Mark Levin Caller: Oil Rig Explosion was NOT Terrorism

Mark Levin had a caller on tonight who was actually on the oil rig when it exploded and is now leaking 5,000 barrels day into the Gulf of Mexico. His primary intent for calling was to explain that this was in fact NOT an act of terrorism. He also provided some great insight into how the explosion actually happened:

Please remember the 11 men who were killed.

UPDATE: If you want more of the technical details on how the gas got to the surface before the explosion, Mark Levin has posted that audio from the caller, labeled “Part 1 of Mark’s interview” on his website. What I posted above is part 2.

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    Just a thought. Why would the russian navy put this on N. Korea?

  • williamm

    my antivirus went crazy when i went to that link

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  • terraM

    Unlikely it was the Russians who started this. Google “Sorcha Faal” – it's a pseudonym for someone (perhaps a David Booth) who has created/promoted several hoaxes along these lines. I don't find this person attributed as an author on the NK missle/oil rig stories, but it's the same type of cataclysmic/doomsday scenario common to his/her other hoaxes.

  • akw

    Wow. Great interview. Working the rigs is tough work on land, and I can't imagine what it's like at sea. My brother is a mechanical engineer who works for Halliburton in West Texas. He's responsible for all of the engineering work that determines well depths, equipment needed, amounts of mud and cement needed, and figuring out all of the pressure equations that the caller was talking about. I let him listen to this interview, and he says that the caller is correct in that it could have been a freak accident of nature. He said that you try to plan for all contingencies, but everyone working the rigs knows that wells do blow, on land and at sea. He also said that it is much riskier with the deep sea wells – the odds of having things like this occur, and the time it takes to fix it, get greater the deeper you have to drill. Shallow water wells are much easier to control.

  • thanks mark for this info..was getting kinda nervous about this!

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