Mark Levin caller Peter from UK described his horrible experience with socialized health care

Mark Levin had a caller tonight named Peter, originally from the UK, described a harrowing experience from when he lived in the UK with socialized health care. He wanted the American people to hear his story as a warning of what is to come:

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  • Brian Carter

    OMG…that is horrific!!! The idea that ANYONE in a modern, civilized country should actually get to the stage where their appendix ruptures is insanity.

    I had appendicitis in Afghanistan and received a free removal courtesy of a Bulgarian surgeon and a French surgical team at a French Combat Hospital. When they moved my surgery back, it was to clear my system and because they had real emergencies (i.e. gunshot wounds and victims of IEDs).

    In the course of this, I found out why my great-grandfather died in his 40’s! His appendix burst!!! (In 1940). This is truly DEADLY and needs to be treated as the emergency it is in real life.

    We don’t have time for the death panel to debate in committee whether they can save 10 cents by waiting for non-peak hours at the risk of an appendix bursting.

    This is where Obamacare takes us — FOR EVERYTHING — where minor issues are allowed to become major health threats because of bureaucratic inertia and a “deny everything first to see what comes back” triage philosophy. People will die.

  • KarlRogue

    Ask folks in Mass how they are liking their Gubmint healthcare

    • librtifirst

      I have seen some reports, and testimonies on how their insurance doubled, and their care has lessened.

    • PFFV

      The only people boasting about how wonderful socialized healthcare is are those that haven’t needed it yet. In theory, like everything government gives birth too it sounds like utopia.

      Obama and his lemming followers will be the death of our Republic if we lose in November! Don’t let it happen, educate everyone you know and encourage them to vote please!

      God bless true Conservatives and our Tea Party Patriots! We will not Fail!

      • nibblesyble

        So true, it wasn’t until I moved out of our small town and needed a new family doctor in the city where I settled, that I finally realized just how bad our Canadian healthcare really was! From grade school on it is ingrained in us to wear this mantle with national pride! Well three years later when I still hadn’t found a family doctor I began to see through the bull. Yes my dear Tea Party Patriot you cannot fail, the blessed country you are dwelling has to stay free, for all of our sakes!

        • I keep forgetting your a Canadian sister. I don’t know what all the rest of the provinces are like, but I imagine they can’t be much different from the crappy Ontario system. 🙁

          • nibblesyble

            I think Ontario is probably worse because of a higher population, however, we live in the Okanagan and it is quickly becoming the spot for retirement in the nation so that will also be an extra burden. Either way, it will only get worse. UGH!

      • cathmom

        The only people boasting about how wonderful socialized healthcare is are the our elite politicians who will not be on it. No, they will have their own personal cadillac healthcare plan, separate from the unwashed masses.

    • sDee

      I’ve commented here before that we work via phone center with Mass insurance customers. Care is rapidly degrading, doctors increasingly disengaged, insurance costs increasing, and benefits trimmed.

      In other words, on target and proceeding according to plan.

  • librtifirst

    Government wants you sick or dead. When there is nothing left to extract from your life, you are useless.

    Edit: “useless eaters” is what Bilderbergers have been quoted as saying.

    • sDee

      Exactly what we are up against.

      Not to hard to tell which offer these politicians and pundits have chosen when viewed in that context.

  • KarlRogue

    the nightmare of socialism.
    And we’re there. fully.

    • sDee

      We are.

      For those with family on Medicare – they are in danger. Know your doctors well. Never leave their side.

  • nibblesyble

    Canada is not much better, we had several cases locally where surgery could not be performed because the tools were not cleaned from the last surgery! People left in the halls because they can’t open up more rooms because of the cost, the wait times for cancer patients, I could go on…..Obamacare must not be left to dig it’s insidious roots in, otherwise, where will we go when our so-called free healthcare really implodes!?

    • sDee

      America is the last stand, and not just on this front.

      • nibblesyble

        I know sDee, that is why I am plugged into what is going on with you and all who are so blessed to live there, we look to you and others to fight this hard battle and as you say other just as important battles. I can’t vote, so the only things I can do are be informed, send money to those that are worthy, and most of all pray.

  • ConnieConservative

    A year to recover!
    I feel bad for poor Peter and his extreme suffering.
    This is coming our way. We must vote Pres. Obama out and
    repeal this monstrosity. Please Conservatives, register if you
    need to and VOTE in November.

  • librtifirst
    • sDee

      We may just.

    • nibblesyble

      Aren’t the housing prices there really affordable too?

      • librtifirst

        I don’t really know. I figure that a truck full of food and guns would be enough. 🙂

        • nibblesyble

          Sounds good!

    • I can’t, I need cold weather or I literally cannot stand/walk.
      heat causes swelling which messes with the 3 holes in my bottom 2 spinal discs.
      climatewise Maine, with 4 distinct seasons, is best for me.
      but lepage is trying, and the voters may be waking up finally here.

      • Kelly60

        Yes, but we have plenty of doctors here in Texas to help you. Come on down everyone, we have lots of space and no personal income tax…

  • I’ve tried telling similar stories about the same kinds of things in Canada. People either choose to remain ignorant and say things like, “Yeah, but that’ll never happen here- this is a different plan” or they tell me I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Or.. in some cases I’ve been called a liar.
    I don’t want people to have to suffer, but they’re bringing it on themselves if they don’t start paying attention. Only problem is, their ignorance will make more than just them have to suffer.

    • librtifirst

      My plan for bucking the system:

      1: GET and STAY healthy. (organic meats and vegetables, supplements, etc)

      2: Have your own food, including long term storage. (food mandates and shortages are coming) (actually, already here)

      3: Have a back up living situation. (you may lose your property)

      4: Understand their plan to take your ability to defend yourself, and prepare.

      5: Don’t take any vaccines. (they are spreading disease and neuro-toxins, and will ramp it up)

      6: Don’t depend on “the grid”. (get off of their energy monopolies)

      There is more, but that is the big stuff. The ironic thing is, that this is how we should live anyway.

      • I agree. The simpler, the better. On a non income budget for the past few years, I’m doing the best I can to prepare for our family.

        • librtifirst

          It costs a lot of money to live simpler. At least, it does when you have to convert over to it, as I am. If I didn’t have good employment, I couldn’t do it. That is what sucks for the whole country.

          • I know it. That’s why we haven’t been able to fully go off the grid or do some of the other things we’ve wanted to do. sigh. It amazes me how costly it is to pioneer.

    • PVG

      Not only are they bringing on themselves, but they are dragging the rest of us down with them.

  • Sober_Thinking

    And Obama would have us all believe socialized medicine is a good thing?

    The arrogance of this selfish, lying man-child is unbelievable. FIRE him now!

    • sDee

      His arrogance matches only the ignorance of his citizenry.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on! Symbiotic relationship – they feed each other.

        • physicsnut

          well, nobody had the guts to do anything about immigration, so now they are HERE.

  • This is what we have to look forward to if Obama is re-elected. I can’t believe that honest, thinking Americans would allow this to happen to our country. Vote for Romney in November. At least we’ll stand a fighting chance if he wins. If not, Peter’s experience will become all too common here in America. Count on it.

    • sDee

      Count on having to fight this no matter who is elected. They are so close to collapsing us, permanently enslaving us, that they can taste it. The guy the had pioneer HusseinCare, is being sent in to restructure it.

    • librtifirst

      We need to get the delegates to refuse to vote for him at the convention. This will only work if they don’t tally the votes behind closed doors, and in secret. We got Romney through that process.

  • p m

    The UK NHS (National Health Service) horror stories are endless. I doubt there is one family that has not got their own. In ours, our Dad was diagnosed by his doctor with diabetes mellitus and was prescribed medication OVER THE PHONE by his local hospital, resulting in a diabetic coma. Had our Mum not recognised the symptons, he would have died after just one pill. Why the phone prescription? Because it was a long weekend and there was no-one to monitor the dose. This happened more than 25 years ago. The callousness of the NHS is appalling.
    Even earlier, a close family friend who was and is a distinguished heart surgeon, with patients from all over the world, told us how a unionised CLEANER had told him he couldn’t operate one day because access to an operating theatre was barred by striking staff. This is how it still is, a top-heavy bureaucracy where ‘management’ outnumbers patients and unions rule. A callous dystopia where anyone over 50 really is regarded as a useless, disposable old person. And don’t let anyone tell you these are isolated incidents in a sea of good care – they are not. Unions run those hospitals and they are filthy, over-run with MRSA infections and epidemics.
    The Daily Mail seems to have such stories every day if you want more evidence.

    • PVG

      Thank you pm for sharing your story. I pray people wake up!

    • nibblesyble

      Thanks for sharing, we need to hear these things so that we act, instead of just shake our heads.

      • p m

        Thanks nibbles and PVG – sorry it was so personal, but how can health care failures be anything else? For my Dad, that was the beginning of a decade of callous indifference until he died, with nourishment and water denied him for his last week. A whole week. Compassionate doctors? Don’t make me laugh.
        Read this and weep – and apologies to TRS for linking elsewhere

        • nibblesyble

          I am so sorry, that is something you would think could only happen in undeveloped countries! I will read your link tomorrow, as I have a feeling I will need a box of kleenex and a few moments to myself. Thanks for keeping us informed pm.

  • The big(gest) problem is Obama and the DNC: they’re socialists. Socialists always say and believe ‘they can always do it better’, than the last group of socialists. They never learn, not from their own mistakes, not from anyone elses’. Even when they end up burning the house down, like the last group of socialists, they’ll never admit mistakes, much less wrongdoing.

    People constantly say ‘this isn’t the democratic party of your grandfather’.

    Yes it is.

    The democrats started off as racist, bigoted, violent Human rights abusing tyrants, and that is what they remain, to this day. Only the means have changed, as laws have tried to keep pace with their criminality and immorality.

    • librtifirst

      Agreed, and as the republican establishment seems to be going along with it, I refuse to deny them some of this sentiment.

  • Sunnny1

    I can add a big Amen to the fact that socialized medicine is insanely horrible. I’ve experienced it and nearly died as a result. Keep after this, Mark.

  • MaxineCA

    Peter (and many others who have similar stories) are a glimpse into our future. Aside from the obvious socialistic aspects of the bill currently being discussed, there is another issue I haven’t heard addressed. That is the national electronic data base of everyone’s medical records. Sorry, maybe I’m just cynical, but I really don’t want all of my personal data or medical records in a national database.

    If my personal doctor has his own medical records stored electronically within his office, that’s one thing, but a NATIONAL database is over the top. What I discuss with my doctor should be confidential.

    • kong1967

      Ah, but you’re going to love the reason why. They want the databases so they can crunch numbers to determine whether or not you will be allowed to get various treatments. They measure the benefits to society in giving you treatment…or not. If you are old and feeble….forget it. You will get pain pills and that’s it…even if you have the money to pay for everything on your own.

  • It’s horrific! I work for doctors working in the UK, and Hungary.

  • kong1967

    Democrat voters don’t believe it. I’ve listed off horror stories from Canada and the UK and they don’t believe me. They are under the illusion that socialized medicine works very well around the world. They don’t believe that hospitals will crumble and we will no longer have the high tech equipment that we currently have. They don’t believe that there will be less doctors and more patients which will force long waiting lines.

    Where do they learn this stuff? It’s sure not by looking at the facts and the reality of what’s going on, so where do they get their beliefs from? Seriously….where?

  • Wow, I was going to go back to London to visit some friends, but I think I’ll wait … indefinitely.

  • physicsnut

    The problem with this stuff is that I see on some physics blogs out of europe is that they don’t have a problem with their govt run system, and they think it works for most people, and that americans are nuts, if not downright uncivilized – not to mention that in the USA over 100,000 people die needlessly in our hospitals, every year. So I am not so sure that people are swayed by examples of nightmares in england.
    Personally i think we need to get rid of the WW2 baloney with employer third party payment and get back to medicine being a service like any other, and have a market oriented system as we had before – before ted kennedy and lyndon johnson and FDR screwed things up. But what i expect is that politicians will merely add more crap to the existing pile of crap. They never think anything thru. There is no point expecting them to. They dont even have any TIME to think. Their staffs are grinding their own axes.

  • was our system perfect?
    was it the best all around system for all of the country?
    there can never be a utopian health care system. people die. it happens. but to kill others just to placate your own desires should be criminal.
    repeal this bastard, let the states work on it.

  • aussieguy64

    Here in Australia, we have universal healthcare implementation under the title of “Medicare” and it uses the public hospital system.

    A few years back, I had an ingrown toenail that required surgery. You would think such a simple issue can be resolved within a day.

    Guess how long it actually took?
    (1) Placed on a waiting list…Had to wait for 1 year! (So it went swollen!)
    (2) When the day finally came for the surgery, I had to wait an additional 6 hours because the queue for surgery at the hospital itself was back-logged! I was pushed right down to the bottom of the queue as others had life threatening issues!

    Had I known the system was like this (as I’ve never encountered anything that required surgery), I would’ve taken the private health care and hospital approach! I did a little research on that and found it would’ve just taken a week (at the most) to get the surgery done as soon as the appointment was made!

    Today, I work hard so I can afford private health care. Socialized healthcare systems for the public doesn’t work.

    The waiting time is ridiculous. People are dying unnecessarily.
    => Just recently on local Aussie news, we have another hospital (about 10km south from where I live), with people requiring immediate surgery. They are having to wait more than 3 days! Open cuts and such needs to be treated within 24 hours, else infection sets in!

    So if its already demonstrated that socialized healthcare does NOT work well in the UK, Australia, and Canada…Why the heck is Obama adopting this failed idea?

  • 12grace

    The States must not comply.

  • Nobody in the UK dies because they can’t afford hospital treatment, Will that ever be the case in the USA?

  • Nobody in The UK dies because they can’t afford medical care! Is that ever going to be the case in the USA? Oh! and please tell Peter (parasite) he’s welcome to stay where he’d have to pay for his hospital care 🙂