Mark Levin discusses new Benghazi emails showing AP reporter colluding with State Dept. against Fox News reporting

Tonight on his radio show, Mark Levin discussed a new Benghazi email that shows AP reporter Matt Lee emailing then State Dept. spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on September 13, 2012 for her comment on what they agreed was “bullshit” reporting on Fox News regarding the State Dept. having credible information 48 hours before the Benghazi attack.

Matt Lee suggested he had been watching Fox News on that night and agreed with Nuland that their reporting was “bullshit”, telling Nuland explicitly “but this is killing you guys.” He said the amount of mis-and-disinformation was “shocking”, even for an election year.

Nuland responded that they were on it, blasting out their counter to the story. She had already indicated that the DNI was “going on the record all over town” to bat the story down.

Lee responded, repeating his belief that the reporting on Fox News was “utter bullshit” and “really unbelievable”, once again calling it “shocking”.

In her last response, Nuland said “Mike Allen piece on drudge rebutting.” You can see that Politico article here.

See the emails below (click to enlarge):


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  • cheezwhizz

    So is THIS bull$h1t or not ?

    • PVG

      These people are all shameless liars. Prerequisite for admission into the regime.

      • American-By-Choice

        What they are, are “Relativists”.

        Relativism rejects Objectivity.

        Objectivity is essential to truth, trust, morality and justice.

        No truth, no trust.

        No trust, no morality.

        No morality, no justice.

        No justice, no “liberty for all”.

    • DINORightMarie

      Sounds like it’s ad-lib “rehearsed” (i.e. planned) to me………

  • PVG

    I hope these repeaters fear BO’s sinking ship and plummeting poll numbers and abandon the lying inept boy- king.

    • Guest

      They never abandoned Carter.

  • sybilll

    Matt Lee is normally the pit bull with the State Department spokesperson. This doesn’t pass my smell test.

    • cheezwhizz

      It is all a well rehearsed act he puts up with Nuland and other hacks .

      • sybilll

        Knowing that you are most likely right makes me profoundly sad. Were it not for Fox, we would already be totally emulating Europe.

        • rsfan1

          Fox News, at times, does cover “the other angle” but I wish we had a truly conservative cable news channel.

          • Dr. Strangelove

            You do hear news on Fox that you won’t get anywhere else except sites like TRS and talk radio. Last night I tuned in to Fox on the XM and just the sound of Bill O’Ratings voice was enough to make me put the contemporary jazz station on.

  • rsfan1

    If this is Matt Lee’s twitter account, the guy hates Israel and is a lib tool.

  • Nick

    He questioned this reporting: “According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”” Which you can still find here:

    Has any credible information come out to support that U.S. knew ahead of time of a specific threat? No.
    Lee was getting a response so that his outlet, AP, didn’t repeat bad information.

    • Justice Dean

      I’m very antiobama administration on this but your correct in my view. This is a nonstory. He is a liberal didn’t believe fox wanted the white house response. White house giving a smoke screen and intentionally encouraging their misleading pro-whitehouse view to support their narrative is already known.


    • PapaLouie

      According to the following report, there was not only a warning just before the attack in Benghazi, but there were previous events involving Red Cross offices and the British consulate that should have been taken as serious warnings, had they been paying attention.

      “A senior official of the biggest militia in Benghazi, the February 17th Brigade, told CNN that he had warned US diplomats of a rapidly deteriorating security situation in Benghazi three days before the attack. “The situation is frightening, it scares us,” he said he had stressed during the meeting. Mr Stevens had been back in Libya for only a short time before US security officials decided it would be safe to make the journey to Benghazi during the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The British consulate in the city was shut after an ambush of a convoy carrying Dominic Asquith, the UK ambassador, in which his bodyguard were injured. The UN and International Committee of the Red Cross offices had been bombed and there had been a spate of political assassinations.”

      • Joy

        The State Dept chief HIllary Clinton not only ignored the pleading for more security from the Benghazi post but when the four Americans were dead, lied about what happened to the families on the tarmac in front of their loved ones’ bodies. And now we find corrupt mainstream AP reporters and covering for the BO regime. SHAME on Hillary; shame on the lapdog press

    • The story turned out to be false. But before that came to be known, he was already pushing the administration to defend itself.

      “But this is killing you guys..”


      It should also be said, despite that false report, that they did know of the volatile nature of that area and all the attacks that had happened before this one.

      Al Qaeda flags were flying just down the road.

      They may not have known about the specific attack but they were warned not to stay in the area 3 days before the attack:

      “Benghazi is disaster now. Benghazi is not safe. Don’t stay a long time here.”

      Plus this was the anniversary to 9/11. I mean, c’mon. It should have been clear to them not to be in Benghazi, especially on that day.

      • Stehekin912

        In law, there is a test similar to this, yes? Part A: Did person X know or Part B: Should person X have reasonably known a crime was about to occur.
        I think yes on both counts, but at the very least, Part B

      • Nick

        I’m not defending admin. There are few things they did right in this matter before, during, and after the attack.
        This report he is asking about states that senior officials said they had actionable intel 48 hours prior to the attack and issued no warnings. As a reporter, it is his job to get a comment or verification/denial of these assertions. The reporter did his job.

        • He did more than just get a comment, and that’s my point.

          • Nick

            True. The “this is killing you guys” is a line I think he used to solicit a response. Inserting his assumptions of whether factual or not doesn’t look good in the e-mail, but he probably didn’t expect the world to be reading about his initial assessment. He was trying to get the State Dept.’s assessment.

            • JohnCraven

              With all due respect, you are defending the indefensible, namely this regime and the AP stenographers who front for this regime and its complete corruption.

              I have no doubt whatsoever that Judicial Watch will get to the bottom of this scandal and crime long before the Weeper of the House, John Boner, and this AP stenographer you are so hell bent on defending for failing to investigate the deaths of 4 Americans like he was supposed to instead of playing footsie with the regime’s front men. The AP stenographer wasn’t trying to nail down a story he was trying to nail down a lie to cover his friends in high places so that he could keep getting access to them.

              John Craven
              New Orleans

              • Nick

                Really? Watch this clip from the briefing on November 7th. He got stonewalled like everyone else who bothered to ask questions. The new emails released by Judicial Watch should be focused on, this story is overblown.

        • cheezwhizz

          There are few things they did right in this matter before, during, and after the attack.
          and those right things would be ?????

          • Nick

            don’t know- too many things they did wrong to remember what if anything they did right. quote: “I’m not defending admin”

    • cheezwhizz

      Has any credible information come out to support that U.S. knew ahead of time of a specific threat?
      Depends on what you mean by ” credible” but anyhow,
      here is what we know :
      1. Obama set up Benghazi post to supply arms to jihadies
      2. Obama sent Stevens to carry out arms smuggling to jihadies
      3. When Stevens and others in Libya requested more security for themselves, Obama didn’t care
      4.. Once the smuggling ops were almost over, there was no more need for the Benghazi post or Stevens.
      Hence the conclusion that Obama set up Americans to die in Benghazi after he had no more use for them He didn’t lift a finger to even make an effort to save them once he knew that they were under attack. It’s called conspiracy to murder and depraved indifference to human life. Not only that, he lied about killing them , jailed some dude in L.A to pleasure his fellow jihadies and went to the UN to take out a hit on American people .
      Who TF cares if it’s 48 effing hours or 3 months advance notice , he knew they were all gonna die, because he set them up to die and then campaigned with their coffins as props.

      • Pat, Widow of an Air Force Vet

        The operation you described was called ZeroFootprint. Cute name huh?

    • costa rozza

      The people on the ground including Amb. Stevens warned of the volatile situation and the need for more security. They would know more than anyone what the situation was, dontcha think?

  • DINORightMarie

    This is INCREDIBLE to see, finally, real evidence of the collusion of the press with the administration!

    Minor questions: What is DNI?

    • Gary Dickson

      Director of National Intelligence, a sub-cabinet position that oversees the U.S. Intelligence Community (the CIA, NSA, DHS, etc.)

      • DINORightMarie

        Thanks. I thought it might have to do with Information.

        Not up on my alphabet soup. 😉

        • Gary Dickson

          Well, you could pick any three or four letters and you’d probably hit a department or agency in the Executive Branch.

  • Nick

    Here is Hannity quoting the Independent report of U.S. having intel 48 hours before the attack This was at 9:10est. The first e-mail is stamped 9:18. If you are an AP reporter, it might be part of your job to ask about this assertion. Maybe Fox can do their job and ask the reporter to comment before they crucify him.

    • Renny

      To say that it’s all bullshit and ‘hey, you guys better do something.’? He wasn’t asking, he was warning and sympathetic.

  • Renny

    I’ll bet my life an AP reporter never did this with the Bush administration. Falling all over himself there. So caring about the appearance of it all. Aww, how sweet.

  • sallyjohanna

    The Liberals yawn….they think anything in the name of dirty politics is A..O.K.

    I wonder how the families of the dead feel about the way their loved ones died….being turned into political footballs to cover the POTUS and SOS you know what’s. Trampling their loved ones to get re-elected….well we know the answer…at this point “what the hell difference does it make”.

    America, could you please get angry at the atrocities for a CHANGE! Some of us are absolutely outraged by a lying POTUS and a regime of traitorous media henchmen representing AMERICA.

    • cleaner

      The statist’s seem to not know or ignore the fact that these socialist elitists are equal opportunity en-slavers. They’ll suffer with everybody else when it comes to a head.

  • Pat, Widow of an Air Force Vet

    The whole gun running op in Bengazi was called Operation Zero Foot Print. There were people in the CIA quietly trying to get Ghadafi out of the country to stop an uprising. The rebels included many Al Quada members. Ghadafi gave the state dept this information trying to co-operate to get out of the country. The administration, even with the info about the rebels having Al Quada involved, chose to support the rebels instead of getting Ghadafi out of the country. The ZFP op supplied close to a billion dollars worth of guns to Al Quada in Lybia. So not only did this administration arm Al Quada, they also assisted in the death of thousands in the uprising when they could have avoided the whole thiing.

  • Sentinel

    This stuff just gets worse and worse – more outrageous by the week. And Congress couldn’t get this stuff but a private entity could… shameful. And right now, I’m holding Boehner accountable. HE should have initiated an independent panel well over a year ago on this – what’s the delay now that even more damning evidence is surfacing? Is he too busy tanning? Counting his money? Boehner is blocking the resolution of this outrageous tragedy and he should be held accountable. This regime and the criminal MSM… I can’t stand the audacity of these criminals in trying to hide and cover up the truth – ONLY to protect their master. Does ANYONE really think Obama would have been reelected if the truth on this was out? Would Shrillary even be a contender in 2016? The answer is ‘no’ and that is why these rabid squirrels are going nuts and trying to bury the truth. Man, I’m so sick of this injustice, this evil. So damn sick of it.

  • EgbertSouseJr

    Presstitution on the grand scale. Matt Lee, Mike Allen, Candy Crowley, Rhodes of CBS, just to name a few.

  • rrecroc

    Jefferson told the people what the solution was ….. it remains the same ……… the Constitution is shredded and the American people are sheep

  • rrecroc

    @sallyjohanna The american people are indoctrinated in materialism and consumerism …. they are amoral …… there can be no righteous indignation where there is no right or wrong ……… only what I want !!!! People, religious or not better be trying to get the Bible at the center of family life

  • kHoagland

    For Pete’s sake–this guy is known as THE toughest reporter challenging State Dept bull. In this case he slammed one false story out of England that FOX picked up and then DROPPED. Attacking one of the actually skeptical reporters is just dumb.