Marc Lamont Hill: Romney Grandson Photo Was Exploitative To Begin With

On CNN today a segment aired regarding the remarks made by the panelists on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry. Host Don Lemon played the clip and went to his two panelists, Ana Navarro and Marc Lamont Hill for their remarks.

Marc Lamont Hill: “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …”


“They were pointing out the fact that the picture itself was sort of a spectacle and they were sort of making fun of the Republican party. I don’t think they were making fun of the baby. If they were I’d be right on your side. This was a light moment making fun of Mitt Romney”

Clear? This was just good old-fashioned, harmless, light, fun-poking based on the self-evidently silly and mockable notion of Mitt Romney exploiting a black child to make up for being so white. Isn’t that fun and light-hearted and tra la la?

Please note the New Rule in Hill’s comments. Taking a family photo with a member of your family is exploiting that family member. Using that photo to make fun of republicans as racists is not exploitative at all, it’s just clean harmless horsing around. Why any second now Hill is going to snap a towel at Mitt in the locker room and oh, how we’ll laugh. Good times.

Not for nothing here, but in order for it to be exploitative, wouldn’t it need to have some degree of visibility? This photo wasn’t exactly plastered on posters in Times Square. It was, in fact, sort of difficult to find online.

Hill goes on later in the segment to say, in response to host Lemon’s comments that the panel was using a baby to score points, that “you could argue that [the Romneys] were using a baby to bring attention to their political progressivism.” So again, it’s really Mitt Romney who is at fault for his son adopting the kid. Because he only did it to get off the hook for being so super white and republican!

Now what do people on the left call a black person who ends up in a photo or on a stage or on TV among white conservatives? I can’t recall. What’s that word? Oh now I remember. Token.

Like the original panel participants, Marc Lamont Hill is taking it as a given that the adoption of the child was some sort of ploy on the part of the Romneys to make up for .. well, for being the Romneys. That takign a family photo with the child is by its very nature an exploitation of the child.

Finally, if it weren’t clear enough at this point, Lamont Hill says it is fine when Bill de Blasio brings his adopted black son into photo ops because in his case, its not exploitative. You know, because democrat.

Isn’t that light-hearted and silly and nothing burgers? So move along!

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  • c4pfan

    I could care less if his son adopted a kid (black or whatever). All I really noticed was that crying kid in the back.

  • Crassus

    Marc Lamont Hill is a vile and vicious racist. He’s worse than that assclown from Georgetown. What makes him worse is that he’s good looking (so my sister tells me) and does the presentation a lot smoother than many of these other barnyard pimps. He’s basically David Duke with brown skin.

    • FredBeloit

      Awe don’t judge him so harshly. He won the Most Bigoted PhD in the United States award in early 2013 and he is just crabby because 2013 is almost over.

  • Sentinel

    Marc Lamont Hill is a professor at some degenerate college. This is what passes for ‘news’ or ‘honesty’ on liberal programs these days. Marc Lamont Hill is an idiot… always has been and always will be. And of course, it goes without saying, he’s a BIG time racist too. So glad he’s polluting the minds of our kids in college. I’m sure that’ll have no negative consequences on America in the future. If Marc Lamont Hill pooped, MSNBC (or CNN) would probably frame it.

    • Rich-3

      That is the real problem with Hill in that he is teaching kids his racist views and we are paying him to do it.

    • Paladin13

      He’s a professor at Columbia University, which is degenerate, and a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, which years ago had a museum display about the ancient Middle East where ancient Israel was given no status. When he was on Fox, he tried to hide how leftist he is. He doesn’t deceive anymore. He is a racialist and comes off as a fool because he suffers from leftist derangement syndrome.

      • Sentinel

        Very true… I thought it was Columbia… hive of leftist hatred. Well said.

  • Oh yay. Lets have fun bashing Romney for being white and the audacity of his son to adopt a kid with a darker shade of skin. Meanwhile in REAL news, Robin Roberts came out… oh wait. I mean, real news, Hillary is one of the world’s most admired women and the biggest scandal of the year was a toss up of Paula Dean’s racist statement from way back and Miley Cyrus’s skanky MTV performance.
    WOW so glad to know the lamestream is on top of things.

    • Steve Angell

      Marc is a real work of art. No compassion within him. Will not even listen to reason.

      CNN should fire him post haste.

      Marc makes it clear no white family is allowed to adopt a black. When they do so Marc makes it clear it is racist. If he feels that way he is far to racist to be a newscaster.

    • Flyoverman

      Marc Lamont Hill would never allow himself to have a white child sit on his knee. It would damage his street cred.

  • bjohnson55

    Some black folk just cannot get over themselves. Shame really.

  • Bill589

    How’s that story go about the boy who cried, “Wolf?”

    • toongoon

      I think was eventually eaten by wolves and nobody cared, they were happy to be rid of him.

  • Beal Baug

    There’s not much way to satisfy a race baiter.

  • Beal Baug

    Martin Luther King certainly influenced a lot of people, but from my point of view most of those people were white. The blacks doesn’t seem to want to be influenced.

    • Rich-3

      Come on they are influenced by the Race Pimps into thinking they are all victims because they are black.

  • WhiteGuy2

    The left is obsessed with race. They have made it their sole objective to convince small minds that white people are the enemy. Not all white people, just the ones that disagree with them, and their are a lot that disagree with them.

    • Bill589

      Successful statism: Keep people divided. Rich vs poor, black vs white vs brown, R vs D, hetero vs homo, Christian vs atheist vs Muslim vs Jew, etc. vs etc.

      The last thing wanted by the statist elite is for The People to unite, and one reason they have their ‘useful idiots’ in the media to help them keep The People divided.

    • toongoon

      They hate those who refuse to latch on to liberalism. Racism is just the bat they swing to attack them. They really don’t care about race.

    • Browns Fan42

      Race-baiters need to attack any evidence of nonracism by whites because it proves their own world view is wrong. They MUST attack it….it’s a reflex, much like a math teacher would attack someone who says 2+2=5.

  • planetes

    Hey Markey! If you really want to see some tokens of exploitation, all you gotta do is look at whoever is glued to the side of either Sharpton or Jackson. There.

  • $73426719

    Man! If I were white I would so totally be thinking racist thoughts against that sack o siht called marc after watching that. I’m black but man am I ashamed that after years of fighting for civil rights, the best the negroid people of America can produce is this sick scum. This is utterly depressing. I hope baby Romney can grow up to be ten times the man marc is. Goodness knows he’s already twice the man. Marc is nothing but a dressed up, donned up, loud mouth ape who has no business breathing the same air as that adorable little child. Wishing oxygen a happy new year.

  • $73426719

    Man! If I were white I would so totally be thinking racist thoughts against that sack o siht called marc after watching that. I’m black but man am I ashamed that after years of fighting for civil rights, the best the negroid people of America can produce is this sick scum. This is utterly depressing. I hope baby Romney can grow up to be ten times the man marc is. Goodness knows he’s already twice the man. Marc is nothing but a dressed up, donned up, loud mouth ape who has no business breathing the same air as that adorable little child. Wishing oxygen a happy new year.

  • $1714278
  • $1714278
    • aposematic

      They need to get rid of that blond RINO (Bush II) bimbo. When she mentions TRS, listen to her qualification nonsense to excuse her comment. Typical Leftist doubletalk to hide behind while pretending to be on the right side of the controversy.

    • toongoon

      Yikes!!! I am considered among those who watch MSNBC???
      I might have to reconsider being associated with yous guys.
      (hold on, I’m looking for my sarc tag, its here somewhere

  • sallyjohanna

    Oh let me see….are Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s black children exploitative….how do we know they didn’t adopt those black children to enhance their celebrity standing??

    • Rich-3

      Exactly and they trot them front and center in every pic they can.

  • TJ

    Political points for who. Mitt Romney will never be on any ballot again in his life and he will not have to give an political based interview ever again. If the family never released this photo no one would know about a nice Christmas family photo of all the grand kids.

    Go to a happy place and think of all those grand kids ruing around the halls of the white house with PaPa in the oval office.

  • toongoon

    Selective racism. Lamont Hill hides behind “I’m black so there’s no way I can be racist”. Holder was half right, its the left that is full of cowards.

  • aposematic

    ‘Marc Lamont Hill’…is more explanation really needed?

  • toongoon

    Looks like MSNBC is finally getting an audience. People sometimes get a weird fascination with watching things die.

  • sallyjohanna

    OM Gosh….Hillary put on a fake ebonic black voice…no comparison. Lamont Hill is your typical Progressive….defend the indefensible…until your hoarse, because you are so far in the tank you have no choice but to lie, lie, lie and…. spin, spin, spin!

  • gingerdog

    If this had been a family photo of a GLBT couple that adopted a black child, I’m fairly certain that the commentary would have been quite different.

    • I prefer to use GBLT as the acronym. It means the same thing, but you can pronounce it as “giblet”.

      Actually, I usually use “GBLT-eieio.”

      • Patriot077

        Good one, K-Bob. I’ve been using the Qwertyuiop as it seems that they keep needing to add more letters.

        • warpmine

          WHat’s the difference, “queer” best describes them all.

    • sallyjohanna

      There would have been ooows and awwws , and how wonderful and…they get the humanitarian award of the year!

  • toongoon

    Hill is so full of crap his eyes are brown.
    Oh wait, was that racist?

  • Fastgirl

    If a white gay couple had adopted a black baby and put him in a family photo I doubt Mr. Hill’s response would have been the same.

    • Crassus

      It probably would. Hill is most likely a homophobe too.

  • toongoon

    I watched the video again. The comments about the Republican party was a side note. They were unnecessarily making fun of the black baby with a Romney family.
    They say that drugs stunt your maturity, Here is the example, they all have the minds of seventh graders.

  • Right, right. Again, I find myself trapped somewhere between “White Guilt” and “Black Ignorance.”

  • FlyingDutchmanNYAmstr

    I think right now Marc Lamont Hill is embarrassed with his own race. The black President he voted into power is failing terribly and setting his own people back decades. Every time this man is on television it’s as though he’s always on the defensive as though everyone is judging him personally. Basically he hates anything or anyone that revolves around the color white. Even an innocent little baby who isn’t even old enough to defend his or herself against his comments. It seems to me this child is in perfect hands. Hopefully someday this same child that sits among the Romney family will approach (Marc Lamont Hill aka Teeth) and look him in the eye and say “Remember What You Fool You Made Of Yourself On CNN Marc? Well Guess What, I Had The Greatest Up- bringing Any Child Could Want So There”. Take your hatred somewhere else you stupid racist “Fool”.

    • poljunkie

      Damn straight. That child is very lucky…He’s surrounded by opportunity, family and most importantly love.

  • In a political system such as we have, it’s tough to prevail in any coin toss where the tosser’s permanent rule is “Heads I win tails you lose.” You know, “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. “No good deed goes unpunished”. Recognize any of those quotes? Only all of them, right?

    What if the Romney’s had a family picture taken without that precious little fortunate toddler? Well, in such a case, I’d again refer you to any of the previously quoted cliches above…times ten hundred.

    Cliches because they occur way too often, when they shouldn’t. More folks should toss the tossers instead.

    Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year 🙂

  • ted

    So when Bill DeBlasio takes a picture with his Black Lesbian Wife, Half Black Afro Headed son, and Half Black drug addict daughter how many different groups is he exploiting?

    • FlyingDutchmanNYAmstr

      That’s very true Ted and the difference is, DeBlasio’s a full fledged Liberal Democrat. They can do anything and say anything and get away with it “Period”

  • crosshr

    Bravo Lamont ! you are a successful arse since your graduation as Dr.Lamont. Your brain and your mouth are equally sickened as your liberal racist rotten soul. For the witches from MSNBC that joked about Romney’s grandson, since the new year approaches, try a happy new “YOU” with a soul of a human being !

  • FlyingDutchmanNYAmstr

    What’s even scarier is Marc Lamont Hill is teaching future Generations of college kids how to “Hate”. So who ever it is that attends Columbia University and is taught by him is bound to leave that school hating America.

    • DakConserve

      Can you imagine being a student having to listen to this Fing moron!

  • BearNJ

    So its exploitative to include an adoptive child in the family photo? Seriously the race baiting three name crowd are serially stupid and vile.

    • Rich-3

      Can you imagine had they left the kid out. WOW, they will crying big time about Whitey Romney leaving out his only brown baby!!!

  • poljunkie

    So Professor Lamont-Hill, do you feel that Sandra Bullock releases photos of her little guy to advance her career? Or do you just reserve your biased, hate filled opinion for Romney and the Republicans?

  • I don’t pay attention to the opinions of those who defend murderers like Chris Dorner.

  • mcgurn

    To paraphrase a line from the late, great Red Foxx “Lemont, you big dummy”!

  • Beth H

    If they wanted to poke fun at Romney they could have said he was trying to be normal. Currently the majority of adoptions are transracial


    As a person of mixed race I am learning that my white side is the most unjustly accused in today’s society. My Native side hates black bigots.

  • Unafraid

    What were the Romney’s suppose to do? Leave the adopted grandchild out of the picture. IDIOTS!

    • sallyjohanna

      Our new form of government must know everything we are doing, why, and make a joke of us as soon as possible…the better to control us

    • tinlizzieowner

      If they did, Hill would be saying the adopted Black child wasn’t ‘good enough’ to be in the picture. This is all a ‘game’.
      Wonder what he would say about.
      Brad Pitt & Angelina = Did they “buy” a “token” or multiple “token” babies?
      Charlize Theron = Did she get herself a “token” baby?
      Sandra Bullock = what about her? Is Louis a “token” baby?
      Mia Farrow = how bout her?
      Michelle Pfieffer = “token” baby?
      Billy Crudup = “token” baby?
      Jane Fonda???? = “token” baby?
      Tom Cruz = “token” baby?
      Kristin Davis = “token” baby?
      Jillian Michaels = “token” baby?
      Ty Burrell = “token” babies”
      Hugh Jackman = “token” babies”
      Madonna = “token” babies?
      Steven Spielberg = “token” babies?
      When was the last time you saw a picture of a Black family that adopted a White baby?
      And don’t tell me there aren’t any White kids up for adoption, My Mrs. was adopted and my grandson will have 2 new siblings by the 2nd week in January.

      • sallyjohanna

        Excellent…where are blacks adopting poor white kids…zero. The Democrat Socialist Progressives do not approve.

      • poljunkie

        Meg Ryan and Denise Richards have little girls of color that were adopted too.

  • sallyjohanna

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see that the national news has been brought down to the level of infantile, juvenile drivel that has no bearing on any important subject that we all care about!!!

  • Reamensa

    If you like your adopted grandchild, you can keep your adopted grandchild.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Marc Lamont Hill: “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …”
    “Some people would say”? What’s wrong chickensh*t, can’t own up to your own agenda?

  • ApplePie101

    Off topic–sorry, but I’m flabbergasted–the EU is banning cinnamon rolls: Is this where we’re headed?

    • sallyjohanna

      You betcha…off with cinnamon rolls, they somehow corrupt us.

  • Bette

    I guess he would prefer the newly adopted male human being be left out of the picture. Hill and his ilk should just shut up in order to stop making fools of themselves. Maybe though he is jealous that he wasn’t so lucky as a youth.

  • David

    How could Romney having a black grandson on his knees be exploitive? Romney has lost the election and he isn’t running again. That he accepts a black grandson and will raise that child as it should be is just a sign of his character.

    • poljunkie


    • sallyjohanna

      In today’s world…logic is incompatible with logic!

  • ENR

    Give it up lefties. All you are doing is further exposing your own intolerance, bigotry and racism. There is no excuse for your critism of the Romney family in this matter.

  • R_of_the_H

    Perry must be the network authority of “Token”.
    Hill doesn’t’ recognize the epidemic of fatherless children in the community in which he represents.

    • Joseph ewing

      Good News: Hill doesn’t represent anyone.

      Bad News: Hill knows about the epidemic. He just won’t admit it in public, since it doesn’t meet with the arguments he wishes to put forth.

  • Yazz55

    What they’re really saying is that a white person adopting a black baby is racist. No elitist liberal extremist would do such a racist thing.

    • sallyjohanna

      except for Madonna, the Jolie Pitts, and Sandra Bullock…out of the clear blue sky, they, they have black children…any Progressive examine their motives?

  • Emmel Jones

    Obama was raised by his white grandparents. I guess they were just exploiting him.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”
      Barack Obama ‘Dreams From My Father’.
      Their ‘White’ money sure came in handy though, didn’t it Barry.
      😉 😉

    • deadmanvoting


  • Bo Jiden

    Mitt just don’t get it. These clowns OWN black, and it’s up to them to tell Mitt just who he can and can’t have in his family pic. Quit trying to be inclusive, Whitey!

  • imatellau

    The tolerant have spoken and as usual it’s rude, vulgar, hypocritical and excused!

  • sallyjohanna

    Did the segment go too far? You have to ask? Every American should be offended by the inane drivel that followed…if that is the new way we are going to conduct ourselves…I WANT OUT!

    • deadmanvoting

      The Oppressives are just insuring their demise in 2014 and 2016…Thank God!….

  • Howzah123

    More nonsensical distraction

    Meanwhile Obamacare is going full steam ahead

    • tinlizzieowner

      Over a cliff. 😉

      • deadmanvoting

        And HE still has the keys?

  • If you look, very carefully, at this Romney family photo you will notice that the youngest members are all centered. What does “centered” mean? For Mormon/Christian families, the emphasis is “always” upon the next generation, the future, the reason that family members get up in the morning, the reason that sacrifices are made — the next generation, the innocent children.
    If the Romney’s adopted grandchild had been 15 years old, he/she would have been at the back/side with the other 15 year old children. The Left is not only despicable, they are oblivious.

  • $22911251

    Hill is predictable and boring. oh yeah and racist

    • Ryno Lascavio

      I was watching the Today Show yesterday morning and they were acting just as vile.

  • Truth Gun

    So it’s exploitative for a white family to adopt a black child and have a photo of him? That is exactly what Hill just said.

  • lanahi

    Hmmm…I see the Duck Dynasty has an adopted black child in their family too.

  • Victoria Koseck

    And this dude is supposed to be a “professor”? My Lord, please spare the children!!!

    • Joseph ewing

      Yeah, but it’s at Columbia, so it doesn’t really count. 🙂

      • Ryno Lascavio

        You wonder why Meadow Soprano is listed as the “third most annoying character” in the show. The second most annoying was her bi-racial boyfriend at Columbia.

  • expat1995

    So many court jesters given air time to talk absolute rubbish ,And many of them actually teach college kids .any wonder our youth has no idea what is actually going on

  • Letscheck

    I’m so glad Marc is not on Fox any longer.

    Something is very wrong with his thinking and his arguments.

    He tries to talk a circle around his statements, with it all coming around to racism.

    • Ryno Lascavio

      Its funny, FOX tries to give these nutcases a chance on TV (usually on Bill O’Reilly) and after a few months they end up on CNN or MSNBC giving their true feelings. This most recent batch of black spokesman are the most vile and ignorant people, it makes me sad for the future.

  • DHardy

    Personally I don’t know why anyone would give any comments made on CNN or MSNBC any validity by responding to them. They are a sinking ship and all their comments are meant to be bombastic and shocking. Truth is of no consequence at all to them.

    • deadmanvoting

      Polar bears are the only animal on earth that “hunts” for humans…..there are awesome feeding grounds at the MSNBC studios………

  • gso

    Lamont…You big dummy!

  • Flyoverman

    Progressives would find something political in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Utterly pathetic.

    • deadmanvoting

      Some schools have outlawed PB&J because there are “peanut allergy” children in school and they MUST be protected from real life……..only in America…..

      • Flyoverman

        Ooops, you got me. GREAT PONT

      • sinead9191

        Yes, this happened in my granddaughter’s parochial school, where approximately three children out of more than 500 (two classrooms for each of eight grades) had allergies to peanuts. The ban lasted all of one year because it proved to be unenforceable. This resulted in the three sets of parents’ having to educate their allergic children to avoid eating lunch near someone with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Oh, what a brilliant solution! Why didn’t they think of it in the first place instead of instituting a draconian ban on all? PC run amok, as usual.

  • Conservative_Utopia

    Hill is an idiot who deserves to be ignored.

    • timsrighty

      Yeah, I’ve seen his pathetic dog and pony show enough in the past. I’m not even going to watch the video on this one.

  • ultraphoenix

    Gotta pity da fools who sit thru hill’s classes.

  • cja7740

    Marc Lamont-Hill holds some biased narrow-minded views, lacks self-awareness, and is internally in line with the emphatically espoused views of the National Black Social Workers position of the grotesqueness and intolerability of white families, whether they be childless or not, going through the legitimate adoption process and adopting raising and loving a black infant or child. Marc and Melissa Harris-Perry, etc etc are all into their biased codespeak and cannot fathom that there are tens of thousands if not more of white families whose hearts and minds are wide open and loving and genuinely want to share their lives and raise a black child AS THEIR OWN. Its the Marc Lamont-Hills, the Melissa Harris-Perry, the Eric Dysons of the world who can’t get over themselves.

  • John Phillip

    and Marc lamont-hill is a teacher too.. thats the real sad part in all this. what does he teach his class.. to hate white people

    • deadmanvoting

      I guess we now know who the REAL RACISTS are, no?

    • Ronald W. Mann

      As an intellectual he is a fraud

  • Wareagle82

    what sort of horrible person makes fun a baby and/or uses a baby to advance a political agenda? The family adopted a child who happens to be black. Once upon a time, we used to think that was a good thing.

  • cod613

    Let’s hear the comments you racists would make if the Rpmney family photo ommitted the black baby? Duh

  • Mikki Ford Cromer

    I’m torn. To be honest I’m not offended by the joke. It was a joke. It was in bad taste in a public forum. Be honest though no one sat in their living room alone and said, “I am personally offended by that joke” Just like we shouldn’t be offended if the color scheme was reversed or someone told a blond joke. Therein is the problem though. First, we take ourselves way too seriously. People are going to say things, without malice, that are in the wrong forum and to be honest are in bad taste. But it shouldn’t send the country into a tail spin. The person that made the joke wasn’t saying we should treat the baby any differently. Some people will take it that way. Second, We have a disparity in standards because we are so scared of being thought of as racists and we have a double standard. What is okay for one race to say is taboo for another. Words should not be our focus but rather intent. If you look at it. The intent behind the words wasn’t malicious. It was an attempt to be funny. It wasn’t but they weren’t trying to purposefully be hateful. I think Melissa Harris Perry is a twit if truth be told but in this one instance I didn’t find the comment offensive.

    • sinead9191

      Oooh, riiight! I get it! It was supposed to be funny! That panel was just a group of jokesters! I guess this signals a new era — no holds barred on joking about politicians’ children — just as one of the hilarious pranksters on MSNBHeeHaw also joked about Sen. Ted Cruz’ having two little girls. Everyone knows the Republicans hate women, right? I guess it’s okay now to make jokes about the Obama daughters, huh? Or, does political correctness only apply to democrat children? Moron!

      • Mikki Ford Cromer

        Wow! I can’t believe that garnered full attack mode. A Moron no less. I have rarely been able to convince someone that I’m a moron in one paragraph. Usually that takes at least two.

        So if I interpret your witty reply correctly you are essentially saying that we shouldn’t hold ourselves, as conservatives, to a higher standard. Essentially we are going to go back to the school yard mentality of “Well Johnny did it first” as if that is the magic panacea to any wrongdoing.

        You demonstrated my point perfectly. I wish you had been a democrat it would have made me feel better about my co-conservatives. I would like to think we aren’t quite so reactionary. Thanks for ruining my illusions.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Hill, another race pimp, and buffoon chimes in…how unique!

  • 7cedars

    I’m offended. Take them off the air, cancel the show.

  • tonyc

    Mr. Hill – sounds racist to me.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    Dope #5…

  • notebene

    If you need any more proof that liberal progressives suffer from psychiatric disorders and self-loathing, watch the video. I’ll pass….I refuse to give credence to ignorant stupidity.

  • ML NJ

    So how does he feel about the DeBlasio family photographs?

  • BoSplosion

    The hypocritical character assassination doesn’t even stop after the election. These people are really despicable.

  • Chubster30

    “One of these things is not like the other ones….”
    Only someone who sees the world through the lens of identity politics and victimization can make such a despicable remark.

  • Historybuff

    When is msnbc (Comcast) going to reign in their out-of-control Racists? Insulting families is not funny…

  • BenGladden

    So, Romney should have told his adopted black grandson that he wasn’t allowed to be in the photo? I’m sure Hill would have approved of that decision.

    • PittsburghTiger

      I’m guessing that Lamont would only have been happy if this little black kid had been aborted. After all, isn’t that the normal fate for black babies these days?

      • M_J_S

        Besides prison….yup

  • BucTroop

    Mark Lamont Hill actually has a job. That’s amazing. How many times did he say to Ana, “You’re right?”

  • TxGold

    All the libs do these days is look for something to whine about!! Ever since Obama was elected, it’s all about racism with them.

    • MDaveno1

      What’s next? Will Al Sharpton tell Phil Robertson to hunt more white ducks?

  • kalifornia

    Lamont is just yet another in a long line of angry black men. I guess he’s suffering from post-traumatic-three generations ago-slavery-syndrome. He’s despicable.

    • Common_Sense_Post

      More likely if you go back a few generations he was the one selling the slaves to the traders.

  • mder4thegov

    I rarely, if ever, agree with Marc Lamont Hill, but he’s absolutely right on this one: white guilt has taken over the GOP establishment, and Romney may be the RINO’s fall back plan for 2016. So what do you do? Go and adopt a black baby…that should work. What a bunch of clueless phonies.
    BTW, wasn’t it Rove and George W’s campaign who made fun of the McCain’s adopting of a minority child–during their 2000 primary contest?
    This bunch is a mess.

    • ReasonedVoice

      White guilt has taken over the GOP? Are you delusional?
      The Democrat/Progressives are the ones that are constantly obsessing about race and see racism everywhere and in everything (including a family photo!). They are the ones constantly trying to establish race-based rules, set-asides, limits and quotas. They are the ones that call someone racist for espousing race-blind equal opportunity for all. From today’s Democrats viewpoint, Martin Luther King Jr. is the ultimate racist, while practically worshipping him in the same breath. Utter hypocrisy.

    • AliciaP

      Romney isn’t RUNNING. Quit seeing everything in political terms.

      A child needed a good home. He got a good home. It’s just that simple.

      Quit being a racist jerk.

    • RonRonDoRon

      “Romney may be the RINO’s fall back plan for 2016”

      Seriously? If you think anyone in the GOP would consider nominating Romney again, you are delirious.

      • sinead9191

        Unfortunately, you’re probably correct. The establishment in the GOP never really backed the governor and offered only perfunctory support during the campaign. But, just think of the probabilities if he had won — no Obamacare, a healthy economy, strangling regulations repealed to allow a business-friendly environment, creating more jobs, a roll-back of foreign aid to countries that hate the U.S., lower taxes, etc. — and, an end to all the levels of divisiveness. Instead, we have another three years ahead with an inept, lazy, know-nothing regime — a virtual dictatorship that has sought to divide this country more than ever and to insinuate government interference into every aspect of our lives!

        • RonRonDoRon

          I agree that we’d almost certainly be better off if he’d been elected. I voted for him because that was also my view at the time.

          Was only pointing out that mder4thegov’s fanciful theory that nominating Romney for 2016 might be a GOP back-up plan is just silly.

  • reasonable+guy

    Since when is a family photo exploitive? Would it have been better to set the youngster aside and not include him in the photo? If they did, then everyone would be up in arms because they didn’t include him.

  • dabbobean

    Yes according to mark…..the little black baby should not have been included with all the other grandchildren, he should have been hidden away and segregated from the others. How would a picture have been received that did not include this baby?….The Romney’s would have been torched in the press….Say what you want about the Romney’s politics, but I think they are genuine good people.

  • Nixonfan

    The Romneys are throwbacks to the days of decency and piety. So funny.


    WOW,, I received dozens of exploitative christmas cards in the mail this month ,,,, and I didnt even realize it.

  • Lisa Cooke Dobecki

    Yes, that was racist what they said. Sorry, sorry, sorry people.

  • Silence Dogood

    So now they try their race baiting crap with their whole what? 25 viewers? LMAO!

  • C_Jay

    The laughable part of this whole thing is that he tries to claim it’s “exploitative” to have this child in the picture. Did I miss something? Didn’t Romney already lose? Is he running for something I don’t know about? The guy has nothing to gain from this other than a memory with his grandkids.

    • AnotherBrian

      I guess Mitt Romney should not have had the kid in the picture at all?

      • C_Jay

        Read my post again…slower this time.

        • AnotherBrian

          I’m agreeing with you. By Mr. Hill’s comment, I must assume that Mitt Romney should have excluded the baby from the picture so he wouldn’t be “exploitative.”

          • C_Jay

            Apparently it’s me that should be reading slower. lol

            • AnotherBrian

              No, I should have made my post more clear. My apologies.

              • jefflll

                Great back and forth on that discussion. If this had taken place on the HuffPo, WaPo or Salon sites, instead of offering apologies for mis-reads, there would have been an exchange of death threats.

                • AnotherBrian

                  Well, in my opinion, you don’t get extra points for being a jackass.

                • jefflll

                  AnotherBrian said: “Well, in my opinion, you don’t get extra points for being a jackass.”

                  Poor little thing, hit a nerve did I? I miss took you for being civil, my mistake! Will keep an eye out for your moniker at the previously mentioned pubs.

                • AnotherBrian

                  What are you talking about? I was just making a comment in general. That wasn’t directed to anyone.

                • jefflll

                  Thought it was directed at me, was taken out of context

                • AnotherBrian


  • kevin

    What’s new about this, Mark Lamont Hill is a racist and pretty proud of it. I would call him the next generation reverend take your pick of the three most egregious!

  • catcon69

    Marc Lamont Hill talks a line of BS just like the rest of the libs!! :

  • Kem Cho

    What about NYC’s new mayor. Did he win because he flaunted his black wife?

  • Kem Cho

    Did Lamont want Romney to not include one of his grandsons in family photo because of color?

    • deep45

      imagine what they would be saying if he choose not to include the child. MSNBC would be howling

  • nyeff

    Not shocking. These people have nothing but hate and pettiness in their hearts………….

  • joe

    I quit watching Oreilly because of mark lamont hill. What a load he is… in the rear, that is.

  • FlyntLoc

    And what was Jesse Jackson calling for a “sit down” with Duck Dynasty, called? And BTW, isn’t labeling the picture as “exploitive” actually “exploitive” in itself?

  • AliciaP

    Wouldn’t it have been worse if Mitt Romney said “okay, family picture. For everyone but that adopted kid”?

    Professor Hill is a classless bigot. Mitt Romney isn’t running for office, so possible political implications are nonexistent.

    And the Romneys are LDS. A family photo is what a mormon family does.

    I find Hill a mean, disgusting jerk.

  • twistin

    hill is an exploitative moron. fast talker. rapper…

  • tomgriffith

    Wow! Taking a photo with all the grandkids is exploitive? How would leaving that one kid out have played with the “racial outrage” media machine?
    Romney, damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Seems kinda unfair doesn’t it?

  • AliciaP

    These people can’t look at the Romneys and say, what a big family! (That was my reaction).

    They have to interject racism, hatred and snarkism in their liberal rant.

    The whole world knows who the haters are. It ain’t the Romneys!!!

  • lrjrj

    Hill is a moron, they were making fun of the fact that Romeny adopted a black child. It wasn’t political, he’s not running for any office, this is not a campaign photo, and MSNBC is nothing but a race baiting and exploiting network. Perry “brilliant and amazing”? Then why the obsession with race, the most superficial and irrelevant of issues?

  • ivan

    Mr. Hill, who teaches or taught Hip Hop studies [a very helpful course to find jobs-sarcasm} is another of those whose lives revolve around race. He should get a seat next to Whoopie and Sherrie of The View. He speaks fast so you won’t notice how dumb he is .

  • $14640551

    Here comes the censorship! Did you impose censorship on comments about Bush? People are finally waking up to Obama…time for censorship!

  • 1stAmendment_101

    Marc Lamont Hill is just another race baiter with one agenda keep race out front as the argument. He is a low bottom dwelling gutter snipe who emulates Dyson, Sharpton and Jackson!

  • CUBSilver

    Pretty sick. “Exploitative” to begin with. Does Mark understand he delegitimized 50 years progress of human relations — “I am a fool for fighting for my rights.”

    That goes over GREAT with tens of millions heartland black Americans.

    The good ‘doctor’ says “fighting for civil rights is the dumbest thing black Americans do.”

    That’s why ‘PhD’ is a SUFFIX. Surgeons are doctors, that’s a PRE fix. Big difference.

  • CUBSilver

    Mark Le Mont delegitimized 50 years progress in human relations.

    This is what Le Mont said;

    “Black Americans are fools for winning rights they fought for and won.”
    “Black Americans, WE are fools for winning civil rights we fought for and won.”

    That’s why ‘PhD’ is a SUFFIX. Not a prefix. Surgeons are doctors. Big difference.

    You haven’t learned a foggiest thing Le Mont. Put your mark here Le Mont and you did.

  • Laurel

    Disgustingly dumb.

    And he is teaching your children along with Melissa Harris Perry.

    • CUBSilver

      It’s sad

  • RUexperienced

    Exploitative??? Seriously?

    Imagine the outrage if they took a family picture of everyone but left out the black baby.

    • CUBSilver

      You got it.

  • CUBSilver

    Mark — you adopt any asian children — any Israeli children — ANY Russian orphans? Any Latino children? Have you adopted any Saxon anglo children MARK?

    Nope, nope, AND nope.

    Triple A loser.

  • LiberalsArePoison

    Silly Kneegrow go play knockout games…..

    • CUBSilver

      you have a point

  • Michki067

    Yeah, I guess he should have practiced “exclusion.” Yeah, THAT’S the ticket! Sit over there, son, you don’t have a place at this table.

    • CUBSilver

      Liberals mandate at the federal level, ‘Occlusion’.

      And Liberals think GOP wages war on women.

  • CUBSilver

    Unfortunately America, Liberals wrap human dignity and human life in politics. It’s all they know. It’s Religious political idolatry.

    Liberal conviction changes with the soup menu of the day. Liberalism is their religion.

    • deadmanvoting

      The Oppressive’s version of Sharia, eh?

      • CUBSilver

        Now you have it.

        • deadmanvoting

          I’ve had it for years……still, some don’t share the vision, as disturbing as it is, we had better heed the warnings……

  • christ_bearer

    Marc Lamont Hill is an overbearing, angry “real racist” with a chip on his shoulder.. “thumbs up” if you agree

  • nick

    So according to this moron they shouldn’t have the kid in the picture? Even though he is part of the family? How would that make the Romney’s look then and what would left wing radicals like Marc Lamont say then?

    • deadmanvoting

      It’s quite obvious, Mitt was damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t……just the way the hypocrites like it, unless it is one of them in a catch 22…..

  • Jeff R

    How about a picture of Obama and his mom, what would that be? Lamont Hill is a disgusting human being. And CNN is no better for inviting him to spew his racism and abject foolishness on a “panel”.

    • moderate Guy

      You know of a liberal who is not a disgusting human being?

      • John Richter

        God bless you,

        • moderate Guy

          Thank you; he does.

      • AliciaP

        I find them logic challenged.

    • Guest

      Funny how there are no photos of Obama at three months old. And the few family pics he produced for the 2008 election are almost all photo-shopped wonders. Now ask yourself, why would candidate Obama have to resort to photoshopping his family album?

  • CUBSilver

    People often do not understand Islamism is NOT a faithood. It is purely a political system. The same applies to pop fad Obama liberalism.

    Barack Obama directs the White House the same way Sharia Islam directs Mid East turmoil and turpitude. The worse it gets, the stronger it becomes.

  • CUBSilver

    Marc Le Monte is a “Will self-imposer”.

    Like this president, Le Mont imposes his will.

    50 years progress black America fought for and won against EXACTLY what Le Monte is imposing — enslavery.

    Not slavery. Enslavery. 50 years black America fought against people like Marc Le Monte, and won —not because of people like Le Monte, but in SPITE of people like Marc Le Monte.

  • In which Dr. Hill uses Rapist Logic…

  • RocklinConservative

    So they were exploiting the child by putting him in the christmas picture with the other grandkids … hmmm wonder what the conversation would be if they left him out?

  • Feebes

    Looks like Hill and Perry over at MSNBC will have to battle it out to see who is the bigger race baitor. Tough call.

  • Dan McMartin

    I suppose they should have just left the child to grow up in an orphanage or in foster care? Look, I’m no fan of Romney politically but he’s a good man. If Hill and Harris-Perry find the idea of a black child being adopted into a loving and supportive white family so repugnant, maybe they should adopt a few black children instead of bashing those that have. I thought the idea was to learn to live together, to put aside racial differences but it appears some blacks are all for self-segregation. Politics above all else, I suppose. Maybe their just angry this child might grow up to be a *gasp* Republican.

  • moderate Guy

    Lowlife liberal scum on MSNBC makes idiotic comments and lowlife liberal scum on CNN defends them.
    Another day in American media.

    • John Richter

      No different than the Robertson thing.Now people are defending Phil telling a crowd to marry junior high school kids. If a lib TV personality was advocating 15 year olds getting married,Palin and Rush and Fox would have you foaming at the mouth over it.

      • moderate Guy

        Aaah, that blinding liberal “intelligence”. How is human filth making fun of a family that adopts a child “not different that the Robertson thing”.
        What people are telling anyone to marry junior high kids?
        That beeping you hear, son; that’s your meds monitor telling you to up the intake waaay up.

  • daveugber

    this country would be better-off today if mitt romney were president… the utter lack of leadership is sucking the life out of everyone…RACISTS EVERYWHERE! it’s all illusion and delusion brought on by leaderlessness…when our ‘greatest’ leaders are speech-givers and political hacks, we get what we’ve got…

    • daveugber

      and just to clarify, i’m NOT a big romney fan…it’s not that difficult, however, to see the social devastation after 5 years of barack obama/harry reid… total disarray and chaos

  • GrimmCreeper

    How can anyone take a professor of hip hop seriously?

  • chevron1144

    I’m just wondering where all of these people were when the movie “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock received high awards from the Hollywood Left. Why is this Romney story any different?

  • Sanford Thorson

    The hate of many Blacks is shining through the eyes of Obama.

    • raptor64d2

      You would think the blacks of today were actually slaves in their lifetime. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of the black community and how dependent a large portion has become. Sad.

  • f_this_state

    If they left the kid out of the photo what would he have said? So if the kid is out of the photo he wouldn’t have called it racist? When the kid is in the photo it’s exploitative, even though the kid is a member of the family? So he should be left out of the photo because he is black and a member of an all white family? Talk about racist. Mark lamont hill, another liberal racist.

  • depressionbaby

    What in the world would these people say if a Black family adopted a White child?

    • LarryTX

      They’d say they were a bunch of uncle Toms.

  • Labropotes

    The problem with being dumb is it’s difficult to justify your hastily expressed stupid opinions.

    • Steve Angell

      He is still justifying them even after his partner on that show apologized.

  • There is simply no way to rationalize this kind of blatant bigotry. I don’t know what point people like Marc Lamont Hill or Melissa Harris-Perry are trying to make but it isn’t working. In fact, their comments are hateful and inflammatory. If they believe they are making the case for racism, they would in fact be correct, their own!

  • nickshaw

    And if the adopted, black child wasn’t in the picture?
    What would you have to say then, MLH?
    Yep, they get to have it either way.
    Dangerous bozos at that!

  • valwayne

    How disgusting and hateful. Gov Romney isn’t running for anything. He just took a family photo with his Grandchildren. What was he supposed to do? HIde or leave out his youngest Grandchild. The race baiters at Obama’s propaganda network are just the worst kind of disgraceful slimy haters. Mr Hill trying to defend this kind of hate is even more disgraceful and dispicable. Every time I think they’ve hit the top and can’t shock me with their hatred again they manage to take it to a new and more despicable level.

  • Susan Charlene

    The Romney family shouldn’t have included their grandchild in the picture. He after all is black. According to the racists such as mark Lamont hill, blacks are way different than white people and should never, ever, intermix with one another

    • John Richter

      A lot of people feel there should not be interracial adoptions nor gay adoptions, and they are not all libs, believe me.

      • AliciaP

        But not the Romneys.

  • Kathy Hansen

    Just wondering what Lamont’s reaction would be had the Romneys excluded excluded the little one.

  • LarryTX

    This guy only gives credence to those who believe Blacks are an inferior race. Is the media trying to tell us something?

  • There’s an n-word that applies to Hill. Not because of his race, but because of his low-rent uselessness and lack of value as a human being.


  • StevvC

    Black audacity, say anything.

  • Vicki

    I like you Lamont. But you’re basically saying they can’t take a family picture because they have a black child in their family tree.

  • DrChambers

    Why isn’t Hill complaining about the half white president dragging his black wife into the public stage? Isn’t that rather exploitive?

    • John Richter

      Why didn’t republicans get as outraged over all the racist comments republicans have made ?

      • HopyMcChange

        such as?

        • John Richter

          Well comments like Congressman Walsh repeating over and over the only reason Obama won was because he was black and whites felt guilty… The GOP head that sent out the watermelon patch on the WH lawn picture, The republican that sent out the picture of Obama as a Zulu witch doctor,… there were plenty…

          • HopyMcChange

            How about Clinton saying Obama was a fairy tale. Biden saying Obama is a ‘clean, articulate black man’? Biden saying ‘they gone put y’all back in chains’? How about Harry Reid said Obama had a chance of winning because he was both “light-skinned” and didn’t speak with a “negro dialect.”
            How about you take your two-faced selective hypocritical butt outta here?

            • John Richter

              lol… You going to start a petition demanding the government deport me like you guys did when Piers Morgan expressed an opinion you did not agree with?

              • poljunkie

                Piers got his just desserts when he called Pres Bush names for the way he rode a Segway. AND then he fell off, and broke ribs and other things himself.

                Just recently he did a similar thing against an Australian Cricket player. He mouthed off, and ended up in an exhibition. Suffered a fractured rib and broken wrist.

              • raptor64d2

                If you are trying to take my rights, heck yes.

          • poljunkie

            I think maybe you are confusing what Joe Biden and Harry Reid said. BOTH Democrat LEADERS…..They made the “clean” and “articulate” statments…which were over the top remarks…and barely mentioned by the media or others in their party.




            • John Richter

              Just for grins, go check out the Stormfront site and see if they lean left.

              • poljunkie

                Uh no thanks.

          • Guest

            “Well comments like Congressman Walsh repeating over and over the only reason Obama won was because he was black and whites felt guilty.”

            That’s not racist. That’s pretty much how it went.

          • $5517224

            Geraldine Ferraro and many other Democrats said precisely the same thing…because, after you filter out all the PC b.s., it’s true.

      • raptor64d2


  • David maley

    So what should they do leave the kid out of the picture that seems racist.. This knuckle head is a college professor think about that

    • Maybe the Left would have been happier if the Romney’s would have put a paper sack over the kid’s head

      • Living_in_L_A

        This is clearly a no win situation for the Romneys. If they include the child, they’re exploiting a black child. If they exclude him, then no doubt, they’d be racists.

    • CitizenVetUSA

      Upon ETS ARMY It was September 1967 I discovered hundreds like Hill slithering around U.S. campuses teaching their caustic poison ideology

    • Guest

      ‘This knuckle head is a college professor think about that”

      So are I’m_Very_ Important_I _Have_Three_Names co-racists Michael Eric Dyson and Mellisa Harris Perry.

  • jeanie6

    Hill lost what little respect he might have accrued. Hill is a Philistine not to mention a first order jerk. Weaseling is degrading Hill.

  • There’s a reason Hill can’t get work at Fox anymore. He’s a loud-mouthed bigot.

    • inyouri

      I’m sure MSNBC will hire him.

  • John Richter

    Santa is white, Jesus is white, and Romneys kid isn’t.

  • John Richter

    You never would catch a republican saying anything about blacks.

  • Awfully hypocritical of you, Marc Lamont, when an Affirmative Action president sits in the WH… a congenital liar and incompetent with no executive experience… elected by so many for simply being black. That’s exploitive. That’s racist. Just ask Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Jesse Jackson and millions more who have blatantly admitted to voting for Obama’s skin color, rather than his substance. In the future, leave defenseless babies to the care of their mothers… black or white.

  • inyouri

    Hey Hill is getting better, after all he didn’t say all the white kids in the picture looked alike or did I miss it. /sarc

  • nulltransform

    CNN and MSNBC are absolutely disgusting

  • Explodingmuzzie

    What’s up with black people having three names?

  • Rivalry

    Can you believe how bigoted Lamont Hill is suggesting that Romney adopted a black child for political gain? Take that knuckle dragging ADHD boy off the air forever.

    • mabramso

      Yeah, what political gain??? Romney is no longer in politics! This is like the Left’s obsession with Sarah Palin, even though she is no longer in politics. This is not about winning elections; it’s about destroying people you disagree with.

      • Concetta

        They’re nuts and I do believe they have low I.Q. problem too. There’s no other way to explain their behavior.

  • John

    What would they have said if they left the grandchild out of the picture then it would have been said they were ashamed to have him in the picture, its just that if they are a republican its open game time and anything goes. Their is a no win here for the Romney family, it just goes to show you most liberals are racist but they always try to lay it on the republicans.. Mr. Hill is blind as a bat.

    • CincinnatiRIck

      This was a self-imposed wound by the Romney family: clearly taking in and adopting a child of another race is creating their “no win” situation. MSNBC would have others learn from the Romney’s mistake.

      Next MSNBC will allege that this was a cheap political trick to fish for black votes in his next campaign for office.

      You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Lee Guess

        Seems like a winning situation to me! A child needing adoption gets a loving family. If we only think about such things in political terms no one wins!

        • CincinnatiRIck

          Yes, that’s precisely the point that MSNBC doesn’t get…punishing people for a good deed in order to make a political point.

          • CharlestonBoy

            Which is precisely why, on any given night, you can combine CNN’s and HLN’s audience numbers with those of MSNBC, and they still lose to FOX.
            Never could understand why O’Reilly would have this clown on his show.
            He’s the only TV personality I can think of who can talk for 30 minutes nonstop and never say anything.

            • raptor64d2

              Well he is a “professor” after all. BWAAAAAAAAAA

              • $20704359

                which is scary

              • Concetta

                Democrats/Progressives have given “professor” a bad name. Most of Obama’s administration were from academia, and look how screwed up ObamaCare is!
                With these type of professors teaching the young, no wonder our education system is such a failure.

  • brock2118

    Why would you possibly want to put your family photo in the news?

    • MumuBobby

      I don’t think Romney put it ‘in the news’. I do think he put it in his Xmas card. Now I don’t know that, nor did I do any research. But that’s what Occam’s Razor suggests as Romney isn’t running for anything.

      So when are Dems going to step up and say that lying is wrong and abandon Obama? Or do we know have to accept that ‘anything goes’ in politics? Just make it up and call everyone else liars aka the Obamacare Legislative Method.

    • Guest

      They didn’t. Go back and reread.

    • reddog

      Read the article completely before commenting …….

  • brock2118

    I think I’d rather be watching paint dry than these guys.

    • Dusty

      What color?

  • Bing Li

    Hey Rethugs. 47% of the people called and they said Mitt can be president………………………………………….of Jack Sh!t !

    • CharlestonBoy

      How, by ANY measure, could he do any worse than the amateur who’s in there now?

    • Privatejetsetter

      Thanks for proving that progressive liberals are complete idiots

    • MumuBobby

      In other news, Jack Sh!t just passed the US on education and size of economy. Good choice, America.

  • Beal Baug

    So according to the libs Romney should have excluded his adopted black grandson while all of the others were in the picture…this is no doubt what the libs would have done..apparently Romney isn’t as biased as they are.

    • Guest

      Collectivist Lamont Hill thinks the Romneys have no business taking family photos period because there are those out there who can’t afford a camera or photographer.

  • Beal Baug

    liberals can be the most vile people on earth.

  • TerryOtt

    Did the network edit out the panelists’ comments about how the Romney family had slave quarters specs out for bids to offshore white-owned contractors? Or their homeschooling curriculum for the tyke where First Grade is primarily the art of picking cotton followed by fetching lessons? And panelists’ speculation about whether the youngster would have to ride on the roof of the family car? Maybe, they opine, the child will be trained to shovel manure from Grandma’s show horse, then use it for fireplace fuel in his shack.

    Irony: This poor little newcomer to the Romney clan may not know it yet, but his net worth probably skyrocketed past that of all the panelists combined the moment the adoption papers were signed.

    When he reaches voting age, Democratic fundraisers will hound him to support the party to show the world he is a bona fide Black person. Only to find he is strongly considering his OWN run for POTUS. GOP, of course — part of the Romney’s evil plan to take over the federal government and merge it with the Mormon Church. Better make sure he was born in the US, though.

    • reddog


      • Teresa

        15 yards for improper use of the imagination. I can follow the sarcasm in TerryOtts statement.

      • TerryOtt

        With all due respect, reddog, get some help from Teresa, who apparently is on top of her game.

        Seriously, though, what a wonderful break for Kieran to be adopted into cohesive family with strong character and values— and well-off to boot;

        And yet some are so wrapped up in their self-possessed agendas they would ridicule and accuse the Romneys of being exploitative in this context. That is so sad.

  • CSense

    If Romney had excluded their black child from the family photo Marc Lamont Hill would have blasted Mitt for being a segregationist.

  • Browns Fan42

    ANY evidence that shows some whites aren’t racist is horrifying to race-baiting blacks because it threatens their whole world view. They simply HAVE to attack it as a method of self-preservation.

    • $1719951

      I suppose DiBlasio the new mayor of NY married a black woman
      and this is exploitative according to Lamont. He’ll never tell you that. Now if DiBlasio were a Republican………………

  • Dougal

    You see, they get it both ways. If they had left him out of the picture they would have been racist, and if they leave him in the picture they are exploiting his race.

    These are truly disgusting people people, and stupid to boot.

    • Samuel Adams

      Exactly my first reaction too. Wonder how many kids anyone on that panel adopted? Remember when the same happened to Cindy McCain over the daughter she adopted from India?

      It’s just how these people roll. I simply treat folks like Harris-Perry as a devolved version of Homo Sapiens and an unfortunate burden that we all have to bear.

      • Concetta

        Unfortunately M-H-P is the very type of people infesting our education system, a very bad influence on the young, telling them how to think and vote, too.

  • mikekalish

    The MLH, Sharpton, Jackson brand of racism needs to be called out and exposed for what it is. Thanks for a great article.

  • Tom Charters

    Marc Lamont Hill is a hypocrite. He is in training to compete with Sharpton and Jackson. Poking racial insults at a baby adopted by white parents is just what one would expects from these clowns and MSNBC

  • bscook111

    The Affirmative Action (Free Lunch) half of Black America is in for a rude awakening I reckon. Hopefully they don’t drag the remainder of black America down with them.

  • mabramso

    So what is the alternative? Taking the family photo without the black kid in it? Yeah, sure, that would be seen a better light. Good grief, MSNBC is disgusting. It’s no wonder they are WAY down in the TV ratings.

  • reddog

    Exploitive? Why? They aren’t running for office anymore. Black Americans just can’t deal with someone giving a child a loving home if the child is black.. Exploitive? Yep Lamont, it depicts a black child who doesn’t have to worry about being shot by one of his neighbors in a drive by shooting. Maybe you should be touting their love for the child by trying to get your black American friends to do the same.

  • Teresa

    What? They should leave their grandchild out of the picture because he’s black? So the kid grows up and notices that he’s left out of all the family pictures. He wonders why his family doesn’t want him in pictures. What is that going to do to his emotional state?

    Media people really are stupid. Yes, I’m prejudiced against media people. They are all idiots.

  • valwayne

    Mr Lemon and Ms Navarro are to be applauded. It was clear they understood the despicable hateful nature of that entire panel on NBC/MSNBC using the Romney’ beautiful family picture and that beautiful little baby to smear and hate. That Lamont Hill would defend such despicable slime is unbelievable. He apparently thinks that kind of hatred and slime using a little baby is just fine. SHAME on HIM! Obama’s propaganda network NBC/MSNBC gets worse and more hateful every day and Obama divides our nation more and more every day.

  • Dean Kuhner

    That woman owned him in the debate. Very entertaining.

  • jeannie stanley

    well i guess that deblasio is exploiting his family also–you are a racist sir–how many children have you adopted??

  • lewis121701

    Somebody has got to take care of that race, because it’s obvious they can’t take care of their own.

  • CmonMann

    good lord, what a bunch of whiny “victims”

  • voorhee

    When did being white become something you have to apologize or make up for?

    • ounceoflogic


  • kangaroozach

    because Spielberg.

  • ounceoflogic

    It is sad that so many blacks seem to think only with their skin.

  • harryjmic

    It amazes me as I hang out with black people all the time and have no issues at all, yet everything coming out of the media is about racist gun totting KKK types. I’m really at a loss here, perhaps I live in opposite land…

  • ellacc

    The Romney family has family photos taken all the time. Is Hill suggesting that their adopted grandchild should have been excluded based on race??? Seriously, liberals hate it when the love conservatives have for all mankind garners the spotlight.

    • the_iowa_hawkeye

      No, he thinks the Romney’s should never have been allowed to adopt a black child in the first place.

  • julietaube

    should he not have been adopted? should he have been left out of the picture. he’s a beautiful child in a loving family.
    Get over it: The Romney’s are NOT the monsters portrayed by the leftist media.

  • lancesackless

    So I guess Brad and Angelina are also being exploitative? Freaking hypocrite moron!

    • BeenSmiling

      Don’t forget to add Sandra Bullock, Madona, Ellen Pompeo…….

  • SaraB55

    “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …”

    Who at CNN is responsible for hauling out this black person and putting him on TV to spout his moronic jibberish? It makes blacks look bad. Isn’t this just another instance of exploitation?

  • Looseafir

    What if Romney left the black baby out and the media later found he had a black baby in his family but left it out of the picture. Romney would have been brow-beaten even worse.

  • BeenSmiling

    To Marc Lamont Hill, ok, since you have issue with a White Republican Romney family adopting one of your own’s neglected/ abandoned baby, will you take it back and adopt it yourself? Will you? If not keep your mouth to rest.

  • Danette Jacobs

    Good grief! What would he have said if the child was left out of the photo – for crying out loud!!

  • Brian Daniel

    So I guess Bill DiBlasio, the new mayor of NYC, feels exploited in every family photo? Is this how it works?

  • Liberalitis

    I’m wondering what would be the appropriate way for Romney to take his family photo. He clearly should have consulted with MSNBC prior to taking the picture. I guess if someone else should have held the child, that would have been more acceptable to the left? My guess is that whether the child was there or not, he would have been screwed by the left.

  • Two Cents

    So, who’s really doing the exploiting here? It is sad that when Mr. Hill looks at that picture, the first thing he sees is a child whose skin color can be exploited in order to launch an attack on a political opponent. The day that racism is over is the day that people stop noticing and commenting on differences based on pigmentation. The world has changed. Take a good look in the mirror Mr. Hill if you want to see the real person who is willing to exploit skin color to advance their own ends.