Marine faces dishonorable discharge after WARNING soldiers of Taliban insider threat…

If you want the FULL background on this story, then please read this. But in short, while Marine Reserve Maj. Jason Brezler was back in the states, he received a warning that a certain Afghan police chief was back on one of their forward operating bases in Afghanistan. He emailed back via his personal email his summary of the Afghan police chief, warning them that this Afghan police chief worked with the Taliban. The document he emailed though was technically a classified document and when he learned of his error, he reported himself to his command. His commanders didn’t see any issue as the document was of little importance. Brezler’s warning, however, was ultimately ignored and the child-molesting Talibani police chief’s ‘tea boy’ took his rifle into the gym and murdered 3 of our bravest and best, Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, Cpl. Richard Rivera and Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr. A fourth soldier, Staff Sgt. Cody Rhode, survived despite being shot five times.

Next thing you know Brezler is being written up for his classified mistake (not by his commanding officers) by someone and now he faces a board of inquiry where he could be dishonorably discharged for his ever-so-slight transgression.

Brezler should be regarded as a hero for trying to protect our bravest and best who were unarmed when they were murdered. According to Allen West, they were not allowed to carry their weapons on the Forward Operating Base but this jerk police chief was allowed to carry his along with his ‘tea boy’.


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  • John Queue

    I Sincerely HOPE that our military fighting MEN AND WOMEN take notice!!!!! of how their “civilian” Masters are treating their fellow military members…TAKE HEED, I SAY!!! I now firmly believe without an iota of doubt…this current administration is out to undermine the integrity, safety, and security of our fighting forces the world over…I hope whomever is doing this to this Marine is outed and made to explain to the families of those three other DEAD MARINES why this is happening! SCUMBAGS!!

  • Press Watchusa

    Why is THIS administration TRASHING and DISRESPECTING the Military like never before?

    Are they picking a fight? – Does Obama want a civil war?

    This Marine should be getting a Promotion and a Medal!

    What the hell is going on?

    • Obama’s agenda:
      Defund and Dequip the US Military arsenal, conventional and non-conventional- Reduce it’s personnel to a skeleton crew- Destroy the men and women’s moral and effectiveness, via cutting their pay, benefits, and pension- make the U.S. Military impotent, and our enemies strong. Obama: Mission Accomplished

      • timsrighty

        But wait…he’s gonna need them to come and take our guns.

        • StealthM93

          No, he’s not. He’s building a domestic police force that is independent of the military. VERY scary.

    • deTocqueville1

      Joined by Ryan and the RINOs with this ‘budget’.

  • DCGere

    This is messed up beyond belief.

  • DCGere

    A dishonorable discharge? At worst, it’s a letter of reprimand or fine (Article 15 material) for this even without extenuating circumstances… somebody with juice really wants to get him for being right.

    • Laurel

      CYA. Happens in the military all of the time.

    • tinlizzieowner

      As with everything else we have seen during the Obama administration, they are always ready to say they will get ‘to the bottom’ of this but they never seem to be willing to get ‘to the top’ of it. ‘Bust’ the Marine at the bottom but avoid looking into why this Talaban collaborator, his sex slave and an AK-47 were doing on base in the first place.

    • John Queue

      He should get NOTHING but a medal. He turned himself in for his actions and his COC didn’t wish to pursue it…Now the monkey should be on THEIR back…

      • DCGere

        Exactly…he did follow this ORDER (for JR’s amusement):

        “Report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.”

  • PNWShan

    Why isn’t the person who ignored his warning being reprimanded? Three men lost their lives because he didn’t ac!

  • timerunnersc

    Americans can’t carry weapons in a kill zone, but Muslim can? Hum Sounds like a Benghazi plot. Bring Americans home alive, not in caskets draped with green on blue flags.

    FOX NEWS / LEAKS?: green on blue attacks Afghanistan:

  • Bob Nordberg

    **** FUBAR****Obama has our the US Millitary Fu-ked up beyond all recognition..

    In the US Military when things go very wrong it’s called ”FUBAR”…Obama has fundamentally transformed our P.C. US Military to a FUBAR joke. It;s so bad that a Muslim Child molesting Afghan police officer with known connections to the same Taliban terrorist were fighting and his underage molested (Butt Buddy) prostitute (who was not vetted) were allowed on to forward operating Afghan Base with loaded AK_47’s while Us service men were disarmed like they lived in Chicago or DC……(((Then))) a state side service member does the right thing to warn his buddies back in the war zone that the Afghan Cop and his male child bride were working with the Taliban….(((THEN)))…His warnings were ignored …(((THEN))) The Child Molesting Muslim Cops bend over Butt Buddy takes his AK-47 and Kills three Americans….(((THEN)))…Obama PC Civilian overseers are going to punish the stateside service member (HERO) for trying to save life of three dead Americans….

  • Oh cripes just when I believe the dear ba$tard’s despicable ROE’s and everything else can’t go any worse for our guys.
    Damit this is heart breaking and a freaking disgrace! THIS IS SO Wrong!!! Why the hell won’t anyone in our government DO something to remove the traitor in chief before all our military and our country is completely destroyed?! Haven’t our guys been demoralized enough?!
    It’s not enough to freaking ARM the terrorists who our guys have been fighting for the past 12 years, it’s not enough to make them practically read a terrorist his rights on the battlefield, they can’t shoot ba$tards who set up ied’s at night time, we’re paying freaking Jizya to Karzi who is working with the Taliban, who dear leader set 5 free from club gitmo yet didn’t bother to ask for Bowe’s return.
    Dam it.

    • darkknight91

      Why, you ask? Most of the DC trash are on his side.

    • johnfromjersey

      I have but one question.
      General Puller would’ve already perp-walked this fraud from the White House into GITMO, where he belongs.
      Oh, and well said Ducky…

      • Thank you John. I wish we had a few Chestys right now.

        • tinlizzieowner

          A few Pattons and MacArthurs wouldn’t hurt either.

  • NJK

    Obama and his people are purposely killing the soldiers. They’ve implemented what they call ROE, but it’s nothing but cover to have them murdered.

    Obama killed the Seals too. How about it, John Boehner? You’ve done such a fabulous job at betraying your oath and nation, by looking the other way, while this MB plant, commits acts of terror against America.

    No one in their right mind would join what’s become of this military.

  • darkknight91

    If he gets a dishonorable discharge, wear it as a badge of honor. It says something about what our sodomite embracing military has become being led by the Sodomite in Chief.

  • Bob Nordberg

    The how and why a child rapest was allowed on a us base is clear!

    ” The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

    Odd, homosexual behavior unusually common among Pashtun men. Taliban leaders and others have their own dancing boys called Bacha Bazi.”

    • sDee

      When some men have multiple wives, what are the other men left to do?

      Islam is a brutal perverted prefuedal theocracy that has had 1400 years to evolve into what we see today.


    Remember this name: Major Jason Brezler. What ever state he is from needs to make him a Senator. Here is someone who puts his people FIRST. America FIRST. Jason Brezler needs to replace what ever democrat or RINO senator his state how has in the Senate. People like Jason Brezler and Allen West and millions like them who really served our country needs to replace the democrats and RINOS in Congress. It is the only way to get our country back to it’s Constitutional roots.

    • gigi0f3

      His bio on Linkedin reads he is currently a fire fighter in New York City, Ladder Co. 58, Bronx, NY Squad Co. 252, Brooklyn, NY. He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy. Currently serving as the Operations Officer for the USMC’s CBIRF (Chemical Biological Incident Response Force) Reserve Element. Have previously served with: 8th Engineer Battalion, 4th Civil Affairs Group (CAG), 2nd Battalion, 25th Marines, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, and 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines in billets that have included: CAG team leader, platoon commander, company executive officer, detachment commander, battalion assistant operations officer and company commander. Forward deployed on several occasions in support of OIF in Iraq and OEF in Southern Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

      All this to say he is no slouch. Yes, I will email the Congressmen in NY to stand up for this brave soldier!


        You are a great American. Though not a New Yorker I will also write to the Ny congressmen to stand for him.

      • Freedomswatch

        I will email the Congressmen also. Maybe with enough pressure they will support our troops for a change.

      • Thank you gigi0f3

  • DHardy

    Obama can’t have his Boys exposed like that

  • DHardy

    If I was in the military I would stand up to this anti Christian BS. I don’t go to war with Deviants and traitors. I only go to war to defend my country with faith by my side. I won’t be led by a tyrannous muslim homosexual. I am a Christian and I will reference to my Lord and Savior for all that I need OPENLY and Often. I won’t serve and follow a Godless Heathen into war. America has lost its direction and Their Christian Faith and I will NOT give way to a Pedophilic False God. You can Shoot me, Discharge me dishonorably Nothing is more important to me than my faith. In the end that’s all you have.

    • lawngren

      Amen, brother. One day – probably soon – command will be held by the only One Who is worthy: “the Lamb that was slain” for our sins. He is a generous, forgiving, Commander to those whose allegiance is to Him, but those who defy Him and defile themselves and others – they will find that He is the most dangerous enemy in the Universe. He will set things right. God speed that day!

  • jean


    • gigi0f3

      We hear you LOUD and clear…

  • timsrighty

    This story makes me sick. Since Fort Hood nothing seems to surprise me though. I will pray for Maj. Brezler, his family and our entire military. Thank you to all of them as well.

  • Grumpa37

    Our highest brass undoubtedly believe they’re safe in their pentagon. They have to be the *dumbest* brass that ever squatted in our heads. And of course, we know who’s rooting for the bad guys.

    • Grumpa37

      It is fitting that all we know about our pResident is that he’s a fraud. Only academics will care whether he was a traitor or a subversive foreign national when they write him up in the sorriest, most shameful footnote written into our nation’s history. A village idiot: so sad, but hilarious in the darkest hell of dark humor.

      • HCTUB

        Jimmy Carter feels good knowing he’s not the worst president in history anymore .

    • HCTUB

      Let me guess . Is he a leader of lies .

    • lawngren

      “Our highest brass undoubtedly believe they’re safe in their pentagon.”

      Tyrants always believe that – until they’re stood against the wall.

  • calvin leslie o’shea

    The person who has done this to Maj Jason Brezler, all this Marine was doing was trying to save his fellow Marines,the person should be ashamed, this Man is a Hero, i am from UK and this disgusts me that he can be treated like this,The Military Should protect there men, from these traitors, he tried now look what they are trying to do to him, it makes me sick.

  • Sentinel

    As a former military member, we all tried to do our duty with honor and in accordance with regulations. We watched each other’s backs. We were all part of a brotherhood – tempered by training, combat, camaraderie, hardship and duty. We sacrificed for each other and for our families and country. We were thick as thieves and would gladly take a bullet for our friend(s) – and many of them did just that. I’m not trying to be glib or melodramatic… but serving in the military and especially in a combat environment forges bonds between people that can’t be broken.
    The military is being changed… watered down, made vulnerable. It seems like this current regime in particular has no qualms with putting our brave military in harm’s way and then turning their back on them. Consider what happened in Benghazi… the frequent murders in Afghanistan (blue on green violence?) by those soulless devils… the draw down of our military forces (how many brigades are being carved out of the Army?)… the reduction both in our forces and their benefits… the cancellations of critical weapons programs.
    This is just another example. In the military, we look out for one another… especially if our government won’t do it. I see here in this story, just a military man who cared for the safety of his friends and tried to protect them… and now this regime wants to crucify him for doing that – maybe because another warning sign was ignored and Americans died because of governmental incompetence? Remember the Al Queda flags flying over government buildings in Benghazi, shortly before our consulate was attacked? It appears that this man is being persecuted because he cared for his pals and exposed the regime’s incompetence. Can’t have a guy like this free to say, “I told you so” now can they? It would make our government look bad wouldn’t it?

    • kayeellen

      our government is looking bad all on their own … absolutely shameful

    • Well said Sentinel.
      Dear leader is transforming the Military just as he is the courts and everything else in America. God help us if he gets much more of it done.

      • Sentinel

        I totally agree. I think that’s why we all felt so sick after the election results in 2012. We knew it was going to get bad… and Barry hasn’t disappointed. UGH!

  • 31068

    We should be all Thankful that the people in Command and this President was not around during World War 2 because if they were Hi tler or his replacement would be still in power and the Japanese would be ruling the entire Pacific.

  • jimmyv65

    Since Obama has purged the military of commanders that do not adhere to his socialistic views the once great military has been weakened. why are soldiers not armed on every base, let alone a forward operating base in a combat zone. If this continues we will lose allot of good commanders, soldiers and our military will be unable to defend this country against our enemies, or the IRS, and homeland security when the President calls them into action

    • Ted Kaplan

      Hell, the IRS and Homeland Security now have all the ammunition stockpiled. Better yet, they’re able to use bullets that even the armed forces are not allowed to use because of the Geneva convention.

      • lawngren

        A criminal is not required to testify against himself. If you’re an outlaw, you can use any ammo you can manufacture.

    • Su3mb

      You described exactly what Obama wants. Not only that, he wants the military to round up citizens when he tells them to.

  • Connie Alsip

    Dear gussie, what a ridiculous thing to do. Someone needs to kick these accuser square in their buttox, really hard. They are taking on a real patriot, and making him look like a criminal. Obama’s idiots strike again. #TryObamaForTreason #RestoreOurMilitary

  • MiketheMarine

    Are you Fvcking kidding me? What has become of my beloved Corps? Mother F-er

    • tinlizzieowner

      The same thing that’s happening to my Air Force. The inmates are running the asylum. ;-(

      • MiketheMarine

        I’ve just about reached my boiling point brother. I think it may be time we invade DC and dispatch them all with Extreme Prejudice. What do you think?

        • tinlizzieowner

          I’ll fly in the ‘beans and bullets’, you Marines do what you do best. 😉 😉

          • MiketheMarine

            You mean rush machine gun nests and kill everything we see? DEAL

            • tinlizzieowner

              Yup, something like that. 😉

              • MiketheMarine

                Let’s wait one month. I have a rather large ammo order due in, in about 3 weeks. I may need it.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  I posted this down below but in light of what’s happening ‘again’ in Afghanistan, under ‘this’ Democratic President, it’s worth a second post. 😉

                • MiketheMarine

                  I’ll watch it at home. Big brother’s fire walls don’t allow it at work.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  You bet it won’t. It explains what is going on in Afghanistan right now, to a tee. We’ve been down this road before and it’s still a dead end. 🙁

                • lawngren

                  BIG GRIN

                • MiketheMarine

                  Bigger grin. I have an order of every caliber I require. It’s ALL good.

            • lawngren

              Check six always, guys. You’re on a party line. And Godspeed.

              • tinlizzieowner

                Understood. 😉
                At the risk of full disclosure, it’s all just ‘smack talk’ anyway. Neither one of us are ignorant enough to actually do something like that.

    • LoJoFo

      My sentiments exactly.

      • MiketheMarine

        Shiite, I’m ready to gear up and do major damage to the senate. Little s intended just like thier morals

  • Ted Kaplan

    The name of the game here as in most walks of life is to cover one’s ass. The truth, the necessity of the situation, even life is secondary to “the process” What a world

    • lawngren

      This is not CYA. This is muslims in power, in every area of what used to be American government. I spoke last week to a Coptic Christian who left his country many years ago because, as a Christian, his life was in danger. He asked why Americans had tolerated the takeover of our government by muslims. In the course of our conversation I said we had one last chance to throw them out in 2014. He replied, “Is already too late.”

  • Haywoodjbl

    GDI…..enough of this insanity……this type of story sends me and should send every American through the roof……

  • John FLock

    What (or who) is driving attacks on our soldiers? Apparently, the compassion and thoughtfulness is lost on the military hierarchy. -A sad veteran.

    • tinlizzieowner

      The administration doesn’t want military ‘brass’ to piss-off the enemy.

  • ApplePie101

    Brezler is well out of it. Be thankful he is no longer under the command of a communist, Taliban-supporting president.

  • ruthinindiana

    Sounds like our Gov’t is against our soldiers. Starting with Clinton who passed the law for our soldiers not allowed to have their guns on base. Now it’s extended into a war zone?

    • lawngren

      I think, for American military, “war zone” should be re-named “suicide zone”.

      We have deeply evil “leaders”.

    • Robert White

      dident hillery ounce made a remark something like “her and chelsea were embarrased by being photoed with any of our military”. evidently she would rather have missed a important meeting, than get a ride there, from a general. and sheeple adore her. ask them why, tho. and none can answer………

  • soupson10

    The question we need an answer to is WHO ordered this investigation. That is our enemy.

  • Mary Jensen

    We have a commander in chief who is a coward never been in the militsry who coddles the enemy afghan Muslim terrorists has so much disdain for our military and hates America. Therefore, this president is a traitor and has no respect for our american troops. This is treason. He doesn’t want to piss off the Talibans? But he is quick to piss off Americans and Christians. he is not our president. He is more like their president. I feel like we have no one looking out for America. None!!!

    • Gail Miller

      Well said!

    • Freedom?

      I agree.

  • lawngren

    The Marine Commandant needs to take control of the situation and court-martial and hang the muslim who wrote up the complaint. There is no other reason for such a complaint. It serves only the taliban.

    • Deputy Dawg

      Well, if you look into Egypt’s current investigations, Libya and currently Syria (where terrorists have taken over US equipment), the only conclusion one could possibly reach is this: Obama likes Islamic terrorists more than anyone else.

      • lawngren

        I agree. I keep trying to post a link, but a photo keeps popping up with it. I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t think we’re supposed to be posting photos on TRS. So I’ll leave the link off. It was to a youtube song video: “The Rising of the Moon”. Of interest just now.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    “According to Allen West, they were not allowed to carry their weapons on
    the Forward Operating Base but this jerk police chief was allowed to
    carry his along with his ‘tea boy’.”

    Pertty much sums it up… It’s one thing to make a mistake, but to allow it to happen over and over is stupidity. When Politicians get involved you can be assured things will be F’ed up.

    • Backpacker

      The military has been infiltrated by anti-American Obama sycophants at many levels of the military leadership. If you don’t serve Obama as your master, then those that worship his likeness will be your superior. When you put the rights of those who desire to destroy us over the rights of those sworn to protect us, we are facing an evil this country has never seen.

    • WilliamM1

      I have all the respect in the world for Allen West but I think he may have missspoken. If the Marines were in the gym then they probably did not have their weapons on their person and therefore could not defend themselves.

      • Boris_Badenoff

        After reading the followup account I agree that the Marines murdered or injured were in a situation where they were unarmed because of the activity they were involved in…

        Does not excuse the poor security measures at the base and the following actions against Maj. Brezler

        I saw the aftermath of lax security at the Marine Barracks in Beruit first hand. No excuse for any American Military member in a hostile zone to die because of not being able to defend themself. Protecting themselves in a hostile environment should be 1st priority.

  • oldesalt

    This is a prime example of what is wrong in our Military. This officer sent info to save lives. Instead multiple lives are lost. Realizing his error he brought it forth. The end result three lives lost another in the balance. Punish those who didnt take action and the one bring forth this crud.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Majoring in the minors…Sounds like common sense (as well as a medal recommendation for this guy) are missing so far.

    and why is the abuser allowed to run around? That should be truly investigated by NCIS

  • Eric Weaver

    the administration is not about protecting America but the opposite when will people realize this?

    • MattMusson

      This is why casualties under Obama have skyrocketed. Our ROE basically say – let the bad guys shoot first. Then, you can shoot back – but you have to go get your weapon from it’s locker.

      • tinlizzieowner

        The same ‘rules of engagement’ the lefties have in mind for every lawful American gun owner.

  • PapaLouie

    “…they were not allowed to carry their weapons on the Forward Operating Base but this jerk police chief was allowed to carry his along with his ‘tea boy’.”

    How stupid is that? How do you take guns away from soldiers but allow the enemy in with theirs? What possible reason could there be for such a policy?

    • Gunny2862

      Because that’s what the Afghans demanded as a sign of “respect”, and our Leaders negotiated for it to be so (see Status of Forces
      Agreement or SOFA, as relates to Afghanistan). Force Protection be damned.

      • PapaLouie

        American servicemen should demand at least the same level of “respect” that our leaders give to Afghans. If Afghans are allowed to carry guns on a Forward Operating Base, so should American soldiers. Why should an Afghan “tea boy” get more respect than our soldiers?

  • Gunny2862

    I have a real problem with any disclosure of classified information, regardless of how innocuous. But, he did do it to save lives from an Immediate threat, realized his error and self-reported. This is the best kind of Classified Information failure and a Letter of Reprimand (which in today’s climate can be a career killer) should be sufficient.

    • Ascencion Gomez

      The mistake of the CO was not handing that way in the first place. All he did was open this major to a ball stomping.

  • Merle Kentner

    Another fine example of how Political Correctness kills. What is wrong with our government?

    • M_J_S

      Answer: nothing. It is the SCUMBAGS who run it.

  • Freedom?

    Not a surprise. Our military is so complacent with PC attitudes and new agey “diversity training” models it’s a wonder they don’t throw their m16’s down in disgust.

    This new age military is behind the power curve.

    • maddog23

      It goes to the depth of whether Liberals believe they want a military. It is disgusting to me. I am now out of this mess. You had to sit in the meeting room, while Masters at Arms scanned the room for anyone reacting or snickering-as the new Out of the Closet rules were expounded upon. These are the kind of idiots who are at the top. We are plagued by perverts who may wish to express their “manlove” in the barrack sleeping area now.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    What is classified about what MAJ Brezler wrote in his personal email?

    • Freedom?

      Probably that the military was allowing a known traitor to operate on their F.O.B.

    • falling321

      The information that we knew the Afghan police chief was working with the Taliban. When they find out we know this sort of information, they can track it back and they kill whoever told us.

    • WilliamM1

      Army_Pilot 1967,
      He should never have communicated this information on an unsecure network. That is COMSEC 101 and a Major should know better. Sad but true.

    • Becky Collins

      Every bit of communication is watched that is sent to and from any installation. If we are watching so is someone else. I actually think since they ignored him anyway there can be another way to disapline him

  • gigi0f3

    FYI for anyone wanting to send an email…

    United State Senators of New York
    Schumer, Charles E Gillibrand, Kirsten E. both accepted email

    New York State Congressional Delegation
    Bishop, Timothy King, Pete Israel, Steve McCarthy, Carolyn Meeks, Gregory Meng, Grace Velazquez, Nydia Jeffries, Hakeem Clarke, Yvette D. Nadler, Jerrold Grimm, Michael Maloney, Carolyn Rangel, Charles B. Crowley, Joseph Serrano, Jose E. Engel, Eliot Lowey, Nita Maloney, Sean Patrick Gibson, Chris Tonko, Paul D. Owens, Bill Hanna, Richard Reed, Tom Maffei, Daniel D. Slaughter, Louise Higgins, Brian D Collins, Chris

    Of the above, only Louise Slaughter (D) and Pete King (R) accepted email. The rest had posted: zip code verification and a statement that they did not accept email from those out of their district. Wow!
    I tried. Anyone residing in any of these districts, please feel free to email them on my behalf.
    Now, on to Ohio!

  • Becky Collins

    Anyone military should know when sending any type of info like that even should be on a secure computer and secure email.

    • gigi0f3

      While I agree with you in theory, we have all had moments of laps in our day to day dealings with events. He followed procedure and immediately notified those in the chain of command. The lack of attention to his notification in either way is stifling as well as chilling and what happened?

    • WilliamM1

      Becky you are 100% correct. The lowest ranking enlisted members have that drilled into their heads. Although his intentions were good, the Major should have followed the proper procedures when disseminating information.

    • Ann Tipton Clemment

      While you are correct, that does not mean his warning should have been ignored once it was verified that it had come from him. I think that if lives had been preserved and the enemy had been removed (read that any way you want), MAJ Brezler would have gladly, cheerfully stood for whatever punishment they wanted to give for sending the email improperly. And he probably would have told us all to shut our pie-holes, because he DID send it improperly. But in that more just world, the fact of the warning and the effect of it would have a mitigating effect on any punishment he might receive.

  • gigi0f3

    Just completed my email to both Ohio Senators, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman as well as my representative, Pat Tiberi.
    A days work…

    • Tim Scott

      i would do the same, but I have Feinstein, Boxer and Garamendi as representatives, (UGH), they dont give a rats a$$ about anyone but themselves and the DNC/Libetards…

      • gigi0f3

        I get that. But I did send email to both liberal Senators in New York as well as the one lib rep even though I know I am banging my head against a wall. Coming orginally from the Peoples Repulic of Washington with two dem women Senators, I still sent them weekly email to let them know I was watching. Sometimes you just gotta do, what cha gotta do. Besides, I feel so much better when I push the send button.

  • MomMom69

    yes,he should be a hero, not discharged!! What kind of government people do we have in office today? SMH, I would be glad to be discharged and away from all the bullshit!!!

  • bruceapilot

    Their Commander-in-Chief should be removed for dishonorably denying our soldiers right to keep and bear arms, loaded weapons, in a war zone.

  • He should be prosecuted right after Lisa Jackson is prosecuted for using unofficial email (pseudononymously, no less) to conduct official business.

  • Craig Mossor


    • gigi0f3

      We HEAR you Craig!

    • flothow

      Lawmakers don’t want our honorable soldiers carrying weapons around them because they know they deserve to be shot at times.

  • Robley Martz

    “I will protect personnel and property to which I am assigned. I will give the alarm in case of fire, disorder, or emergency.” This soldier was obeying a general order. Enemy in their midst is an emergency, a disorder, and endangers the lives of his fellow soldier!!!!

  • tinlizzieowner

    “The lawmakers also noted that the Marine “who sought, but ignored”
    Brezler’s information about the Afghan police chief is the son-in-law of
    a former top-ranking officer in the Marines.”
    The Marine “who sought, but ignored”? Might that also be the Marine who started all this insecure e-mail krap to cover his Butt or maybe his daddy in law?

  • tinlizzieowner
  • tony1948

    Merry Christmas to you Lt. Col. Allen West

  • Lcpl Grant

    The only false thing about this for is that we were required to have our weapons on us at all times except at the gym where we needed to have one person armed as guardian angel. I was there that night. Worst night of my life. RIP Brothers, May you receive your justice since it has been robbed from you thus far

    • sandraleesmith46

      GOD knows all the names and details, and just as Abel’s blood “cried out” to Him, so does the blood of all these youn men and women needlessly slain in politicized “wars”for someone’s profit and other nefarious purposes! He’s keeping accounts, and payment WILL come due!

  • This goes to the top of the politically-correct-no-combat-Marine-Corps-commandant who also tried to negatively influence the trial of his young Marines for urinating on the corpse of the muslim terrorist enemy to appease the commandant’s muslim commander in chief.

  • flothow

    This is an all volunteer military. Just like our troops wanted out during Clinton’s years, they want out again now. When you can’t trust your commander-in-chief…why would you want to put you life in his hands?

  • Patriotone

    What really distresses me is that our military is becoming our own worst enemy. Our commanders are more interested in being PC and doing the civilian pentagons bidding than protecting the truth and our troops. Time to put the old guard .back in charge and getting rid of the Obama appointees.

  • Mietopol

    We must quit these idiotic wars , leave and let
    the ragheads be themselves. We didn’t and cannot accomplish anything . Just ruin to our families our economy our nation.

  • Mike Smithy

    I know a cover-up when I see it. LtGen Richard Mills is a piece of crap and I am embarrassed the he is in my Marine Corps. I find is highly likely that Mills pushed for malicious prosecution in this matter due to the fact that the former commanders son-in-law mishandled the original situation. Now 3 Marines are dead because careerist officers refused to oust the pedophile Afghan police chief and his gay tea boys off the base. “Dick” Mills needs to go.