Mark Levin explains why the court ruled against the Obama administration on recess appointments

Here’s a shorter clip from Levin’s first segment tonight where he explained why the court ruled against the Obama administration today. Basically, he says Obama went a step further than any other president ever has.


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  • It’s time all the other extra-constitutional stuff gets challenged, one by one. Rendering this a truly a lame-duck term for a lame-brain president.

    • Jay

      Please don’t make the mistake of thinking 0 is stupid. He is systematically dismantling the constitution and the economy in preperation for a takeover.

      • shane2813

        Takeover of what???

        • Everything, darlin’. This idiot of a president wants control of everything, or at least his handler Valerie Jarrett does. I’ll bet she controls him with cigarettes and marijuana until she dries him out to give his little speech again…and again…and again.

    • bobemakk

      so true….I wonder if they will put a stop to these appointments, probably not because the self proclaimed Messiah gets away with everything.

  • Orangeone

    And Mr. Levin explains it so well! I took a read through Landmark Legal Foundation’s amicus brief and it provided the 2 key arguments the Court relied on. Well done Mr. Levin!

    • sandyfromchesterfield

      I have learned so much about the Constitution listening to Mark Levin’s show.

      • Orangeone

        Agreed!  I have my copy of the “Constitution, Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments” and Ben Shapiro’s book “Bullies” on my desk, wondering which I should read first 🙂
        Levin inspires me to submit an amicus brief on an ObamaTax case :):):)

  • The_Questman

    If SCOTUS agrees with this court then that means Obama thumbed his nose at the one document he is SWORN to uphold. Constitutional Professor Obama knew it was a violation but he was having one of his Hugo Chavez moments & did it anyway. That to me is a HIGH CRIME and he should be Impeached over it. All the Democratic Senators and Representatives who are on Record saying it was Right What the President did should also be censured, impeached or recalled.

    As with the big discussions over the 2nd Amendment I feel the Constitution should not be up for discussion! If Congress or the President wants to take our rights to guns away then they should follow procedure per the Constitution and repeal the 2nd Amendment and not try to cherry pick at it like they are doing now. Any intelligent person knows…That’s not going to happen. Even a 2nd grader can read the entire 2nd Amendment in about 30 seconds. It is a plain and simple right bestowed upon us by very thoughtful and intelligent men who knew an Obama would show up some day.

    • stage9

      “If SCOTUS agrees with this court then that means Obama thumbed his nose at the one document he is SWORN to uphold. ”

      I think we’re way past that point with this president aren’t we?

    • gajaw999

      Correct in everything you say except for one: these rights are endowed by our creator, not mere men.

  • Stehekin912

    All I can think is “Thank you, Lord. Thank you for our National Treasure Mark Levin and all freedom loving patriots like him.”

    • Orangeone

      So true! Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation’s amicus brief contained the 2 issues that the Court relied on in their findings. I’ve not read the petitioner’s brief but Landmark made fantastic and well supported arguments.

  • notsofastthere

    I have the greatest respect for Levin. He brings everything into simple terms. Even a Liberal could understand if they could only first learn how to listen.
    Thank the Lord he is on our side.

    • That is too difficult a task for progressives because they already think they know it all. Why should they listen then when viewed through that lens?!

      • notsofastthere

        I was optimistic that progressives could be blinded by the light. Duh? I forgot that light can’t penetrate craniums made of cement 🙂

  • Orangeone

    Well it’s a little O/T but another Court ruling, ICE agents have standing against DHS DREAM instructions to ignore federal laws or face adverse employment issues. Barky is not having a great day!

  • c4pfan

    Thanks scoop.

  • Nukeman60

    As an individual citizen, I knew that they were not in recess. Therefore, a politician, who should know these things, should have known the difference and not proclaim a recess at their whim. Obama has been testing the waters ever since he was first elected and keeps pushing the line ever closer to a dictatorship. If someone doesn’t stop him soon, God knows where he will take his ‘Executive Order’ or ‘recess appointment’ reign.

    • warpmine

      Revolution I would hope. Can’t just keep practicing for nothing:~D

      • Nukeman60

        Certainly not a waste of perfectly good bullets, eh? (to the liberals around, I was NOT suggesting any kind of assassination attempt. Gotta clarify).

        • warpmine

          Certainly not, assassination is very distasteful, however, arrest, trial and then execution is the lawful way to go. According to Ann Barnhardt, the sheriff has the most authoritative power and should be the tip of the our spear. I believe the founders wanted the most power to be local with the people and the central govt to wield power in terms of state and international affairs totally opposite of what this schmuck is doing.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thank God for Mark Levin and his firm… and all the others that are standing up to this dictator-and-chief. It’s a sin what Obama gets away with… rotten to the core.

    He thinks he’s a god and can move with impunity. He’ll be even worse now that the dumbmasses have re-elected him and he no longer has to worry about another election. How many EO’s (or Exec Actions) has he already signed?

    I will fight with and support anyone who stands and stops this monster. And I pray that God keeps blessing the honorable and faithful who resist Obama and try to keep him in line.

  • mediaaccess1


  • Jay

    Mark was on fire last night and he wasn’t taking any crap from the libtards. Unlike some of the radio hosts who will argue with the libtarts (Hey, I just misspelled a new term for female liberals- but I digress) Mark won’t beat his head on the wall, he just calls ’em idiots and hangs up. Rush makes them look like total idiots by playing along but a few, like Hannity, will actually try to convince them of their error, which is akin to bailing the ocean out with a teaspoon.

  • I always wondered why nobody ever challenged all of these “czars” that were appointed by Obama. Only Congress has the right to really appoint people like this and it certainly has the power of the purse not to pay them. Why doesn’t Congress, at the very least, stop funding all of these useless people who are making a fortune off of the public’s dime? I’ll bet if somebody in Congress (Rand Paul, are you listening) challenges these appointments, especially in court, he or she would win. But, as in all things, you need the will to do it.

  • Way to go, it is about time something good has happened for the people. I had to pinch myself that the court actually did the RIGHT thing and stood up for the CONSTITUTION. For all of those involved in taking this up with the court, from the bottom of my heart…BIG THANK YOU!

  • The Republicans in the house should have challenged this when it happened. Similarly, they should have impeached him in year one because of his attack on the Constitution. Trouble is – you can’t find enough with a backbone.

  • shadetree56

    obozo will ignore ANY court ruling he does’nt like. He’s already done it many times. That’s what dictators do. Impeach him now.

  • bobemakk

    Mark Levin is always right and truthful.

  • 57thunderbird

    Where is Joe.Hey Joe.Landmark Legal.Headed up by Mark Levin.See,he is more than just a talking head.

  • CardiLover

    There is a reason schools don’t teach the Constitution anymore or if they do teach, they teach a perverted version. The three branches of government are EQUAL, Mr. President. EQUAL.

  • TerryinFL

    Mr. Levin comes through again but neither he nor Rush, Hannity, Sarah, Judge Napolitano, etc. will win the war alone! Since we the people have let our guard down to the point where the “tyrannical cliff” is coming into view. We must learn from our mistakes and, btw, Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” works both ways! Anti-Constitutional Republic special interest groups are the squeaky wheel in our society and they are getting the proverbial grease. Not those of us who have dutifully stood by waiting for the knights in shining armor to come along and save our sorry butts. We are, after all, the knights and must respond accordingly – soon!

    Venting amongst ourselves is necessary but how can we expect preaching to or being members of the “choir” as we do on this excellent site, and others, to change anything? Then there’s the truth like minded intellectuals have revealed over and over again for years on end that doesn’t solve anything without action. If the truth sets us free, then we must exercise that freedom and as a Constitutional conservative, this 72+ year young Citizen believes it is imperative we squeak louder using every non-violent method available! Doing nothing with all the magnificent truth packed in our heads will not prevent the U.S. of A. from going over the “tyrannical cliff”.

    During the last several years I’ve been involved with various political/moral causes out there only to realize they, individually, will disappear with the eradication of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and that’s nearly completed. Therefore, to get different results we must do things differently like focusing on defending the supreme law of the land from all enemies. Suggestion: challenge your elected, at any level, to provide you with the Constitutional basis for their vote on every law that appears outside their Constitutional authority then log your request and their answer, even if you don’t get one, for future reference. Could be some ammo for a townhall meeting around election time.

    Sadly, I/we are faced with the majority of the current Administration who are either blowin’ smoke or bullying us – big time – so, let’s take the gloves off and fight back. Time is of the essence!

  • Takers from the Makers

    This man that occupies the White House needs to be removed. Many of us love this country and strive each day to do right. It saddens me to watch what’s happening with our Congress and this man in the White House. They continue to vote themselves raises and spend foolishly on my dime. They waste time and get nothing done and still get paid. I am sick of it. Our Govt. is a JOKE. This man in the White House lays his hand on the Bible and swear to protect the Constitution and then promote Obortion and same sex marriages, promote illegal immigrants to enter into this country. The list could go on and on for the last 4 years. I don’t claim to be the best or even a perfect Christian, but I know that I would not go against God’s word and make every effort to flee from sin each day. He will continue to force and shove his ways down our throats. He will destroy our way of life by stripping us of all we value and hold dear. I call it like I see it. We need more people to stand up and stop being afraid to tell the truth. I call it the truth and many will set silently and say nothing. I ask all of you that love this country and your freedom to speak up and let your voices be heard.