Mark Levin blasts Dick Durbin for urging a run on Bank of America

Dick Durbin is ticked off that Bank of America is not just eating the financial damage done by his price-fixing amendment and are thus raising fees to recoup the revenues. So what does Durbin do? He calls for people to leave Bank of America. Seriously. He caused the hike in fees and now is urging people to ‘vote with their feet’ and find a new bank.

As you could imagine, this doesn’t sit too well with the Great One:

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  • Anonymous

    What on earth is wrong with people like Durbin? Are they not really earthlings????
    They make no sense and when they are reminded of their stupidity, their tiny pointed heads explode and they do weird things like blame President Bush….

    side note…”little Dick”…..I did not say that, merely quoting….hehehe

    • Anonymous

      I was about to ask what planet we’re on where our own “leaders” on the Hill urge people to ruin a financial institution.

      • Anonymous

        They think we all live on Planet Stupid.

  • Eve

    Liberals have no concept of consequences and I don’t mean the unintended consequences. I think they are fully aware of the outcome and with that in mind, come up with another victim and reason to take your money for frivolous entitlement and spending policies and those shovel ready projects. With every policy they have coined the phrase “unexpected” and/or “not my fault blame game”.

    The liberal mission statement: If it is not broke, break it and make it worse.

  • Mark Levin is the only one who can tell me horrific news, yet make me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    …it is time to CLEAN OUT ALL THESE LITTLE DICKIES from the SENATE , CONGRESS and of course the LITTLEST DICKY of them all from the OVAL OFFICE .(period)

  • Anonymous

    Seems that lil dickie durbin has learned his lessons on destroying America quite well while on his knees in front of The One.

  • Anonymous

    If any politician, such as little dick durbin, wants to run anything in the economy, I think they should first be asked how to make a pencil. If they can’t tell you how, then they clearly shouldn’t be trusted with something as complicated as the entire banking system.

    “I, Pencil”

    A simple but great story.

  • Anonymous

    See Dick cause bank fees
    See Dick encourage a run on the bank
    See Dick bail out the bank
    Don’t be a Dick

  • Anonymous

    we are ruled by an incompetent rogue criminal government. Usurpers have infiltrated since the assassination of JFK. history repeats itself… see: Roman Emperors.

  • Anonymous

    When will people wake up and recognize that the cause of the problem is big govt in the first place. In this case, lil dick durban is almost singlehandedly the source of the problem. So, how can any rational person expect him to solve it?

    Rational people now seems to exclude liberals and progressives, not to mention marxists and their useful idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Betcha next month Durbin will be soliciting Bank of America for a campaign contribution