Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch on big win: Now THIS is what democracy looks like!

Sorry for the terrible quality but this is Kleefisch’s full mini-victory speech:

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  • c4pfan

    Congrats Rebecca!

  • badbadlibs

    The good Gov. and this fine LT. Gov had to win two times….they should be awarded another term! If that could happen, these union thugs might think twice before pulling such a travesty again!

    • c4pfan

      They won with a larger margin.

  • Congratulations Rebecca. And Congratulations to the TEA Party.

  • Excellent speech! YAY!!

    Would it be wrong of me though to say, this is what a Constitutional Republic looks like?

    • c4pfan

      Short and to the point.:)

      • CalCoolidge

        She’s good!

    • Rightmindedmom

      Rebecca was referring to the chanting that the “occupiers” of the WI state Capitol building. They would chant when they were protesting Scott Walker and the Republican legislature’s reforms, “Show me what democracy looks like!” and the crowd would chant back, “This is what democracy looks like!” It was catchy, but it got very tiresome.

      There was a not-very-well-reported story about a class trip to the Capitol building in Madison back in…January(?) I think. There was a group of Lefties in Madison that would go over to the Capitol and chant protests at noon EVERY DAY since February of 2011. In January of this year, a group of high schoolers from a Lutheran H.S. in another Wisconsin town chanted their own chants, while in the Capitol. They chanted “Go, Scott, Go!” and “USA! USA! USA!” and totally shouted down the pot-smoking Lefties that day. Needless to say, the Lefties got upset.

      • Thanks mom. I didn’t think she’d miss on that, but these days so many from both sides call it a democracy, I can’t tell who’s serious. 🙂 It’s one of those things that really bugs me when I hear someone call the US a democracy.

  • Donya G

    Wisconsin did great! Congratulation LT. GOV.

  • Pyrran

    One down and one to go in November!
    Go Tea Party!


    Thanks Patriots

    Tea PArty Patriot

  • ConnieConservative

    I saw her say this live.
    It was awesome! Yea!

    • c4pfan

      Awesome! Thank you and fellow people in your state.

      • ConnieConservative

        Sorry. I should have said live on TV.
        Too excited. We are not in Wisconsin.

    • SaraPFan

      That God for Wisconsin. That was a major battle won for the saving of this country.

  • Rightstuff1

    This result wasn’t even close – thank God and I mean that literally. Those union bums were put in their place by the people. This is a happy day !!!! Now on to November.

  • RedDaveR

    Congratulations to Rebecca and to Gov. Walker.

  • Gonna have to grab me some good ‘ol Wisconsin cheddar next time I hit Trader Joe’s — way to go, WI! Thank you!

  • Durus

    Constitution, Article 4, Section 4:

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.

    Democracy sucks!


  • ::BIG SIGH OF CONTENTMENT:: I just love those totally “Feel-good” moments… Le sigh. Okay, time for another beer of contentment. LOL

  • Patriot077

    Truly excellent speech though short on words. Rather Calvin Coolidge-like. No wasted words.

    Way to go, Wisconsin. Your votes aren’t wasted either 🙂

  • drphibes

    Tonight, we, the people came to chew bubble gum and kick commie a$$. And we’re all out of bubble gum. Let’s keep this momentum going. From Wisconsin, to the rest of the 57 states, all the way to the White House – (insert Howard Dean Scream here)!!!!

    • kong1967

      Lol, nice jab on Obama’s comment of 57 states.

  • PFFV

    Wow! What a great speech! This is a huge Tea Party victory for the Average Hard working American. What Scott Walker did in Wisconsin is the solution to returning our great nation back to its glory. God Bless Scott Walker and all True Conservatives / Tea Party Patriots. Remember November is our Revolution to take our Nation Back from The Union loving Anti-American Socialists!

  • 911Infidel

    This is what Democracy looks like. Yep. Throw the bums out. Put in some compitent people, the unions and their media clowns don’t like it…they do a recall…and lose their a$$es off. Oh man that’s shweet.

  • Stoneyjack

    Wow! Rebecca Kleefisch is what you want a politician to look like. She is gorgeous. Congratulations to her.

  • 12grace

    Horray for Lt. Gov. Kleefish. She is a patriot.

  • wodiej

    Amen sister! Whoo!

  • Need MUCH better quality for this hottie and future Senator.

  • Congrats Rebbecca! BUT WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE A REPUBLIC!