Mark Levin blasts ‘entrenched’ Republicans, says they may well cost us the House in 2014

A disgusted Mark Levin lit into Republicans tonight, hammering them for missed opportunities because of their unwillingness to fight this president, saying they may well lose us the House in 2014.


Or read the transcript:

This is my great fear. My great fear is that guys like Boehner, and quite Frankly Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor and his goofball McCarthy – they don’t get it at all. Midterm elections in particular are base elections, they are turnout elections. And they’re doing everything they can to turn us off.

Where are they standing ground and keeping ground and fighting? Instead it’s ‘no no we’re not going to shut down the government’. Even if that’s your ultimate view, why do you reveal that to the leftists and the media? It’s like playing poker and the idiot shows his cards – and that’s what he does.

And also, amnesty? Pathway to citizenship? This is their number one issue. No?

And then we have Obamacare. The President of the United States rubbing the Republican’s noses in it, acting like he’s king…an imperial president.

‘No we’ll follow this part of the law. No I’m suspending this part of the law. No I’m deferring this part of the law.’ What the hell is that?

And what are the Republicans doing about it? Now the typical Republican response would be ‘well what do you want us to do about it?’

Here’s what I want you to do. You fools should have been, time and time again, every time he has violated the Constitution, you should have made an issue about it. You should have punished him in some way; denied him some appointee; obstructed some piece of legislation.

Draw attention to this lawlessness so the American people after a year, or two, or three of you consistently explaining it and hammering away at it would, in fact, be aware of what you’re trying to do and say!

But instead, what do we get? What do we get?

We get John McCain attacking Ted Cruz. What do we get? Chris Christie attacking Rand Paul. What do we get? Karl Rove attacking Mike Lee. The same dug-in entrenched losers who may well cost us the House of Representatives in the next election.

And do you know what Obama will do again if he controls the whole damn thing? And he’s banking on it. That’s why he’s putting all these things off. He’s sucking people in to vote for him and then he’s gonna drop the hammer. Then what do we do? ‘We don’t control any – one half of one third or anything else.’

And what are the Republicans going to do then? Blame the conservatives? Blame the Tea Party? What are they gonna do then? ‘We can’t control anything. We don’t even have one half of one third – of course you don’t! Look what you’ve squandered, the opportunity.

This president is pathetic. His policies are a disaster. We have sustained high unemployment, sustained housing problems. The economy is still on its back. He won’t secure the damn border. He’s hollowing out the military. He’s hollowing out NASA.

What the hell, he’s handing you the issues to run on! And what do you do?

You attack conservatives. Brilliant!

I’ll be right back…

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  • HillaryShackley

    uh Hello, HELLO- I love that… It’s over, the fat lady sang and it isn’t pretty.  Ryan, Rubio, Cantor and on and on and on… all RINO’s with no scruples.  Too bad so sad, America is gone and unless you are into luck it is OVER!  Adios viva la FIESTA.  Sorry to say.

  • The Sentinel

    Hearing this makes me literally and physically want to scream. I’ve been stewing, and chewing and steaming on this for weeks now. How is it that some doofus knucklehead like me can get it (what’s at stake and what to do)… can understand it clearly and those geniuses can’t? Is it because I’m saved and God have cleared my mind? Or is it because those morons are as corrupt and criminal as the damn Democraps? Or is it both? Don’t answer that… of course those are the reasons.
    “Don’t run against GOP incumbents…” they say. You gotta laugh. Take the damn garbage out! Carve out the cancer so the patient will survive. Suck out the poison. Put down the rabid dog. Don’t the Republicans want to continue to be a separate party? I’m stunned by the ignorance, arrogance, and indifference. Put all those bozos in Washington on Obamacare and see how quickly they grow a backbone.
    I gotta stop… the lava that’s been sitting in the pit of my stomach is about to erupt. I’m so mad at them. They are simply giving it all away… to a monster… and his little devil minions.

  • Mark, I love you. I always have ever since I heard your first rant- but face it, these rinos don’t care. Simple as that- THEY. DON’T. CARE.  
    They’re all from the same good ol’ boy club, they act all indignant and angry while putting on their show for the ignorant masses, but behind the scenes, they go to dinner together, they go golfing together.  The rinos depend as much on the low info’s as the dems do.  Except for a handful, the same ones who get railed on by the likes of mclame, both parties are one and the same.
    Boehner and others have had ample time to do something about this evil dictator, Fast and Furious could have brought both him and Holder down, but no one gave enough of a crap to do anything. Whine about how dingy harry wouldn’t bring impeachment charges or whatever, using that as an excuse. What this occupier in chief has done, I refuse to call him pathetic, or stupid or ignorant or a disaster.  He is evil, he hates America, he hates our military and he hates the unwashed masses. He has no regard for the Constitution or anything decent about this Nation.  And those like Boehner and every other Rep on either side who has done nothing to call dear leader out or bring charges are as complicate in the treasonous behavior as dear leader is.

  • The core problem is one simple fact that we cannot deny:

  • What Mark should have screamed is that the GOPe is almost guaranteeing not only a loss but a revolt that will inevitably wipe them out and set the country straight.
    What’s needed is to have the RINO’s declared the enemy of DemonRat light and kick them to the other side of the isle thus clearing the way to run real conservatives to oppose them in the general election. Doing this will guarantee those that are squishy be pushed out instead of continually feeding off the current host.

  • AmericanborninCanada “THEY. DON’T. CARE.”
    Actually, I think he realizes that given that he wrote a book about how we take the country back and Washington will not be able to control it. He’s constantly reminded us that they aren’t going to fix Washington so we have to.

  • therightscoop AmericanborninCanada I know. I’m just extremely frustrated.

  • 57thunderbird

    AmericanborninCanada therightscoop Join the club Duckie.Frustrated is an understatement. 🙁

  • PVG

    PLEASE be right back…….for a long time!!

  • 57thunderbird

    You’re correct Mark.We could lose the House,because I for one will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.I will sit out the election.

  • AmericanborninCanadatherightscoop maybe this will make you feel better

  • Tallgal83

    Tea Party Jew
    Very true, and the keep moving furthering left.  Rinos sound just like dems on social and fiscal issues.

  • Amjean

    Well, I think what he said was “brilliant”!!!!!!

  • therightscoop ahhh… nothin’ does much better than a pug face close up 😀 Thank you Scoop. 🙂

  • DarrellGriffin

    Tallgal83 Tea Party Jew Unfortunately, the pendulum can swing both ways.
    A lot of people are jumping on the Rand bandwagon.
    The Rand/ Ron Paul foreign policy summed up as succinctly as one can……

  • Watchman74

    Tea Party Jew They have become the Democrat lite party or New Coke as Bill Whittle puts it.

  • 31415926ster

    57thunderbird Ditto on sitting out.

  • DarrellGriffin

    Tallgal83 Tea Party Jew Even more succinctly, by design or sheer incompetence, how is that “non interventionism” working out for us in North Africa the last 2 years ?
    That’s basically what the BHO Admin. did.
    Just sayin’

  • 57thunderbird Write in if Cruz is not on the ticket!!! Cruz/West 2016!!

  • Longiron

    Sooner or later Mark and Rush are going to have to come to grips that a 3rd party is the only way to get rid of the RINO/GOP. If not our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren in 2090 will still be talking about conservatives taking over the GOP ???

  • 57thunderbird

    AmericanborninCanada 57thunderbird Will do.

  • 57thunderbird YAY!

  • RedDaveR

    Mark told it like it is.  The GOP had better get their act together or else it will be Speaker Pelosi in 2015.  It would help if they actually decided to take a stand and fight.

  • sDee

    THEY GET IT!. It is we who do not seem willing to accept the reality that we live under an unconstitutional,  totalitarian regime. It is we who do not get that these establishment rebublicans are cesspool scum who have have sold out their nation.

    The “entrenched republicans” have made their deals for their place in the globalist oligarchy. . They do not care if the Republicans lose the House.  They do not care that we lose America.
    Things are going to get ugly. We the People are going to have to step up to what our Founders knew we would have to do.

  • sDee

    It will not matter once amnesty is passed.

    For America, the Republicans like Boehner, McCain and Rubio are working overtime to irreversibly dilute our citizenship with 10’s of millions of illegals .

    British Citizenship To Be Abolished – They Can’t Say They Weren’t Warned
    Our fate will soon be that of the UK. These republicans are no less our enemy than Reid and Obama.  We too have
    been warned. Now is the  time for the people to rise up against Congress
    before if passes amnesty – the final blow. After that it will  be moot who controls what part of Congress.

  • subie201

    If every one of the states that are home to these RINOS runs conservative candidates in 2014, maybe we can vote these dirt back traitors out! There are three viable candidates running against McCain’s girlfriend Lindsey. Other states have Conservative candidates running against incumbent trash! Like Mark says we need to really fight hard to keep what we have and win what we don’t! Too many free-loaders like the food stamp gravy train too much! They need to find work before all the illegals come in through Amnesty and take them away!!!

  • sDee

    We have to primary them. We have to start yesterday.  Each and every one of us needs to be fully engaged at any level of our state and local party to bth support the candidates, and to let the party machine know at every meeting every call  that we will not support progressives. That will oppose them at all costs.

  • subie201

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • subie201

    Karl Rove is the nitwit of the century! All he keeps spewing is NOT to defund Obamamacare. He is one guy I would like to see get fume poisoned from all his dry erase board abuses! Another jerk who should have a bid D next his name!

  • subie201

    Why don’t we have more Mark Levins as Congressional candidates? Only three that come close are Cruz, Lee and Palin! Palin would be a great senator!

  • Tamikosmom

    There are sufficient RINOS voting with the Democrats on appointees and policies that affords the required votes to further the agenda of the Islamic appeaser/Marxist occupying the White House on major issues.  Are these RINOS Democrat plants who said what Conservative wanted to hear to get elected or … are they Republican sell-outs?
    Gutierrez: I’ve got 40-50 GOP votes for immigration reform
    Published: August 8
    [AUDIO] Harry Reid: John McCain controls about 10 people and that’s all I needed to get things done in Senate.
    August 9th, 2013

  • Tamikosmom

    Did Mark Levin call out Marc Rubio as one of the “entrenched” Republicans?  I don’t think so.  Why?
    The following are either Democrat plants or Republican sell outs.  Either way the implication is that the democratic system in America has been manipulated by the left when elected Republican representatives can articulate all the word that Conservatives want to hear while failing to walk the talk when it counts once elected. Think about it.  The Comprehensive Immigration Bill would not have passed the Senate with the required 60 votes if it was not for the votes afforded by RINOS.  An opposition in the Senate and Congress is nothing but an illusion.   
    Senate roll vote for immigration bill
    Published June 27, 2013
    Republicans Yes – Alexander, Tenn.; Ayotte, N.H.; Chiesa, N.J.; Collins, Maine; Corker, Tenn.; Flake, Ariz.; Graham, S.C.; Hatch, Utah; Heller, Nev.; Hoeven, N.D.; Kirk, Ill.; McCain, Ariz.; Murkowski, Alaska; Rubio, Fla.
    best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich

  • Tamikosmom

    Conservatives … thInk about it and get angry.
    Marco Rubio, 2009
    “I am strongly against amnesty. The most important
    thing we need to do is enforce our existing laws. We have existing immigration
    laws that are not being adequately enforced. Nothing will make it harder to
    enforce the existing laws, if you reward people who broke them. It demoralizes
    people who are going through the legal process, its a very clear signal of why
    go through the legal process, if you can accomplish the same thing if you go
    through the illegal process. And number two, if demoralizes the people
    enforcing the laws. I am not, and I will never support any effort to grant
    blanket legalization/amnesty to folks who have entered, stayed in this country

  • Tamikosmom

    Marco Rubio, 2013
    Rubio-Obama immigration plan? Senator’s proposal looks like White House policy
    Posted on Wednesday, 01.16.13
    Not only do Rubio and Obama’s plans create a similar type of amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, the two politicians have used similar language.
    Here’s Obama unveiling his plan in May 2011, relatively little-reported at the time:
    “Those who are here illegally, they have a responsibility as well. So they broke the law, and that means they’ve got to pay their taxes, they’ve got to pay a fine, they’ve got to learn English. And they’ve got to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they get in line for legalization. That’s not too much to ask.”
    Here’s Rubio in the Wall Street Journal on the undocumented:
    “They would have to come forward. They would have to undergo a background check…They would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, maybe even do community service. They would have to prove they’ve been here for an extended period of time. They understand some English and are assimilated. Then most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay in this country.”

  • Tamikosmom

    John McCain – A Democrat Plant? – An American Traitor?
    Why is John McCain not being challenged … not being recalled?  Why are Conservatives so passive when betrayed?
    John McCain: We Don’t Need 20,000 More Border Agents
    July 30, 2013
    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) helped write the Senate’s immigration bill and voted for an amendment that would spend $46 billion on new border security measures, while doubling the size of the Border Patrol. But now, McCain admits the plan was simply meant to secure Republican votes and that he is open to other ways to secure the border.
    “I’ll give you a little straight talk, we don’t need 20,000 additional border patrol agents,” the Arizona senator said at an event sponsored by the AFL-CIO.
    “I voted for it so friends of mine would have comfort that we are securing the border,” McCain added. “But the real securing of the border is with technology as opposed to individuals, although we do certainly need individuals.”

  • K-Bob

    I thought you put this link up before.  Someone did.  There is a

  • Tamikosmom

    K-Bob Tamikosmom 

    Maybe on another thread.  Another topic.  What am I doing wrong?

  • K-Bob

    Tamikosmom K-Bob  
    Nothing.  Just answering your question about a recall movement.
    Carry on!

  • strangernfiction

    They are statists Mark, and Barry is pure evil.

  • BS61

    Thanks TRS for posting the transcript which I personally prefer.  🙂

  • jamesbotts16309

    subie201 The more I look back on things, the more I wish Al Gore would have won in 2000. It would have ended the Bush monopoly on the GOP.
    Secretly the Bush wing of the GOP is all about government. It’s how they have made their living for years. They secretly don’t want to roll back any of it. 
    Al Gore would have been bad for the country, but I can’t say Bush 43 was much better. Afghanistan is a quagmire. Iraq has been aloud to turn from bust to success back to bust again. Trillions in new debt, no child left behind, medicare part D, failure to rein in Fannie/Freddie, silent behind the scenes purges of conservatives, massive expansion of federal powers that eventually fell into non-benevolent hands.
    And after the heavy losses in 2006, 2008, and to some extent 2012, the GOP still doesn’t get it.

  • poptoy1949

    I hope mark is wrong but deep down in my old bones oi think he is right.  BUT lets hope something changes and the Tea Party Candidates kick ass and take back the Senate.  I honestly believe the Linsey Graham will be defeated in South Carolina.

  • 1tootall

    Bullseye. Again.

  • clubgitmo

    I have been saying this for a while now. It almost seems like the GOP wans to lose. There is less and less difference between the parties now than ever before. They both seem intent on destroying country.

  • Rep paul


  • Pancake3

    Levin is right.  Republicans have shot their wad and will never achieve dominance again.  2014 will tell the tale for sure:  no win in the House and Senate, then no win in 2016.  Goodbye, Republicans.  Hello, Third Pary.

  • USMC 64-68

    My latest letter to every repub (including my senators) and all those who haven’t signed the pledge to defund CommieCare:
    At 66 I broke all association with the Republican Party – in
    it’s entirety.
     Too many “moderates.”
    Too many “establishment types.”
    Too many “RINOs.”
    Too many appeasers who have constantly bent over for Dear
    Too many cowards who won’t stand and fight like men to
    defend the Constitution and our individual rights.
    You’re all worried about your reputation – thinking you will
    get a worse reputation if you defund CommieCare, stop the spending, etc.You’re so out of touch with America that you don’t realize America already has a low opinion
    of your party – and it’s because you don’t act like patriots.
    You all think you’ll gain favor by “being
    moderate” and “playing to the polls.”All you’ll get is more disrespect and
    If republicans took a stand and fought for what’s right
    people would salute you for standing on principle and actually fulfilling your
    word and your oath of office.People
    would rally to you.
    is being subverted by the marxist democrats, and most of you are still calling
    them your “colleague across the aisle.”You guys don’t even know what’s happening and
    who the enemy is.This is why your
    approval ratings are in the toilet!

  • 1tootall

    I just called my representative, Tom Marino (R-PA) to find out if there were a townhall scheduled during his recess.  I called his main local number.  The gentleman on the phone did not have a clue if there was one scheduled or if he planned to have one.  There was no written schedule there, and he had no idea how I might find out.  How does this happen??  He sounded surprised that I was even curious.  I identified myself as a statewide leader of a national voter integrity group and a member of the local Tea Party.  There was no interest or energy spent to find out when Mr. Marino was going to talk to the public.  He took my number in the hopes that something might be discovered.  Are you kidding me??  How do they get to that point?  (rhetorical question)

  • 1tootall

    Tamikosmom because he lied and pretended to be conservative when he last ran for office.  There was a great candidate running against him, but through dirty tricks and campaign lies, McCain kept his office.

  • rock of truth

    1Samuel 8:19. But the people refused to listen to Samuel. “No!” they said. “We want a king over us. When I hear good, wise men give warnings of future disasters if we follow bad leaders in our day, it reminds me of chapter 8 in 1Samuel, read it, Sometimes things never change. The opening line was their response. Sound familiar. Nations ultimately pay for the leaders they choose.

  • Tamikosmom

    Entrenched Republicans:  Democrat Plants?  Republicans bought with an incentive?  Blackmailed Republicans?
    Mar. 8, 2013
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich Le

  • Tamikosmom

    rock of truth 
    The Obama Agenda:  Create chaos in the land and the people will cry out for a dictator to bring about order. Under that dictator either a Marxist or Islamic ideology will emerge and the people will rejoice at the relative calm.

  • USMC 64-68

    No surprises here.  Today’s republicans (aside from 6 or so) have absolutely no courage or convictions based on the Constitution.  Remember the lame Mitt Romney telling the world that the marxist tyrant in the Oval Office was a good man.  (he smiles as he subverts the Constitution and our liberty).

  • elaguardia86

    Look, Levin isn’t dead wrong but I think it is much more likely for the Repubs to take back the Senate honestly and that’s no pipe dream. Look, Alaska, S. Dakota, Montana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Louisiana have a good chance of going RED in 2014…I think conservatives need to be a little more hopeful. 
    When people go to vote they are going to be voting against Obama…if after 2 years of him they lambasted him the way they did in 2010 then I wouldn’t doubt that he will face another hit in 2014 after we’ve had 6 years of his sickening presidency…remember, Obama mostly won in 2012 because he had a good ground game with a lot of minorities and young people voting for him…those groups don’t typically show up in big numbers for off-year elections.

  • It would be so great if all the GOP House members were quorum to go to an auditorium and have this Levin audio clip played….play quite a few clips of the Best of Mark Levin.  Maybe then we could all get on the same page and put together a battle plan!

  • heiming