Mark Levin BLASTS both Democrats and gutless Republicans for the destruction of this country

Mark Levin was furious tonight over the destruction of this country by Democrats like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid and gutless Republicans who are not only complicit, but even now are still afraid to speak out about it:

You should view these politicians with the deepest contempt you can possibly imagine. What they are doing to this country, what they are doing to our finances – there is not a criminal in any federal prison, state prison, city or county jail, with respect to financial crimes of any sort who collectively could have done the kind of damage that Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and YES, willing, timid, gutless Republicans have done to this country! To your future, to your children and your grandchildren! What they are doing is with malice and with forethought….

What the hell does the Democrat party stand for today? The destruction of America? And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on?

Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!

There’s more:

What led The Great One into the above rant came from the segment right before where he masterfully exposed the incredible fraud of this idea that we don’t have a spending problem, as stated by Nancy Pelosi this weekend. It’s a MUST LISTEN and you can do so below:

UPDATE: Big thanks to Drudge for the link!

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  • Conniption Fitz

    Nancy Botoxi also got her silicone lips to lisp that “violent games and movies were not the problem, guns were the problem.” Wrong!

    Everything the leftists say is the opposite of truth. They live in an alternate reality, an upside down, inside out universe.

    • 1endtimes2020

      It surely is that way. They have no definition between right and wrong anymore. It’s like watching people in the Tower of Babel…uh..’babble’.

      • joedoakes202

        One of my favorite old jokes from my old man went like this . . . SAC (Strategic Air Command) targeted Washington D.C. just in case the Soviets missed.


        • I purchased three myself … plus my first AR-15. I figured it was now or never. Give Obama props for being the #1 gun salesman in the history of the world.

          • joedoakes202

            I think, that they think, on some remote level, that China may decide to cash in its chips, and that the only way to keep that from happening is to make it seem like we can give them one hell-u-va fight.

            Which of course.

            We can.


            • 5843supie

              bring “em on…. war is good for business….

              • D

                No, it’s good for defense contractors and atrocious for middle class Americans and those on fixed incomes. They get destroyed by the debt and inflation that it brings.

                wake up.

              • seenbetterdaze

                Obama is NOT FDR! Nor is the democRAT party my parents’ old party…they loved FDR!

                • Adhemarde

                  Unfortunately your parents were dead wrong. Their hero took what would have been a brief recession and turned it into a very long depression. He turned this country into a welfare state. Obama is merely following in his shoes.

            • MrAPilgtrim

              I agree wholeheartedly that Americans can and will give them a fight beyond what they think…but-we must remember that they like our leaders and other ones around the world (but not all-and that applies to some of the people amongest our leaders)…do not value human life. Only their own-but for other people, particularly foreighners-they do not value or take pity on for one second. And don’t fool yourself into thinking they do! They will use heavy artillary, heavy tanks, tons of the most devastating ammunition, GASES of what ever variety needed-and last but not the least-soldiers. Soldier after soldier after soldier because of their very lack of caring about human life. So they will throw as many soldiers as it takes to say, take out a group wholed up on a mountaintop, or in a fortress of some kind, or whatever the situation may be. So I’m just saying don’t fool yourself into thinking that they might stop if enough ‘tough’ resistance is put up–because they won’t. But I know I won’t surrender-and I’m sure many of you won’t either. So it’s still going to cost them hefty bill!!!

              • johnfromjersey

                While I agree with you in part, I don’t think they’re going to have as many “soldiers” as they think they will. Ever heard of “Oathkeepers”?
                Check em out @

                • 1GregM

                  My concern is the testosterone imbued local police whose estimations of themselves as Rambo is usually overdone in most situations.

                • ronwagn

                  In NYC, and now LA it has been proven that some are scared of their own shadow, and will shoot wildly out of that fear. They need to be trained under stress situations, not to shoot innocent bystanders. They also need to learn to not use undue force in beating people to death or near death. You have t get control quickly, but once you have it, it you have to stop, even though you might want to kill the person. Adrenaline is a dangerous thing.

                • joedoakes202

                  You are talking about suppressing human nature under maximum stress – very few people can maintain that standard.

                • joedoakes202

                  You are talking about suppressing human nature under maximum stress – very few people can maintain that standard.

                • Violent criminals have no place in law enforcement. Keep making excuses. I’m going to keep loading clips.

                • joedoakes202

                  Enforcing laws and maintaining the public peace is no easy task. No man or woman is perfect. Including me. I bet your home is equipped with a mirror. Take a long look into it and think about every decision you have made.

                • joedoakes202

                  Enforcing laws and maintaining the public peace is no easy task. No man or woman is perfect. Including me. I bet your home is equipped with a mirror. Take a long look into it and think about every decision you have made.

                • joedoakes202

                  Enforcing laws and maintaining the public peace is no easy task. No man or woman is perfect. Including me. I bet your home is equipped with a mirror. Take a long look into it and think about every decision you have made.

                • 1GregM

                  That may perhaps be some of the potential in a situation, but it is no excuse for the ongoing use of excessive force on people in situations. The police know they will be exonerated by review boards and thus will push the envelope further each time. Citizen review boards carry far to little weight in the final analysis of these beat downs. Don’t get me wrong in that I would not want to be in the tense situations police have to face each and every day, never knowing if there is bullet waiting for them out of a car window etc. It is stressful, but they have been trained to exercise caution in ways that help protect them in order to diffuse things so that control (that is the operative word here) of what they face. If, by and large, the police forces of major metropolitan cities would present a far more intrusive visibility into gang areas over a protracted amount of time and land hard on these gangbangers, they would inevitably find they would either drive the people out of areas, or would deliver a message of compliance far greater than what they have to deal with now. It is the same as saying that an armed society is a polite society and perps will always go where there is less of a threat to their existance because of personal safety.

                • joedoakes202

                  There will always be the other kind that the good guys and gals have to fight. While we have an obligation to keep them on the right track; we should give them the leeway necessary to do an extremely frustrating job.

                • joedoakes202

                  You are talking about suppressing human nature under maximum stress – very few people can maintain that standard.

                • The website domain name is for sale.

              • Rotorwash

                “Soldier after soldier after soldier because of their very lack of caring about human life”

                Sad you believe this.
                After two, post 9/11 deployments and much ordinance applied to our enemies, I still don’t see any of my brothers-in-arms who are bloodthirsty and willing to turn on the American public. Perhaps there are some out there, but I find it difficult to believe they exist in substantial numbers.

                The American Soldier repeatedly does great good to whole communities throughout the world, I have seen it up close.

                Too bad you have been lied to by sleazy politicians and the mainstream media, and too bad you are unable to discern truth from Hollywood.

                • Rotorwash, you get two thumbs up! I saw the good done by US Army soldiers in Vietnam, building roads, schools, orphanages and sharing food and clothing with children in Vietnam. When things started blowing up, or the shooting began, South Vietnamese folks ran to me, not away from me. They trusted us over their own Communist VC countrymen or NVA. My son is an Iraqi Freedom Vet, and has been an expert long range rifle competitor since he was 15. We are both Oathkeepers. Please note, I use my real name in these posts. I am worried about our future, but will not back down from tyrants. Indeed, I stand ready to oppose any enemy of the US Constitution, in thought word and deed. My friends Armalite, Colt, Lee Enfield, Smith & Dan Wesson, Browning, and Beretta are with me, and we are with you.

                • kenfrombayside

                  Dear Patriot: contact you politicians to demand no amnesty. I’m counting on you.

                • ronwagn

                  Thanks for joining Oathkeepers, and thanks for your service. I had easy duty in Germany before Vietnam took off, and I was not extended. They sent the reserves and draftees instead.

                • janh1058

                  Thank you for your service. My husband was a medic in Vietnam and my son (from a previous marriage) is in a hydraulics expert on the F18’s (and other planes, too) and keeps climbing the ladder. He has been very close to the war on an aircraft carrier and served a tour in Bagram. My husband and son both have great love of country and are incensed by what is happening. BTW, why can we not get ammo??? The stores cannot even get ammo and if they get any it is a small box as opposed to cases and it is sold right away. There is something going on with the suppliers. Anyone know?

                • Thanks and please tell the DOD we would like democracy back in addition to a free press.

                • Rotorwash

                  Bruce, thank you for your Service. And that of your son.
                  I too have considered Oathkeepers.

                • mrpilgrim

                  Sir-I was speaking of the fact that the Chinese would keep sending soldier after soldier in because of the way THEY think. My Brother was a soldier and my family has them all the back to the Revolution!!! I was not referring to our soldiers! Folks-please read it carefully-goodness!?! 38 more got it wrong also. But I’ve done the same thing-misread something and fired off a comment that wasn’t correct.

                • ronwagn

                  I don’t know what you are replying to. I haven’t seen anyone imply that many soldiers would. We might need to worry about special organizations, and some police forces though. Homeland Security is the biggest concern. They are buying billions of rounds of ammunition. Don’t forget all the Japanese Americans who were put into concentration camps and lost their property. Watch out for Homeland Security becoming like the SS.

                • …dunno…but I think every cop in the country would turn on the people in a New York minute.

                • joedoakes202

                  They have families too . . . look at cops in mexico that go up against drug dealers . . . they wear masks.

                • joedoakes202

                  They have families too . . . look at cops in mexico that go up against drug dealers . . . they wear masks.

                • Ted

                  Unionized mercenaries for the politicians.

                • The biggest problem with the military is the damage done to it by American politicians.

                • coffeedrinker88

                  That very reason is why the govt. has the TSA. A bunch of minimum wage idiots with a power trip. When American soldiers refuse to fire on American citizens the govt. will bring in their human drones, the TSA

              • Brave words mrpilgrim. Where were you when the country was actually taken charge by a cabal of criminals headed by the CIA when the last truly patriotic president had his head blown off in Dallas, Texas fifty years ago? The sad fact is this nation has been run since then by a coalition of evil forces headed by international banksters. Welcome to AMERIKA, mrpilgrim!

                • mrpilgrim

                  Mel-I’m older than you think apparently and was going back to my 6th grade class after lunch at home. My Mother yelled out the front door as we were leaving that President Kennedy had been shot. In fact I was first back at school with the terrible news-but that was only a few minutes. Within 20 minutes we were all dismissed for the day to go home. I’m well aware of what’s happened-but very few know the full exent of what has happened-wouldn’t you agree? All I was stating was a very ugly truth. I been through a long search for the truth. I’m with my Lord Jesus now and forever-you and others should be too. During my hippie days the word Amerika was started I believe-I think Jefferson Airplane used it publicly first. But the truth was that nobody knew what was going on–just that it was not good. Please don’t be offended Sir.

                • Walter Bellhaven

                  Dallas, Tex fifty years ago … are you talking about the skirt-chaser ?

                • joedoakes202

                  It was just one nut who didn’t get the attention he desired so he decided to harm others. Chris Dorner or Lee Harvey Oswald. Same Church different pew.

              • usathoughts

                You are quite correct.

                The army will react in different ways. We have core military that are for the most part separate from civilian solders. The core military will come down on the side of the US Constitution as they take their oath very seriously. The police will be mixed as many see us as criminals waiting to happen anyway.

                The current example in California shows how little regards the police have for anyone else when they themselves feel threatened. In a fit of fear and fury they wounded and killed civilians. They then saw to the execution without any question of a man yet to be proven guilty. Even terrorist do not face this kind of vendetta.

                A government bureau of any strip when invested with power will exercise that power in the extreme to protect its vested interest. It has been this way for thousands of years, in every part of the world, so do not expect it now change. In its most basic form it is tribalism. In consequence, it comes down to who holds the power.

                When push comes to shove, choose carefully, and evidence your power.

                p.s. What is your background, country?

                Best of luck to you and yours.

                • mrpilgrim

                  I’m born and raised American-live in the midwest. My initial comments were all about what would happen if the Chinese invaded America. Our military would put up a tremendous fight and take out millions of them-and our population would mostly fight to the end-that’s what I’m saying. But there are just to many Chinese and they do not seem to value human life like us-therefore they would just keep sending in troops (or soldiers) until they finally over-whelmed us. And they would use anything else they had to also. As I said earlier, I have relatives who were in the Revolutionary Army, were wounded, and given land as a reward for their service. We are Americans from the beginning. That should make everything clear. I’m afraid our present military has been ‘undermined’; we don’t have enough of lots of things from people to weapons anymore. Someone has let things slide-and with that I’m done. Thank You

                • usathoughts

                  You might like to know that since 1640 my family on this land have had at least one member in the military, be it France, England or the American Army. Now, one a Marine. We have paid the price through hardship, injury, and death for this country.

                  Good luck to you and yours.

              • It won’t be our soldiers, it’ll be the ATF, FBI, hired contractors, and
                the rest of the alphabet soup Gov’t agencies.

            • Tony

              Sorry buddy, if China cashes in their chips, this government will give them whatever they want.

              • Elery Fudge

                If you owe the bank $20,000, you have a problem. If you owe the bank one billion dollars, the bank has a problem.

                • If the bank has a billion angry investors that want their money back in no uncertain terms, YOU have a problem. Check the Chinese population numbers as opposed to Americans. They don’t need bullets. They can just drop bodies on us. Their economy is growing. They make boots (like soldiers wear), we don’t. They make a lot of stuff soldiers depend upon. We’ve lost our common sense and no longer understand that we need to manufacture everything necessary to defend our country ourselves. We have gotten dangerously stupid and keep doubling down on it. Time to wake up.

                • brilliant

            • paraducks

              A “gun” behind every blade of grass ? Guess they may have to break out their neutron bomb. You know the one liberals would not allow us to develop. Liberal reason ? It’s not fair to kill people and not their assets…

              • joedoakes202

                I’m betting we have it. I’m also betting that it can fit into the X-37B.


            • I read years ago that China considered the outcome of a full nuclear exchange with the US and decided they could survive while totally destroying the US.

              • joedoakes202

                They dug some pretty deep caves and have population to spare. If the wrong elements of the PLA ever get control we’ve got issues.

                • Tmost

                  They will have to live in those caves for a very long time while the radiation dies down, no winners here.

            • Gotta disagree with ou on this one. The majority of Americans buying guns for the past 4+ years are planning to defend themselves against the 0bama regime. Government Runamuck. Our forefathers gave us the 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves from an Enemy Within. That’s our exact situation today.

              As far as defending ourselves in a Chinese contingency, we’d have to borrow the money from them to do so.

              • joedoakes202

                How? That’s where this line of thought breaks down. It would be far easier, and less bloody, to convince more people to get involved in politics and to ask of others to begin to slowly stop complying with the law. We can force politicians to change peacefully. Trust me. It works.

            • slysnootle

              I hate the idea that we borrowed all this money and can’t payi back bt then are happy to fight them over it. We’re deadbeats.

              • “We” didn’t borrow it, the out of control federal government did.

              • joedoakes202

                I know what you mean. In my personal life a debt is a promise and a promise must be kept. We can change terms if both sides agree. But the assumption is I must pay it back.

          • MyNightmare

            I wouldn’t say that out loud. He may want his commision and that would certainly kill the gun dealers ability to do business.

          • 4sailing

            #1 Indeed – 65 million guns sold since they started this bs the 2nd time around. Well at least he’s helping the economy in some small way.

            • 1GregM

              It’s the only significant jobs he has created since the inception of his rule of terror.

              • 4sailing

                For those who might not realize – by significant 1GregM means private sector. (Who knows there may be some idiot lib reading who needed that clarified).

            • fla5hlight

              So gun sales have increased because of a spike in demand, not a spike in supply?

              • ritpg77

                Let’s see if you can figure out the answer to your question. Did the prices go up or down during this explosion of sales? I can tell you that they went up. The S&W I bought last year has gone up 20% since I bought it. Do you know the answer to your question now? In a free market system, supply goes up to meet demand. Not the reverse.

              • 4sailing

                Why would a spike in supply create demand? A lower supply is what has spurned the demand.
                The gun manufacturers are all backlogged from this rush to buy before King S**tstain tries anything.

          • carl6352

            they shuld use him in a ad. then watch the media squeal like little piggies. lol

          • NinjaCville

            When you’re the CEO of the biggest arms dealer in the world, increased gun sales are welcome, if not encouraged.

        • MicheleLloyd

          When I was assigned to SAC, I actually said that to bunch of Congressional staffers who had come to visit.
          My boss, took aside later on and said, “you aren’t allowed to brief any more.” I said thank you.

          • joedoakes202

            My old man has told me similar stories of his service. When the good lord calls him home I will let ’em go.


            As for you. You know you broke a simple rule.

            “Loose lips sink ships . . . or threaten future funding”


        • 1endtimes2020

          That’s funny. Your Dad had quite a sense of humor didn’t he.

      • Tony

        They know what they’re doing people. The Republicans know too. If you support either party you are the problem as well.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Tony, I agree the Republicans are not representing their constituents as they should, but there are some exceptions, and it isn’t fair to those people who do their jobs as best they can, don’t you think so? I suppose the same applies to a few Democrats. It’s up to each person to ask pertinent questions of their representatives, and find out where their reps stand on the issues. If individuals don’t communicate with the elected reps, it won’t help to change things for the better. I appreciate reading the comments on this site, but those comments also need to go to the people that can do something about the wrongs you want corrected. Do you agree?
          It’s like Mark Levin being angry and voicing his complaints, rightly so, but not offering suggestions of what his listeners should do to communicate their anger. Right? Otherwise, it’s just ‘coffee shop’ talk, that goes nowhere.

          • ronwagn

            My sister is a wealthy leftie and she will barely talk to me. She also resents my Christianity. You have to be true to your beliefs though. We need to get the truth out regardless.

            • 1endtimes2020

              When events come along, such as the sun no longer giving its light, or the electric grid has been shut down, even the wealthiest will be on the same level as everyone else. If those things don’t get a person to look up to God, and at least read the Bible, under candlelight, then that can result in a lost soul for eternity. She owes it to herself to save herself by believing Jesus Christ, as Son of God, died for her sins, so she could repent and obey God, and end up in heaven, where she can continue in her wealth at a much higher level and value. “What does it profit man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul”. Eternity=trillions of our years going on forever in happiness. Not looking into this kind of wealth is a poor investment decision. Not that we ‘believe’ for the reward, but the reward exists for loving God for what God did for us—provide a way to eternal life.
              There are many things to choose in life; choosing a proven way to heaven is a no brainer.

              • flossmore

                If ‘God’ Himself came down to Earth and walked down Main St. USA…..someone….would try to kill Him…..that’s simply the ignorance of mankind….and it will never change!

                • 1endtimes2020

                  There’s an example of that in the Bible when Jesus ran away from violent people, instead of prolonging his teachings to them. He ended up being brutally crucified. When He returns at Amageddon, there will be those who will be trying to destroy Him and be wiped out. So, you’re right. One third of the angels rebelled against God, and they had everything. They didn’t want human beings. God made humans beings in His own image.
                  There is good and evil in the world and it’s up to us to choose to invest our lives in going to the best place after we die.

    • Yes, but the Right needs to be able to communicate an organized, well thought out alternative that makes sense to the average man. They can’t even out think these crazy leftist, how can we win and govern after?

      • amuncat

        How about they man and woman up and be pro American an anti illegal immigration…not some sorry sob story that Rubio, who was going to be the “rights'” great brown hope on illegal immigration, said that his mother talked to him. Bingo! He is now pro illegal immigration. “They are human too!” WTF?!!!

        REAL polls are showing that Americans are at least 60% anti illegal immigration, pro border security, enforcement of our laws!!! This is almost stupid to say, don’t forget, there are more of us than them!!!

        Being for Americans should almost cause a land slide…IDIOTS!!!!

        • Linda Nixer

          Put your hip boots on Rubio is being groomed for 2016. Thank God it isnt Christie. I am NOT or illegals getting a free ride. ENFORCE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS FOLKS!

        • ronwagn

          There are will soon be more Hispanics than whites in California. There already are in New Mexico. I am part Mexican. We will have to get a large Hispanic vote. Not half, but close. Not all Hispanics want illegal aliens here. We do need farmworkers though, and they should be given green cards. The problem is that many industries use them, and the corporations use them in hotels, motels, slaughter houses, construction, and many other industries. Meanwhile we pay people to stay home and do nothing. Mexicans work harder for less money, and the Chamber of Commerce of the USA supports this. That has been the hidden force for illegal aliens. Many are Republicans like GW Bush. He had plenty of time to build the border fence, but stalled.

      • Texasooner

        The problem being, when you rob from Peter to give to Paul, you can count on Paul’s support.

        • I hear they run ads in Mexico about getting Food Stamps in the U.S. If that is true, the country is lost, not because of the actual deed, but because we allow it to happen in the first place.

          • janh1058

            The state of California has signs at all the borders that say something about being pregnant … The State of California will help. I have seen the billboards, but I can’t find the website showing them at the borders now.

        • 1endtimes2020

          The good ‘ol USA used to be known for its innovations, inventions and manufacturing from bolts to nuts. Now outsourcing is the name of the game, and it’s dangerous. Imagine Boeing having Japan make wings for the Dreamliner and CHINA making the BOLTS THAT DON’T FIT. China, for gosh sake.
          This is the country that wants to be a bigger military than the USA and even used the star and bars on its planes. Doesn’t that tell our government and CEO’s SOMETHING about China’s agenda.??? I’m telling you, the world is going absolutely crazy, with no end in sight.

          • R. Groven

            Outsourcing happens when companies find other countries that offer better alternatives to that of the base country. Since 1970, Congress has ensured the pull-out of the U.S. How? Answer: Over regulation and over taxation – it IS that simple. Congress seems to think that they can pass any bill and that the public will sheepishly comply. It won’t. sure, some will. But the producing class will NOT. This is not the fault of the producing class. This boils down to an over-zealous Congress who will say anything to get elected, pass bills that have cliche sounding names (Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Drinking Water Act, Help the Baby Seals Act, etc.) that mean if someone votes against it they are opposed to clean…air, water, land, etc. Sad but true. Mark Levin is absolutely correct. We need common sense and not hyperbolic BS; it is time to get the old pols out of office and hit the refresh button. We need people who have common sense in office, not lefties who count on the less / ill – informed voter. We need a media that is un-afraid to tell the truth. We need an electorate willing to say “no” to stupid and inane laws. If Obama simply does not enforce laws he does not like…well, you get the picture.

            • 1endtimes2020

              Yes, I do get the picture. However, we all need to write to the Congress and let them know of our concerns. Outsourcing means outsourcing jobs and income and taxes…therefore Congress taxes more to fill the void. Each country needs to fix their problems within their own borders.
              When Boeing brought in those bolts and other steel structures from China, and they didn’t fit, what else was wrong with those products.? The wings from Japan had to be reinforced with Titanium so they wouldn’t break off.
              Clothes from China that frays, and buttons come off after the second wash. Too much lead in the paint on toys that end up in our childrens mouths, and lead affects memory.
              The most important reason to bring our manufactring home, is because we can anticipate we will be cut off from those suppliers. When the U.S. wanted to attack the armies going to Kuwait from Iraq, the USAF had to wait two months to obtain the chips they needed to fly their planes. EXCUSE ME ???
              When America made its own products, there was no ‘cost overruns; because of faulty products. Imagine if we had outsourced WW2 parts.
              In this day and age, we have to stop outsourcing ‘Made in USA’ products’ and write constantly to Congress about solving the overspending problems.
              I might as well save my breath, because the whole world economy is going to fall anyway. We’ll have that new world order Bush sr talked about and the one world government, under Satan, everyone is determined to go headlong into. Money is the root of all evil, alright, and we don’t have the leaders who have a clue what to do.

              • You nailed it. We even have people working in Defense Acquisition that believe there is no problem with the US not manufacturing every item necessary to support a contingency operation. There was a time when we were dependent upon a foreign manufacturer that said ‘no’ to working overtime to support a contingency. His response was, ‘we close for 2 weeks vacation at that time’. My very next project was getting a United States producer up and running to ensure that never happened again. That was only one product. Do you really want to wear military uniforms made in China (or many other substandard producers)? Do we learn from history. Remember George Washington’s troops without pants and boots. There are weapons we don’t produce as well.

          • Guys, I agree with everything you have said, but you forgot one primary driver in the outsourcing of American manufacturing; the Unions. Their constant demands for more pay and unsustainable benefits played a huge part in sending our industry overseas. Not because “greedy corporations” wanted to make more money, but because the greedy unions were raising the prices to levels average American consumers were unwilling/unable to pay. Hence the demise of Zenith, Quasar, etc.

            • 1endtimes2020

              I agree the unions played a huge part in the departure of manufacturers. I personally suffered financially from unions. However, manufacturers have a lot of influence with governments with their lobbies. They also have money for ads to advise the public how the unions are forcing them to look at outsourcing. Instead, they wait and do nothing until the last minute, and then just announce they are leaving. When they were really leaving, that was the time to prove unions were affecting the jobs of other Americans.
              Governments had a responsibility to protect our economy too; not just militarily. Most every other country in the world, especially Asian, protects its own economy. American manufacturers tried to sell American cars, for example, to Japan, and the cars that were admitted in the country never saw a showroom. America was doing just fine before sending jobs away, and a concerned government would have said to the Japanese, that if they didn’t sell our cars there, they wouldn’t be allowed to sell their cars here. The government would also have said to our manufacturers if they sent their jobs outside the country, there would be such high tariffs on imports, the product would be priced too high here.
              But they did nothing except collect taxes whenever any companies managed to make a profit. Japan lost the war they started, but gained access to the country’s consumers. Some exchange that was. Japan would not have done the same if they had won the war.
              Ever since WW2, Americans have NEVER been placed first–mostly last. Yet we had soldiers spill their blood, fanilies losing their children and our treasure being spent to help others. Who helps the U.S.?? Does anyone think Europe would help America? We have been played as suckers by the people we elected. They talked the talk, but walked the walk for foreigners more than for us.
              Does anyone believe Obama cares about America? Why would he send F16’s and 200 tanks to Egypt? If he didn’t want those things to go to Israel, they should have stayed here for America’s own protection. With China having trained almost 300 million soldiers, the population of America, about, and all kinds of planes and missiles, and even an aircraft carrier and submarines, and hacking our computers, and threatening to destroy our electical grid, and on and on, ready to pull the plug on the more than 1 trillion we owe them, HOW could anyone want to do business as usual?
              Obama’s speech last night was just hype, and hype worked before. He hasn’t got a clue how to solve economic problems. He came out of the woodwork and was groomed for Presidency, and now we are worse off than ever before, and he gets a standing ovation. Insanity in action.!!!
              Obama cares more about same sex marriage, teaching homosexuality to kindergartens, abortions and anything that is important to the morally corrupt. He dares to say everyone has rights, while wanting to take away the rights of parents to educate their children the way they see fit.
              Oh. I could go on and on, but I made my point, and I’ll continue to stick to it. I know what I see, and that’s the Obama agenda to destroy and disarm America.

      • 4sailing

        They don’t help themselves with sticking establishment republicans time and time again in front of us. Who is the golden boy now? Rubio. This is why the republicans are becoming just as hated as the damned themselves dems.

      • Linda Nixer

        Its not that they cat out think them they just have a yellow streak up their back.

      • ronwagn

        I was very disappointed in Rubio’s speech. We need to use small understandable tallking points, and build a core argument with them. They need to be powerful soundbites constructed into a great fortress. Many are using Facebook effectively.
        We need to quit voting for school expenditures and all taxes that support left wing organizations. We must demand school vouchers.

    • johnfromjersey

      They live in the “Bizzarro” world. Who-da-thunk-it? Superman knew about liberals long before they were this nutz.

    • it’s called doublespeak… Democrats have it down to a science… 1984 is their blueprint…

    • bluzrider

      One has to wonder, just what and where these people got their crazy ideas from? How is it possible for people to think this way? It is like we live in some fantasy land, or alternate universe, It just does not seem possible for reasonable people to think this way. Where were they when God handed out Brains? They must have been smoking dope when their time came to get theirs.

    • bluzrider

      One has to wonder, just what and where these people got their crazy ideas from? How is it possible for people to think this way? It is like we live in some fantasy land, or alternate universe, It just does not seem possible for reasonable people to think this way. Where were they when God handed out Brains? They must have been smoking dope when their time came to get theirs.

    • bluzrider

      One has to wonder, just what and where these people got their crazy ideas from? How is it possible for people to think this way? It is like we live in some fantasy land, or alternate universe, It just does not seem possible for reasonable people to think this way. Where were they when God handed out Brains? They must have been smoking dope when their time came to get theirs.

    • Lester Liberalmann

      Yeah, loser. Like you gotta clue.

  • Joe

    I can’t blame the demoCRAPS – They are just stupid, crazy and greedy


    I can BLAME the GOP – They have failed this nation

    • X30X

      I blame both, but demorats more, much more.

    • Amos3

      Where in hell is Bonehead Boehner? When Nancy Pelosi was House Speaker, she was forever out in front of microphones and video cameras making statements. We never see Bonehead saying anything. Why? Is he afraid of offending the “Inside the Beltway” mob? Does he “just want to be liked” by the CommieCrat Part? It sure seems so.

      • markymark65

        It’s because they are two sides of the same coin! don’t you understand that? that’s why i hate the GOP more the Dems are very blatant who they are and are implementing policy, Repubs talk sh*t and do very little that’s different from the Demoncats!

      • Randy111

        AMOS3, You don’t understand. The Bush family is calling the shots for the Republican Party. They ceded the country to Obama for 8 years in 2008. They want Republicans to sit quiet, don’t make any waves, while Karl Rove puts forth a slate of Bush Loyalists for the House and Senate in 2014 who won’t “embarras” Jeb, who the Bush family plans to win the 2016 nomination and election. Republicans aren’t about to cross their rulers since 1989–the Bush Family. This is all about making JeeeBBB President in 2016 to them, not saving the country now or later.

        • Linda Nixer

          Randy you need to get over the Bush hate. Karl Rove is an idiot.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Bush Sr talked about ‘ a new world order’ when he was president. Google “who are the prime minsiter, presidents, and others in the Bilderberg group?” You’ll recognize rhe names. They meet in isolation, behind heavily guarded doors, to plot their agenda for a One World government. They actually believe a level playing field will bring world peace. Sounds somewhat good, but guess who don’t want to belong? The Communists and the Muslims.
          We don’t elect politicians to work on their hidden agendas. They don’t campaign on hidden agendas, seeking OUR approval. They nitpik on trivia to keep us from knowing what their REAL priorities are. They sure are fooling a lot of people.
          But nothing ever stays the same, and the best plans of mice and men never achieve their ends. In the meantime, the people suffer and are considered ‘useful idiots’.

      • Linda Nixer

        BONEHEAD is the problem. Get rid of him and put in a congressperson who the Tea Party backed.

    • 4sailing

      Betrayed is a more accurate term than failed. As disgusting as this whole mess is at least the democraps were somewhat straight about being vile – the republicans donned their sheep costumes and screwed us all.

  • Conniption Fitz

    “You should view politicians with the greatest contempt imaginable…what these Democrats and gutless Republicans have done to this country….”

    I do, really, I do utterly despise these politicians for their lies, dishonesty, corruption and for their contempt for the Tea Party and the hard-working US citizen.

    • clockwindingdown

      Conniption Fitz, you are in a very long line, one that stretches from sea to shining sea, and back. I suggest talking to those in line with you, maybe lunch at Alice’s Restaurant, who know it might turn into a movement!

      • I thought it was refreshing to see Dr. Ben Carson surface away from mainstream politics. We need more like him, and choose a new direction.

        • that new direction you speak of is called the Old Days, when things were actually correct.

          • johnfromjersey

            Oh William?
            Do you mean the “good old days”, when we kids could play outside well after dark without worrying about getting snatched? When kids called adults Mr. or Mrs.? or Aunt or Uncle? The days when if a policeman told you to “get moving”, you didn’t give him the finger? Because, not only would you get a boot in your butt, but a worse butt-kickin from your father. When we kids started our school day with a reading from the Bible, then, ALL would stand, hands over hearts, and recite the Pledge. Then, after giving honor to God and country, we were ready to learn.
            You mean those good old days?

            • MIPatriot50

              You mean the “GOOD OLD DAYS” when women and minorities were kept out of the workplace or other opportunities. Where homsexuals could be beaten, fired from jobs, or jailed fro being homosexuals. When a Senator named McCarthy could attempt to destroy the US by kowtowing to the fear of many uneducated (read modern TEA PARTY) by declaring an unspecified number of Communists have taken over the congress. You clearly miss the days of old white man rule. Those who claim to wonder where their America went are in the dustbin of history with the Greeks,Romans, French, English and Spanish who were sure they would rule forever. The same thoughts as to those who saw the ruination of the country by freeing slaves, letting women vote, or ending segregation. Welcome to the real world of an evolving planet.

              • 7cubed

                MI, and an “evolving constitution”? Ever heard of common sense? The TEA party is not “white man rule” but grassroots organizing which is the best way to unite Americans toward effective political change. You sound like a blinding idiot with a grudge. You and your misinformed attitude would not make it 5 minutes on my crew. Please take your “evolving planet” and your “real world” and cram them back into your piehole. Truth is, life is too short, and that is the misfortune of human beings. None of us have enough time. Gotta run! Good day, Sir.

                • MIPatriot50

                  The phase was an evolving planet, and common sense rarely has anything to do with politics. The Tea party is basically a movement founded by Dick Army and Americans for progress, hardly a grassroots org. Uniting Americans is a dream due to the intransigence of both parties. Anyone who sends a representative to Washington to NOT compromise has ended any concept of manageable government. The idea of government is exactly that, to compromise. I am not sure why you felt it necessary to call me a name and I am not sure why anyone would join your “CREW.” DO you disagree that the world is changing? Do you believe that when a political party is rejected as the GOP was in this recent election that it is the people that voted against your party that are flawed and not the party. This kind of thinking will keep the GOP out of power for a while.

              • Spoken like a true liberal moron who would not know the truth if it bite him on the ass.
                Couple of facts for you dickweed. It was mostly the Republican party that gave voting civil and rights to black people. When the files of the KGB were opened after the cold war ended it was shown that McCarthy was RIGHT. Hollywood, and the Federal Government were infiltrated by communist spies and sympathizers. You look down your crooked nose at the Tea party supporters because they dare ask that the Country not be bankrupted? That our leaders should honor their oath of office and promote and protect the Constitution? Your brave new evolving world sort of sucks for the common man but your too blinded by your sense of superiority to see it.

                • MIPatriot50

                  Thanks for demonstrating the lack of intelligence but jumping straight into insults and name calling. While you are correct in identifying that the OLD republican party was instrumental in freeing slaves, it was The Democrat Johnson who signed that legislation into law claiming rightly so that they would lose the south for a generation. The south was not Republican at that time but Dixicrats and Independents.
                  I am not for any one party but I do see that the tea party folk do not understand that it is hardly a grassroots movement but rather founded by Dick Army and controlled by people who have no thought about balancing budgets but to get a handful of people to vote against their own self interest to support rich politicians.
                  My comment was realistic, the world and America continue to change. For one to long for the Good old days as a political goal is to render yourself obsolete. I didn’t say the BRAVE NEW WORLD was better or worse just that it is and that the Good old days will not and cannot return. That is reality. I hope you can get past your anger to see the rationality of this idea.

    • BlueGood

      New Party better happen soon, as every year, the Leftoid “Indoctrination…oops…Education System” turns out a new crop of Brainwashed Voters….who have been, since Grade 1 thru to College/University, fed the Socialist Bullschit…

      NOw for a Lighter Giggle….(sorry can’t wait 4 the O/T….













      (There’s more but too many for 1 post…will add some more tomorrow)!



      • williamm


        IF MAN EVOLVED FROM MONKEYS AND APES, Why didn’t liberals evolve?

        • Reverend Ken


          The real question is why did Darwin hate the church so much?

          • I purchased three myself … plus my first AR-15. I figured it was now or never. Give Obama props for being the #1 gun salesman in the history of the world.

            • Daniel Martin Gray

              The PEOPLE.

              WE are the REASON this CRISIS is upon us.

              WE allowed the “Progressives” to sweet-talk us with bread and circuses and empty PROMISES of Justice, Fairness and Compassion.

              WE continued to vote for BIG government LIARS and THIEVES, just because we recognized their NAME or LIKED their DADDY.

              WE were ASLEEP. Hypnotized. Lulled into a FALSE sense of complacency, of APATHY.

              But WE are the SOLUTION.

              The ONLY SOLUTION.

              For NOW, in ever increasing numbers, on the Right, on the Left, and in the Center?

              WE WAKE!

              And SMELL the TYRANNY!

              It remains to be seen if we will DO as we SHOULD, as we MUST.

              But I, for ONE, will NEVER acquiesce to consigning my CHILD to SLAVERY.

              I would RATHER others do the heavy lifting, make the selfless sacrifice.

              But I would DIE on my feet, for I will NOT live on my KNEES…

              • Linda Nixer

                After Obam was elected the first time I said it was the best thing that could have happened to us. Its like the frog and water theory. If you put he frog in cold water and let it boil you wont know you will die…thats McPain. Obama was the frog in hot water theroy. Well, that all went to heck for the second term.
                Never underestimate the stupidy of the single item voters and racism voting along with white guilt.
                I never voted for him either time. We do get what we ask for though.

        • wvernon1981

          Please tell me you do understand the answer to your evolution question?

          • TregLoyden


            ANSWER: Man, Apes & Monkeys evolved from a COUSIN in the primate family tree: Man, like Monkeys and other Apes are end points of that family tree.

      • daeghrefn

        “New Party better happen soon,…”

        I don’t think it will be soon. I used to think that the GOP had to suffer one more electoral disaster in 2012 before it would provide the impetus for some sort of national conservative party. Now I think it’s going to take the defeat of the next RNC-anointed GOP nominee at the hands of President-elect Hillary Clinton. It’s coming, mark my words.

        • crosshr

          Hillary Who ?

          the Benghasi mayor !

          • Diogenes71

            If Ted Kennedy is the hero of Chappaquidick, can’t Hillary be the heroine of Benghazi? The death toll was greater than Teddy’s.

            • Maybe had she shown up to greet the coffins wearing a neck brace….

        • 12grace

          Many Americans are looking at the Constitution party.

          • Linda Nixer

            Many Americans are looking at various Latin America contries for a second home and permanent residency, along with duel citizenships. Countries where there is NO US dollar.

            • Days_of_Noe

              Linda, I’ve also thought about expatriating but then I thought of what those other countries are going to look like when there is no USA. When the worlds tyrants have free reign over smaller countries long protected by the USA, they will devolve into anarchy very quickly. The idea that a world without the USA will stay the same, is a dangerous premise. It assumes we are the problem instead of the solution. At the very least, we have millions of kindred spirits that know what freedom means. I have faith in our people and when we get to that line in the sand, wherever it may be, I believe we will prevail…God willing. However, no other country on earth (that I’m aware of) has the potential for greatness and the will to fight for freedom. We just have to be pushed far enough to get in the game. I wonder what would have happened if George Washington had simply taken a boat to Latin America instead of stayed and fought for freedom. Are we any different?

          • cpcmd

   speaks of the best choice — guaranteed.

        • I’ve been predicting this for a long time now.

          Goodbye “balanced” Supreme Court. We are SCREWED.

        • dom27


      • ALTILLA



      • maybetoday777


        Oh heck it is worse than that. They teach that ALL life arose from lava and rocks ACCIDENTALLY!!

        And, no monkey or ape is in the process right now of turning into a man or anythign thereabouts. Evolutionists have to PRETEND this happening somewhere because it is NOT happening here! It is called infinite guesswork or eternal error!

        You know what monkeys produce? Another monkey. You know what bananas produce? Another banana. You khow what jackasses produce? Another democrat!

        All animals grow their own clothing and you do NOT! You wanna know why this country is in such mess. Because they act like animals. Of course , this is what they are taught. That they are animals! No animal has a bad conscience for killing another animal! You do (or you are supposed to). This is so easy to figure out a caveman could do it.

        • scook84


          Everybody knows that people evolved from monkeys and apes; just as monkeys and apes evolved from people!

          Haven’t you heard of the “Circle of Life”?

          “Darwin! Line Two!”

          srk off

        • wvernon1981

          I encourage you to actually try to understand evolution your understanding is so far off what the Theory of Evolution actually is. You think you understand it but you are arguing against a straw an version. No biologist would claim new species arise in one generation. Evolution is the accumulation over many generations of small changes.

          • Rob

            But they remain the same species. They can only change to the degree that their DNA will permit. A cell did not become a man by many small changes.

            • wvernon1981

              It you were to change a species minutely, generation after generation, for thousands of generations, and then compared the species, eventually you would reach a point where the current population could not reproduce with the old population because their genomes have become incompatible.

          • But the fossil records show no such gradual occurences. What we see are merely extinct apes.

            • wvernon1981

              If you consider hominid fossils, for example, the fossil record is compete enough that anthropologists have a difficult time determining which species new hominid fossils belong to because the features can be mixed.
              Even without the fossil evidence, we would come to the same conclusion based on the genetic evidence as the genetic markers construct a similar family tree to but independent of the one that the fossil record does. For example, we share many of the same viral insertions of genetic material in our genomes that chimpanzees do.

              • Tony

                The problem is not evolution, but social Darwinism. Our dear leaders think they are genetically superior to us. Darwin believed that only a small portion of humans had good genes and everyone else has bad genes. He also believed that if the two were to intermingle then the human race would be destroyed. Read Descent of Man. It turns out Darwin is an elitist who just gave us another version of divine right.

          • Reverend Ken

            It is called a THEORY for a reason, no proof is the top of the list.

            • wvernon1981

              A theory is a broad explanatory framework that explains most if not all the observations made about something. In this case, the theory of evolution is the only broad, explanatory framework we know of that explains the diversity of life past and present. Those who claim creationism or design need to come up with a framework that doesn’t give them “god or the designer” did it for every observation made because there is no way to test whether or not the hypothesis is false. No matter what happens, “X did it”.

              • Tony

                look this up Vern, New study shows that the universe might be a computer simulation. I am not making this up. This would imply a creator.

                • wvernon1981

                  I’ve seen that study. It is only speculative and if I remember right, needs to confirm a pattern in the granularity of space. Right now, it is no more plausible than any other hypothesis without evidence. However, unlike the god hypothesis, it might at least be testable.

    • Nightfly24

      “If you want to help someone, tell them the truth. If you want to help yourself tell them what they want to hear.”
      …. Thomas Sowell

    • 1endtimes2020

      Agreed. Now 192 will write their elected representatives and demand the Republicans speak up against the Obama agendas. Ready, set, GO.!!!!!

  • OneThinDime

    Great analysis. And all of that BEFORE the true costs of ObamaCare are tossed in. I cannot wait for these young people who worship Obama to realize they have been financially screwed.

    • notsofastthere

      By the time they wake up, the damage will have been done. Politicians who caused the mess will have been gone like Dodd and Frank, retired with great wealth and able to move to any country they desire.

      • sDee

        These elites have erased history and may have forgotten their fate when the people of France rose up and took control of the guillotines.

        The French sent us Lady Liberty because she represented in their revolution, what they knew the grit of American spirit was.

        Lady Liberty will rise again….

        • Joe

          Ironically, the French Revolution was a bloody, unjust, revolution that at worst had its socialist and Marxist-like chapters. One must learn from the French Revolution that it is a step in the process that leads to totalitarian communism. Fortunately, in the case of the FR, cooler, saner heads prevaled and the more radical elements were “eliminated”. I would prefer a statue of a giant eagle on a pedestal on Ellis Island, personally.

      • Randy111

        NOTSOFAST, You hit the fact jackpot there. It may already be too late to save the country. If the Amnesty passes next month, you can kiss the futue goodbye in the US, everything we have inherited, including the Constituton will be replaced within a few decades. Conservatives will be an endangered species.

    • PVG
      • sDee

        Sound like the Obamacare wrecking ball is ahead of schedule.

      • 12grace

        I have heard BETSY MCCAUGHEY talk in person and she is incredible, she is intelligent, and well-informed and doesn’t back down from the truth. A true, Patriot.

    • 12grace

      The problem is that the stupidly of the masses forces us to suffer, as well.

      • 5843supie

        aren’t you glad grace that you and I are the sane ones…. ?

    • Like many young democrats, they will become older, get a job, get married, have children, and then stop and say “what on earth was I thinking” when they think of Obamacare.

  • notsofastthere

    After listening to Mark with his direct application of reality and common sense, it seems pretty inevitable that we will have riots in the streets.

    • 12grace

      Historic National Protests Against Obama Planned in 50 States on February 16

      Historic National Protests Against Obama Planned in 50 States on February 16

      For Immediate National Release

      February 11, 2013

      Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
      [email protected] / (866) 703-0864

      Americans who oppose the destructive policies of Barack Obama will converge on all 50 state capitals this coming weekend, Saturday, February 16, from 11am to 1pm. In each respective time zone, unprecedented picket style, friendly flash mob style protests will be conducted on public sidewalks outside of state capitol buildings.

      For more information or to schedule interviews in advance of the protests, please visit

      Nightly News for Monday, February 11, 2013

      Date: 02/11/2013

      On this February 11,2013 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Paul Joseph Watson speaks with Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport of about the nature of reality and the possibility of life as a computer simulation. Paul covers why the banking elites want riots in America.The secret drone court that wants your 6th Amendment.And the asteroid that will pass by Earth on Friday. – Watch now


    …it is time for the LIBERTY LOVING TEA PARTY PATRIOTS to raise the pitch forks and torches to oust these CRIMINALS from there lofty positions of POWER in D.C.. There is no other way because elections will not do it for they MANIPULATED, FIXED and FRAUDULENTLY set to keep these CRIMINALS IN POWER !”

    • OneThinDime

      But it must not be for “Tea Party” candidates. Look at how quickly Rubio’s true colors showed through with amnesty. Today, the Washington Times had interview with Rand Paul where he refers to illegals as “undocumented citizens”. He too wants citizenship. WTH with these new criminals ignoring our federal laws.

      • sDee

        “Undocumented Citizens” !!??

        That is idiotic – so anyone who strolls across the border or over stays a visa is a citizen?

        He may be playing to his libertarian base but do they not have a clue that as soon as you give these illegal aliens citizenship, they will turn around and vote to remove all remaining liberties in favor of big government? Latino voters favor larger more powerful central government and distrust free market principles. And for the islamist they will vote 99.9% with the Statists!

        This is insane.

        Is there even a single American in the Congress? One?

        • OneThinDime

          Agreed. And of course the 9/11/01 terrorists would have been included in that category of “undocumented citizens”. And citizenship will be given even if they have committed heinous crimes because those crimes are unsolved. There is no fingerprint and DNA matching to unsolved crimes nationally that is in their “plan”. In fact, many of the cold cases do not even have the forensic information loaded into the national database.

          I keep thinking of the woman whose child was murdered by an illegal. Would love to see a Congress critter tell her to her face her child’s death is meaningless because the illegals have a tough life living in the shadows.

      • Amjean

        How disappointing of Rand Paul.

      • Rubio’s plan is not amnesty nor does it make illegals “citizens”. they would come out of hiding, pay fines, back taxes, prove they have learned english and several other steps. Then, they become legal but not citizens. they still get in the back of the line for that.

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          An amnesty is a pardon for breaking the law. Any plan that lets illegals flout the immigration laws of this nation is an amnesty.

          The 1986 amnesty promised border security – it never happened. Rubio thinks we’re stupid enough to fall for it again. If border security was any sort of priority we would do it now and not wait for an immigration bill. People who think that, sure, Congress tricked us in ’86, but now they’ll be upfront and honest about immigration, are deceiving themselves.

          • OneThinDime

            Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty also included requirement that this NEVER occur again. Less than 30 years later and 7 times as many illegals, he we go again. And it’s not the first try, other potus’ between Reagan and now have tried it as well.

        • OneThinDime

          From the Washington Post

          ‘Republican uber-strategist Karl Rove has called Rubio “the best communicator since Ronald Reagan.”’

          “He is part of a bipartisan group of eight senators who put together a carefully calibrated set of principles that include a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million-plus immigrants in this country illegally.”

    • 12grace

      I don’t think marching in the streets, calling politicians and/or begging them via emails or in person to abide by our Constitution and stop violating us and being criminals, is strong enough to stop them. They aren’t listening.

      They only care about us paying for their lavish salaries, vacations, pensions and keeping them in the grandiose lifestyle that they are deluded enough to think that they deserve. We can’t get a fair vote and get them out of office.

      So, what’s left? Hint: What would you do if you had an unruly teenager that kept crashing your car? Answer: You would take away their keys and their allowance. And then you make them pay for the car with their own money.

      • Jeffjr04

        Your teenager doesn’t have an army though.

        • Reverend Ken

          Was math not taught at the school you skipped all those classes from?

        • 12grace

          What is you solution, J?

    • Millions of us clearly understand the mess we are in. The rest are the sap heads who not only reelected the Kenyan dictator but keep on polling that his popularity is increasing! It is past time for revolution or civil war II. That or death.


  • sDee

    I could not agree more. There is only one way out of this and no one will do it except us.

    We must watch gun control carefully. If there is anything done. Any new laws or regulations. Any compromise by the republicans. Nothing done to challenge Obama’s executive orders.

    If there is anything except a closing of the ranks among Republicans, we will know they intend now to gore us and gut us.

  • A post with a double shot of Mark Levin, very nice!

  • objective123

    Levin – Obama is a Usurper designed to destroy America to make us destroy the U.S. Constitution and be a slave to the New World Order (NWO). That is their goal. Us US Patriots and god fearing conservatives who love God, guns and the U.S. Constitution are the only thing left. It is by design just like FDR did to bring in WWIV (or WWIII).

    • Blackjack6

      I like guns, but you really think God loves guns?

      You think God is a conservative?

      God is a liberal and so is this thing called the United States of America.

      • X30X

        “God is a liberal and so is this thing called the United States of America.”

        Wrong Door!

        • Blackjack6

          Yes, God loves perpetual war and violence.

          • crosshr

            I’ll ask God not to buy guns and cause radical minds to loose temper. God no more Gun Runners across the boarder. God no more aids to nations that wanna kill human beings infidel and Jews and Americans ! there your prayer ! sarc .

      • Reverend Ken

        LUKE 22:36

      • johnfromjersey

        I think you forgot the /srk

  • 911Infidel

    Nannykins the plastic woman, is to the security and safety of the country what hemorrhoids are to a person’s a$$.

    • 12grace


  • TexasPGRRider

    GET `EM Brother Levin…GET `EM !!! PLEASE CONTINUE to Inspire Truth Seekers everywhere to FIGHT, Stand UP and FIGHT Tyranny wherever it is found !! For the sake of our grandchildren and victims EVERYWHERE !!! And THANKS AGAIN Scoop, for this platform from which we share our thoughts,concerns,beliefs,opinions,desires,inspiration,and prayers…YES, THANKS AGAIN Scoop !!! Peace be with you….

  • 57thunderbird

    Some how, some way, we absolutely have to get the people of this country that have reached their limits of this out of control federal government to band together and march on D.C.Many will have to make the necessary sacrifice required to right this ship!I am willing to sacrifice much to save our republic for my children(now adults)and grandchildren!

    • 12grace

      Yes, “we the people” must stand together against those that intend on destroying us and our country. A march is great to bring up morale of Americans tried of being kicked around by an arrogance self-serving, Administration. But, we must also use other tools of peaceful and powerful protest at our disposal.

  • Levin is part of the problem, IMO.

    • sDee

      I am not sure what you are referring to, but the silence on Article 2 Section 1 is deafening.

    • Haha, figures, libs think telling the truth is the problem.. Rather be cuddled with lies.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Please elaborate Christina….

    • He’s not part of any problem I can see. How about you, next commenter?

    • 12grace

      Yes, Levin, the truth-teller and patriot, is a big problem to those individuals, groups and nations that seek to to destroy our precious, America.

      May G-d bless, Mark Levin, he has shown himself to be a man of great honor and bravery.

      • johnfromjersey

        I’ll say, I’ve been listening to him as often as possible, and, because he is such a ¡™™£££¢¢∞¢∞§§¶¶¶• to the libs, he even makes all of his monologs available (for free) download at his website so I listen to some more than once. Mr. (great one) Levin has been an inspiration to many of us Americans. I’ve thought about Mark going into politics, but I’m not sure that would benefit America as much as him being right where he is, doing what he does, like no one else!

    • Yeah… He just needs to get in line with you on the way to the slaughter house!! yeah. thats right. yeah… uh huh… Facinating that this idiot is allowed to vote! From Mark Woodrow Ellis-American… Andrada… must be some other friggn planet!

    • X30X

      “Levin is part of the problem, IMO.”

      It is you and your ilk that is The Problem; Levin being part of The Solution.

    • johnfromjersey

      Would you like to elaborate Christina?


      Nitwit R U, Marxist.

  • And stupid liberals believe the country is going to survive 90 trillion debt, it is unsustainable, the country we know now is nothing like it is going to be when it collapses.. It makes a very strong argument in my mind that’s even more of a reason needing an AR-15.. Shove your gun-control up your a$$ libs, it obviously belongs there because that’s where your head is… We are at a point of no return…

    • Blackjack6

      Just think, if the Clinton tax rates were left alone this country would be debt free today.

      But the GOP changed the rules.

      • bull..

      • concretetundra

        You are absolutely correct Blackjack6. We had, in our sites, not just a balanced budget but a complete erasure of the national debt. But then, because of butterfly ballots in one county in FL, our country took a turn for the worse. We have never recovered from that 2000 election. I think the historians will get it right. When we look back on America, it will be the 2000 election that doomed us. I am still hopeful for the future. But oh, that 2000 election. It changed our trajectory in so many ways.

        • poppakap

          Isn’t it nice to have life boiled down to convenient sound bites?

          Go troll somewhere else.

          • concretetundra

            Not trolling. Just trying to tell the guy who posted that someone in here agrees with him. He was right. We were on our way to zero national debt. It’s too bad the voters and Bush got in the way. I’m a Democrat and I listen to the Levin show. I like his fervor. I disagree with most of what he says but every now and then he makes a point that I agree with. So just to defend myself, I’m not trolling. Just weighing in. Wouldn’t most comment sections be boring if EVERYBODY agreed with everybody else?

            • Blackjack6

              Psssst, I listen to Levin too, he knows how we got here, he hammers the GOP even more.

              • crosshr

                RINOS, no different from Dems. At least they maintain to secure their jobs. Levin will hammer ones arse if you are out of line regardless what party.

            • crosshr

              not a matter of agree here on this forum. America have suffered enough through the last decade. It is seeking to revive this country if it’s not too late. Two wrong won’t make a right. Levin worked in the White House during Reagan’s successful tenure. There’s a reason why he’s very passionate as a watch Dog . Mark don’t give a crab wheather you listen or not.

              • concretetundra

                He cares about every listener. All radio people do. Reagan’s tenure was not all that successful. He introduced supply side / trickle down economics to America and it has cost us 16.5 trillion dollars.

                • crosshr

                  your definition of success derived from Carter and the current admins reckless policies. 16.5T dollars and counting is what we owe today. Form Reagan to Bush 2. the country owed 9.7T. Educate yourself today and look at mirror and tell yourself, I am not foolish ! repeat like 5 times, you’ll get smart .

        • Blackjack6

          Thank you sir.

          • concretetundra

            You’re welcome. It’s fun to come in here every now and then and fight an uphill battle.

      • poppakap

        The finest revisionist history Marxism can buy! (The purchase was subsidized by Aunt Sam.)

      • crosshr

        Revenue is not just the economy downfall, the size of the gov. and it’s daily, weekly ,monthly growing that cause this massive unsustainable indebtness. Strict regulations, limited policy on energy extraction due to EPA foolish Clean Air Act policy.

        No amount of revenue on earth can carry this admins spending.

    • johnfromjersey

      I’m sorry to say that I believe you may be right. Being 65+, I’ve seen my precious America go from #1 in everything to the sad state we’re in today. If that’s their idea of progress, then count me out.

  • I do have utter contempt and disgust for these evil America haters and traitors. They have done so much it’d take a couple of 24 hour radio-thons for Mark to tell it all. These people are the worst, much more it seems than what our Founders fought the War of Independence for.

  • Ray

    I think Levin will be the first to endorse a third party. all the rest of them tumble after him. Way to LEAD Mark. It will be the best for our country.

    • FrozenPatriot

      Glenn Beck did a couple weeks ago…but I agree, conservatives and patriots with a platform need to use it to get the word out. Those of us without such a platform NEED to have uncomfortable conversations with our neighbors and co-workers and extended family to wake them up! No more political correctness, no beating around the bush. Those that are asleep fell asleep because of their actions, but stay asleep because of ours…

  • Army_Pilot1967

    OKay, Mark, many of us agree with you about what’s happening to our country due to reckless conduct by Congress……what’s a viable solution? It’s easy to point out problems and things that need to be fixed, almost anyone can do that. But coming up with a viable, workable solution is what’s desperately needed…and that’s not nearly as easy as pointing out obvious problems. Help us if you can.

  • c4pfan

    All one has to do is re-listen to Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC and you will find out why. The money is in DC.

  • aposematic

    Destroying the Country with malice and forethought…Government is all about stealing as much of the Constitutional Republic’s freely created/produced wealth as they can get away with. These days apparently they can get away with a lot; even stealing the wealth yet to be created. Contempt for the Pols should be the starting point.

  • 1endtimes2020

    Okay, Mark. Now please advise us what we can do about all of these problems.
    We really, really, really want to know.

  • aZjimbo

    Marks first video says it all. 2nd video is the icing on the cake.

  • JohnCraven

    When abolitionists were confronted with a Democrat Party which supported slavery and a Whig Party which could not find the courage to oppose slavery, they created a third party, the Republican Party, to speak out against slavery.

    We are in much the same straits now with the Democrat Party being as evil as it ever was and a Republican Party which is capitulating to that evil at every opportunity.

    I think we’ve needed for the longest time an alternative truly conservative party which is based on the principles our founding fathers and the vision of Ronald Reagan to challenge the marxist totalitarians in the Democrat Party and the Big Whig do-nothings in the Republican Party.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    • sDee

      It appears on all fronts, that the time is here. The people are ready. Which leader will emerge?

      • 12grace

        This is scary as many believe that the leader(s) that will emerge will be the Anti-Christ and false-prophet after the war that kills 1/3 of mankind takes place.

        • Reverend Ken

          The anti-Christ and false prophet are in the white house right now!
          Why do you think the flies love him so much?

    • Blackjack6

      Reagan raised taxes at least 8 times.

      He would never win a GOP nomination today.

      • X30X

        “He would never win a GOP nomination today.”

        More BS.

      • crosshr

        Reagan raised taxes 13 times, at the same time he cut and put the government size on diet. Removed many Carters foolish energy regulations and throw out the window EPA ill policies. Reagen stood up for all foreign enemies of America, armed many of Americas friends like Israel. There was a reason why there were not much of a friction and trigger happy around the world. I miss that freaking times of my younger days

  • JohnCraven

    Star Parker just wrote a great column at, entitled “Does the Republican Party have a future?”

    You can read it at:

    It’s great.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    “Ye shall not enter into this our Pilgrimage of Grace for
    the Commonwealth, but only for the love that ye do bear
    unto Almighty God…”
    (From: The Oath of the Honourable Men, composed by Robert Aske, 1536 A.D.)
    [Cited in: The Pilgrimage of Grace by Geoffrey Moorhouse, published by
    Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2002]

    • TexasPGRRider

      THANKS for sharing this info John !! Peace be with you….

  • Kordane

    Quote: “And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on?

    That’s the Republican party that Levin voted for, and a whole bunch of people here voted for, and will keep on voting for, again and again and again, until the end comes. Yes, keep voting for weaklings; keep voting for Nero, fiddling while Rome burns.

    But whatever you do, don’t vote third party, no no no, that’s unthinkable!

    • Come on, there was reason to be optimistic that the Republicans had a chance at redemption up until this past November. Don’t act like the third party solution was the obvious answer prior to then. It most definitely was not.

      It may not be now. Levin and West and DeMint and a few others like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are making more noise, and more headlines. If Bonehead and the Cotton Conservatives start getting the message (i.e. that we WILL primary their worthless a$$es), the Republicans could still be the label to wear. Depends on those damnable Cotton Conservatives, though. Also, how determined the Tea Party folks are.

      • Kordane

        The Republicans are all out of chances at redemption.

        I’m not going back to the Republican party, like a beaten woman wearily resigns herself to go back to her wife-beating husband for more punishment.

        Sure, you’ve got a handful of good politicians, but you’re up against HORDES of statist politicians. Every time you vote Republican you mostly voting to elect statists. I don’t want to vote for any statists, period.

        Allen West? He lost to Patrick Murphy. Conservatives can’t even retain the handful of good politicians they have. Don’t tell me to have hope in the Republican party because there’s Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. What’s two (three if you count Rubio) good politicians against the horde of statist politicians out there?

        I can sense that the end is coming very soon for this country. I’m not content to spend what little time there is left, battling establishment Republicans for control over a corrupt and rotten party. I’d prefer just to start with a clean slate, and with a clear conscience.

        People need to stop being so sentimental about the Republican party, and just let it die already.

        • Didn’t they redraw West’s district with the intent on getting him defeated?

          • Blackjack6

            Are you saying Republican controlled Florida did that to one of his own?

            • Yes.

              • Yes, unfortunately, West embarrassed establishment repubs by speaking the truth and asking questions. He wouldn’t ‘moderate’ for the good of the GOP. He caused a lot of people to ask hard questions of their own republican reps who just wanted to bask in the glory of their nobility at court and not have to actually represent constituents. So during redistricting the GOP gerrymandered him right out of office and didn’t support him at all.

            • crosshr

              unlike the left, real love of a country doesn’t mean circle your wagon around our party
              line. West has never been the kind of republican career politicians equivalent to why Lefts protect their own. Tea Party folks see where they are placed. Similar to your liberal reps, are there for themself not for you.

    • 12grace

      Many Americans are interested in the Constitution party.

      This is a great new website:

    • X30X

      “But whatever you do, don’t vote third party, no no no, that’s unthinkable!”

      Fool me once, . . .

  • Philo Beddoe

    -They are destroying the country
    -They are gutless

    **They are all working from the same playbook**

  • wodiej

    This has been going on for 3 decades. And conservatives are just now getting upset?

    • Amjean

      Most conservatives have been working hard, raising their families; not having time for in depth analysis of political affairs. And the reality is that progressives have been slowly inching their way upwards with public policy since long before
      three decades.

      Frankly, I blame the media. I recently read the three books by Stieg Larsson, “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo”, etc. In the story line are
      reporters and their publications “saving the day” by lurking around every
      corner like private detectives, gathering information and seeking out truth.

      What we have in this country are mostly fawning idiots. They are tools of the leftie agenda.

    • Blackjack6

      So true, when the GOP was borrowing and spending while creating the socialist programs of Medicare Plus, No Child Left Behind, Prescription Drugs and the Partiot Act.

      They all sat quiet and took it like good little girls.

      But once a Democrat, no a Black Democrat got it.

      Oh no, we need to take put country back. Well the GOP gave it to the Democrats, they are just to dumb to see it.

  • BS61

    Of course the only thing that won’t load on TRS is this one that I need to see most!

  • dcnj

    yea well wait for the dollar to completely collapse…

    the “great reset” will end life as we know it….

    You can’t fix it. Like an alcoholic, it has to hit rock bottom.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I don’t really even know what to say…

    I will add this… the grasshopper and the ant.

    Imagine if we lived out on the desolate, windy plains of North Dakota. We know that winter is coming and that we’re going to need food and shelter in order to survive. The local Indian tribes have graciously given us some timber, a couple of blankets and a recently killed deer… but that’s all they can give. So, what do the leaders of the party do? They take the timber of those under them… they take a blanket or two… and they take deer meat. All the while, they say, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” However, they have no more materials to build shelters, they have no blankets, and there is no more food… because the leaders have it all and aren’t sharing it. And it’s getting colder.

    We are now at a place where we have to rely solely on God for our survival – while we continue to do what we can.

    We need to prepare and pray. And hopefully, we can turn some of these things around in 2014… and starve the damned Democrats and the establishment Republicans of some of their power. Imagine a new Tea Party Freshman class in 2014… just like in 2010. It would be like the cavalry charging over the hill to save us…

  • Amjean

    I thank Mark Levin for getting the word out. He always brings us the truth.

    This is all so frustrating. It doesn’t matter how much we call, email or write
    our government. They do what they want anyways.

    I haven’t given up hope, however, am wondering if this whole thing is like a
    runaway train. Until it stops there is nothing to do but watch.

  • bobemakk

    Mark Levin is always spot on. The republicans are betraying US and caving in to Obama’s regime. I am sick of this, who do we support? Where are the conservative republicans who have a spine and the stones to impeach Obama?

  • Formalhaut

    Is it time to take our guns and go to war with the United States yet?

  • Jack in Ga

    The media refuses to call out Democrats who state with a straight face that “We don’t have a spending problem”. Just consider that Obama and Democrats wanted to grant American rights to foreign terrorists and have trials in New York but they Obama and Democrats are ok with killing Americans abroad without any kind of due process..

    Can you imagine if Bush was killing Americans on foreign battlefields without due process, the left would start impeachment hearings..

  • This is the same IDIOT that slammed Ron Paul over and over while touting Romney.What a punk.Levin is just another government suck-up jumping the fence when it “feels” right. Dudes like this just make me sick. I used to love him til I caught on to his flip/flop wanna-be-a-man suck-up fake patriotism. Go to “” where a real caring Christian journalist tells you what’s going on without the corporate suck-up”Hannity”wanna-be-spin these traitors feed the masses.

  • Steve Dufau

    Mark is right. I will no longer donate to Republicans they are no better than Democrats they have no backbone.

  • disqus_G8xi77DYlj

    We have a 1 party dictatorship, BOTH parties are working towards the same goal, the destruction of this nation and to usher in a one world government, a New World Order. They are puppets. 2 sides of the same coin. Treasonous traitors to this country

    • Blackjack6

      New Word Order a blast from the past, brought to you by??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The GOP

      • crosshr

        last I know current potus and Soros & unions are Liberal, lovers of UN & and initiator of Arab Spring and Brotherhood, haters of Israel & America. Correct me if I am wrong !

  • totally agree – it’s time to CLEAN HOUSE IN WASHINGTON – if the elected officials can’t do what we sent them there for (not to enrich their bank accounts) but to straighten out this horrible mess that o’dumpo & his ilk are creating, then we need to replace them with people who will!!!! if ever term limits were called for – it’s now! give them 6 years then send them home to a real job. without having to worry about re-election, they just might do what’s good for america instead of themselves. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!

  • Levin is a corporate Hannity-wanna-be-suck-up.He ignores Ron Paul’s liberty/constitutional stance to kiss up to Romney,knowing it was an Obama slam dunk.I used to trust this punk til I caught him being the “prestitute” that IGNORES willfully the blatant treason and intentional arming of the DHS against the American people(1.6 BILLION rounds of bullets and counting–CHECK THAT right NOW,you won’t hear it from Levin unless he gets permission). He talks just enough truth to sound good,but he’s just another lapdog. Joyce Riley of “” is an independant newssource that refuses to suck off the government propaganda teet.Can’t say that about puppet-boy Levin,even when he fakes being “mad”…..

    • Ben

      Obviously you have never listen to him. That was the most uninformed opinion I have ever heard.

    • kiwiguy1

      Levin a puppet? Good Lord man! How can a person make such an obviously false statement? Levin endorsed Romney because he is not Obama. If a mannequin propped up on a pole had been to the right of Romney Levin would have endorsed that.

      • X30X

        “How can a person make such an obviously false statement? ”

        It”s due to their Regressive Lieberal Pinko schooling.

    • KidLiberty

      Um, lapdog of whom?

    • crosshr

      yawning ! gets bored, that all we read morons blinded by your own foolishness ! later !

  • Bluthar

    who, in the administration of Obama Evil, will go to heaven? not one!

  • You know, Ron Paul has been saying these things for years, but good old Levin just called Ron Paul crazy. Then, Levin endorses Mitt Romney! Romney’s own rhetoric, voting, and political career mirrored the same positions that Obama has carried out, but Levin wanted none of those facts to get in the way. Perhaps Levin is no longer a part of the problem?

    • KidLiberty

      This isn’t the first time he’s said these things. He didn’t endorse Romney. He supported Romney after he won the nomination. He supported Michele Bachmann initially. Romney wasn’t an ideal candidate by any stretch, but you are nutty if you don’t see a difference between Obama and Romney…

      • Let’s see, NDAA, guns, drone attacks, TARP bailouts, economic stimulus plans, auto bailouts, neither supported balance budget, both love Ben Bernanke, opposed audit of Federal Reserve, both have track records of being big spenders, both believe Tim Giethner doing a good job, universal health care, both open to Value Added tax on TOP of Income tax, both love the patriot act, torture….need I go on?

        • KidLiberty

          You didn’t address what I said. You only managed to list their similarities. Romney was not a good candidate because he was too similar to Obama, but they are different in several important ways.

      • Blackjack6

        The only difference I saw, was that Romney wanted more tax cuts for the rich. But their positions on health care, gays and abortion were the same.

        Well until Mitt decided to run that it.

    • johnfromjersey

      First off, you’re just plain wrong. Mark applauded RP’s ideas about fiscal policy, and in fact, said that RP would make a great Treasury sec. You do have to admit, RP has and is saying some pretty stupid things for someone who expects to be taken seriously.

    • crosshr

      Romney can make a far better potus that Obama not to mention Ron Who ? Oh what have Ron really accomplished in all his wasted years in congress. I’m glad his son Rand is way much smarter than the oldie fool !

  • Realright

    It’s not just the financial ruin and moral bankruptcy of this stinking administration any longer. They are now placing us in danger of a war that will get us all killed. Russia and China are building up their respective military forces while Iran and NKorea continue to test and threaten armageddon. And what is this POS president doing? Sequestering our military and reducing our ability to defend ourselves. All these miserable self-serving politicians can go to hell!

    • Blackjack6

      We spend more on defense than the next 10 nations combined.

      Obama has re-positioned the fleet to the Pacific.

      After 10 years of war you want more? Oh wait, lets have a draft and pay for it this time.

      • crosshr

        ironic, cut the defense budget ! When Benghasi consulate attacked and killed, Obamas’ admin main excuse point is low budget to send rescuer to help out the Embassy !

        What you need to wake up to in realization is. no country care to respect America with the current admim. All the rhetoric from the State Dept and potus are hot fart, all terrorist and enemy of America roll on the floor die laughing : i.e Obama asked Iran, “please don’t get mad, gime me back that drone Hillary shot at you,” Iran answer , ” Screw you !”

        Best Friend of Peace is Strength. DOn’t Forget that !

  • Ben

    Mark is right on, as usual! Too bad these puke politicians don’t read these analysis and learn from them.

  • BOStinks2

    Mark Levin hits the nail on the head again! There isn’t one politician out there that is worth anything!

  • Nightfly24

    Levin pulls no punches and he is spot on.
    Our elected officials don’t care about future generations, that will be someone elses problem. They are only concerned about what they can get out of it to line their pockets

  • doesntmatter

    Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame. It is not in either interest to lesson the role of government in our lives – they are financially benefiting from us. All of the are crooks and stealing from us. To be honest, they are all bed fellows and benefit if they can keep us fighting each other. The American voter isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • rdknyc596

    Amen. People in this country had better wake up. The stock market is a bubble blown up by the QE 2 policies of this corrupt administration and government.

    Republicans are week knee’ed when they need to have guts. And Democrats–it is not a spending problem–when you are so far out of touch with reality.

    Wake Up!

  • Franklin Jacoby

    FINALLY. they’re all twisted f*cks

  • Lydk

    Yup Yup Yup…..It always amazes me if anyone speaks out against Obama that the Left automatically thinks you are pro Bush or the majority of the GOP. Both parties are failures. And both parties are scrambling with their fingers in the wind to see what it is that they have to say to win them votes. It has nothing to do with the Constitution for these people. They are trying to save their own behinds as they get richer and richer.

  • Snertly

    Seems to be a lot of room in the market for folks who want to make Republicans feel better about having painted themselves deep into the corner.

    But the question is will Republican’s be able to learn from their past and do better next time if they keep sucking up to these molly coddling excuse makers?

    • psadie

      The Repubs are idiots. Mitt threw the election. In the last debate, he agreed with what Obama was saying and did not challenge him at all. What the hell was that about? We are being used!

      • Snertly

        Mitt did not “throw” the election. He simply had no position to run upon. Anything he said that appealed beyond the GOP neo-conservative core got slammed by that core as being too moderate. However, any time he preached to the core, moderates would doubt his ability to compromise and actually do politics.

        The only GOP achievement relative to the economy was the credit downgrade from the previous debt ceiling standoff. The issues they could have made the most of, NDAA, drone policy, etc., were short circuited as debating points because the GOP likes those things.

        • psadie

          The GOP needs to STOP choosing the candidates for the American people! That might work. WE are tired of having these half baked candidates shoved down our throats as the winner while they end up the loser!

          • Snertly

            With access restriction antics and their shot at changing how the electoral college keeps score, I think the GOP has said choosing the candidates isn’t enough.

            • Randy111

              SNERTLY, ACORN and other leftist organizations got the Motor Voter law enacted by Congress in 1993, which makes it easier to register voters, whether they are eligible or not. States were persuaded to extend voting periods up to a month before elections “to make it easier and encourage people to vote”.

              Up until those changes, political machines and organizations had to get their voters to the polls on only one day or stuff local ballot boxes or through absentee ballots. All these methods of winning elections were cumbersome and limited. But once you could have mass registration voter drives and no id or other requirements to hinder you, you can create a revolutionary election, and when you are organized you have weeks and weeks to get those registered voters to the polls, whether they know how to vote or not. These changes have created the opportunity for groups like ACORN to hijack the electoral process for revolutionary purposes. And it has happened in two presidential elections in a row.

              The only way to combat special interests in elections is by limiting the days people can vote in elections (on election day only and through absentee ballots before the early 90s), and strict voter registration and voter ID laws. That’s what Republicans are belatedly trying to do now, and democrats are claiming they are trying to keep voters from voting. No, just making sure voters are legitimate, and voting regulations do not favor revolutionary or organized presure groups. Actually, everyone who believes in honest government and a free society should welcome the Republican proposals.

              As for the electoral college changes like Republicans are proposing for Virginia 9electoral votes divided by the way the state’s congressional districts vote, that change is constitutional and in fact in keeping with the founders’ desire to make sure a few big states do not control Presidential elections. If California, New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio and Michigan apportioned their electoral votes according the the Virginia Plan, the influence of large states in Presidential elections would be much less than it is now. I don’t think Obama would have been elected either time. But I doubt any of thses states will agree to dilute their power in national elections by adopting the proposed Virginia plan, and probably Virginia will not adopt it either. No small state should.

              • Snertly

                I think your narrative goes wrong with the phrase “whether they were eligible or not”. For state DMVs to be signing up ineligible voters at the same time they are taking care of drivers license business would require the workers to be knowingly violating one law (voter registration) while working in support of others (drivers licenses, car tags, etc.) Such a notion seems more than a bit absurd.

                However, regardless of the accuracy of the story you’re trying to tell, it boils down to justifying one wrongful action to correct what you portray as an earlier wrongful action, and that’s not good law.

                Attempting to limit the franchise is a distinctly unAmerican thing to do. Attempting to change the rules of the election in order to win the election, rigging in other words, is another philosophically unAmerican thing to do.

                This course of action is one of the key reasons the Grand Old Party is no longer all that grand.

  • OrthodoxNet

    AMEN! Mark Levin is absolutely right!

  • I agree, but what are we supposed to do about it? Vote for the same garbage as year after year? Nothing changes and nothing will change, because the politicians own the Media, and the Media is who gets politicians elected – look at what happened to Herman Cain, who was too Real Economy-based to mollify the Media, so they bashed him for some things which were of far less import that what Obama had already done.

    Thank God I have no children, by the time I die the United States of America (USA) will have fundamentally changed into the Peoples Republic of Amerika (PRAK), and you can have it! Sorry Mark, I have NO FAITH that this nation can be repaired and put back on the right track – at least not in my lifetime.

    • psadie

      I agree and it makes me want to puke! I am so disgusted with everyone! The American people are just being used to no end.

  • Free Stuff

    Marxist serfdom is at the bottom of the drain and is what awaits us no matter who pulled the plug.

  • psadie

    ML is exactly right. The path and swiftness of destruction of this nation is breathtaking! It is deliberate and our Congress needs to be held accountable. I see people breaking the law daily with no consequences. Our leaders testifying about how things “don’t matter.” Well, if that is the case, then WHAT does matter? No jobs, loss of homes and your daily lives, no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel. YET, the media celebrates a rogue un-American President. WHAT is it going to take to make things right? The DHS ordering more millions of ammo to dry up the public market! This is a sad state of affairs for sure!

  • truckbouy2

    Mr. Levin pretty much nailed it. But the collection of perverts, crooks, thieves, wanna’ be despots, bottom feeding narccissists, that cast their evil shadow in Washington DC think that “We the People” are the problem and voting the skum out just doesn’t seem to change much. So what will be the solution be.

  • TheantiO

    Why does not the gun control discussion provide the opportunity to talk about Fast n Furious?

    • truckbouy2

      Because absolutely none of the gutless slime in Washington care.

  • Love Levin, but am still baffled why he, Hannity, and others did not thoroughly cover the fraud perpetuated on this country in the last “election”.

    • Clover1111

      Levin quickly drops callers if they ask about other topics of fraud. Mocks them as nut cases and resumes his rantings.

    • Blackjack6

      Because the only fraud was on the GOP side.

  • Americans are too retarded to understand that the two party system is destructive. Hey! Let’s polarize on issues, because that will fix them!

  • It was obama’s plan all along to redistribute from the middle class – Social Security & Medicare – to “his” underclass in the form of obamacare and Medicaid. Republicans will become the tax collectors for the obama welfare state and go along with slashing SS and Medicare. The Dems will also go along for the ride. Useful idiots all.

  • I agree, but what are we supposed to do about it? Vote for the same garbage as year after year? Nothing changes and nothing will change, because the politicians own the Media, and the Media is who gets politicians elected – look at what happened to Herman Cain, who was too Real Economy-based to mollify the Media, so they bashed him for some things which were of far less import that what Obama had already done.
    Then take a look at John McCain – who claims to be such a conservative, and the (so-called) “right-wing” Media promote McCain AS a Conservative. However all you have to do is listen to him when he opens his mouth and you can just SEE his heart bleeding. It’s disgusting to be told that McCain is a conservative so deal with it, but they bury anyone who is an actual moral and ethical conservative.

    Thank God I have no children, by the time I die the United States of America (USA) will have fundamentally changed into the Peoples Republic of Amerika (PRAK), and you can have it! Sorry Mark, I have NO FAITH that this nation can be repaired and put back on the right track – at least not in my lifetime.

  • MaxDamon

    Why does Mark Levin look exactly Richard Dreyfus in the movie “What About Bob”?


    Mark Levin is the last true American Warrior, publicly standing, period. And.. Ted Cruz and Steve King are holding his spears.

    • Kevin Kehoe

      Sorry he is not he has kept stalling for years . Next election things will change and on and on till it is too late except the Use of FORCE and the Death it entails.

  • BillBissenas

    People who tell the truth, care about this country and want to save it are marginalized as kooks and nuts, radicals and terrorists. End of story. Nothing changes until the media changes.

  • lewnaticink

    like i have been saying the only difference between democrats and republicans is the speed inwhich they want to reach total socialism, dems want it right NOW!, THE SPINELESS REPUGS want to sneak it in a little at a time hoping no one will notice… they both should be tarred and feathered just like our fore fathers were at risk of . the fact that these ruthless thugs that run the gubermint can vote them selves a pay raise while killing the country is treason

  • ultraphoenix

    Two sides of the same coin.

    Heads, you lose, tails you lose.

  • I would like to know why there is not more about Benghazi, and where are President was during this attack, where we lost a man on Sovereign Soil. First we were told he was in the Situation room before the election, now we have from two viable sources he was nowhere to be found. Why aren’t we talking Impeachment, for Dereliction of Duty, and BOLD Face lies to the American Public. Where is the outrage? If it was my son or daughter I would not stop ranting until the President lost his job and all that were responsible, just like the border agent in Fast and Furious. I would not let my son or daughter join the current Armed Forces, this President has a way of pulling back and leaving you out in the open.

    • Did you know there is a U.S. Naval air station in Sicily, about 500 miles from Benghazi? It appears there was an intent to let the ambassador and others die in Benghazi!

    • Pharnham

      You would like to know? Spare me. Everyone already knows, and is reminded on a daily if not hourly basis, of the sympathies and biases of the legacy media. They’ve been that way all of my life.

      So would you please stop posting rhetorical questions of zero value and relevance? These ejaculations of generalized outrage are not interesting, and serve no purpose.

  • Whatever. Where was this Levin guy when Ron Paul was pointing the fingers squarely at both parties for years!?! Had Ron Paul been elected, we would currently have the troops home, have a drastically reduced fed government, obamacare on the way out, ending the insane war on drugs, ending foreign aid bribes…..

    • EagleJim

      I know what you’re saying. The downside to Ron Paul, as I see it, is that he is a diminutive little man, without presidential “timber”, who whines in his speaking style, and doesn’t have a chance of winning a national vote. Another, better-imaged, candidate with the same ideas/knowledge/consciousness would stand a much better chance of moving forward. I’m hoping his son can evolve into such a candidate.

      • Sad that Americans are so collectively shallow that a good man cannot be elected because of style.

    • Blackjack6

      Paul is a fraud.

      At one of the GOP debates he called Newt out for being a draft dodger. He then looked at Mitt and said nothing.

      I would have voted for Paul prior to that stunt.

      If you noticed his campaigned went down hill after that.

    • Pharnham

      Art Bell was also pointing the finger at both parties for years. I’d sooner vote for Art Bell.

  • martae

    It’s good to know, I’m not the only one that realizes this. Once the dollar loses international reserve status, many more will notice.

  • dom27


  • Mark is right however I don’t think we can save the people because in fact they don’t want to actually be saved (at least not now). The lights and water are still on, CBS, NBC, ABC so forth still broadcast nightly diversions for the masses and there is food booze on the shelves at your local store. His books and speeches are the canary in the coal mine but as history tells us civilizations in decline don’t really get turned around…

    • The Dems only continue to be elected because of the “ever growing” mass of uninformed dependent voters. They have been brainwashed for years. Perhaps the ones still looking for work will actually catch on to the con and realize they have been used like puppets… too late, you are now slaves. AND look what you did to your children by being an idiot. They are slaves too.

  • So Levin is finally waking up… about fifty years late.

  • EagleJim

    More and more I’m being drawn to the Libertarian perspective. The Republicans are losing their credibility and are being drawn into losing social/cultural battles when they should take the stance that gov’t shouldn’t be using its coercive power in many social/cultural issues because it permanently divides the country. Let such issues be fought in the social and cultural realms and leave gov’t out of it. Gov’t should stick to its Constitutionally-mandated responsibilities and not overstep the Constitutionally-restricted bounds on its powers.

    • Pharnham

      Dick: “I’m a libertarian”
      Me: “But you vote just like a liberal on every social issue.”
      Dick: “That’s right.”
      Me: “And you don’t vote for Republicans.”
      Dick: “Yep.”
      Me: “And you stayed home and let Obama win.”
      Dick: “Better than letting that dirtbag Romney win.”

      There’s already too many Dicks in the world.

  • TREASON!!! Both the DemoMarxist and RINO Republican’t parties are run by the same globalist puppeteer enemies of the United States. Their goal is to destroy America and betray it to UN Agenda 21 One World Government control.


  • Dan

    He is soooooo correct. We’re FU..ED. The same mentality that brought such wonder to Detroit, Illinois and California is now killing our country. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and when you finish PRAY some more.

  • jnorman

    so, no one is going to do anything about it. What do you do when more than 50% of the voting public votes for Tyranny? Gun rights? Please, All I hear are men talking about how they are just going to hide their guns and then this will all go away in 4 years. We are toast unless we have leadership that steps forward and assembles men to fix what is wrong, not by elections but by telling the states and feds that we will only recognize laws that do not step on our protected rights in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. And if they cross that line then we do what brave men did at Concord Bridge.

  • Both parties will continue the welfare state and deficits for as long as it takes to collapse the dollar…if they cut off the welfare spending, the blacks and the Mexicans will riot in the big cities and over-run (kill) the urban whites (homosexuals & other liberals) until we have a total race war… frankly, I can’t wait… it will wipe out the bums and they lazy, ignorant poor once and for all….ammo up soon.

    • get away from big cities soon…best move you can make.

      • Blackjack6

        and go where?

    • CommonSense033

      “the blacks and the Mexicans will riot in the big cities and over-run (kill) the urban whites”

      Only in the cities, and the cities can burn. Try that outside the cities, and they’d learn what “area denial” by residents means.

      • Blackjack6


        Wow, treason talk from a bunch of traitors.

        • CommonSense033

          Oh, liberal, you don’t know what the word even means. You’d just do whatever they tell you do, and turn in people if you think you’d get a pat on the head.

          • Blackjack6

            Yeah, I am a pro-Life, pro-Gun and pro-Family.

            The liberals that ran the show from 2001-2007 ruined this country, aka the GOP.

        • Kevin Kehoe

          talking about yourself again stop bragging

    • Pharnham

      “the blacks and the Mexicans will riot … and over-run … the urban whites”

      That would be a nice trick, considering how thoroughly outnumbered they’d be.

    • Sammy

      That’s the sanitized version????

  • i believe this to be correct.

  • rockyroad

    Levin is a jerk. He was a low level jerk in the reagan admin, banging assistants on his desk and he never changed. He is what’s wrong with the GOP. He and his ilk drives people away in droves. I hated him when I worked with him and I hate him now. Hypocritcal asswipe.

    • Sounds like your personal issues with Levin, if they are true, are spilling over into a forum where people don’t care what you think about him.

      • rockyroad

        You must care because you responded.

    • Don’t be jealous.

    • I think the biggest hypocritical asswipe in the country is obama. Too bad you don’t see him with the same critical eye that you use on Levin.

      • rockyroad

        Creatures like levin allow an Obama to exist you idiot. Levin drives reasonable people into the arms of the dems. Are you that stupid?

    • Pharnham

      You’ve been flagged for personal attack, internet trolling, and off-topic commentary. Welcome to oblivion.

      • rockyroad

        Oh ok. As a Reagan republican, I am proud that I offended you with the truth. I worked for gov. Reagan, pres elect Reagan and pres Reagan so listening to the insanity of levin, beck, Limbaugh etc is remarkable. Levin is a hack. He got rich praying off the fears of idiots like you. He is the no better than Obama, playing off the fears of the poor.

        • crosshr

          in what world you living in ? Not even a Reagan, know why it’s easy to tell, your head is up deep in Obama’s arse ! that’s the fume you carry around moron. Hose the crab off your brain with acid ,you’ll be able to gain your proper senses.I know you can learn, I can see that. Your got to rinse the brain first !

    • Joe Hancock

      Anybody can be anything on the internet. So just who are you?

      Yeah, just as I thought.

    • We have no problems with opposing views, but please read the comment rules and try to keep comments a little less vitriolic. Thanks

  • maybetoday777

    Yes, they are destroying the country on purpose. It is very simple Mark Levin. The Old Testament is how God deals with nations. And, when you dump God (like America did in 1933 or thereabouts) God dumps you. The way it works is this. When you dump God like America did in 1933 or Germany and Europe did a couple hundred years ago then or if you never had God like say South/Central America then God raises up devils to run you. He whips the nations with the rod of men (in other words He raises up devils to run you into the ground). We are headed back to the Roman Catholic Dark Ages because we dumped the King James Bible of 1611. Any nation that followed that Book in history were the greatest nations to ever live (USA, Germany and England) and did the most for the world. And, any nation that dumped the AV of 1611 (Textus Receptus) for the Roman Catholic Vaticanus and Sinaiticus gets turned into hell LITERALLY.

    Of course, people will not beleive this because they do not pay attention to history or Bible versions. As Bible versions go so doens’t history. It is this in a nutshell. The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God. Whosever hateth the word shall be destroyed. I (this is God talking!) will send a famine in the land, not of bread nor of water, but, of hearing the WORDS of the LORD. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, doth man live! If a man love me, he will keep my WORDS. I hid His word in my heart that I migth not sin against thee. FOR YE HAVE PERVERTED THE WORDS OF THE LIVING GOD.

    In the garden of Eden, the Devil said, YEA, HATH GOD SAID? So, the first thing the Devil does is QUESTION the words that God said! You have preachers, and pastors and popes and bishops and deacons all over this country QUESTIONING the words that God said. This country is so secular it is mind-blowing. Then again, when the people have no vision, they perish. Death and hell hath enlarged itself.

    Do you know who and why hell was created? Hell was created for the Devil and his angels. So, why are you going there? Your sick and go to the doctor. He says, take this pill it will make you better. And, you take it! You dont even know what the blankety-blank is in the pill. Jesus Christ said receive me as your Saviour and I will give you eternal life (not in your current body, you get a new one). Why wont you do that? Jesus Christ says take this pill it will make you better FOREVER. Easy: you only want temporary solution to your problem. You’re not serious. You dont want somethign forever. You’re self-righteous.

    Whosoever will let him come and take of the waters of life freely. Take it! Whosever will let him come and take this $100 bill freely. You would snatch it up in 2 seconds to flat.

    • Blackjack6

      The Bible states the meal shall inherit the earth, not rich white guys.

      • Pharnham

        “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbors.” — Exodus 20:17

        “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.” — II Thessalonians 3:10

        When we desire instruction in our own religion, we don’t turn to internet trolls or liberals. Those who must exploit a deadly sin to advance their agenda, are not the good people.

      • Meek=restrained power. Jesus was the meekest person to walk this earth. Oh-that we could all restrain ourselves. He loves rich white guys the same as poor slaves. He came because we are ALL spiritually bankrupt.

        Jesus restrained His power the first time He was here. Next time-He won’t.

        If you study the whole Bible in context-then you will get a glimpse who Jesus truly is.

        Mark Levine-You are a true patriot.

        • Blackjack6

          He loves blacks and browns as much as whites.

          Unless of course you live in America.

          • crosshr

            Try Africa or East Asia, try Arab regions, see how you’ll last. With your America hate, it’s free to move around. Freak like you take life for granted, while minorities from other nations grew up oppressed with poverty , managed to come here to America and work their arse off while you still sit around with you BIG BRAIN and Lazy arse. No wonder many minority folks I know are wealthy thousands times over although they got here with one shirt on there back. That is the America You have no idea of.
            OoOopppsss, you’re left behind racist fool !

    • Totally awesome. You cannot compromise the Word of God.

  • Ivan Smith

    Why has there not been a military coup? If the tea party would get off the kick of being just worried about taxes and bigger government and start to look at some of the moral problems with the crooked politicians then, maybe their membership would expand.

    • Blackjack6


      Obama already fired 50 generals and admirals for thinking like you.

      The military serves the civilian CiC, the first thing they teach you in Basic Training.

      • But they swear the oath to the Constitution not the president

        • Blackjack6

          Whats your point? That they can revolt if the “feel” the Constitution is being violated?

          That’s why there is a Supreme Court, to keep the Executive in check, that’s not what the military does.

          • I never said anything about revolting, I’m just saying they have an oath to the Constitution by which they’re bound, and if what the cic says is opposite the Constitution, it’s their duty to obey the Constitution.

  • Black Eagle

    It is called the Cloward-Pivin Strategy, of deliberate economic destruction towards the goal of stimulating a socialist revolution. Obama knows it, supports it, because he is a communist operative, a “community organizer” in the Leninist fashion. He’s also an Islamist, loving Islam, hating American freedoms. The problem is, too many ordinary Americans are of the same mind-set. Maybe when one of our cities goes up in an atom bomb, it will wake people up? Not likely. Better prepare for the worst.

    • Blackjack6

      The first part of the plan was to make sure the GOP ruined the country so bad that he was able to get in.

      • crosshr

        What make you think Gop is different from Liberals like Obama and Hilary, Pelosi Bohner, among others. They are all here to use you. They have done that successfully. tho they may not make it to Heaven, You’ll see them all in hell, say hi to them for us constitution observer !

  • chicodon

    We will finally drive the weasels out of government after the next major attack on America. It will be proven they were incompetent. Liberalism and navel gazing can’t exist in a national emergency. If North Korea doesn’t wake these fools up, nothing will. North Korea just proved it’s too late with Iran so we’re nearly there.

    • Blackjack6

      You forget that Axis of Evil speech in 2002 that called out Iraq, Iran and North Korea?

      You forget who’s watch 9-11 occurred on?

      So whats the problem? You want to go after Iran and North Korea after 10 long years of war and worn out troops, equipment and trillions wasted?

      I say sure, lets just have a draft and raise taxes to pay for it.

  • Levin is absolutely correct. Socialist-minded democrats and gutless Republicans have allowed obama to run rampant over us and the constitution.

    • Tjeffson

      and yet he wouldn’t stand up and hammer Romney for being a lousy liberal candidate…. Levin has no leg to stand on. He’s a hypocrite because he’s been supporting and backing these gutless Republicans while he tore down real Conservatives.

  • republicans & democrats = the same

  • My prediction:
    1) Inflation
    2) Wage and Price Controls
    3) Decline in Productivity, Shortages
    4) Rationing
    5) Civil Unrest
    6) International turmoil
    7) Little wars
    8) Big war
    9) Dark Ages II

    Anyone want to bet?

  • Susan

    These Marxists make “Good, Evil” and “Evil, Good”. They destroy the very Logic and Reason which led to the “Age of Reason” and Founding of the USA—Rule of Law (Higher Power–God’s Law). They have to destroy Reason (they twist the language) and destroy the Natural Family so kids are emotionally a mess and are dependent on government, and destroy Christianity (the faith which united Reason because of St. Thomas Aquinas and led to individual rights).

    With arbitrary (unconstitutional) law—we will, as Cicero stated–end up in chaos. Justice—is law aligned to “the Laws of Nature and nature’s God”—which means “special rights” never exist and Right Reason has to form every law. Marxism is twisted, warped “reason” and can NEVER be Just Law.

    Justice is a Virtue, and, as such, “Just Law” must never promote Vice—or give “special rights” to Vice, like sodomy and abortion and euthanasia. All are evil and unnatural, and deny fundamental Natural Rights from God.

    Truth and Reason has to once again be used in this corrupted legal system. The Supreme Law of the Land has to be upheld in all legal laws, otherwise they are Null and Void.

  • 2nd admendment vs evil govt

    former navy seal chris kyle…….RIP! Sen John McShame resign in disgrace!

  • mitch52

    Both “sides” in the citizenry need to wake up and see they are getting screwed by both sides of the political aisle.

  • Chip Brown

    Folks it is time to fire (impeach) all of these so called representatives of the American people (POTUS,VP,etc.etc…….)

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    That says it all!!!!!

    We hire them, we can damn well fire them!!!!

    • RonaldMartin

      We cannot fire them.

      The best we can do is adopt a constitution that clearly defines their jobs – something that the 1787 Constitution is vague and inefficient. They need to be very proficient in understanding macro-economics, which is a concept they did not have back then – think about.

  • WingedPegasus

    Years ago during the Clinton Impeachment process we watched republicans flounder and falter on the removal of a proven felon from office. Later we watched meetings at the Bush White House in the dead of night trying to figure out how to slip Mexican Aliens into the main stream through a secret amnesty program. Oh sure there is more. I remember thinking at the time (during Clinton and of course later on) that our republican congressional members were either intellectually inept (stupid) or they were in with the democrats to promote the power grab that only a neo communist/socialist regime allows. Well I figured out a long time ago that our republican “representatives” are NOT STUPID, and perhaps the idea of unencumbered power is much more attractive than our nations constitutional principals.

  • None None

    You can always tell when a politician (Dem or Rep) is lying… their lips are moving. They are all clueless to the real world or to be PC about it, out of touch with the common masses that they all exploit to meet their own agenda. Regardless of which party they are from, they are all the same…. despicable.

  • amuncat

    I use to consider Mark Levin a right wing nut! NO LONGER!!! Just like Senator Sam Erin during the Watergate trials, we need this! We need to have our congress called out repeatedly!!! How many of you could survive on a job with such low ratings and a do nothing record, yet get richer through bennies a lobbyist?!!!

    Senator Menendez harboring a convicted pedophile illegal alien as a volunteer in his office (repeatedly raped an 8 yr old boy!), allegedly having sex with teens, not reimburing for travel until he got caught…”it fell through the cracks…” and he is appointed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee BEFORE ANY of this is resolved!!! Outrageous!!!!!

    It’s time to scream, yell, don’t become a part of this crazziness!!!! Get our government back.

    • Pharnham

      You want a revolution? That’s the only possible direct avenue to taking back the government. And it would fail.

      The long term avenue that could succeed is a long march back through the institutions. I don’t think but a handful of Americans would do anything that didn’t yield them personal satisfaction within a year, so I’m not hopeful.

      Americans won’t even get rid of their televisions, and that’s the primary “mind control” device for the left. Americans pay $250 a month on average for the privilege of high-speed, high-definition propaganda emission.

      At the organic level, we have the government schools. Despots having figured out centuries ago that public education is a must, since tyranny is best begun in the nursery. Americans still send their kids their, to be educated by their rulers. Brilliant.

      If Americans won’t eliminate the blatantly obvious mechanisms by which we are subverted, and in fact willingly subsidize them, then there is no getting anything back. If you can’t even do that, you don’t have what it takes to get our government back.

  • GatsbyIII

    Agenda 21 threatens our very existance. Look what it has done to California. We must fight it at the local level. We need the masses to show up. And, for God sakes, speak out now before it is too late.

    • Pharnham

      Let’s see, Agenda 21 is what, from the late 90’s? Never ratified by the USA? When times are hard, the ignorant cling to everything except that which matters.

      • GatsbyIII

        Congress did not ratify however, in 1993 President Clinton signed Executive Order 12852, creating the President’s Council for Sustainable Development effectively bypassing Congressional approval of Agenda 21. This council was tasked with injecting Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 into all levels of our government nationwide.

        Try and keep up with us, Einstein.

        • XJFKdemocrat

          These Utopian dreamers have hit the snooze button. A liberal Democrat that might wake them up is Rosa Koire, whose book about Agenda 21 called “The Green Mask” is quite informative.

  • Joe Hancock

    “republicans & democrats = the same”

    That’s right. Every advance that liberals have made is with the tacit approval of the Republicans. And look at how school children are treated for drawing pictures. Republicans have said nothing for years and years.

  • MicheleLloyd

    It is all matter of which class is ruling: currently the Democrats are the ruling class and will do whatever it takes to remain the ruling class; while the Republicans want to be the ruling class and will do whatever it takes to become the ruling class.
    Not a single one of these reptiles and rodents infesting America’s house (to include the White House) care about or represent the bes interests of the citizen and the nation.
    Every member of the Legislative and Executive branches should be permantely exiled from this nation.

  • The GOP (minus the TeaParty members who haven’t been compromised as of yet) is a proxy of the left. Its a show.

  • I purchased three myself … plus my first AR-15. I figured it was now or never. Give Obama props for being the #1 gun salesman in the history of the world.

  • How come he never mentions the phony birth certificate and social security number?

    • Pharnham

      That argument was rendered moot when Hillary, the original birther, lost the primary to Obama regardless. Her birther theory didn’t pan out.

      Anyone who clings to it at this point, is a loon that should be shunned by all sane adults.

  • Levin, Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. are all Big Govt. Republican puppets – they keep the attention of the tea party minded Republicans who haven’t discovered their roots (their roots are now called the liberty movement to get away from these tools that give it a bad name – they’ll probably hack “Liberty movement” in time as well)… They get these people that are for small government to believe they are like them and then in the end say “Oh, what can you do now? Just go vote for the Big government, establishment snob because he’s not Obama.” or during the primary, “Don’t vote for Ron Paul, he has no chance against Obama because he’s crazy”… they hack the majority and steer them to a loser instead of welcoming an actual change.

    • Pharnham

      Ron Paul would have beat Obama. Mkay….

      The problem with libertarians (aside from being indistinguishable from liberals socially) is that they also live in a robust fantasy world.

      • Ron Paul took republican votes away from Romney, Democrat votes away from Obama, and Libertarians would’ve have actually voted for a republican…

        With the Romney nomination – maybe half those republicans voted for him, 90% of the dems went back to obama, Libertarians laughed, stayed home, and cashed in by putting their life savings on an Obama victory.

        • Thomas Loth

          HALF!?! no way! MAYBE 10% of Ron Paul supporters voted for Romney with their eyes closed and a queasy stomach.

        • LHardy

          After voting over the last 32+ years for the GOP. I quit the GOP and the conservative movement.
          This past election is the first time I did not vote when presented with the opportunity.
          The GOP and Conservatives slandered RP and mislead the public about his record and positions. His air time was next to nothing compared to the chosen front runners.
          They will never again get my vote. Nor will the Democrats but they have never received my vote.
          The Constitution gets in the way of Conservative and GOP objectives. They too are what is wrong in the USA.
          Ask a GOP or conservative member how come they support the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial and now the murder by drone plan as supported by the GOP.
          Right to life?
          My arse.

      • LHardy

        Yes the Constitution of the USA is fantasy.

        Thank you for being the example of biased ignorance.

  • Mark is a brilliant thinker but ranting about the problem does not address the problem. It is not a right or left issue, but of grown-ups acting responsibly. Submit a budget and vote on it. Make it the law and if they don’t follow the law put them in jail. If they can’t pass a budget, sequestration. Keep it simple.

    Washington needs to be reminded they work for us. Imagine if taxpayers (on both side of the isle) went on strike for a day.

  • russ117044

    Amen MARK!

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Kepp going Mark – your’e preaching to the choir but at a time when there aren’t enough preachers….

    • mike

      The choir isn’t big enough too

  • Lordhelpus

    Thank you Mark Levin for always expressing with passion, what many of us think and cannot express ourselves, in the same manner.

  • Golfendude

    Mark Levin is right on target here… IMO both parties are connected at the hip. They have screwed up this country so bad that all they can do is play the shell game. Soon all the shells will break and then what?

  • chhelo

    By the end of this month approximately 65 million guns have been sold since the “Dear One II” assumed lordship over us 4 years ago. I’m doing every thing I can to add to that number as well. Mark is 100% correct. Our elected leaders have destroyed the life savings of our parents and grandparents through inflation and are in the process of destroying the future of young Americans by running up this massive debt. If the Republicans can’t stand up to Obama they should just pack their bags and go home. They are just wasting out time and money.

  • GatsbyIII

    We are definitely living in the matrix. Do your own research, it is the most effective way to learn the truth.

  • Thanks for this – BTW: We ALL need to ‘get out of the box’ we’re just preaching to the choir in the Great Conservative Echo Chamber. Demand real conservative voices in the Mainstream Media. Until we do – a small majority will continue to believe that conservatives and ‘our’ media (Fox, Rush, The Great One etal) are ‘the illegitimate media’ as stated by Joe Biden. Sad to believe but, the low information types listen to people like Biden.

  • About time somebody says something.

  • OWilson

    It’s just history taking its course.

    Great societies are built on struggle, sacrifice and blood. But new generations born into freedom and plenty have no concept of the vigilance it takes to maintain prosperity and freedom. They are only concerned about what they can take from it.

    The threat from outside can generally be managed.

    It’s the evil within that cannot be overcome.

  • chhelo
  • Funny. One of ‘the tribe’ blaming anyone but the jews who have systematically worked to ruin this country since they were allowed to come here, and like they always do anywhere they go. In fact, if you look at the pre-history of WW2, you can draw exact comparisons between what happened then, and what’s happening now. We are in the Weimar stage.

  • GatsbyIII

    The two political parties can be depicted by observing a triangle. The GOP-e represents the right side of the triangle whereas the sociaist Democrats represent the left of the same triangle. As you ascend the triangle the two sides become exactly identical at the top.

  • Republicans and Democrats are tyrants & totall corrupt. Both political parties don’t care what we think because they have complete control in state legislatures to discourage any new political parties.

    Good show, Mark.

  • delquattro

    Mark Levin, the neo-con Khazar Zionist shares his part of the blame, too.

  • spock56

    ok now The libs are really backwards, was t not Reid who said “Ilegal Aliens are not breaking the Law”.

    See the problem is not one Liberal politician worked in the real world, all went from some prestigest school straight to Politics. The only one that actually did something outside Politics was Bill Clinton, and 20/20 hindsite we was not that bad as long as he had a strong Republican Congress to keep him in check.

    This whole economy problem was planned by the libs to gain power, when they took control of congress while Bush was president they impeded everything, now Bush in his 2nd term becamse complaciad and spend, but nothing close to what Obama is spending.

    And the saddest part is the libatards that voted for Obama are the ones that are suffering the most – Blacks 15% unemployed, Hispanics 12.5%, College Grads 50% can not find jobs 75%% of grads cant find jobs in their study, and this is done on purpose by the libs to Control them.

    Under Bush’s first term more blacks and hispanics bought homes, became richer then any other time in history, they lost out when the libs took congress and refused to do anything other then hold stalinist trials for stupid things.

    Now for Republicans the elite ones like Rove, Christie are useless, the RNC Convention was stupid and weak, they should of been out there screaming that Obama policies are destrying America not talking about how they grew up in this and that!
    The Current house should pass a budget and send it to the Senate, and be out there saying the Senate needs to pass this now and use the same scare tactics Obummer is! but their scare tactics will be truthful. They should supeona Hilary, and all about Benghazi and they should push.

  • GatsbyIII

    The media is controlled by political pressure by those who control advertising dollars. There are many interlocking board members who control media output. Congress acts the same way.

  • Mr. Levin is absolutely correct. The spineless repub leadership are always the enablers because of fear that people won’t like them. They should show a little backbone and at lease ACT like an opposition party.

  • Sit back, look at where this country stands in regard to debt, moral decay, political correctness, affirmative action, welfare, food stamps, regulations. Lay it all out on the table and look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I responsible for writing legislation that has bankrupted this country? Am I responsible for the policies that have brought my neighbor or relative chronic unemployment, food stamps, welfare, high gas prices, etc? The answer is no. Both parties in Congress and every Presidential administration for the last 110 years have been responsible for bankrupting this nation and the average American is powerless to stop it. As an average, every day, run of the mill citizen, we don’t have access to the halls of power and our voice and frustration over what’s happening will never be heard. The only choice left is to simply either go along with the status quo or revolt. Given those choices, which do you think the American people will do?

    • OWilson

      Like all socialism and communism, it will last ’til the money runs out, ’til they’ve shared out the last pie to their cronies and voting block.

      Then they’ll need somebody to bake more pies. That’s where the entepreneurs and conservatives get back in.

      There’ll be no going along with the status quo, or revolts.

      There’ll just be a new elected government.

      It’s cyclical.

  • Mark Levin is 100% CORRECT! The question is…when will the people wake up and realize that?

    • tmorro

      Sorry, there is no way American’s can ‘wake up’ now. It’s too late. There aren’t enough people with a stake in the culture to matter now. There is a huge coalition of the ignorant, the followers, the takers. Maybe one more election, but that will be it. Unless folks pull their kids from public schools asap. Then in 20 years or so, there may be a chance, if and only if, violations of the constitution can be stopped in the meantime.

      I always held out hope until this last election.

  • The Federal Government of the United States of America has every symptom of a incurable , mentally ill PSYCHOPATH’S . So, with this now a proven fact, The Government , FBI , Secret Service , ATF. , CIA. all armed persons employed and given guns by this raging lunatic must disarm immediately and since this corporation directs the action and basically owns the military they must disarm also , because now it is verified that the military is being run by homicidal maniac psychopaths . In light of this new revelation if we allow this corrupt entity to regulate our gun ownership , while no one regulates them, then we deserve what we get.

  • X30X

    As per the usual, Mark has hit The Nail on the head.

    Thank you again.


  • Right on right on..

  • Madley

    This guy is one of the most vile, digusting people on the radio. The majority of what he says is just non stop lies about the economy, taxes and federal spending.

    Remember it was Bush who took what was essentially a balanced budget and turned it into a 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit in 8 years. He’s also the one that kept so much spending off the books he added 6 Trillion in Debt in 8 years while trying to claim his highest deficit was 450 billion.
    In fiscal year 2008 he claimed a 450 billion deficit by leaving 379 Billion in spending off the books.

    Yeah Obama came in inherited a 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit but the estimates for this year will give us a smaller Deficit than we had in Fiscal Year 2008. (October 1, 2007 – September 30, 2008)

    Since that year if the CBO estimates are correct our GDP will have grown by 14%, Our spending will have grown by 13% and our Tax Revenues will have grown by 15%.

    • Patriot077

      Wrong facts about the budget. It made me think of my Mom’s old homily: If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

      I Wish our budget was in the shape you think it’s in!

  • Finally someone with a semblence of national stage awareness speaks Objective reality. The DemocraPs and the Repulsives have been running this nation for over 150 years and they have run it into the ground.
    Wake Up !
    Government and the Repulsives and DemocraPs are the enemy.

  • dzicy

    Mr. Levin, you are right on the money sir. Now I pose this simple question: Are we going to do anything about it?

  • Mr. Levin is right, but he needs to include Bush and the Republican Congress who either mishandled or “punted” on issues from 2001-07 and gave us Obama. The inaction or mismanagement and liberalism of Bush and the Republican Congress left a vacuum that the liberals have filled with draconian socialist policies. Our country is paying a deep price because Bush and the Republicans in Congress failed to implement conservative solutions and, in fact, expanded liberalism in many destructive ways.

  • Jeff Murray

    because they aren’t running the country. they are simply errand boys for the shadow gov’t and the NWO.

  • wvernon1981

    Both are bought and paid for by big money.

  • Silver Surfer Dude

    Lord Fly SOTU tonight should be “interesting”. Foreign: NK tests nuclear bombs and prepares for war. Iran makes nuclear bombs and denies talks. Heroes died in Benghazi because Lord Fly was AWOL. Debt to China is up 260% under Lord Fly. At Home: Debt to GDP is at record levels. Most Americans think the recession is PERMANENT. Record levels are on welfare, food stamps, unemployment and disability. Obamacare DOES cost more and DOES have death panels. I could go on and on but you get the point. Lord Fly will paint a rosy and patriotic picture. He LIES.

  • OWilson

    Just keep repeating, “Obama is great”.

    “I am happy, I am happy”.

    Any problem, just blame someone else. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • RonaldMartin

    The problem Levin, and all the pundits, conservative and liberal, is their belief in the Constitution to be adequate and efficient. The politicians are in a quagmire, because they are bound to defend it, yet they know they cannot work within its vague inefficiencies that were created when nobody really knew how self government would actually work.

    The conservative pro-business-types are well aware that as a business evolves it has to readjust its business plan – just ask Mitt Romney, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and Donald Trump. So is the same with a government – it is a business with a mission. Two hundred years ago it was not as well understood what the limits should be because the private sector was so very limited.

    Only fools like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh believe that a business plan for organizing a society devised prior to the establishment of the sociology disciplines to be an eternally perfect document.

    And by the way, how do they plan on dealing with the incredibly increasing population of stupid people???

    • There were no construction companies? Are you serious? You think everybody in Philadelphia built his own house? With his own tools, that he forged himself, and his own building materials, that he made and milled himself?

      • RonaldMartin

        Is that all you got – is that all you want to disagree with in my post to classify it as invalid???

        How about the argument about telephone service?

        I forgot to expand on that, don’t you think that if the Founders were tasked with organizing a society with the technology of instant around the world communications that maybe they would do some things differently, like keep the House of representatives in their districts instead of forcing them to travel back and forth. Don’t you think they could do their work via the Internet???

        And don’t you think the Senators and representatives recognize that???

        No – all you’re worried about is determining the validity of construction companies in 1700’s – well you better do some research and identify the name of the company that built twenty houses.

  • RJLigier

    It’s good to know people are finally coming to recognize the worthless progressive wings of the Republican and Democrat Party with continued profligate spending. One need look no further than Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project, a derivative of the Victory Fund, a left wing PAC designed to foster the election of left wing homosexuals and bisexuals to federal, state, and municipal government. Equally devastating to the economy is collusion between the libertarians and progressives to continue unfettered immigration to further suppress wages in the USA. The libertarians, our right wing homosexual and bisexual brethren.

  • For a jew cocksucker Levin is ok!

  • It’s truly a sad day in our great country when people like Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, etc., can be repeatedly elected to office.

    All of these “people” have clearly demonstrated that they are in the congress for two reasons only:

    1. Make money. All of these folks made millions once in office. They suddenly turned into stock guru’s or gave their spouse’s insider information that we mere mortals aren’t allowed to trade on. Such a sweet deal for them!

    2. To get their butts kissed. These sick people like having their shoes licked, their butts kissed, and having hangers-on hang onto every word that passes their lips as though it is God himself speaking. How pathetic.

    I hope those who voted for these “representatives of the people” are enjoying their new, higher, tax rates. Who knew that Reid & Co., consider those making minimum wage are now considered “rich” in our “New America”?


  • BlakeSDavis

    I listened – Mark gets right to the point and pulls zero punches. I’m proud to be part of his audience. what he said about the fact that Democrats did nothing about immigration or anything else when they had all the power was something I’d been writing and screaming about for two years.

    But he should have added that the reason that Democrats did nothing was that they neded these as wedge issues for the election. They could have made abortion legal as a matter of statutory law but what would Democrats do without Roe v. Wade to throw at the voters every four years?

    SOMEONE get on the horn and tell Mark!

  • Robmax

    Mark Levin is absolutely right.

  • ACB

    Mark is the undisputed greatest thinker of our time. He has a real connection to Jefferson. We are lucky to have him, and owe him our appreciation.

  • Mark

    Absolutely could not agree with you more! These criminals that have destroyed our country, NAFTA and GATT and so on. Repeal of Glass-Steagall. On and on and on! These bastards. If the conservatives in Congress want to know why we the people are pissed off at them. That is those of us that are still conservative. At least where I’m concerned, it’s because they will not do anything about this son of a bitch that’s in the White House they won’t impeach him, they won’t resist him they will not stop him. That infuriates me.

    • Cottoneyed

      Spot on! “They(re-pu-bi-cans) will not do anything about this SOB”. They are frightened little girls, incapable of mounting any opposition to this Chicago street punk! With the country on the brink, they are NO WHERE to be found. No leadership, no guts, no nothing……..

  • obmed1

    Levin is one angry Hebrew. Watch out. First the prophet speaks then next come the bolts from above (as I recall).

  • Our country and culture greatly suffer, because of the influence of AIPAC and our support of the apartheid state of israel. The left wing zionist media machine chokes the news with PC nonsense, and liberal bedwetting thought. Since when does pandering to foreign invaders and parasites become a part of the American way? Why are we taxed mercilessly for a corrupted system that cares NOTHING for us?

  • digitaltexan

    At election time all I hear is the possible disenfranchisement of intimidated voters. Too bad. I am an informed voter, a net tax payer, self responsible in all ways. I am ready to say that I am now a disenfranchised citizen. I am so sickened by MY government that I no longer can listen to news, care about legislation or believe in anything any politician says or writes. I fear the country is not only under attack from within, but likely lost. So I now hope to enjoy what is left before my lifetime saving of dollars is rendered back to worthless paper. I weep for the life my grandchildren will face, just so a few congressional cowards can prop up the charade of the status quot a few days longer.

  • BluClw

    The solution is simple, outlaw lying. Modify the congressional rules so they are no long free to say whatever they want while on the floor. Modify the rules so that everything a politician says while performing the duties is treated as being under oath! If caught lying, give them one chance on the spot to correct themselves(They like to misspeak a lot) if they do not, and proceed to peddle a lie and the truth can be produced within an hour of the statement, have them immediately charged with perjury and lying to Congress.


      Wow, an original thought, congrats.

    • BluClw

      It would be worth attempting to pass a anti lying bill just to see who votes against it!
      Just to see who votes for the right to continue to deceive the American people!

  • Jim

    While it is true that Democrats are destroying all that is good about this country, and the Republicans are spineless cowards, the blame ultimately lies with the rest of us. We have instructions on what to do in a time like this, in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,”. What the hell are we waiting for???

  • jessix

    Someone or something is trying to dominate the world and the USA has been standing in the way for decades. I’ve seen the gradual decline since the assassinations of the 1960’s. Earlier changes were small and discreet. Today we are nearing the end. All but the willfully blind are able to see what is going on.

    One author called this the “End Game”.

    We are at the end of a plan put in place decades ago. The plan was no different from plans made since the beginning of humanity. There are a few leaders. The others are followers, content to follow their noses as long as they were fed and had a place to live. The “leaders” formulated a “plan” by which the masses could be lulled into a false sense of security, while the “leaders” amass their fortunes. We stand by and watch as Homeland Security purchases millions of rounds of large caliber handgun ammunition, and tests new advanced crowd control devices. Detention camps across the country have been updated and are ready to open as needed.

    We see the laws of the land and America’s Constitution disregarded. Our corrupted elected officials make decisions that go against the will of the people. This is not a democracy and this is not a free country. This is not America as we know it.

    This has never been a Black versus White, Gay versus Straight, Democrat versus Republican problem. This is a conspiracy against America and the freedom America stood for.

    There are too few “Good Guys” left to effectively repel the “Bad Guys” and those easily influenced who support their actions.

    I’m glad I’m older now and don’t have to grow up and live in the “New” America that is emerging.

  • 5843supie

    how can you not love the angry one – mark levine…. the angry you know what…
    is he even 5 feet tall…. I heard he uses a milk crate when he’s at a podium…

    • XJFKdemocrat

      You heard wrong. Levin is over 6′ tall and is a hunk of Constitutional love. He’s got all the tools needed to get us back on track if he were calling the shots. Instead, we’ve got radicals to the left of us and wimps to the right, while our country is drowning in debt and nanny government that we can’t afford. I’m grateful that Mark has the courage, experience and legal expertise to call this Potempkin government out. They are not doing what’s best for the citizens that they supposedly serve. Kick the can now seems to be the only game in town (D.C.).

  • Michael Eldridge

    No we Americans who voted year in and out for the same political parties, who do not want to pay the cost of a United States of America of high living standards and wages that goes with that . Instead we want the cheap easy way out and now its time to pay the fiddler and today the day the first installment due thank you

  • Danniro

    ah yes and they are both more than complicit in their destruction of this once great country… we do need to hold them responsible for their despicable actions!!!!

  • Gordon McCleery



    Sorry, but you are simply wrong. Would say much more, but, who knows.

  • mdavis223

    I have to agree with Mark Levin 1000%. The fiscal irresponsibility which our government has shown over the last 12 years is unconscionable. It was bad enough when GWB took us from a fiscal surplus to a deficit when he embroiled us in two overseas wars based on lies, paid for with the lives of American troops and far more Iraqis, funded by you and I. We all voted for change in ’08, but this is hardly what we bargained for. The fiscal ignorance of the current administration is leading to the destruction of a once great nation. Both parties refuse to do their job for fear of upsetting their constituents and losing seats in Congress, therefore power. Sometimes a benevolent dictatorship is superior to democracy for this very reason.

    Today, the US is laughed at behind it’s back all over the world. Sure, they will take our aid, our money, our weapons, and laugh all the way to the bank while maintaining their own agendas. The US is a joke which has been milked dry for decades. I used to think 3rd world countries were corrupt, but the US has them all beat. The US government is owned lock, stock and barrel by the banksters and the military industrial complex. Guess what, you and I don’t figure into the equation, except for being the chumps that believe their rhetoric and keeps paying for their lavish existence. Every time I think about it, it makes me want to puke.

    What can you and I do about it? Not a damn thing. We keep electing these fools to office and expect different results. As Einstein said, repeating the same behavior over and over again, while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    • I think it is time for 10 Million Patriot March on D.C. We surround the city and demand the immediate resignation of all of them. It is past time to reboot.

  • This is very simple, Mark Levin is right.

  • YankeeFromVA

    Yet Mark Levin endorsed the Romney/Ryan ticket which would fit nicely in that “gutless Republican” description. His anger would seem a bit more plausible if he had said the same thing BEFORE the election.

    • Levin did so because the next choice was Obama/Biden. If you have to pick, Romney/Ryan and Republican controlled Senate was our last chance.

      • Exactly. There is no perfect candidate for everyone. Unless you count obozo for the clueless entitlement class. That aside, in every election you have to pick the lesser of the two evils. When the evil had fraud on his side we didn’t stand a chance.

  • According to a report in the Daily Rash, the White House just announced that Beyonce will be performing at tonight’s State of the Union address.

    • mdavis223

      Hmm, makes one wonder if it will be live or memorex.

  • Debra_jean

    Levin is right on…these men of both parties sit back and think they are the smartest people on earth, and we the people need them to survive, yet they with all their education, and arrogance have just about brought this once great country to its knees with their ideas, no one person has caused more damage to America then the Congress and the Executive branches, they sit up there and pat each other on the backs, calling themselves the honorable this and the honorable that, they are about as honorable as Charles Manson, they vote themselves raises, pensions, exempt themselves from Obamacare,…. I will say there are a few brave souls, some of the new young guns who came in during the Tea Party era who are trying to make changes {all republicans} but are finding it an uphill battle with all the spineless RINOS, and washed up older members….I also put some blame on the uninformed electorate as well, who only want an Obama phone….our country is dying, and sadly I think it is so close to the brink of destruction that it is to late to save it….to many people who don’t care, and just want handouts at others expense, that kind of thinking only destroys a country.

  • Jim_Finn2000

    It is perhaps too late for this country to survive. Both Democrats and Republicans are at fault. The republicans have the majority ig the House but they are gutless whimps.


    I will say it for Mark; Mark Levin is simply great. Mark Levine cannot, because of the failed educational system of this country, be understood by 90% of the people, and there lies the problem. Too many imbeciles that vote and do not vote.

    By the way, all politicians that voted with George W. Bush and Obongo Von Kenya, should be exiled from this country, period.

    • I liked your comment til the end. So you think Al Gore would have done us any better? God help us if that happened.

      • ALTILLA

        Gore will go to donut heaven, leave him lie, in more ways than one. I’m talking about the reality, not the “what-if’s of today’s mentality”.

  • the teleprompter

    Amen to Mr. Levin. Both parties are flushing this country down the crapper. This is why I no longer vote. You think the Republican Party has sold you out now, you ‘aint’ seen nothin’ yet. Wait til immigration legislation comes up again. The hypocrisy will be sickening. In my opinion, the damage is already done, we’re too far gone down the road to fiscal and cultural ruin, we have a President engaging in a brazen over-reach of executive power while the limp-wristed GOP cowers in a corner. You’ve got that scoundrel Karl Rove trying to chase off any Tea Party reformers from joining the Republican Party Our best bet is to buy gold, guns, learn how to be as self-sufficient as possible, and look out for your family, friends, and loved ones, while this broken system goes down in flames…

  • Mark of the Wild West

    The country is run by international bankers (BIS) and Democrats and the Republicans dance to that music…

  • Jim_Finn2000

    It is perhaps too late to save America from economic collapse. Both Democratic and Republican leaders are responsible. The Republicans hold the majority in the House but are gutless to do the right thing. The best they do is blow smoke but when it comes to voting they walk in-step with the President.


    You have to get rid of John Boehner if you want to have half a chance of stopping the DEMOcRATs from destroying these United States of America !

  • Give it to them Mr. Levin! The American Dream needs to be restored. Obama has taken our Dream and turned it into his socialistic welfare Dream. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and all the rest of the destroyers must be stopped! Thank you for your support Mr. Levin, you are truly a great American.

  • jfhdsiu

    I LIKE the way this guy thinks. He’s correct of course. Everybody should know by now that the Republican faction is simply the other side of the DemoRepublicratcan party.

  • Don’t blame me, I voted for Ron Paul.

    • Fairtax2012

      The King Dude Lives!

  • the Gloves are off Mark Levin, don’t let up, this President and His Policies are failures….and the Republicans are spinless for the most part….as time goes on more people will be seeing the light!

  • All that’s left now is the weeping and shouting. Mr. Levin has the shouting covered. Now while I gently weep with my guitar, who has the balls to take on these Marxist criminals who are stealing our lives out from under us. Think about that. I don’t see anyone, but a handful of brave bloggers who are at least sounding the alarm and helping us prep for when someone does decide to step up do something.

  • America is already destroyed. But that does not mean we have to accept it. The change will have to come from someplace…but not from our politicians. Love of country..? who’s country ? We print directions, and packaging in Spanish right alongside English. Amnesty, that will come at the expense of enforcement at the border..the flow of illegals will continue. All of this “tolerance” and diversity is leading to the destruction of America..the one that used to exist before 1950.

  • Ron Mexico

    Whether you like Mark or not. He is telling it like it is. Both parties have screwed us. Too bad the American people can’t come together, but that’s how the two parties want it.

    • Justin Case

      Maybe if you quite writing off those you disagree with as moochers, deadbeats and takers not makers you could generate some cooperation. Maybe. Republicans have lost a lot of trust even among those who may agree with some of their ideals.

      • Ron Mexico

        And maybe if the democrats would stop promising more free stuff, I would.

        • Justin Case

          Name the “free stuff” that really grinds your gears Ron.

      • Justin, you dead beat moocher, get a job and get off welfare.

  • You know, I’ve quit looking at politics as being left and right only….. It’s left, right, up, and down.

    Left being all government, on the right extreme, no government but, that only handles half the problem… You also have authortarian and anti-authoritarian.. For example, Ghandi was a communist but, he was also anti-authoritarian.

    Our biggest issue..or at least the largest one for me is that BOTH parties are MORE and MORE authoritarian…. I blame the left for this mostly but, when we have bloated puss filled bags like Lyndsy Grahm and John McCain preaching about how we need to be able to execute American citizens as soon as the executive branch determines that they need killing with no trial, no jury, no evidence and, no recourse for the american on the list.

    Every polician is bought and paid for… the high powered lobbies own this country… hell, they may as well be the ones voting.

    The FED needs to be ended… while our idiot represenatives argue and can’t come together on how to cut 1T dollars from a TEN year budget, our FED is printing 1T (84 Billion per month ) per year. Since China or anyone else doesn’t want our T-Bills, our FED has to buy them now with printed money. They now buy about 75 percent of all new bonds issued.

    So now all the major economies are printing money at the same time… The BoJ ( Bank of Japan), ECB ( Europeon Central Bank ), of course the FED, The Swiss… Venesuela devalued it’s currency by 46 percent in one day….. Argentina is in the midst of hyperinflation… it goes on and on. We’ve been exporting our inflation to other places… Now, we’re all in a race to the bottom and who loses…. not the governments…. it’s you and I that lose…. when they print more dollars, the only thing that gives those dollars value is the value they steal from the ones already in circulation…. It’s why bacon is 7.00 per pound now. But hey, they’re just getting started. We’re in a currency war. That fancy talk for making all of our money worth less…. It’s basically theft of our labor…. for our own good and whatnot. The FED has increased the money supply from I think 600Billion in like 2001 and, it’s currently 4 Trillion dollars….. and get this… they’re adding 84 Billion every month to it… and they’re not going to stop… they can’t stop. If they did the economy would freeze up and the banks couldn’t loan. If the interest went up to even 3 percent, the entire economy would implode because we couldn’t even afford to pay interest on the 16.4 T dollars of debt we already have. This is called a debt death spiral and, I’m afraid they never end well.

    With all this going on, our great administration decides it’s time to get the guns. Us poor idiots out here are to immiture to be allowed to have them.

    How do you think this will end?
    It makes me ill to see this happen to a country I love.

  • Fairtax2012

    If I had a son he could have looked like Christopher Dorner

    – Obama

  • Hey Scary, you are scary for thinking Levin is part of the problem.

    • And you’re a moron for not recognizing that he is.

  • Dan Morgan danielmorgan1782

    They all should be in prison. The only way out may be to lock and load

  • Justin Case

    When did you get so all fired concerned with the national debt Mark? Were you gnashing your teeth when Reagan was increasing the National Debt by 300% and Bush 1 doubled it after him? Did you trumpet the warnings Perot was sounding back in 1992? Or is this something you’ve just come to recently?

    • Fairtax2012

      The president has no control over the debt. All of Reagan’s budget proposals were balanced but they were rejected by the congress.

      • Justin Case

        Veto them then.

    • Reagan signed off on democrat passed bills dumbas*,, you uneducated kid.

      • Justin Case

        Yes poor weak Reagan got steamrolled by the brilliant Democrats. What an awful president not matter how you want to spin it. Thanks Republicans you voted for him and he put the country into a tail spin of insurmountable debt.

  • numag

    Mark Levin is not called “The Great One” for nothing. He is one of the FEW who UNDERSTANDS what’s going on and what’s at stake and he’s NEVER afraid to say it. God bless this man and his gift of intelligence and patriotism. The only question is will the American people LISTEN TO HIM???

  • People it is no longer Dems or Republicans. They no longer care for us, its only about them, the money they can make and their life long health insurance. We the people have been led down the wrong path for so long, Look what happened while we were sleeping…..

  • joecool

    Mark has it right – the First Dictator and those who refuse to confront him on his lies.

  • I went to a lot of union meetings,stand for this,stan for that that,is all good,but know what your stanting for,you ar all patriots an friends,so Please stop writing your thouts, talk to your neibors and friends, or at lease try. Mark is RIGHT.

  • Mark Levin is never a must listen. He seems to aspire to lead the Kamikaze wing of conservative thought, but perhaps it’s worse than that: He is too knowledgeable and intelligent to imagine that his advice makes sense, and he’s too young to be senile, suggesting a cynic looking for followers among angry and frustrated Americans. One does not reasonably urge allies to face the fire when victory is out of reach and the principle will be lost, as Levin has repeatedly asked of Republican leaders. Republicans cannot govern from one chamber of Congress, and picking one’s battles is essential for long-term success. Conservative thought deserves better.

    • Its people like you who are the reason we are in dire trouble in this country. You ARE McCain and the linguine spined moderates who say if we just take one more step back, then we can take a stand. We are standing with our back to a cliff and you still say it! What principal are you refering to? The RINOS have surrendered them all! You are unbelievable. I bet you love the constant backing down on the sequester. WHY would anyone vote for Republicans…they stand for NOTHING! The tea party candidates are the only hope left. If they fail we better keep our guns.

  • Sofakingdabest

    America is fine. The debt’s ok. Don’t get me wrong, a lotta people are gonna lose their shirts. But we’re Americans. We can handle it. When all else fails, drink heavily.

  • The only question is what should happen to the 535 in Washington DC when the $%^# hits the fan?

  • SecretAmerican

    Mass tax revolt or physically removing these traitors from Congress and the White House is about the only 2 options we have left.

    Moaning and groaning on web site comment posts accomplishes ZERO.

  • olgolbug

    Thank God that such a man as Mark Levin lives amongst us. His clarity, analysis
    and delivery are the true STATE OF THE UNION. Help him rescue it…

    If the lights go out in the U.S.A……..they go out all over the world.

    Canada needs you too.

  • nancym14

    I love you Mark. You are a true patriot. Fauxbama has not even an oz. of your intelligience.

  • dktrdktr

    We don’T have two parties – we have one – the party of big government – it has two wings,Democrat and Republicsn but both stand for ever-increasing size of government, they differ on trivialities and who gets the loot.

  • it is a two party system and you and I aren’t invited. just buy non-perishable food and plenty of ammo because when Americans do something we do it in a big manner. the coming collapse will make Greece look like a sunday school picnic.

    • Justin Case

      I hear a lot of big talk from Republicans about their ammo and their guns. Go on Republican pull a Chris Dorner. If you have the guts. You don’t.

      • Fred

        Dorner is a big time LIBERAL…an Obama lover. Conservatives don’t act like that. It took conservatives to stand up and create this country in the first place and it will take courageous conservatives to take it back from the commies.

        • Justin Case

          Dorner probably is a liberal because instead of just sitting around talking about all the big stuff he was going to do, he actually got off his fat rump and did it. That’s why I don’t care how many guns or how much ammo Republicans buy they’ll never get off the couch to use them.


        You know Dorner is a lib?

      • XJFKdemocrat

        LOL! Slaughtering innocent people has nothing to do with guts. It has to do with a “mental disorder”. Get it?

  • Justin Case

    Republicans aren’t just spineless they also don’t have any ideas that voters agree with or trust them to implement properly if they did.

  • Justin Case

    Every time Republicans have been put in charge in the past 100 years it’s ended in disaster. Except for Eisenhower. He got some good stuff done.


      Just like most politicians

      • Justin Case

        Read your history – look at the stats – Republicans leave things in a shambles. Shambles.

        • MANBEARPIG

          Keep on telling yourself that BTW who controlled congress when things collapsed in 2008? Who controlled things in the 70’s when things were bad. Both parties suck get use to it and stop drinking the kool-aid.

          • Justin Case

            And you lay off the kool-aid enemas. Republicans never accept responsibility for their actions everyone is well aware of that by now. The ultimate in this parade of mendacity is the Republican attempt to blame Democrats for Junior George Bush. Surreal.

            • MANBEARPIG

              I work for a living quite hard and yes Bush was an idiot but people like you fail to see most problems are created over a long period of time by both parties whether it was the repeal of GS by the GOP congress and Clinton. The CRA being pushed on banks. I can go on but you can keep on seeing the world in black and white while we go down the crap hole.

              • Justin Case

                “Things take a long time to build up” but you stop at Clinton.

    • Calvin Coolidge, great president; Ronald Reagan, great president. Republican congresses… er, I tend to agree with you. Democrat congresses… just as bad. Everyone in Washington (apart from a few honorable exceptions) are on a permanent gravy train. Time for terms limits (4 years for House, 4 years Senate, one 5-year term for president, so POTUS doesn’t spend four years just trying to get re-elected).

  • AtlasObjectivist

    The only possible “agenda” that would explain Obama’s actions, is the complete destruction of the United States.

  • Levin is just another opportunistic traitor like Beck.

    • Citizen_Jerry

      Said the low-information voting troll.

  • redware

    Mark is so right.There is no viable opposition party left to stop the march to a socialist state initiated by this President and his Congressional allies.The GOP has become the Gelded Old Party,lacking both the principles and fortitude to take a stand and do whatever it takes to stop them.Instead we get compromise and pandering.It is time for the establishment of Conservative Parties in every state that can endorse real conservative GOP candidates or run an opposition candidate.Either the GOP will tow the line or become extinct.We can no longer afford to be taken for granted and used and abused.We can no longer settle for voting for the lesser of two evils.In doing so we simply let evil win!

  • Deerknocker

    I used to think that the Obama administration acted stupidly but not maliciously, but I’ve come to Mark Levin’s view that there is malice and forethought in all of this. Obama intends the results of his policies, and if those results advance the liberal agenda, the fact that they may hurt the country as a whole is not a concern for Obama.

  • aberdeenvet

    It took half a century, but they finally were successful.

    “We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”

    Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

  • Randy111

    Levin is absolutely right in his observations. On Big Government. On deficits. On refusal to enforce our immigration laws and the impending disaster of a mass amnesty. And on the refusal of Republicans to criticize Obama’s positions on any of those issues. In fact, the Republican Party is saying “me too” to everything from more taxes to amnesty. Why?

    Well there are a lot of reasons, but one big one is this. The Bush family has controlled the Republican Party since 1989, and have used it for their personal political ambitions without anyone in the Republican Party objecting. When Obama got elected, the Bush family expected him to stay there until 2016, when the country would be so tired of Democrats the Bushes expect the voters will return them to power with son JeeBBB Bush. They want the party to keep silent, don’t make waves, and just sit tight until 2016–when a Bush returns to the Presidency “and puts the country back right”.

    Rove attacks the Tea Party or anyone speaking out right now, as he creates a slate of candidates loyal to the Bush famiily and guaranteed not to “embarras” Jeb in the 2016 race.
    Republicans are following the Bush family marching orders into a national disaster they cannot escape some responsibility for. By 2020, the Republican party will diesintigrate., and the Boehners, McCains, Graham’s, Bushes–the whole RINO establishment will wonder
    how it all happened.

  • The democraps and the republicraps, like cantor, ryan, boneeyard and rubio, helping obama spend america into bankruptcy. And another sewage country like mexico..

  • Our country needs a hero, someone who will stand up and start real impeachment of the POTUS, otherwise known as POS, for the destruction of our country, our finances, our security and his damn executive orders! We have no southern border, and he still wants to take the only defense we have against invasion, our guns! As long as his kids are protected by them, why are our kids worth less?

  • XJFKdemocrat

    Radical is as radical does. Research Obama’s past and his associations and you will find that he has been steeped in Saul Alinsky radicalism for most of his life. It pours out like puke, every time that he opens his mouth. Its who he is. Radicalism is now acceptable in the democrat party. Just look at Pelosi (“we don’t have a spending problem”) and little dick Durbin (“we don’t have a spending problem, we have a pay for it problem”) for a good example of Utopian statist BS. To them, we are but morons. The GOP keeps taking a pass on calling these delusional ideologues out like the bunch of wusses that they are while our kids and grandkids become debt slaves. Go figure.

    • ItsJo

      Your post IS correct. Obama ‘taught Alinsky’s Methods to the corrupt Acorn’, and he follows Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to a T. The 13 Rules are his bible, AND Hillary’s who wrote her thesis on Alinsky. These Radical Progressives, have been Anti American for many years, and their hatred of our military goes without saying. Obama protects HIS “low informationvoter base”, which is another way of saying “Stupid-Gullible Base”
      along with his corrupt regime. Republicans And Independents should have Already started proceedings on Obama, who took the oath of office, to ‘protect ALL Americans, and uphold our Constitution, which he has done NONE of. This is simply Shameful.

  • I think many of us agree with Mark. We’re frustrated and horrified out here, and the worse part is not having a clue about what to do about it. Career politicians, entitlement mentalities of half this country, a large part of the country who doesn’t care, left wing media that out and out lies, ……… do we combat this? Until a good answer to this becomes apparent, I am going to continue to offend half my friends with what I know to be true about his country, in the hopes that one will listen.


  • jj

    Mark Levin?

    Oh, the guy who slandered Ron Paul and all of his Libertarian Republican followers as a whacko’s before the election because they saw this coming?

    That Mark Levin?


    • Justin Case

      Right – Mark Levin is about Mark Levin. Republican did the same thing to Perot and he was sounding the alarm back in 1992. All of a sudden they want to act like they’ve always been on board.

    • Yep – That same opportunistic Mark Levin. He’s going slightly mad me thinks

  • OrneryEagle

    AGREED! Down with the ROVE Elitists who are just as bad, or worse for their cover-ups and lack of real conservative values and the courage to take it to the Marxists that now inhabit our WH and most of DC. Time for a rael change. The GOP is just that; the gone-odd-party and WE, the PEOPLE will not be fooled again!

  • ItsJo

    Mr. Levin IS exactly right. These Progressive-Radicals are hell bent on “Destroying America
    and their proving it daily”. I agree that the spineless GOP are Allowing this to occur, as by now, there should have been ‘charges brought against Obama for “Deliberately, selling out
    ‘Arrogant(his words) America”, with the help of the Evil George Soros, who has tried to bring down America financially for Over 40 years. Obama has made a worldwide apology tour, bashing America, and it’s time to REMOVE this FRAUD from our Whitehouse. He is taxing people to death, and giving this money to HIS Voter Bases, and the Unions Thugs, Liberals who ‘helped him steal this last election’. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, AND HIS THUG A.G., HOLDER HAS BEEN COMPLICIT IN THE “FAST AND FURIOUS” DEBACLE THAT GOT OUR OWN AGENT KILLED, BRIAN TERRY. NOW, WE HAVE BENGHAZI, WHERE OBAMA WAS ‘DERELICT IN HIS DUTIES, AS HE IGNORED THE PLIGHT OF OUR AMBASSADOR, STEVENS, AND THREE OTHER AMERICANS THAT WERE KILLED’…AS WAS HILLARY. THESE ARE NOTHING BUT “COVER UPS, AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW IT”. OBAMA, HOLDER, PELOSI, REID, HILLARY ETC. ALL NEED TO BE REMOVED, PERIOD.

    • Justin Case

      Problem with your first two sentences is the Republicans beat them to it.

      • ItsJo

        Let me guess, you’re another “Obama Bootlicker” who got conned by the “Biggest Con of Chicago??” I bet you voted for him twice, as you helped him Steal the second election, like crooked Dems always do??

  • OrneryEagle

    …but one change to what Mark had to say concerning the “Repubicans”; …they are sitting around with their thumbs not in their mouths, but up their third point-point-of-contact. They are totally in bed with the Obamacrats.

  • Reallydry

    Mark is right as usual. Republicans are gutless…An American party is needed. Or no party at all. Just simple people representing the needs of their country. Not too complicated as I see it.

    • justfedupwithstupidity

      and the dems are destructive…

  • XJFKdemocrat

    I suggest reading the “Conservative Manifesto” that is included in Levin’s book “Liberty and Tyranny”. A great and accurate read about what is happening before our eyes, including advice. I also enjoyed “Ameritopia” which outlines various Utopian societies and how they conflict with a society based on freedom and protection of the individual, as ours is. The authors of our guiding document knew all about tyranny. So does Levin. He is trying to help us protect ourselves and our children from it.

  • lobotrojan

    …it will be nauseating to witness in tonight’s show the politicians as they look about the camber for “cues” from party leaders (with one eye on the camera, of course) as WHEN it is “p.c.” to give a standing ovation or when to sit and applaud, or maybe not to applaud at all. The speaker of the house will sit next to Biden; now that will be sad sight to see. Phonies, not all of them, but about 95% of them.

  • I`m tired of hearing everybody complain about these Radicals day, after day, after day.When are we going to rise up? When are the “Patriots”going to come up out of their Bunkers and surround Washington Dc?The time for action is now!

  • We all moan about it but please…. how do we stop it? Seriously, we NEED to do something, how do we stop this? Surely there is some process that we as citizens can begin to do something about it, seeing as how our elected representatives have all completely lost their way.

    • ironage

      We already tried. It was called the Tea Party. But the Liberals and “establishment” Republicans….along with the mainstream media….successfully made us out to be racists and extremists. So….the whole country will burn down. I don’t really care, anymore….to be honest. I was smart enough not to have children because i knew this was coming.

      • Groovery

        Sad but true. Sarah Palin is the classic example of what they can do to any politician who isn’t a corrupt, America hating liar. Most people in America bought it all too. Yeah she’s sooooooo stupid, blah blah blah.

      • Htos1

        Same here,never married ,etc.I was right.

    • Htos1

      It’s going to take something like a WWII veteran’s sacrifice,laugh now but I’m right.


  • XJFKdemocrat

    Justin appears to be what Mark calls a “drone”. He/she also appears to have a wild crush on Levin, despite countless and compulsive protestations. What a hoot!

  • Cogito

    Mark is right on.

  • There is only ONE SOLUTION and it begins with dumping both parties in the garbage dump of history NOW. We must have a new fearless, constitutional leader and a brand new party. The danger, as Germany discovered is ruthless fascism. The inevitable outcome now is our utter destruction. May the present ruling class smolder in hell forever!

  • hobartcmudwater

    We can try to talk with you in a civil way, but finally we are always left with “Okay … fine … whatever. Thanks, Hobart.

  • We are stuck with Obumbler and his crew because a huge number of conservatives didn’t vote this time. The worst shame of all is that among those conservatives that did not vote were thousands upon thousands of people who call themselves “christians.” They may be so disenchanted with the politicians that “talk a good fight” that they decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. I am to the point that I agree with them. The Republican Party is no longer concerned with core principals, they are just covering their backsides and hoping to get reelected.

  • 1776freedom

    The second amendment


    God bless the “Great One”

  • Alohajonny

    Could not agree more but nothing will be done, NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark III

    An orchestrated internationalist agenda has been in the works for many decades. It seems that leaders of the D and R parties are taking their orders and pay-offs from those who do not have the best of intentions for a sovereign USA. We are seeing attempts to divide the world into a few economic blocks, and one can easily guess what would happen next.

    • Htos1

      God I hope not,I simply will not work as a phone answerer(customer service rep for a trans-national corp.),as that will be the only “real” job here in America.ANY job that is “productive” and “practical”,will simply be regulated to failure or outlawwed outright.

    • Randy111

      MARKIII, You are right about the neo-cold war internationalist agenda, NAFTA and all he other free trade agreements are part of it. The founding organization to bring it about was David Rockefeller’s Tri-lateral Commission, which intended, and still does, I guess, to bring about world peace and prosperity through spreading capitalism in he form of multi-national corporations and banking institutions throughout the planet, and control a world economy with these big companies. By ending tariffs, they could go anywhere in the world labor is cheapest, make their goods, and sell them anywhere with no tariff barriers, pro busines lax rules, and even move the workforce anywhere “needed” with open borders and free immigration.

      Check out some wikileaks of David Rockefeller’s statements over the years about how this creates world peace and prosperity, run by intellectual and financial elites. This is the real New World Order Bush I helped create during 1988-92 with NAFTA and continuing the us as “World Policeman” after the end of the Cold War.

  • Amnesty for “11 million” (20 million is probably closer to reality), means chain-immigration of another 50-60 million impoverished people a very large part of whom will who sooner or later be put on the social welfare roles. If Americans aren’t absolutely outraged by this—aren’t willing to revolt and take to the streets in protest by the millions—then it only goes to prove, once again, that they are the stupidest people on earth, and get exactly what they deserve.

    • Htos1

      Responding though,will get us brownshirted,or swatted.No difference from any other time in history or regime.I just hope Dorner is the preview of coming attractions.

      • Htos1, you are now, officially, the dumbest person on Earth.

  • that is why we need a third party on with balls

  • dthorny

    Mark Levin drops the Hammer on the libs, Pelosi, Obowma, Reid and worthless republicans willing to go along with these fools and their welfare programs which are out of control and has us trillions in debt.

    • workforlivn

      Come on. Obama is Bush II. Wake up. Levin is a tool.

      • dthorny

        How is Levin a tool by pointing out facts about Obowma screwing the economy?

  • rockyroad

    Jacke Gleason was the great one. Mark levin has convinced a few mental midgets that somehow he has taken that title away from Gleason. Can you guys really be serious? The guy got rich off playing to the most ignorant of the party as fools. He laughs all the way to the bank.

    • effinayright

      Perhaps you should educate yourself on the Logical Fallacies, the first of which is called the “ad hominem”. And the Argument from Bad Faith.

      Next, you should try to argue “on the merits”, rather than simply fling snot and pretend you’ve said anything substantive.

      I suspect your friends call you “dirt road”, for good reason.

      • workforlivn

        Used to be a Levin fan and read liberty and tyranny. Then I woke up. Obama is GWBII. Their policies are the same. Bush started the bailouts. Levin didn’t make a peep. Levin endorsed Romney for godssake. And now he says the republicans are bad too? Check out the Libertarians that Levin mocked so often on his show. That was 2.5 years ago when I stopped listening and saw him for what he is. Check out lewrockwell dot com if you want your eyes opened.

    • Patriot077

      Have you read even one of his books? The man is a genius and can sift the wheat from the chaff without effort.

  • As of yet most of the good people have not realized we are in a CIVIL WAR 2.

  • XJFKdemocrat

    Me thinks that he is the sane and educated one. Its our politicians that have gone, as Freddy Mercury so eloquently sang, “slightly mad.” Its time to grab the wheel from those who are drunk on power and have lost touch with our reality because they don’t have to live it. We’re still in the ditch and they are spinning our wheels, digging our hole ever deeper.

  • rataezo

    With a voice like Grocho Marx, how can Levine be taken seriously. When I first heard him I thought it was a joke. He tries to sound tough but it sounds phoney. Hes full of it, rather listen to Phil Hendrie!

    • effinayright

      So the sound of his voice means he can’t be taken seriously?

      Did anyone ever tell you that you’re not too bright, that if you were a knife in the drawer you would be the clam knife?

      • rataezo

        Wow, you told me. I learned my lesson. The fact that you listen to Levine says a lot about you to. Moron right wing sheep. Turn off the right wing radio, I did and I feel much better.

        • You judge a man by the sound of his voice? And then hurl insults? Well, you got nads, no brains but great big nads…

      • workforlivn

        Levin is as big a problem as Obama. lewrockwell dot com

    • LastMomStanding

      Do you know anything about Mark Levin? He has a law degree (Constitutional law — a real one), has written several books – one on SCOTUS, served on Reagan’s administration, is the president of Landmark Legal Foundation…just to mention a few things about him.

  • effinayright

    Repeat after me:

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    No need to look further: It’s Obama delenda est, all the way down.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    (you didn’t believe me!)

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

    Obama delenda est.

  • trampletheweakhurdlethedead

    The demonicrats are as advertised, neo-Marxists bent on the subversion of the US Constitution and destruction of the United States of America. The repubicons have betrayed us, and in my opinion are conspiring with the Neo Marxists to overthrow this country. Everyone refuses to believe what is happening in front of their eyes? Reagan said if we lose our freedoms in this country there will be no place to escape to! I guess that leaves only “one” other solution! Is anyone willing to say it allowed? Or are we going to just watch a once great country fall forever?

    • Htos1

      The 2nd protects the 1st-that’s the solution.

  • Dems destroyed California to forever collect its electoral votes.

  • I agree with this man 100%

  • TruthDetector

    Mark seems unwilling to admit that it’s over.

    Socialism has prevailed. 51% of Americans have embraced it.

    The country must now fail so that it can be re-built.

  • effinayright

    At least we can all be grateful that the mass murderer lefty cop Chris Dorner has pissed in Pharaoh Puttmost the First’s cornflakes tonight, in advance of his State of Dis-Union speech.

    It’s kinda hard to argue about gun control when a lefty killer cop is running amok.

    Not to say that Dear Leader Kim Jong Oh won’t try.

  • trampletheweakhurdlethedead

    Seriously, because of our tolerance of the DNC, the media, and libtards, there is ONLY one possible way to reverse the damage done by the demonicrats and repubican’ts. What follows is the responsibility of all of those who remained silent & tolerant. I really do not believe anyone here will say it out loud out of fear, fear of the current government.

  • Yep…right on the mark Mr. Levin!

  • Barry Hirsh

    On it, every evening. Clear Channel discontinued Mark in the Miami market. Screw ’em. I listen on the Internet.


  • naro

    I lost all respect for Levin when he slavishly supported Dubaya Bush, the free spending, lying cretin.

  • workforlivn

    Levin you still around? You should have backed Ron Paul. He was out front on all of this.

    • endthefednow2010

      So true!

    • Ron Paul? Seriously? Have you looked at the American People? If they were smart enough to remain free they wouldn’t need him. Truth is, if we were smart enough we wouldn’t need *any* of them. The problem is in the mirror, not in DC…

  • socratessocrates

    Mark is right, both parties are crap: The “GOP or bust” is full of cowards, and the democrat party is full of corrupted thieves, race-baiters, class-warfare, fear mongering garbage.

  • Obama is a Liar and Coward (Benghazi Gate ,left our Ambassador and four hero Americans to perish) ….POTUS ….I’ll say it to your face —-Barack Hussein Obama + your family SUX…!

  • endthefednow2010

    Whatever!!!!…….Mark Levin has been for years part of the False Left/Right Paradigm (just like Rush…just like Chris Matthews). Never once acknowledging the New World Order, and the hoax that is the Right and the Left (False Opposition to each other to keep the dumb down masses in check with the illusion of Political Freedom). I stopped listening to Hannity and him years ago. Until they both acknowledge the New World Order and point out the Globalist traitors that now hold offices in both sides….I will not take them seriously. And “YOU” the listener who has been drinking the Kool-Aid from both sides for years will see the Globalist eugenicist Neo Feudalistic Police State New World Oder at your feet pretty soon…I Hope you are ready for austerity measures here in the USA, and more violations of your Civil liberties…..You are gonna get it really good boy! Does the movie “Deliverance” cross your mind….you ARE that fat guy! You are just too stu p id to know it yet.

    • ObamaisEvil

      You are a moron who is high on drugs

      • endthefednow2010

        and you are the reason why we are losing the country to the bloodlines of the Global eugenicists…I thought we fought a war against Royalty?! At any rate, I do feel badly for your kind. and by the way, I don’t use your boss’s products!

        • KenInMontana

          Alex Jones, is that you?

      • No, he pretty much nailed it.

  • babylon on the potomac has 2 parties …corrupt and criminal , both run by the bankers.

  • I agree totally with Mark Levin.Repubs need to show some offense.

  • Mark is 100% correct in his comments.Time for some changes in 2014?

  • doctorjohn
  • singularsensation

    In one swell swoop Levin could have either helped the Republican Party evolve and/or advanced third party viability by showing due respect for Ron Paul and his fidelity to the Constitution during the last presidential campaign, but instead he mocked and undermined Paul and his supporters and thereby undermined the only real chance that election saw to defend the Constitution.

  • docwhocuts

    union over nation.

  • endthefednow2010

    @ singularsensation—-Its called the False /Left Right paradigm…Google it! They know what they are doing!

  • XJFKdemocrat

    Hey, I noticed somebody else wearing Jerry Rice’s number the other day. OMG!!! Get a grip and dry your crocodile tears.

  • phoenics

    Love him.

  • XJFKdemocrat

    You sound an awful lot like Karl Rove but you talk like an Alinskyite. Either way, your word salad is toxic to this former democrat. I suggest that you may be a RINO AKA democrat boot-licker. Your tale of working for Reagan, well “it don’t impress me much”.

    • Htos1

      A-HA!”word salad”,you guys DO work from desks just trolling websites.You just gave it all away!

      • XJFKdemocrat

        “Word salad” is a great term for verbal gibberish. I got it from Charles Krauthammer, whose insights I also enjoy, whether I agree with them or not.

  • doctorjohn
  • The only men standing are a few in talk radio and a few in Congress, especially my fearless Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Steve Stockman among others.

    They are the only barrier between the Obamaites and implementing their Euro-centric dream of a socialist utopia.

  • Htos1

    I know.

  • roycat

    And yet, he bad-mouthed the one Republican who should have been elected.

    • You noticed that too . . .

  • CareerPolitician

    Levin is right … the corrupt 2-party political system and it’s permanent political class have selfishly detroyed America.

    Americans need to mobilize against Washington DC.

  • celador2

    Deficit spending is the tool of tyrants and no one cares enough to stop it. Obama buys votes of the young, wealthy and healthy with various food stamps, disiability, cab fare, child care , rent, studnt loans etc.

    Borrow money we do not have and hand it to cronies for others to repay is the Obama way.

  • doctorjohn
  • As I have said for years!
    Below is a stock post of mine….

    The most tiresome national political situation is the constant
    stream of bold lies/smears/demons from Obama that go unchallenged by the pawn media
    and the pantywaist Republicans. This must stop. No nation should be led
    silently into fiscal ruin and a virtual dictatorship of E. Orders/Czars.


  • rrring99

    Mark Levin is a big frikin baby like most of you low IQ right wing nutz……READ A BOOK!

  • Thank god my wife and I arent having kids. There is no future

    • Wrong. There is *always* a future, just not in America anymore. All things pass away. The King is dead. Long live the King.

  • carl6352

    whats more of a disgrace is the medialetting him get away with it and also too we have al0ot more dumber americans since the end of 1980. most cannot count past month to month welfare checks and free food. the minute johnson signed that into law america became a dead country and broke by 1972. now we live on a ponzi scheme run by fools for fools. dont think the founders saw this coming or maybe they did with the second amendment. one day and within outr lifetime the money will run out and when that happens you better be armed because those roches are going to be coming out for food and what ever else they can get their hands on. just remember too pile them up at your front door!

  • 1Zooman

    Anybody with any sense knows that Obama is a alien usurper who has come to destroy the American republic and to insert a third rate communist nation in its place. Every thing he has done makes sense when one realizes this fact. The so-called conservative radio talk show hosts of America are guilty of aiding and abetting this sedition when they should be shouting from every microphone that Obama is an enemy agent being supported by the left wing party called the Democrat. Then too, the mush mouthed Republican Establishment is complicit in this charade having not the backbone of a paramecium to fight this evil. We let the likes of John Boehner and other establishment types pick our candidates when we should be doing it ourselves. We are in the largest constitutional crisis in the history of our nation as we are standing by as the USA is rendered into a third rate nothing state in which you and your children are gradually being pushed into slavery; and that is not an understatement! Where are the red blooded American patriots ready to fight for our Nation?

  • klesb

    So, where is your move to the Constitution Party, Mark?
    Or any other political party?

    We do not need your complaints, however well-founded! We know! Just more preaching to the believers.

    We need a credible plan of action! And, we need it in the next few months to be ready for 2014!

    We both know it cannot come from the GOP, but if it did, it would have no credibility with the voters who, reasonably, have no trust in that political party, and never again will!

    So, gather the real conservative leaders, and show us a credible plan, Mark! And, please no more just complaints!

    And, forget the ineligible Rubio for 2016 POTUS candidate for any party – the Constitution will not be amended in time (nor should it be – Soetoro/Obama is proof the Founders were correct!)

  • Please look at this petition, which I offer as a means to close the door behind these rats before we fumigate.

    I do not post much, but this will work. We must force the constitution back upon them.

  • The Democrats speak like the Nazi’s did in the 1930’s…the only difference is the size of their bank accounts! It took the Nazi’s a few years to become millionaires…while the Democrat’s and Republican’s are already there! These criminal’s in the House and Senate simply sucker us all into slavery so they may maintain their wealth! Ah! But now it is getting more difficult to fool us, with no jobs, 48% on welfare, and inflated printed money! I am sure this worries both Parties! If we all quit being slaves and give up employment for welfare…then they go broke with us! THAT IS WHY THEY WANT OUR GUNS AND AMMO!

    • Can we please please dispense with the unnecessary apostrophies? Plurals don’t have them. It is Nazis, Democrats, criminals etc. etc. etc.

  • fact139

    After years of ridiculing Alex Jones and other liberty lovers exposing the New World Order conspiracy, now the Neocon propagandists, like Mark Levin and Ann Coulter, are starting to parrot Alex and other truth tellers in a desperate attempt to gain some credibility—but these warmongering OBushanoids are still not telling the whole truth and are just posers who are still serving the banksters who have hijacked America.

    • Everybody likes to hate the bankers. How about the citizens of this country that have become lazy and are undereducated? As an immigrant I watched the gradual decline which to me was noticeable during the sixties and seventies and was unrelated to the bankers. The American population deserves some blame too, as they don’t like to live within their means, they like instant gratification, they are impatient and generally feel entitled. There are still people who are responsible but they are fast becoming fewer and fewer in numbers.

  • I have been conservative for my entire adult life. I now fear that when my son reaches adulthood there won’t be an America anymore. I cannot support the national Republican party anymore because they’ve become the diet democrat party. As extreme as it sounds I fear that the only thing that could save America would be the central U.S. seceding from the left coast and socialist workers paradise of the northeast, or if somehow every congressperson were put against a wall. These people have betrayed the people they are supposed to protect and represent. Now I will continue to prepare, so my family might survive the revolution I fear is coming.

    • Christopher, I too am a conservative, just not a republican. I figured out a couple of years ago that the GOP does not share my values. I got tired of being hit up for money and having tepid candidates shoved down my throat. I fear for my children’s future and mine too. I guess its going to take total meltdown of the financial system so that there is nothing left for the progs to take. Hang in there, there’s more of us than you know!

  • Art Woosley

    Very few honest and knowledgeable voices out there. Mark Levin is one of the good guys to listen to and trust.

    • workforlivn

      thats funny

  • Mark Levin, you moron, too late. Blame the Left and the Right, absolutely! Blame yourself, Rush, Savage, Hannity, Beck and all the other big “conservatives” on the radio and T.V… You idiots wrote off Ron Paul so long ago, the only candidate willing to CUT down the size and scope of the Federal Government.

    Mark, stop trying to save face. I used to listen to you idiots babbling on about how we need a Constitutionalist, a true Conservative, a lover of freedom and so forth. But, you all turned against the only hope we had the last two elections. You championed Romney, a Moderate Republican who Governed the incredibly Liberal state of Mass. You championed other “Conservatives”, and they failed miserably because of their true moderate/liberal ideals.

    Obama was voted in and is a radical leftist, changing everything he can to destroy our sacred Constitution. You want someone to fix it? Get off the air and stop lying to the people, Mark. Vote for someone just as radical in the other direction. There is NO other way to fix it.

    • epv33

      The only Moron around is YOU. But then again, Ron Paul was your idol, that explains it.

      • @ epv33: Please, for one moment, re-read EVERYTHING I wrote and tell me what part of what you read would indicate I am a moron. I would greatly appreciate it.

        Don’t use your brain too much, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.

    • napoleon_solo

      Don’t you talk about Ron Paul! That hypocrite. That scum. He is a lying sack of excrement.

      • AgentToad

        Give us some examples of his lies, you False Accuser.

      • In order to be credible it would behoove you to back up your accusation with concrete examples. So what do you say?

    • Well said thanks. Although Hannity isn’t and never was a conservative, just a blow hard drone. Savage and Rush deserve more credit than you give them. Levin should stick to writing books. I’ve reverted to listening to music, it is better for my nerves.

  • Blame will only get us so far, Mark. Even blaming the low information voters, along with Repubs and Dems. What is the plan to take America to founding principles of economic and personal freedom?

    • epv33

      Easy, as he says, replace the RINOS one by one with Tea Party candidates.

  • Mark. Is. The. Bomb. I wish he’d give the response to the state of the union speech.

    • endthefednow2010

      LOL!…..Sure….you go on believing that… if it makes you feel all right!

      • howmchbscnutak


  • It what I have said for years the federal representatives don’t represent the people of their districts but the federal government against the people of their districts. After all who pays them, and most of their money comes from either advance knowledge of government contracts or money paid to them or their relatives by outside sources.

  • Don

    Libertarian party is looking better every day.

    • epv33

      Wrong! The only solution is for the Tea Party candidates start replacing RINOS.

    • AgentToad

      Libertarian philosophy is a do-what-thou-wilt philosophy and rides the same totally free market train that fat globalist banks love. Pure free market capitalism and communism are part of the same carnival ride. First you outsource like crazy, then you have the government save the day by taking control of remaining scraps.

      It is actually hot-blooded, raw nationalism that is looking better every day.

    • How about a benevolent dictatorship? Then if the guy turns out to be a turd we can just hang him and try again…

      Hey, worked in China for a long time and things were no worse then and there than here nad now. Especsially considering that most people are just plain dumb (that whole one man, one vote thing was bound to fail.)

      • There is no such thing as a benevolent dictatorship, just speak with those that believed in it and lived it. China benevolent? With such opinions you shouldn’t be allowed at the voting booth.

  • howmchbscnutak

    All the career politicians should be tried for treason and dealt with accordingly.

    The question becomes how many of us will be willing to sacrifice ourselves to make this happen? Nothing is going to change until were ready to pony up.

  • R8J

    regretably most of our “R” hero’s are waiting, sitting with one thumb up their ass, and the other in their mouth and waiting for the Prezzy to say “switch”.

  • epv33

    Thank God Mark is around. He is the only Conservative voice in talk radio that REALLY
    speaks with passion and calls the Republican RINOS for what they are. No other gives names like he does.

  • Tomper

    I feel a great uprising coming. I don’t know what will trigger it, but the dimwits in DC are not going to stop the destruction of the econimy until a hot poker is rammed up their collective a…s.

  • We have three branches of government, designed to check and balance one another. But we only have two political parties. We need a third major political party based on individual liberty and limited government. Two is company, three is a crowd. We need to crowd out the dominance of the Establishment political machine. The obvious choice is the Libertarian Party. But we always are told that we MUST have only two parties, winner take all means ONLY two parties can exist. Why? Is that written in law? Or do the apologists for the corrupt two parties keep telling us that so their power isn’t challenged? According to my understanding of math, 34% is greater than 33%, which is less than 51%. Ron Paul has ignited a libertarian revolution; there will be no conservative revolution, that is an oxymoron. Time for libertarians and the Libertarian Party to step up.

    • From your lips to G’s ears. But as long as the dumbed down electorate lets itself be lead around by the nose, nothing is going to change. The American voter seems to have abdicated his will to think and inform himself. Instead he reads the daily paper’s recommendation on how to vote for representation and ballot issues and takes this information to the voting booth.

  • What Founding Father is Mark Levin most like? Thomas Paine… We’re right on the cusp…

  • coolhandluke61

    Mark Levin is a patriot of the highest order ! One of the few that stands between us and absolute tyranny. God bless Mark Levin

  • stoky

    You big phony levin.. .you crucified Dr Paul during the primary. You could have had a real conservative .. instead you backed romney… NUTS TO YOU

  • AgentToad

    He comes quite close to the telling the truth, but of course doesn’t.

    Both the democrats and republicans are deliberately destroying the U.S.

    They are all globalists, imperialists and communists.

    The republicans just pretend to oppose democrats, and vice versa, so they can have play fights to make Americans believe we are not already under total control as a country.

    Meanwhile republicans and democrats advance the exact same agendas when it comes global control, economy and police state issues.

    So again, he comes quite close. Still pushing the false notion that the democrats and republicans don’t knowingly, willfully work together, that the republicans are just shy or something.

    • It’s actually even more simple than that. Ask yourself what kind of people *want* to be politicians. Then remember Washington’s analogy to fire. It was a done deal before the Constitution was signed. Absolutely inevitable.

      Let’s leave America where she belongs, as a fond memory.


  • napoleon_solo

    Rubio! Give me a break. Not only is he ineligible, he doesn’t have 1/4 what it takes. He thinks he can ride a Hispanic wave into the White House. What kind of a platform is that?

  • GuidoFL

    Ban violent movies and video games which would bankrupt the Follywood Liberals !!

  • And Mark is absolutely right. I sure would like to see a Repub with balls. Rand Paul and Rubio are our best chance.

    • Yes but first people have to discredit Karl Rove and his minions. He is already preparing to destroy Paul and Rubio and most likely others who are not part of the establishment. He is pure poison to politics.

  • The politicians that Le’vin mentions have no say on economics. The economy is and has been controlled by a PRIVATE cartel of bankers, know as the Federal Reserve Bank(s).
    These neo-cons can scream to high heaven about food stamps, unemployment and medical insurance.
    It is the bankers who fund all of it. Jamie Dimon (Le’vin tribe member) of JP Morgan gets a hefty cut for every food stamp issued. Loyd Blankfein (Le’vin tribe member) buys and shorts everything from pork bellies to jet fuel.
    And guess who protects these financial criminals? Le’vin fellow tribe member Ben Sahloam Bernake.
    u.S. politicians are just fronts for the real criminals that Le’vin rails against. His fellow travellers have ripped off the world for the last 500 years. It’s time to end their reign of terror, once and for all.

    • Happen to remember who created the Fed? Oops, that was us…

    • You need to cleanse your brain and your soul. Hitler and co. needed someone to blame back in the days, so they said pretty much the same you did. Not particularly intelligent.

    • neils60

      Disagree with all of your thoughts. But, at least get President Obama’s main man, Jamie Dimon’s, background correct. He’s a proud member of the Christian faith and always has been. Also, your spelling stinks as does your grammar. You’ve spent too much of your time reading commentary from other lamebrains, and that’s why your earning potential is similarly forever limited.

  • Republicans need a true plan.(Education,immigration,taxes,spending,jobs,debt and defense) Rally around it. Defend it. Fight in private. Stand united in public. Whenever Obama lies.Whenever the MSMedia lies. The GOP should take turns,on the Capitol steps and correct the lies.

    • calhoun211

      Know that most of the country will hear nothing if they do. The lsm will never report anything that puts a bad light on the dimanazis.

      • It’s more difficult for the media to ignore GOP members of Congress standing on the steps of the after day. It is easy to ignore little individual interviews. Social media will pick up on what the MSMedia would drop.

        GOP leaders whining on FOXNews is not going to get the job done!

  • Kay Mauer

    It’s time to fight. Before we as a country go down we need to take these bastards and make them pay for what they have done.

  • We certainly ought to fight on…but we can’t put our hope in the princes of this world.

    They will let us down.

    – the Old Adam lives

  • Rush Limbaugh has been trying his hardest for over twenty years, put the Liberals running this country and see what will happen.

  • John Kelly

    Wish you were wrong. You go sir, you go. The GOP has groveled so long it simply cannot stand. If you do not stand for anything get out of the way. I am against gun control Spin it as gun safety, it is control. I object to registration: I simply do not want the feds to know I have a gun. The 2nd was an anti-tyranny measure and I see no particular reason to help them. I am against immigration reform. We tried that once (1980’s under Reagan). Didn’t work then, will not work now. Why give the liberal Dems another 11 million Mexican votes? I am for fiscal responsibly. If we stand for nothing we are nothing.

  • elwap0

    Ross Perot….was right and all the right would say was he talked funny.Who is laughing now.Every thing he said has come to pass

    • You are correct but my family still feels guilty for having voted for Ross, as we keep being reminded that we helped put Clinton in the WH.

  • ahorvath

    Levin is 100% correct. The GOP is partnering with the Dems in the destruction of the Country. They caved on increasing taxes. They caved on the Debt ceiling. They caved on spending cuts. They are about to cave on sequestration, on amnesty to illegal aliens, on gun control and everything else. The leadership at the RNC needs to be fired. Boehner in the House and McConnell are incompetents who need to be voted out of office. They are destroying the GOP which will get less votes in 2014 than in 2012. After 45 years as a Republican, I am changing my registration to Independent.

  • WOW, the awakening of Mark Levin! Another commentator finally realizes that the problem of America IS NOT Democrat/Republican in nature. BOTH PARTIES ARE OWNED!

  • paulmason1

    The Left has supported Killer Dornan, even though he killed innocent people who had nothing to do with his dismissal from LAPD. I just don’t understand how the Left can make a Hero of Killer Dornan?

    Isn’t that sort of like what’s happening in the Islamic world, where innocents are killed, and the killers are labelled Heroes?

    BTW, aren’t Radical Islamists in the White House? Maybe that explains why the Left are acting like Radical Islamists?

    It seems like this country is drifting toward ever greater divides, that may end in strife.

    I hope not….

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    Levin is right, but it’s not for the reason he thinks. For years the R’s have been little more than D’s with bibles. Fiscally they spend like D’s when they have majority, they just have different fiscal priorities. Socially they’re as gung ho as the D’s when it comes to control. Economically they love steering the economy and handing out goodies just like the D’s. The’re all about states rights just like the D’s, it’s great until a state does something the R’s don’t like and then it’s suddenly an obvious federal power. They’ll sell tax code just as fast as the D’s will, and when in majority they have shown no proclivity toward smaller federal budgets, smaller federal government, smaller federal scope, greater individual freedom or more states rights.

    They believe the federal government is where to manipulate the country, just like the D’s do, they just believe it needs to be manipulated it in different directions. A pox on both their houses.

  • Thanks Mark

  • My wonderful President will be taking the guns away from these racists and putting them in camps where they belong!

    • And when that happens who will pay your keep?

    • calhoun211

      We know that Nidal. Good to see that the Mooooselems still support Oscuma, one of their own.

    • Jon_Babtist

      How’s the view from inside Barry’s rectum?

    • Beavereater

      Molon Labe!

  • “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
    – Pogo

    Everything in the universe has a birth, life and death. Welcome to the Death of America. Glad you could join us.

    Now that we agree that America is done, what’s next? That’s the only question left worth answering…

  • redneckkk

    Mr. Levin is right, both sides have sold us out. The republicods are the same as the lemoncrats.

    • It is Demicans and Republicrats 🙂 unless you are talking about cod with lemon wedges.

  • Mark Levin ruined this country forever by going against Romney and making false aligations. He helped Obama win more then the Liberals did. What a joke he is. Biting the hand that feeds. Hope he loses his job. He would take a job from Obama in a heart beat.

    • OMG! I can’t stand Levin but Romney is a pos Liberal Neo and he is Anti American. Anti American by destroying Americans and supporting the destruction of the Constitution by Bush, Obama, and Corporatist Wall Street. Enjoy your brain washing.

  • jsw7533

    The republican party died this past November: a presidential loss in a pivotal year, a spineless surrender on Obamacare and spending after that — they’re dead. It’s time for Tea Party leadership to step forward and save the Constitution.

  • AbeFromanEast

    Treasury posted a $2.88 billion dollar surplus in January thanks to higher tax receipts balancing spending with taxes. The country is forging ahead and the Republicans keep waiting for America to fail. They’ll be kept waiting an infinite amount of time.

  • AbeFromanEast
    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii 96720



  • name865name

    Add Supreme Court Justice Roberts. Because of his timorous PC soul he “saved” the Obamacare law that was shoved through on Christmas Eve without one Republican vote.

    That gave Obama massive power–the Dems ONLY want power to dictate every vestige of one’s life and the Republicans are not interested in fighting for the Constitution…they just want to be in DC so they can wallow in the trappings of power.

  • jcwink

    The republican leadership is an oxymoron!

  • thenations

    You know, I remember a couple years back that anyone who called in to Mark’s radio program saying there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans received Mark’s trademark screaming rant that it just wasn’t so. So Mark, when are you going to re-register as a constitutional conservative Independent like your close personal friend, Sean Hannity, and others like myself?

  • Thaddeus_Kosciuszko

    Mr. Levin is right—fed is corrupt.

    Like the US’ founders—I abhor democracy,
    But Ds & Rs embrace democratic state socialist ideology.
    They are ignorant of the US’ founding principles,
    Article 4, § 4, guarantees a republic.

    A new CBO report settles the debate,
    Despite cuts to defense and higher tax rates,
    Entitlements are headed for dire straits;
    ObamaCare will likely seal our fate.

    Public debt is $16 trill—SSTF is looted,
    It is “secured” by debt—fed is polluted.
    Accounting mirrors Enron’s insanity,
    There is +$80 trill in unfunded liabilities.

    We spend 7x what China does on defense—
    Why do we bear such an enormous expense?
    Our “allies” do not pay their share,
    So fed hurries to worry, protect and care.

    By 2020, debt interest overtakes defense,
    If interest rates rise—it’s gonna get tense.
    It may be à la mode to demonize the Tea,
    But among them, are actual voices of sanity.

    Ho ahead—blame Tea, blame Mr. Bush,
    Blame Mr. Reagan—or Mr. Norquist.
    That’s easy—and I reckon it’s a cheap thrill;
    But Lord Acton’s truth is embedded in Capital Hill.

    We sacrifice economic vitality to government.
    Our economic focus should be the private sector.
    To do that—we need less government spending,
    Less red tape and an end to fed’s overextending.

    T Kosciuszko

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Dr. Einstein

    Congressional Job Approval Rate – 10%
    Congressional Reelection Rate – 91%

  • The blame game is useless. Look at your unsustainable lives sucking water dry for fracking. Look At yourself eating GMO. Awarding lies. This is society in decay because resour we are depleting. And now that water is getti g consideration to stop this insanity called fracking. You all are zombies

    • Vince Foster

      Al Gorzeera you have too much time on your hands now since selling to the oil sheiks.

  • calhoun211

    Thank you Mark for telling the truth about these socialist dims and their coward friends in the repub party. Bonehead and his liberal friends, Cantor, Mcshame, etc. are killing American.

  • Jon_Babtist

    “screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!”
    Well Mark many of us agree with you but wonder why someone who cares about the country and has the respect of so many when it comes to the Constitution has been so silent about Barry’s Constitutional ineligibility. If this can be swept under the rug why not the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Why ignore his counterfeit identity papers that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has proven to be as phony as a $3 bill? If you don’t take this seriously maybe you can understand that a lot of us do and find your outrage very selective when our outrage is ignored. If who can and cannot be president is not important, maybe nothing in the Constitution is important. If the president of the United States can go on the Oprah show and present a fraudulent birth certificate to the nation, maybe the rest of us can lie and defraud as we choose to, whenever we want to.

  • Scott M

    We are living “Atlas Shrugged.” Apathy, is indeed the path to destruction.

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    If our elected officials consist of 97% Ivy League lawyers we can absolutely expect them to be out of touch, pampered elitists with utterly no clue how normal people live and zero motivation but personal enrichment. These phony suits aren’t ‘of the people’ – they aren’t remotely connected to the average American. All is of the gov’t, by the gov’t, and for the gov’t. Why should they care? They’ll all get re-elected anyway.

  • stonehillady

    Gutless Republicans means they can’t refute Liberals because they know to do so would unvail the Liberals to expose Bush/Cheney LINK to 9/11………………..Plain & Simple folks !
    SORRY…………….but Treason of 9/11 holds more water then Treason then a Kenyan in the White House !

  • live_free_or_die_69

    Mark Levin has no room to talk. He has been an enabler since the get go. He went so far as to state that he would “destroy” Ron Paul’s reputation if he didn’t stop running for President last year. Mark Levin is a hoax, a traitor to the Constitution and is therefore detestable. I have grown to LOATH Mark Levin for his childish actions on his radio show. Shame on him.

    • He didn’t want RP to lose enough votes to enable an Obama win. He weighed up the pros and cons from all sides, knew that RP or a third, non-leftist/statist party could not win at this time, and so only help the more severe leftists/statist party win.

      He was coming from a good place, therefore, in spite of your faith or confidence that RP or a third party type could win.

      He knew that because of RP’s relative isolationist views and some other non-conservative views, even though he was now running as a Republican, he wouldn’t be able to get the votes to actually win.

      Again, Mark’s passion and motive was in wanting to get the Left out of power. Your contempt and anger is innacurate, in spite of your sincerity.

      • live_free_or_die_69

        lol, yea & how’d THAT work out for him?

        Btw, Ron Paul doesn’t have “isolationist” views. His views on foreign policy coincide with those of the founder’s. Just because he doesn’t advocate an empirical American presence throughout the world, interfering in, the overthrowing of, or otherwise meddling in the affairs of other nations doesn’t mean he is an isolationist. It means that we mind our own business unless there is an immanent threat to our sovereignty or security. The Constitution states VERY CLEARLY that the federal government have no allies Foreign or Domestic. That is the ONLY way to ensure that it remain a free and un-indebted entity that neither does favors or OWES favors to others. To say that the United States should remain involved in the affairs of other countries, trying to claim moral high ground while doing the very things they demand other rulers NOT do shows to the world a level of hypocrisy that it will not tolerate.

        You know, all you have to do is watch & listen to Ron Paul’s speeches to see that not only has he been able to tell the future, but that almost 100% of his predictions & observations have come to pass or are about to. That in itself should shut all of the naysayers up. But, it doesn’t they always tell him he’s crazy, & laugh, right up until it comes true. Then they ignore that he tried to warn them & claim that “no one seen it coming or could have predicted it”.

        Mark Levin and others like him are JUST AS BAD as the left. Neo-cons like him want big government, just so long as it has an (R) stamped next to it. BOTH are tyrannical. BOTH have killed millions. Both go against the founding of this country, the lessons the founder’s tried to teach us & have been proven to be failures throughout history.

        Ron Paul SHOULD have been president, and because of the way the GOP treated him at the RNC, I have dropped out of the party that I have been a member of since I turned 18. They will never again receive my vote or my money. I will always vote 3rd party until we unseat BOTH parties from the floor’s majority. To vote the lesser of two evils is STILL evil & I will NEVER again vote for evil in any form! DOWN WITH THE GOP!!! DOWN WITH LIBTARDS!!! Freedom & Liberty to ALL!

  • Neo2

    Communists – there is no reason to not consider the democrat party one of dupes and Communists.

    Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a card carrying member of the Communist Party and Obama is arrogant enough to think he can make it work.

    Levin is right as the republicans are gutless and have not defended the Constitution. People aren’t buying “a” gun. they are buying more guns as they fear this man and this encroaching government tyranny. I hope they change course before a collision takes place as that I do not wish to see. Anarchy is no form of government.

    • Sylvia

      We don’t have to be anarchists…we have some really smart, well organized people in the populace, not DC of course.There’s absolutely nothing stopping us from organizing our own 2cd Continental Congress even if it wasn’t recognized. Sends a very clear message, if you ask me.

  • There is no real distinction on Capitol Hill between Democrats and Republicans. The only difference is the speed at which wither party wants to destroy the country. The really sad part is that few people of character are even willing to go to Washington and endure the poisonous atmosphere there from both their so-called colleagues and the press.

  • 1stAfterburner

    Dear Lord, he is correct, our only hope for the Republic is that between our Obomite Progressive Socialist American experiment and the Gutless wonders of these RINOs, a therapeutic ipecac will be created and puke them both out on there butts with a new party, based on our founding Constitutional American principles.

  • He’s absolutely right.

  • This all started many years ago — FDR was almost as bad. The line in the sand was drawn in 1962 when the misguided Supreme Court took prayer out of the schools. From that point in time you can review headlines and see the moral decline of America continue to where we are today. Bad is good and what was common sense is now radical. You are considered and extremist for promoting a balanced budget and lower taxes!

  • binallday

    term limits are going to be the only way for these reps.. we may loose a couple of good ones on the way but it’s the only way to get the socialist out of congress. in my opinion.

  • He’s right, but he’s fighting the historical momentum of centuries. This has been going on for a really long time.

    In the 19th Century, Robert L. Dabney (Stonewall Jackson’s chaplain) said of American political conservatism:
    “Its history has been that it 
demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit
 by a respectable amount of growling , but always acquiesces at last in the 
innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of “conservatism;” 
it is conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will
 tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be followed by some third 
revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn.

“American conservatism is merely 
the shadow that follows radicalism as it moves forward toward perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards 
it, and it always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor; wherewith 
shall it be salted? Its impotency
 is not hard to explain. It is
 worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy 
principle. It intends to risk 
nothing serious for the sake of truth”

In the 20th Century, G.K. Chesterton summed it up more succinctly:
    “The whole 
modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The 
business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of 
Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

    That’s the way it was in the 19th century, that’s the way it was in the 20th century; and that’s the way it is today

    Are we seeing a pattern yet?

    • Yes, I agree and thank you for those great quotes. I think the question now, is more not if and how this is happening, buy what are its soon to be consequences, at this time in history, and how best to deal with them. Individually, for our families, and still forever with some hope for our country.

  • What does Nancy, Barrack and Reid care about us? They have thier millions, thier vinyards, thier golden retirement packages. It’s WE THE PEOPLE who are getting dumped on, not them. They will never suffer a day in thier lives. They will never be broke or jobless, or have thier homes taken away from them. Tell me ONE single reason why they should honestly give a hoot about any of us. There is none. NONE! Yet here we sit, quietly watching while everything swirls down the drain.

    Good Job

  • Hey Mark buddy, You need to go one step further and realize that they are doing these despicable things INTENTIONALLY AND ON PURPOSE. They Are Traitors and should swing from poles.

    • He said, “What they are doing, is with malice and with forethought.” That means he agrees with you, it sounds like.

  • Ck1

    Mark Levine is a fat-head idiot!

    • XJFKdemocrat

      Ck1, Mark Levine may be an idiot but Mark Levin is brilliant, insightful and highly qualified to make comment and share legal knowledge. He loves our country and our Constitution and is funny, to boot. Go Mark! Three cheers for freedom of speech, among other freedoms and for all those that uphold, protect and promote them.

  • McHebrew

    1. The public is reaching a tipping point where it is better to take a government job or handout than to start a small business.

    Look at the perks Ms.Clinton flying a million miles in customized jet without even having to answer to share holders. The State Department constantly out maneuvered by third world war lords.

    2. The Press and media have abandon any pretense of journalism or even asking the basic questions of : Who ,What & How.

    Who knew that Leon Panetta was flying back and forth to California each weekend at $37,000.00 per trip. While our troops go without so much.

  • I wish with all of my heart that people had vetted this President long before he was elected. He was ill qualified for this position, had NO experience suggesting he could do this job. Political Correctness has cost us dearly. Honestly, I cannot understand why people do not see what is happening to our once great country. Our liberties are being wiped out and people are compliant. This is just heartbreaking.

  • I wish with all my heart that we had vetted this President long before he was elected. He has zero qualifications for this job. Political Correctness has cost us all dearly and ALL of us will rue the day that he was ever our leader. It is heartbreaking to watch our liberties disappearing before our eyes with many so compliant. I am disgusted, disenchanted, disillusioned and very angry. We truly need to vote them ALL out while we still have the right to vote.

    • 18square

      Term limits will remove these animals from office – one term with no life-long benefits!

      We will never again see them running for re-election or another office!

      Think how much time and money this will save!

      Better yet, the political parties will be stripped of their powers to control the government… and the control of the nation will be in the hands of the people and their states!

    • 18square

      Term limits will remove these animals from office – one term with no life-long benefits!

      We will never again see them running for re-election or another office!

      Think how much time and money this will save!

      Better yet, the political parties will be stripped of their powers to control the government… and the control of the nation will be in the hands of the people and their states!

  • marine1984

    The cheap politicians will not change their course.
    It is past time for honorable and moral men to rise up and discipline the dishonorable and Godless politicians who are destroying this country. Otherwise we are well on our way to becoming a borderless, europe. Look to England and France if you think I am wrong.
    England is now England/islam, 2 countries within 1 border. The same for France.
    How did they get there: by turning a blind eye to reality.
    Much like the cheap politicians in washington.

    Mr Levine is spot on with his comments about democraps and republicians.

  • John O’Neill

    Do not forget he craven tv addled mericans; the people who live for stupid and who demand that they be taken care of by their criminal politicians.

  • Amen @Marklevinshow ! He’s absolutely right, it is both parties, although it is largely the liberal influence, but the GOP is clearly spineless with their heads in the sand in not standing up to the liberal bullies. I liked Ted Nugent’s reference too in saying that the GOP has lost their scrotum. If they don’t stand up for their conservative principles, they WILL lose in the midterms along with the largely vulnerable liberals in the Senate. Conservatism WILL ultimately trump both parties because the policies of the liberals and the GOP establishment will destroy this nation.

  • You are so right Mr. Levine. “Lord, please let YOUR will be done on this earth as it is in heaven”.

  • Why is freedom and personal responsibility so hard to sale??

  • It profits us NOTHING to tear down Obama. We MUST begin the effort to win back the Presidency in 2016. Today, we would LOSE an election. We have MUCH WORK to do and we don’t yet know how to do it!

  • Kevin Stowell

    Exactly. Generations of failing to defend against would-be tyrants is the same as abetment. We’ have a situation, now, of the pols vs the governed. No happy ending here.

  • sbenard

    Nazi Pelosi, over the weekend, showed her utter contempt for the Constitution and the American People who value their freedom by erroneously referring to our gun rights as being protected by the FIRST Amendment. This tells us how little value she and her fellow tyrannical progressives ascribe to US and the Law of the Land embodied in that priceless document known as the US Constitution. This one statement alone tells me everything I need to know about the source of their inspiration; it is NOT a divine one!

  • ladyluck

    Absolutely right….but Levin must include the collusion of the liberal media in protecting one party while lambasting and mocking the other party. MSM is the real culprit and they are proud of their rich elitist selves.

  • I agree with Mr. Levin. I sat there last night and watched all the hugging and kissing by Sebelius and Schultz and others until i was just sick to my stomach. And Sen McCain just about fell out of the bleachers while trying to shake Panetta’s hand all the while grinning like a monkey. I was disgusted and frightened at the same time.
    I believe there is ample evidence and reason to remove Obama and his maniacal crew from the White House.
    I believe he is setting us up for an attack like we have never seen as he readies his bunker. And i believe he will grab the wealth of all individuals.
    Last night was exactly what I knew it would be.
    I also believe that the media must be silenced.
    I have been quiet since the election as I just wasn’t strong enough to easily accept defeat. The Democrat party stole that election as sure as I am alive today.

  • If anyone is confused or has any doubts as to just what OweBummer and his thugs plans are I urge you to read up on how the Nazi’s overtook Austria. And with nary a shot fired. America is selling it’s freedom. And for what? A free cellphone? Food stamps? Americans were given the most precious gift of all – FREEDOM. Your constitution is a masterpiece. Where else could one have gone and be able to work and earn with such freedom to attain. But it’s slipping away folks. It’s slipping fast unless the people start demanding that something be done. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are crooks. Reid and Pelosi have been in office too long and have garnered too much power. The well has been poisoned Boot the bums out and start with clean drinking water again.

  • Well Mark has finally caught up with the Ron Paul supporters he so despises.

  • I am moving to Canada. They have it right up there – real freedom !

    • Wexfordman, I am a Canadian and it’s not as free as you may think it is here. Canada is very much a socialistic democracy. Guns are not allowed. Freedom of speech is an illusion. The CRTC controls all communication in and out of the country. Toronto (our biggest city) has become a third world slum courtesy of Liberal policies that have let in every third world piece of garbage. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it here and would never leave Canada, but we have our issues too. I would not recommend anyone who plans on moving here to live in Toronto or Vancouver.

  • tim ramich

    I don’t get where people come up with this $51k number for the average income. If most everyone I knew was making $51k they would be doing just fine. I think the average income is probably in the low $20k area.

  • To say that the only thing the Republicans are guilty of is standing by and doing nothing is simply a lie. Yes, Obama and his cronies are traitors and criminals, but the Republicans are exactly the same. Bush did all the same things when he was in office–not this bad, but still the same things! Americans have to wake up from the right-left fakery in the Media and the culture. We have been sold down the river by both parties, who have happily ruined us to the tune of the banking cartel’s bribes. This is the New World Order Bush 1 talked about, that Kissinger and Gore still talk about. This is what they meant. A broke populace, a rich ruling class, world government, everyone dependent on the nanny state, helpless, bullied, herded, dumbed-down, and soft-killed. This is what Bill Gates means when he says population reduction through vaccines, and what UN Agenda 21 aims to do as it pretends to hug the Earth. It’s all a lie.

  • Ezra Pound said “the technique of infamy is to tell 2 lies and get people arguing over which one is true.” This is the essence of politics in the United States. If you call yourself an intelligent, cogent-thinking American, you cannot continue to subscribe to the preposterous idea that one of the parties is good and the other is bad. You cannot call yourself smart and still believe that. You can’t. It’s retarded. Our government was hijacked a century ago by international financiers. They took control of our currency, turned it into a fiat currency and debt, and have never looked back. The going rate to buy off a Washington politician is $200,000–pocket change to our overlords. At some point, you must wake up from your aspartame, sodium fluoride dream. Your government doesn’t care about you. To them, you are a cow to be bled dry and then slaughtered. And it doesn’t matter if you’re red or blue, you idiots. When will you wake up and see that?

  • Weinernation

    So Groucho Levin is jumping on the bash republicans bandwagon just like fellow talk show narcosis Michael Weiner/Savage. Good for Groucho, once his ratings go back up after this brief anti-republican tirade then maybe he will go back to being the GOP fluff boy he always has been.

    • Brandon Dixon

      Levin’s been saying this stuff for years.

  • Weinernation

    So Groucho Levin is jumping on the bash republicans bandwagon just like fellow talk show narcosis Michael Weiner/Savage. Good for Groucho, once his ratings go back up after this brief anti-republican tirade then maybe he will go back to being the GOP fluff boy he always has been.

  • C Schneide

    Mark…you know the world power player… nwo… Bilderberg type control the gov… and media and school and corps…and Obama is just their willing puppet… he wants to destroy us… yes.. you are right… but look deep and see this is a world plan to destroy us and than REMAKE USA… yes… redo… get rid of that bill of rights… and enslave and control… that is the plan and they have been doing this plan for 50 years… now close to making the plan fully real

    that is the truth and WHY… they are not for USA … us… they are for their power and their control… sad and so many can not see it…

    Yes… they WHAT TO CRASH us… and they lie … lie… lie to get their way…

    they KNOW the truth and THEY WANT IT… that is the truth… :*(

  • GaiusMarcus

    Absolutely correct, Mark, every politician in Washington deserves the deepest possible contempt for actively or passively contributing to the destruction of America. Even so-called Tea Party senators like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not shouting at the top of their lungs that Barack Obama is a Marxist out to destroy America, and that is what he is. Rubio saying last night that Democrats love America too is utterly contemptible. Millions of Democrats may, but they do not count in their party. The contemporary Democratic Party is the greatest danger this country has ever faced. It is a vote-buying machine that corrupts the Constitution.

  • Obama’s mentor says No, No, No, not God Bless the United States, God Damn the United States of KKK. If he is his mentor, why would he not agree with him. How better to destroy it, than to bankrupt it to where it takes a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a gallon of milk.

    As for the Republicans in Washington, the have the balls of a ground squirrel.

  • Tom Iron

    ml is nothing but a liberal zionist shill…

  • So sad and so true , We also have to blame the “citizens” that don’t know a “hill of beans” about what is going on–Too much entertainment ,most of which is tainted with a far left agenda.


  • DontwearaNosestud

    Wow. The truth hits a clueless twit, and it gets reported. Amazing.

  • peacesnail

    Liberals are children of the Devil. That is why they love everything that is evil and despise everything that is good. This was perdicted 2000 years ago. Romans 1:30, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents,
    2 Timothy 3:2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, Isiah 5:20- Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    The liberals of today will wholeheartedly follow after the Anti-Christ when he finally arrives on the world scene. The fight in the world is not about left vs right, conservatives vs liberals, democrats vs republicans, is is about good vs evil. Evil will win for a short time, but God will destroy the mockers, the haters, those who live in sin with complete disregard for the truth.

  • USA1stVince

    Thanks Mark Levin! At the risk of stating the obvious, getting reelected trumps all else for many Republican politicians! There are many reasons to say that the ever-growing federal pig in Washington is failing us badly – including spending that’s gone far beyond what America will be able to pay, a Senate that cannot pass a budget, and the inability in both parties to resist the temptation to spend all of the Social Security Trust Fund, and of course a Stalinist Atty. Gen. who blocked a number of states from implementing verifiable elections by way of photo ID. The George Soros controlled Democrats are willing to wreck America now because they are post-constitutional globalists who are confident that Barack Obama’s state-controlled press and educational communities will help them blame Republicans for our problems. And many Republicans have been complicit as they ponder the next election and are successfully intimidated by the New York Times, CBS, etc….. TEXAS, PLEASE LEAD THE WAY – reclaim your sovereign status and refuse to play ball with Washington! Others will follow and Washington’s relationship with the states might then be redefined and put back in order!

  • USA1stVince

    Thanks Mark Levin! At the risk of stating the obvious, getting reelected trumps all else for many Republican politicians! There are many reasons to say that the ever-growing federal pig in Washington is failing us badly – including spending that’s gone far beyond what America will be able to pay, a Senate that cannot pass a budget, and the inability in both parties to resist the temptation to spend all of the Social Security Trust Fund, and of course a Stalinist Atty. Gen. who blocked a number of states from implementing verifiable elections by way of photo ID. The George Soros controlled Democrats are willing to wreck America now because they are post-constitutional globalists who are confident that Barack Obama’s state-controlled press and educational communities will help them blame Republicans for our problems. And many Republicans have been complicit as they ponder the next election and are successfully intimidated by the New York Times, CBS, etc….. TEXAS, PLEASE LEAD THE WAY – reclaim your sovereign status and refuse to play ball with Washington! Others will follow and Washington’s relationship with the states might then be redefined and put back in order!

  • USA1stVince

    Thanks Mark Levin! At the risk of stating the obvious, getting reelected trumps all else for many Republican politicians! There are many reasons to say that the ever-growing federal pig in Washington is failing us badly – including spending that’s gone far beyond what America will be able to pay, a Senate that cannot pass a budget, and the inability in both parties to resist the temptation to spend all of the Social Security Trust Fund, and of course a Stalinist Atty. Gen. who blocked a number of states from implementing verifiable elections by way of photo ID. The George Soros controlled Democrats are willing to wreck America now because they are post-constitutional globalists who are confident that Barack Obama’s state-controlled press and educational communities will help them blame Republicans for our problems. And many Republicans have been complicit as they ponder the next election and are successfully intimidated by the New York Times, CBS, etc….. TEXAS, PLEASE LEAD THE WAY – reclaim your sovereign status and refuse to play ball with Washington! Others will follow and Washington’s relationship with the states might then be redefined and put back in order!

  • Levin conveniently left out the true destroyers of the economy – the banks, who continue every day to suppress the free market. If people are to go to jail (and none will), it should start with the bankers.

    • Brandon Dixon

      Could you expound?

    • Brandon Dixon

      Could you expound?

  • doug1961

    That’s why they call him “The Great One”.

  • doug1961

    That’s why they call him “The Great One”.

  • bluzrider

    The man is right, plain and simple, both parties are responsible for the direction that the country has taken. The systematic destruction of our country is being implemented and nobody in congress is doing anything to stop it. We have a bunch of people in this country that do not pay any attention to what is going on. They just do not care. In this all about me society we live in today, the only thing people care about is themselves or who wins the American Idol BS TV show. It is a sad state of affairs that more people care about a TV show than the destruction of our country. The republicans are a bunch of afraidy cats, they are no better than the spineless democrats, The only question I really have is, are we ever going to get responsible, common sense people in our government ever again? I think the answer is NO I am sorry to say.

  • bluzrider

    The man is right, plain and simple, both parties are responsible for the direction that the country has taken. The systematic destruction of our country is being implemented and nobody in congress is doing anything to stop it. We have a bunch of people in this country that do not pay any attention to what is going on. They just do not care. In this all about me society we live in today, the only thing people care about is themselves or who wins the American Idol BS TV show. It is a sad state of affairs that more people care about a TV show than the destruction of our country. The republicans are a bunch of afraidy cats, they are no better than the spineless democrats, The only question I really have is, are we ever going to get responsible, common sense people in our government ever again? I think the answer is NO I am sorry to say.

  • Shootist

    One solution folks.

    Re-elect no one, ever.

  • jimboelrod

    “sit there with their thumbs in their mouths…”

    I would have had their thumbs elsewhere, along with their heads, but it’s a matter of semantics.

    Not only should most of these f**[email protected] be in prison (or better yet, against the wall…and I’m referring to every democrat and most republicans), just about every so-called “journalist” should be there with them. Everything is so skewed with politics and political reporting these days that it looks like a terd kabob.

  • seeitcoming

    All of the Congress Critters are brainwashed, bribed or blackmailed. We can’t expect them to do what is right. We are in deep excrement.

  • seeitcoming

    All of the Congress Critters are brainwashed, bribed or blackmailed. We can’t expect them to do what is right. We are in deep excrement.

  • seeitcoming

    All of the Congress Critters are brainwashed, bribed or blackmailed. We can’t expect them to do what is right. We are in deep excrement.


    One might conclude we have lost the ability to govern ourselves.


    One might conclude we have lost the ability to govern ourselves.

  • dickg13

    Mark – Great job! I have been a life long Republican, but no more. Both parties are completely worthless and are in fact destroying this country. It’s time for all conservatives to distance themselves from the parties and get ready for the coming revolution. With King Obama at the helm it,s simply a matter of time. It’s also time for our military to get off the sidelines and get active in this struggle.

  • dickg13

    Mark – Great job! I have been a life long Republican, but no more. Both parties are completely worthless and are in fact destroying this country. It’s time for all conservatives to distance themselves from the parties and get ready for the coming revolution. With King Obama at the helm it,s simply a matter of time. It’s also time for our military to get off the sidelines and get active in this struggle.

  • dickg13

    Mark – Great job! I have been a life long Republican, but no more. Both parties are completely worthless and are in fact destroying this country. It’s time for all conservatives to distance themselves from the parties and get ready for the coming revolution. With King Obama at the helm it,s simply a matter of time. It’s also time for our military to get off the sidelines and get active in this struggle.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Deception takes just two things: One Liar, and One Idiot.

  • Mr. Levin, you sir continue to refer to him as “the president’, in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is not! Overwhelming evidence showing he is a felony forgerer, felony perjurer, felony identity thief, and very possibly an undocumented illegal alien since not one hospital anywhere in the 50 states is willing or able to acknowledge by document his birth there or his mother as a maternity patient there in spite of multiple requests and legal challenges to do so!! THAT, not the economy or anything else, is THE problem, the ROOT of all the evil befalling America today!! And yet sir, out of your own latent political correctness and intellectual cowardice, a white man so terrified of stepping on that racial land-mine, so terrified of negroes rioting, so terrified of hurting book sales, you willingly suborn reality and refer to him as “the president” because, to you, not being called a racist is more important than the ONLY truth which is the ONLY hope of rescue for this nation! When 98% of African Americans refer to him as the president, at least they have an excuse…they’re stupid! Whats yours? As a constitutional lawyer, author of multiple best sellers and radio/TV media star, because you have a national media platform to shout for his arrest but do not, to shout for action from the Supreme Court Justices in defense of the Constitution but do not, YOU ARE AS GUILTY AS THOSE YOU CONDEMN! You, like them, have abandoned the only thing that matters, the Constitution, which nullifies and decries his very presence in that Oval Office! Look up the word “usurper” and do something about THAT!! Then you will be a REAL patriot, instead of just another radio loud mouth hiding/cowering behind the “race neutral” issues of the economy, foreign policy and domestic politics!!! He is not destroying this country, it is YOUR silence about HIM that is destroying this country! YOU enable this evil…every time YOU call this evil….”the president”!!!!!!!!

    • answer1776

      Do you often shoot your fellow soldier just because they do not DO exactly as you command? Or say exactly what you think they should?
      I respect Levin’s intellect over yours. And he is vilified for daring to say what he does and you don’t think he goes far enough.

      There is NO pleasing some people.

      • The facts I have stated have nothing to do with my intellect v. Levin’s intellect. They stand on their own. The observations I have concluded based on those facts have nothing to do with my intellect v. Levin’s intellect. Again, they stand on their own. As for Levin not going far enough, I refer you to those American soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach 72 years ago, and how far they went! Yes, America today is in that kind of fight, albeit ideological and moral!!! Time to go…WAY BEYOND… “far enough”!! My Post Below: Mr. Levin, you sir continue to refer to him as “the president’, in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is not! Overwhelming evidence showing he is a felony forgerer, felony perjurer, felony identity thief, and very possibly an undocumented illegal alien since not one hospital anywhere in the 50 states is willing or able to acknowledge by document his birth there or his mother as a maternity patient there in spite of multiple requests and legal challenges to do so!! THAT, not the economy or anything else, is THE problem, the ROOT of all the evil befalling America today!! And yet sir, out of your own latent political correctness and intellectual cowardice, a white man so terrified of stepping on that racial land-mine, so terrified of negroes rioting, so terrified of hurting book sales, you willingly suborn reality and refer to him as “the president” because, to you, not being called a racist is more important than the ONLY truth which is the ONLY hope of rescue for this nation! When 98% of African Americans refer to him as the president, at least they have an excuse…they’re stupid! Whats yours? As a constitutional lawyer, author of multiple best sellers and radio/TV media star, because you have a national media platform to shout for his arrest but do not, to shout for action from the Supreme Court Justices in defense of the Constitution but do not, YOU ARE AS GUILTY AS THOSE YOU CONDEMN! You, like them, have abandoned the only thing that matters, the Constitution, which nullifies and decries his very presence in that Oval Office! Look up the word “usurper” and do something about THAT!! Then you will be a REAL patriot, instead of just another radio loud mouth hiding/cowering behind the “race neutral” issues of the economy, and foreign and domestic policies!!!

  • popseal

    Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Dirt bags get elected because dirt bags vote for them. I agree with the surface problem in Mark’s rant, but know the solution is not on Pennsylvania Ave.. it’s on Mainstreet. A righteous people would not tolerate for a second the bold faced corruption and destruction of justice now coming out of D.C.

    • LHardy

      That is utter nonsense and is proven by the numbers of so called righteous officials who have been busted doing anything but righteous acts.
      Besides the two parties violating the Constitution of the USA. A biased ignorance is the larger problem we have as a country.

      • popseal

        you make my point for me

        • LHardy

          No I don’t.
          Unless of course the dirt bags to which you refer are the so called rightous ones?

          • popseal

            I particularly refer to anyone that votes for dependency, it doesn’t matter to me about party registrations……

            • LHardy

              Then I misunderstood your statement.
              That’s not what I got out of your opening post.
              Who then do you think the righteous people have been voting for in the first place? The supposed righteous have voted for Obama and others. Both from the right and left of the isle.
              That aside. Even Christ himself knew to give unto Ceasar what is Ceasars. He knew that politics and righteousness have never and will never mingle. Nor should they.
              Our social problems have little to do with government. With one exeception. The government has removed responsibility from the individual. That’s all they had to do. The rest has been the free will of man to act like an animal.
              As far as it taking the righteous to exalt a nation.
              China has been exalted and so was Germany, The Huns, the Turks, The Mongols. Not certain that they were so righteous.

  • The game of ‘who can give away more of other peoples stuff’ has no down side for lawmakers.
    The last fail-safe for a Federal Republic is We the People. If You stay silent, then it’s already over…

  • Manrice

    I no longer believe it can be stopped, because in reality the fabric of the American people is the problem. We aren’t even close to the country that won WW II and stared down the Soviets while building the greatest economy in history. No, we are now Britain, France, and Italy. Sure, there are millions of Americans who understand what is happening and voted against it, but not enough. Those who are sucking on the government teat and electing socialists who promise them goodies rather than self-reliance, a fair shot and hard work are running the show. The damage is done, and I am just cynical (and realistic) enough to see that it will take a major collapse to wake people up. And it is coming, sadly. We are living in a fool’s paradise with little recognition of the hard fall ahead.

    • Good one Manrice. The people in sufficient numbers have been debauched into believing that the federal government must be central to their lives. It took years & I don’t see a turnaround. A media and a educational establisment have been pivotal on this, they, the very sources who should have encouraged a vibrant criticism.

  • Johnrambo1

    Neocons and progressives. Hand in hand in the destruction of America.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    No ! It’s absolutely 100% the cause of vote buying , tax and waste and regulate jobs to death Gimmerats !!!! Republican’s, have had a super majority for only 2 YEARS, in the past 65 years !! Demonrats-have ruined Detroit, Chicongo, Cleveland, every city they are a majority in and the correlation is PERFECT !!!!

  • george moody

    Like Bob Beckel saying that Romans 13 is the reason to keep our mouths shut. Hitler said the same.

  • I agree 100% with Mark Levin.

  • “We have to spend it to find out what we are buying.”

  • semihardrock

    I love Mr Levin……but someone please inform him that it was The Rebbe who used to pass out US $1.00 Bills…..hence Federal Reserve….hence Meyer Lansky….hence spreading the US Currency all over the World…..hence World Currency….hence we ALL suffer together….

    It is WHY we have a “Global Recession” and staying in debt to China is required to KEEP them with “skin in the game”

    THE TRUTH ….shall set him free!

  • Illigitimicarborundum

    You are right but it is solely the electorate. They listen to the media that tells them what they want to hear and vote for the people that give them what they want. It takes an adult to insist on the hard truth and to do what is good for the whole. We have a nation of children.

  • Levin has been propagating the false left/right paradigm all along. When you can’t differentiate between a neocon globalist and a conservative, this will happen. It’s only been recently that Levin has come out against the fake conservatives. Why not support the troops by having a parade for the 22 who commit suicide every day? Because you are just like the Imperium and use your fake “support” of the troops to run them into a DU-laced, experimental vaccine laden, brown people murdering meat grinder. Terrorism is simply a control tool run by western intelligence. Why else would the Traitor in Chief give Egypt and Libya to al Qaeda?

    You are the problem.

  • He’s right, the destruction is on the hands of BOTH parties with the rat party being the worst. There is no one else to blame.

  • abrayoungham

    I used to respect Levin until he ranted against Ron Paul on foreign policy. Levin proved himself a neocon and anti-Constitutionalist that day.

    Both parties ignore and trample on the Constitution. Until they respect the founding documents as they were intended to be, they should be loathed and despised.

    • blancojoe

      You are kidding, right? Ron Paul is a foolish man with respect to foreign policy and a number of other things. You Ron Paul people take your ball and go home whenever anything is said about YOUR messiah. People like you handed the last election to Obama because of your incessant pouting about Ronnie Baby. Get off the pot and just go away if you can’t stand the heat in this political kitchen.

  • What we need to learn is that we don’t persuade anyone by ranting at them, especially the next generation. Obama is the model of “contrived reasonableness”. I admire Levin’s fervor, but he doesn’t persuade anyone not already in the camp.

    • blancojoe

      Obama rants all the time …. ALL the time. He collects a lot of flies, that is true because we have all seen the flies on his face. Poop also collects a lot of flies, see? You have to get the actionable words out to the people one way or the other. Levin does that, as our “leaders” on our side rarely do, and they do not do it very well. Thank you, Mr. Levin for your outpouring and please keep it up.

  • EP

    Mark Levin is a hero. Like the valiant men who died in Benghazi breaking the rule to ‘stand down,’ and coming to the rescue of their colleagues, Mark Levin’s rants assault the status quo, break down the phony, manipulative rhetoric spewing out of the rathole that is Wash., DC, and blasts truth to power.

    Like Dr. Ben Carson’s electrifying remarks at last week’s Washington prayer meeting, Levin the lawyer slices through the inane ‘make nice’ talk, exposes the fake, tawdry emotions surrounding this administration, and prosecutes the evil that is destroying our country.

    God’s speed, Mr. Levin. I listen every night to your radio show. God’s speed.

    • Packard Fancher

      how is selling advertisements via whiny radio shows heroic?

    • Casey_J

      I agree it is refreshing to hear someone speak the truth once in a while.

  • Too bad Levin supports RINOS like ROmney. Fake opposition, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

    • blancojoe

      He supported Romney in the end because Romney became the opposition to Obama. I did not care for Romney, but I voted for him because I wanted him to beat Obama. Levin was in the same camp. Where were you? Did you sit on the sidelines and not vote because you were pouting? Thanks a lot.

      • Packard Fancher

        yawn, why do you guys debate with yourselves when you should be working…

        • So if we should be working, that must mean you are sitting at home collecting a government check? Otherwise would it be “why are we debating when ‘we’ should be working”?

      • Why would i vote for Romney when he put out the frame work for Obama care? Why would I vote for Romney when he is just as corrupt as Obama?

        Are you such a fool that you think you HAD to vote for Romney because he wasn’t Obama? YOU are the problem with this country not the person who decided not to vote for either or voted independent. BOTH sides are playing the same end game, they want to destroy America’s rights and rule the people. They just both have different ideas on what they would do once they have this end goal of total control.

        Thank yourself for letting the media and Republican party blast Ron Paul so bad that he never had a chance at winning even though he was the only one with actually IDEAS on how to POSSIBLY fix this mess.

        Republican’s want to push their ideals of religions and other views on the left using the federal government just as much as the left wants to push their views of gays ect on the right. You are all a disgrace to this once great nation. STATES are were these issues should be addressed NOT the federal level. The fed should have ALMOST NO POWER in this country, all the power should be in the hands of the states, that is what made our nation great.

        Both sides support wars around the world in nations we have no business ever being in, we don’t have the money to do this and even if we did, why don’t we feed the hungry in our country instead of going and bombing a foreign nation and creating terrorists. Our failed foreign policy is a direct cause for 9/11, most Americans don’t want to accept this, but it is the truth. We stick our noise in peoples business, destroy their lives and lively hood, then wonder why they would want to attack us….. what would YOU do if a foreign country bombed us “preemptively”…. oh whats right, you would want to go to WAR.

        Both sides listen to the BS that we live in a DEMOCRACY when we live in a REPUBLIC. You are all fools and being played like pawns, BOTH sides (right and left) want you to believe we live in a Democracy, because guess what, then 51% can FORCE their views on the other 49%… THAT IS NOT THE NATION WE LIVE IN!!!! This is WHY we live in a REPUBLIC and NOT a Democracy you fools.

        STATES.. stand up for your rights, as a collective whole states should tell the federal government… You have over stepped your bounds, you are out of line, out of touch, and will no longer receive money from ANYONE in our state, if you choose to come here and punish anyone, you will be held on felony counts for extortion. States will soon find (other then the ones living in total fantasy like most blue states) that they can balance their budgets, lower taxes, and still have more to show then when they were sending their money to Washington. Blue states, you will soon figure out how fast your ideas fail, because people will leave your state for more tax friendly places, after all you can only spend someone else money for so long.

        Wake up America…… before its to late.

        –oh and I will save you the time.. I should move to Iran or North korea… I’m not a patriot, un American… yayaya… well, if you feel this, maybe you are the one that belongs in another country.

        • blancojoe

          Calm down. Ron Paul is not the answer and never was and never will be. Obama is FAR worse than Romney. You will get a second chance to sit it out when Hilarity gets the lib’s nod in three and a half years. Ron Paul will be totally retired (thank goodness), so I hope your next messiah gets the conservative nod. Thanks.

  • dmmg2517

    Democrats, the voice of the terrorists of this world, why bomb America when we can send a black muslim to destroy it, and we know all the stupid black people will vote for him. He can say he supports gays to get their votes and support illegal aliens to get their votes. There is a special place in hell waiting for these Democrats. It’s high time the Republicans started taking action and quit spending, you have the House!


    People that make negative comments about Mark, that don’t obviously listen to him, especially over a long period of time, simply show their Marxist Underwear.

  • Packard Fancher

    i have an idea: lets make a website where a buncha people can get together and cry about what “they” have done to “you” and how bad life is in America.

    Maybe the economy would be in a better place if all you entitled baby boomer losers spent more time working and less time chatting on the internet and ignoring your kids so you can buy another BMW.

  • TregLoyden

    This would all be great if it was not for the known fact that Mark Levin himself supported the $3 TRILLION dollar Bush Wars of invasion against Iraq, Afghanistan, and secret prisons and torture. Obama first term was merely GWBush’s 3rd term, for those policies continued and were accelerated. Obama’s 2nd term looks to be GWBush’s 4th term, for again there will be NO CHANGE, thus continues to break his promise. The problem with American right wing ethnic/religious jews such as Mark Levin, he’s got dual loyalties (and America’s take the back seat, hence his hatred for Ron Paul). The bottomline is this, Israel makes him “confused” on the matter of right and wrong. Its made him into a supporter of Big Govt Military, which clouds his judgement. It makes him a lover off one government program, the Military, and to support the military means you are a supporter of the military-congressional-banking complex. So, to bitch and complain about Congress is well, hypocritical.

    • So did I. However, at the time I thought the American Federal Government were not absolute scum. Today, I realize that Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama, Nixon, Carter, Johnson, Wilson, Roosevelt … Are all scum of the Earth, along with Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro… Government are our enemy. This is a fact. (smile).

      • Califstarheart

        Who said this?

        ‘Government is not the solution to our problems, GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.’

    • Garbonzo333

      North Korea tests another nuke, China keeps building its military, Iran is building a bomb…
      and you think we need to reduce our military?
      so we can have more free phones, pour more money into failing schools, create more Gub’mint programs?
      we just bought our own bonds with money just printed.
      i understand you don’t like the military but you aren’t paying attention to all the feel good programs, union slush funds, green b.s. payouts that aren’t doing anything but dragging down the productive people, their children and grandchildren.

  • Joe535

    Where was “the great one” when Bush43 started wars bamboozling a compliant Congress when it is a monstrous criminal act that cost trillions of dollars with no strategic or security value, in fact it was a collosal failure? There is no proof that these wars were useful. His past partisan rants are often without fact or foundation.

    There has been a bipartisan failure long before Bush43, he only accelerated it. There has been a bipartisan gouging of the U.S. economy for a few at the expense of the many.

  • GeneDE1

    Mark Levin doesn’t understand America…..pompous blowhard! And I’m a REAGAN conservative…but I understand the fundamental change in America. The U.S. government is a reflection of, and derives its power from the PEOPLE. The people of the United States are changing …racially, ethnically, morally, agewise, religiously, marriage-wise, etc, etc. This new demographic is VERY, VERY different than the American “melting pot” that formed this once great nation. No one is “melting”…they’re all balkanized and this is not a homogenous white European population growth.

    Levin can rant and rave all he wants about Democrats & Obama and RINOs….I despise them too. But anyone with a brain knows that they are simply the symptom of the sickness ailing America….it’s the people who are the “carriers”.

    Maybe he’ll figure it out when Texas goes Democratic in about 10 years!

    • you are a Guinea pig.

    • Casey_J

      I certainly hope the ‘new demographic’ enjoys being debt slaves. That is their future.

    • vikings4123

      If America is indeed changing “morally” as you put it, we are doomed.

    • cohones

      I think your missing the point,makes no difference which party they both have a agenda and it sure is not about getting America on the right path.

    • Califstarheart

      Mark Levin served in Reagan’s administration as a member of the department of justice. I think he knows more about the subject than you obviously do not. And Mark DOES KNOW and has spoken of the changing demographics that you rant about. We ALL know about it and then some! I think you should stand with Mark and make conservatism stronger, rather than making more of a schism within the movement.

    • doctorjohn

      There has been a fundamental change in the American psyche and you are right in that.

      People in too many numbers are looking for that government program to take care of them and gradually we have been losing individual Liberty in the process.

      This change has occured gradualy over the past 100 years.

      Something changed in the American Constitution that allows Temporary Politicians to dream up social programs to gain favor with various made up catagories of Americans.

      And without this change in our Constitution they could never have paid for these programs which have made Americans dependent.

      This applies to unconstitutional programs like Social Security, Medicare and for that matter the whole New Deal.



    • If you believe this nonsense, then you’ve never understood a single word he said.

  • Lake Erie Liberal

    LOL The United States, as a country with its own sovereign currency that is not convertible into another currency or a commodity like gold, cannot go bankrupt. Consequently, there is no solvency concern and all of Mark Levin’s ranting and raving about our finances are grounded in a gross misunderstanding of our monetary system. In other words, they are a joke.

    • Casey_J

      Maybe not, but have you ever heard of the Weimar Republic? Not much difference is there? or with the term ‘enslaved by debt’? The joke to me is that people reelect Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. and they get away with what they are doing. And it’s a very cruel joke.

      • doctorjohn
      • Califstarheart

        Yep! I think everyone should get their wheelbarrows ready to go. You will need to fill them to the brim with enough cash to purchase your daily needs. It has been said that inflation was so rampant that the amount of cash needed to make daily purchases, was elevated several times times each day. This is a good scenario to use when describing what Obama and the liberal fascists are presently doing to the U. S. at this time. As the Cloward/Piven Strategies say, destroy the economy and the country will fall. I would guess that the people in charge would take over the newly birthed Dictatorship when the country does fall. Obama is simply a wanna-be dictator-in-waiting.

        Weimar Republic:

    • Califstarheart

      Spoken like a true radical, racist, kenynesian leftist.

    • vikings4123

      Really? Well, debtors might not agree as they witness their returns being consumed by monetization and currency devaluation. When they decide to curtail their purchase of treasuries lest they receive higher and higher interest rates we shall see what then results….

    • You created an account, just to make that statement.

      I rate it a dud.

  • Mr. Levin, you sir continue to refer to him as “the president’, in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is not! Overwhelming evidence showing he is a felony forgerer, felony perjurer, felony identity thief, and very possibly an undocumented illegal alien since not one hospital anywhere in the 50 states is willing or able to acknowledge by document his birth there or his mother as a maternity patient there in spite of multiple requests and legal challenges to do so!! THAT, not the economy or anything else, is THE problem, the ROOT of all the evil befalling America today!! And yet sir, out of your own latent political correctness and intellectual cowardice, a white man so terrified of stepping on that racial land-mine, so terrified of negroes rioting, so terrified of hurting book sales, you willingly suborn reality and refer to him as “the president” because, to you, not being called a racist is more important than the ONLY truth which is the ONLY hope of rescue for this nation! When 98% of African Americans refer to him as the president, at least they have an excuse…they’re stupid! Whats yours? As a constitutional lawyer, author of multiple best sellers and radio/TV media star, because you have a national media platform to shout for his arrest but do not, to shout for action from the Supreme Court Justices in defense of the Constitution but do not, YOU ARE AS GUILTY AS THOSE YOU CONDEMN! You, like them, have abandoned the only thing that matters, the Constitution, which nullifies and decries his very presence in that Oval Office! Look up the word “usurper” and do something about THAT!! Then you will be a REAL patriot, instead of just another radio loud mouth hiding/cowering behind the “race neutral” issues of the economy, and foreign and domestic policies!!!

    • Califstarheart

      Oh stop it!

      Mark Levin is more of a true patriot than you could ever wish to be. Mark’s near genius level of intellect, reason and logic is obvious. His inherent talents allow him to adeptly apply and communicate important topics through his truth and fact-filled books, radio, television and speeches. His vast knowledge and experience of constitutional law and political subject matter are almost unmatched.

      Your rants here sound more like a huge case of envy and a ‘wanna be’ complex.

      • Califstarheart

        P.S. I wonder if you all know that Mark is involved with many projects that will and already have done important things behind the scenes. Mark is not just talking and writing, he is walking the walk as well. He does not brag about his good works for obvious reasons.

      • doctorjohn
      • The facts I have stated have nothing to do with my intellect v. Levin’s intellect. They stand on their own. The observations I have concluded based on those facts also have nothing to do with my intellect v. Levin’s intellect. Again, they stand on their own. Fact: Levin refers to him as “the president”. Fact: Levin knows he is not! That makes Levin sound like a liar! Since you defend Levin, that means you believe both Levin…and the person he calls “the president”. Now that the closet door is open, you can come out now!

  • PaulBraveheart

    I just can’t believe ALL Americans are not saying this and much more! Hypnotized masses, too busy watching their sports and reality TV, to know that we have lost our once, long time ago free country! We are country of Sheep, owned by pigs, ruled by wolfs!

  • Mike Gasaway

    What I fear is the eventual partition of this country into different regions with the liberal states left holding the collective bag and the rest not giving a damn that they do.

  • WagTheDawg

    Talk, talk, talk. America has had it’s day, and the end is nigh. Sit back, drink some wine, watch some TV. When it’s time to go, just smile and climb into that train.

  • BuckRedstone

    Americans need a political party to represent those who are honest, hard working and not taking a federal check or subsidy and who think it is criminal to steal from future generations by giving money out today to current beneficiaries in return for their votes.

    • Joe

      You mean like the Libertarian party?

  • mikecwoodward

    Mark Levin has hit it on the head regarding the Democrat Party and the hapless Republicans on the verge of destroying the United States.

    Since Obama ran for President it became clear to me that he and his party have a platform very similar to Karl Marx’s “Manifest of the Communist Party” which was published in 1851.

    It is a very short manuscript that all of you should read. In Chapter Two Marx outlines the ten measures to convert a country from “free enterprise” to a socialistic state and eventually communism.

    After you read the ten measures, you will realized that it is the platform of the Democrat Party and Obama. Their first goal is a socialistic state and world. Then they move to communism.

    I pray from my kids and grandkids.

  • RichardET

    Mark Levin – the man, the myth, the moron.

    • Garbonzo333

      if you can’t insult, you don’t have anything to say?

      • RichardET

        I am simply mouthing back the kind of nasty nonsense Levin says on his show about people he does not like. Levin started all this venom, I simply like to give it back to him. Check out some recordings of true intellectuals debating – they don’t need insults and name calling a la Levin to get their point across.

        • Mr Levin does indeed resort to name calling, however, the colorful descriptive terminology he prefers to use mostly honest and accurate. The lies and slander posted by low knowledge, uninformed left wing lieberal hypocrites and their masters, here and elsewhere, is their propaganda machine at work. Meaningless facts and information so far from the truth they must have originated in their shady little Cloward-Piven Learning Center, #1 Pinko Street, Bozoville, USSA. Lies and name calling is about all you see. All that’s missing is the loud rudeness, screaming and yelling. You can’t get talked over on a web post.

        • Califstarheart

          Look in the mirror little Richie. You will see an example that surely describes YOU in your little rotten rant session!

          I will have to take it that you are not accomplished like Mark Levin and do not have a biography and resume that could ever stand up to his in any way. If I am going to listen to a little bit of mouthing off by someone, I will take it from Mark, as he is dealing with all kinds of things in life that you could not imagine.

        • Garbonzo333

          nasty nonsense?
          you really don’t know what you talking about…
          try the free Constitution course at Hillsdale and get back to me…

    • KenInMontana

      You-gone with the wind-a puff of smoke- a third rate troll.

  • jones66

    Levin is exactly right. My senior US Senator, John Cornyn, has turned turned into an absolute coward ! Six months ago he could be classified as a conservative, especially beside Kay Hutchison. But around the end of 2012, McConnell, the coward, apointed Cornyn as the “whip” and Cornyn went major COWARD. If he had worked for Patton in ’44, Patton would have slapped him back into the 19th century !! So, now, we will have to try to “primary” him. Failing that, I suspect that a lot of people who formerly supported him wi stay home in Nov ’14. Not me, I will contribute to and vote for his Dem opponent ! At least you know who the enemy is !!! We beat Dewhurst (Bush Jr) back, maybe we can get rid of Cornyn !!

    • Califstarheart

      Actually, Cornyn was showing his stripes long ago. It takes time for the consciousness of self-imposed stupidity within the electorate, to feel the pain and waken to lucidity. It is not impossible, they WILL see and feel the real danger of Obama’s EVIL doing. The signals of EVIL, must affect their lives to the extent that they will finally ‘get it’ and change their votes to elect conservatives. We will get back to what we really are according to our founders. Remember, we have had a couple of hundred years of knowing and living our hard-working individualism, which made us truly exceptional.

      One thing we know and will remember is that Obama is EVIL incarnate. He speaks with a forked-tongue. He is so obvious to those who have studied who and what he really is. He seems to be charming and a fair public speaker but EVIL usually appears that way, so that his audience do not pay attention to who and what he really is and what he is really saying. For those of you who do not believe this, I can only say that you are either ignorant, stupid, an over-educated elite, a well-meaning but unknowing liberal or democrat or a radical leftist such as Obama.

      There is so much information about our founding and our constitution available on the web and other good sources, that those who have not been educated will find their roots sooner than later. There is a real big push toward educating those who need and should know of the beauty of freedom that they have inherent in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. When they see that our constitution mainly lets the citizenry know what the government CANNOT DO TO THEM, rather than what it can do to them, they will see the freedom that they have been given by those who are admittedly much wiser than most of the politicians now in office.

  • RichardET

    Mark Levin is a coward – afraid of a true debate with those he smears and dislikes. I have never heard a more profoundly hypocritical man than Mark Levin – here he is, the big talking attorney from the Reagan years constantly insinuating that lawyers who do not partake in his brand of shrill debauchery are somehow “crooks” and “liars”, etc. One has to wonder – is Mark Levin angry because he is bald, or is he bald because he is angry and that perpetual venomous language overtaxed his immune system and as a result, his hair fell out?

    • doctorjohn

      You obviously know little about Mark Levin. He does more in one day for the Liberty of American citizens than you have probaby done in your life.
      Do a little research on LandMark Legal and read his books.
      If everyone in this country would only read and understand “Liberty And Tyranny” we could turn this whole thing around.

      By the way; if you don’t read that much…Check out

      • Califstarheart

        Thank you Doctor John. I love your post. It is TRUTH!

    • Garbonzo333

      do you have anything other insults to add to the discussion?

    • KenInMontana

      What is this third rate troll day? Begone with you.

  • dimbulbz

    Mark didnt help anything good in this last election. How many conservative votes did you supress with your whining and dogging of the candidate? You helped get the jerk re-elected – Fact: About 3 million less Republicans voted in 2012 compared to 2008. Mark is not very good at team sports. Politics is a team sport. Thank me very much.

    • Garbonzo333

      you think Mark said don’t vote?
      you obviously don’t listen to his show…

  • RichardET

    I must be stupid – could you please review the aforementioned 10 measures from Marx in some detail and then associate them word for word with elements of the democratic party platform?

  • Does this guy every have any ideas that we could use to make some money? All true libertarians are for Free Market Hemp so we can grow our own fuel and economy, but what does Mark like?. Perhaps he should ask his doctor if medical marijuana might not be right for him.

  • Garbonzo333

    i heard this last night and thought ‘this is going to featured on the internet tomorrow’…

    he was on fire last night…

  • Levin is such a blow hard. He did everything he could to slam Ron Paul to elect Romney ..the inventer of Obama Care. He knows that people are turning against the establishment republicans…and lately he sounds more and more confused on his show ..he wants to invade every nation..but doesn’t want to spend money… Wants small government at home, but wants BIG government forcing their policies on the other side of the world.
    These guys are desperate and lost… the Libertarians have taken over ..They’re the new school of thought but Levin and Limbaugh can’t let go of wanting to involve US troops in every mid east nation. Until they do their long rants about our huge deficit are hollow.

    • Califstarheart

      Your name, ‘screwtape’ suits you perfectly. Hopefully, one day soon you will awaken to your perverted thinking and apologize for not controlling your crazed consciouisness.

      We will embrace the ‘new you’ when we know you are healed of your insanity.

      • I noticed that people who are beneath you intellectually can do nothing but talk down to you. Because to raise the bar of their own discourse they’d have to raise their own IQ.. and Califstarheat.. isn’t going to raise his or her IQ overnight… hope your snide remark made you feel better.. because it didn’t make you look more intelligent to myself..nor anyone reading your post.

  • gaar

    When are people going to realize that Congress, not the President, controls the spending in this country. In the past 50 years all of the deficit spending has been by the Democratic Congress until starting in 2001 the Republicans, and Bush, decided that they would use deficit spending to buy votes. So, how did that work out? Until Republicans admit that this idea was a bad idea, and Bush was one of our worst Presidents, our children’s money, and future will be stolen from them. The Republicans in Congress control our spending now and controlling spending is far more important than winning the presidency. Government spending is the most important issue of our time.

    • little kitten

      I think you are not taking into consideration executive orders which are so prevalent now. Congress is being totally shut out because of H Reid. Not saying that they would do any better but, just a thought.

      • gaar

        Congress still controls the spending. As an example, When FDR issued the executive order to throw all Japanese in concentration camps during WWII, the Congress had to issue the money to pay for it.

  • Jimothy Jones

    Nice try Mark….pull the balls of your mouth you phony blowhard. Keep making abortion and minorities your main talking point while we elect a new america to lead us forward. Your yelling and screaming over nothing will soon be a thing of the past. Enjoy the salt of those balls while its still enjoyable.

    • lugnut4

      Hey Jimturd…go smoke another joint…you POS!!

    • Califstarheart

      Spoken like a real dolt who has nothing in his vocabulary but what you read above. Must be horrible to live in such a limited world like little Jimothy Jones. Little Jimothy Jones writes just like all real, honest radical, racist leftists.

      Thank God I know better.

  • billindallas

    God bless Mr. Levin. I get quite the education driving home from work each day listening to him.

  • D

    Mark Levin pretends to support the Constitution and bashes those like Ron Paul who spend their lives defending it. Levin is a just an another Israel worshiping pro-military industrial complex supporting NEOCON.


  • Pro_sanity

    He’s spot on. There are times when I think about the U.S. today in the abstract, and it blows me away, it blows me away. The level of destruction Obama, his accomplices in the the democrat party; media (one and same with the party); the entertainment industry, including sports (NFL, NBA, etc.) and advertising; academia, and other anti-American institutions (ACLU, NOW, PETA, enviro groups collectively is ASTRONOMICAL. All of the above has impacted about 42% of the electorate (not 51% as fraud is responsible for the approx remaining 9-10% in this recent cycle). Levin’s fury is directly proportional to the utter destruction already wreaked. I think we’re never going to recover and there will be bloodshed.

  • vikings4123

    One wonders if we are not, in fact, nearing the time where rhetoric is suspended and hollow point meets hollow point. Who will stand with the government at that moment?

  • Susyque

    Mark Levin for President.

  • mepatri3

    Levin is almost right, but he’s not really stating the facts. The Dems are steering the boat, but the Republican party is not “sitting there with their thumbs in their mouths,” they’re actually manning the engine room. Their role is to stand down, but it’s not due to a complicit attitude, or a timidness as Levin suggests – it’s by design.

    Levin still doesn’t fully understand that both of these parties have been overtaken by foreign interests, and have their marching orders in a well calculated plan to ruin the country. The Republicans are not “timid”, nor “gutless” – far from it. They are cold and calculated, and are a willing puppet of the global elite; standing on a platform of conservatism that holds their followers in check as they look for some sign of hope. They’ll never get it, because their party leaders never intend to offer it. They will never rise to the occasion- ever. It’s actually a very brazen thing to dismantle a country as they are doing. He doesn’t get the extent of the problem, or the depth of its entrenchment. America has been hijacked, and it doesn’t matter if you’re steering the boat, or keeping its engines running – you’re helping it along. BOTH parties are getting the job done in concert, and with full knowledge of what is taking place.

    It’s time to grow up, wake up, and realize what’s really going on – before it’s too late. It’s time to reject the notion of separate parties, right and left, conservative and liberal, and start becoming Americans – with a common cause united against the global cartel that is taking over this country.

    • SargintRock

      Yup! Good Cop, Bad Cop! Same Precinct!!

  • Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

    Echoing…America…what I have been saying since coming to my own opinion that the ‘establishment’ Repuglicans are in bed with the Democratzi ‘loons’ in working to take America down.

    And now as in days past when they foisted Romney…upon us…a man who has acknowledged he didn’t even want to run…they are pushing Rubio on us…as a conservative.

    I don’t consider a man a conservative who will get into bed with the Scum of (7) on immigration…I call them a ‘fence sitting’ establishment Repuglican! And touted as the Repuglican ‘savior’? Sounds familiar…does it not…America? When the ‘massa’ in the big house was touted as the same in 2008…to deceive the deaf, dumb and blind and inner city plantation slaves.

    Well…I am here to tell you…America…I am NOT deaf, dumb and blind and/or an uneducated inner city plantation slave…I am a white…’real’ conservative woman who is disgusted with both parties…and I am fighting to do something about it…in the name of a third party.




    First the Federalist Party…then the Whig Party…then the Repuglicans…now a new one is needed to fight the other two…working to take us down from within!

    P.S. And don’t bother telling me that we need to stay within the Repuglican to change it…it has already changed…to be more in line with the Democratzi ‘loons’…wake up already!

    RNC didn’t fight for the Presidency in 2012…gave us a candidate who many could not vote for instead.

    Chance to make things right and take a stand…by saying “NO” to the fiscal cliff bill…they voted with the Democratzi!

    Chance to make it right and take a stand…by saying “NO” to raising the debt ceiling…they voted in favor of the Democratzi and voted to ‘suspend’ it for a season to give them more opportunity to spend.

    Chance to make things right…by throwing the Washington Three Stooges…Boehner…Cantor and McCarthy…our of power…instead they re-elected them.

    Chance to make things right…by replacing the RNC Coach who lost the big game in 2012…Preibus…instead they re-elected the losing coach.


    • SargintRock

      You are not alone and your fine words resonate with tens of thousands of fellow patriots!

      • Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

        Then we must united and win back America!

        • Mike Pants

          From whom? Americans?

  • flashprism

    I cannot believe how idiotic my country has become. Are we all morons and sheep??? Does anyone have any common sense any more???? This fool of a president gets on TV and tells us the great things he has done. And no one calls him to task in the Media. Millions out of work, unemployment at 8%, 8 Million less people in the work force, We have Millions more on food stamps, millions more on disability, Gas prices skyrocketing, deficets in the trillions annually, he wants to add more spending and says it’s paid for!!!! offers a new Minimum wage at 9.00 with the currrent unemployment which will positively cause more layoffs in the lower payng jobs. I can go on and on. I’m sick of this crapola!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope and pray this is a dream and at some point I am going to wake up and realize that I had to much to drink in 2008 and I have been hallucinating

  • E Rigby

    Mr. Levin ought to try running the country himself and see if he could put in place all of his ideas. Let’s also see if a lot of them will work. I’m a conservative but I can also understand the predicament of some of the elected GOP members in congress. They represent entire districts or states and have to factor in differing points of view. Mr. Levin doesn’t get to hear or act on that from the comforts of his radio booth.

    • mepatri3

      They wont’ work – because Levin doesn’t really realize what’s going on. He still believes in right/left, conservative/liberal, and Republican/Democrat. It’s time to realize what’s really going on – that this country has been hijacked by foreign interests bent on our destruction. Both parties are working for this cartel, and neither is interested in the continued prosperity of the U.S.. Levin doesn’t get how dire the situation really is.

      • SargintRock

        I agree! The tragedy is that the majority of conservatives who read your post will just cross you(us) off as conspiracy nuts. The Truth is out there but most won’t hear of it until it is too late for effective action. We are being dismantled from the inside out by EVIL in high places.
        I beg all people seeking the truth to visit to begin a new understanding of the forces arrayed against the republic. It’s scary at first and then you realize it dovetails exactly with the Good book! De Oppresso Liber!!

        • epv33

          There is no “conspiracy” The Constitution does not have Right or Left. The only problem is that 80% of the elected officials are NOT FOLLOWING IT.

          • SargintRock

            And I suppose you still believe the Warren report! How comforting to believe the Government never lies and covers up the truth to its citizens!

    • epv33

      Marks’ “ideas” are as simple as FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION. The elected GOP “predicaments” are that they are not. As simple as that.

    • accordn17

      history has proven his traditional american ideas work ya dope, you know that.. its our history for christ sakes… what kind of american are you if you dont know what the constitution means to us… its the progressive movement and these liberal/democrats that took away your chance at experiencing the real american dream… none of us have seen it in the current living generations.. this is why you are so easily manipulated and convinced by the liberal media… you dont understand what your value is as an american and they will never want you to know that… they being, the liberal media and all the liberal/democrats in the federal government… even some of these republicans to… they are out of touch from the constant barrage of emotional prying from the left… they lost their way and were dislodged from what kept them grounded within their principles… In order to save this country… we need to follow the lead of our founders.. these were brilliant men who laid out a game plan that sustained a free nation… they went thru all the pain/suffering and mistakes so we wouldnt have to….. and did we learn? obviously not, and you can thank the liberal/democrat for that, since they are the ones who persecute us through liberalism… the same damn liberalism that our founders warned us about…

  • guido350

    The real question here is, what the hell do you want us to do about it? I call, write, and send up smoke signals to all my representatives and honestly they don’t give a darn. No returned calls, letters, and or smoke signals. They know they can and are getting away with this tactic. My question to all these radio and television heads, what can we do about it?

    • epv33

      The only answer is to vote your Rep. OUT on the primaries, specially if there is a Tea Party candidate running.

  • Tranqual

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Both parties have sold out the American people for a mess of pottage. If these guys were just stupid they would get it right every now and then by ACCIDENT. Killing the country is the PLAN. In that regard they have been successful. The might of America/middle class has to be broken to force us into the North American Union/New World Order. Dem versus Rep is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Globalism is the disease, socialism, open borders, etc are just the symptoms.

    Everything is moving inexorably towards a conclusion already predicted. The bible tells us there will be one world gov and it will be a coaltion of “10 kings”. Regionalism as the way to one world gov is the plan. EU was first, NAU is up next. Bush was holding summits on integration under SPP. It’s warp speed now. Think I’m a nutter…act surprised when it happens.

    • mepatri3

      Well said.

  • Martincolman

    America must get beyond the soothing generalizations and platitudes.  The people who claimed they liked Obamas speech, mostly disagreed with his policies. 
    We are suffering under a depression the effects of which the uniformed do not feel due to the papering over by the Fed. Before it’s too late, we need a hundred Rubios, Cruzs, Lees etc. A legions to support each and take over the Republican party (away from Rove, that so called Speaker and the rest) from those who are abetting this calamitous rush into Socialism. 

  • Solution TERM LIMITS on the ballot box….built in damage control…no switching houses of Congress either two terms in one or the other house of congress, also not allowed to work for a lobbying firms for at least 3 years after service, they can return to their own state after their terms have been served…AMS reunion their own state…

  • lugnut4

    Go Mark!

  • I haven’t listened to Mark in a while but whole heartidly agree!

  • I haven’t listened to Mark in a while, but whole heartidly agree!

  • Mark. The reason the Repub’s do not do anything is because they have been bought off. They are just as guilty and if they try to go after Obamas administration, then the dirty little secrets they (The Repubs) are involved in become clear and they lose their elections. The Republicans answer? Sit down and shut up, get paid and get re elected. By the way Mark, I do not really care for you or your show. Why? Well, during the elections instead of supporting people like Ron Paul who had real Americana ideals, and solid principals, you bashed him and ignored him. So Now I will continue to ignore you.

    • epv33

      Joe, just another Ron Paul crackpot. Please clear your mind and try to think for yourself. Paul would have been a real contender if he only had a sane foreign policy, which he did not, his real self just came out last week when he insulted the death of the decorated sniper that was killed.
      If that is your kind of “leader” good luck.

      • Jose Galapagos

        What a sane foreign policy like Romney, who pretty much just sat there and agreed with everything Obama said, and wanted to double down on it all. Like that??

        • accordn17

          Its not what obama says…….. its what he “does”. use your head for something other than a hat rack…

          • Jose Galapagos

            I don’t like what he says or what he does. You should probably take your own advice and try using your head once in a while. But I guess you can only think in talking points, so what’s the use.

            • accordn17

              please kiddo….. your in way over your head… unless ofcourse, you’re on the payroll.. jooooooose! jose jose jose!! jooooooose! joooooooooooseeeeeee! joooooooose! jose jose jose!!

              • Jose Galapagos

                kiddo huh? Well have fun in becoming obsolete because no one wants to hang around a bunch of whiny old men, yelling at the kids to get off their lawn.

                • accordn17

                  whatever helps you sleep at night jose…. just remember… you are on the same planet i am… maybe even the same country… unless your tight with the obamunists… you will inevitably see the same fate we all will… we got alot of work to do to get our nation back… and the truth is, the traditional american way will give you more opportunity to live the american dream… when it does that for you, it does that for all of us and thats really what matters here… capitalism and free enterprise.. our system is designed to work for everyone.. the more that participate, the more that prosper… if your gonna hold onto the liberal media stereo types of who conservatives are… you are only enslaving yourself to the liberal agenda… i promise you to… im not old myself, but all those whiny old men you are talking about, are actually who you need to listen to in all reality… most of them just have trouble making the connection with the youth cause of the liberals attempt to make social issues a priority… the fact of the matter is, without a strong financial and economic foundation in this country….. there will be no social issues cause our world will become chaotic… in order to establish these social issues.. you need a foundation first… learn to love the constitution… in reality… whether you know it or not.. its your only hope… you will beg for it once you’re forced to realize what it means to your very survival as a human being… as crazy as it may seem to you and other liberals, when you undermine the founding of this country and ignorantly assume you know better…… you will pay a major price… its inevitable… what makes a kid like you think your more experienced than our founders, who faced persecution most of their lives…. and you think you know better…. hahahahahaha… you dont know schit..

                • Jose Galapagos

                  Whatever. I am not going to argue with you, because you think you know who I am, but you don’t have a clue. I guess if being 40 years old, and serving 20 years in the National Guard, qualifies me as being a “kid” than so be it. Freedom is a young idea and I am young at heart.

                  But having served in the military, and taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I sure as hell don’t need a lecture from you about what’s in the Constitution.

                  I sat there by during this past Republican primary, and had people like you belittle me, and tell me to just shut up and support Romney because he was the only person who could beat Obama. And I even held my nose and voted for Romney. We all see how that worked out.

                  So, you can live in your little world of liberal versus conservative as this whole country burns. I am out. The Republican party is infected with people like you, so have good luck with all your hate. I will be fighting for real freedom, not freedom as dictated by some religious social conservative.

  • I would love to see Mark as the AGOUS, you would see some republicans and democrats butt’s in trouble….

  • epv33

    Any of you that do not know what Mark Levin is all about, I suggest you go to his website to listen to some of his shows you can download
    for free (not like most other hosts) The man knows the Constitution like no other and
    most important is the only one that gets on the RINO GOP “leadership” and calls out names.

  • coolercoleman

    I detest liberals and their socialist ways, but I hate politicians who claim to be conservatives and call these liberals honorable. In 2014 we have to remove the Rinos. If The McCains and the McConnells remain in office the country will die a slow death.

  • Disqus-ted

    They are obviously the domestic enemies of the Constitution the Founders warned us about..

  • Francis Rushford

    The problems for the Republicans started when Bush, Hastert and DeLay spent like LBJ from 2001 through 2006. Levin lives in an America that no longer exist. One where hard work and playing the rules enabled success. We started on the path to European Socialism under W with the prescription drug benefit that provided no way to pay for it.

    Levin does not speak out enough against the disappearance of our liberty rights.

  • Rock Hillbilly (*Patriot*)

    Every ideal, every principal, and every founding intent of this nation is either gone or under attack. In less than 70 years, we have gone from the greatest generation to degeneration. Our very liberty is on the chopping block and all the crowds can do is cheer. We are a cancer patient, laughing in the mirror and clapping our hands to our own sickness.

  • kenwood17

    545 vs. 300,000,000 People
    -By Charlie Reese

    Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.
    Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?
    Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?
    You and I don’t propose a federal budget. The President does.
    You and I don’t have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.
    You and I don’t write the tax code, Congress does.
    You and I don’t set fiscal policy, Congress does.
    You and I don’t control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

    One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.
    I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.
    I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a President to do one cotton-picking thing. I don’t care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator’s responsibility to determine how he votes.
    Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.
    What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits.. ( The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.)
    The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House?( John Boehner. He is the leader of the majority party. He and fellow House members, not the President, can approve any budget they want. ) If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to. [The House has passed a budget but the Senate has not approved a budget in over three years. The President’s proposed budgets have gotten almost unanimous rejections in the Senate in that time. ]
    It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted — by present facts — of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

    If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.
    If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red.
    If the Army & Marines are in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan ..
    If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it’s because they want it that way.
    There are no insoluble government problems.
    Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power.
    Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like “the economy,” “inflation,” or “politics” that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

    Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible. They, and they alone, have the power.

    They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses. Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees… We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess!

    Charlie Reese is a former columnist of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper.

  • brianbrawdy

    The Pachs and the Jacks at it again!

  • PCPolice

    Americans have whined and moaned about their politicians almost as long as there have been politicians but almost never do what it takes to remove them unless they do something so horrific that it can’t be set aside (or they just offend the rest of the politicians). We allow them to lie, to cheat, to steal and we rush to re-elect them every time because the liars, cheaters, and theives we know are preferable to the ones we do not know. This is because for the most part we ourselves no longer live moral lives therefore we have no expectation that the ruling class should do any different, and in part because there is no longer a focus on the fundamental building blocks of education. In my opinion these are reading, writing, math, science, civics/history, and ethics. At one point in our history it was illegal to educate slaves because education provided liberation and in the end freedom. Now the government is busy making happy little slaves out of the uneducated. Change starts in you and in me. Someone famous once said “Teach your children well”. Good advice.

    • StoutCortez

      You are correct that we whine and moan until things get horrific. We’ll have to wait only a couple of years for the meltdown. And it IS coming.

  • Power_of_Cheese

    I view Mark Levin with the deepest contempt I can possibly imagine.

    • epv33

      As we do you, useful idiots.

      • Power_of_Cheese

        I don’t know how anyone can stand Levin’s whiny voice. He’s a loudmouthed moron.

  • poundnails

    I’ve been screaming out in the wildnerness since the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ and the $300 billion Transportation Bill. I watched GW flush fiscal conservatism down the toilet. And, it had nothing to do with war. So, save it. I’m a fiscal conservative. I’m a Republican. Nobody is more ashamed of my once great party than me.

  • Blah blah blah from Mark Levin…he sure will not advocate voting 3rd party. BOTH the Democratic and Republican Parties sold out. They do not have the best interests of the country in mind.

    • epv33

      He will not advocate voting for 3rd parties because they always LOOSE. You moron.
      The only answer is to replace the GOP RINOS with Tea Party candidates.

  • The left successfully campaigns against what they are actually doing… So the duped “drones” as Mark Levin calls them, have no clue that Democrats are actually destroying the country. They think someone else is doing it, the dems are running against what is happening and that’s what voters see. How they are actually tearing down the country is not reported on…

    When was the last time you saw a news person on network TV breathlessly reporting on:

    high gas prices
    tax increases
    rapidly rising food prices
    the growth of the national debt
    annual federal deficits
    rising out of wedlock births
    abuse of power by the federal government
    and so forth and so on…

  • Emily Manning

    I should send these comments to my representatives…..

  • Mark Levin is a person with an opinion without any factual basis. This is normal for any reactionary.

    • Using terms like “reactionary”, you must be a communist.

    • StoutCortez

      Interesting comment, Paul. Let me ask you, then, for facts: On what basis do you think the U.S. economy will improve over the next four years? Our mighty manufacturing base? Our highly educated citizenry? The 11,000 Americans who sign up for food stamps EVERY DAY? The 10 million additional Mexicans who will be living here by the end of this year? Obamacare?

      Please, enlighten us. Give us facts.

    • accordn17

      Another example of an arrogant liberal no-nothing… you wouldnt know what a fact was if it hit you upside the head you dummie… sounds like your on the bankroll to huh…. “just remember that when you go vote” you are a real phucking piece of schit man…. trying to manipulate the weak and inexperienced you phuckin fraud… this is why nobody should be going to these colleges anymore… you all come out spewing nonsense you dont even understand yourselves… just cause someone has a doctorate or a masters or is some professor for so many years….. doesnt mean they have experience and common sense… being a book worm may make you money, but it sure as schit dont make you experienced enough to be in touch with reality… you think your pulling strings pal when the reality is your a violated little victim of the marxist agenda….

      • It’s interesting who listens to this dolt: Very aggravated, violent, disturbed white men with guns – who post anonymously – who believe that the cold war is still going on and that an education is something to be avoided. Any wonder you all believe this shill of nonsense?

        • accordn17

          listen kid… if your not angry, than your out of touch with your country and yourself… really… you mistake passion for anger cause you dont understand the world we live in at all… there is a war going on in this world right now being led by the muslim extremists… unfortunately for you, you cant understand it cause you cant see thru obamunism… so how could you understand the sharia, embracing, muslim approach… the same one that is turning our nation upside down from within… please kid… leave reality to those who are humble enough and “experienced” enough to deal with it…. you are a walking/talking example of the decline of humanity, and whats sad is you will never realize that because of the arrogance drones like you exercise on a daily basis by spewing nothing but utopian nonsense…. your little photo there says it all… you cant hear reality.. it goes in one ear and out the other… your more comfortable falling in line like the rest of you demented/indenial communists…… what makes you think your socialist approach is any different??? keep wasting your one chance at life supporting the degradation of humanity…. will see how far that gets ya kiddo… hey, did ya see all those jobs available for these college grads?? theres just so many isnt there…. obamacare too… thats going to help us out alot right??? phucking moron…. keep up the arrogant/ignorance and being so positive while our nation and its people suffer… you embrace communism/obamunism and there is no lie or quote that you could pull out of your a$$ that will change that… your master plan genius is failing us as we speak… keep pushing for it… whatever helps ya sleep at night..

  • Gab Lavoie

    novus ordo seclorum

  • I heard that a well known psychiatrist said that liberalism is a mental illness…….I’m beginning to believe he knows what he is talking about.

  • I was in the United States Navy along time ago and here is a visual of the end game for America. Think U.S.S. Thresher (google it). Imagine a submarine that loses it’s ballast (bouyancy) or it’s ability to stabalize it’s depth. As it begins to sink deeper and deeper what eventually happens to the sailors that are on the inside of the pressurized tube? Think crushed coke or beer can. that’s America and sooner than we will expect. The average American citizen probably has no clue to the economic peril where in so maybe this elementary visual will help.

    • StoutCortez

      True, Steve. The inevitable crash isn’t going to take centuries, as it did in Rome. It may well all occur within Obama’s second term. (By the way, Democrats I know say it will take longer than that—but they ALL agree that a crash is coming.) We’re on the precipice now. All it will take is one tremor—a downgrade, a bond scare, sudden inflation—and the house of cards currently known as the U.S. economy will collapse. The precarious nature of our economy is the greatest story never told by the media.

      So . . . what happens when one six-pack and one carton of cigarettes entirely deplete an EBT card?

  • David Govett

    Treason is too mild a word for what America’s self-serving politicians are doing to our wonderful republic. In an earlier era, they would have been convicted of treason and shot. If a foreign power merely attempted to do to America what these politicians have succeeded in doing, there would be war.

  • satansidekick

    I am screaming but no one is listening. It’s like people are brain dead.

  • Jon_Babtist

    “screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!” Well Mark many of us agree with you but wonder why someone who cares about the country and has the respect of so many when it comes to the Constitution has been so silent about Barry’s Constitutional ineligibility. If this can be swept under the rug why not the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Why ignore his counterfeit identity papers that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has proven to be as phony as $3 bills? If you don’t take this seriously maybe you can understand that a lot of us do and find your outrage very selective when our outrage is ignored. If who can and cannot be president is not important, maybe nothing in the Constitution is important. If the president of the United States can go on the Oprah show and present a fraudulent birth certificate to the nation, maybe the rest of us can lie and defraud as we choose to, whenever we want to. Maybe Oprah queen of integrity will assist us as well in lying to and deceiving the American people.

  • LearnHowToDrive

    The republicans aren’t just sitting by and watching it happen, they are actively participating. “Both,” or more accurately, each side of the face of the one party we have, take our money and give it to their special interests. Then when the money runs out, which it did a long time ago under king bush II’s reign, they print it out of thin air, making what little money we are left with in our pockets worth less and less.

    Stop nominating drones like Willard and John “Crazy Eye” McCain, and nominate someone who respects the constitutional limits of the government. And there was only one candidate on the stage (at least after the party kicked gary johnson out) who fit that bill.

    You all listened to fox news and shouted him and his supporters down, and now its time to learn to live with the consequences of your actions

  • thehadco

    I see the same train wreck coming down the tracks.

  • Mark, I totall agree. I have long felt our country’s leaders and a majority of politicians are only in it for what they can get for themselves. In fact is not that the definition of “politician”. I have seen my world as well as those of my childeren spiral down into something I never thought would happen. It seems that very few have the cahonies to stand up to these liberal trash compactors. I constantly send my Representatives, Congressmen and State officials documentation and a patriots position on what they should be doing to help and not hurt. All I get back is form letters with some BS that is supposed to appease everybody. A bright person told me in my youth that it is difficult to always do the right things but you are not a man of any integrity if you dont. We need to take every possible opportunity to purge the plague that is upon us and restore this country to it’s greatness we once had.
    Tell it like it is, Mark, it is too easy to go cower in a corner and let the liberals stomp our butts to oblivion. We need to assure this never happens and secure the US for those yet to come.

  • seenbetterdaze

    God Bless you Mark! I agree and that’s the reason we switched to Independent after the 08 election! They remind me of the old reminder that the Last Act of a Democracy is when the Government LOOTS the Treasury! And a Dictatorship always follows. These Bstrds have destroyed the future for our Kids and Grandkids. Where are the True Americans Citizens who still love America? Certainly NOT in DC!

  • “Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!”

    There are people saying these things, but the media depicts them as whack jobs when they pay any attention to them.

  • GeneDE1

    I give you Joseph Jove…what better proof could there be for my observation on American’s decline.

  • I understand you are upset Mark.

    Is it possible for you to report on Docket 12A606 Supreme Court hearing on Feb. 15, 2013?

    All we ask from our govt is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as a Natural born Native born American Citizen of several generations of melting pot going on in my red blooded veins…

    Or will reporting on this subject matter actually cause you to be blacklisted to not have access to AP & other international media?

    I have been disheartened to see that no one of the greats – even “Michael Savage” and the other lower ones will even mention this on the airwaves.

    Could you read my email on the air just to mention that an American Citizen of the United States of America is wondering out loud “why not one person in the main stream media – right or left will mention this hearing?

    Link is

    As they said in the old day,”Extra Extra Read All About.”

    Today they say,”No news is Good News”

    I guess it has come down to “Ignorance really is bliss”

    Better late than never…
    Will there be any justice at 38N77W?

  • GeneDE1

    vikings4123….precisely. We’ll, we lasted longer than most

  • DL Snyder

    Mark is, as usual, 1000% right on target.

    This is a slow-walking (but steadily building) national crisis wrought by lawless politicos from both sides.

    And the only recourse is a citizen STAND.
    peaceful, massive, unprecedented

    and now… essential…… mindless passivity is no longer an option.

  • Mark Levin…… thumbs up

  • George Smith

    When I first heard Mark I took him the wrong way but as I listened to him for awhile I had to see he is sincere in his views on the Consitution and love of country and history and other things that I did agree with. So sorry Mark for awhile I thought he was just looking for ratings or to sell books but I know now I was wrong about that and he is one of the most patriotic of Americans out there even though he comes across as a very tough man he does have a heart about him. And I found someone elce who truly loves American history and our Constitutional rights under God our creator. And have visited Philadelphia Hall just as he did although Im sure much more then me. So sorry Mark , I was wrong and have learned much since then. And we need more people to stand up for our Consitutional rights as Americans and our history and I hope more will do so out there across our land and with God[s help freedom will stay secure Sincerely ;

  • GeneDE1

    With all do respect….I think you’re the one missing the point.

    Reagan had an agenda & Tip O’Neill had an agenda….but they got things done.
    Ditto for Clinton and Newt Gingrich.

    This is different …….and tragic

  • 1antispin

    What an inane comment! You are obviously a Democrat for your superficial derogatory statement having no supporting facts. If I were your manager or professor; FAIL.

    Because Levin is full of facts, and applies them surgically to the Democrat propaganda machine, you think that the Alinsky tactic of accusing your enemy of your own nefarious agenda will work on people who think. That makes your comment doubly stupid (which is only possible in this Universe for Democrats).

    You know, I used to watch CNN and just assume they told the truth because they were an American broadcaster. Then Peter Arnett, their reporting on the second gulf war, and their inability to report what was going on in theater with any accuracy. Why waste time out of my life listening and watching such obviously manufactured lies on CNN, the broadcast networks, PBS, NPR, the Washington Post, LA Times, and the rest of the Democrat machine? That’s when I started doing my own thinking and my own research, instead of being a Democrat. Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd oversight of Democrat Freddie & Fannie debacle brought our country to its knees. The Democrat’s compliant media lied every step of the way to evade, deceive, and divert attention elsewhere (like to Republicans). The democrat media cabal played and played Barney saying in July 2008 that both Freddie and Fannie were good investments, for example. A rational person can only tolerate so much Democrat lying before hitting back with the truth. It was the act of learning the frightening extent of the Democrat house of lies that made me start looking for the truth. I am ashamed that it took me so long to work my way out of the structured Democrat lies presented on a compliant media to see the light of day.

    Let me assure you that I now engage every Democrat with reality at every opportunity and that I will live a long time. Your Democrat betrayal of America and its values is a constant source of energy for me.

  • GeneDE1

    You mean the way he stood up for our Republican candidate in the last election??? He’s a blowhard and an actor and does what he does for the publicity. We don’t need scumbag commentators who care more about themselves then the country. Mitt would have been worlds better than what we have but Mark just didn’t like him….so he ate his own…now you got Obama again….democrats NEVER do that…they’re more clever than us by a mile because of people like Mark.

    • epv33

      And Conservatives keep loosing because of idiots like you who have no idea what the Constitution stands for.

  • GeneDE1

    Most don’t care since they benefit from the debt and it’s programs

  • TootlesMcgee

    Before you can read the bill we have to pass it. That was the first broken law.

  • GeneDE1


  • GeneDE1

    When Texas goes Democrat because of immigration that NOONE is stopping…then maybe you’ll figure it out. WE win NOTHING without Texas.

    Mitt had a chance to stop it but Mark helped sabotage him from the start….when you’re against your own guy then your FOR the other guy.

    What is with these Levin sycophants? Just like the blind Obama lemmings. Do you want to win elections or just bloviate about right and wrong and the constitution?

  • GeneDE1

    People……think about it…..we’ve been beaten TWICE by a second rate arrogant socialist who’s unqualified to be president. He wouldn’t even pass the background check to be his own secret service agent. And Hillary would be an odds on favorite to follow him. We went from electing “the government IS the problem” (Ronnie) to “redistribution” and socialized medicine.

    Why do YOU think that is?

  • Had enough yet? I have!

    Texas Nationalist Do t C om

  • Betty Merry

    I read that of the 535 representatives, only 19 are not communists……how did that happen?

  • So sad…human nature dictates that we are apathetic, which is how the active ones work around us and get their way. The only way to wake America up is to hit them at home with a sudden jolt – like a paycheck dropping 40%, or a camera in their house, or someone being taken away. The slow creep of tyranny is steady and unnerved, and is winning.