candy Crowley of CNN supported Obama. It was an unfortunate moment but because of that moment many people believe the president had nothing to do with this. Because of that moment Mitt was shut down…. for now at least. Many people who know Mitt know he will do something about this. His hands are currently tied. And, he is relying on the media to cover this… so we ALL need to keep pushing on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc. … and if we can penetrate NYT or WaPo, life would be better. Its going to depend on us citizens who really care to get the word out of those who are ignorant or choose not to listen… there are fare more of us then them!

          • Is_Sense_Common

            Replacement. Boehner is a pitiful excuse for Leadership and needs to GO!

            • detectivedick

              He is toast in January

            • Who should we elect instead? Issa?

              • colliemum

                Elect Allen West. Or Trey Gowdy.

              • Is_Sense_Common

                He “negotiated” the Super Committee that agreed to cut military spending if some tax agreements weren’t made. That’s just one of many negotiation failures he led. Let’s see, he also caved on the debt-ceiling negotiations. He cried on multiple occasions, demonstrating an odd weakness. I could go on, but will have to clear out some cobwebs…

                I would be happy with Allen West, Jason Chaffetz, Marlin Stutzman, Michele Bachmann… There are many in the House who could demonstrate a backbone and Conservative principles more effectively than Boehner.

              • Issa is part of the Bonehead team !!!

            • And your purpose in attacking Boehner is??? Exactly WHAT is he supposed to do? Attacking him is just venting and accomplishing nothing. Sounds like a personal vendetta to me! They have already launched an investigation and are proceeding with that. There is only so much that they can do…unless you know something the rest of us don’t??? It really irritates me when people stand on the sidelines and take pot shots at others when you don’t really know didley about it!

              • Is_Sense_Common

                Boehner has been a weak leader during a time when principles are mandatory. He has walked out of deals acting like a victor when in fact he let Barry & Harry have everything they want and then some. I don’t know the man personally, so it’s not a “personal” vendetta. It’s an observation over the past 2 years that he routinely has his a$$ handed to him during any and every negotiation and only stands up to this thuggery when he’s either pushed into a corner by other principled Congressmen or it’s politically expedient for him to do so. I can go on about how he’s treated Michele Bachmann and other Conservatives in the House if you’d like. I don’t like his leadership. It’s been ineffective. I’m allowed that opinion, thank you very much. You go on and support him. Maybe he’ll shed some tears for your support. Meanwhile, I’m shedding tears about my country that is nearly unrecognizable to me.

            • Rep. West for House Speaker !!!

          • The Republicans have been investigating. Issa just recently released a whole bunch of emails. Issa is the leader of the investigatory committee, not Boehner, so the brunt of the investigating Libya work falls on him.

            • Orangeone

              Yes I’m aware of Issa and his committee. Boehner in his position has the power to launch the impeachment proceedings.  Benghazi is just the latest.  We have Fast and Furious, Ft. Hood and many other scandals.

              • Why go through all the hassle of impeachment, when we can VOTE HIM OUT instead!!!

                • surely you can’t be counting on apathy america to vote out the fraudulent foreigner, shirley.

                • Agree, we should vote him out first and only consider impeachment if he’s reelected and IF we have evidence that he committed a high crime.

              • We aren’t even done with the investigation yet! Wait until something comes out that shows Obama broke the law–THEN we can impeach him. Honestly, he might have technically broke the law by waging the war in Libya without it being approved by Congress. And now we have this shit in Libya that he allowed to happen, but him giving a stand down order, if he did, isn’t necessarily against the law. I don’t know if there’s any law saying that presidents have to give orders to intervene if there’s an attack at an embassy.

                Also, Obama will likely get unelected in November. If he doesn’t get unelected and it later becomes evident that he broke laws, then we should impeach him.

            • the issa political dog chasing its tail….all widow dressing… results.

              • Already Issa’s investigation has exposed many failures and coverups of the Obama administration. This wouldn’t be coming to light if not for emails released and other investigatory insights.

        • Yes.

          • p m

            Who, is that ‘yes’ about how a General would be relieved of his command? (Sorry, but I had another post between that question and your reply.) If it does mean that, it is horrifying that General Ham’s honourable instinct would result in him being treated in such a way. I pray he gets to testify, and is recognized for his desire to help, re-instated to his command and then promoted.

            Thanks for your reply, Who.

            • Yes. They can be relieved by a arm subordinate. Especially when the WH gives an order and it’s “disobeyed”. Latest info is Gen. Ham is stateside. EUCOM & AFRICOM are silent. I have never seen anything like this. When a senior officer is relieved under “misconduct” it is normally quite public, Press releases etc.. I have seen plenty of those. Armed Services Comm. has asked to speak with major players and Panetta has block senior officers from talking about Benghazi. Panetta says it was Ham, Dempsey an himself that essentially “didn’t understand the situation” therefore did nothing. I find that highly unlikely and offensive. Tours for Flag Officers are normally 3yrs. OCONUS, so one leaving after 18 months is very unusual. Bret Baier at foxnews is trying to confirm status of both Ham & Adm.Gaouette.

              • p m

                Thank you, WhoMeToo. There are so many unprecedented affronts to the Military from the current WH occupier and his political ally the JCS Chairman, from murderous ROEs to murderous betrayals such as SEAL Team 6 and now this. I hope that General Ham doesn’t get court-martialled for insubordination, but rather that Dempsey and his like-minded acolytes are brought up on charges of treason. Thanks again for your enlightening post.

                • I’m hoping that this is just a big misunderstanding as far as Ham is concerned… BUT the entire Libya situation is a complete stain on the office of the potus, our military and our country as a whole.

                • p m

                  I hope it’s a misunderstanding too, just afraid it might not be considering what is now the CiC.

                  As for Libya being a stain on the country, the only black marks in this affair that history will record will go to Obama, and those Military members who forgot their oaths to uphold the Constitution, and were seduced by political considerations. I trust that this affair will be but a chapter in history’s account of how the communist plan for the take-over of America was defeated by the people, starting in 2013.

                  Please remember that there are so many millions around the world who love America as they’ve known her for decades, not just the last four years. I know because I’m one of those many, here in Canada and before that growing up in the UK. It’s the American people and your indefatigable spirit that is so admired – and your Military is owed, to an incalculable degree, by the millions it has liberated and helped. That’s what I would like you to always keep in the forefront of your mind, if I may presume!

                  P.S. If your expertise in Military matters is because you have served, I thank you for your service and my late WW2 RAF father would salute you.

                • Thank you for your kind words and thank you for your thoughts on our military. We get told all the time that we are hated worldwide. That has never been my experience, but when you hear it enough you walk around a little paranoid. I have spent 15+ years overseas and the bulk of it at EUCOM. The “climate” for Americans has changed significantly, and the dread that a great many of us feel about our current Administration, and the “jackwagons” in charge, nobody know who’s friend or foe. It is a very disturbing time…. We are literally facing a POTUS that made the decision to do NOTHING. We have a SecDef, and according to him, and our military in charge, they decided to do NOTHING to help our people under siege. Not only did they do NOTHING… they did NOTHING for the entire world to see, on the world stage. It’s chilling! When you have your military, your last line of defense, walking around suspicious of each other, and our leadership, I literally can’t think of anything more alarming…
                  I believe the majority of Americans think there is a systematic march to the dismantling of our Constitution. That our POTUS and Cabinet are complicit. The number of EO’s that this Admin has signed and their contents that circumvent our Constitutional rights. The list goes on and on… And MANY Americans are completely uninformed! Our MSM IS a accomplished propaganda machine for the WH. To say that they are not is to be utterly disingenuous. I can imagine that this is what the beginning of Nazi Germany must of felt like… I know, sounds paranoid, trust but verify, but sometimes when you have a gut feeling you just have to go with it.
                  And then, you watch our current Admin and their cronies, try to destroy a profoundly decent man, in the name of “campaigning”, if you agree with the politics or not, for me, it is truly a disgusting display!
                  And now that I’ve brought rays of sunshine and rainbows to your day, 😉 , I guess I’ll leave my diatribe here. Please say a little prayer for us.

                  P.S. My heartfelt gratitude to your father and the brave RAF that held the line for so long, We salute them too!

                • p m

                  Thank you in turn for your kind words, Who. I agree with every word you wrote. The climate for Americans has changed, however, envy has always been a big part of that, and now one hears how the world misses a strong USA. Darn right it does, for myriad reasons. You have a close-up view of the commie-based EUSSR and are able to see how its dictates are being reproduced by the usurper.
                  The only good thing about the behaviour of the MSM is that it has accelerated their imminent demise, and that of the impostor. Mitt Romney is indeed a good and decent man, and we look forward to you having a man you can respect as CiC. My biggest post-election worry is the lame duck period, unless the opposition stands up to prevent more damage from being done.
                  As for sunshine and rainbows, don’t need them, just the right result on November 6th 🙂
                  All the best to you, please give Winston a treat from us RSers!

                • winlass

                  I also am a retired/disabled vets wife.

                • winlass

                  Thank you for your informed opinion, sometimes we desperately search for those around here. I tend to think the initial description of the event was detailed & right on the money but could B Hussein O have made the general a $$ offer he couldn’t refuse? with a big OR ELSE? There are quite a few replacements that happened all at once, too many for coincidence. The whole thing sounds pre-planned to me with 30 second to one minute response time specifically! Isn’t this exactly how most criminals, gang leaders & dictators consolidate their power? They replace the old guard with their “own” people and threats of violence . . .

                • Truth is STRANGER than fiction.

                • They are just looking for someone to blame, so that BO can go free!

                • Possibly… But it’s looking more and more like POTUS, SecDef, and Senior Mil are ALL complicit in doing NOTHING.

        • colliemum

          I tell you what this reminds me of: it reminds me of the way Hitler treated those generals of his army who tried to counter his orders to save their men.


          (I’m a history buff, and one of the things I studied was the history of the German resistance. The resistance group which led to ‘Operation Valkyrie’ came from the colonels in the German army, most of whom were from the old protestant nobility. All paid with their lives.)

          • p m

            Same here, colliemum. And more recently, zero’s BFF Erdogan forcing out the Turkish Generals who used to be the secular bulwark against an islamicist take-over.

            I have several books about the German resistance to the Nazis – An Honourable Defeat (Anton Gill) is good, plus biographies written by the wives and children of those involved in Valkyrie, and Colonel von Stauffenberg’s family and so on. And the White Rose and Edelweiss movements. Brave people.

            • colliemum

              Erdogan knows the history of his country, especially the role of the Army to keep alive the secularism introduced by Ataturk. So getting rid of the generals was no surprise.

              Of course all the Lefties always denounced the Turkish generals who took power now and then to prevent someone like Erdogan turning Turkey into an islamic state.
              The love affaire between the Left and islam deserves the full glare of a public investigation. If ever there was an unholy alliance, it is this one.

              What intrigued me about the German resistance is that some of the leading people were actually preparing for this long before the war had even started. There’s a fascinating biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, by Eric Metaxas. Bonhoeffer knew from the start, and knew that his life was forfeit. The same with that extraordinary General, Henning Tresckow, who picked men and advanced them to places where they’d be of help from the mid 1930s. Of course, the Left is still trying to besmirch his memory, because he was a Protestan Christian, and not a commie.

              Socialism and communism sometimes seem to me like a brain infection, which makes even reasonable people blind and deaf to reality.

          • friofreddy

            Reminds me-
            Of the plane crash in Europe wherein Clinton’s Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was killed. Word had it that his body was found with a .45 cal hole in his head, and that one of the emergency doors was found opened, not jammed shut like the rest. They naver found a trace of the parachuted assassin. It had been reported that Brown was going to flip Bill on Chinagate. But of course Bill was very touched at Brown’s funeral- he was filmed walking along laughing with someone exiting the service, but began wiping tears after glancing up seeing a camera.
            The parallel here could be that the homosexual ambassador to Libya was going to flip O regarding prior relationships, which could not be tolerated this close to election. So, the need to find some responsible entity- the video- and let evil take it’s course, even while watching it take place in real time. Hillary’s front-row seat was instructional to her as well.

        • Amjean

          I would like to know the name of the subordinate.

    • Cindy09

      Well, I wonder what Hillary thinks of all this. And gosh! who knows Clinton must be wishing very hard for the truth to come out so his wife can be exonerated. Either way, the truth is the truth! For the sake of the country, it has to come out!

      • Hillary needs Obama to win this election. If not, she’s highly unlikely to be able to go up against an incumbent Romney. Bill knows this, too, which is why he’s helping Obama, who he can’t stand.

  • Arrrggghhh

    Mr. President, is it true that your balls are the size of BB’s?

    • Landscaper

      He has balls? That’s news to me.

    • sybilll

      I’m pretty sure Obama’s balls are in Michelle’s purse.

      • Jamieos

        This is not a question of his balls – he intended for those men to die after they had screwed up his kidnapping of the ambassador plot. He is ruthless: they had interfered after being told to stand down, and he sought and got revenge. He is an evil man!

        • I agree completely with your assessment, it was supposed to make Obama look like a hero somehow, but when the two Seals intervened it screwed up his plans and he punished them by watching them die. He is a monster, and evil, treacherous son of satan, he will pay for this and all the other things he has done, GOD or Karma or whatever you believe, but he will pay, people like him are against nature and the laws of the civilized universe.

    • I was thinking marshmallows …

    • no, his balls are in Larry Sinclair’s mouth (google it)

  • denbren52

    Nails in the coffin of a failed presidency.

    • keyesforpres

      You mean a very successful presidency. O set out to perform an economic jihad and he did. He set out to weaken us and he did..

    • StrangernFiction

      In the overall scheme of things I’d say he and his Marxist comrades are succeeding quite nicely.

  • wales777

    There are no words left to describe the vile POS that slithers the halls of the great US White House.

  • Orangeone
    • sjmom

      Heard Congressman Chaffetz say he had asked General Ham why he did not send someone and he answered “I wasn’t asked”. The blood of these 4 is on Obama’s hands.

      • Orangeone

        Hadn’t heard that, thank you!

      • colliemum

        IIRC, that was in relation to providing military as protection for the Embassy in Tripoli. He said he’d be happy to provide boots on the ground, but the State dept didn’t want them. that came out at Issa’s hearing.
        I think that’s what it was.

    • 2besusie

      Get the generals under oath!

      • Orangeone

        I tweeted Issa to ask when.  I’ll tweet Gowdy too.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Right! O-mob-a can act like the CIC in firing generals but not in protecting Americans in peril.

    • Orangeone, I hope all of them do, if they all speak up no one even the state run propaganda machine media can ignore them.

  • 2besusie

    “And his last thoughts were I thought they’d come.”

    A perfect indictment of this entire fiasco.

    How could any sentient being not weep?

  • Mikeyh0

    Just exactly what is the legal definition of treason? Accessory to murder? I would say that Obama is morally culpable but he, quite apparently, has no morals.

    • congressive

      Giving comfort to terrorist enemies of the United States, as you are doing, is one legal definition of treason.

      Apparently, you have no honor. Traitor.

  • Surely a General or Rear Admiral will be able to blow a whistle. Surely.

    • westernhunter

      He is relieving the Generals of there duty. Read story of Gen Ham and Gen Gaouette

  • Every parent with a child in harms way needs to hear this.

  • StrangernFiction

    Obama and his ‘rat comrades, along with many R’s like John McCain, are the enemies of liberty. Sad that so few realize this.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      When the subject at hand is how Obama did not send help for our people in Benghazi, are you saying McCain, a man who served his country in the military and underwent torture in a prison camp for a long period of time belongs in the same camp as Obama? Do you personally know McCain has done anything like this?

      • StrangernFiction

        “After three weeks of investigation we have concluded that there was no way that the military could have intervened because they were not ready,” McCain, the Arizona Republican, told Fox News. “They were not prepared and there was no alert of any kind that would have enabled them to reach a state of readiness that they could not have intervened.”

        Just the latest example of John McCain covering for the ‘rats. He is certainly no friend.

        • W Smith

          McCain’s quote is a double negative. Not good english, but the meaning is that our military was ready.

          • StrangernFiction


        • If 7 hours isn’t enough time to respond to Americans in danger every troop in a war zone and every American is in mortal danger….troops were 30 minutes away…they were watching it from a drone….didn’t it have defense capability? If not why the hell are the taxpayers buying thousands of these little hellions? Lies Lies Lies, this man Obama doesn’t know how to tell the truth….he is a pathetic, weak, sniveling coward.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I think he mispoke and meant to say ‘that they could have intervened’ rather than ‘could not’. Please read what was said prior to McCain’s misspeaking:

          ‘Sen. John McCain, one of the leading critics of the Obama administration’s handling of last month’s terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, accused the Pentagon on Friday of not having enough military reinforcements in place to respond to such an attack.’

          It also says McCain believed that the military had not been alerted so they could be in a state of ready readiness. He may have a different theory as to how Obama’s administration is to blame, but he is still is very critical of the Pentagon.

  • barney59

    Obama Lies and Good Men Die.

  • Borderline Manchurian.

  • WordsFailMe

    Maybe the Benghazi incident will help to push Americans to the stark realization the Obama’s chief feature is bottomless greed, lying and cowardice. Maybe the single fact is enough to defeat the worst President who ever breathed.

    But it’s not enough. Americans have died: their cold, honored remains covered with lies and excuses; the blows that took their lives in Arizona and Mexico and Afghanistan and Libya–unanswered. Someone must pay. Election be damned.

  • Snuph


    • congressive

      That’s what you and your pals are committing by giving comfort to our enemies with your idiotic tirades.

  • BlueGood

    It just occurred to me, that perhaps Mr. O’Bama bin Lyin probably spent the whole time of the firefight/massacre (approx. 7 hours), lining up protection and safe haven for himself.

    WATCHING HIS OWN PEOPLE DIE…he only thought, from 3,ooo miles away, of his own skinny sad ass….

    He was worse than a DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS!…..

    O’Bama turned TAIL AND RAN!

    He’s still running from facing AMERICA with facts and the truth!

    What a POS…..

  • sjmom

    All fingers point to Obama. I saw Cathering Herridge on Huckabee who was talking about the Syrian weapons connection. There’s definitely more behind this story and I pray someone has the courage to come forward and tell us what happened.

    • 2besusie

      I was just about to post about Herridge’s appearance on Huckabee. Her sources are really feeding her some damaging information, and are apparently starting to sing about the weapons connection. I look forward to her reports over the next few days.

    • Obama just sent tons of weapons to Syria by way of Turkey, watch for this to be the next spot to explode all over the middle East and the US too. He is playing games using the muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda and others, whatever his final outcome is it isn’t going to be good for us or the military. He hates America and everything she stands for and represents, and his plan is to bring her to her knees and he doesn’t care who dies to accomplish that goal, he is punishing the US for being a great country while other shit holes keep shootingthemselves in the foot and never make any gains.

      • sjmom

        Obama also hates Israel and Syria is not only an enemy of Israel but an easy route to get weapons into the hands of Palestinians. Guess he is what a lot of us thought he was in 2008; an evil, despiccable man.

        • congressive

          Not nearly as despicable as your spelling, turncoat.

          • sjmom

            Barack Hussein Obama has betrayed the United States of America!!

            From not providing security in Benghazi to telling the military to stand down Obama had aided and abetted the enemy. The lies of his administration have been many but now he has the blood of Americans on his hands.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Biggest problem is there are only so many of us publicizing this scandal, worse than Iran Contra IMO.

    As big as Fox ratings get there is still a huge segment of America that doesnt know whats going on. I talked to ppl today at a republican campaign office and they were not up to speed on this!

    The MSM is doing one hell of a job protecting the Emperor.

    • Sandra123456

      Somehow after the election there has to be retribution against the MSM in some way. I never thought I would see a Tass or Pravda in the U.S., but that is what we have.

    • The MSM is trying to save the Emperor but it is not working. This is getting out in spite of them. I cite the Gallup approval ratings poll which shows a 7 point drop in three days down to 46. It is impossible to win an election when your approval rating is at 46. The wheels are falling off the Chicago crime syndicate and they know it. The Des Moines Register in Iowa just endorsed Romney. First time they endorsed a Republican since 1972. Oblamo just cancelled a trip to Colorado. He probably knows he has already lost this State.

  • Joe

    I want to hear the words


    on Monday Morning – in that order !

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I’d settle for the last two for starters.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Wow… it just gets deeper and deeper and deeper.

    Obama has no business running for re-election. He should be in jail.

    • Joe

      In Jail – NO WAY

      Never mind – I can’t say what I’m thinkin’

      • Sober_Thinking

        I hear ya brother.

    • iHeartLife

      What I’ve been saying all along. Mr Woods’ faith in God has convinced me that good things are going to come out of this scandal, but for Obama and his accomplices, he cannot be allowed to simply walk out of the White House to get on with living a normal life. Justice for the four families is that he serve time, and be deported back to Kenya with nothing. It’s one thing to be killed serving your country. But it is absolutely another thing when the President, being briefed in real time as to the goings-on, turns his back and says “No” to sending aid. That right there is criminal.

      • congressive

        The stupid burns. The treason is worse. YOU are giving comfort to the enemies of the United States with your idiotic birther nonsense and false attacks on the president. Where were you and all this fake outrage when two planes had been hijacked and crashed while two more sailed around with impunity to their ultimate destinations without intervention from the entire North American Air Defense System manned by your buddy boys in the House, Senate and Executive branches? Thousands of dead Americans, but no outrage over the incredible incompetence that allowed it to happen RIGHT HERE UNDER OUR NOSES, but ten thousand miles away…

        Oh, that’s right, YOU never supported Bush. Turncoat. Treasonous slime.

        • iHeartLife

          You know what’s sad? You’re a dickhead. Because if you knew me you wouldn’t say that. If the stupid burns, maybe you should get treated for it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on. I feel the same.

  • 2besusie


    Please offer prayers for Marco Rubio’s 12-year-old daughter, Amanda, who was injured earlier today in an auto accident. She is reportedly in stable condition at Miami Children’s Hospital. Rubio was notified of the accident after speaking at a Romney rally, and was flown to Miami to be with her.

    God bless you and your family, Amanda. May you have a speedy recovery. Amen.

    • Stephanie T

      I just read that Mr. Rubio’s daughter has a concussion but is doing fine. I think it was a post in a Tampa Bay online newspaper.

  • jgilman1

    Six weeks ago I would of been happy to just get rid of him. Now I want more. What the hell does it take to hold this guy accountable. How many impeachable offences does it take to shake off the Ken Star fear that the Republicans have and do the right thing.
    Assuming we win, the next three months will be the scariest time any of us will deal with.
    Remember that flexibility with Putin starts Nov. 7 win or lose. You think this guy is angry now just wait ten days.

  • “and his last thoughts were, ‘I thought they’d come'”. That last line of this video was the hardest to take. I know the Lt. Col. is guessing about what Ty would be thinking, but man it’s hard to think about that.

    The high ranking officials who asked the president to allow support to go to Benghazi should all resign right now. Any high ranking official who was in the room with the President that does not resign before the election, I don’t believe ever asked the president if they could send forces.

  • let me repeat it – it is obvoius:
    of course, NOBODY said “stand down”, like nobody gave millions of dollars to buy guns for mex drug lords……
    NOBODY. And you know who is “nobody”; pun intended.

  • MaxineCA

    I watched the entire show earlier and was in tears at the end when the Judge honored Ty Woods.

    For those that missed the entire show, it replays again tonight at 9:00 west coast, so you might want to check your local listings and set your DVR’s. Her opening monolog was fantastic! The entire show was great. It wasn’t until the end that “politics” was discussed and I was going to mute my TV but glad I didn’t. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pat Cadell so furious I actually thought he was going to cry for those we left behind.

    As a reminder – Bret Baier has been updating his special for tomorrow with all of the latest reports. Also, Huckabee had Catherine Herridge on his show tonight and she discussed the arms dealing. That show should replay tomorrow.

    • justrighton

      I saw that too and I have never seen Cadell so animated either. I think he was actually ashamed to be a “D” tonight.

      • MaxineCA

        Anyone that could still vote for the Traitor in Chief should be ashamed. If you are a parent, relative or friend of someone serving our country right now (I don’t care if they’re registered as R, D, or I), how in the hell can’t they see how we left these patriots behind to die. It is not only disgraceful, but worse.

        Is there any wonder why they are trying to suppress the military vote? I am so proud of Ty and the others that defied their orders who upheld their oath and gave their best efforts to save others.

        • justrighton

          I read somewhere or saw the other day ,as this was coming to light, that this was a covert CIA operation to sell weapons to alqaeda similar to F&F only on a grand scale to take out Assad. Supposedly Stevens was the agent for handing over the goods to the enemy. I wouldn’t put anything past this WH scum…but it fits the situation. I think it was on Glenn Beck.

        • Yes you must realize he would let your loved one die just like he did them if it suited his plans….GOD help all who help to get this monster re-elected, he will kill your family in the end….

      • republicanprincess

        i dont think he is a D anymore

  • p m

    Another thing…Tyrone Woods would have known that by laser-targeting the mortar that was firing at the annex, his location could be tracked by the firers. He would only have done that if he believed there was US firepower directly overhead to take the mortar out. Why did he think that, unless someone told him there was? It’s what enabled the attackers to aim right at him and kill him.

    (Apparently smart phones can be used to pinpoint laser sources.)

    • Actually the laser designator systems.cannot even paint a target until.they have sycned up with the airborn asset, a gunship was on scene. They were directed NOT I heard the retired military vet who actually worked at africom command where these orders were coming from confirm this which to me is a fact that has been grossly overlooked. Our Hero Mr. Woods painted the target AFTER syncing up with the on scene asset… our military men / women know this. Obama made sure they all died. Whatever they were covering up was more important than any American lives to him. Sad sad times.

      • DemsWillLoseAll

        I got this (below) from another post at Breitbart, and this seems to be a viable scenario as well, I don’t know. I know I posted here in response to cherylmcr and a possible scenario with kidnapping Amb. Stevens. with commie boy trading him for the blind shiekh (in order to make himself look heroic and win the election).

        Pardon me for jumping from one theory to another. But commie boy is capable of anything…

      • p m

        Good God – thank you for enlightening us, RS. Horrific. Moreso than we even thought.

  • deeme

    What Pat Caddell said about the liberal media being our biggest enemy is so true..

  • I really do not want to believe this. I mean, not just the decision, which the President could have argued as not risking more lives, but the whole video thing for weeks afterwards? Arresting the video guy? That would be absolutely insane, I really don’t want to believe he was there watching live.

    • Ford Prefect

      Remember he voted to let babys that survived abortions be left to die. He is that cold.

      • republicanprincess

        yes he did…in the ILLINOIS STATE SENATE….

    • Is_Sense_Common

      No disrespect intended here, but wake up. You’ve got to believe this garbage. We are living through the last gasps of America with this Traitor-in-Chief and his minions in the media. It absolutely makes you sick but reality bites sometimes. Time to write your Congressmen and share the information with your neighbors and community. We the People are the only ones we can count on.

    • republicanprincess

      why not…… is his pattern……fast and furious……bragging about bin laden…blaming w for everything….the guy has no soul

  • BeauRyker

    THIS IS DISGUSTING! Actually, I can see Obama doing this without hesitation. Muslim sympathizer thru and thru.

    • republicanprincess

      i so agree beau

  • Lou

    You disgust me and you SUCK,Obama!!I hope after you are removed you are investigated!You are a TRAITOR to our country!

    • congressive

      YOU TREASONOUS SCUMBAGS make ME sick! I hope YOU are arrested and waterboarded for giving comfort to the enemies of this great nation.

  • Thank God I retired from the Air Force 15 years ago because I would of never made it to 20 years under this administration……it was hard enough finishing up under Clinton!!! My heart goes out to every member in all branches of service under this POS and his staff full of political hacks!!! And they wonder why morale is so low and suicides are so high……Obama and his hacks have a lot more blood on their hands besides the apparent!!! So Shameful, and the MSM won’t help expose any of it. Glenn Beck was right this past Friday morning when he said as of today he didn’t recognize our country!

    • MaxineCA

      Thank you for your service Jeffrey! I had 2 uncles that were career Air Force during the Korean war and after. I solute and respect all members of our military that have put their lives on the line, as do most Americans.

      Wish I could give you 100 “Likes” on your comment. Well said our Patriot friend!

  • Lou

    Benedict Arnold!Never in my life have I ever HATED a President as much as I hate this one.

  • Nukeman60

    Of course the decision was political. There is nothing, not one thing, that Obama has ever done that wasn’t political. It would be out of character for him to do otherwise. The entire country should know this by now, except by the actions of those lying sacks of dung known as the Lame Stream Media.

    Obama took 4 times (four!) to actually decide to get bin Laden (his only achievement to date). He was worried about the political ramifications. He cannot do anything without taking a poll first and then consulting with Valerie Jarrett as to what to do.

    Well, Mr President, I have a poll for you. I looked around my computer desk and asked the question, “Should Obama be hung up by his thumbs in the town square for all to see?”, and you know what? The poll was 100% – YES.

    • Orangeone

      You are nicer than I am Nuke. I want he and Moochier hung upsidedown by their big toes and stoned.

      • Nukeman60

        I didn’t necessarily say alive and kicking. Remember Mussolini.

        • Orangeone


      • Hey! Don’t forget the pig blood

        • Orangeone

          We could have a trolley so that every time a thrown rock hits it they would dunk into the pig’s blood and come back up for another opportunity.

      • famouswolf

        Heh, I’d go all Melnibonean on his skinny a**.

        • An Elric reference. A first here at the Scoop, I believe.

          • famouswolf

            Well, I couldn’t say what I was really thinking in polite company, you know?

            • It does get difficult, sometimes. As a purely mental exercise, I wonder if Elric’s famous blade would find any “sustenance” among the Occupiers in charge these days.

              • famouswolf

                A veritable feast.

                If you have read the books, you know Stormbringers ‘true identity’, revealed at the very end of the saga.

                I was thinking of what Elric did to the Theocrat of Pan Tang just before that, though.

                Sometimes I wonder, briefly, what Moorcock thinks of Britain’s fate. I think he’s very liberal, but I don’t know for sure.

                • Yeah, I have bunch of them, but not all. Broody stuff. Interesting take on the eternal warrior concept, though.

                  He likes being iconoclastic. So his wikipedia bio says he’s an “anarchist.” Heh. Someone in the chain from Moorcock to Wikipedia doesn’t understand what “anarchy” means.

                • famouswolf

                  To be honest, I don’t care for Moorcock. His later work bashes the USA pretty badly, and I quit reading his stuff.

                  That said, his original Stormbringer and Sailor on the Seas of Fate were really good stuff. Classic, it turned the genre on it’s ear and pretty much changed it, for good or bad. Elric is the architypical anti-hero, the diametric opposite of heroes such as Beowulf or Aragorn. (And very nasty, that’s why I would wish his ‘attentions’ on o).

                  Moorcock is a one shot wonder with an oversized ego, imo. The more he writes, the worse it gets. As for the anarchist thing, I would not have said that about him. He definitely thinks the USA is not a good thing though. Atheistic, socialist, yes. And egoistical, very.

                • Sounds about right. “Artistes” find better acceptance if they bash the USA. He definitely reminds me of someone who takes himself too seriously.

    • WordsFailMe

      This bothers me. An unknown number of CIA Operatives, State Dept employees and maybe US military men were pinned down at the annex. Enemy Mortars were landing rounds on key positions in the compound. An American heavy Caliber machine gun and operator had been taken out of the fight. Not one gunship or jet had appeared over Benghazi in 7 hours of combat. The attack went on for hours itself

      Then at some point, the good guys decide to abandon the annex, with their dead and go to the airport:

      Two aircraft were required to carry them out.
      Who do you call to get aircraft to land under fire in a hostile situation when the Army and Navy refuse to land combat troop at that same airport?

      Who provided cover fire while the annex guys disengaged and loaded into vehicles?

      Did the enemy just suddenly decide to give up a tactical and numerical advantage and let the Americans escape? Did some one order the terrorist to disengage?

      At the airport, who provided cover so that the dead and wounded could be loaded along with the survivors?

      Jesez– there are films of ten guys from Oakland in a trailer pulled by a farm tractor who prevented two planes from leaving the Airport at Jonestown Guiana and massacred a dozen people and they only had shotguns and hunting rifles!

      These terrorists had rockets, mortars and automatic weapons. There is so much here that bears the pungent aroma of Obama’s narrow a** that it puts me in a rage.

      • Nukeman60

        I’m as hot as I’ve ever been as well, and I certainly have to watch what I say, out of decency to this site. There are sooo many questions that need answering and if we don’t keep pushing this for the next 8 or 9 days, I fear it will be kept hidden till after the election, whereby Obama will have ‘more flexibility’. Aarrgg.

  • ProgressiveHeretic

    People need to Tweet this, Facebook it, email it, whatever. The MSM cannot be allowed to bury this. It’s too important.

  • suzy000

    Well…his entire Administration knows what he did….if they love their country which I am sure most of them do, they are probably ashamed and dishonored. I have no doubt there is a lot of turmoil among the ranks because of this. His people must be disgusted with him. I know we are!

    • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

      4 years of this Administration leads to believe that very few people in his Administration are ashamed of anything he has done or they have done to this Republic it’s people or it’s Military or Military Personal…. It truly is a shame that this does truly appear to be the case… And also it’s shameful that near half of all Americans do not feel any shame for this president and his Administration….. And you are correct WE are disgusted with this president and his entire Administration…

      • famouswolf

        We dont know half don’t feel shame…but we soon will know.

        If it’s true, I will probably die of a broken heart. Gladly.

    • puma_for_life

      Hillary and Panetta, for two, are lying to cover for him.

  • Well I for one am posting this on Facebook. How anyone could vote for this traitor. It is obvious that he is trying to tear down the USA. We need to take him now and try him for the traitor that he is.


    DC House & Senate switchboard number is 202 224 3121
    OGR COMMITTEE 202 225 5074

    ***CALL TO ACTION***

    ***CALL TO ACTION***

    ***NBC – 212-664-3720
    ***ABC – 212-456-7777
    ***CBS – 212-975-3247


  • conservativemama

    Breathtaking. If Obama was getting the press treatment that Bush endured there’d be no question we’d be on our way to a landslide.

    He watched those men die. Men of courage. Men of honor. Men who assumed the ultimate responsibility and paid the ultimate price. It is a disgrace that Obama is the commander-in-chief. He is profoundly unworthy.

    At a minimum it’s neglect. At its worse, it hurts to think a president could do such a thing.

    And Hillary, I always knew you were a rotten human being. Now you’ve hung around long enough to expose your malevolent self to everyone. You and Obama deserve each other.

    But we deserve so much better.

    • conservocop

      ” It hurts to think a president would do such a thing ” . Yes C – mama, it hurts terribly – and this contemptable act could only be accomplished by someone completely given over to evil.

  • cherylmcr

    There is an article at titled “Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack with Link to Obama” that says Obama was attempting to have Ambassador Stevens kidnapped and then exchange him for the blind sheik. I don’t know anything about this web site but this seems credible. Why the decision not to do anything???

    • DemsWillLoseAll

      Why the decision not to do anything???

      Because the mock kidnapping was probably “foiled” by the 2 heroes, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty who rightfully disobeyed commie boys orders to “stand down” in order to rescue American personnel and to search for Amb. Stevens.

      • colliemum

        I’ve suspected for some time that the actions of those two brave, heroic SEALs foiled whatever that POS had in mind. Remember, their action, while not saving the lives of Ambassador Stevens and Mr Smith, did save the lives of 20 others, whom they got out. Also remember that they took action after their second request of going to help was denied.
        If they’d been allowed to go immediately, I am sure Ambassador Stevens would still have been alive. But that didn’t fit with Bathhouse Barry’s plan (kidnap, killing of Amb Stevens) – a plan of which they of course were unawares.

        So yes, I have no difficulty at all to believe the POS let them die, and watched that, in order to ‘punish’ them.

      • Amjean

        Perhaps Ham was relieved of his command because he didn’t arrest Ty Woods and Glen

        • DemsWillLoseAll

          Amjean… I read that awhile ago. The Admiral was relieved of duty for “inappropriate judgment.” I think he was head of a carrier group in the Mediterranean and alerted the Pentagon that he had assets ready for action. Was told to “stand-down” but said “screw it,” and sent the assets anyway.

          Folks, I think 0bama is starting to purge his top military brass, the coup is underway. The admiral being the first casualty by attempting to preserve the constitution and protecting the American people from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC…

          • Amjean

            I am very afraid that your last paragraph is right on target. And it makes me sad.
            How quickly things turn. I pray and hope it quickly turns back around with

            Again, we citizens have to be vigilant against these tyrants on both sides of the aisle.

  • This is big. All the Obama lies are exploded right here.

  • Tim

    The bottom line is White House decided that the lives of the men in Benghazi were not worth the political risk of a possible failed rescue mission… and how it would impact their political careers… so did nothing and watched them die. END OF STORY!

  • Tim

    The bottom line is White House decided that the lives of the men in Benghazi were not worth the political risk of a possible failed rescue mission… and how it would impact their political careers… so did nothing and watched them die. END OF STORY!

  • tvlgds

    Gee, I’m shocked and stunned! NOT! I’m having flashbacks to Nelson deMille’s new book “The Panther” that I just finished a couple days ago. I won’t give it away in case anyone here is reading it or plans to, but my blood is running cold right now.

  • irishamrep
    • colliemum

      If, as the report you linked to says, the POS in the WH is now trying to throw the military under the bus, then they are running around like headless chickens.

      How can the blame the military if Gen Ham was relieved of his command immediately after he told the WH he would send in help?

      It doesn’t add up – they cannot get their ‘narrative’ straight any longer.

  • douglasburson

    Obama has the intelligence of a monkey fart.

  • “Why would Obama and Biden do such a thing? Because to launch a military operation against an al-Qaeda affiliate on the anniversary of 9/11 would have exposed the hollowness of their boast through convention week and the days thereafter — that Osama was dead and al-Qaeda was finished. And so Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Chris Stevens were left to die, and a decision taken to blame an entirely irrelevant video and, as Secretary Clinton threatened, “have that person arrested.” And, in the weeks that followed, the government of the United States lied to its own citizens as thoroughly and energetically as any totalitarian state, complete with the midnight knock on the door from not-so-secret policemen sent to haul the designated fall-guy into custody.” ~ Mark Steyn

  • Landscaper

    Judge Jeanine’s monologue was just replayed on Fox News. Everyone needs to find it and hear her. She SANDBLASTED the {president, panetta, clinton}, etc. for their lies. Lower case intended.

  • SaltySal

    The truth of this matter will take BHO down.

    • I pray to GOD it takes them all down in a big way, I would love to see them all sent to prison for the rest of their lives for this. obama, clinton, panetta, biden, jay carney everyone who was a part of the perpetration of this treacherous act and the month of lies that have followed. Why in the world would ANYONE want to vote for this horrible, cruel, heartless, cowardly piece of sorry shit?

    • free4now

      From your pen to God Almighty’s eyes. Please Lord, open the eyes of the unknowing and stop those of the willingly obtuse.

  • kssturgis62


    • free4now


      There, fixed it for you.

      • SoLongSong

        I agree, REGARDLESS of what happens – although if he’s elected, heaven help us all.

  • Doesn’t anyone else feel suspect when we hear the term,”……my sources tell me they heard that Obama was in the room watching……?” …..and that only Fox news had any mention of it? As a Republican and Conservative for the past 40+ years, I am finding the lying, finger pointing, sources tell me, and the “creative unfair and unbalanced of Fox news is pushing a lot of our party members to be voting across the aisle.

    • MaxineCA

      If it weren’t for the whistle blowers…… we would have very little information. Fox reporters have VERY reliable sources that were there on the ground and inside the beltway who are willing to tell the truth. One of the first ATF whistle blowers that disclosed what happened in Fast and Furious just got fired. They do have to protect their sources, but they always show e-mails and other documents to confirm their reports.

      If it weren’t for FOX none of this info would have come to light.

      • Beck has been all over this, too (His was the interview with Charles Woods that turned up some incredible moments in this epic failure of our armed forces command). Also many bloggers.

        This guy (“AllenG DedicatedTenther,” a regular commenter over at Ace’s place) has a really good set of posts listing out the emails, the times, and all kinds of facts that the TV guys can’t really dive into thoroughly.

        Also, Doug Ross is really good at breaking these sorts of things down in nice, easy to digest, pop-up books (OK, they aren’t really pop-up books, but they are visually well organized) for slow readers like me.

    • white531

      First of all, you have no credibility here on this site. You have no history. “according to unnamed sources,” is a Liberal creation. Liberals never validate their sources. Your comment is ridiculous on its surface.

      I sincerely doubt you have been a Republican and Conservative for the last forty years. I think you have been, “voting across the aisle,” for a long time.

      Try again.

    • free4now

      Strangely I don’t believe one word you’ve said. Go back to huffpo.

    • colliemum

      You’re a concern troll.
      Go away.

    • Amjean

      Put your thinking cap on. Fox News is reporting what the “whistle blowers” are
      telling them. Other websites and news sources have the same reports. Copies
      of emails tell the timeline and other parts of the story.

      If it wasn’t for Fox News (and only some reporters, certainly not Juan Wiliiams
      or that idiot, Shepherd (not sure of the name) and other independent news sources,
      none of this would get out.

      Face the facts. The corrupt lefties have put in position over the past few decades
      their own in the mainstream media.

      You can look back and see how they have pushed their own agenda and we all
      fell for it.

      No more!

  • uksofie

    What kind of person could watch this attack on American Embassy and personnel..then jet off for a campaign speech, talk show, and party? Of course what kind of president would order a stand down on an attempt to save an Ambassador and personnel? This is an impeachable offense but that would leave us with vote this bloody imbecile out of office.

    • By what means did POTUS Obama “see” the events that were unfolding in Benghazi, Libya, back on September 11, 2012?

      This was a US consulate, not a US embassy, so even if the White House received emails from the consulate at or about the time that the consulate sent out its communique before the terrorist attack commenced, those emails didn’t come from the ambassador nor could they have been in a position to report an imminent or an ongoing attack on the consulate since the consulate had been set ablaze and wasn’t operational. This means that there were NO emails, NO faxes, NO other official communications that could have been sent from Benghazi to the White House.

      BTW, we know what things we now know to be true based on what Secretary of State Clinton stated back on October 15, 2012, so if Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer’s sources in the US Intelligence community informed him of things we don’t know that the Obama Administration knew, such as the report that his sources told him that POTUS Obama was in the room (what “room”?) when our consulate in Benghazi was being attacked, then we should ask LC Shaffer, who is no longer a part of the intelligence community, but a reserve assistant chief of staff in the US Army Reserve (Communications and Technology), to provide the name of his sources since he doesn’t enjoy the same “shield” privileges of a reporter and is NOT an Intelligence officer for the US government. As any lawyer would tell you, such a report based on such unverified “my sources tell me…” second-hand reporting only constitutes HEARSAY.

      Plus, it is suspect that anyone from the intelligence community would divulge classified information to non-classified personnel (and LC Shaffer isn’t currently an intelligence officer, but a conspiracy theorist whose claim to fame was what he wrote about the events of 9/11/2001).

      One other question: I realize a presidential election is imminent and how some partisans on here are hoping Gov. Romney is the next POTUS, while some other partisans hope for POTUS Obama’s reelection, but how exactly does one reach “treason” and the “high crimes and misdemeanor” standard for impeachment of a federal official (like the president) without charging Secretary of State Clinton  with this same “high crime” and her impeachment occur FIRST now that she has taken responsibility for what occurred in Benghazi?

      Unless a conspiracy can be proved between Clinton and POTUS Obama that Obama knew or has knowledge of the events and ordered Clinton to conceal the information, you cannot indict the president for “high crimes,” which is essentially what an impeachment is, an indictment for a crime by a federal officer. #Justsaying

      • colliemum

        There is absolutely no doubt that two – not one – drones were in the air over the consulate in Benghazi, and fed live video back to the situation room in the White House.

        This is not about ‘conspiracy theories’, and this is not -yet- about a case in court.

        This is about wanting to know, as Ty Woods’ father Charles Woods said – who gave the command, three times, to ‘stand down’ and not help defend Ambassador Stevens and the consulate under attack.

      • Amjean

        “just saying” you are lacking an ability to comprehend facts when presented.

      • donwalk

        You attempt to defend Obama by claiming that “he did not know” is a soilid enough reason for his removal from office. If the Commander in CHief does not know what is going on, isn’t that incompetence enough reason to throw him out of office?
        Typical “I am the victim” justification for complete failure.

  • Jazzee

    God help us
    how can anyone even think about voting for this idiot jerk?
    hey ladies forget your lady parts and wake the hell up
    you can have all the pills/abortions you want but we just don’t want to pay for them
    God bless the 4 Americans obama allowed to die

  • BJM

    Email this link to everyone you know. Many folks are in the work & family tunnel and just don’t have time to read online as much as many of us do. We must go over/around the MSM and send this sort of info viral.

  • poljunkie

    If this is true then Obama shouldnt be able to hold his head up.

    If this is true get it on ever channel now, before the election.

    • PapaLouie

      Maybe that’s why Obama kept looking down in the first debate. He couldn’t hold his head up. But he got over it once he saw that his cheerleaders in the press were ignoring the story.

    • SoLongSong

      I don’t think Obama gives a rat’s you-know-whatta, he only thinks of these “bumps” in terms of how it will affect his re-election bid.

  • xjesterx

    His last thoughts were “I thought they’d come.”

    That breaks my heart. We all know nothing will be done after O leaves office. It’s a national disgrace. He will be a Clinton-like star in the Democrat party for years.

    One thought I have though, and please don’t think I’m talking bad about the military, because I wore the uniform in a special ops unit…

    But people need to understand that the four star generals are very political. You don’t get to that rank without “making friends”. CIA Director David H. Petraeus, if he is a true patriot, would resign and go public with what happened. RIGHT NOW.

    I’m not disparaging his service, just saying it like it is. You have a lot of Colonels on Fox News, and they all are outraged. We don’t hear anything from Generals. There’s a reason for that. People were speculating that Petraeus might run for the Republican nomination, and I immediately thought, “how do we know he’s a Republican?”

    He moved right into working for Obama. He knows what this guy is all about. People are giving him a pass because of Iraq, and I honor his service, but every leader who stood by and said nothing is at fault.

    But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt…. if he actually WASNT silent, and disagreed, telling O that he should act. That still doesnt explain why you would still stay and work for this guy…other than the military mentality of “well, the commander gave the orders”. To often people have done wrong by saying they were “just following orders”.

    Be a real hero General…resign publicly and give a press conference on what happened!!

    • SoLongSong

      I find myself wondering who or what took over Petraeus’ soul.

    • Amjean

      I think that anyone who had courage of conviction would resign right at the time
      they were given a directive by the president to not help these people.

      Walk right out the door and don’t look back.

    • If CIA Director Davide H. Petraeus, VP Biden, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta were honorable people they would resign their positions on principle.

      The malfeasance by this administration directly affects Homeland Security and the War on Terror. It is certainly a violation of public trust.

  • Marines at Benghazi airport forbidden by Obama to go protect Benghazi embassy

  • noprisoners49

    All I want to know is if as a devout muslin, Obama shouted “allah akbar” as Ambassador Stevens was brutalized…

  • This is HIGH TREASON, that “THING” in the White House SHOULD be THROWN OUT!!!

  • I bet Obama was watching, and I bet he had his popcorn out, maybe drinking some beers with Biden and Valerie Jarret, just having a grand old time.

    • cathmom

      just sick

  • DemsWillLoseAll

    Wow, just Wow… “The Taliban is in the building.”

  • Philo Beddoe

    obama watching the Benghazi attack unfold does not surprise me.

    There are many threads out on the internet that says the guy watch’s the video’s of solders shooting or bombing terrorists.

    Something really is not right here.

  • colliemum

    “Ty Woods’ last thoughts were ‘I thought they [the cavalry] woud come’ -“, said Lt Col Tony Shaffer.
    Friends, I’m crying again, can’t help it.

    With every bit of information coming out the betrayal of those brave men by that POS in the WH becomes greater and more shameful.
    This is now beyond politics. If anything can be said to be a couse for righteous anger, then this is it: righteous anger towards all involved, who have been lying and lying and lying for weeks, from the top down.

    I hope there are a few souls in the Pentagon and the CIA who are now so ashamed that they will come out with the truth.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    This should be the final straw in the Benghazi mess….obama knew firsthand what was happening at the embassy/consulate and he did absolutely NOTHING to assist our people in repelling the terrorists attacking them. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! I’m outraged at his lack of leadership, total lack of concern for the safety/wellbeing of our personnel, and his obvious incompetence!!!!!

    obama lied, people died!!!!!!

    obama refused to send aid to our surrounded personnel in Benghazi and four Americans died!!!

  • MishMashFL

    It is unfortunate that much of this is coming out on the heels of an election where many have already voted… For those who say this is being politicized, think about a president who clearly hid this and ran off to vegas. He was begging for money at the time that Amb Stevens was begging for his life. How does one even hold a smile and party on when you know someone is dying.. that takes a heartless tool. I think the president has no soul…

    • cathmom

      I think this is why Barack and Michelle have been pushing early voting so hard.

  • MishMashFL

    Here’s another article stating the Clinton asked for help and Obama said “no”. Saw another one where Bill Clinton is begging Hillary to tell the truth about what happened.

  • Vote this…

    Blood thirsty



    OUT in NOv6th!
    My thesaurus thanks you in advance!

    • And that Certifiably Unnerving Nefarious Tool Hillary!

      • 🙂 I see what you did there! 😉

  • If the MSM was doing it’s job and telling the TRUTH about this instead of being complicit in a coverup, NOBama’s poll numbers would plummet to the bottom faster than the Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean!

  • It is looking more and more as if obama ordered the murder of three brave men and a homosexual politician.

  • This is just terrible. The mere thought that a president would let Americans on the ground twist in the wind at the mercy of some Islamic jihadists just sickens me. People WILL BE held accountable for this. I don’t think the American public will stand by for blatant cowardice on the part of the president, thinking about his own political skin first before thinking about the people risking their lives (and dying) in Benghazi. Shame on the White House for sentencing these brave Americans to death.

  • Four U.S. Embassies under attack.

    Did the President think the Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus, or the Daughters of the American Revolution were responsible? Or perhaps a video or how about Al-Qaeda? Nah….not on 9/11

  • The entire obama administration needs to be arrested and tried for murder. The entire Congress needs to be tried for treason for letting obama stay in office. The former administration needs to be arrested and tried for letting an illegal alien take over the g0vt.

  • LoL ‘According to my sources’.

    • donwalk

      Mudering of four Americans is not a laughing matter. Failing to uphold the responsibilities of the “office of the President” is not a laughing matter.
      Lying to the American people by evolving your story every 2-3 days is not a laughing matter, nor is campaigning in outlying states within 24 hours of having an Ambassador murdered a laughing matter.
      Laugh all you want, but this fiasco happened under President B.O.’s watch and he failed to respond as the Commander in Chief.

  • Constance

    WTF, people. This is beyond dishonorable. Get that big-eared liar out of the White House, and take that skankabilly Hillary out to the curb, along with her wagging-finger woman molester husband, and leave them for the rubbish trucks to pick up.

  • SKL53

    It’s Good To Be The King!!!

  • TxGold

    And, I thought Nixon was bad!!!

  • indthinker

    What we need are a ‘few good men’ and I have already cast my vote for the R/R team. Obama needs to be held accountable for the slaughter of these brave men. He is a coward, a liar, a narcistic bast**d of a man.
    If there is something more I can do besides blasting FB, e-mail and voting, to hold him, and those who shelter him, accountable for murder – I’m in.

  • bjohnson55

    Obama is augering in, how appropriate.

  • oildance

    There are a number of excellent articles about Benghazi at American Thinker. Here is one I read today about Obummer:

  • jana01

    The information about this horror is only being exposed by the drip, drip, drip method. Much too slow and this beloved country and those who treasure it are in immediate danger. When those who are assigned to protect us are treated so brutually, how can anyone feel safe?

    The Woods family should call a national press conference immediately. The MSM conspirators couldn’t all hide and the word would be out for all to hear. I think this could be the salvation of our country!

  • johnos2112

    Had to be political? I’m not buying it! Obama is in this deeper with something else. He is involved in something sinister that will make this an impeachable offense. It already is impeachable but I think there is something else going on here. He is involved with something like what Beck is referring to: GUN RUNNING with the enemy! I hope I am wrong but why else would the President not give the order to protect these people if he is watching this go down?

    • SoLongSong

      You know, I saw that with Beck and I thought it was tin foil hat territory, but then on Huckabee the reporter (whose name escapes me, but she is a HERO) mentioned something about overseeing an arms transfer, that that’s what Stevens was there to do.


  • You know, even if Obama resigns in disgrace over #Benghazi ,that tool Biden would pardon him.

  • If Obama was in the room watching the Benghazi attack, then it explains everything! Obama is in a HUGE defensive position! Especially since he said all assets were deployed to help!

  • Dee North

    Sure, Kill the Christians and Jewish people,
    or in other words all that are not of Muslim
    ways. Regurgitate!

  • retiredvetwife

    My heart is heavy at the loss of those 4 young men. I just don’t understand how anyone could have watched this happening and then just go to bed like it never happened. We can only hope that God has plans to punish them for their actions (or lack of). May the family of each of those 4 young heroes find peace and confort in knowing such brave men.

  • MercyCats

    What must our people around the world be thinking right now? They’re thinking “that could be me.” We pray that God keeps all of you safe.

  • For Gods sake call it what it is: Treason.

  • jrt1031

    how can anyone watch that without a tear and a gut wrenching thought. This president is indeed evil as the devil

  • jrt1031

    it was all political and what goes around comes around. Obama needs be in jail over this.. he is the enemy from within….

  • NJK

    Oh God, how many more people are going to die with this infiltrator in office.

  • Brian

    None of this is rooted in facts. Fox News is becoming increasingly more irresponsible. Every claim is based on nitpicked facts and imagination to build a story…and I bet they won’t ever retract their story

    • TrueBlue73

      More factual, accurate, and consistent than the WH’s constantly changing stories.

      • Brian

        In your imagination maybe. But what should I expect from Right Wingers ready to exploit this the moment it happened?

        • TrueBlue73

          When left wingers can’t use the race card, the “politicizing” card is handy, eh? SOP

          • Brian

            The best thing a bigot ever came up with…was to “disarm” people who bring up playing the “race card”. It was pretty genius…even the biggest bigots use the “Race card” card in an attempt to not address the issue directly 🙂

            But yes. We stood behind George Bush after 9/11. I was very fair in my judgment of Bush

  • Brian

    Btw how could not sending help benefit him politically Col. Hunt??

    • Thomas McCarthy

      BHO had a plan that was interrupted when the SEALs disobeyed orders to stand down and fought back. BHO had conspired with AQ in Libya to have the ambassador kidnapped. When the SEALs showed up that changed everything and AQ did what it does best – foment terror. We, the people (not me), elected a terrorist-in-chief. All you have to do is look at all his responses to the various terrorist events that have occured under his watch – most glaringly, the Fort Hood “Work Place” disaster.

      • Brian

        Where’s your proof? Where is your absolute…concrete evidence that anyone was told to “stand down”. Where’s your proof he “conspired with AQ”??? Terrorist in chief…all conspiracy theories. Where’s your non-bigoted facts(not theories)??

  • A A

    Can anyone in his right mind really believe that Obama (or anyone) would be sitting in a room watching (how???, magic???) the embassy being attacked, and would withhold help? And how would Obama (or anyone) conclude that withholding help is a useful political decision?

    The only people who would believe such an outlandish story are wild-eyed far-right tea party wing-nuts. Wake up Fox Fans! No matter how much you hate Obama, the man is not stupid. This story makes no sense.

    • Go home troll, we ain’t biting.

    • DemsWillLoseAll

      Yeah…Uh-huh…Tell that to the family members of the 4 dead embassy personnel …

  • When I watch all this, I can’t help asking myself how come there is not a huge outcry going across the USA. Where I come from, a death of one single soldier rattles the nation. You guys, you lost 4 brave talented people. They had families, wives, children, parents, siblings. And the Obama administration can go on ” business as usual” without being contested by your media. Where have fairness, integrity, and compassion gone?!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      They really haven’t gone anywhere as far as “We The People” are concerned. Unfortunately, this president choses to ignore them – just like he ignores us.

  • amlux

    Please start Impeachment proceedings on President Obama!

  • This goes way beyond our Ambassador being unprotected, this was more like our Ambassador was bait.

    I have a bad feeling that the screaming in the WH wasn’t “how did these deaths happen?”
    BUT “Where was the protest we ordered?”

  • fullmooner

    My instincts tell me it will come down to this: Doherty and Woods were FORMER Seals. Obama will say they were free-lancing and had no orders to go in and hep and he (Obama) had no responsibility to protect them.

  • fullmooner

    that should be “go in and help”. I believe I read they were all contractors for various firms. How different this would have been if somehow Malia and Sasha Obama had found themselves in danger while in Mexico on Spring Break We would have had an equivalent of D-Day Normandy to rescue them.

  • fullmooner

    Drip, drip, drip – until Obama comes on TV and says, “These were FORMER Seals – just out free-lancing and hot-dogging. I and My administration have no responsibility and I gave the order not to jeopardize my re-election and my wife’s future vacations and my daughters’ private school education. I just don’t think middle class Americans realize what is at stake here if I make a decision with anyone other than myself in mind.


    …Obama is RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL ! ”

  • drphibes

    I wish Hillary would take Bubba’s advice and resign, and rat out The Amateur, who just got his 3 a.m. phone call, and failed the test as Hillary predicted he would.

  • drphibes

    As with Nixon, I’d like to see a televised resignation. “I am not a crook, er, manslaughterer.”

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    This is finally the damning evidence that the pResident of the WH hung our citizens out to dry.

  • yellowmonkey

    Why don’t they put this on every tv channel and make everyone aware of this what has happened. American has to wake up. How much more can Obama hide, this is in sane.

  • standupnbeheard

    We all know that at the least, this is a coverup. But I think it goes much farther then that. I think that this is a botched, fake, kidnapping, that went wrong when a couple of marines disobeyed a stand down order and decided to take matters into their own hands. In doing so, it ruined plans that would have made Obama look like a hero when he sent in his marines to rescue them right before the election. Excuses had to be invented in a hurry. It backfired! What would have guaranteed the election to Obama now may cost him the election. I personally believe, if he loses, he will just cause some incident to happen that will give him the right and need to call into effect “Marshall Law”. That way, nothing will change. He will still be in charge. He wants to finish his agenda. He will let nothing stand in his way.

  • If Obama had ordered a military response and none was forthcoming, you can be sure the person responsible would have been under the bus the first day.

  • Pyrran

    This means that everything Obama said afterwards was a complete lie.
    If this country really is protected by divine providence, this disaster should bury his re-election chances.

  • GovSpy911

    My Fellow Americans, it is time to wake up. Obama needs to be pulled from the White House, arrested, and jailed. He needs to go on trial for treason. No president in history has ever betrayed his contymen in such an incompetent and grotesque way. He cost Americans their lives. If he were an honorable man, and worthy of an ounce of lenience through his trial, he would resign as President of the United States of America effective immediatly.

  • congressive

    Yeah, well, I want answers, too. How did the entire North American Air Defense System go AWOL on 9-11? I lost friends, too. Warnings everywhere. The most sophisticated air defenses on planet earth and somehow terrorists evaded them all and completed their horrific acts right here on American soil while we watched on tv.

    Condoleeza Rice shoots holes in this unpatriotic nitwit Shaffer’s bookselling attempt.

    You’re either with us or you are with the terrorists. Your treasonous displays of hatred against the commander in chief won’t be, but should be, prosecuted. You are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. You are despicable turncoats. You are the enemies of the Constitution public servants swear to defend against.

    You’re going down.

    • msmadness

      From the Constitution, Article III, Section III: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

      So, what “treasonous” acts are you referring to? Hatred against the president is not and can never be “treason.” Notice its states the treason is against the United States. NOT the president. Don’t know why the left is so quick to through around the word treason (as they did against Bush).

    • KenInMontana

      You’re done here, to put it simply. To make sure it’s crystal for you, you’re banned.

  • aZjimbo

    barry was probably sitting back, relaxed, reading a book and eating popcorn and wondering what “bump in the road” will be next. What a complete fraud.

  • Dick Parker

    I suspect there will always be war….. And if America and our vision for America is to endure, for our very survival we will have to get the politicians out of the ‘game’ of war and leave it to God and the Generals! Every war lost in the last half of the last century to the present day has been the result of effete political calculations when in fact, what has been necessary is we, who have the biggest war machine on the planet should have, with extreme prejudice, immediately, with no quarter being given, waged war as if it was war! Spit!

  • LiberalBoycotter

    This Dog Eater, sat there and watched while our American Citizens died. Why is he still sitting in our house, when are any of the Republican Congress going to do anything about this? This isn’t even treason, he is a murderer, he is a Terrorist, he helped these people kill 3 brave Americans who tried to help the Ambassador. Our Ambassador, was raped, beaten, and then killed and this Dog Eater, went to bed, got up the next day and went on a campaign trip to Las Vegas.

  • Larry T. Doughty

    Just this last few minutes, on MSNBC- Joe Scarborough morning show, Joe and Mika actually interviewed Obama backstage in NH yesterday. She brought up Libya, but neither one had the guts to ask Obama, what he knew and when did he know it. Those are the real questions, but these two clowns didn’t dare to ask, the most pertinent questions of the day. Obama, just hid behind the same old argument, that it is under investigation. We hear that all the time.

  • bobemakk

    I am starting to get outraged with the Lamestream Media. They should wake the hell up and start to expose this lying, cheating, advantage taking administration. Worse than any other president in history. If he wins re-election we should all move to another country and let him and the “gaffe king” Biden run the country down with no one else around. I weep for the future if Obama wins. Let’s all pray that Dick Morris is correct as he said that Romney will win by a landslide.

  • WilliamSpires

    I used to dislike Obama very much but now my opinion of him has changed: I consider him one of the most despicable waste of space on planet earth.

    • Read the prophecies Bill, also look up my blog for the info on the Russian Spetsnaz that Obama has brought into America to carry out false flag terror. They have been the ones setting the majority of the wildfires and are also responsible for the explosions in Michigan on June 6. The same day as the first Embassy attacks!

  • Read the Obama prophecies at prophecies org! Three people were given identical warnings about him, he will not be leaving office, you can take it to the bank. Our Saviour has warned over and over again that He put Obama over the USA in order to bring judgment on America. Read the prophecies, you are going to be shocked…..

  • I wish I’d have thought of this but listen to this hypothisis: The president of Egypt asked Obama to release the Imam who was found guilty of trying to blow up the twin towers when Clinton was president. Remember that?
    Obama told the CIA guys to stand down when they went to rescue the ambassador and were eventually killed trying. Why were they told to stand down? In essence don’t go to his
    rescue! What if they had taken him prisoner? Here is the possible scenario, we’ll trade your ambassador for our Imam!
    He sent no one to help or save any of them, we had military assets that could have been there within 2 hrs. The battle lasted over 6 hrs. Why else would Obama refuse to try and save the ambassador?
    Someone gots some splain’en to do

  • Why does Obama hate water-boarding terrorists? HE’S AFRAID OF WATER!!!!!

  • sawadee222

    FOX NEWS is known to be anti-Obama. I would like to hear the details from those who don’t have ulterior motives. FOX just could have ‘egg on their faces’ if we heard ‘the other side of the story’.

  • Bartimaeus99
  • bluemyrtle1

    Maybe those on the left don’t believe it because not one single named source has verified any of it. Didn’t any of you ever write a paper for college – or even high school? Would you turn in a paper with a blog as a source? Gosh, I hope not!

  • Vinnie dollcrafter

    After the Election…
    Many members of the press were asked to keep the brakes on… we don’t need a bunch of fanatics thinking that they can sway an American election like what happened in Spain several years ago.
    But rest assured, the wheels are in motion: