Mark Levin calls on Democrats to stand up for women and demand Bill Clinton be yanked as DNC keynote

In the name of women everywhere, Mark Levin is calling on liberal women everywhere to demand that Bill Clinton be yanked as DNC keynote speaker:

I am calling on Barack Hussein Milhous Obama to withdraw his offer to William Jefferson Bill ‘B.J.’ Clinton to be his keynote speaker at his Democrat Party nominating convention. I am calling on Barbara Boxer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi to stand up for women everywhere…all the liberal Democrat women running for office, in public office – ladies and gentlemen let’s put the question to them.

Will they join us in demanding that B.J. Bill Jefferson Clinton be yanked as the keynote speaker given that he was accused of rape by Juanita Broderick, given he was accused of sexual assault by Kathleen Willey, given he was sued for sexual assault, held in contempt, lost his law license for 8 years by the Arkansas bar of the Supreme Court, by he US Supreme Court, and held in contempt by by a federal judge in Little Rock, Arkansas.

And this is the Democrat keynote speaker when they want to make the issue “women”. You can’t write this stuff.

And there’s a lot more. Listen to his full comments below:

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  • Betsey_Ross

    I can get on board with this. Bill Clinton had his own war on women. So did Teddy. Fingers point to the men of the Dem Party.

  • Sometimes I wish Republicans would take him up on some of these things. Slick Willy is revered on the left too.


    Right Scoop: I need an open thread to address the TSA’s activity at Ryan’s event at the Villages in Florida. Please post any information you have on this matter please. Obama’s army is being formed right under our eyes. Sorry for the interruption, but I really see a dangerous trend here.

    • I didn’t hear about this can you fill us in?

      • poljunkie

        Laurel, If you Google it- it comes up.

        • Thanks!!!!!

        • Holy Smokes! I found it and man oh man if there is any agency to be afraid of it’s TSA since they are doing everything they can to be relevant. Wonder who gave the order for that?

          • poljunkie

            Dont get me started on the TSA.

            I was wearing a bracelet that “locks” on and doesnt come off, ( been wearing it for 10+ years and never a problem) but this last trip, on the way home- I was signaled out for the “mother of all” pat downs.

            • OY!!!!

              • poljunkie

                When she was done, I asked her if she was going to have a cigarette. HA.

                Seriously, what makes it worse, is that they wont let you get your stuff, off the conveyer belt. AND they wont let your husband touch the stuff that is piling up on the end of the belt either.

                It’s a poor system.

                • “When she was done, I asked her if she was going to have a cigarette. HA.”

                  Thatta girl!!! I’d a done the same. I don’t want to deal with the crap, and if I can ever afford to get out of our county ever again and have to fly, I intend to make a spectical of myself 🙂

                  Glad you got through alright tho pol.

                • poljunkie

                  It’s hard to remain calm and with a smile on your face, until you realize that if you get an attitude they can mess you up. I mean people with an attitude seemed to be having a much harder go of things.

                  One thing for sure, vacation ENDS when you check in at the airport for the return home.

    • I hear the Obama administration is stocking up on riot gear, too.

      • REHLV

        Has the TSA ordered any bullets? Oh, they don’t have to order any bullets. The other agencies in the government are stockpiling the bullets. The social security agency needs lots of bullets to stop those old people collecting Social Security from raising Cane in their lobbies. If somebody doesn’t start connecting the dots, we are really in for trouble.

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    lol. Hate it when conservatives (or at least, in this case, putative conservatives) decide its a good idea to start copying and pasting from the libtard playbook.

    This is what they do; Not us!

    We’d be better off letting the man speak (not that Levin’s crusade will make a difference anyway) in the hope that he (Clinton) sticks his foot in his mouth; or better yet, in the hope that it allows us to point out to others the double standards of the enemy.

    With Clinton sidelined by the Democrat party, neither will be possible.

    Besides, this ship sailed long ago. None of them care that the guy is a rapist! They didn’t care 14 years ago. They don’t care now!

    Still, great rant from Levin though.

    • keyesforpres

      Disagree. Bill raped women. He should not be allowed to speak.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I think you make a valid point… With the media firmly wedged up their butts, the Dems can literally get away with murder.

      Besides, I truly believe Bill HATES Obama… it will be galling for him to aid and abet the enemy to his precious wife.

      But we still have to fight and we still have to make a stark contrast between the morals, values, and futures that each side embraces. I think we’d win that fight.

  • WordsFailMe

    Kathleen Willey
    Juanita Broaddrick
    Eileen Wellstone
    Paula Jones

    (Partial List)

    Let’s invite these ladies to Tampa.

    • Joe

      WoW! – That would be a good one!

    • Rush actually talked about on his show earlier today! He made the point of the utter HYPOCRISY when you think “WHO REALLY HAS THE WAR ON WOMEN” He mentioned the RNC should invite those women to speak at the Republican Convention and their experience with Clinton and DNC!!

    • What?!?! Bill Clinton raped those women? C’mon, he didn’t have sexual relations with any of them…just ask Monica Lewinsky.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Does anyone know if the Sex Poodle will be making an appearance in North Carolina? Along with the rapist?

  • poljunkie

    I love Mark Levin.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia

      Wow! Well said. More from where that great insight came from, please.

      • Be nice John

        • poljunkie

          Thanks AB’s. I thought he was just playin’.


        • JohnOfPhiladelphia

          Sorry ma’m. I think I’ll go to bed now actually. I’ve had a long day.

      • poljunkie

        Ha ha. It had to be said.

        • poljunkie

          …I mean, very few would say what Mark said…AND mean it.

          I thought it was brillant, and I meant it when I said what I said.

          • JohnOfPhiladelphia

            Sorry Pol. Not fair of me. Like I said to ABiC below, ‘ve had a long day. Good night!

            (PS I’d so laugh if I checked this thread tomorrow and saw exactly 25 likes or near on your comment) 😉

            • poljunkie

              Its cool.

              • Rshill7

                You are a very patient lady poljunkie 🙂

                • poljunkie

                  Hi Rs.

                  Thank you.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia


      Oh. How can I forget your ‘like’ too?

      Sorry bout that.

      Now watch the rest pour in! Target: 25 ‘likes’. Nothing less for such great insight!

      • Rshill7

        Ass. Not you of course. Just wanted to say ass. So much so, I think I’ll say it again…ASS. This just seemed like a good place to say it. Plenty of room for it. Figured it would fit here. If not mistaken, I think it would fit once again.

        ASS! Yep, it fits. Carry on.

        • Nukeman60

          Under this particular instance, I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but Rs, you really crack me up with your wisdom. You have a way with words that goes straight to the bone – the funny bone.

    • OK time for a group hug! (((((()))))s! I love it when all of us kids get along! 😀

      • stevenbiot

        We weren’t hugging on a thread last night. You should have been there to get us in line, ABC.

        • Sorry ’bout that. This sheriff was needed elsewhere. Back to homeschool and I had some curriculum to write out :-/

          • stevenbiot

            Get your teach on. At least I know your kids won’t be robbing me when I reach a fragile age.

            • lol. I don’t know about that… my boy acts like a perfect little lib sometimes…. it scares me 😉

              • stevenbiot

                So does mine. He told me that he didn’t need to learn how to clean the kitchen tonight, because he was going to have a hot wife that stayed home to cook and clean. I had to, literally, restrain my wife from slapping him.

                • THAT made me laugh out loud! Oh man kids these days crack me up! I have to admit, mine, as girl crazy as he is, hasn’t used that one yet. LOL!

              • poljunkie

                Oh nooooo

                • We’re workin’ him out of that…. but remember, the poor little guy has is grandma living right next door, and she bakes, he goes over all the live long day to get some yummies and eats them while mslsd is on. We’re workin’ on her too, but sigh…. it’s never ending!

                • poljunkie

                  Oh geez. Right next door. Heaven help you- I mean him.

                • lol. I figure if he makes it between me and her without becoming a schitzo, he’ll be fine!! I always joke that the mail carrier must think we’re certifiable. Ours and her mail goes to the same box by the highway… she’s always getting crap from the dems and dear leader, pro abortion garbage from emily’s list, and I’m getting stuff from focus on the family, FRC, the Tea Party and Hillsdale College! What a contrast!

                • poljunkie

                  Ha I love it. We used to feel the same way when our son would go to grandmas for the weekend. He’d come home all entitled.

                  Too bad its a felony to throw away other peoples mail. Ok not throw away, just put in a safe place.

                  I know, Im terrible.

                • Don’t think we haven’t thought about it! We are the ones who go get it…. the burn can is right here…. soooooo tempting 😉 lol. I hate it more when she asks us to mail something for her… and it’s a DNC envelope dang it! I really wish she wouldn’t throw money away like that. Both my husband and his siblings have tried, but she’s dug in bad. We love her, so we put up with her orneryness.

                • poljunkie

                  You’re better gal than me.

                • lol, I doubt it. You’re sweet and tough…. just like me.

                • poljunkie

                  ummmmm bakes. Thats a good thing.

                • One of the Best! She makes such YUMMIES!!!!!!

  • sybilll

    Levin had Paul Ryan on, too, but I had to choose between the SpecialReport online show (30 of the greatest minutes of every week IMO), and listening to Levin. I chose SRonline because A.B. Stoddard’s hair was on fire when the regular show ended, when she and Steve Hayes got into a major disagreement. She did not join the online show, so Jim Angle took her place. The whole show was one of the best ever, but the first 5-6 minutes where Angle explains the Medicare debacle should be required viewing. If Scoop doesn’t post it, it should be posted at their website in a couple hours.

  • Ranger1325

    Mark Levin should be recognized as a national treasure.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on Mark.

    The sad thing is that those who run the GOP, are gutless. They don’t have the stomach for a fight… not really.

    I appreciate the contrast and you’re quite right (as usual) – this is a worthy platform to take it to them. Hopefully our current candidates – who are acting more like leaders than than the cowardly posers who are backing them – will take up this gauntlet and make the case.

    The hypocrisy is sickening and this is a worthy way of deflating the faux outrage and impotent accusations.

  • hbnolikeee

    Mark has pointed out the details of the solution to this and similar dishonesties that the liberals often perpetrate. We repeat this all. Bring it back in to the light. Talk about the liberals and their blatant hypocrisies. over and over and over again. Relate Mark’s points here. These fools put in the light a characteristic so flawed in their souls (i assume they have them). This allows us to bring this up repeatedly and turn the tables on them.

    In Japanese Martial Arts this is known as “Tai sabaki”.

    “Tai sabaki is usually used to avoid an attack, such that the receiver of the attack ends up in an advantageous position and it is often wrongly referred to as evasion.”

  • brendawatkins

    Apparently Bill Clinton is a legitimate rapist to the democrat party.

    • nyctreeman

      and none of Clinton’s victims became pregnant … unless you can show me evidence of another human being that looks like Chelsea 😛

      remember what James (snake head) Carville said about the women who accused Bubba of sexual assault … “That’s what you get when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer court”

      yeah…. and I distinctly remember all the feminazi groups lambasting him and Clinton for that ……. NOT

      • Amy

        As a former lib during that time, it was actually quite eye opening to realize the fact that NOW & gang only stood up for like minded liberal women. It was one of those little details that helped send me to the conservative side of the issue…

        • I can’t picture you being a lib Amy!

        • stevenbiot

          Don’t ever admit that stuff again. Haha. Former libs are some of the best conservatives.

    • This may be inappropriate, but I will LOL anyway.

      • brendawatkins

        It’s okay.. the democrat party is to be laughed at, and never to be taken seriously. They are all a bunch of bad actors.

  • stevenbiot

    Haha! Mark got all of Bill’s nicknames into his first five seconds. Now that’s the Levin that I like to call my homeboy.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I never could understand how they could parade the impeached perjurer around like he was something special, he is not as we know. They won’t yank him , they made him keynote speaker, because that is how those unmoral, dems roll. Mark had another good show, great he brought this all up.

  • I’m with you great one.

  • It shows what hypocrites the Dems are.

    I’d like to hear more talk show hosts bring this up.

  • Bill Clinton is enormously popular with women voters, and Gallup just released a poll showing he has almost a record 66% approval rating across the country. Almost everyone, including Republicans, recognize he was a good President. It’s ludicrous to expect Clinton to withdraw from the Convention.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      good president? ignoring the 93 wtc attack, the bombing of the USS Cole. Can go on. He is a impeached perjurer. He was accused of rape, he lost his law license. he is no prize.

    • keyesforpres

      Well then, we have a lot of dumb women if that is the case. He is a rapist.

  • p m

    Say what you will about Sununu – he’s the only one who gets it right when he’s interviewed. He LAUGHS at the crap thrown by dems, and to that they have no response and no defense. Witness Andrea Mitchell.

    All their ‘war on women’ rubbish should be laughed at first and lampooned next, as Mark does, and used against them.

    We also gotta remember that the whole point about conservatism versus communism is the preservation versus the destruction of the family, morality and religion. That’s why Clinton is so revered – he IS their standard.

  • Maybe Clinton will offer the ladies cigars. He shared one with Lewinsky.

  • I’m all for this. It would give the women at the convention and the women viewers on TV the opportunity to get to know the face of their enemy better…uh…as if. On second thought, never mind. 😛

  • Akin’s inappropriate words, Clinton, inappropriate behavior. Victory in Missouri. 

  • The Republicans should just allow Paula Jones to tell the Republican audience what type of guy Clinton is and how he tried to destroy her after he tried to force himself on her. What a guy. And let’s not forget that Clinton is still the only president to be formally impeached since the end of the Civil War. He was NOT convicted by the Senate, but he was still impeached by the House. This is the guy you want representing your party? Well, for the democrats, it seems appropriate. After all, Clinton was only trying to do to Paula Jones what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have been doing to this country for the past four years.

  • WELL HE IS RIGHT !! There bitching about war on women but the left will have some dumb ass excuse!!!

  • SKL53

    The Republicans should invite Monica to their convention. Talk about a guy who disrespects women!

  • DebbyX

    The public has such such short memories when it comes to the democraps. Everybody needs a well timed reminder. Someone has to have the guts to speak up NOW, before it’s too late!