Mark Levin: Anybody who is sick and tired of Chris Christie’s big mouth, raise your hand

Mark Levin rips into Chris Christie for calling the new NRA ad ‘reprehensible’, saying he’s a fraud when it comes to being a principle conservative and then defends the ad for what it really is, exposing Obama’s hypocrisy on guns.


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  • Both my hands are up. I typed this with my nose.

    • jocasseejo

      Ditto and I ‘liked’ your comment with my big toe:)

      • PJRodman

        Can I like this again?

        • jocasseejo

          Ha Ha ~ why of course, Patriot:)

    • poljunkie

      Thats some kind of awesome.

    • debw777

      LOL. Hands and feet up. I dictated this to my dog.

  • Botzilla

    Used to be a big Christie fan, now when I think of him I think with Republicans like him who needs Democrats, he’s right up there with “Morning Joke” Scarborough.

    • tshtsh

      Was never a fan but ditto to the rest.

    • Skanky Woman

      christie goes on MSLSD all the time. Why?

    • Jazzee

      me too what is wrong with the guy??? How come his buddy obama isn’t disgusting using little kids to push his dictator agenda?? wow christie blew it big time thought he had more brains

    • TimeForAnarchy

      I started out a fan, but after I got to see & read about the Crispy Creme man, I realized the he’s a RINO personified. Devoutly opposed to the 2nd Amendment, too.

      He & Cory Booker can “snuggle.”

      • Keep on coming out of the woodwork you supposedly true Republicans! (n fact President Obama is the decent conservative Bush pretended to be in 2000; now all America needs is a liberal party…)

        It’s great fun to see that “better communication” is one of the aims of the Republican Congressionals meeting in Virginia this week. Hell, the better the Republicans communicate their true selves, the faster to oblivion.

        America of course thanks outgoing Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for her contribution to President Obama’s re-election. Her clear exposition during the campaign of Republican racism and xenophobia was wonderful to see.


        • I’m not saying you’re stupid, because that’d be against comment rules- but maybe you ought to stick to something a little less intellectually comprehensive. Like coloring.

          • KenInMontana

            Dispensation granted.

          • Nukeman60

            Hey, now! My 2-year old granddaughter just loves coloring (and me right along with her) – and she’s one smart cookie! 😉

            (j/k there, Duckie)

            • I still like it once in a while myself Nukefriend 😉 We’re in good company with your grand daughter!

            • Orangeone

              Of course your grand daughter is one smart cookie, she models and learns from her wise elders!

          • john kneeland

            You’re no American born in Canada. People in Canada are reasonable and intelligent. Anyone stupid enough to join the Republican party is some kind of aberration who ewouldn’t be happy living in a country where you’re expected to hava some kind of ability to make a coherent argument.

            • I’m an American who happened to be born in Canada and raised there- but I consider myself full American. I’m not a republican, I’m a Conservative. There is a difference.
              Why don’t you go join your friend ^^ up there. I’m sure he’ll share his crayons. Come back when you can form a coherent thought yourself along with a valid comment instead of personal attacks.

        • TimeForAnarchy

          …..decent conservative. Right.

          You wouldn’t recognize a “decent conservative” on a bet.

          When King Barry becomes a conservative, we won’t be $16TR in debt, the USA will be energy independent, the 26% of people who admit to being “liberal” will be the minority they are.

  • LadyMacKeltar

    Hear, hear! I wish he would just come out of the closet and admit he is a Liberal.

    • martha chandler

      I used to respect Chris Christie. What was I thinking??? Won’t make that mistake again.

      • LadyMacKeltar

        Me too. I started to dislike him when he spoke at the RNC convention. I did not like how his speech was focused on himself instead of the candidate.

        • objective123

          Agree. He needs to loose some weight or just come out like Barney Frank’s lover in the DNC.

    • Don

      The fat man with the big mouth is worse than a liberal, he’s a RINO. Liberals are intellectually bankrupt, just too arrogant to realize their inadequacies. RINOs know they’re what they are….backstabbing hypocrites whose only allegiance is to themselves. Christie is a big fat RINO and nothing can be lower in lifeforms.

    • I think he came out of the closet when he fawned all over O after Hurricane Sandy. The guy couldn’t contain himself around O. I’ve never seen two men walking arm and arm like that before.

      • jocasseejo

        They were like 2 ‘pretty little girls’ that had just become ‘besties’!

      • tvlgds

        I have, but it was in San Francisco!

  • joethefatman

    Pulling an Arnold Horshack here!

  • Hand raised…no gun involved, in full disclosure.

  • I’ve been raising my hands for a long time and my arms are sore.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Since we just crossed paths I`ve got some info on the BP Gas Plant raid in Africa if you`re interested…

      • Spill it Texas. 😉

        • TexasPGRRider

          A company I`m with periodically does contract work with BP. I spent best part of 2011 at BP Sunray in Texas panhandle, and most of 2012 at BP Wamsutter, Wyoming. Both are Natural Gas Processing facilities. BP is a multinational corporation and believe me, security is MOST HIGH PRIORITY in the oil industry worldwide these days. Your efforts concerning the Bengasi BS will not be in vain I can assure you. Let me talk to a few friends and I will keep you posted as I get more info. This is gonna big BIG!!!!

          • Oh well darn it, now you’ve really got my curiosity up! I’ll be here whenever you can get something.

            Off that subject, back home I used to work at a ski club. One of the members was the VP for BP Canada. He was one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet.

            Thanks Texas- I appreciate it. A lot.

            • poljunkie

              Ok, now you’re scaring me….. I USED TO WORK AT A SKI CLUB TOO.

              ( not the one at my high school)

              • LOl! Doesn’t surprise me. Mine wasn’t highschool either, although I started working there when I was 15. Worked there until I was 24, although the last couple of years I only worked the weekends because I had another job. 😀

                • poljunkie

                  Mine was a ski club that left the Bay Area at 2:am by bus and drove to Lake Tahoe…You skied all day, and then drove back, stopped for dinner and then made two stops dropping skiers off in designated parking lots.

                  On one delightful occasion, I had gotten off the bus to take one of the younger skiers to her parents car- quite a task with all the ski stuff—and the bus left without me.

                  Back in the 70’s, no cell phones, my parents were not too thrilled to get a call from their darling (still teenage) daugther at 10:00 pm, 100 miles from home, saying the bus left one of the “counselors”…..I found a place to take refuge, my dad came to get me, and then….then….we drove to MY parking lot, and my ski’s and boots were laying in the lot.

                  Yes, the manager got quite an earful of monday. Thus, began the “headcount.”

                • lol. Still sounds way more cool than mine 😉

                • poljunkie

                  It was cool. Parking lot and bus duty and for that I GOT TO SKI ALLDAY!!!! wooot wooot.

                • I worked inside- but got times to ski too. And on warm days I got to work the BBQ! Whoo hoo, that was fun 😀 sorry. Simple things make me happy.

                • poljunkie

                  That sounds like a blast. I used to love warm days and skiing.

                  The last time we went skiing- was about 15 years ago. Froooooze my tukus off. AND I’m a little sad to report I lost some of my nerve. Instead of parallel straight down “gun barrel” I was stem christi’ening side to side across the entire way down. What a wussie girl ! ( I might have even done a kick turn or two).
                  The worst part was it was soooooooooo cold.

                  I was a “Heavenly Valley” girl tho growing up. My dad and I skied there a lot…My brother too. ( The Nevada side) Back then, no one knew about it yet. My brother is actually the better skier of the family. Lift tickets were, what? 6.00????

                  If used theT-Bar or Poma or Rope Tow ( hate those) it was even less!!!!! HA

                  Thats where I got lost in the blizzard. Ahhh, goood times.

                • Oh man, you brought back memories there girlie! I wish I could have gone skiing on a real mountain. Ours were good for our area, but still just hills.
                  I used to love skiing when it was warm (funny how to me now- what was warm then is freezing to me now lol!) But I had a Hawaiian shirt that I’d wear when it was warm and sunny- folks called me the flyin’ Hawaiian lol.

                  I got stuck (not lost- that built in GPS thingy) in a blizzard once when I went cross country skiing. It was one of those freezes over night that made the surface snow hard crust. I went to the end of our road to go across the field to the other road, and slipped on the crust, half way down the side of the ‘mountain’. Had to unstrap the skis and pound my way through back to the top. Half way up I got stuck in a sudden white out blizzard. By the time I made it home, that was the closest to frost bite I ever got.

                  Speaking of which- it’s freezing here today!!

                • poljunkie

                  Flyin’ Hawaiian!!! I love it!!!!! ….And freezing? Oh no! Time for the hat! 🙂
                  Yesterday my sons pipes burst…well not burst, the control valve exploded off and he was at work and the water company called and said his back yard was flooded and gushing water. The pipes had froze and were thawing.

                  Oh ha— I wore a “windshirt” on hot days, and ha hahah a cowboy hat…With some “beadwork” that my best friend and I spent HOURS beading to make a hat band for. (She had one too)…Oh and a bandana, and of course zinc oxide on my lips. oh did we think we were cool. She had a HUGE crush on Wayne Wong the Freestyle skier, and one day we called him. hahahahahah..I think we were like 15. He said, who is THIS? Oh, made her month.

                  I’ve never tried CC skiing, but I can just visualize you (unfortunately I can only see a DUCK) with one ski in each hand, using them as “poles.” To break thru and navigate.
                  The closest thing I ever tried to CC was snow showing. FUN, but exhausting. We did an all day trek, thinking easy peasey. Wow, it was tiring because the snow was so deep.

                  My blizzard was an all day event. The ski area closed due to bad weather and we were still at the top. Its still unclear if they knew how many had taken the first lift up…before they decided to close. Total whiteout. Horrible.

                • Cross country is excellent excersize, but not as much fun as downhill. I used to cross country a lot. Even had to ski to work one time. Went with a friend who also worked there.
                  In town, there was a big hill, down, over a river, then back up. We were skiing along the side of the road and had made it to the bottom of the hill. She was behind me. I started across the bridge, and sure enough, a snow plow started coming down the hill behind us. Well, she hadn’t started across the bridge yet- so was able to move well out of the way. I busted my butt trying to get past the bridge and had just made it when he barreled by. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to get far enough over- the bank led right down to the river. To this day, ok- I guess more angels- but the blade just missed me,but the snow pushed up knocked me clear down the bank. But not into the river.
                  He kept on going, probably didn’t even know I’d been hit. My friend was screaming her head off thinking I was in the water and came racing over. She helped me up and we continued on to work- but crap my legs were sore from the force.
                  Told ya- I got millions of them lol.

                • poljunkie

                  Oh My!
                  Thats a close call.
                  “….and we continued on to work.” SO TYPICALLY YOU

                • LOL. Not like I had much choice. I was closer to the club than home at that point 😉

          • wadnnit.

            What are we waiting for? I don’t think we will make it to the end of the month intact, things are accelerating so day by day.
            If they had nailed Benghazi on just the totally obvious things, things would be different now.
            Not totally better, but different.
            Whatever it is, it needs to come out yesterday.

            Anybody going to Texas with a seat available?

          • tvlgds

            Most of the customer accounts I deal with are oil/gas related. They are all over the world. As far as I know, we had nobody in Algeria, thank God, but I worry about these guys in these awful hellholes where everybody hates us.

  • gary scarlett

    Chris Christie is a political whore who should sew knee pads into all his trousers. In my opinion of course.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Did Christie appoint an islamic judge to his state`s supreme court? That + this = sad

  • Stehekin912

    All limbs raised.

  • Rshill7

    And whoever wants to see him naked please keep quiet.

    • celestiallady

      Oh that’s bad 🙂

  • golfmax13

    Christie is lint.

  • hedyanne

    I found nothing offensive about the NRA ad all they did was say that his kids were no better than ours..But noone said anything about O using all those children yesterday when he made his so called lecture on guns…..After Cristie made his speech at the convention I lost respect for him no great loss……

    • dialogue72

      20 six and seven year olds and 6 teachers. Just remember that, you a-holes. Take your guns and shove them up your collective a$$e$.

  • BeyondPolls


  • marketcomp

    I am raising my hands to the ROOOF!

  • FreeManWalking

    Mark, Please let me rest my hand, I have had it up for over 2 years.

  • Totally sick of Christie!

    He has a record…not a good one…on gun control from the AG’s office that the GOP buried when he ran for Governor.

  • RedDaveR

    My hand is raised.

  • barney59


  • PhillyCon

    OK, where was Christie when Palin’s children were targeted? Did he criticize Letterman for that horrible joke? Did he say anything when her little boy was subject to conspiracy theories?

    This guy is such a joke. He was a RINO long before any of this stuff.

    • Wigglesworth

      Christie is despicable. The NRA didn’t “attack” Obama’s kids as he suggested. They merely mentioned that his kids attend a school that employs armed guards.

      • PhillyCon

        I understand. My point was that if Christie is “so concerned” about children…. he would have spoken up long ago. He’s a fraud.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Christie is doing an Alinsky. He’s now confirmed as a leftist thug.

      • Orangeone

        Correct and they didn’t mention the # of SS that are also at that school.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s sad because he started out as a bit of a hero. But he’s really a phoney.

    He had his time in the sun… he got to speak (under restraint at the RNC), he got his photo op with Obama…

    But he’s not a hero… not to the right. It’ll be nice to have RINOs (not a crack about his weight) like him move on and disappear.

    • Wigglesworth

      I was thinking the only good thing is Christie can stick it to the unions for another term as governor, but on 2nd thought the unions will be fine. Billions of pork in the Hurricane Sandy bill will be spent in NJ over the next several years and union labor will be getting a big chunk of it.

  • c4pfan

    I’ve thought of him since the start and people like Ann Coulter didn’t help with her slobbering all over him. She and Crispy Creme are what is wrong with the GOP. Always there to take a swipe against Conservatives.

    • tvlgds

      That is EXACTLY when I stopped watching Ann Coulter! If I knew he had appointed Sharia judges, she damn sure knew it, yet continued to slobber all over him like a dog in heat!

  • poljunkie

    Can you see me Mark?

    Im raising my hand…Standing on my chair…Heck, im even holding up my concert lighter!!!!


    • lol concert lighter. girlie you’re making me laugh. Thanks I need it 🙂

      • poljunkie

        Hee Hee. I have a few on my desk.

        I got some in my Christmas Stocking. They have Skynyrd and AC/DC disposable’s at Walgreens. We dont smoke, but I need them for my shows.

        The last time I went, I couldnt believe the new generation, young ‘uns were holding up their cell phones. Oy!

    • dialogue72

      Good. Now turn it on and stick it where the sun don’t shine. You idiots know as much about politics as a pig knows how to ride a bicycle.

  • aposematic

    This is the problem with a lot of R’s: It was easy to know who Christie was way before he ran for Gov. of NJ. His ties to Islam were well known as well as his pro AGW and pro cap and trade positions. But because RINO Leaders propped him up and giggled silly every time he cut State pay increases…something he had to do because the State was broke…and shouted at anyone complaining, R’s across the Country jumped up and down screaming for this RINO to run for President. Then you had the darlings fawning all over Christie…I’m going to stop before I get kicked off.

    Levin nails it!

  • wadnnit.

    can you believe how much has happend this week? what’s next?

  • PJRodman

    Wonder what Ann Coulter is thinking about saying at CPAC this year?

    • sjmom

      I wouldn’t let her through the door.

      • c4pfan

        100% agree!

  • Godisright

    Raised and waving in a gesticulating manner.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Twitter bomb Christie and ask why he does not find Obama’s use of children to promote his political agenda to be “reprehensible.” What a joke!

  • StrangernFiction

    With friends like these………

    It isn’t about R vs. D.

  • OzCop

    He lost my respect prior to the last election….he single handedly assisted the current regime to remain in power. I was a fan, liked his spunk, and liked most of his positions on various issues, but it seems after Sandy he morphed into liberal jelly. He obviously had his head imbedded too far into dear leader’s rectum to overcome the stench that is liberalism…

    • sjmom

      He did not have to morph; he’s a NJ Republican.

  • tvlgds

    Why didn’t he yap out his piehole when Ovomit used kids???? (rhetorical question)

  • sjmom

    What a disgrace Christie is and I am going to have difficulty voting for him again.

  • Ray

    I say Christie will switch to the Democrat Party within 3 months. They call him “fatty” all the time, whatdoya bet they will then have a campaign about NOT bullying fat people???

    • dialogue72

      And I say you’re a moron, and we should stop bullying morons.

    • Orangeone

      I think he’ll stay RINO and take the Barky Boy money under the table to attack the Conservative candidates through the 2016 runup

  • Skanky Woman

    I supported Christie … NJ voters had two choices … Corzine “I don’t know where that money went” or Christie “busting crime”. Christie appointed a democrat to the position of State A.G.


    I AM GLAD TO REPORT THAT CHRIS CHRISTIE is a democrat. Someone tell Ann Coutler and Fox News.

  • Jim Botts

    Ann Coulter, please call your office!

  • Skanky Woman

    The other thing about Chris Christie is that he is arrogant. Like our President.

    • one is an uppety bi-racial and the other an uppety doughboy.

      • dialogue72

        And you are a fat, miserable, lonely excuse for a closet lesbian. You can raise your hand, I’ll raise my middle finger to you.

      • Orangeone

        doughboy, 🙁 Pillsbury was a MN company before General Mills (another MN company) bought them. And the Pillsbury doughboy was always happy and trustworthy!

  • Mark Levin: Anybody who is sick and tired of Chris Christie’s big mouth, raise your hand.

    Levin has a way of getting right to the point.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    I think Chris lost his marbles when libtards starting worshiping him second to obama….
    What was Chris’s response to the use of children by obama… letters now videos.. I think Chris is just feeding his brain dead disciples what they want to eat… He’s got some good ideas but since the bad weather hit his state he has lost his mind in the flood I imagine……… Shame is it’s most likely lost forever….

  • I have always given this big boisterous slob the same consideration I give to little white dried dog turds. How he got as far as he did in the Republican Party is beyond me.

  • TitaniumEagle

    *Raises hand*
    *Raises other hand*
    *Raises feet*

  • colliemum

    Mr Mark Levin, Sir – me and the housewolf are raising hands and feet, ahem, paws, in the air, in the hope that paws will count double.


    • Orangeone

      My Ragdoll has all four in the air, she sleeps on her back!

  • I don’t listen to this NJ whale. He is a total fraud and I would NEVER support him for President or dog catcher. Crispy Creme (not the doughnut) is on my boycott list!

  • There is an old argument with people on the left that they are not trying to outlaw guns, just reduce their capabilities so that they can’t kill a lot of people. Well, if you follow that logic, then just bring back the single-shot musket and old flintlock handguns that fired one shot as well. Technically, they still work and how many mass murders can you commit with a single-shot gun? Of course, all the people with these pathetic weapons will be at the mercy of the criminals who have modern, semi-automatic weapons that can fire lots of bullets in one clip, but liberals never seem to bother themselves with the unintended consequences of their actions. How many people in New York State will LOSE their lives because it is now so difficult to own a gun, let alone a modern weapon? If more states adopt laws like the ones in New York, then get ready to bring back the single-shot musket. And when that happens, we really will start looking like our Founding Fathers during the Revolution.

  • americalsgt

    Maybe we can get Christie and Powell to admit they are really liberals at the same press conference. Admitting what they really are is better than having them say that they are part of something which they are not and thus forcing us to defend against what they say when liberals point out to us that some of our own agree with them.
    … and since when did it become reprehensible for pointing out hypocrisy. In no way did the NRA disparage the heir and the spare when the pointed out that the King’s children were provided protection and the children of the serfs were to left to the ravages of the mad wildebeest of society.

    • Orangeone

      That just might be the MSM’s desired ticket Christie/Powell. A pair of losers that cannot keep from worship the evil one.

  • repubboy

    Mark Levin,s assessment of Christie is so correct .. He is all bluster and a complete fraud.
    We know that he and Obama are cut from the same cloth its just that one is Mutt and the other is Jeff.

  • clayusmcret

    America is looking for another Reagan republican. Christie, on the other hand, is a Scarborough or Powell republican.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Flashback: Gov. Chris Christie dragging people’s children into the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy tragedy

    Remember this pompous act, next time this RINO bloviates about TEA conservatives dividing the Republican Party.

  • chatterbox365

    I don’t think this really surprises most of us, but I am glad that RINOs like Christie are being called out for their phoney baloney. Every time Christie opens his mouth, someone should just stick a donut in there.

    We can’t trust RINOs…they are always straddling the fence and it doesn’t take much for them to hop to the other side.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Beware of bomb throwing blonde bimbo faux-conservatives like Ann Coulter supporting these RINOs too.

  • Rightwingnutcase

    Mark is a di#$head who gets no respect. He doesn’t deserve any. He is a tiny, whining, high-pitched voiced, insignificant bum who is irrelevant. I listen to him (like most people) occasionally for strictly comedic purposes. He gets even less respect and has less credibilitity than Fox and Rush. And that’s pretty hard to do.

    That said, Christie keeps it real. I don’t agree with most of his views, but so what if he doesn’t tow the line like the rest of those wackos. Do you guys really need him? One more isn’t going to make or br….wel, make you!

    • I’ll choose Mark anyday of the crispy cream christie who is attacking his own party for doing what obama did – exploit children for the sake of getting rid of guns

      • dialogue72

        20 six and seven year olds and 6 teachers. Just remember that, you pathetic, fat, miserable excuse for a closet lesbian.

  • dh110713

    Levin looks like a bald-headed obese RAT. Does this guy have a neck? Most of his audience consists of gun-loving, dumb, bigoted southern rednecks. Anyone with half a brain would not pay attention to his rantings.

  • dh110713

    Levin looks like a bald-headed obese RAT. Does this guy have a neck? Most of his audience consists of gun-loving, ignorant, bigoted southern rednecks. Anyone with half abrain would not pay attention to his rantings.

    • Then go back to the liberal troll den where you came from. You’re done here.

  • ali3nation

    Absolutely, I was almost fooled by Christie’s bravado. Now I see him for what he is, just another fat cat politician who can not be trusted. Good riddance to him, and Mark, you truly are the great one.

  • Alex Ravetti

    i am tired of the big ham from jersy i think is a show off back stabber,. and as a DIAREA DELLA BOCCA NUFF OF HIMGOOD RIDANCE RHINO HAVE A CHESEBURGER AND FORGETABOUTIT

  • jenndee

    oooh oooh ! Mr. Kotter!! ooh ooh!!

  • pat mcdonald

    you all nuts

  • z b

    3 of my hand are up. Ha! just kidding.
    I thought that he might not be as bad as levin hates him. But now I’m really sick of Christ Christy’s statement’s and I agree with mark that he is a RINO.

    Chris Christy is the next Charlie Christ.

  • pat mcdonald

    Levin is a hateful human

  • jrt1031

    Mark is so funny… Christie may be good for NJ but he is bad for the nation

  • jrt1031

    I think we all can agree that Christie is two faced and not a true conservative.

  • 57thunderbird

    I have known since the beginning of Christies administration that a Jersey conservative is not a real conservative.Can you say RINO?It boggles my mind that any conservative would ever desire Christie to run for POTUS.

  • rick0857

    Chris Cristie, Charlie Christ, Arlen Specter six to one half a dozen to another. They are all JOKES Just like AHHHHHHHNOLD

  • Chris Christie’s going to be a tough opponent to knock over in 2016, not because his portly stature, but because he’s doing a remarkable job of separating himself from the fringe of his party. Deep down any rational person can see that given the circumstances and our history as a nation, this ad was not only repulsive but only served one purpose: To rile and bait the linear thinking members of the Republican Party. Ads like this not only push intellectual Republicans further to the center but make the Republican party as a whole seem off touch with reality and morally bankrupt. The ad hits hard, but showing the silhouettes of rifles while talking about any Presidents children is beyond me.

  • I’m no damn friend of Chris Christie, but at the very least he stood up to these NRA pimps, other RW whores are to scared of
    President Obama against the better judgement of normal, citizens has said & done nothing about crime an violence, regarding the NRA an gun violence, until 20 babies have been slaughtered
    It’s morally ignorant of anyone to call him names for doing his job
    Yes We all have a 2nd Amendment right to own our guns (i also own one) but others feeling threatened by them also have a right not to be shot by them (that’s where compromise plays a roll)
    If were going to own guns There has to be rules to follow, so they are not in the hands of those who may only have harmful intentions to innocent victims in Only the very ignorant among us would disagree
    Why can’t we stop all this bullshit talk an join hands in agreement on at least one thing? Pass some laws that will cut down on the number of violent crimes done by some of these high powered guns, that don’t need to be in the hands of anyone but military & police Put back ground checks in play with stiff fines, including jail time for those who violate these laws Can we just do that without all this mess?

  • Oh an before some of you get started with the attacks I don’t want to hear about all the violence in China or anywhere else
    We need to deal with what’s going on in our own country Can we just do that?

    • RadchemE

      You bet! How about starting with the failed liberal policies that have destroyed minority families, hindered job creation and encouraged the creation of a permanent minority underclass in Amerca? Few of the policies O & B are proposing will have any effect on crime. They are designed to deflect the masses attention from the root causes of gun violence in our urban areas. You appear to have also fallen for the “Do something! (even if it’s wrong)” meme that our liberal politicians are pushing.